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January 20, 2012

Once again the Big firms like Rogers tend not to respect the laws..

OTTAWA — Rogers Communications Inc., is breaking Canada’s Internet traffic management rules by deliberately slowing down certain online traffic, the country’s telecommunications regulator said Friday. In a letter to Rogers posted to its website Friday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissions said it is “of the belief” that the telecom giant is in breach of the rules governing how Internet Service Providers control the flow of traffic on their networks. “Within two weeks, I look forward to you either presenting us with a rebuttal of our evidence or providing us with a plan to come into compliance with the (Telecommunications) Act,” writes Andrea Rosen, CRTC’s chief compliance and enforcement officer. “Failure to provide a meaningful rebuttal or an effective plan will result in my recommendation to Commissioners to hold a show-cause hearing.”


So who realy protects the Canadian citizens from the too often bad, immoral  firms in reality, now  holding the much too many crooked   firms to accountiablity but if there is any justice  it takes years to do so.. and for decades then not much good  tends to happen ..


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January 14, 2012


Get ready for price increases, more bureaucratic red tape, and disrespectful customer service.

We have reports that the Big Three cell phone giants (who control roughly 94% of the market) are trying to trick the government into shutting out independent competitors. Some of them are going so far as to use high-priced lobbyists and a fake grassroots campaign1.

If the Big Three succeed, they will:

  • SqueezeCanadians into tighter contracts, with disrespectful customer service.
  • Squeezemore money out of your wallet every single month.
  • Squeeze independent providers out of the cell phone market.

In short, they will be the only game in town, and that means you and I will pay more for our cell phones. It will lock Canada behind the rest of the world on mobile communications, cripple essential innovation, limit social progress, and drain your wallet every month.

Sign the Stop The Squeeze petition before it’s too late!

Canadians already pay some of the highest cell phone fees in the free world2. This is a gut check for Canada. Will we let price-gouging big telecom companies squeeze every last penny out of our wallets before we stand up for ourselves? Will we let them slow-walk our economy into disaster?


We’ve heard that the Industry Minister is about to make a decision that could rubber stamp this cell phone nightmare into reality. Please join Canadians from across the country in signing this urgent petition to send him a message.

Let’s not put up with this anymore.

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December 22, 2011

Once again the Big firms like Bell tend not to respect the laws..


Rogers has promised to stop throttling internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, in response to an investigation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Rogers has promised to stop “throttling” internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, IF YOU BELEIVE THESE CONTINUAL LIARS WHO LIED THEY WERE NOT THROTTLING ALREADY.. AND ROGERS IS NOT T MUCH BETTER THAN BIG BAD BELL..


Bell Canada and the Evenko promotion company could face fines for violating lobbying rules while they negotiated for the rights to the city’s proposed $400 million arena. Quebec’s lobbying commissioner, Francois Casgrain, ruled this week that the two companies failed to register as lobbyists prior to the start of talks.  The contract eventually went to Quebecor Inc., owner of QMI Agency and the Sun Media chain.


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November 16, 2011

CRTC rejects Bell plan for wholesale Internet billing, CRTC helps to rob consumers

Rogers has promised to stop throttling internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, in response to an investigation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Rogers has promised to stop “throttling” internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, IF YOU BELEIVE THESE CONTINUAL LIARS WHO LIED THEY WERE NOT THROTTLING ALREADY.. AND ROGERS IS NOT T MUCH BETTER THAN BIG BAD BELL..

With the Help of  the bad CRTC, now Bell and the majors, force a serious struggle even for survival for the independent Internet service providers who have already been struggling hard against giant telephone and cable companies. The CRTC was to improve competion in Canada and not rather to help the big firms to jack up the profits, prices, make loads more money  and to put the other smaller firms out of business 

TORONTO — The country’s independent Internet service providers were hit Tuesday by a regulatory ruling allowing major network owners such as BCE Inc. to charge “significantly” higher rates for wholesale Internet access. Though affecting less than 10% of Canadian retail Web users, the decision holds broader implications for competition in the sector if some smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot afford the hikes and are squeezed out of the market.

GATINEAU, Qc – The federal telecommunications regulator has rejected a controversial plan that would have allowed the big phone and cable companies to impose a usage-based billing model on Internet service resellers, a system that the Conservative government and many consumers had opposed.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s decision on Tuesday instead gives the companies a choice of either charging the smaller Internet providers a flat rate per user or selling the ISPs a specific amount of capacity on their networks.

“The net effect of it is that there will be no caps, no limitations, no metering of use for retail customers as a result of this CRTC decision,” CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein said Tuesday.

The issue also led to debate about how Canadians should be charged for Internet services and how much bandwidth they use.

But the CRTC focused only on the wholesale prices independent Internet providers pay for network use — not the monthly retail rates they charge their customers.

It is about time the consumers are protected from greedy ma Bell too and we get real Competetion, close down the useless CRTC  too.

