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December 11, 2013

The Unseen elephant in the room.. what to do with the elderly?

Financially subsidising a relative who looks after a parent is a good idea, less costly too over an old age home.
At the present time in the province of Quebec even there is room for one in eight seniors that need to be placed in an old age homes, seniors who can no longer look after themselves and their family refuses to do so ..
On top of that there is not enough existing staff to look after the seniors in the old age homes.. Doctors and Nurses included.. Seniors tend to be more ill, sicker, need more nursing care, more distribution of  pills, more looking after, more bed linen changing too,  and a ratio of one nurse to 40 senior patients is totally inadequate.. never mind if they have seriously ill patients.. and forget any care during the night even..
So what is the government best proposed solution on this matter.. Euthanasia, kill them.. especially if no family members object and no family members visit them for two weeks.. you just stop feeding them and stop giving them any water and they will be dead within 5 days..
MONTREAL — Seniors who need health care but do not want to be institutionalized will soon have the means to be looked after at home, Quebec Health Minister Réjean Hébert said But it is not proven to work yet even.. Critics say the bill opens the door to private-for-profit companies rather than through the public network..
Quebec has one of the worst Hospital and medical  services and it neglects seniors too..  Dorval old age home death deemed murder..The coroner’s office conducted an investigation into the man’s death following an incident at the Maison Herron, at 2400 Herron, Dorval Quebec
Quebec woman beaten to death by seniors’ home workers.  LONGUEUIL, Que. – Police have launched an investigation and seized surveillance footage after a woman died at a seniors’ home south of Montreal. A source told QMI Agency that the footage shows two staff members beating a woman. “In the video, there are two nurses who are beating a resident at length,” the anonymous source said. “The family had hidden cameras in their mother’s room.”

Two Montreal-area caregivers accused of mistreating elderly patient Two Quebec caregivers face criminal charges after an elderly woman living in a South Shore long-term health-care centre was allegedly abused and given a noxious substance. … Workers at long-term care facility allegedly illegally administered medication to patient. Immacula Eugène, 51, and Marie-Margaret Pétimé, 46, were each arraigned in Longueuil on Tuesday on two charges of drug trafficking, two of conspiracy and two of administering a noxious substance. Eugène was also charged with armed assault. The alleged crimes took place last July. The 87-year-old victim died two months later but it was only on Nov. 21 that police received a complaint from someone close to her.


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February 27, 2013

New stricter rules for private seniors’ homes are on the way.

New stricter rules for private seniors’ homes are on the way.The Quebec government announced Wednesday it wants better-trained staff in more than 2,000 private residences, where more than 100,000 elderly people live. It wants to pass new regulations to make sure every private seniors’ home follows the same rules, including rules on bathwater temperature controls – a move that comes after at least ten Quebec seniors have died after being scalded by bath water in recent years.The government also wants tougher standards for sprinkler systems, more training for staff and two new categories of residents – autonomous and semi-autonomous – with new procedures for both. Residences that don’t comply will face consequences, said Health and Seniors Minister Réjean Hebert.“If some of these residences are not conforming to those rules, they will shut down,” he said. “I think it’s for the benefit of the elderly people who will find security and well-being in other places.”
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Pauline Marois Quebec government’s proposal  to create a new watchdog to oversee universities  and Hospitals now as well is valid, natural.. some of the biggest crooks are even the educated folks..  and our Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals and the Police, RCMP are also now very poorly managed too ALL AT THE TAXPAYER’S EXPENSES.

I have been posting about the unacceptable seniors abuses in Quebec’s old age homes, hospitals , for 2 years to no avail. The too often lazy, immoral, pretentious Police themselves do not want any responsibility in the matter. Unenforced laws are still bullshit as a result..

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January 24, 2012

This has been going on wrongfully for ages, unchecked still

busted medicare (2)

MONTREAL – A hospital emergency room might not be the best place for the sick  and elderly. The risk of acute infection – mostly respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses – following a trip to the emergency room is three times higher among the  elderly, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical  Association Journal. Long-term care patients who spent a few hours in an emergency facility were  more likely to get sick in two to seven days after returning to their nursing  homes.

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Not only did I wittness this often at Maison Heron, in Dorval Quebec, but the adminstrator tried to hide these truths for the public..


Dorval old age home death deemed murder..The coroner’s office conducted an investigation into the man’s death following an incident at the Maison Herron, at 2400 Herron

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where are our pretentious health ministers when you need them? Gone fishing?

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January 4, 2012

Curing cancer: a reality check Not likley soon..

