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January 24, 2012

This has been going on wrongfully for ages, unchecked still

busted medicare (2)

MONTREAL – A hospital emergency room might not be the best place for the sick  and elderly. The risk of acute infection – mostly respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses – following a trip to the emergency room is three times higher among the  elderly, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical  Association Journal. Long-term care patients who spent a few hours in an emergency facility were  more likely to get sick in two to seven days after returning to their nursing  homes.

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Not only did I wittness this often at Maison Heron, in Dorval Quebec, but the adminstrator tried to hide these truths for the public..


Dorval old age home death deemed murder..The coroner’s office conducted an investigation into the man’s death following an incident at the Maison Herron, at 2400 Herron

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where are our pretentious health ministers when you need them? Gone fishing?

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January 4, 2012

Curing cancer: a reality check Not likley soon..

Anyone who is a adult should know easily by now that the world has much too many crooks, and that even a university degrees does not turn all of the persons into honest persons.. some of them are still crooks. Any doubts? just think when was the last time you heard the last time about an honest lawyer?  I personaly had met some bad university medical doctors, Researchers who boasted they were good at getting research grants, but they admitted they also were abusing them.. crooks like to boast too.
One of the pet peeves I have is how many people unwisely give their money to bad churches, bad organizations, the bad Salvation Army and even to bad, wasted medical research..
Helping to find a cure for cancer or hearth attacks is still too often wasteful,  just more money abuse when the major reasons for the related  deaths is caused by one’s personal lifestyle, even their eating habits. and not aging even. so what does research do to help in this are.. not much good still.
Cancer became the top killer of Canadians in 2011.. Curing cancer often leads the most hoped-for list when you ask people what medical breakthroughs they would like to see. But trying to answer the question of whether the war on cancer is being won means stepping into a contradictory tangle of statistics, anecdotes, hopes and fears.  There has been remarkable progress against some childhood cancers but very little change in mortality rates for some other forms…”there will not be one cancer magic bullet.”That’s partly because there are 200 or more forms of cancer. “We shouldn’t neglect the fact that cancer is a very complicated and complex disease,” said Dr. Ben Neel, director of the Ontario Cancer Institute at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital. “Even lung cancer is probably 10 different types of molecular disease.”    The biological basis of cancer also makes a single silver bullet less likely to work… to win the war against cancer, it needs to be fought on all fronts, including prevention… cancer incidence rates could be cut in half through these preventive steps: Quitting smoking: 25 per cent to 30 per cent of cancers are caused by smoking, but a quarter of the population still smokes.  Avoiding drinking alcohol in excess. Increasing physical activity.  “I think everybody’s scared to use this cure word,”  “There are patients living six, seven years still disease-free that should not have lived for six years. I would be tempted to call that a cure. We’ll see.”  “Unfortunately, our success in reducing the mortality from cancer over the past 60 years has been very, very modest,” . “So I don’t think, as I say, that it’s realistic or even necessary to talk about curing cancer in order to make a big impact.” He sees some downside in promoting unrealistic hope from a cure or positive prognosis for some patients with terminal cancer. Patients may request more aggressive therapies that may not actually be helping them, “We have seen over the past decade that more and more patients with cancer are dying in the ICU than dying while receiving chemotherapy, going to the emergency room and spending hours and hours on a stretcher in the final month in their life.” an estimated 177,800 new cases of cancer expected to be diagnosed annually. 

MONTREAL — The pink ribbon has long been synonymous with the fight against breast cancer. A new NFB documentary is generating a great deal of debate, as Montreal-based director Lea Pool looks at the businesses behind the pink ribbon and shows how some of them use the cause as a marketing gimmick to boost sales.


