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July 5, 2011

Did you ever notice how the ostrich health ministers refuse to basically address the perverse, pretentious Medicare

NDP accuses government of sweeping Niagara hospital problems ‘under the rug’  Toronto Star – There is no need to rush a report into troubles including the deaths of 31 patients from a superbug at the six-hospitals in the Niagara Health System before the Oct. 6 election, Premier Dalton McGuinty said .

This is more unacceptable typical Liberal crap, people do now get murdered in hospitals and the Liberals they do try to delay it, deny it, cover it up too..

Many persons in this decade in Canada are still also getting a hospital acquired sickness and many are even dying from it still too.. It is really unbelievable that many people are dying in hospitals even because of the shit disease, c-difficile still.. a common sickness spread and escalated even because the hospital’s bathrooms also are not being cleaned adequately still and so this sickness it next spreads easily. Lazy Hospital employees are gossiping, goofing off, socializing, having a good time while patients die as a direct result now too. Poor house cleaning in hospitals is never ever acceptable. And absolutely mo one gets punished for it, not the health ministers, not the hospital administrators as well and this also is never ever acceptable


C.Difficle Causes Major Problems in  Cape Breton Hospital French Tribune – – ‎Jun 11, 2011‎  Almost two months from the start of the outbreak, there have been reported 49 cases of hospital-acquired C. difficle. The bacterium has been the cause of five in-patientdeaths during the pandemic, C. difficile.


French Tribune Fourth Patient to Die of C.Difficle  French Tribune – ‎Jun 10, 2011‎The Niagara Health System reported on Thursday that yet another C. difficle has died at the St, Catherine’s General Hospital. The outbreak of C. difficlebegan at the hospital on May 28.


Bacterium outbreak kills 16 in Niagara area –   The Niagara Health System serves 434000 residents across 12  municipalities, according to CBC news. Reporting of the infection is mandatory in Ontario after an earlier outbreak claimed 62 lives “C.  difficile is responsible for the deaths of 2000

C. diff outbreak declared at Guelph General Guelph
Mercury   GUELPH – Following a spike in patient-acquired C. difficile cases at the Guelph General Hospital, including a patient who has since died, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health has declared an outbreak of the bacterial infection.


.see also


Did you ever notice how the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings?  Medicare which is like a an old, run downed, over used,vehicle that now needs long delays, loads of money , continually repair, and very expensive maintenance.

You also do find out how the bad, 9-5 Medicare system even in the major cities now is when you do go to use it, when you really do need it. You also find out the common long delays to even try to get adequate medical treatments for your minor or serious problems, serious sicknesses . And you also do find out firsthand that Medicare is not fully covered, not fully available readily for all your Medicare needs and you do find out that it is short staffed in optometrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, in many of the areas that your general practioner, family doctor generally refuses to touch, get involved in, mostly because he or she is incompetent to deal with these areas.

It is also an undeniable fact that too many seniors are poor, the do not spend enough money on food and thus get sick more easier, as well as one ages one has less strength to do house cleaning, epically elderly seniors and as a result they too easily pick up infections at home as a result as well and do pass it on to many others as well.

None of this perverse, pretense Medicare, Ministers are acceptable.

.. get rid of all the bad health ministers, bad hospital adminstrators now


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