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October 20, 2012

It is an understatement to say many are disgusted with the corruptions in the Canadian governments

“MONTREAL— Michael Applebaum, the head of the city’s powerful executive  committee, was clear on Friday morning, saying he was “disgusted” by Gilles  Surprenant’s testimony at the Charbonneau Commission. An engineer for the city, Surprenant was responsible for preparing plans and  budget for construction contracts. He admitted to rigging projects for nearly 20  years, netting $600,000 worth of bribes while doing so.”  “Montreal’s political elite ‘disgusted’. I would think that being disgusted at this point is a bit too late! Mr TPS at the Montreal city hall had  been collecting kickbacks, undisturbed, for 20 years.” How stupid do they all think we citizens now realy are? ” This corruption mess goes WAYYYYYYYY beyond Montreal’s Mayor Tremblay and his team, subordinates for sure and for decades now too. But he Tremblay should be made an example of –  JAIL”  “Does Applebaum think the citizens believe that the corruption exists and stops with only  this dummy. What for 20 years no one was suspicious of Gilles  Surprenant’s behaviors, incomes, not even his associates, secretaries? Impossible.  Montreal City hall was too busy prosecuting citizens for parking violations, working hard at revenue more generation and not working at all  to reduce the taxpayer’s costs..  Other mayors and their subordinates clearly have been  corrupted now as well..  “The corruption is not only in construction, it is in the courts too as  People  paying their lawyers large sums of money (cash) to avoid jail sentences?”  The  governments behaviour has clearly been  disgusting even in all of this. Some of the media Falsey trying to Distract the public rather with more stories on evil student protesters and language  laws! Bell’s objection to the CRTC decision will not work.   The PM and the RCMP even here  should be forced to step in and setup a team of investigators, and deal with all the corruptions, criminals now too. The rest of the Bad Guys think they are got away but many already know who they are and have little respect for them too.

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Quebec’s cops for the last 50 years too now  have always been as bad as our Quebec Politicians..
Many people also  still do know what their cities and their provinces   are realy like too.. so let’s not just say that Quebec and Montreal are dirtier over  the other major cites, and provinces… or the cops any better..
And do not forget the Federal Conservatives. You know, the people who had  claimed many years ago they were going to clean up Ottawa and end entitlements and misspending and were going to show us all a better way.. and now next  they did the same bad thing as all the others.. they even falsely still refuse to be accountiable for their expense accounts .. they clearly also  now have  much too many unacceptable liars still

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