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March 25, 2009

Liars- Mounties ‘misleading everyone’



You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors, from police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers  who say that bad people, bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. The hypocrtical police tend not to believe that bad cons can be helped only bad cops… and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too..

Now why are the clearly foolish Canadian  justice ministers, cops, so foolish still  that they do now even think that they can turn the clock backwards and continue again doing the very same bad things now that they all have even been exposed for what they realy are world wide even.. they are bad people who abuse citizens and obstruct justice and do need to be put into prison themselves.

It would be easy to form the impression that the four Richmond RCMP officers involved were the only ones to blame for the tragedy at Vancouver International Airport on Oct. 14, 2007.But as the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother has astutely observed, that’s only because the RCMP’s spectacularly bad PR has stolen the spotlight. RCMP brass and the federal government could have pre-empted a damning report from Thomas Braidwood by stepping up with a genuine mea culpa and an announcement that a major overhaul of the RCMP and CBSA was already in the works. That hasn’t happened. Now, given how much has been exposed in this inquiry, it is hard to believe a few people won’t be held to account.

that includes the and justice ministers, solicitor generals at the federal and provincial levels now too and who is going to hold them all accountable? not the bad PM for sure. 


Here is what I know for sure in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians now as well..

Alberta should not renew RCMP contract

“And the RCMP has changed, for the worse. At the headquarters level there hasn’t been a good report in years. Various inquiries have found incompetence, poor training, poor discipline, poor co-ordination and communication, and outright dishonesty. Those inquiries have used phrases like “horribly broken,” “often flawed,” “not justified” and so on.

News reports made it clear that RCMP investigations into embarrassing and fatal actions of their own members were inadequate to the point of being a coverup. At the field level there were many reports of highly dubious shootings by RCMP members, and criminal investigations into the conduct of members when off duty. Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli resigned in disgrace after giving conflicting statements to a Parliamentary committee. ” 

This is not a new revelation I myself now had detailed to you about 25 years ago my own experience in Canmore Alberta with the perverse RCMP where I got 2 speeding tickets on the same spot years apart and how the RCMP next also had covered up for it’s pervere buddies, and I had also entered my complaint about their perverse acts into the Canmore Queens court record as well now.


  One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a cop  is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..


The actual needless number of times the arriving polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski  was shocked by the RCMP in the Vancouver Airport  , as well as the actual speed with which the Taser was deployed, have also been issues at the ongoing BC RCMP -Robert Dziekanski   inquiry, along with the clearly VERY POOR  manner in which next the stunned Robert Dziekanski  was monitored and treated by the RCMP after his collapse. 


The Braidwood Inquiry into the Taser-related death of Robert Dziekanski has been blown up and left in ruins by the revelation a key RCMP e-mail was withheld from the commission. After months of outrage about the conduct of the four Mounties who responded to Vancouver Airport Oct. 14, 2007, who can believe that at the last minute, a federal lawyer would produce what many would consider a smoking gun — an e-mail saying the officers decided to use the Taser before confronting the Polish immigrant? If true, the Nov. 5, 2007, e-mail titled “Media strategy — release of the YVR video,” from RCMP Chief Supt. Dick Bent to assistant commissioner Al McIntyre, establishes the four have been lying through their teeth. This critical document suggests the four officers committed perjury and that senior officers sat silent while they did so. Worse, it seems there are many other documents that have not been turned over that may be relevant. This e-mail was one of 260 documents on a CD sent by the RCMP to the justice department last April, yet the federal lawyers didn’t open the CD until last week.. Commissioner William Elliott’s carefully parsed press release was equally unbelievable: “This was simply an oversight. Unfortunately in an exercise of this magnitude, such an oversight can occur.” Bollocks. No one but a moron overlooks the import of an e-mail like this. The officers deny the explosive content is true and Roberts says Bent was wrong in what he said. But their protestations ring hollow after almost 18 months of bluster and denial. So does Elliott’s threadbare these-things-happen excuse. The situation is as bad as the most virulent critics of the Mounties feared. This is no longer about four officers who made mistakes in judgment: It’s about an organization that thinks it is above the law.  .It is time to thank commissioner Braidwood for his excellent work in bringing these unsettling facts to light and it’s time to appoint a special prosecutor.  The B.C. Law Society should also begin an investigation into the conduct of Roberts and any other federal lawyer involved in this staggering lack of disclosure. That was not an “oversight.” It was professional incompetence or a cover-up.
RCMP management clearly lied, also to blame.. Mounties read through 1,000 internal e-mails preparing for inquiry
“RCMP’s communication strategy ultimately failed. The force did not publicly correct inaccuracies or defend its role in the case, fearing that information might alter witnesses’ recollection of events. Police also believed, the report said, that public opinion would switch to supporting the RCMP after all the facts were known. We found neither argument valid,” the report said. “For deeply rooted systemic reasons and long-held views regarding the importance of due process, the RCMP’s management of issues and communications were lacking and caused many of the problems the organization was trying to avoid.”We therefore recommend that clear, precise guidelines about what can be released, and at what point in the investigation, be developed, and that these guidelines be based on a liberal view of releasing information.”