“McGill under fire for corporate-funded asbestos research  A letter signed by 76 international health experts and academics makes two requests of three senior members of McGill’s Board of Governors (BoG): that they cease inviting Roshi Chadh…a – who is involved in exporting asbestos from Canada – to sit on the BoG, and to cease using and promoting the use of asbestos. The letter states that McGill “has a long history of serving the interests of the Quebec asbestos industry,” including an “alliance” between the Quebec Asbestos Mining Association (QAMA) and former McGill professor John Corbett Macdonald in 1966. According to a recent episode of CBC’s The National, QAMA provided Macdonald at least $1 million between 1966 and 1972 for research into the health effects of chrysotile asbestos. The letter states that Macdonald “had significant influence around the world in putting forward information…that was favourable to the industry’s interests.” “
see also Too many McGill adminstrators, doctors are already known to be money hungry while the university too readily takes our tax dollars now too and too often abuses us too..
I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and McGill doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons.
 Proper medical care and not pretentious Medicare is still our Canadian right. And anyone who denies it needs to be incarcerated! Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, Premiers, Ministers included. We pay a significant part of the Doctors, Nurse education, development , Training  and then they falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances.  If you are a medical professional, a medical administrator, or a health minister and you had now failed to prevent the death of one persons even, or had specialty failed to properly treat their medical condition then that certainly is a prosecutable criminal offence and for certainty you need to be incarcerated for your coldness,, indifference towards others now too .
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Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol or an unhealthy diet are linked to nearly half of Britain’s cancer cases,
Quebec’s asbestos industry draws new salvos from politicians, academics…. MONTREAL — Quebec’s asbestos industry is coming under increasing fire, with  two recent, damning documentaries airing on CBC and Radio-Canada, renewed calls  from politicians in Quebec City and Ottawa to outlaw the cancer-causing mineral,  and a review launched into some industry-funded research at McGill this  week.

On Friday, the opposition Quebec Solidaire called on the provincial and  federal governments to stop financing the asbestos industry and to ban export of  the mineral.

Parti Quebecois mining critic Martine Ouellette told the media she wants a  parliamentary commission to look at the issue.

The calls are partly in response to a documentary aired on Radio-Canada  Thursday evening “that reveals the true face of a lobby that in the past has had  no scruples at all about manipulating the facts to the detriment of human health  to defend its financial interests,” according to the Quebec Solidaire  statement.

McGill University in Montreal announced Thursday it has launched a  preliminary review into the work of professor emeritus John Corbett McDonald,  after the university received a letter last week signed by dozens of academics,  physicians and researchers accusing some McGill researchers of being controlled  by the asbestos industry.

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December 7, 2011

C. difficile- the shit disease



Contracting the superbug C. difficile in the hospital increases a patient’s stay by an average of six days, putting serious financial strain on Canada’s health-care system, a new study shows.

.( Never mind the fact it kills a lot of people)

C. difficile is a bacteria found in feces that causes severe diarrhea. It’s extremely common in hospitals because people usually contract it after taking antibiotics, which can kill good bowel bacteria and allow C. difficile to grow. What’s more, the bacteria can spread through surfaces like toilets, handles and bedpans, and hospital staff can spread it by not wearing gloves or washing their hands. It’s the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in hospitals, and one in 10 patients who get it will die, regardless of how sick they were beforehand. And according to the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it’s filling up already-crowded hospitals and draining the health-care system. U.K. doctors David Enoch and Sani Aliyu say the rate of infection can be cut by making sure heath-care workers practise good hygiene and don’t overprescribe antibiotics.

It is a major problem that Kills thousands of Canadians every year, amongst other factors such as hospital errors, and our health ministers don’t seem to care…nor the Police that people are getting killed in Hospitals..
by the way there seems an unpopular cure that few want to use..

November 3, 2011

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario struck by Shit disease

OTTAWA — Three cases of the C. difficile virus infection are being reported at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa. The hospital says it is working closely with Ottawa Public Health and taking all the necessary steps to stop further spread of the infection. Of the patients with C. difficile, one came to the hospital having acquired it in the community, and two acquired it in hospital C. difficile is a bacteria ( human shit) that causes severe diarrhea and other intestinal disease

Seniors and Children are more seriously affected, even die as a result

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Get real!!!! Everyone now must act now to get hospitals reporting C. difficile and deal with the problem too.

