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July 20, 2011

Money, revenue generating traffic tickets and bad civil, and public servants..

It has been my own real witness, experiences the last 50 years that some of the most crooked persons in Canada who firstly do deserve to be jailed, ticketed are the much too many of our bad civil and public servants, bad politicians, bad cops, bad RCMP now as well, and do include here the bad doctors and bad nurses, bad hospital administrators, bad justice ministers, bad health ministers, bad consumer affairs ministers as well….. It seems I too do have to make thousands of detail posts on the net too about their mismanagements, unacceptable sins, abuses, wastes of taxpayer’s monies before finally someone acts upon it.. What really bugs me is when I make a major exposition of the wrongs the governments next make a token pretentious change only. Never acceptable or enough.

Now a very sick person in severe pain  waited for 2.5 hours in the Montreal St Luc hospital clinic because the Doctor on duty now was totally unaware, as she the doctor  was so busy doing her own thing and she was here wrongfully not suffering for it,  she thus the Doctor  was not aware that the patient waiting was in pain, needed her immediate medical services desperately and  also that about 12 other patients were waitign for here.. this is, was never acceptable


Firstly about 85 percent of the major, real criminals Canada wide now too are never jailed, incarcerated because the too often buck passing and useless  police themselves firstly are bad, they are too lay and clearly incompetent to do their jobs, so they the police do compensate for this by wrongfully giving out money revenue generating traffic tickets to meet their false quotas now even.. for the cops are too often crooked now.. now their supervisors are not any better.. including the solicitor generals..and we all already tend to know that in Quebec the government is much too soft on the real criminals.. and even on bad doctors and bad nurses.. bad bus drivers, etc….To cover up for their own clear lack of adequate financial management city hall itself too ofen  is wrongfully still going after more money generating traffic tickets, fines and that is totally unacceptable. They should fire the usesless workers, their superiors and the much too many alcoholics firstly too.

do also see


Now it is estimated that at least 25 percent of employees do now steal from their employers in one form or anther. Now I have personally witnessed employees stealing at Value Village and at the Salvation army and their employees at both of these places have told me that many of the employees steal there now. So it comes as now surprise tome when an organization such as Fripe Renaissance claiming here to   be helping others is likely stealing as clearly evident by their cover-up ridiculous sale prices of 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 dollars on even very much used, even very damaged, used goods obtained freely now as well. Clearly their present ongoing high prices are a cover-up of the undeniable fact that employees are taking the best goods home for themselves here too..

Where are the useless, indifferent, pretentious Health, Consumer Ministers and their also clearly useless subordinates even when we all do need them? Fire them all now and replace them with decent workers.

Pharmaprix, Shoppers drug mart have been getting away with their ongoing false, misleading business practices now for ages and they are even are going overboard with them while no one does anything good about it still.

Pharmaprix drug stores as I too have often witnessed is known to be a price gouger, known even for putting grossly inflated pricing on their products for example such as selling sour cream between $3.79 to $4.79 that sell elsewhere not on a sale for $2.79 and next weeks later when the out dated items have not been sold they Pharmaprix put a sale price $2.79 on it. This is a typical approach with many of their Pharmaprix sales, products too..

On top of that Pharmaprix advertises a sale on items that have not been regular sold in the store for a few months, they import items for a false sale and advertise it as a sale .. For example 6 small bottles of Pepsi for $1.99 that had been imported into the Pharmaprix store only the week before and Pharmaprix advertised with a price of $4.99.

the 10 Commandments are still applicable today for all, corporations and business persons included

Bell Canada  to pay a penalty of $10 million for making misleading advertising claims

.. what about more ethics, honestly in all of our governments now too?

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