VANCOUVER, B.C. – Dziekanski would still be alive if not for RCMP confrontation: said a pathologist.  Robert Dziekanski would likely still be alive if he hadn’t been stunned multiple times with a Taser and restrained on the floor of Vancouver’s airport by four RCMP officers, said  an expert pathologist.   Dr. John Butt, who has served as chief medical examiner in Alberta and Nova Scotia, told a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death that the stress of the confrontation – including the use of the Taser – likely caused the Polish man’s heart to stop.  He said it was a death that could have been avoided.  “Is it fair to say that, in your opinion, had Mr. Dziekanski not been Tasered, not been restrained on the floor, that he would still be alive today?” asked Walter Kosteckyj, the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother.  “I suspect that, yes,” Butt replied during his testimony Wednesday. “Is that a strong opinion?” asked Kosteckyj.  “Yes,” replied Butt.  he said he could find no evidence that Dziekanski’s heart was damaged due to chronic alcoholism. That’s a contributing factor listed in the autopsy report.  Butt said  . “I don’t think there is alcoholic heart disease so I don’t think that it has any role (in Dziekanski’s death).” A lawyer for the federal government told the inquiry Dziekanski may have been on heart medication, however Butt said there was no indication of that in his medical records, including from a mandatory health exam required to immigrate to Canada. Butt, who worked on a report about Tasers for the B.C. Police Complaints Commission four years ago, said he was also concerned the autopsy report barely mentions the fact that Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser. Dr. Charles Lee, who conducted the autopsy, told the inquiry earlier in the week that the Taser may have contributed to Dziekanski’s death. But his report makes one mention of the weapon, only to explain marks on Dziekanski’s body. “I don’t see how one could possibly not mention the Taser in the commentary in this case,” said Butt. “Whether or not that’s going to say that it’s hugely relevant to the cause of death, it’s enormously relevant to the events in this case.”  Lee has told the inquiry that while he knew Dziekanski had been shocked by a Taser, he was not aware he was shocked multiple times.

Mounties accused of ‘cooking up’ story Toronto Star – ‎  VANCOUVER–Four Mounties “collaborated to fabricate” their story to justify their conduct when Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski died while in their custody, a lawyer told a public inquiry yesterday. The lawyer added that inadequate medical procedures by the Mounties after Dziekanski, 41, received five Taser jolts were “a contributing factor” in his death.  In wrapping up questioning of Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson – who was in charge when Dziekanski died at the Vancouver airport Oct. 14, 2007 – Rosenbloom posited the Mounties were “fast at work at the scene, cooking up the story” and continued to collaborate on it at the detachment.Robinson made six modifications to earlier facts in a March 2 letter from his lawyer, almost six weeks after the inquiry began in January. For example, he changed earlier statements Dziekanski was “swinging” a stapler at the Mounties in a threatening manner and had been unresponsive to their commands.Walter Kosteckyj, lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski, called the officers’ actions that night “a training film for how not to handle a situation from beginning to end.”  Robinson insisted he gave instructions to Dziekanski to calm down and place his hands on an airport counter in the arrivals area, adding hand gestures to make his points. “Calm down, put your hands on the counter,” he said he told the Polish immigrant. Noted Rosenbloom: “You know that was meaningless in terms of a man without English?” “Yes,” replied Robinson Although testimony from the Mounties involved ended yesterday, there are still 30 to 40 witnesses to appear at the commission.  