We do not live in the dark ages for shit Diseases is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been unacceptable


Some things seem to never change, such as cold calloused, pretentious governmental Ministers, Health Ministers and their subordinates especially  included, mostly all  who really do not care if the others live or die, as long as they alone survive  it seems still too.

Hospitals in Canada are mainly still here for the good care, safety, health of the patients. But this is not happening too often.

Read more here about the shit disease here too..

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A long-term care home employee faces a criminal negligence charge

The head of a Quebec City long-term care home says the staff has been shaken by a criminal negligence charge laid against a former orderly. Last year, 87-year-old Geneviève Saillant died after falling in the bath. On Tuesday, police charged the orderly caring for her with criminal negligence causing death. The family is now suing the home for $1.6 million. The orderly allegedly neglected a basic safety measure during the bath.

It is about time, for the Quebec government has been too soft on crimes domes by civil bad public servants.. Quebec coroners even  have not been examining all the dead bodies of seniors who had died in hospitals to determine how many died due to medical errors, hospitals diseases.

MONTREAL — A nurse at Maisonneuve-Rosemont who was on duty when a mother died just after giving birth three years ago pleaded guilty to negligence Monday at a Quebec Order of Nurses disciplinary board hearing. Anne-Marie Couture was one of several nurses who were charged with caring Christine Sasseville on Aug. 14, 2008, the day she gave birth to her son Demba and died from preeclampsia – or hypertension in pregnancy. However, the punishment agreed upon by both sides – a two-month suspension – was not upheld by the head of the disciplinary panel because it was deemed too severe considering the unfavourable working conditions Couture was facing that night.

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.

October 24, 2011

as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.


Hey you have often read it here as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.

Gyslaine Desrosiers, president of the Quebec Order of Nurses, has now admitted that there there is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada. The Quebec Nurses Training has remained at the same level since the 1970s, and Quebec now even lags 10 years behind other Canadian provinces. Quebec’s nurses thus have voted overwhelmingly to revamp education requirements calling for a mandatory university degree rather than the current college certificate. There is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada and the United States. “We’re way behind everybody else in the world,” said another Quebec Nurse.


This is more proof that the Government Quebec has been hiding the reality about poor nursing care in the province and it has so far not been caring enough to deal with this issue.

We need real medicare and not a pretend one..

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.



.. we need government members, Hospital adminstrators, medical personnel  that realy care about the citizens good welfare and where are they now?

October 21, 2011

Starved to death in a Hospital


WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating a complaint from a woman who says her elderly mother was improperly deprived of food and water for 14 days in hospital. Rozalynde McKibbin said Thursday her mother was malnourished for two weeks and left without a bath for 36 days before she died at Seven Oaks Hospital two years ago. “Representatives of Seven Oaks and the Region are hoping to meet with Ms. McKibbin when the review is finished to discuss her concerns,” WRHA spokeswoman Heidi Graham said. Anne Rostecki, 98, died Aug. 31, 2009, 45 days after she was admitted for treatment of a stroke.Three days after the elderly woman was admitted she accidentally swallowed some food and it lodged in her lungs. “They had to pump out her lungs and that’s when the problems . . . began,” McKibbin said, saying medical staff concluded her mother’s ability to swallow was impaired and she could not eat solid food any longer.The adult children said they believed hospital staff would then insert a feeding tube but, on their daily visits, they noticed their mother was steadily losing weight.A flurry of complaints followed, including at least one meeting with the patient care team manager, and a feeding tube was inserted.There were other problems. The family claims the elderly woman was not bathed until 36 days after she was admitted. They claim a bed sore on her tailbone was allowed to putrefy until it was gangrenous.After her death, the family pressed their complaints and obtained Rostecki’s medical records.McKibbin said she was shocked when the records appeared to document the malnourishment and lack of hygienic care in her mother’s medical chart.The authority, meanwhile, offered two independent investigations by senior doctors, both of which McKibbin said she were rejected outright.”That’s not an independent investigation, using your own doctors,” McKibbin said Thursday.”I want them to admit our mother was starved; that she wasn’t kept clean; that she had a wound on her tailbone that was getting worse. . . . The care they give is not quality care and I want them to change things,” McKibbin said

I have even seen and witnessed the same thing in two Montreal Hospitals, West Island Hospital, Montreal and Montreal St Luc Hospital, and I detailed it, even on the net and yet no one investigated my complaints..