OTTAWA — The federal government says it will review this week’s decision by the country’s telecommunications regulator to allow large Internet providers to use new capacity-based billing for independent service providers. “We will study the CRTC’s decision carefully to ensure that it meets our objectives of encouraging competition and network investment and enabling consumer choice,” Industry Minister Christian Paradis said in a statement following Tuesday’s ruling. “Canadians have been very clear in expressing their concerns about earlier UBB decisions,” Paradis said.

-Pay more? You have got to be kidding me! Canadians are already living in the dark ages in terms of high speed ]service, which by the way we already pay way more for then pretty much every other country on this planet!

-How about…..why is Rogers now getting into BANKING….you think they are doing o.k.?

How about the fact that Bell media had exploded and is buying up huge chunks of our country??

How about the fact that the CRTC is holding open the door for these extortionists to bleed us for all that we can stand

-I believe in getting what you pay for but that’s never been the case with this industry.

It’s infuriating to think I’ll end up paying more for a service that  never delivered what was advertised in the first place. The worst part is, there is no other option.

-Congratulations CRTC on your major contribution to line the big corporate pockets & scewing us but good. Crooks in bed with crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-You didn’t actually think the CRTC was on the side of the avergae Canadian consumer did you??

-Disband the CRTC now and start with a leaner more competitive-friendly regulator that is not staffed with the same out of touch people it currently employs in Gatineau

November 3, 2011

The Rich get richer, Bell included

OTTAWA – BCE Inc. on Thursday reported better-than-expected earnings as its new media unit give it a revenue boost, as did money charged for wireless data.The Montreal-based parent company of Bell Canada said net income was $642 million, or 83 cents a share, in the third quarter. That was up from $454 million, or 60 cents a share, a year earlier. “ Revenue was up 8.7 per cent to $4.9 billion. Much of the gains were driven by its new Bell Media unit, created this year following its acquisition of the CTV television network. Wireless revenue was up 6.1 per cent, which included 34.1 per cent more in wireless data sales.

We can all easily remember when Bell was crying poverty, that it was not making enough money even with their IPS, broadband services so it has to resort to capping the users.. that did not stop Bell from generating larger profits next. TV, Cell Phones rip offs

Montreal Gazette: Bell and Videotron alone do not a competitive marketplace make  Only in Canada, would you have increased competition resulting in higher prices. That appears to be exactly what’s happening as Bell Canada Enterprises and Videotron battle for turf in cell phones, Internet and television service.

Let there be no doubts, Bell lies, steal, does everything it can to get richer and richer at the citizens consumers expense and it needs to be regulated for the good of all Canadians
“At the CRTC’s recent hearing on Internet metering, a lobbyist from Bell stood up before the Commission, looked each member in the eye, and suggested Canadians don’t mind a pay meter on their Internet use. I asked him afterwards how he could say such a thing—nearly half-a-million Canadians revolted against Internet price-gouging by signing the Stop The Meter petition this year. The Bell lobbyist responded with a simple statement: “It’s notpersonal.” I was stunned. Can you afford to have new fees added to your Internet bill each month? I know I can’t. Being price-gouged is personal, especially in these unstable economic times. We at are cautiously optimistic that the CRTC will do the right thing and let indie ISPs provide unmetered Internet access. But we know one thing for sure: big phone and cable companies are working behind the scenes to undo the progress we’ve made. We can’t let them get away with this.”

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September 20, 2011

Bell Canada included now

Just cause it is a big corporation now  does still not mean it is well managed, or it  is moral, ethical! The bigger the firms too often means the bigger crimes going unpunished..

Bell’s new network too fast for many phones
Hamilton SpectatorSMARTPHONES Bell Mobility Inc. has launched a  super-fast wireless network in southern Ontario, but users will have to wait  until smartphones are available

Bell beats Rogers to the launchMontreal Gazette
Bell beats Rogers to Toronto with LTE

New wireless push all about CTV, Bell
Financial Post (blog)
The Wire ReportCanada NewsWire (press release)
all 66 news articles

