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August 24, 2011

The reality about Canada’s Medicare “The Untouchables”.

The undeniable root, major problem with Medicare in Canada now is not firstly the lack of more citizens, public, taxpayer’s money money and/or the supposed need for more money for the medical professionals but rather it is certainly the past, present poor quality of medical services provided even by the mostly unregulated and unsupervised medical doctors themselves, and the nurses too now,  firstly, in reality.. bad management is no  still still excuse.

“Unfortunately, the relatively nonexistent oversight/ monitoring in the medical community means that doctors are almost entirely self-monitoring. This is a completely untenable system to maintain since it puts the safety of the public in the hands of some that may be irresponsibly trying to cut corners and save money on washing equipment by hiring fewer staff. Shouldn’t the public demand more? Why isn’t there a general demand by the public for the College of Physicians to increase their monitoring of doctors (at the collective cost of doctors) especially when it comes to equipment cleaning and other areas where doctors trying to increase their bottom line may threaten the public’s safety. This is just common sense. If you are disconcerted with this story, assert yourself and implore the College of Physicians and your local MP/ MPP and city council to mandate/legislate the public’s safety into law by making accountability and scrutiny of the medical establishment the norm rather than once every 10 years and 7,000 patients!”  

In reality it still does even take even years for me in Canada to get my own major, serious medical problems eventually and properly addressed even. That was true about my heart problems and that was next even true about my skin problem. It took about a year and half of visiting many different doctors to finally get serious attention and solution to my skin problem, but I now had gone through 4 doctors and 2 dermatologists even.. and I am still not sure the skin problem is resolved or what it is.. different dermatologists even give medical diagnosis and different options, opinions here too and when can I still get the real medical help I need, asked for, rightfully deserve now too. I have now also tried at least a half a dozen of ineffective prescribed different medicines for the same skin problem all the while the skin problem worsened now too..

Now most of the doctors I have in the last 2 years encountered they did not admit they were incompetent, but they did not know what my skin problem was, as anyone ignorant just looking at my skin infection knows it could be one of at least 200 different things.. so they all next even mostly tried a trial and error approach , by saying TO ME “try this sample amount off medicine for a couple of months.. and let us see next what happens”, and nothing good happened too, and who pays for this trial and error medical program and drugs? the patient and the taxpayer OF COURSE.. also next many of my doctors gave false excuses too why their trial and error approach it did not work, and why they did not bother to have a skin biopsy done on me firstly. their medical approach failed and they next said to me that it was not their fault but my fault.. . it was due to my body… while the others next had said doctors are not gods.. but all of the still bad the doctors all still got paid for their failures and even the pharmacies now too.. Unacceptable.

By the way I had even worst quality of medical services many times when I took my senior mother and my senior father to many, different medicaL doctors and I HAD  told them what my parents medical problem but too many doctors firstly even refused to deal with ALL OF them or had refused do anything at all but said falsely that the problem should be looked after by some else, and they did not even send them to that medical person.  This unacceptable medical or family Doctor’s pick and choose approach towards what he or she will do and will not do in helping any patients is also a very unacceptable approach.. they these bad  doctyors now are all now  were certainly guilty of neglecting a sick patient and violating their own medical code of ethics, standards.

Now what about getting real positive actions on all of these matters and not rather still more buck passing, excuses, lies or are the Conservatives not any better over the Liberals, but rather continue to do the same bad things or do nothing good about it now?

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