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February 24, 2017

Montreal police force


The Quebec government is broadening its investigation into allegations of corruption and wrongdoing within the Montreal police force, municipal forces from Quebec City, Longueuil and Gatineau will help provincial police because the number of allegations has risen in recent days. “This serious information suggests that beyond certain files, there are also more systemic issues, notably involving the (Montreal police’s) internal investigation practices.” The role of the RCMP in the investigation will be increased, and a separate administrative probe will look specifically at how Montreal police handles internal investigations and how the force operates.  The investigation will now be co-directed by SQ assistant director general Yves Morency and Madeleine Giauque, the head of the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI), an independent police-oversight agency set up in 2013.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux   will also ask Police Chief Philippe Pichet to give a report on what measures he intends to take to ensure the problems in the SPVM do not worsen in the short term, and to restore public confidence in his police force. And finally, the minister will consider amending Bill 107 to ensure that certain types of allegations that undermine public confidence in police services be conferred to the BEI. Coiteux also announced a new “info line” for SPVM officers who wish to report instances of corruption within their own force. That number, which is being staffed by SQ officers, is 514-598-4336. But the leader of the official opposition at City Hall, Valérie Plante, said the measures announced by the minister fall short “because they do not attack the root of the problem, which is the culture of secrecy that reigns in the police service,”


October 29, 2011

NO MORE police surveillance powers

The Harper government intends to make it easier for police to monitor Canadians’ Internet and smartphone activity – but Canada’s privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says she has “deep concerns” about potential legislation that would boost police surveillance powers and access to private information. Stoddart expressed particular concerns about a proposal in the previous legislation that would have required internet service providers to give subscriber data to police and national security agencies without a warrant, including names, unlisted phone numbers and IP addresses. “Canadian authorities have yet to provide the public with evidence to suggest that CSIS or Canadian police cannot perform their duties under the current regime,” she wrote.

In addition to the provision allowing police to obtain internet subscriber information without a warrant, the previous lawful access bills also would have:

-Forced internet providers and other makers of technology to provide a “back door” to make communications accessible to police.

-Allowed police to get warrants to obtain information transmitted over the internet and data related to its transmission, including locations of individuals and transactions.

-Allowed courts to compel other parties to preserve electronic evidence.

Don’t get the wrong idea we can trust the police in Canada, or trust the police too often masturbating reviews of wrong doings by the police which mostly still tends to find the cops innocent of any wrong doings.

SQ wraps probe into bystander police shooting – Quebec provincial police have completed their probe of a Montreal police shooting that left two people dead last June, including an innocent bystander. In a case that made national headlines and prompted an angry anti-police march in Montreal, local officers shot a homeless man during a public disturbance and their gunfire also struck a man who was arriving for work at a nearby hospital. Provincial police said in a statement released Wednesday that the file has been handed over to Quebec’s director of criminal prosecutions. It will be up to that office to determine whether charges are laid against the police officers.

The June 7 shooting was one of a number of serious incidents involving police last summer, and reignited the debate surrounding how those incidents are investigated in Quebec. Currently, when members of a police force kill or injure citizens, another force takes over the investigation. In the days and weeks following the deaths opponents of that system renewed their calls for the creation of a civilian review board to handle such cases, saying it’s the only way to eliminate bias and ensure the credibility of the final reports.

Support full gun control

July 7, 2010

Canada’s top police force the RCMP still too often covers up the sins of it’s own cops.

You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,  police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers, bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, the bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad solicitor generals as well should be fired ASAP.
REGINA – Questions are being raised about why an RCMP sergeant in Saskatchewan who rolled his vehicle after having at least five alcoholic drinks was not charged with impaired driving. Sgt. Warren Gherasim was commander of the detachment in Cut Knife, about 170 kilometres west of Saskatoon, when, on May 15, 2006, he conducted himself “in a disgraceful manner that brings discredit on the force” by drinking and driving, says a decision by an RCMP adjudication board. “Sergeant Gherasim’s admission, the (indications) of impairment and the evidence of the odour of alcohol tip the balance in favour of finding that some level of alcohol impairment existed sufficient to contribute to the accident,” the board said in its ruling dated March 20, 2008. “Six different members attended the accident scene or Sgt. Gherasim’s residence, all but one subordinate to him in rank and four serving under him at Cut Knife. Several of these noted the odour of alcohol. “For a detachment commander, one of whose roles is to set an example, to drink enough and drive so that alcohol played a role in a subsequent accident, regardless of the fact that the circumstances were such that no breath demand was made, is disgraceful, and brings discredit on the force.” The adjudication report noted that Gherasim worked his scheduled shift on the day in question and drank two beers with a colleague while golfing. The pair stopped later at the colleague’s house and Gherasim had another beer. After watching a baseball game together, he had a “couple of drinks.” Gherasim has since apologized for his behaviour and been transferred to a different detachment, where he is handling administrative duties. He was given a reprimand, docked eight days’ pay and taken out of the Officer Candidate program. He was also stripped of the Order of Merit of Police Forces he received in 2006 from the Governor General for his work in community-based policing in the Northwest Territories and for fugitive investigations across the country.  Bill Pitt, an Edmonton-based criminologist, law enforcement instructor and former Mountie, called the incident “another nail in the coffin” for the RCMP. “This is not a standard of policing that Canadians should have. Does it occur? Yeah, you bet it does.” Pitt said charges weren’t laid because “people were looking for their careers, and properly so because they wouldn’t have had one had they brought a sergeant up on impaired driving charges.”
Another RCMP officer should face impaired driving charges Now, today. 