It is an undeniable fact that Bell has to continually advertise, conduct a vast marketing campaign even to find new customers, and new ways to make money because it has a very poor customer services , it is very mismanaged, and very inefficient as well. Today anyone who uses Bell Canada’s services can readily known that Bell is an greedy, immoral firm that practices systematically lies, price gouging, false, misleading trade practices, restrictive trade practices, provides a very poor customer services and falsely tries to monopolizes it’s services and all Canadian Consumers need protection from Bell. The present consumer protection in Canada is not enough not even from the bad CRTC. Bell now falsely caps, blocks the ISP internet services so it can rather encourage all their customer to use their own services such as Bell Satellite TV with a wide selection of programming and receiver options, Fibe TV service is now available in an increasing number of neighborhoods. The Canadian Governments need to provide real on line regulation of all of the immoral, big Bell services on behalf of all Canadians.
Canada’s Internet infrastructure firstly is still is pathetic, compared to many other countries. We are all falsely overpriced for it too and are all being under serviced. The net infrastructure in Canada anyway was built with government money anyway. They, handed it over for free to these Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these clearly crooks,robber-barons so that they could now even milk the consumer for every penny possible, without now even Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these clear crooks actually expending any capital to increase their capacity or effective services. So next we all do DEMAND real action here from our governments on behalf of all Canadians now too It’s what we all pay taxes for the governments to protect us all from the bad firms of Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. and any of these crooks visible Lies from Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc., Their also now is an unacceptable corporate false advertising problem, for we can easily see and know that Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. they here are still mostly telling us all lies to justify still now their false robbery of all of the paid customers, consumers .Rogers acknowledged that equipment on its network used to slow down some kinds of internet traffic in order to prioritize time-sensitive applications such as internet voice calling and video streaming might affect other applications but still all these people paid for it..They falsely cap the ISP downloads to try to make more money form the cellphones usage.The CRTC should not be asking Rogers to fix the problem, they should be demanding that this be resolved now and to those affected should receive compensation until it is fixed. The ISP is here to provide bandwidth, and not to decide which traffic to throttle, filter and block. If their highly pre advertised as being superior, fully capable infrastructures now next cannot handle current demands, then they now next need to use their own funds they earn from their telecommunications monopoly to fix it, improve it. How can anyone now even buy their services now from Rogers or Bell when you know full well everything they do rob the consumers, stifle’s competition, the economy as and progress in the telecommunications industry all for their own selfish, greedy, immoral gains.

Traffic shaping is always still criminal even if Bell, Rogers or anyone else does it. . If the consumer is paying for bandwidth, how are the consumers falsely now even being made to pay for Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these crooks to make judgments about the consumers using that paid bandwidth? Everyone always *should* be allocated the speed they pay for – and do let the consumers, customers use the network as to how they do see fit. I pay a lot of money each month for my unlimited megabits per second download and megabit per second upload. this is what I paid for. When my Internet service provider now next intentionally and even secretly too slows all this down, this is still called theft. It’s fraud. Even if I want to run a peer to peer usage.

The CRTC now realy should now prevent Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these crooks from spying on/shaping/limiting the consumer’s traffic. Now also do add throttling to the criminal code even for the consumer fraud that it is. Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. lying charge a ton for high-speed, but it is only high speed service if it doesn’t hurt their own corporate economic interests This is still basically all unacceptable robbery. Consumers spend the most money for their PCs, pay for their games and software, pay for premium internet and then next get nothing better then a low speed. The Consumers are the people that buy all the services, buy all the new computers, gadgets and yet Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. try to punish those honest consumers who are now even helping the economy, allowing the government to receive more taxes and thus all these bad CEOs should be now still also be put in jail.

Why also now aren’t the CRTC paying full attention to absolutely ANYTHING going on regarding the absolute hatred many many people do now have for Rogers and Bell?

Rogers now has also been asked to fix game throttling problem Rogers says next it had made a few “innocent” mistakes. It is not funny but criminal . Funny how those “innocent” mistakes always seem to work for more money in Rogers’ favour. Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these crooks doesn’t care, and they will drag this on for months (they already have, for about a year now). Their “solution” to the CRTC will be the same as last time. “We’ll have a fix within six months.” and six months later their “fix” won’t work Instead of “asking” Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these crooks to fix the problem, the CRTC should be fining Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. $100,000 per day until it is fixed. Then a a fix would magically appear overnight.Still one week after toothless CRTC ruling, they WILL go back to throttling and use whatever excuse they can find in their policy of no accountability, Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these crooks should all be forced to discount every single customer on their subscriber bases for throttling anything at all. It anyway all illegal, and since they’ve never shown any shred of proof that throttling is necessary, they should now also be fined for breach of contract and their false advertising.

Rogers, Bell, Shaw, etc. these visible crooks continue to abuse the consumers only until they’re next shamed, forced to do what’s proper because firstly it’s not in their best economic interest to change. Deal with it ASAP

OTTAWA — Canada’s telecommunications useless regulator the CRTC has falsely now taken years to come up with real actions to deal with the Canada’s big bad communications firms that are unfairly, falsely slowing down the internet . The issue of their immoral traffic shaping has falsely even been going on now for years as customers play games , watch TV shows and movies, even all the while the immoral industry Telecommunications do continue to to economically gouge the customers for every kilobyte of band width and they continue to lie as to the reasons they need to do so. Real actions today is needed here and not mere CRTC false buck passing, useless public relationship statements.

Bell has been falsely slowing my ISP, net services still even this week.. all the while while it lies to us all about the modern, great fast speed internet it provides.

