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February 23, 2011

I still do not trust any politician to do what he says..


so Quebec promises more English instruction?

Education and jobs are among the top priorities for Quebec’s Liberal government in the second half of its term, said Premier Jean Charest in his speech that launched a new legislative session on Wednesday. Charest laid out five priorities: education, employment, sustainable development, resource development and health care.The big promise is equal time for English and French instruction — Grade 6 students across Quebec will spend half of their school year in intensive English training, Charest said.“Our language is our identity, it’s our strength,” he said. “Our language is an instrument of freedom,” he added, earning a sustained ovation from his caucus. 
I still do not trust any politician to do what he says.. actions speak louder than words…  in Quebec the English right has been undeniably downgraded especially in Hospitals where too many Quebec French nurses too often do mock senior English speaking patients for not speaking French.
Furthermore the Quebec government in Montreal Hospitals is training new nurses, many new immigrants to Canada who cannot speak French, never mind even English  and these nurses do too often now only pretend they understand and comprehend French firstly as I have also witnessed many times and I have detailed before too. Never mind them learning to speak English..
Many Montrealers  firstly cannot even find an english speaking family doctor..

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