October 18, 2011

How to deal with the bad doctors

People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.


There are many good ways to deal with this issue:
– One of the best thing you can do is to take someone else with you, a loud mouthed friend to see the doctor, he or she  likley will not abuse or neglect you in front of a witness.
– Most doctors also do want to be well respected in the community and they are associated with a local pharmacy.. so I have often gone to the local pharmacy and told them directly that  such and such a doctor is incompetent and he or she had provided me a very poor medical services.. the pharmacy employees do gossip as well.. and it eventually gets back to the bad doctor and he is made ashamed
– I often tell the doctor face to that when I leave his office I do write a letter to the health minister stating what kind of medical services I got from him, and in one case the medical services next improved ten fold.
– Or I tell the doctors staff that I truly will write a report on the net about my experiences with the doctor… that works well for me too.


I even do lodge in writing many complaint against hospitals all the time still. I WRITE A LETTER OF COMPLAINT AND I HAND DELIVER TO THE HOSPITAL OMBUDSMAN and I also so mail them to to every legislative member and to every MP, major news editor stating that I cannot get the proper medical care.. for in Canada medical care is a right and according to the doctors oath they cannot refuse to treat you..

I disregard everything anyone says to me, on the phone included, I put my complaint in writing..

I still wrote a letter to the Quebec Ombudsman and they appointed a lawyer to review the matter..

Incidental they have a security guard in every hospital and I hand delivered the letter of complaint to him and he passed it on to the right party.

Now somehow I seem to be able to get by all the obstacles, cause I persist  it in writing!

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services.







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.. now lets get real medicare

PS: If a doctor now cannot get adequate medical treatment in Ontario then how about everyone else?

The Ottawa doctor at the centre of a public health investigation that has thousands of patients wondering if they inadvertently contracted hepatitis or HIV under her care is the plaintiff in $3.3-million lawsuit claiming she has “limited ability” do her job because of chronic back pain. Dr. Christiane Farazli and her spouse allege wrongdoing by the Ottawa Hospital, two other doctors and a nurse.She claims the medical staff misdiagnosed back pain she was experiencing starting in December 2007. The statement of claim was filed in Ottawa Superior Court in 2009 and amended this year.

April 6, 2011

If you are a senior do not see a doctor alone


I have had the unfortunate task of too many times of being a personal security guard, a witness, a facilitator with senior patients  while they were in the hospital,or in old age homes or with their doctors.. and what I have seen now is too often pretentious medicine, doctors and nurses now  too doing as little as possible cause not only do they still get paid out of sight next is out of mind.. and cause the pain of others tends not to hurt the doctors.. I can say that the medical services drastically, exponentially improves when I do make I known that I do fully expose, and prosecute all bad medical services I do see. By the way I am realy tired of those pretend, incompetent doctors, the nurses who have such a basic rudimentary medical   knowledge that it even

tends to be useless, and they tend to go overboard with it as well…. so they too often have  have become pretenders, imposters, fools..

it all  tends to be very useless….  and that is always unacceptable.. always do have a loud mouthed witness for a threat of a law suit tends to make doctors and nurses work better..  a lot better..