B.C. RCMP officer is facing possible impaired driving charges after she was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving after leaving the Cascades Casino in Langley. Canada clearly has two standards one for the ctizens, and another one for the civil and public servants.. guess who gets all the false breaks.. a paid leave now too..

I am sure charges will be laid in a year or so as opposed joe citizen who gets charged on the spot or within the same day/ week.
I do, however know some people who have been charged and it happens on the spot. There is no investigation to see if charges are warranted. They are charged right now so why not this officer? Why not Monte? No one law for the people and another for drunk cops..
– God, it never ends.
– Our communities are under siege by these uniformed thugs!
– Sadly, we are no longer surprised.
– the wheels of justice grind slower all the time… when they grind at all.
–  Next comes a “suspension with pay”. You remember the old name for that, don’t you?
-We used to call it a paid vacation.
Clifton Purvis, a spokesman with the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, which investigates incidents involving police, says officers were called to the home 44 Jefferson Road in the Jackson Heights neighbourhood Edmonton, Alberta, after 4 a.m. MDT to a report of shots being fired. “We have identified one individual who is deceased. That person is the spouse of the individual we have in custody,” he said. Purvis refused to name the woman or the RCMP officer but said his agency is treating the woman’s death as a homicide.  But they have two young sons and had lived in the neighborhood for about a year.  Finally  day after his wife’s body was found in a southeast Edmonton home, an RCMP constable Const. Tarith Sehmbi, 36, was charged with second-degree murder in her slaying. He  will likely be suspended from his job within days as a result of the serious charge against him,  ” “The suspension will initially be with pay. That will be pending a review to consider the option of stopping the pay.” There’s no specific time frame for the review on whether to stop paying the constable’s salary. Sehmbi, who has been with the RCMP for about seven years, was working in the revenue generating traffic services division at a detachment in Stony Plain, Alta., just west of Edmonton.

Mountie arrested in wife’s homicide Edmonton Sun –   – A 36-year-old RCMP officer has been arrested in the apparent shooting death of his wife early Saturday morning at a Mill Woods home.

Mountie in custody after wife found dead

EDMONTON—Alberta   Fri Jul 16 2010  The RCMP is finally requesting the public’s help in locating Travis Edward Vader, 38, as a person of interest in the disappearance of a couple Lyle McCann, 78, and Marie, 77  from St. Albert who have not been seen since they left home July 3 headed to British Columbia for a camping vacation. They were driving their motor home, towing behind them a green Hyundai Tucson SUV and finally they the RCMP  found the couple’s SUV . Two days after the motorhome was found burning in dense bush near Edson, 200 kilometres west of Edmonton. Assistant RCMP Commissioner Peter Hourihan   admitted they the RCMP had botched the early stages of the investigation into the case . One of the officers involved has been ordered out of the field and onto desk duty. “A couple of mistakes have been made, I acknowledge that,” Hourihan said  at a news conference at K Division headquarters. The McCanns now have been missing for almost two weeks and the investigation has seen the RCMP come under criticism for failing to conduct due diligence and follow obvious leads. Now the investigation went off the rails after the RCMP went to the burning motorhome. They found the McCanns’ registration papers in the camper and called the McCann home, but abandoned the chase when there was no answer and due diligence was not served and  a RCMP member asa direct result has been placed on administrative duties. So what!!! “The case took another bizarre turn on Tuesday after the McCann’s son, Bret, made a public plea on TV for the public to call in tips on the stolen SUV. Within hours Diana Bjorklund and her father Evert went to the local RCMP detachment in Prince George B.C., 450 kilometres west of Edson, to report seeing the SUV in the community a few days earlier. But Diana Bjorklund told CBC Radio on Thursday that the civilian staffer at the counter didn’t ask for her name and phone number and dismissed her information out of hand because the sighting was already days old. Mounties were then forced to issue a public plea for Bjorklund to come back. Hourihan said that has happened and police are acting upon the information.” The McCanns are paying for systemic breakdowns in RCMP rural policing due to staffing shortages, a slew of green recruits, and a culture of information hoarding rather than sharing.–hunt-on-for-fugitive-as-suv-of-missing-alberta-couple-found?bn=1

Off-duty RCMP officer arrested for River Heights break-in –  An off-duty RCMP officer was arrested for allegedly breaking into a River Heights home while intoxicated on Thursday, said Winnipeg police. An investigation determined that a suspect in an intoxicated state broke in through the front door to a stranger’s residence in River Heights and woke up a person inside, said officers. A neighbour told CTV News the suspect fell asleep on a couch inside the home. The neighbour said the suspect believed he was at a hotel and even left his shoes at the door before falling asleep on the couch. Winnipeg police responded and took the suspect into custody.  The 30-year-old male suspect faces a charge for forcible entry and has been released on a court appearance notice. His name has not been released.

