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August 16, 2011

The dishonest, pretentious Quebec Hospital Ombudsmen, Health Ministers

Canadians overwhelmingly want better value for their health-care dollars, within the
publicly funded system. 

Good, properly managed Medical doctors, GOOD Hospitals ESPECIALLY are all now needed for a good reasons for they are an absolute essential part of all treatments of major diseases, sickness. Going even first to a pharmacy and self medicating oneself, trying solely to treat the symptoms is also an absurdity for the mostly money hungry pharmacies are here to sell you any possible thing that may help you, without knowing the exact personal medical root problem and you mostly not only have wasted loads of money, have become falsely addicted to pharmacies too, but you still need to go to a good doctor.

A Hospital triage nurse even cannot replace the doctor even in the emergency room diagnosis. A Montreal Hospital triage nurse discharged me as perfectly healthy and yet the next day I shortly I had to return and I had required an emergency quintuplet heart by pass surgery. When you have a serious illness, not only is a nurse useless to help you diagnose and/or deal with the problem but now so too often is your family doctor useless as well, thus you do need to go to the specialists found mostly at a hospital clinic. And there you too will next find out what the quality of the medical services is really like, and not always all good. Such as the much too many pretentious medical doctors at the Verdun Hospital and the Montreal West Island Hospital who discharge too readily sick patients even without adequate medical follow up.

If I personally do make the time and effort to detail a written complaint about my own witness of the poor quality of medical services from the medical professionals in the hospitals now next the Quebec Hospital Ombudsman is obligated first to acknowledge my complaint and to honestly investigate the matters and next to finally reply to it’s detail but in reality now I have never seen it so now in the last 2 decades and not even in 6 different Montreal Island Hospitals, and especially never next even also from the offices of Quebec Health minister now as well, and all of that is always unacceptable.

We recently had received continual good medical services in 5 out of 6 departments of the Montreal St Luc hospital”s departments. Imagine this now if I do instead of a letter of complaint now do write a letter of appreciation I will now get a quick thank, response in writing though.. I have yet to get over many years now too even a valid acknowledgement of my detailed written complaints from the federal or provincial health Ministers or their offices even.

1 Now the first thing the too often the dishonest, crooked Quebec Hospital Ombudsmen generally does is firstly she refuses to hand me a complaint form, she tries to dissuade me from writing the compliant, by her promising falsely to deal with the matter anyway.. dream on.. she firstly and wrongfully wants no record of my detail complaint on file.
2: The second thing they do if I do anyway file a written complaint is they may acknowledge some of the complaints, but they generally next never do act upon them, nor review them in full.
3: The third thing they may do is now acknowledge my complaint in writing and even next lie and said they have dealt with the matters of my complaints fully when it is very obvious they did not do so at all. They mostly even have lied and have distorted the matters of my complaints.

They should not  be rather be helping, covering up for the already rich professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, but they  should be rather helping the sick, the poor and needy persons more… Having such lying and immoral ombudsmen firstly is never acceptable to start of with. Now what about replacing them all with decent, honest, moral persons in reality and ASAP. The bad Health Ministers included now.

We deserve better services then what we all are getting for what we have already paid for now as well..

Medicare shouldn’t mean monopoly Globe and Mail  – ‎Aug 14, 2011‎A major problem in Canada’s $192-billion health-care system is accessibility: many patients face long queues and live in doctor-starved areas. Despite talk about patient-centred care, the system revolves around those who provide, not receive,

Only 5% of general respondents in a recent poll gave the Canadian health-care system an A grade. A new survey on consumer attitudes about the health-care system confirms that Canadians have widespread misgivings about the system. The major health care users themselves will now have the most realistic complaints. These Respondents don’t tend to believe that more money is needed, but that the existing system can be fixed so that it is more efficient, and it will offer more value for taxpayer dollars by even better management of the resources. The system can and must also now start being more responsive to the needs of an aging population. Canadians also do not want a two-tiered system, where the money hungry doctors can work in both the private and public systems such as in Quebec where the doctors do need to comply with their own code of ethics. No one can permit the doctors to straddle both sides of the fence (public and private), thereby exposing themselves also to patient neglect and to serious conflicts of interest especially when it is the tax payers, citizens who pay for most of the doctors, nurses, educational costs..


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