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July 18, 2010

We all do know it is Merely the tip of a large iceberg. THEFT, FRAUD

 Imagine this you a proven liar, criminal can steal over one hundred thousand dollars, and as long as the amount likley equals the cost of keeping you in jail if you are a politician  you can rather be freed. and not do your time. Now what kind of exemplary punishment is this, note this the law  and order Conservatives -Liberals, and so the police, civil servants do, will get equally special treatment over the ordinary citizens, criminals. No restitution of stolen funds was included here too? Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too.
It is a clearly established fact with good basis as to why our Canadian leaders, politicians, police, military, public and civil servants  who are always to be exemplary are even personally are to held to a higher standard, accountability in reality.

People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

Too many police officers are now too often guilty of their most serious neglect of public trust and their duty. The related truth is that neither an independent police investigation, a new police commissioner,  a promised provincial or federal investigation, or just more politicians promises too often still   will not bring the much needed justice. All of the governments can prohibit the initial and further employment of any known racists for any jobs, and can  punish them for their racists acts, views. Police managers continue to promise the reforming of bad cops and the bad cops keep killing, abusing  innocent persons. The possible retraining of bad  police officers is always anyway a false myth. What thus is always needed is the real  the dismissal, criminal prosecution, of the guilty cops. So where is it? Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year

ST..JOHNS (CBC) – A New Democratic politician who had been jailed over Newfoundland and Labrador’s legislative spending scandal has been given full parole. Randy Collins, who represented Labrador West in the house of assembly, has received full parole from the National Parole Board, about six months after he began serving a 21-month sentence for defrauding taxpayers. Collins was sentenced in the province’s Supreme Court in January. He was charged with one count of fraud over $5,000 and one count of fraud on the government – a charge formerly known as influence peddling – for his involvement in a political debacle that put three other politicians in jail cells.  Collins has been on day parole since May, and has been wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet while living with his mother.  ” In the past, Collins has admitted to submitting falsified, forged or duplicitous expense claims for which he illegally received more than $100,000. He also confessed to submitting receipts for payments for work that wasn’t done and forging signatures on fake receipts. Collins “persistently defrauded the public strictly from the perspective of greed and despite the high level of values and ethics expected from elected officials.” Collins is in the second Newfoundland and Labrador politician this month to receive full parole over their role in the scandal. Last week, former Liberal cabinet minister Jim Walsh was granted the same privileges. Collins will officially be released on full parole on Aug. 15.

July 2, 2010 | 10:28 AM ET  CBC News,  Ottawa charity director charged with $1M fraud, Agency’s former financial director arrested. Ottawa police have charged a 46-year-old Ottawa woman with defrauding a provincially funded charity of more than $1 million over a period of nine years. Yolanda Knight was arrested Thursday and was scheduled to appear in court Friday, charged with fraud, breach of trust, theft, uttering a forged document and possession of the proceeds of crime. Knight was the financial director for an agency that takes care of disabled adults. Total Communication Environment (TCE) is an Ottawa-based charity that provides residential care, day service and outreach services for adults with multiple disabilities. As a result  of  financial audit completed months ago in September 2009 ” certain irregularities were brought to the attention of TCE’s management and board of directors,”  “When it became apparent that satisfactory answers would not be forthcoming, our director of finance was suspended. Subsequently, her employment was terminated. TCE also immediately advised the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and asked Ottawa police organized fraud unit to investigate,” ,” TCE’s executive director Karen Belyea. . Police issued a statement alleging Knight was responsible for the misappropriation of $1.1 million.

Another white collar crime. All Merely the tip of a large iceberg.. What about more detailed reviews of all of other chartiable, religious  organizations now as well?   Police should now extend also their investigation into why it took management 9 years to discover that the funds were being siphoned  out of the charity.  Were the other managers also stealing now and was that the main reason they did not report it before? Persons working for chartiable firms, especially the executves seem to live high on the hog, are overpaid too? One would think that an audit was carried out more periodically over a nine year period.  It’s amazing arrogance that any organization can be so flush with cash that they don’t notice over a million dollars going missing. And why did it take nine years to get a proper audit? How could  someone  perpetuate the fraud for 9 years even. We do have to wonder what the management or the board of directors were doing for those years because the one thing that all  charities should be good at firstly is tracking how their donations are spent. And where else was their money being do clearly abused. How many other charities are also  poorly audited now too? We already also do know that billions of dollars in aid that have disappeared for the Tsunami and Haiti efforts. More real, valid accountability of all charitable organizations now as well  has to occur  as well by all because the money was firstly  intended to help those suffering persons, and not those getting rich persons that profit from suffering. What also was pretentious Revenue Canada doing here too, sleeping again?
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The lonely grey ATM machine in the urgent-care lobby of Misericordia Health Centre, one of Winnipeg’s smaller hospitals, spends much of the day unused and untouched. And yet, for roughly the past decade, it has produced fantastic profits – in the realm of $2-million – for an enterprising fraudster who recognized a gaping hole in the hospital’s financial controls. “We’re dealing with large amounts of money being taken over a long period of time,” said Winnipeg Police Constable Jason Michalyshen. On Monday morning, Misericordia issued a curt press release stating it had been alerted to a fraud earlier this year. A subsequent external audit found strong evidence of a massive and prolonged con, and the matter was passed over to police in April. But the statement failed to address what everyone in the city wants to know: how did such a massive financial hemorrhage go unnoticed for so long? Read more And where else has this hospital now been robbed blind and how much now too?

Hypocritical Police and Conservatives want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts  and do note that too. Let the police rightfully start with the rightful better policing of themselves  and next deal  first with  our too often stealing, crooked, lying politicians, civil and public servants who also do steal  and now first also go after all the alcoholics who abuse their spouses, drive impaired … the cops included..  deal first with all all of  of   the persons who abuse any seniors.. and we now do need more cops rather in the hospitals arresting also all of  the bad Health Ministers, bad  doctors and bad nurses who fail to provide adequate medical aid to seniors, others etc.  While a few hundred persons die from car accidents Meanwhile thousands of persons die from medical errors, hospital acquired sicknesses but no  police give the medical personnel any tickets ehh

This Conservative government’s blind spot ironically is even law and order — or more accurately, crime and punishment of the bad RCMP, bad police, too often bad civil and public servants or it’s own bad guys. Bad guys and gals  for them is who they define as bad guys only and not the real bad guys.

Now yes we all do seem to know that too many of our civil and public servants, even many of their managers, and also  politicians, and municipalities, provinces now as well unacceptable, wrongfully do not hesitate to cheat, lie, steal, and do too often divert  the designated federal, provincial money elsewhere too so that there is a need of putting them all, note all of them not just one or two,  into jail which is the sole solution to the problem. Sadly what happens in real life it seems they the Police do periodically  arrest, catch one bad guy or gal, and next they say they now have done their job and they do wrongfully seem to forget about the rest of them. Not good enough!

The Canada Revenue Agency also did not return calls asking why it hasn’t shut down the tax-deduction scheme.

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