OTTAWA (CBC) – Gatineau police ended a 10-hour standoff Monday morning without making an arrest.  Police said they found the suspect of a weekend robbery at a residence on Ste-Rédempteur Street and that he refused to surrender. They later returned with a warrant to search the residence but chose not to enter because of the suspect’s history. Instead, police erected a security cordon and closed off Ste-Redempteur between Allard and Ste. Etienne streets until about 11 a.m., at which time they ended the operation without making an arrest. A spokesman said police decided instead to apprehend the man at a later date, though no other reason was given. Unlike the RCMP the police hesitated to kill him.. 
Man shot by RCMP was holding umbrella  The Canadian Press – Mon Jul 19, 7:30 PM
The top investigating body The RCMP itself now becomes really  dumb , stupid when presenting any information about it’s own bad cops. “No information presently available at the present”, “further information will be forthcoming when the charges are actually laid, “is the  too typical perverse RCMP public relationship spins, cover ups now as well. Reality is that too often you cannot trust the RCMP now to do it’s job when needed still.
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too.  
 People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks. Too many police officers are now too often guilty of their most serious neglect of public trust and their duty. The related truth is that neither an independent police investigation, a new police commissioner,  a promised provincial or federal investigation, or just more politicians promises too often still   will not bring the much needed justice. All of the governments can prohibit the initial and further employment of any known racists for any jobs, and can  punish them for their racists acts, views. Police managers continue to promise the reforming of bad cops and the bad cops keep killing, abusing  innocent persons. The possible retaining of bad  police officers is always anyway a false myth. What thus is always needed is the real  the dismissal, criminal prosecution, of the guilty cops. So where is it? Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year
Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year.. “Of the 645 sexual assaults that were reported to our service in 2009, more than 40 per cent were alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults,” A sexual assault is never the fault of the victim. She said no means no the first time, and another drink can’t change that.“ We need people to understand that consent cannot be given if the person is impaired by alcohol: If they’re passed out, if they’re unconscious, if they’re sleeping,”  Supt. Danielle Campbell,   head of the Edmonton Police Criminal Investigations Division. It seems most alcohol-facilitated sexual assault doesn’t seem to be about miscommunication, or misconceptions of consent.  Rather, it is about men who use alcohol to incapacitate women for the purpose of raping them, and who do it over and over again like they know what they ‘re doing and are doing it on purpose…  and the police use this approach too?
Tax payer’s money abuses, false expense account statements, stealing, tax evasions,   obstruction of justice, cheating, lying,  drunkenness, impaired driving, pornography,  Adultery, VERBAL, PHYSICAL ABUSES, are all ESPECIALLY unacceptable for any civil and public servants. It is a clearly established fact with good basis as to why our Canadian leaders, politicians, police, military, public and civil servants  who are always to be exemplary are even personally are to held to a higher standard, accountability in reality.
Hypocritical Police and Conservatives, Liberals want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts  and do note that too. Let the police rightfully start with the rightful better policing of themselves  and next deal  first with  our too often stealing, crooked, lying politicians, civil and public servants who also do steal  and now first also go after all the alcoholics who abuse their spouses, drive impaired … the cops included..  deal first with all all of  of   the persons who abuse any seniors.. and we now do need more cops rather in the hospitals arresting also all of  the bad Health Ministers, bad  doctors and bad nurses who fail to provide adequate medical aid to seniors, others etc
While a few hundred persons die from car accidents Meanwhile thousands of persons die from medical errors, hospital acquired sicknesses but no  police give the medical personnel any tickets ehh I got news for you Doctors are sinners like everyone else and like the police the doctor’s masturbating society tends to support it’s own also  too often..
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July 4, 2010

Canada a Police state?

and who says it is not? The dictatorial Politicians who send their watchdogs against the citizens. Do not have a false impression that the Police are here to serve their masters, the citizens in Canada, for firstly they serve themselves and next they solely serve their political masters who make their police budgets .

People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

Fact! Free speech right in Canada is controlled and is mainly for the cops and the establishment and  if you did not know that already too,  Police state is in, freedom went out as even Toronto, Canada went  into the  police state security modes. Did we really need all those cops there now? What could they not have done it all as well with half the numbers? Just cause there are a few bad guys amongst the citizens too, not just in the civil and public services, it  is still not a  false excuse to now again oppress, deny the citizens their nights..

The false abuse of a minority rights is an unacceptable rightfully majority rights abuse still.

