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October 18, 2011

How to deal with the bad doctors

People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.


There are many good ways to deal with this issue:
– One of the best thing you can do is to take someone else with you, a loud mouthed friend to see the doctor, he or she  likley will not abuse or neglect you in front of a witness.
– Most doctors also do want to be well respected in the community and they are associated with a local pharmacy.. so I have often gone to the local pharmacy and told them directly that  such and such a doctor is incompetent and he or she had provided me a very poor medical services.. the pharmacy employees do gossip as well.. and it eventually gets back to the bad doctor and he is made ashamed
– I often tell the doctor face to that when I leave his office I do write a letter to the health minister stating what kind of medical services I got from him, and in one case the medical services next improved ten fold.
– Or I tell the doctors staff that I truly will write a report on the net about my experiences with the doctor… that works well for me too.


I even do lodge in writing many complaint against hospitals all the time still. I WRITE A LETTER OF COMPLAINT AND I HAND DELIVER TO THE HOSPITAL OMBUDSMAN and I also so mail them to to every legislative member and to every MP, major news editor stating that I cannot get the proper medical care.. for in Canada medical care is a right and according to the doctors oath they cannot refuse to treat you..

I disregard everything anyone says to me, on the phone included, I put my complaint in writing..

I still wrote a letter to the Quebec Ombudsman and they appointed a lawyer to review the matter..

Incidental they have a security guard in every hospital and I hand delivered the letter of complaint to him and he passed it on to the right party.

Now somehow I seem to be able to get by all the obstacles, cause I persist  it in writing!

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services.







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.. now lets get real medicare

PS: If a doctor now cannot get adequate medical treatment in Ontario then how about everyone else?

The Ottawa doctor at the centre of a public health investigation that has thousands of patients wondering if they inadvertently contracted hepatitis or HIV under her care is the plaintiff in $3.3-million lawsuit claiming she has “limited ability” do her job because of chronic back pain. Dr. Christiane Farazli and her spouse allege wrongdoing by the Ottawa Hospital, two other doctors and a nurse.She claims the medical staff misdiagnosed back pain she was experiencing starting in December 2007. The statement of claim was filed in Ottawa Superior Court in 2009 and amended this year.

April 6, 2011

If you are a senior do not see a doctor alone


I have had the unfortunate task of too many times of being a personal security guard, a witness, a facilitator with senior patients  while they were in the hospital,or in old age homes or with their doctors.. and what I have seen now is too often pretentious medicine, doctors and nurses now  too doing as little as possible cause not only do they still get paid out of sight next is out of mind.. and cause the pain of others tends not to hurt the doctors.. I can say that the medical services drastically, exponentially improves when I do make I known that I do fully expose, and prosecute all bad medical services I do see. By the way I am realy tired of those pretend, incompetent doctors, the nurses who have such a basic rudimentary medical   knowledge that it even

tends to be useless, and they tend to go overboard with it as well…. so they too often have  have become pretenders, imposters, fools..

it all  tends to be very useless….  and that is always unacceptable.. always do have a loud mouthed witness for a threat of a law suit tends to make doctors and nurses work better..  a lot better..


Tories will let health care fail, Layton warns as he rolls out plan in BC  Globe and Mail –  NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canadians should be very worried about leaving the renegotiation of the federal health accord with the provinces in the hands of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Canada’s health care system in jeopardy under Conservatives: Layton Toronto Star


……………….. Manage better now the health care system

David Dodge is again urging an “adult conversation” about how to confront rising health-care costs, warning that even in an optimistic scenario the quality of care will suffer without some combination of deep cuts to other programs, higher taxes or patients footing more of the bill.“The prognosis is not good, even if we are incredibly successful in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery,” Mr. Dodge, now a senior advisor at Bennett Jones LLP in Ottawa, co-wrote with colleague Richard Dion, a former Bank of Canada economist. “But the spending disease must be managed. It is now up to Canadians to have an adult discussion about how to manage it.” Indeed, not only does Canada face higher spending by patients and employers for health services that aren’t insured by the provinces, the authors argue that the country will need to decide on some combination of unpalatable options. Namely, finding other services that can absorb deep cuts to maintain current healthcare standards, raising taxes to finance rising healthcare costs, tolerating poorer-quality care and longer wait times, or Canadians contributing more out of their own pockets, through co-payments or by governments covering fewer services. “Even under an optimistic scenario,’’ the report says, “private citizens will have to devote an increasing share of additional income to private health insurance, direct out-of-pocket expenses on healthcare services, and long-term care, assuming no change in the private-sector share of total healthcare financing.”

Now we all tend to hate bankers and have so little view for them especially even when they now evn do say that our Chronic Healthcare Spending is a Disease that is critical so all Canadians must make a tough decision to save the medical standards in our health care by privatizing it. An Ex-central banker now even warns on the need of curbing Canada’s public  health  care spending.  But don’t be mislead by this crap the problem is not that medicine has become costly the problem is that it is not being managed cost wise as well. what we need is not more useless doctors and nurses but firstly realy to get the existing doctors and nurse working better. More money in this too often medicare cesspool of what they call  a buck full of holes is  not the answer.. rather do plugs all of the holes first.. and that is real economic sense as well.

.. all bad doctors and bad nurses need to go to a jail

March 23, 2011

Canada’s medicare

Yes many Quebecers seem to rightfully believe, do  presently feel, that  the Quebec Liberals have allowed too often the misappropriation of tax payers money in Quebec, even due to corruptions, bad management , they now do try to  balance the budgets  at the expense of the suffering , citizens, especially the sick , elderly, and do now still have a bad medical care.
In addition there’s not only still an inadequate number of family doctors available to all of the sick patients, but  even too many existing family doctors are firstly overworked, thus they are not giving proper time, attention to all of their patients even. Many patients are waiting too  long of a time  to see a doctor too. And just cause you have a family doctor it still does not mean he or she are doing a good job now even  as well.
Plus there is still an unacceptable long waiting time to see a medical specialists, or to access further medical tests. Hospital qualified Doctors working only weekdays 9- 5 is unacceptable when patients are sick 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
McGill University has figured out that it can generate more of it’s own profits, revenue by training more foreign students  at a higher, extra costs, since an education in Canada still is generally less costly over  an education in the US and this is not only    an inadequate use of the Canadian tax payers money, needed for the additional training facilities, resources needed to do so,  but it is also  not much help to the local sick persons. Hospitals, triage using trainees, interns as substitute doctors too often is another general waste of time, and a a bad approach.
 Hiring more incompetent even nurses to try to do any of  the doctors job is another unacceptable existing absurdity as well.
The lying spin doctors do not fool everyone as to what they are now too.KILL PATIENTS EVEN WITH THEIR NEGLECTS, ERRORS.


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