Anyone who is a adult should know easily by now that the world has much too many crooks, and that even a university degrees does not turn all of the persons into honest persons.. some of them are still crooks. Any doubts? just think when was the last time you heard the last time about an honest lawyer?  I personaly had met some bad university medical doctors, Researchers who boasted they were good at getting research grants, but they admitted they also were abusing them.. crooks like to boast too.
One of the pet peeves I have is how many people unwisely give their money to bad churches, bad organizations, the bad Salvation Army and even to bad, wasted medical research..
Helping to find a cure for cancer or hearth attacks is still too often wasteful,  just more money abuse when the major reasons for the related  deaths is caused by one’s personal lifestyle, even their eating habits. and not aging even. so what does research do to help in this are.. not much good still.
Cancer became the top killer of Canadians in 2011.. Curing cancer often leads the most hoped-for list when you ask people what medical breakthroughs they would like to see. But trying to answer the question of whether the war on cancer is being won means stepping into a contradictory tangle of statistics, anecdotes, hopes and fears.  There has been remarkable progress against some childhood cancers but very little change in mortality rates for some other forms…”there will not be one cancer magic bullet.”That’s partly because there are 200 or more forms of cancer. “We shouldn’t neglect the fact that cancer is a very complicated and complex disease,” said Dr. Ben Neel, director of the Ontario Cancer Institute at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital. “Even lung cancer is probably 10 different types of molecular disease.”    The biological basis of cancer also makes a single silver bullet less likely to work… to win the war against cancer, it needs to be fought on all fronts, including prevention… cancer incidence rates could be cut in half through these preventive steps: Quitting smoking: 25 per cent to 30 per cent of cancers are caused by smoking, but a quarter of the population still smokes.  Avoiding drinking alcohol in excess. Increasing physical activity.  “I think everybody’s scared to use this cure word,”  “There are patients living six, seven years still disease-free that should not have lived for six years. I would be tempted to call that a cure. We’ll see.”  “Unfortunately, our success in reducing the mortality from cancer over the past 60 years has been very, very modest,” . “So I don’t think, as I say, that it’s realistic or even necessary to talk about curing cancer in order to make a big impact.” He sees some downside in promoting unrealistic hope from a cure or positive prognosis for some patients with terminal cancer. Patients may request more aggressive therapies that may not actually be helping them, “We have seen over the past decade that more and more patients with cancer are dying in the ICU than dying while receiving chemotherapy, going to the emergency room and spending hours and hours on a stretcher in the final month in their life.” an estimated 177,800 new cases of cancer expected to be diagnosed annually. 

MONTREAL — The pink ribbon has long been synonymous with the fight against breast cancer. A new NFB documentary is generating a great deal of debate, as Montreal-based director Lea Pool looks at the businesses behind the pink ribbon and shows how some of them use the cause as a marketing gimmick to boost sales.


“McGill under fire for corporate-funded asbestos research  A letter signed by 76 international health experts and academics makes two requests of three senior members of McGill’s Board of Governors (BoG): that they cease inviting Roshi Chadh…a – who is involved in exporting asbestos from Canada – to sit on the BoG, and to cease using and promoting the use of asbestos. The letter states that McGill “has a long history of serving the interests of the Quebec asbestos industry,” including an “alliance” between the Quebec Asbestos Mining Association (QAMA) and former McGill professor John Corbett Macdonald in 1966. According to a recent episode of CBC’s The National, QAMA provided Macdonald at least $1 million between 1966 and 1972 for research into the health effects of chrysotile asbestos. The letter states that Macdonald “had significant influence around the world in putting forward information…that was favourable to the industry’s interests.” “
see also Too many McGill adminstrators, doctors are already known to be money hungry while the university too readily takes our tax dollars now too and too often abuses us too..
I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and McGill doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons.
 Proper medical care and not pretentious Medicare is still our Canadian right. And anyone who denies it needs to be incarcerated! Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, Premiers, Ministers included. We pay a significant part of the Doctors, Nurse education, development , Training  and then they falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances.  If you are a medical professional, a medical administrator, or a health minister and you had now failed to prevent the death of one persons even, or had specialty failed to properly treat their medical condition then that certainly is a prosecutable criminal offence and for certainty you need to be incarcerated for your coldness,, indifference towards others now too .
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Lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol or an unhealthy diet are linked to nearly half of Britain’s cancer cases,
Quebec’s asbestos industry draws new salvos from politicians, academics…. MONTREAL — Quebec’s asbestos industry is coming under increasing fire, with  two recent, damning documentaries airing on CBC and Radio-Canada, renewed calls  from politicians in Quebec City and Ottawa to outlaw the cancer-causing mineral,  and a review launched into some industry-funded research at McGill this  week.

On Friday, the opposition Quebec Solidaire called on the provincial and  federal governments to stop financing the asbestos industry and to ban export of  the mineral.