Police State Canada. The G20 Summit: Peaceful Protesters Arrested at Gun Point. A Blatant Violation of Fundamental Rights.  What is clear is that the despotic governments, police used any excuse  pretext to stage a coup, essentially shutting down the right to public dissent. 2010 G20 police state mass aggression in Toronto. One of the most disturbing results of the participatory inquiry, at a systemic level, is that these cops aren’t just pigs. The targeting, intimidation, and terrorizing of protestors – treated like “the enemy” in a war – was, like with all recent anti-globalization protests, systematic. The patterns described by the thousands of victims (from psychological intimidation to broken skin and rape,  ) are identical. These are no ordinary pigs. These thugs had to be trained to execute these manoeuvres against civil society. It is the modus operandi of US anti-democratic terrorism to train the military hit squads of client states (for example in Latin America) to search out and destroy civil society: union leaders, activist teachers, independent media, community organizers, etc. Exactly the same tactics are being used against activists and organizers in Canada. The cops are trained to view activists, not as the much needed societal agents that they are, but as “the enemy” that must be destroyed. Pre-emptive arrests, bogus charges, ad-hoc interrogations, imposed restrictive undertakings, and much more.  These cops are not just racist (all-ists) individuals because of their particular personal circumstances. Their language and actions show that they are trained into a military culture where protestors and activists are the enemy and are to be rooted out and intimidated away from societal participation. They aren’t just pigs. They are anti-democracy commandos.
People were held for up to 35 hours with a single meal.  Inadequate water, as little as an ounce every 12 hours.  Facilities over-capacity. Major delays in processing.  Inconsistent charges.  People put in solitary confinement.  No pillows or mattresses to sleep.  Unsanitary and unsafe living conditions.  Police intimidation of released detainees. Non-stop light exposure/loss of natural light rhythm/sensory deprivation.  Exposure to extreme cold.   Sexual harassment of women and Gay people.  Youth as young as 15 in adult cells.  Denial of legal counsel.  No phone call.   Belonging stolen/damaged.  Threats of assault/harassment.  Obviously illegal civilian arrests.  No access to medication or medical treatment.  Abandonment and more police intimidation. G20 security  jad budget provided money to make all of the cops happy and not the citizens
This documentation of the treatment of the G20 detainees — “protesters,” by-passers, photographers, journalists, people in the wrong place at the wrong time, including their own homes! — reveals what the mainstream media, from newspapers to broadcasting, is carefully avoiding, namely that  their treatment by the “force” (the real Black Block, one could argue) was beyond the pale and akin to torture. It’s come to this: specially trained police are fully capable of and willing to subject anybody and everybody to totalitarian style degradation, subjugation and abuse. (Who trained them?) Wherever you are and whoever you are, you could be next, as there is no escape when “the plan” springs into action.  See what Stephen Harper’s governance (if you can call it that) has brought us.
They know exactly what they are doing. There was no spontaneous “over-reaction.” There were no cops “out of control” – the obvious fact is that were always in control. This was a very strategic operation from beginning to end.  The decision to allow the Black Bloc to do its destructive work without any intervention at all was strategic as the police and their political masters knew the media would play their pre-assigned reactionary role and focus on the destruction of property.  I can’t think of a better wake-up call for all of us than the wanton violation of civil liberties and democracy that happened on the weekend. Calling for an independent investigation, demanding civil liberties be respected, denouncing the governments involved, raising money to defend those falsely charged – all of this is necessary. But it is not nearly enough.
This police response is probably the greatest single assault on political rights in the Canadian state since 1970. In October 1970, using two kidnappings by the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) as the pretext, the federal government invoked the War Measures Act, sent troops onto the streets of Montreal and had about 500 people arrested, including labour and community activists, journalists and artists (most of whom had no connection to the tiny FLQ). The total bill for security for the summit was well over $1 billion. There was nothing spontaneous about the police actions. Police have been planning for months, and that planning clearly included the infiltration of activist groups. The G8/G20 police state regime is not exceptional, but is a warning of the direction Harper, the cops and the security services will go if we do not stop them. Protest against this police state regime is important.

A week after more than 900 protesters were arrested or detained at Toronto G20 events, protests were held in several Canadian cities Thursday to draw attention to the way police handled demonstrators. “The level of police repression and violence,” said Danie Royer of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC), an umbrella group running the Montreal event, was “unprecedented in the history of Canada.” In Toronto, several thousand people took part in a peaceful protest at Queen’s Park that later moved to Dundas Street near the Eaton Centre. Many on hand were those held by police last weekend and who have alleged police brutality, including denying detainees water, food and phone calls, and packing upward of 40 people into a single cell.  In Winnipeg, some 100 people showed up to protest what they feel were human rights violations by police during the summit.Former Winnipeg mayoral candidate Kaj Hasselriis called protesting “an important part of our democracy.”  The End Police Brutality protest was held in conjunction with other protests in front of police headquarters throughout Canadian cities

About 200 people gathered in front of Ottawa police headquarters on Elgin Street on Wednesday to protest against police violence during the G20 meetings in Toronto. Many of the Ottawa protesters were also at the G20 demonstrations and said they witnessed or experienced police brutality. Demonstrators marched from City Hall to the Edmonton Police Service headquarters Saturday, in protest of police actions in Toronto during the G20. The aim of the “March to Demand Justice” is to send a clear message a police sate is just more unacceptable police brutality against the citizens.
By the way how much did the Police, politicians, themselves now steal from the security budgets, an undeniable too common Canadian practice it seems as well,
So see also

May 13, 2010

It seems if the OPP and commissioner Julian Fantino are involved things tend to be sour

One a rotten apple always a rotten apple.. Again a serious public rage directed toward Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino.. Veteran Affairs minister 70-minute delay was ‘due to cabinet meeting that ran long’ cause the citizens and veterans are not important enough but veterans who spoke with CBC News are still angry with the cabinet minister, who wound up meeting only briefly with the vets..”What the minister did yesterday was disgraceful. The only thing we want is a commitment to keep open the eight offices and reopen the Prince George office. Veterans have earned that respect,” said a joint statement from veterans Ron Clarke, Bruce Moncur


Fantino was first elected to the House of Commons in a 2010 byelection. He was appointed to cabinet in 2011 and has also served as minister of international co-operation, minister of state for seniors and associate minister of defence.  Fantino had a long career in policing before entering federal politics, including serving as chief of the Toronto Police Service and commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.


Next Julian Fantino is out as the federal Veterans Affairs  minister  too.. Jan 5, 2015. He becomes associate minister for national defence.  Julian Fantino  had  become a political vulnerability for the Conservative government in recent months. ” The Conservatives’ troubles on the veterans’ file started a year ago when some former military personnel objected to the closing of several Veterans Affairs offices across Canada. There has also been anger over layoffs and the department returning more than $1 billion to the federal treasury since 2006. In addition, Auditor General Michael Ferguson released a stinging report on wait times for mental health services in November, while the government was accused of trickery after it was revealed $200 million in new funding for mental-health services for veterans was to be spread out over 50 years.”


I never did like Fantino or Canada’s police forces..