“In a letter to the telecom giant, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission said the company’s own traffic management policy states that online games, such as World of Warcraft, should not be throttled or slowed down, and would only be affected if Rogers misclassifies the games and other peer-to-peer applications were running at the same time. Rogers now has until Sept. 27 to present a plan to the regulator to deal with the issue. “Commission staff considers that Rogers should address and resolve this misclassification problem,” the correspondence. While Internet service providers have said they need to manage online traffic to deal with network congestion during peak hours, the CRTC has instituted a policy stipulating that the noticeable degradation of time-sensitive Internet traffic requires prior commission approval under Canada’s Telecommunications Act. “We are currently getting reports from our members that Shaw customers are also affected … The CRTC has also been aware for quite some time that Bell Sympatico members have also experienced similar problems,” .”We will be asking for the CRTC to broaden its investigation to ensure that solutions presented by Rogers in this case are implemented on those ISPs, as well.””

Ontario’s and Quebec’s clearly corrupted Liberals and political leaders have also now  falsely now allowed Bell to abuse the Ontario and Quebec customers for years as well.

July 14, 2011



The CLEARLY absurd and price gouging, ONE SIDED Bell and Rogers now even trying to justify their false costs increases demand that the persons who use more should pay more DO NOW FALSELY neglect to point out that in that case all the persons who use less that 50 percent or 25 percent of the average downloads quantities, available capacities they all also should thus equally GET A CORRESPONDING monthly PRICE REFUND AS WELL. Something they THE TELECOMMUNICATION GIANTS yet have to do even. WHILE THEY THE TELECOMMUNICATION GIANTS ALL DO WANT TO TAKE MORE MONEY FROM ONE GROUP UNDER FALSE PRETENSES ARE NOW REFUSING TO REFUND any MONIES TO THE OTHERS..

the 10 Commandments are still applicable today for all, corporations and business persons included

Bell Canada  to pay a penalty of $10 million for making misleading advertising claims


June 28, 2011

Bell Canada to pay a penalty of $10 million for making misleading advertising claims

the 10 Commandments are still applicable today for all, corporations and business persons included

but still

Greedy, immoral Bell Canada  lies, misleads, is crooked

Bell and Telus misleading approach adds it’s unrealistic management expectations of making more money, price gouging consumers…

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  and now Bell pays in part only for making it’s misleading advertising claims.

Bell Canada pays $10M over misleading ads -Bell Canada has agreed to pay a penalty of $10 million for making misleading advertising claims, the federal Competition Bureau announced ..The Bureau found that Bell had, since December 2007, charged more than advertised for many of its services, including home phone, internet, satellite TV and wireless. Additional fees, such as those related to TouchTone, modem rental and digital television services, were hidden from consumers in fine-print disclaimers and were mandatory, on top of the advertised prices. Customers purchasing any of the services individually were also faced with the same misleading information, as additional fees were excluded from those advertised prices as well, the bureau said.
Bell to pay $10-million for misleading ads Globe and Mail This is not the first time Ms. Aitken’s bureau has targeted big telecom companies: Late last year, the bureau said it was taking Rogers Communications Inc. to court seeking a $10-million penalty over “misleading” advertising related to Rogers’ new wireless rivals, such as Wind Mobile. The telecom sector is infamous for burying additional costs or contractual obligations in fine print, particularly in wireless, where consumers are often hit with extra fees when they try to switch providers. Ms. Aitken said.
This penalty money is still a drop in the bucket as to what Bell should even pay now for it’s unacceptable sins, consumer abuses….

 The country’s competition watchdog is asking an Ontario court to levy a record $10-million penalty to Rogers Communications Inc.for “misleading advertising” that criticized new competitors Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile. The Competition Bureau of Canada is seeking the highest possible penalty from the country’s largest wireless player after a two-month investigation into claims that Rogers had been making since late July..  The bureau said that based on “an extensive review of technical data, obtained from a number of sources,” there was “no discernible difference in dropped call rates between Rogers/Chatr and new entrants.”“We won’t hesitate to seek the maximum penalty against companies that are engaged in misleading behaviour,” Melanie Aitken, the commissioner of competition, said on Friday. “It distorts competition and hurts consumers.” “We take that as a very strong signal that Parliament and Canadians expect us to use the tools they’ve given us, and when there are cases of clear misleading advertising, those penalties are there for a reason,” Ms. Aitken said. The penalty, a civil matter, is different than a fine, a term reserved for punishments levied in criminal cases. The bureau attempted to negotiate a settlement between Wind Mobile, which filed the complaint, and Rogers, as it usually does in cases like this, but said Rogers had refused to address their concerns, leading them to seek action through the courts. The Competition Bureau has asked the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to order Rogers to pay the penalty, to stop making the claims, and to “issue a corrective notice to inform the general public about the nature and provisions of the order issued against them.” The bureau also recommended Rogers pay restitution to customers who chose the Chatr service over that of another because of the ad campaign.

In a lawsuit brought against BCE’s Bell Mobility by Rogers Communications Inc., Mr. Justice Austin Cullen yesterday issued a temporary injunction under the Competition Act forcing Bell Mobility to stop claiming it operates the “most reliable” wireless network. Bell must begin to remove the bulk of its advertisements with the “most reliable” claim by Dec. 22, and have all such material out of the marketplace by Jan. 19, 2010.  “This highlights that companies have to be careful and cautious when making performance claims,” said Steve Szentisi, a Vancouver-based competition lawyer

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Majority of Canadians they still just want  all pricing to be simple and fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have they all undeniably too done now  anything but that… they give out lies, misleading adds instead  and practise unfair business competetion behaviors..

