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October 17, 2011

the continually bad RCMP

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None!  We as taxpayers do even pay a significant part of the Policeman’s education, Development, Training and then they too do  falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances. 

I recognize that God is not the abuser; the bad people who misuse their authority are the unacceptable abusers and they all should be directly punished for it now and ASAP. I do not even accept any personal, domestic abuses quietly and rightfully as well…

The abuser too often tries to make the victim look as they are guilty ones, and that too is always unacceptable

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None! If you are being abused do not hesitate ASAP to call the police, human rights courts, news media.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV)

Matt 32:29 You shall love your neighbour as yourself.. and that means you will do him no harm now too.

And who else now are these too often and unacceptable abusers? why is is that they so readily abuse others now too? They tend to be persons who have their own value system, and clearly also a lack of love for others, and a lack of love for their jobs now as well. In case you did not notice it I do not accept any physical, verbal, mental, human rights abuses by anyone of anyone and I rightfully do instead demand their full, open exposure and public prosecution now as well and no matter who they are, Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MNA, MLA, MPP, Doctors, lawyers, cops, pastors, etc..

One does now have to fight for one’s rights to be respected , rather you have to complain loudly to all about the unacceptable abuses that you got. Unfortunately complaining once about the bad governmental or police services, courts does not seem to help for too often now it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate so many persons do have to even complain many times and world wide now too..

The RCMP itself now here by their own poor actions are again guilty of racial profiling and of homicide, aiding and abetting a murderous act… and the RCMP should now be fully prosecuted by the law for it. I do not accept the abuse of even one persons rights quietly and rightfully now as well. The related RCMP managements itself should be fired, removed from their job as a direct result too.

“On Sept. 18, 2008, a 911 operator received a report of shots fired inside a rural Mission home. A transcript indicated that when the dispatcher relayed the information to the local RCMP detachment, the officer on duty, Constable Mike White, responded, “Six gunshots in a row and a crash,” and then was heard laughing.Constable White went to the home – and three minutes later left without even getting out of his car. (Another RCMP officer and an auxiliary member also attended in a separate vehicle, but did not get out of their car either).Four days later, the Mounties were called to the home again. Inside, they found one man dead and a woman alive but barely clinging to life. She died en route to hospital.The parents of the dead woman, Mark and Rosemarie Surakka, lodged a complaint with the RCMP concerning the conduct of the senior investigating officer – Constable White. They contended that their daughter, Lisa Dudley, would likely be alive today had the officer done his job properly and gone inside the house the night the shots were fired.The officer, now a corporal – he was promoted less than a month after the incident – faced a disciplinary hearing this year for his actions in 2008. The hearing came about mostly because of pressure put on the Mounties by the Surakkas. It lasted less than an hour. The officer was formally reprimanded and docked a day’s pay. And that was it.”

The death of a citizen clearly does not matter to the RCMP unacceptably, and clearly the bad police were, are afraid of gunshots, so they do not act.. but still the constable could have saved a life had he just done his job.. he did not do his job so he should be along with the others be dismissed from his job permanently

Self Masturbation are still the main approach of RCMP internal reviews.The RCMP must still go!

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