Ex OPP police chief Julian Fantino  caught my attention when he clearly lied about the causes of car accidents in southern, he lied when he had said speeding is the main cause of car accidents in Ontario , he should have known better, distracted, drunk and impaired drivers, road ragers rather are the main cause of car accidents..  so next it came as no surprise to me when the Devil PM Stephen Harper himself asked Julian Fantino to become a Conservative federal MP candidate He should be right at home with the too may liars we have elected.. it seems we like to continue to elect Liars.

TORONTO (CBC) – Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley is defending the removal of four government lawyers from a case involving the province’s Special Investigations Unit, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the force’s commissioner, Julian Fantino.  Just hours before the court case began Thursday in Toronto, the government lawyers from the Ministry of the Attorney General withdrew their representation for the SIU, which has alleged that Fantino and OPP officers violated the Police Act regarding SIU investigations. Earlier this week, it came to light that Ian Scott, the director of the SIU, together with the signed backing of the four provincial government lawyers, had taken the unprecedented step of siding with a pair of grieving families of two men shot and killed last summer by OPP officers.  New Democrat MPP Peter Kormos noted other government lawyers are still working on the case, representing Fantino. The SIU has accused Fantino and a number of his officers of breaking the law by failing to properly co-operate with probes into the shootings. The watchdog has accused Fantino of failing to ensure officers promptly notified the SIU of one case last June. In a second incident, Scott has accused Fantino of failing to ensure officers were properly segregated by allowing them to consult the same lawyer and to prepare two sets of notes only submitting a final version of events vetted by their lawyer. The SIU had the four Ministry of the Attorney General lawyers draft its legal position and sign the statement of facts prepared for Thursday morning’s court hearing. In court Thursday. Also in court were about 25 family members and friends of the two dead men Doug Minty and Levi Schaeffer. Minty, a 59-year-old with a mental disability, was shot five times on June 22, 2009, by an OPP officer. Minty had become agitated as the result of a visit from a door-to-door salesman, and police were called to the house. “I want answers to Doug’s death,” said his mother, Evelyn Minty. “It should never have happened.” John Minty, a brother of Doug, said he was astounded at how many police organizations were in court. “I guess if I was in any way cynical, I’d believe they are trying essentially to spend us out of the case, that we’ll run out of money before they will,” he said. Schaeffer, 30, of Peterborough, Ont., suffered from schizoaffective panic and personality disorder. On June 24, 2009, Schaeffer was camping near Osnaburgh Lake when he got into an altercation with the OPP, which resulted in an officer shooting twice and killing him.  The hearing is to continue Friday.


TORONTO – Families of two men shot dead by police in Ontario squared off against police groups Thursday in a court battle over how officers prepare notes of such incidents and deal with civilian investigators afterward.  Outside court, emotional family members said they were simply looking to find out exactly what happened to their loved ones. “I don’t want mothers to go through what I’m going through,” said Evelyn Minty, mother of Doug Minty, 59, who was shot dead in June last year. “It’s a year. I can’t forget it. I can’t sleep nights.” The families, through their lawyer Julian Falconer, are asking the courts for a declaration the officers violated the law around how police co-operated with the province’s Special Investigations Unit after the killings. They assert, among other things, that allowing the officer who pulled the trigger and officers who witnessed the incident to consult the same lawyer effectively amounts to collusion. They also say the officers first provided notes to their lawyer, before turning them over to the civilian investigators. SIU investigators expressed concern about police “tampering” with evidence, and the agency’s director, Ian Scott, said he could not determine what had happened because he could not rely on the officers’ notes. “I don’t know what to believe about the circumstances of my son’s death,” said Ruth Schaeffer, mother of Levi Schaeffer, 30, whom police killed in a separate shooting also last June. “I am hoping this may throw some light on it or at least change the situation where the police write their notes in a timely fashion and not two days after the fact, and also that they write their notes before meeting with counsel.”  The proceedings became murkier after the province’s Ministry of the Attorney General, of which the SIU is part, withdrew from the hearing, leaving Scott to find his own lawyer. Attorney General Chris Bentley’s hints at some kind of conflict of interest prompted the opposition New Democrats and Minty’s relatives to accuse him of succumbing to police-union bullying. “In this most peculiar, this bizarre, this astounding turn of events, the attorney general responds to police pressure and this alleged conflict by pulling his lawyers from representing its own agency,” New Democrat Peter Kormos said outside the legislature.  Outside court, Doug Minty’s sister, Diane Pinder, said it appeared the police unions had scared Bentley. “The SIU had backed us, and now they’ve pulled out,” Pinder said. “They’re intimidated by the police union.” Minty, of Elmvale, Ont., who was mentally challenged, was shot five times outside his home, apparently after threatening the officer with a small utility knife. Two days later, Schaeffer, of Peterborough, Ont., who had mental-health issues, was shot dead at a remote lake in northern Ontario following an altercation with two officers.


Ont. lawyers pulled from SIU case against OPP –  Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley is defending the removal of four government lawyers from a case involving the province’s Special Investigations Unit, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the force’s commissioner, Julian Fantino.