Parti Quebecois mining critic Martine Ouellette told the media she wants a  parliamentary commission to look at the issue.

The calls are partly in response to a documentary aired on Radio-Canada  Thursday evening “that reveals the true face of a lobby that in the past has had  no scruples at all about manipulating the facts to the detriment of human health  to defend its financial interests,” according to the Quebec Solidaire  statement.

McGill University in Montreal announced Thursday it has launched a  preliminary review into the work of professor emeritus John Corbett McDonald,  after the university received a letter last week signed by dozens of academics,  physicians and researchers accusing some McGill researchers of being controlled  by the asbestos industry.

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December 7, 2011

C. difficile- the shit disease



Contracting the superbug C. difficile in the hospital increases a patient’s stay by an average of six days, putting serious financial strain on Canada’s health-care system, a new study shows.

.( Never mind the fact it kills a lot of people)

C. difficile is a bacteria found in feces that causes severe diarrhea. It’s extremely common in hospitals because people usually contract it after taking antibiotics, which can kill good bowel bacteria and allow C. difficile to grow. What’s more, the bacteria can spread through surfaces like toilets, handles and bedpans, and hospital staff can spread it by not wearing gloves or washing their hands. It’s the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in hospitals, and one in 10 patients who get it will die, regardless of how sick they were beforehand. And according to the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it’s filling up already-crowded hospitals and draining the health-care system. U.K. doctors David Enoch and Sani Aliyu say the rate of infection can be cut by making sure heath-care workers practise good hygiene and don’t overprescribe antibiotics.

It is a major problem that Kills thousands of Canadians every year, amongst other factors such as hospital errors, and our health ministers don’t seem to care…nor the Police that people are getting killed in Hospitals..
by the way there seems an unpopular cure that few want to use..

December 2, 2011

The charge card happy local family doctor

Medicare is not the place to help doctors make more money but  a place to help the sick citizens
Look I am getting realy tired of those too many bad pretentious family doctors, charge card happy quacks is what I call them. Those especially pretentious doctors who especially  get a kickback from the local pharmacy that gives them a subsidized rent, and more  kickbacks  even on how much drug they had  prescribed. The doctors even get a report from the pharmacy telling the doctor when the patients prescriptions  are about to expire so they the Doctors  can call their patients. Then these same doctor make money from the referral fees to other doctors and yes to the private clinics..All this would not be do disastrously immoral if the doctor could have helped me in the first place, but rather mostly  too often the doctor did not know what was wrong with me  and he or she wanted to do a series of test at a the private clinic, most test were not needed even, tests done mainly to increase his or her earnings, test not realy to help me, when rather next all I had  to realy do  was go to  good triage at the  local hospital and they did it all one place now too. I have said it before if you have an abnormal, serious medical problem do not waste your time going to the local family doctor, charge card happy doctor for sure. No wonder medicare is so costly these days..
Many bad North American professionals tend to behave unprofessional, abuse their clients, citizens cause
1: They personally do not have enough love for others
2; The love of money motivates them, the love of which is the root of all evil
3: they tend to reflect societies poor moral values
4: they all do need to be still continually supervised in reality

November 18, 2011

I wrote for about 2 years even on the net that the Quebec government allows the abuse of the seniors

MPs call for national palliative care strategy Montreal Gazette

Elder abuse a ‘hidden crime,’ MPs say Toronto Star OTTAWA—A criminal crackdown and greater public awareness are needed to combat the growing problem of elder abuse in Canada, which leaves thousands of seniors “wounded and frightened” every year, a new study says. (blog)570 (press release)Canada NewsWire (press release)

I wrote for about 2 years even on the net that the Quebec government allows the abuse of the seniors, the Quebec Liberal government is undeniably soft on crimes, frauds, drug abuse, tax evasions, bad civil and bad public servants, bad cops, bad medical workers, bad hospitals..
Lassiez faire attitude of theirs stinks

November 7, 2011

It is not revelation news that bad civil and public servants, bad politicans still abound

Ottawa mayor ‘disturbed’ at video of bus driver ‘swearing’ at mentally ill …
National Post – a video of a bus driver swearing at a mentally ill passenger.  OC Transpo is investigating and Mayor Jim Watson is “disturbed” after a video was posted on YouTube.
We need more videos taken.. to shame everyone into action..
 Fire the Mayor and the bad Managers of OTC firstly as well…

November 3, 2011

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario struck by Shit disease

OTTAWA — Three cases of the C. difficile virus infection are being reported at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa. The hospital says it is working closely with Ottawa Public Health and taking all the necessary steps to stop further spread of the infection. Of the patients with C. difficile, one came to the hospital having acquired it in the community, and two acquired it in hospital C. difficile is a bacteria ( human shit) that causes severe diarrhea and other intestinal disease

Seniors and Children are more seriously affected, even die as a result

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Get real!!!! Everyone now must act now to get hospitals reporting C. difficile and deal with the problem too.