June 7, 2011

Justice applies to the police, and all corporations now as well

Want to reduce our tax bills, and save vast amounts of money that can be used to help the poor people? Start first by firing all the bad supervisors , managers now everywhere…
Now if the evil persons are not directly punished for their wrong doings, they will continue wrongfully to do them, and this applies to the corporations and the bad civil and public servants, cops now as
Being nice to evil, corrupted, persons is a complete waste of time for they still have no incentive to change from their wicked, evil ways
Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the wicked bad persons, bad corporations serves everyone’s best interests.
It seems clear to me we have hired too many incompetent managers even for our civil and public services, the police now included, not surprising this likley is a direct result of inbreeding or hiring one’s close friends as managers.
Recently a person told me directly he is very suspicious of civil and public servants including the RCMP, Revenue Canada, Health Canada, Consumer Affairs who often have to use Media, Public relationship advertisement approach to indicate they are supposedly doing well their job because it is not regularly, systematically obvious to most persons.. and realy why? because these same very poor departments as well are clearly cost  ineffective, wasteful, inefficient, pretentious, etc..
Take the case where 4 police officers shot and killed a homeless person near the Montreal St Luc Hopsital and they had even killed an innocent hospital worker who was passing by.. it is really hard for anyone of us to believe that the same 4 policemen could not tackle, disarm now one homeless person and they rather had to shoot him and because they the police had already made up their mind to kill him? the tip of the iceberg of bad cops.. bad managers, bad justice ministers!

Violent police cases need outside eye, Quebec told “ – ‎Jun 10, 2011‎ Patrick Limoges  was killed by a stray police bullet Tuesday. Radio-Canada Ombudsman Raymonde Saint-Germain said civilians must be included in investigations involving such incidents to eliminate the appearance of bias. “

 Reminds me of the RCMP fiasco at the Vancouver airport..  Many people already do know that the internal police reviews are scams, whitewash, absurd.
Ever notice also how the also clearly perverse firms like Bell, Rogers, Primus, Virgin Mobile etc., do now demand immediate Bill payements but are so slow to reply to the customer  concerns, Billing queries.
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May 22, 2011

The people with a past big clout in Canada 2011

Even a sword is really still a useless weapon if you do not use it , use it properly too.. Both the federal and provincial governments, as well as the news media can make significant positive changes, when they want too.. but the federal government’s power is Canada wide..
The Office of the Prime Minister   
The federal Cabinet  includes
The Honourable Bernard Valcourt Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
–  The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
–  The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson Minister of National Defence
–  The Honourable Rona Ambrose  Minister of Health
The Honourable Diane Finley Minister of Public Works and Government Services  .
The Honourable Tony Clement President of the Treasury Board
The Honourable James Michael Flaherty Minister of Finance
The Honourable Jason Kenney Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism
The Honourable John Baird  Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird;
The Honourable Christian Paradis Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie
The Honourable James Moore Minister of Industry
The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq Minister of the Environment, Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
and Minister for the Arctic Council
The Honourable Lisa Raitt Minister of Transport
The Honourable Gail Shea Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
The Honourable Julian Fantino Minister of Veterans Affairs
The Honourable Steven Blaney Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness,
The Honourable Edward Fast Minister of International Trade
– The Honourable Gerry Ritz Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
The Honourable Joe Oliver Minister of Natural Resources
The Honourable Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay Minister of National Revenue
The Honourable Shelly Glover Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
The Honourable Chris Alexander Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
The Honourable Kellie Leitch Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women
The Honourable Maxime Bernier Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture)
The Honourable Lynne Yelich Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular)
–  The Honourable Gary Goodyear Minister of State (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario)
–  The Honourable Rob Moore Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)
–  The Honourable Tim Uppal Minister of State (Multiculturalism)
The Honourable Alice Wong Minister of State (Seniors
The Honourable Bal Gosal Minister of State (Sport)
The Honourable John DuncanMinister of State and Chief Government Whip
The Honourable Kevin Sorenson Minister of State (Finance)
The Honourable Denis Lebel Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs
and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec
The Honourable Pierre Poilievre Minister of State (Democratic Reform)
–  The Honourable Candice Bergen Minister of State (Social Development)
The Honourable Greg RickfordMinister of State (Science and Technology,
and Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario)
The Honourable Michelle Rempel Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification)
The Honourable Peter Van Loan Leader of the Government in the House of Commons
Imagine how many Liberals supporters will next lose their jobs  now and be replaced with the Conservatives friends too. History repeats itself. The Liberals had though contributed to their own demise even by their false arrogance.
Now they too do clearly now do need better managers and better employees.. Canada’s main hiring problems is that too often the general manager tends to hire friends or friends of friends as subordinate managers.. all meaning next that you cannot discipline or manage any of them, or fire them.. so the subordinate employees also tend to be aware of it too.. they also next tend to do the minimum amount of work that they can get away with and not be blamed for.. so the firm’s or department whole productivity is next at an all time low and eventually all of these now bad firms, departments next do pay for it, their reputation goes down, even their stock prices go down, and their profitability as well, etc. Firing now next the general manager does shake up the pecking order and it tends to get an increase of the profitability, productivity
Note this that Opposition Leader Jack Layton said he will name his shadow cabinet after his biggest-ever 103-member caucus meets in person for the first time early next week. While he wouldn’t give any names, he did signal that women would play a major part of his front bench — unlike the cabinet Harper unveiled Wednesday, which gave 10 of 39 appointments to women. The NDP has 42 female MPs, the largest percentage of women MPs of any caucus..