AG ‘buckling to police lobby,’ Kormos says National Post

Lawyers pulled from hearing into whether officers break laws Toronto Star

Toronto Sun – – Minden Times – NOW Toronto

October 4, 2009

Allowing the RCMP, cops to use the Internet to spy on anyone makes an unacceptable police state


When you honestly use your own almost non existent right of free speech to point out to the cops how bad they really are, one of the first stages of their personal grief is their  false denial, they need professional help here  too, and they response you are crazy, this diversion tactic does not change how bad they are, how too lazy they are to change themselves now too. Police like to label, bash others as criminals, but as uncorrectable persons, but when they do they same thing, they claim they can be retrained, corrected, such hypocrites they now are as well. One of the first things the police do about their accuser is to harass them, pay them back, investigate the accuser and not the complaint now too. I have been too often falsely police harassed myself.
Allowing the police who falsely too generally are still accountable to no one  to conduct internet surveillance without oversight is the beginning of a police state controlled by the party in power and we should have none of it. What we firstly do  need to set up an independent citizen based police review boards to handle all of the police complaints, honestly and fairly Canada wide now too. The Police are far from being angels as we all can know, the RCMP included.
Imagine this the new email programs inluding windows live and google mail  are now all designed to keep all youir emails on an exterior server for 30 days so the cops can read and access them at any time. The cops reading your email and seeing what you do on the net next as well.. a clear police state.
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The current Public Safety Minister, Peter Van Loan, is allowing the police to get unfettered internet surveillance by the police. Last June, he tabled a “lawful access” bill that establishes new surveillance requirements for Internet service providers, and it also features mandatory disclosure of customer information, including name, address, IP address and e-mail address merely upon request and without court oversight. This is rightfully and totally unacceptable.

The Customs Act gives Canada’s border officers authority to examine people’s personal baggage and goods whether they are arriving or departing from Canada, including scrutiny of electronic devices. “Officers are trained to search electronic media for child pornography, obscene material and hate propaganda,” Border officers have powers of arrest, detention and search and seizure, as well as the authority to take breath and blood samples, issue arrest warrants and operate detention facilities for immigrants. But   the border agency has no independent watchdog to investigate public complaints.

 VANCOUVER, B.C. – The lawyer for Robert Dziekanski’s mother says the B.C. government should replace the RCMP with a provincial police force.  Dziekanski died nearly two years ago at Vancouver’s airport after he was shocked with a Taser by four Mounties.  In his final submission at a public inquiry into the death, lawyer Walter Kosteckyj says the RCMP acts as the provincial police force in British Columbia, but doesn’t want to be held accountable to the provincial legislature.  The RCMP officers themselves have claimed the provincial inquiry has no jurisdiction over them.  And Kosteckyj says the government of Canada will make the same argument in its final submissions this week.  He says that’s undemocratic, and the only solution is to stop using the Mounties in B.C. and instead create a province-wide force.
 VANCOUVER, B.C. – At best, the four RCMP officers who confronted Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport and stunned him several times with a Taser panicked, the lawyer for Robert Dziekanski’s mother told the public inquiry into his death Monday.  At worst, they arrived with a plan to use what amounted to excessive force, Walter Kosteckyj said in his final submission to the inquiry.  Either way, the Mounties failed to live up to their training and the law, he said.  “The Tasering of Mr. Dziekanski at its best would be characterized as a premature, hurried and panicked response, and at the worst was a premeditated and planned attack,” Kosteckyj said  Kosteckyj said the officers acted improperly from the moment they entered the airport, not taking time to assess the situation or communicate with Dziekanski, and resorting to the Taser within seconds of approaching the man.  Despite the officers’ claims to the contrary, Kosteckyj said the swiftness of their response suggests they approached Dziekanski already planning to use the stun gun. Kosteckyj spent more than 10 minutes listing discrepancies, including the Mounties’ repeated assertions that Dziekanski stood through the Taser jolts, had to be tackled to the ground, and was coming at the officers yelling with his hands above his head when the Taser was fired.  And he said airport officials made the “unconscionable” decisions not to call the facility’s own firefighters after Dziekanski was stunned and to not bring an automatic defibrillator to the scene despite a standing policy to do so.
Can you belive it the number of bad mounties who are still allowed to keep their jobs.. If we did some thing  bad a work we all  would have been fired a long time ago..

Poland disappointed with lack of charges in taser case Globe and Mail   Poland remains disappointed that no criminal charges were laid against four Mounties who tasered Robert Dziekanski, suggesting video footage of the 2007 incident encourages an instinctive reaction that “wrong-doers be made accountable through criminal …