Tories will let health care fail, Layton warns as he rolls out plan in BC  Globe and Mail –  NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canadians should be very worried about leaving the renegotiation of the federal health accord with the provinces in the hands of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Canada’s health care system in jeopardy under Conservatives: Layton Toronto Star


……………….. Manage better now the health care system

David Dodge is again urging an “adult conversation” about how to confront rising health-care costs, warning that even in an optimistic scenario the quality of care will suffer without some combination of deep cuts to other programs, higher taxes or patients footing more of the bill.“The prognosis is not good, even if we are incredibly successful in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery,” Mr. Dodge, now a senior advisor at Bennett Jones LLP in Ottawa, co-wrote with colleague Richard Dion, a former Bank of Canada economist. “But the spending disease must be managed. It is now up to Canadians to have an adult discussion about how to manage it.” Indeed, not only does Canada face higher spending by patients and employers for health services that aren’t insured by the provinces, the authors argue that the country will need to decide on some combination of unpalatable options. Namely, finding other services that can absorb deep cuts to maintain current healthcare standards, raising taxes to finance rising healthcare costs, tolerating poorer-quality care and longer wait times, or Canadians contributing more out of their own pockets, through co-payments or by governments covering fewer services. “Even under an optimistic scenario,’’ the report says, “private citizens will have to devote an increasing share of additional income to private health insurance, direct out-of-pocket expenses on healthcare services, and long-term care, assuming no change in the private-sector share of total healthcare financing.”

Now we all tend to hate bankers and have so little view for them especially even when they now evn do say that our Chronic Healthcare Spending is a Disease that is critical so all Canadians must make a tough decision to save the medical standards in our health care by privatizing it. An Ex-central banker now even warns on the need of curbing Canada’s public  health  care spending.  But don’t be mislead by this crap the problem is not that medicine has become costly the problem is that it is not being managed cost wise as well. what we need is not more useless doctors and nurses but firstly realy to get the existing doctors and nurse working better. More money in this too often medicare cesspool of what they call  a buck full of holes is  not the answer.. rather do plugs all of the holes first.. and that is real economic sense as well.

.. all bad doctors and bad nurses need to go to a jail

March 23, 2011

Canada’s medicare

Yes many Quebecers seem to rightfully believe, do  presently feel, that  the Quebec Liberals have allowed too often the misappropriation of tax payers money in Quebec, even due to corruptions, bad management , they now do try to  balance the budgets  at the expense of the suffering , citizens, especially the sick , elderly, and do now still have a bad medical care.
In addition there’s not only still an inadequate number of family doctors available to all of the sick patients, but  even too many existing family doctors are firstly overworked, thus they are not giving proper time, attention to all of their patients even. Many patients are waiting too  long of a time  to see a doctor too. And just cause you have a family doctor it still does not mean he or she are doing a good job now even  as well.
Plus there is still an unacceptable long waiting time to see a medical specialists, or to access further medical tests. Hospital qualified Doctors working only weekdays 9- 5 is unacceptable when patients are sick 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
McGill University has figured out that it can generate more of it’s own profits, revenue by training more foreign students  at a higher, extra costs, since an education in Canada still is generally less costly over  an education in the US and this is not only    an inadequate use of the Canadian tax payers money, needed for the additional training facilities, resources needed to do so,  but it is also  not much help to the local sick persons. Hospitals, triage using trainees, interns as substitute doctors too often is another general waste of time, and a a bad approach.
 Hiring more incompetent even nurses to try to do any of  the doctors job is another unacceptable existing absurdity as well.
The lying spin doctors do not fool everyone as to what they are now too.KILL PATIENTS EVEN WITH THEIR NEGLECTS, ERRORS.