.. Possible next election issues such as –

– the big telecommunication firms such as Bell, Rogers that have many customers complaints that are abusing , price gouging their customers, behaving in a dictatorial manner

– the need for a new and more effective homeland security , police force to the replace the inadequate RCMP and the inadequate CISS. they all are a big joke…

– Policing in all of Canada is a big farce, a big pretence, with too many bad and abusive cops hired firstly

– the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings.

Many persons in this decade in Canada are still also getting a hospital acquired sickness and many are even dying from it still too.. It is really unbelievable that many people are dying in hospitals even because of the shit disease, c-difficile still.. a common sickness spread and escalated even because the hospital’s bathrooms also are not being cleaned adequately still and so this sickness it next spreads easily. Lazy Hospital employees are gossiping, goofing off, socializing, having a good time while patients die as a direct result now too. Poor house cleaning in hospitals is never ever acceptable. And absolutely o one gets punished for it, not the health ministers, not the hospital administrators as well and this also is never ever acceptable.

Did you ever notice how the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings. Medicare which is like a an old, run downed, over used,vehicle that now needs long delays, loads of money , continually repair, and very expensive maintenance. You also do find out how the bad, 9-5 Medicare system even in the major cities now is when you do go to use it, when you really do need it. You also find out the common long delays to even try to get adequate medical treatments for your minor or serious problems, serious sicknesses and you also do find out firsthand that Medicare is not fully covered, not fully available readily for all your Medicare needs and you do find out that it is short staffed in optometrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, in many of the areas that your general practioner, family doctor generally refuses to touch, get involved in, mostly because he or she is incompetent to deal with these areas. None of this perverse, pretense Medicare, Ministers are acceptable.

A person shared with me recently the too common fact that the “customer relationship” departments or even the “hospital ombudsmen”, “provincial ombudsman” for that fact now, they are now a too often are perverse public relationship affair, or the institution’s lies or the spin doctors, bullies, mostly who are liars, con artists and truly they are not there at all to serve the best interest of the citizens, customers. These rather too often price gougers too still do seem falsely to like to find any excuse to stick more charges to the customers even

In Canada today it is a well known and documented fact that the majority of our major telecommunication firm’s customer care and/or billing departments even those of Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, Primus are still now very abusive too often towards the customers , they are too often useless, pretentious, immoral even, and the words “customer care” here clearly are misleading, false, they rather are paid company employees who look after the customer’s sole interest who quote the firms own policies, rights, demands.. These same mostly self serving firms and department, persons tend to disrespect even the federal and provincial laws, the consumer protection laws included as ai have found out myself many times now too. They all tend to firstly really not care about any of the customer’s personal abuses, hardships, losses, pains, concerns for almost all of these corporations solely care only about the firm’s own profitability, and their sole, bottom line for them is making more of the almighty buck not matter what the costs, even to the customers.

Did you also not notice how they all tend to lie and make openly a public claim that they have the best, have the fastest speeds, have a good customer services now as well.. for they all seem to have to advertise falsely what is thus clearly not visible to many.. they seem to have to continually advertise for new customers cause they have a hard time keeping many of the old ones..

Speaking of the too often unacceptable corporate false misleading adverting’s, distortions of the realities even the pharmaceutical firms are also of the this when the use terms like the best, number one, fast relief, extra strong, rapid release, tested which is not true for every sickness or for every sick person.. all this is an ongoing false play on words misleading the average consumers and not helping them to get the medical relief they want, need.

The law already clearly specifies that to be valid a contract between two parties has to be also fair to both of the parties involved, but sadly almost all OF Canada’s telecommunications firms have a grossly one sided contract terms, definitions that mainly dictates out the rights of the firms only and not the customers rights, and this is grossly both illegal and immoral. Public exposure and prosecution of the liars, bullies, abusers, guilty firms serves everyone’s best interest.