We do not live in the dark ages for shit Diseases is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been unacceptable


Some things seem to never change, such as cold calloused, pretentious governmental Ministers, Health Ministers and their subordinates especially  included, mostly all  who really do not care if the others live or die, as long as they alone survive  it seems still too.

Hospitals in Canada are mainly still here for the good care, safety, health of the patients. But this is not happening too often.

Read more here about the shit disease here too..

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A long-term care home employee faces a criminal negligence charge

The head of a Quebec City long-term care home says the staff has been shaken by a criminal negligence charge laid against a former orderly. Last year, 87-year-old Geneviève Saillant died after falling in the bath. On Tuesday, police charged the orderly caring for her with criminal negligence causing death. The family is now suing the home for $1.6 million. The orderly allegedly neglected a basic safety measure during the bath.

It is about time, for the Quebec government has been too soft on crimes domes by civil bad public servants.. Quebec coroners even  have not been examining all the dead bodies of seniors who had died in hospitals to determine how many died due to medical errors, hospitals diseases.

MONTREAL — A nurse at Maisonneuve-Rosemont who was on duty when a mother died just after giving birth three years ago pleaded guilty to negligence Monday at a Quebec Order of Nurses disciplinary board hearing. Anne-Marie Couture was one of several nurses who were charged with caring Christine Sasseville on Aug. 14, 2008, the day she gave birth to her son Demba and died from preeclampsia – or hypertension in pregnancy. However, the punishment agreed upon by both sides – a two-month suspension – was not upheld by the head of the disciplinary panel because it was deemed too severe considering the unfavourable working conditions Couture was facing that night.

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.

October 24, 2011

as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.


Hey you have often read it here as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.

Gyslaine Desrosiers, president of the Quebec Order of Nurses, has now admitted that there there is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada. The Quebec Nurses Training has remained at the same level since the 1970s, and Quebec now even lags 10 years behind other Canadian provinces. Quebec’s nurses thus have voted overwhelmingly to revamp education requirements calling for a mandatory university degree rather than the current college certificate. There is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada and the United States. “We’re way behind everybody else in the world,” said another Quebec Nurse.


This is more proof that the Government Quebec has been hiding the reality about poor nursing care in the province and it has so far not been caring enough to deal with this issue.

We need real medicare and not a pretend one..

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.



.. we need government members, Hospital adminstrators, medical personnel  that realy care about the citizens good welfare and where are they now?

October 21, 2011

Starved to death in a Hospital


WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating a complaint from a woman who says her elderly mother was improperly deprived of food and water for 14 days in hospital. Rozalynde McKibbin said Thursday her mother was malnourished for two weeks and left without a bath for 36 days before she died at Seven Oaks Hospital two years ago. “Representatives of Seven Oaks and the Region are hoping to meet with Ms. McKibbin when the review is finished to discuss her concerns,” WRHA spokeswoman Heidi Graham said. Anne Rostecki, 98, died Aug. 31, 2009, 45 days after she was admitted for treatment of a stroke.Three days after the elderly woman was admitted she accidentally swallowed some food and it lodged in her lungs. “They had to pump out her lungs and that’s when the problems . . . began,” McKibbin said, saying medical staff concluded her mother’s ability to swallow was impaired and she could not eat solid food any longer.The adult children said they believed hospital staff would then insert a feeding tube but, on their daily visits, they noticed their mother was steadily losing weight.A flurry of complaints followed, including at least one meeting with the patient care team manager, and a feeding tube was inserted.There were other problems. The family claims the elderly woman was not bathed until 36 days after she was admitted. They claim a bed sore on her tailbone was allowed to putrefy until it was gangrenous.After her death, the family pressed their complaints and obtained Rostecki’s medical records.McKibbin said she was shocked when the records appeared to document the malnourishment and lack of hygienic care in her mother’s medical chart.The authority, meanwhile, offered two independent investigations by senior doctors, both of which McKibbin said she were rejected outright.”That’s not an independent investigation, using your own doctors,” McKibbin said Thursday.”I want them to admit our mother was starved; that she wasn’t kept clean; that she had a wound on her tailbone that was getting worse. . . . The care they give is not quality care and I want them to change things,” McKibbin said

I have even seen and witnessed the same thing in two Montreal Hospitals, West Island Hospital, Montreal and Montreal St Luc Hospital, and I detailed it, even on the net and yet no one investigated my complaints..


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