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February 16, 2011

For decades the police have had a file on me and likley you as well


Canada’s still too often abusive, unacceptable, bad  cops.


Four years later, suspended RCMP officer finally off the payroll November’s departure of Const. Trent Richards may have cost taxpayers close to $300,000 during his paid suspension prior to a final decision being reached.


Unpopular by the RCMP William Elliott is quitting as the commissioner of the RCMP , a long-time bureaucrat who became the first civilian RCMP leader in 2007, is leaving behind a police force still in need of reform, including a new oversight system. better accountability and management of the tax payers resources included.

the fourth RCMP-related shooting in less than a month, the second to take place in the Bow Valley. On Jan. 10, a robbery suspect carrying a replica handgun was killed by police on Railway Ave. in Canmore.

Bad cops at it again..  THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA -FIRE THEM ALL NOW  No cop is above the law. Too bad for them they are paid to work still too. Police still fail to catch most of the real criminals including the car thieves, and the Fraud perpetrated over the Internet which still is a growing citizen concern in Canada and throughout the world. The police always claim they lack resources, they will never have enough resources if they reuse to do a decent days work for their pay.

So for decades even the Alberta police forces already have had a file on me and likley you as well if you complain about the bad guys, the police and the bad politicians  included. Canada wide Police brutality, suppression of rights,   or the excessive force against non white males, females is also not new.

 Needless to say police resources are often misused where even the mayors do instruct the police to find out all they can about their opposition members too.  ” and it all is still unacceptable! Free speech is a right for bullies, crooks, abusers only it still seems in Canada now. Police already have arrested me for complaining about the Calgary Police in the Calgary Police chief office even.. the charge was talking out loud in a public place.. Many people are shocked to discover free speech is not being allowed too often in many places in Canada,  on the net, in churches, letters to governments, to the news editors too… the police have visited me or objected now at least 7 times in response to my writings.. still decades later I  am still rightfully openly complaining about the much too many bad police supervisors and the too many bad acts of the so called professionals, the police included. The abuse of the citizens is not acceptable anywhere.

“A new Alberta police database will track citizen’s every interaction with police, and it can be used without a warrant or even a supervisor’s permission”.. they had an old system already do doing this too..



There are still too many dirty, bad  cops in CANADA I oppose rightfully all abusers. …. the corrupt cops, all Governmental corruption, all  civil and public servants, the bad professionals as well.. yes I  too do rightfuly oppose the bad Pastors, all bad Doctors and bad Nurses, not just the  the bad RCMP, bad cops now, but also the bad Corporations like Bell too.. so should we all. All it takes for the bad guys to continue to do bad things is for the others wrongfully  to do nothing about it. 

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