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April 21, 2009



Lately we have seen many examples of what big liars the RCMP are. Hey Jason Kenney MP, Mickey Mouse  is also still a good description for the RCMP..


They slander a good man in the process as well.. and so none of this was, is acceptable or forgivable.. none  of it.


RCMP chose not to correct record on taser death, inquiry told Globe and Mail – VANCOUVER — Within days of Robert Dziekanski’s death at Vancouver International Airport, the RCMP knew that key information it had released was wrong, but decided it would not correct the record, one of the Mounties’ media officers testified yesterday.


Dziekanski inquiry: RCMP spokesman simply repeated what he was –  By Suzanne Fournier, The ProvinceApril 21, 2009   RCMP Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre stands in the lobby of the Braidwood Inquiry into the Tasering of Robert Dziekanski who died at the hands of police after arriving at Vancouver Airport from Poland.


Misinformation about Tasering purposely not corrected: Mountie. –  By Suzanne Fournier, Canwest News ServiceApril 22, 2009 VANCOUVER – An RCMPspokesman said Wednesday that top police brass made a deliberate decision not to correct misinformation the Mounties had told the media about Robert Dziekanski’s death,


Heads must roll for this deceit The Province – After the Tasering and subsequent death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, Cpl. Dale Carr of the RCMP talked to investigators, watched the Paul Pritchard video of the incident, then told Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre what to tell the media.  After the Tasering and subsequent death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, Cpl. Dale Carr of the RCMP talked to investigators, watched the Paul Pritchard video of the incident, then told Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre what to tell the media. At that point, Sgt. Lemaitre proceeded to, either knowingly or unknowingly, tell the media (and, by extension, all Canadians) a bunch of crap. Speaking on behalf of the Mounties, Lemaitre alleged Dziekanski became violent after police arrived, that he threw chairs and a computer, that he didn’t hit the floor with the first Taser blast and that he continued to be violent and combative after he hit the ground. Not true, not true, not true and not true Or, more to the point: lie, lie, lie, lie. Speaking at the Braidwood Inquiry Wednesday, Carr testified that he was told by his boss, Supt. Wayne Rideout, that the misinformation given out to reporters about the fatal Taser incident would not be corrected publicly until the file was closed. In other words, perpetuate these lies until . . . That’s the question, isn’t it? Until the public forgets about poor Mr. Dziekanski? Until anyone who might be remotely interested in the truth has moved on to something else? Until the truth can be quietly filed away as an addendum item to yet another Taser-related fatality? Day after day, what the Braidwood Inquiry reveals about our national police force is both sad and terrifying. Where exactly do the Mounties go from here? Is regaining the public trust even possible at this point? Should every allegation of dishonest RCMP testimony be re-examined and placed under the scrutiny of its own inquiry? One thing is certain at this point: heads must roll, both of those responsible for the tragedy of Mr. Dziekanski’s death and of those who attempted to manipulate the truth of what happened. 


  This not something new that I have said, rather it is old, decades old.. all now proven now by details of the murder of a polish immigrant in the Vancouver airport.. that the RCMP is pretentious, incompetent, costly, self serving, just like the justice, security ministers now too, for the RCMP does not  care about the good welfare of the Citizens as well.. they the RCMP are over paid for what they do for they generally  can’t catch the real criminals, so  they harass the ordinary citizen with quota oriented traffic tickets instead.. they have to use PR, a public relationship department approach to sell the RCMP output, because it otherwise is not  all visible at all. Did I mention also that this mainly white force is likely racist oriented as well? Cutting their budget, firing now all of their managers, sergeants is the prerequisite or totally disbanding them.  

Mounties back off taser tale Toronto Star    After months of stonewalling and sticking to a now-discredited version of events surrounding the role of its officers in the death of Robert Dziekanski, RCMP Commissioner William Elliott is signalling a change from the national police force.  Chief makes it clear RCMP will stop blaming Polish victim.  Asked if part of the problem for the RCMP has been its refusal to admit any mistakes were made, Elliott said: “Well, maybe it is.”