October 11, 2009

in BC also demand resignations, terminations

Dr. Jonathan Burns, head of Pixalere Health Care,  in RCMP probe gets $320,000 annually. The RCMP alleges that Burns bribed two provincial health-care bureaucrats in the process of getting the Pixalere adopted for use. The RCMP also allege former Fraser Health Authority manager James Roy Taylor allowed Burns to fraudulently submit more than $500,000 in invoices while the Pixalere was being tested, in return for a $70,000-a-year job for Taylor’s wife and free use of the Kelowna condo. There is nothing lower than a corrupt public official. Insider information, Unfair and restrictive trade practices, double billing and much more…There is corruption at every level of government where money is involved. The citizens get told their health care must be cut and meanwhile the executives are busy lining their pockets. He and his insider chums should be sued, if necesssary, to recover all the monies they have skimmed from this province over the years. I don’t believe that any senior B.C. government bureaucrat necessarily knows even the meaning of the word “ethics”, Dr. Burns certainly should. .
 It’s time to pry off the greedy fingers off what is left in BC and demand some resignations! The fact that this creep was hired after already being found guilty of fraud is disgusting!  It only shows how corrupt those in control really are.  And that would include the Campbell government.   “two years’ night-time house arrest for fraudulently pocketing more than $40,000 while president of the White Rock Sea Festival” …so this thief steals $40,000 and then is “punished” by having to sleep in his own bed at night… these health boards are nothing but high paying jobs for the liberals friends. we don’t need them.
All of this is just the tip of the icebergs, it seems when it comes to computer vendors, computer consultants the mostly immoral persons surface, and get the jobs Canada wide as well, Ontario included now,  and for decades in the federal, provincial, municipal  levels now too.. 0CANADA.MEDICARE (6)

By the way the government of British Columbia, Canada   is already well known for not caring about the poor people, the citizens good welfare or legal, human rights.. they seem to be self centered, selfish  and crappy.
No one in BC for sure voted for now the poorer health care or health care cuts.. destructive  measures that hurt patients, increase long-term costs and ignore the important real health issues. including now fewer surgeries and diagnostic tests, cuts to care for seniors and the addicted, reduced community programs — it’s a list of measures that reduce the level of care in the region. The people now had voted in May without knowing next the negative effects of Liberal policies.,  by the Campbell government to limit health-care funding; for these the consequences were never made mentioned at all in the recent pas  election campaign. On the the contrary. Premier Gordon Campbell promised that despite financial pressures, core services like health would be protected. These  cuts to services. That’s another  Liberal promise — an important one — broken. The health authority is also cutting grants to community organizations that deliver front-line services.  It was  dishonest for the government have promised to protect services during the election campaign.

We read continually in the news how pretentious government ministers do a bad job of managing the health care system, as well as the pretentious Hospital managers now as well. For a few years I was not getting enough looking after from the local Quebec medical establishment, while they were busy charging with their services with my health card. So I next had merely informed my main doctor that I was writing a report to the federal and provincial health minister of how I was being treated by him, and well next the doctor started to take his work seriously and to give me adequate care..

October 7, 2009

A very sick Ontario EHealth scandal


  EHealth scandal a $1B waste:   


 We all do  pay high  taxes and also high prices for fuel, food, transportation. services, phones, internet, cable  but also do still receive poor health care and high costs education  and all of this is unacceptable.
    dalton-mcguintY (3)
 Opposition calls for Smitherman’s head. Ontario’s opposition parties called Wednesday for the resignation of Energy Minister George Smitherman, saying he must be held accountable for his role in the expense scandal at eHealth Ontario , report slammed the government for allowing eHealth to waste millions on unused computer systems and give out millions more in untendered contracts to consultants. Some of those contracts were doled out when Smitherman was health minister from 2003 to 2008. “The auditor general’s report makes it quite clear that many of the biggest abuses of taxpayers’ money occurred under the watch of minister George Smitherman,” Hudak told reporters. “And George Smitherman has escaped any sanction or any scrutiny by the premier for his role in this affair.”A scathing report into the eHealth Ontario spending scandal has claimed the job of the province’s health minister with its charges that successive governments wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money. Health Minister David Caplan is stepping down because of the report. Children and Youth Services Minister Deb Matthews would take over the health portfolio. The report is damning in its criticism of the way governments have allowed eHealth and its predecessor, Smart Systems for Health, to let spending go out of control with few safeguards to protect tax dollars. And favouritism was shown toward certain companies “without giving other firms a chance to compete were largely true.”
dalton-mcguintY (7)
The Ontario people have been robbed by their elected representatives for Billions of dollars and that is just wrong. We need to see people serving jail terms for this and we want to see justice. McGuinty had better see this as we will soon be getting to the point of massive civil demonstrations where we will not only call for the removal of people but the laying of the charges under the criminal code. This has got to the point where the voters are being fleeced by the government appointed heads of boards and such , and when huge sums of money are wasted or improperly spent, there should be charges and not just inquiries. Just the money lost could have guaranteed the pensions of many people and the severance of even more. Instead we wasted this money on all sorts of unnecessary spending and expense accounts that these criminal boards were approving for their members. It is time to force the crown attorneys to do their jobs and charge all of those people and sort it all out in the courts and the sentences should be all the maximum allowed by law in the highest security prisons. Who’s going to repay the money? …. 