Not just in Churches, amongst the police, politicians, civil and public servants, but I have never seem so many lying, mental people in one place like I have amongst the medical workers I have dealt with this year in  in Hospitals, convalescent, old age homes who really do delude themselves too often about their self importance and the positive role they are functioning in.  When a  professional cannot see what they are doing now is simply  so wrong they themselves do now need real professional help too.
The People who lie often, the  professionals now included, they tend to have severe personal,  mental disorders next cause one tends to eventually believe next ones lies as being the truth, and they can no no longer differentiate their own lies from reality, the truth.
Narcissistic, selfish, self centered  Mental Disorders too evident now even in many of the so called medical Professionals leads  these persons to  dwell in self-absorption, fantasy, illusion, where she or he has exaggerated claims to talents, importance, or specialness,  manifesting evidence  of a need for constant admiration from others,  a lack of empathy for all others, persistent in this too,  have rigid personality traits and coping styles, clearly  inflexible, do show a  hypersensitivity to any criticism , defeat or  negative realities thus they rather  are pathological in  denial by the their falsity, contrived replacement of the truths which they still must  face eventually .  These SEVERE PERSONALITY disorders are generally personally ongoing too leading to more impaired social and/or occupational functioning and can make it difficult to pinpoint a clear dividing line between their  pathology and their so called normality. Most of these people with their personality disorders may not perceive that there is anything wrong with their behavior and thus they are not motivated to change it. It is important to note that these  personality disorders are considered to have their onset in late adolescence or early adulthood and they alone are responsible for it too.  
Denial, it is very very common when many an individual, even amongst so called professionals, even in pastors now included,  are openly confronted with their own wrong doings, that they resort to a false denial. When confronted with the truth the denier they  often respond with a similar personal counter attack remark as   ”you are crazy”.  “I reject your reality… and substitute my own.”  Their false denial, diversion, distortion does not change the negative reality about themselves still though.  Sadly it is a negative natural human tendency to devolve into denial.”    It’s not just a moral compass that’s lacking, but the ability to honest, or to stand apart. Denial often comes out of a false pride, a fear of being openly exposed as being wrong. Denial is a false convenient escape, excuse for inaction  for persons now  facing a situation that requires a decision or action that conflicts with his or her established past policy. Denial too often can be  further disastrous upon themselves and others.. for denial is not seeing data at all or seeing it and coming to an erroneous conclusion within oneself. One’s false denial is often based on a false assumption  of one’s past great success and often precedes their own severe personal failure next due to a personal disconnect with real life. Illustrated fully by the story of the Emperor with new clothes.
Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence, a mechanism of the immature mind that conflicts with the ability to learn from and cope with reality. The subject may now deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether (simple denial), admit the fact but deny its seriousness (minimization) or admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility (transference). The concept of denial is particularly related to the denial of one’s addiction to alcohol for example, or to one slandering others, abusing them stealing, lying.. their denial or their  minimization of their own wrong doings is the  essential part of what enables them next to to continue his or her behavior in the face of evidence that, to an outsider, that is   overwhelming.   “The American Heart Association cites denial as a principal reason that treatment of a heart attack is delayed. Because the symptoms are so varied, and often have other potential explanations, the opportunity exists for the patient to deny the emergency, often with fatal consequences. It is common for patients to delay mammograms or other tests because of a fear of cancer, even though this is clearly maladaptive.”

Types of Denial include now the Denial of fact: This form of denial is where someone avoids a fact by lying. This lying can take the form of an outright falsehood (commission), leaving out certain details in order to tailor a story (omission), This form of denial involves avoiding personal responsibility by blaming, minimizing or justifying.   Denial of responsibilityDenial of impact: avoiding thinking about or understanding the harms their behavior have caused to themselves or others.  Denial of awareness: they do not admit any previous awareness of the negative reality.  Denial of cycle: Denial of cycle is where a person avoids looking at their decisions leading up to an event or does not consider their pattern of decision making and how harmful behavior is repeated. Denial of denial:  This latter form of denial typically overlaps with all of the other forms of denial, but involves more self-delusion. People in a false denial are really nuts, delusional.. 

There are tools and practices that we can implement to overcome the psychological trap of denial. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too. It is a clearly established fact with good basis as to why our Canadian leaders, politicians, police, military, public and civil servants  who are always to be exemplary are even personally are to held to a higher standard, accountability in reality.    
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

You see I can tell the truth cause I do not have a boss, I  am not an ass kisser, I am not running for any office, or selling anything, I am not hiding anything , I  am nothing but an ordinary honest, mature, decent  person.

March 18, 2009

Harper and Tory disclose how much party funding was used to

Attention News/Assignment/Education/Parliament Hill/Queen’s Park Editors:
Students call on Harper and Tory to disclose how much party funding was used to undermine students’ unions      TORONTO, March 18 /CNW/ – Recordings leaked from a workshop hosted by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association and the Manning Centre for Building Democracy reveal a plan to undermine democratic decision-making on Canadian campuses.     At the February 7, 2009 Conservative training session for students in Waterloo, a workshop called “Campaign Strategies and Tactics for Keeping the CFS off Campus” was presented by Aaron Lee-Wudrick, Campaign Manager for Member of Parliament Peter Braid, and Ryan O’Connor, Ninth Vice-President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Braid and other Conservative politicians participated training workshops in Waterloo and elsewhere in the country.
    “Students’ unions provide an independent democratic voice for students and it is alarming that the Conservative Party of Canada is devoting resources to undermine that voice,” said Shelley Melanson, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. “Students have a right to hear directly from Stephen Harper and John Tory about whether it is official party policy to interfere with democratic student unions.”     The Canadian Federation of Students represents over 300,000 college and university students in Ontario, and more than 500,000 across Canada. The mandate of the Federation is to advocate for accessible and high-quality post-secondary education. Other student groups, such as campus Public Interest Research Groups, that advocate for environmental sustainability, human rights, and social justice were targeted by Conservative Party presenters.     The leaked materials, available at, include session agendas and audio recordings that feature instructions on how to run Conservative Party candidates in student elections to promote the partisan agenda of the Conservative Party. Presenters are heard advising Conservative students to set up “front organisations” to receive student clubs funding under false pretenses in order to funnel money to the Conservative Party.
    “Students deserve to know how much the Conservative Party has spent and who has received funding and training,” said Melanson. “I certainly hope that the federal and provincial Conservative parties aren’t using taxpayer dollars for these purposes.”

For further information: Shelley Melanson, Chairperson, (416) 882-9927 (cell); Joel Duff, Organiser, (416) 707-0349 (cell)

I may not agree with them but they have the same rights that we all do have, the right of free speech, the right to be heard, the right not to be abused, bullied as well even by that bad wolf stephen haper

February 12, 2009

The Police already tapped my internet, phone..