RCMP ‘sorry’ for inaccurate remarks on Dziekanski incident Globe and Mail  VANCOUVER — The RCMP has admitted that it provided wrong information to the public about the taser incident involving Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski in the first days after his death at Vancouver International Airport. But the police force has denied that it lied or deliberately suppressed information about the disturbing circumstances of Mr. Dziekanski’s death. ( RCMP is still lying..) No sooner was the apology uttered than the Mounties’ media spokesman was besieged with questions demanding why the erroneous information was ever put out in the first place.  The RCMP has faced criticism for its handling of Mr. Dziekanski’s death, which occurred after he was stunned by a police taser near the international arrivals lounge at the Vancouver Airport.  For example, in one CTV interview shown to the inquiry, Sgt. Lemaitre is shown telling interviewers that Mr. Dziekanski did not respond to the first police taser, and that he struggled and fought, even while on the ground.  However, the bystander’s videotape, which was later made public, shows that Mr. Dziekanski screamed and fell to the ground after the first taser. Sgt. Lemaitre also told reporters in October 2007 that police tasered Mr. Dziekasnki twice, when in fact four electronic shocks were delivered. And in another news briefing that October, Sgt. Lemaitre was asked point blank by a reporter if there was video of the taser struggle. Sgt. Lemaitre told the reporter there was no video, even though he himself had already viewed it. But reporters Tuesday questioned the RCMP line that Sgt. Lemaitre was simply a messenger who was handed the wrong facts. If Sgt. Lemaitre watched the amateur video, he would have seen Mr. Dziekanski drop to the ground after the first taser hit.

Dziekanski inquiry: RCMP spokesman simply repeated what told to say  

  The RCMP have been heavily criticized for public statements about the Tasering and restraint of Dziekanski, for saying that three rather than four members were involved, that Dziekanski continued to be “violent” after police arrived, and that police attempted to calm him before Tasering and had to Taser him twice because he fought back.  None of those “facts” is true, as shown by the bystander Pritchard video that is shown repeatedly at the inquiry.


    RCMP shenanigans bring shame to force  The Barrie Examiner –  Since the Robert Dziekanski Taser episode at Vancouver airport and the subsequent Braidwood inquiry into his death at the hands of RCMP officers, the public’s faith and trust in our national police force has been severely tested. …


    Tasered immigrant possibly writhing in pain, not resisting: expert  The Gazette (Montreal) –  April 21, 2009 VANCOUVER — Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski may have been writhing in pain after he was Tasered at the Vancouver International Airport — not trying to fight off the four RCMP officers on top of … 

Winnipeg Sun  – The Province  – Times Colonist  – Vancouver Sun       

Mountie tells Taser inquiry he made errors in media interviews …  Vancouver Sun – 

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 Robert Dziekanski before his Taser  death0dead

RCMP apologize for giving public inaccurate account of Dziekanski death Tue Apr 21, 9:11 PM  VANCOUVER, B.C. – The RCMP apologized Tuesday for what it says was inaccurate information that misled the public about the circumstances of Robert Dziekanski’s death.
The RCMP FALSELY now had  fed us crap, had covered up for their own inadequcies ,
and NEXT ANY OF their apolgy is not accepted, they ALL DO need to be fired, prosecuted as well.

Despite evidence the RCMP used excessive force, resulting in the man’s death, the officer who analysed their actions told an inquiry Thursday the force used was reasonable. That officer is wrong.

Canadians know this by now, having watched a bystander video of the RCMP’s encounter with Mr. Dziekanski Oct. 14, 2007. Some of those four officers have conceded at the inquiry that their accounts, recorded in notes, of Mr. Dziekanski’s actions at the airport were wrong. That did not dissuade Sgt. Brad Fawcett of the Vancouver Police Department from sticking to his report’s conclusions, rationalizing the use of force at the inquiry into Mr. Dziekanski’s death. Sgt. Fawcett said the RCMP perceived they were under threat, that Mr. Dziekanski was combative and, under those conditions, acted reasonably when they discharged a Taser five times.

The traveller, who was lost in the airport for 10 hours, was agitated and threw furniture, but when the RCMP arrived, Mr. Dziekanski was not combative. In fact, he turned away from them, picked up a stapler and then faced them again. The officers said he raised the stapler and moved toward them combatively, but the video showed otherwise. They said, fearing for their safety, they had to wrestle him to the ground after he was Tasered once — in fact, he flailed for a few seconds and then collapsed on the ground. The officers jumped on him, as he was still screaming, and tried to cuff him, at which point Mr. Dziekanski was Tasered again repeatedly.

Canadians have been shocked that a non-combative man with a harmless office tool was levelled by such force, with little effort made by police to understand the circumstances. Sgt. Fawcett himself said he would have reacted differently. But, he said, those officers reacted according to their perceptions of what was unfolding in front of them.