McCarter’s probe, which went back to 2000, criticized unnamed consulting companies for driving up each other’s fees to artificially create a higher rate for their services and putting too much power in too few hands in awarding of contracts.

The auditor general also slammed unnamed senior health bureaucrats for thwarting his efforts to get investigators into eHealth for a routine audit in the summer of 2008, which didn’t happen until February 2009.

EHealth expenses

  • Some of the consulting costs incurred at eHealth:
  • $2,700-a-day consultant, charging $3.26 for a muffin and tea.
  • $300-an-hour consultant, charging for reading an article on electronic health records given to her by her husband, another consultant.
  • Two consultants serving as vice-presidents and flown regularly from homes in Alberta.
  • $1,700-a-day executive assistant.
  • Consultants charging to watch an eHealth episode on TVO’s The Agenda and “debriefing” on the Toronto subway.
I hope you’re happy Mr. McGuinty. You have permanently destroyed the Liberal Party in Ontario in a way that is reminiscent of what Bob Rae did to the NDP in Ontario. It will take YEARS for people to forget this. In one fell swoop, you have just handed the Progressive Conservative party the reigns in Ontario for years to come.  Well done, Mr. Premier. Well done. This is just disgusting… a Billion dollars recklessly wasted in this economy? When people are suffering more than ever? This is just sickening. if this was the real world the fraud squad would be called in.  fraud is fraud , prosecute it.
 $1 billion spent but little to show in Ont.’s push for electronic health records  TORONTO – Ontario taxpayers have poured $1 billion into an electronic health-record system that’s years away from completion, a mismanaged effort the provincial auditor general said allowed consultants to run amok with little oversight while millions of dollars in untendered contracts went out the door.
Ont. gov’t ‘should have known’ about scandal at eHealth, McGuinty says  TORONTO – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says his government should have known about the eHealth debacle before the scandal surfaced.
Cancer Care Ontario broke rules: audit. An internal audit of Cancer Care Ontario shows the provincial agency handed out consultant contracts in some of the same questionable ways as eHealth. It gave a consulting firm $18.7 million in deals over two years, some in the form of so-called “follow-on” agreements, a practice that allowed them to be added on to current contracts without being opened to bids. The audit found the number of follow-ons “excessive” — with at least 26 recorded. “The findings of this audit clearly indicate that the procurement processes, file organization and consistency of documentation require substantial improvement,” the audit says. “It is also apparent that required competitive tendering rules have not been consistently applied for all contracts of significant value.”

Other revelations in the documents included:

  • Details of some contracts were ironed out after the deal was done.
  • Contracts without tender accounted for 49 per cent of examined contracts for non-capital goods and non-consulting expenses, such as computer equipment, software and equipment rental.
  • About $1.6-million worth was paid out over 14 invoices to a company with no written contract.  
  • Several employees recruited were offered between $17,000-23,000 over the maximum salary range.
  • CCO employee files were kept in an unlocked cabinet accessible to unauthorized employees.
  • Even though policy forbade paying for parties, Cancer Care paid for two staff picnics, a farewell function and gifts for staff, one holiday party and a baby shower.
I want my money back! Can’t trust the government to be good stewards over the funds they tax from hard working folks, Every dollar to fight cancer is badly needed. To waste a penny is criminal.   this was only the tip of the iceberg and that every department in this government needs to be audited.  It is only common sense, that the rot permeates this government in many departments.. look at filing criminal charges against those in office that are responsible if criminal activity took place. Their personal bank accounts should be frozen and an investigation into whether they have off shore accounts. We are talking billions of dollars here, with no proper accountability. The same should apply to the people who were, and or are, in charge of companies such as eHealth, and Cancer Care Ontario. This list is going to grow. This is more than disturbing. I’m absolutely blown away. A minister resigns? What about the premier? Today’s revelations involve hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. I’d lose my job for mismanaging 5 grand.
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More than a third of Ontario hospitals didn’t balance their books, figures show The Canadian Press –  hospitals couldn’t balance their books last year, amounting to a $154-million shortfall, newly released figures show. Sixty-one of the province’s 159 public hospitals, or 38 per cent, were in deficit in the last year…  Ontario is behind every other province except British Columbia and Quebec when it comes to hospital funding, according to statistics collected by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. In 2008, Ontario’s funding of hospitals was $1,209 per person, lower than the national average of $1,290.


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Many of Ontario’s Crown agencies have forgotten they serve the public – a systemic problem in need of quick attention to prevent further erosion of government services
Agencies are horror story: Ombudsman Toronto Sun Government agencies must remember who they serve: Ontario ombudsman Calgary Herald
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 It is always the same old problem, Professionals, civil and Public servants, Doctors and medical staff continual indifference to the need of others, Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well. Hospital costs savings so the Doctors can get more money, even bad who Doctors fail to define the sicknesses soon enough. Law suits and the related bad publicity have been proven to be one of the most effective weapons in dealing with medical inadequacies.
You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,    bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, thetax money abusers and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse..  permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad persons and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad Ministers as well should be fired ASAP.

TORONTO — Ontario’s health bureaucracy is facing yet another scandal in the wake of more revelations of spending and procurement abuses. In a special report released Wednesday morning, Auditor-General Jim McCarter outlines numerous problems at hospitals and local health integration networks (LHINs), regional funding agencies created by the Liberal government. McCarter points to the questionable hiring of pricey consultants, many of which were sole-sourced and often not required to justify the work they did. The report details a litany of questionable consulting gigs at hospitals, including one, worth $700,000, that was so vague it didn’t even list a detailed description of services needed. Another hospital completely failed to account for a $170,000 consultant contract, and was unable to produce the initial request for proposal, the names and number of firms invited to bid, the bidders’ proposals or any evaluation criteria used to reward the contract. The same firm was retained for another, $430,000 contract. Another hospital paid $8.3 million to one consulting firm for IT services over the past three fiscal years, including $180,000 the firm charges for each consultant it provides. The auditor’s report also details questionable expense claims by hospital consultants. They include one temporary executive who, despite his $275,000 annual salary, also billed the hospital nearly $150,000 for other consultants and administrative support, $14,000 for salary bonuses, foreign exchange fees and a Christmas luncheon, and numerous expensive hotels (including one, in Chicago, where he paid $500 for hotel phone charges) and lavish meals around the world. McCarter also questioned the use of lobbyists by half the 16 hospitals he audited.   “We questioned the appropriateness of using government funds to pay lobbyists to help obtain more government funding.”Health minister Deb Matthews reacted swiftly to the report, announcing legislation that will ban the use of lobbyists and open hospitals to freedom of information legislation by January 1, 2012.  The auditor-general also found “significant” problems with consultant contracts signed by LHINs The revelations contained in Wednesday’s report are reminiscent of those unearthed last December, when Mr. McCarter detailed spending abuses at eHealth Ontario. That agency, created by the Liberal government, was found to have given millions in sole-sourced contracts to high-priced consultants with few controls and little oversight.“I’m not afraid to say that I’m really sorry this has gone on,” said Matthews. “I don’t think this is acceptable. I don’t think we’ve been as accountable as we ought to have been. We owe it to taxpayers to ensure that every dollar they spend on taxes gets the best possible value.”
The same bad Liberals never learned to do things right and honestly the first time even.. allow their consultant sins to go on falsely.

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