 Robert Dziekanski was lying dead on the floor of Vancouver’s airport, his entire face blue, 90 seconds after RCMP officers who shocked him with a Taser say he was alive and breathing, a paramedic told a public inquiry Thursday.– A paramedic called to the Vancouver International Airport after Robert Dziekanski went unconscious said the lead RCMP officer told him the Polish immigrant was Tasered only once. Allan Maciak told the Braidwood inquiry, which is investigating Mr. Dziekanski’s October 2007 death, that RCMP Cpl. Monty Robinson didn’t tell him that the Polish immigrant had been hit by a Taser five times. Mr. Maciak said Thursday he could clearly see that Mr. Dziekanski had turned blue as he lay on the floor surrounded by RCMP officers and Richmond firefighters. The Polish immigrant was dead when he arrived at the scene, Mr. Maciak said. 


Mounties ‘misleading everyone’: Polish group Ottawa Citizen – VANCOUVER — The Polish-Canadian community is demanding that a “special independent prosecutor” be appointed to investigate the Tasering of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport after the inquiry into his death revealed a growing gap between the RCMP version of events and video evidence.RCMP Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, the officer in charge at the time and the last of four Mounties to testify at the Braidwood inquiry, admitted he asked to “change” his evidence after viewing a video of the death shot by a bystander.



Another RCMP officer retracts statements at Dziekanski inquiry The Canadian Press  VANCOUVER, B.C. — Robert Dziekanski was not, as he has been portrayed in the past, the agitated man who withstood the shock from a Taser and swung a stapler at police, the most senior RCMP officer admits. In the hours and days after Dziekanski collapsed and died on the floor of Vancouver’s airport in October 2007, the four RCMP officers involved told investigators he was an aggressive threat to public safety, even after he took the first shock from an RCMP Taser.The officers said they had to wrestle Dziekanski to the ground – evidence disputed by a witness video of Dziekanski’s dying moments.Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson told a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death Wednesday that he made erroneous statements to those homicide investigators.


Police should re-open investigation of Dziekanski incident, say Vancouver Sun  Vancouver – A West Vancouver man who was one of the founders of the Solidarity movement in Poland called for police to re-open its investigation into the death of Polish citizen in 2007. Zygmunt Riddle, said he “absolutely” believes the police handling of Robert Dziekanski should be reinvestigated, in light of the testmony that has emerged at the Braidwood Inquiry. “The testimony of the RCMP officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski at the Braidwood inquiry raises serious questions about the integrity and honesty all four officers involved in the Tasering incident,” Riddle said in a letter he sent Wednesday to Attorney General Wally Oppal. Riddle handed out copies of the letter to reporters attending the Braidwood inquiry, which is probing Dziekanski’s death at Vancouver International Airport after 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2007. Riddle told reporters that he also set up a Facebook group, which has 10,000 members, asking for the attorney general to review other criminal cases the four officers were involved to make sure there wasn’t a miscarriage of justice. He said the four officers have now shown that they made false police statements, which the officers only changed after seeing a video taken by a bystander at the airport.The inquiry has heard that the police statements of the officers were riddled with errors.


“The “Wayne” to whom Chief Supt. Bent presumably is referring in the e-mail is Supt. Wayne Rideout, the head of the integrated homicide investigation team into Mr. Dziekanski’s death who admitted under oath at the commission that he had lied to public as to the circumstances of the incident. Supt. Rideout publicly claimed that Mr. Dzienkanski had been Tasered twice, when in fact the man had been hit with the stun gun at least five times. He also claimed the officers had to wrestle the man to the ground because the first shot had no discernible effect, when in fact video evidence is clear that the distraught would-be immigrant from Poland fell quickly after he was first zapped.  The absolutely sickening thing about this entire episode is that were it not for a bystander with a camera phone who had the presence of mind to videotape the conduct of the four officers, their lies, evasions and concocted story might have worked to let Mr. Dziekanski’s death be explained away.  Commission counsel Art Vertlieb is absolutely justified when he observed Friday that this delayed disclosure raises questions about whether the RCMP has actually shared everything in its files that Mr. Braidwood needs to do the job.”


Saskatchewan RCMP officer charged with perjury in drunk driving case , GRAVELBOURG, Sask. – A Saskatchewan RCMP officer has been charged with perjury in a drunk driving case.

RCMP  Canada  CarToons



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