Sgt. Fawcett’s report showed that he had to ignore the evidence to rationalize the inaccurate versions of events told by the RCMP — saying the video supported their stories, when it didn’t and then discounting as “minor in nature” the contradiction between the officers’ account that Mr. Dziekanski had to be wrestled to the ground and the video that showed he collapsed.

Sgt. Fawcett ignored the obvious need for officers to explain their actions, and their perceptions, in the context of the facts of an event, of the circumstances in front of them, to justify their use of force. In the absence of that, reasonable becomes arbitrary and any use of force can be justified. That is not the kind of authority any officer should have.

Sgt. Fawcett’s conclusions are insupportable and his weak attempts to paint the RCMP officers’ actions as reasonable do them a disservice.—a-recipe-for-police-abuses-43266142.html?viewAllComments=y


 The  RCMP is a farce…

In busy Toronto, police say  Drunk driving and careless turning are the main culprits for serious accidents in intersections and red light cameras are not used because of the fear of public backlash..  So why are Calgary drivers such chronic lead-foots? or is the question why is it the Calgary city fathers are so money hungry? The  police services are  implementing the   speed cameras as a way of adding to their coffers.. ‘Speed on green’ cameras linked to rear-end crashes.  Arizona cities, one of the first cities to bring in such technology says the cameras decrease speeding and dangerous collisions, but can increase the number of rear-end crashes. But of course the money hungry police of Calgary had denied this.
ANOTHER CASH GRAB.. The Calgary Parking Authority is expanding its hold on the inner city by starting to charge for parking on more than 20 blocks of the Beltline.
Anyone who thinks the cops here are being honest, serving the public is a fool..
  No  matter how that dirty RCMP weasel spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the RCMP was clearly wrong on many counts in the Taser death of a polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.. they were uncompassionate, inconsiderate, used more restraining force than was necessary, and they next also clearly lied to cover-up their own immoral acts, and many times as well, They slander a good man in the process as well.. and so none of this was, is acceptable or forgivable.. none  of it.
Now the RCMP is so ready to monitor others it firstly cannot monitor itself.. how absurd and hypocritical still too
Most reasonable and reasoning people have seen the folly of speed cameras for decades now too.    
Here is what I found amazing and worth while examining now  in much more detail.. insurance companies in Canada do not mind gouging Canadian consumers in their greed to make more profits..  and we all know that accumulating speeding , traffic infractions, will cause your car insurance costs to go up significantly…   and yet here is what I find surprising, neither the insurance companies, the provincial government, nor the federal government, the police have real, valid detailed statistics on the causes of traffic accidents: such as how many were caused my alcoholic drivers, how many were caused by speeding, how many were caused by poor road conditions, lousy snow clearing as well, etc not even in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, BC as well.. …. so what do the insurance companies do with all the extra money they collect, certainly they of all persons should have firstly the best statistics on traffic accidents now in the first place, or how do they determine their rates??? Even Canada’s police chiefs have to rely on accident statistics from other countries, such as Australia, Great Britain, the US..
The RCMP made a mistake by waiting 14 months before correcting misinformation about a fatal incident involving four Mounties at Vancouver’s airport, a media relations officer said Wednesday at the Braidwood inquiry.  Cpl. Dale Carr told the inquiry, which is probing the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport after he was Tasered five times at about 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2007.   that the misinformation initially put out by the RCMP could have compromised the investigation
This was no mistake, this was an unacceptable blatant lie  where real, serious punishment should be applied to all the RCMP personnel  involved.

The inquiry heard last month that in the first two days after Dziekanski died on Oct. 14, 2007, the RCMP’s public statements on the incident contained false information about how many officers were involved, how many times Dziekanski was stunned and what state Dziekanski was in when approached by officers.

Inquiry commissioner Thomas Braidwood ruled that Supt. Wayne Rideout could only address his decisions about what RCMP media spokespeople had told the public following Dziekanski’s death — despite a request by the lawyer for the Polish government to expand the scope of questions Rideout can be asked when he returns. Don Rosenbloom wanted to question Rideout about why the RCMP fought to withhold amateur video of the Taser incident, and why investigators failed to question the four Mounties who were deployed to handle Dziekanski when discrepancies were discovered in their statements. May 2009


PS: For  all these people who are talking about as to who would now make a good needed replacement for the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.. no one.. we have seen how bad the CANADIAN Conservatives now are REALLY LIKE, ALL OF THEM.. so WHO NEEDS ANY OF THEM..

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