One thing you learn in Canada is there is no right of free speech here, especially if you exposes the sins of the  cops. The police do too often lie, abuse their positions, authority, misrepresent themselves and try to stop you from posting the truth, the bad things about them..  they get especially upset when they find out you have been sending letters to the elected representatives about how bad the cops really  are and they falsely try to intimidate you, but that does not stop me..


But the Police are not the only one who hate public exposures of their wrong doings, so do some bad mayors, bad politicians, bad guys, crooks, bad corporations.


“At the risk being blacklisted or visited by the police, I would like to voice my grave concern over RCMP investigations of friends and acquaintances of peaceful opponents to the Vancouver Olympics.  I am particular disturbed by B.C. Attorney General Kash Heed saying the RCMP has a duty to “check out” the information they get. Since when do people who disagree with a government policy automatically need to be investigated?  I fail to see the line of reasoning that starts from dissent and leads through to security threat. And more importantly, should the country’s police forces have the arbitrary right to make that equation?  Will authorities one day place under surveillance anyone opposed to the federal budget or the war in Afghanistan, or the RCMP’s handling of the Dziekanski affair? This already happened in the U.S. when J. Edgar Hoover was FBI chief. Canada is on a very slippery slope here and the public needs to be vigilant.” Fred Sengmueller, Toronto

0rcmp13Ironic this bad Premier of Alberta did not last long, and so next also his successor..  

First Nations represent about four per cent of the population but more and more of them are being imprisoned — from 13 per cent of the offenders in custody in 1998 to 20 per cent a decade later. In Saskatchewan, 80 per cent of inmates are native. In Manitoba it’s 70 per cent, in (Racists) Alberta 40 per cent.In those three provinces, aboriginal people also are least likely to be given probation or conditional sentences.
That is a major scandal that demands investigation..


Here in Canada I had attended some political meetings in Alberta  at the request of a neighbor  of mine, a lawyer,  who worked for the Calgary city hall, shortly after that the same neighbor had told me that the local Calgary police had next complied a report on me at the request of the mayor, for apparently it was common practice for the mayor to use the police services to evaluate all of his possible political opponents. No wonder the main jail was across from the mayor’s office too. Next the same lawyer told me that the provincial government also had an Alberta RCMP report on me as well done by police..  and apparently I was classified as a “religious terrorist” because I also do talk about Jesus.  Cops in Canada seem to really hate Christians and Jesus Christ and why is that??. And not just free speech but there really is no no such thing as privacy in Canada.. I understand that the Post office office has a database on the citizens of Canada in PEI as well.  Inappropriate Spying on Canadians by the government is an established fact.
 The same police can’t catch all of the social welfare frauds, drug pushers, drug users, real bad guys, tax evaders, child molesters, citizen abusers, crooked cops, drunk drivers, crooked civil and public servants, bad politicians but they found time to harass me, to unlawfully use their authorities, to visit me in my home six times because they do not like me writing openly about the crooked too often cops and the need of  their rightful prosecutions..

Ont. privacy commissioner probing practice of background checks on –  Ontario’s privacy commissioner is probing whether privacy rights were violated when police launched secret background checks on jurors.

Privacy Commissioner Probes Secret Jury Checks 580 CFRA Radio

National Post – The Canadian Press – Canada NewsWire (press release)
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Unlawful use of authority, obstruction of justice, home visits, bullying, false intimidation   by the politician’s watch dogs is nothing new to me…

Privacy advocates concerned about potential internet wiretapping law – Reports that the Conservative government is working on legislation that would grant law enforcement officials the ability to access information from internet service providers has privacy advocates concerned about how such a law might erode the rights
New laws would let police eavesdrop on Internet
Lawful Access — The Return
Globe and Mail – Hamilton Spectator
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Elections Canada may be exposing voters to ID theft: privacy –  Canadian voters are at risk of identity theft because of voters lists that go missing and are circulated widely among political parties, says Canada’s privacy commissioner.
Voter data security questioned Toronto Star
Ottawa doing poor job of managing Canadian’s personal info National Post
The Canadian Press – Canada NewsWire (press release) – London Free Press
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 (Gal 5:19 KJV)  Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20   Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21   Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  (Col 3:5 KJV)  Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: 6   For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
Police and security chiefs ARE NOW able to scour the contents of every email and internet phone call  sent in Britain. The program, known as Deep Packet Inspection, will also give them the ability to eavesdrop on phone calls made over the internet. The proposals,  revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, come amid increasing evidence that terror groups such as those in the Mumbai attacks are using internet telephones to avoid telephone taps on land line and mobile phones. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, but I do  rightfully object to a police state and the political watchdogs being used by any of by perverse, crooked politicians to watch over any of their rightful opponents, At least they should get a court order from a judge stating the reason for their search now too and next also their actual findings..
And I am not convinced that our too often rather incompetent, racist , cost ineffective  national police, security forces, RCMP included now are capable of dealing with the Muslims terrorists especially  since they clearly cannot speak Russian or Arabic or any other foreign languages  for the most part still.
In the last 10 years, crime rates have fallen roughly 27 per cent but costs have risen 44 per cent in policing and 33 per cent in corrections. Our prisoner population has managed to stay constant.  Is that a paradox? Or is that because those in the system are smart enough to ensure they all keep working and our prisons remain full, even though there are far fewer crimes. Also the report notes “the most embarrassing lacunae in Canadian data” is the lack of useful information on our courts — “we have no systemic way of assessing whether the courts are getting more or less effective in dealing with the cases that they see, let alone understanding how much as a society we are paying. For a developed nation, this is disappointing to say the least … How bad is it?”  It’s appalling — even mischief cases take more than half a year on average to process.
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