Now I had called the customer care department at Primus to confirm my cancellation of their Primus phone services, because they had lied when they had promised now to all the lowest phone bill, and I had asked them Primus if they would confirm the cancellation to me in writing, but they Primus had replied that there was no need to since they Primus had a record of my phone conversation and the details, Now anyway I next immediately confirmed the cancellation date as well to them Primus in writing, and the Quebec law required they Primus give me a full billing balance statement and a full refund within 15 days. But next Primus disregarded my requests, and the Quebec law, and they Primus had next falsely had continued with the cancellation as per their own way as they Primus saw fit to do so, as per their own Primus policies. When I had called the Primus customer care back, had even spoken next to the Primus immediate supervisor, to confirm my objection of their Primus poor actions, abuse of my personal rights, they Primus told me that they themselves Primus had now no right to deal here with my issues, objections, concerns matters and I should contact instead their Primus legal department.. what a useless and immoral, pretentious Primus customer care department now as well. It seems that even the majority of the major telecommunication firms customer care departments they are are useless, , pretentious, immoral even, bullies. The too often perverse internal self regulation by these firms is just more unacceptable masturbation.

Clearly as per here too Primus and even most of these big corporations falsely and unacceptably do still believe that they are still above giving accountability to anyone and they do nor have to respect even the provincial laws.

The RCMP commercial crime division itself does not care if the citizens get robbed, abused by these major firms cause it is a known fact that the RCMP itself has abused the taxpayers, their money too and RCMP is also known to be cost infective, abusive, pretentious and it the RCMP as well needs to be full prosecuted and disbanded too.

Many persons in this decade in Canada are still also getting a hospital acquired sickness and many are even dying from it still too.. It is really unbelievable that many people are dying in hospitals even because of the shit disease, c-difficile still.. a common sickness spread and escalated even because the hospital’s bathrooms also are not being cleaned adequately still and so this sickness it next spreads easily. Lazy Hospital employees are gossiping, goofing off, socializing, having a good time while patients die as a direct result now too. Poor house cleaning in hospitals is never ever acceptable. And absolutely o one gets punished for it, not the health ministers, not the hospital administrators as well and this also is never ever acceptable.

Did you ever notice how the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings. Medicare which is like a an old, run downed, over used,vehicle that now needs long delays, loads of money , continually repair, and very expensive maintenance.

You also do find out how the bad, 9-5 Medicare system even in the major cities now is when you do go to use it, when you really do need it. You also find out the common long delays to even try to get adequate medical treatments for your minor or serious problems, serious sicknesses . And you also do find out firsthand that Medicare is not fully covered, not fully available readily for all your Medicare needs and you do find out that it is short staffed in optometrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, in many of the areas that your general practioner, family doctor generally refuses to touch, get involved in, mostly because he or she is incompetent to deal with these areas.

It is also an undeniable fact that too many seniors are poor, the do not spend enough money on food and thus get sick more easier, as well as one ages one has less strength to do house cleaning, especially elderly seniors and as a result they too easily pick up infections at home as a result as well and do pass it on to many others as well.


None of this perverse, pretense Medicare, Ministers are acceptable.


May 17, 2011

the false prophets, self serving liars, spin doctors


You know that in the daily real life now there are a major amount of significant portion of people in the population that that are unacceptable major liars, OR SPIN DOCTORS, PERSONS WHO HAVE A HIDDEN AGENDA, sometimes not that well hidden, and that often now even includes ; too many politicians , business persons, professionals even such as pastors nurses, doctors, cops, civil servants, too many of those who do make a claim they are here to serve you when in fact the are basically still self serving, looking mainly after number one and that is themselves.
In real life yes there are much too many false prophets, self serving liars, spin doctors that we all do need to look out for, and not just the bad car salesmen or the bad car mechanics.
One of the very unacceptable lies that some spin doctors falsely try to promote as being the truth is that anyone consuming alcohol in moderation is acceptable, even good for you.. and in reality nothing can be further from the truth for in reality alcohol damages your brain cells even every single time you consume it. (Prov 20:1 KJV) Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
Do see Alcohol..

Binge drinking affects long-term memory: study Toronto Sun – Thane Burnett – ‎There may be a longer-term impact on Canadian youth who binge drink than just how crappy they feel in the morning. It’s likely robbing some of long-term memories, new research has found.

