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November 27, 2013

The pretentious, useless, cost ineffective RCMP


Not much has changed since his September 2014 study for the Fraser Institute found a key cost driver to be the rising number of officers in Canada per 100,000 population. According to his analysis, per capita police expenditures rose more than 45% between 1986 and 2012, while Criminal Code incidents per officer declined by almost 37% .  Call volumes to police remained stable between 2002 and 2012, but provincial expenditures on security grew at an average annual rate almost double the GDP growth. An arbitration system some feel consistently awards salary increases to police without regard to  their productivity.  is part of the problem.  There is a need for a “consistent and rigorous” review of internal police operations to ensure services are efficient and are deploying officers appropriately. Communities across the country grapple with police budgets that in some cases are eating up to 50% of their operating budgets. Most attempts at cost-cutting to date have amounted to tinkering around the edges. Many communities are over-policed, laying off officers is   the best way to save money.

The RCMP gas spent over 4 million dollars per year for 500 police officers  against terrorism and has  yet to catch one major terrorist in Canada.

The pretentious, useless, cost ineffective RCMP is not something new even if the Canadian Auditor General now says the same thing… Several major federal departments have failed to fix previously identified weaknesses in safeguarding taxpayers’ dollars and are dragging their heels on long-overdue changes, the federal auditor general says in a new report. Some people who pose a threat to Canadians’ security managed by the RCMP  have managed to enter the country illegally because of lax border entry controls. Auditor General Michael Ferguson said he was “very concerned that our audit found too many examples of controls not working.”

The auditor general’s report found gaps in security at Canada’s entry points, which have allowed some dangerous people to slip into the country.“We know in one sample of 49 that two people were successful getting into the country, people with serious criminal backgrounds,” Ferguson said.“In the sample, the numbers don’t sound large, but these samples were over a short period of time and if you extrapolate that over a longer period of time and the number of people trying to get into the country, the results are concerning.”

Useless Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney said his government will accept the AG’s recommendations.”I have asked and can confirm that both CBSA and the RCMP are implementing…the findings and recommendations the Office of the Auditor General,”   and who believes these liars, I do not.. RCMP still cannot say for sure what percentage of people get nabbed when they try to sneak across the border between regular ports of entry.



The Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP need to tighten border security work and take steps to better measure how effective they are at keeping illegals out.  “However, our audit found that the controls are not working as intended at and between ports of entry,” she said. “We recommended that the (CBSA) and RCMP collect and use information on the performance of their border controls, so that they know the extent to which controls are working, at which locations and what needs to be improved.”

Really the RCMP should focus on their jobs a little more instead of the political theatre they are so often engaged.


Why doesn’t The RCMP admit that more than a  few RCMP rogues might just be complicit with facilitating crime at the border?  Including neglecting to record data about it.  We need the corruption cleaned up!

” Sounds like some Canadian officials are complicit with these border breaches.  Maybe start by putting under secret surveillance those RCMP who neglect to record data.  Then check out who among police are not only neglecting to keep records but who also record falsehoods about what happens.  You might be surprised just how much of that is going on in police services, not just RCMP but provincial and municipal police as well.  Two officers, separate police forces, each told me they are keeping two sets of records, one for the official record and one to rely on in the event they are ever required to bear witness about what is really happening.  One of them said she keeps the second record in a safe she bolted to the floor at her home.:”

According to the audit, the Canada Border Services Agency has made “little progress” in terms of its monitoring of so-called “lookouts”: individuals or shipments headed for Canada that intelligence has determined may pose a threat.

Dangerous people have slipped into Canada because of insufficient border controls, according to a report by the auditor general. The audit  raised concerns about the RCMP’s success in intercepting illegal migrants between ports of entry.

Ferguson also slammed the Mounties for how they monitor efforts to stop illegal Canada-U.S. border crossings between ports of entry. In an audit of cases from 2011 to 2013, the RCMP intercepted only half of the illegal land border crosses, and about 80% of the marine crossings.

Useless Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney  said his department will work with the CBSA and the RCMP to see how they can improve the exchange of information.

“Unfortunately, Conservatives have become so mired in scandal, and so focused on their well-connected friends, that they are neglecting their basic responsibilities. Their attempts to cut corners are putting Canadians at risk.”

You can read the full report here.

Look the RCMP even had known   for years specifics details by wire tapping about the Corruption in the Quebec city halls and they next still did nothing good about it..

Yes  the   RCMP again  have lost much more respect over the past two years as well as embarrassing Canada again world-wide.

Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year ..

Fire the bad cops And don’t try to give us all  the crap that any  bad police officers can be next still retrained, reformed .. the police themselves tend not to believe that any of the bad guys can be reformed

As the RCMP deny all this,  they continue to tap my phone, monitor my posts, emails?


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