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February 3, 2011

Snow Removal

To say that Montreal or Canada now overall has had a shortage of snow the last few years is clearly an understatement. For those of you who are much older now you also can remember the good old days where we had the too often snowfall measured in many feet and not inches too 
 I would think that the city of Montreal itself would have saved loads of money these days from the budget  reduction of their snow removal alone that they could have been put to better use elsewhere. Especially like cleaning the sidewalks so elderly persons can easily walk, and anyone who is elderly experiences leg pains, walking difficulties and it realy does not help when the city of Montreal wrongfully fails to clean the sidewalk well even after a very small snow fall especially,  and it all now wrongfully makes it still very difficult for the seniors to walk now too, like in the district of Rosemont where   a lot of seniors do live now as well.
Maybe they can fire all those city hall employees we seem too often to see driving around in their city supplied trucks in the summer doing nothing and instead  use them rightfully  to clean the sidewalks in the winter ?
How is the  snow removal on your streets?
And what

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