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August 5, 2011

We pay taxes and still get lousy services

A doctor in a local hospital falsely recently even cancelled her medical clinic so she could go to a medical symposium, all while her staff lied and falsely covered up for her too. She wasn’t interested in helping the sick persons but but clearly in only helping herself. The same doctor could not understand why she now was so often depressed as well.

You do seem to find out the hard way what the medical care system is really like when you go to use it and really do need it, in the Hospitals, clinics and triage included now. The too often insulting, uncaring, uneducated security guards posted at the local hospitals, emergency departments too readily do tell the sick patients to shut up, to still still and be quiet for a 4 to 8 hours wait is normal. While at the same time a doctor at the local hospital told me that the hospital clinics are not a personal right but an optional privilege, service in our free Medicare SYSTEM that the Hospitals do not have to provide for the patients. Too many money hungry, self serving, self oriented medical employees in reality in Hospitals still do falsely think that the governments now do have to provide a good paying job for them so they can next do what they want, while they still do not even care about what is happening to the sick persons and this is never acceptable. It is the same old truths also such as the very healthy persons tend to not care about the sick, and the employed public and civil servants do tend to think they are now the bosses, clearly above and superiors to all others.. IRONICALLY THE SAME BAD, SELFISH, GREEDY, SELF CENTERED, MEDICAL PERSONS WHILE THEY WERE, ARE STUDENTS WANT THE CITIZENS TO PAY ALL OF THEIR MEDICAL EDUCATIONAL COSTS so they can next get rich and even abuse, neglect us, them.

It seems the people at the local city hall have found out a solution to their too often cost ineffective and wasteful mismanagement of their employees and that is to put money tolls on the roads and to make a special tax grab, by putting taxes at the pumps for all of the automotive gas purchases, or by increasing the number and cost of the traffic tickets and by laws now too. They want to do the same thing for the too often poorly managed medical services.. Only the fools would let them do this as well.

More and more tax grabs from the citizens clearly already over taxed tend not to improve anything but tend to be merely putting more money into buckets full of unplugged holes. What is seriously needed rather is to first fire all of the cost ineffective, useless managers of the public services and to now replace them with decent, honest, competent, hard working persons.

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