And here is another one of those too common, unacceptable lies you do hear from more spin doctors.. one you do hear often from the cell and phone companies.. they have done their own surveys and found out that most customers are satisfied with their phone services, customer billing services, only a small percentage of persons are dissatisfied.. Do see Virgin Mobile
and note this the city of Montreal has approved a supposedly great economic plan  of a $108-million bailout package for the Montreal  Bixi bike-sharing program. City council had voted 35-25  in favour of the package, initially proposed by mayor Gérald Tremblay. The package includes $37-million to cover Bixi’s deficit, and another $71-million in loan guarantees to export and develop the system abroad. But  how in the world can these guys now even next still make money when they rent the Bikes for 5 dollars  day and they say it costs about $7,500 per bike to purchase,manufacture, install  the bike and related services.. in the end so who is serving whom? 85 percent of the Montreal  citizens surveyed had opposed this economic package too.
And here are some more unacceptable spin doctors lies we often do now encounter too;
– Most people are basically good and honest… our civil and public servants, professionals included now
– All religions are basically the same.. It does not matter what you believe in as long as you do believe in something … dream on..
– We are here to serve you -Do see ..“We’re here to help. Contact us.” and For sure They will make it worse.
– Gambling is not harmful to you..
– Bad cops can be retrained.. The bad RCMP
– Self regulation works well, self regulation of firms, professionals, cops included or is immoral masturbation too often?
Medicare cannot be improved without injecting more money- Do see
– All of the medicines available in pharmacies these days have been accepted, tested and have no dangerous side effects- ha ha ha All pharmacists do note – Why do we pay so much for drugs?
– We need to legalize marijuana do see Don’t be stupid and try pot or decriminalize marijuana
– The government cares and now has done all that it can do to help the citizens, consumers,and there is nothing more it can do.
…in real life you always have to be careful

April 27, 2011

Undeniably Canada’s Gravy train continues to cause our taxes to increase, our costs as well

All you have to do is to read and hear the Canadian new  and you will know  continually how the incompetent, pretentious the federal, provincial and municipal governments are and how they now do a realy bad job of managing our tax dollars, and our civil and public servants and thus you will thus never be surprised as to why a major significant portion of your hard earned money continues wrongfully to go  to taxes even under the new Conservative government.
Putting more of your tax dollars to cover the poor , pretentious, inadequate work of our politicians, civil and public savants is a continual waste, an attempt to fill a bucket full of large draining holes.
Even undeniably the Police and the RCMP are cost ineffective, not properly managed and that now also includes even our medicare system.

Once elected the elected representative and their staff tend to unreachable, uncaring and the only time you tend to hear from these now arrogant, uncaring, indifferent persons  is at the next election times  where they tend to make more lying promises not likely to be met again. At re-election times they all do make promises, and once elected they even do make some laws, but they also do tend to  pass the buck next generally as well. That is the unacceptable general problem with Canada’s pretentious politicians,  consumer affairs Ministers, Health and justice  ministers, Civil and public servants, the RCMP police included too often now as well who like to dump, dumb you, leave you on your own as quick as possible. Civil and public servants, and Phone cell companies employees are all very much the same,, they seem too often to lie claiming they will do a good job to get a pay but when it comes to delivering the work effectiveness promises they start to quote established polices.. buck passing excuses.
It is no surprise that the RCMP too often cannot catch the bad guys cause the RCMP management cannot even properly manage it’s bad RCMP officers effectively too. More revenue generating traffic tickets offenders is what the cops are only good at catching mostly still too..
THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA -FIRE THEM ALL NOW  No cop is above the law. Too bad for them they are paid to work still too. Police still fail to catch most of the real criminals including the car thieves, and the Fraud perpetrated over the Internet which still is a growing citizen concern in Canada and throughout the world. The police always claim they lack resources, they will never have enough resources if they reuse to do a decent days work for their pay. Giving more money to the bad police does not increase justice rather it tends to make a police state instead..   Hypocritical Police and Conservatives want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts  and do note that too.
All professionals the Cops, RCMP, judges, doctors, Nurses,  lawyers, politicians   are always  to be held to a higher exemplary standard and not a lower one.. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.
.. double justice systems a Canadian norm..

And don’t try to give us all  the crap that any  bad police officers can be next still retrained, reformed .. the police themselves tend not to believe that any of the bad guys can be reformed

Majority of Canadians they just want  all pricing to be fair — and Primus, Virgin, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but. The consumer abuses by   Bell, Rogers, Virgin, Telus etc. they all should be an election issue.. Majority of Canadians they just want  all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but. Bell , Rogers, etc are, after all, mostly federally unregulated companies,.. and these bad big businesses get the corporate tax breaks from the Conservatives too.. they should rather pay a higher tax.. 

It has been the undeniable experience of many many Canadian citizens, consumers that Canada’s major telecommunication, phone and cell sales, service companies are already known to be poorly managed, greedy, guilty of FALSE MISLEADING ADVERTING,  OFTEN KNOWN to be liars who even do falsely deny any accountability, personal responsibility for their poor acts. I too have recently had bad experience myself with Bell, Rogers, Primus and Virgin as well. These same firms TEND not TO like for  you to deal with them in writing, they want you rather TO PHONE THEM SO THEY THERE OFTEN DO LIE TO YOU AND YOU HAVE NO RECORD OF WHAT WAS SAID. My being used to producing engineering designs, reports, cost control reports I am used to put it into writing but I am next realy surprised how many persons in the governments, telecommunication industry find an excuse not to write back, ask instead to talk to me by phone, cause they do not want any evidences of their wrong doings in writing firstly. Just for example ask your phone company to send you a copy of your specific contract, your latest agreement details with them  and you will see jowl they are all reluctant to do so now. While they will even on the phone promise to do so they will next not do so generally. These people too often do know that they can lie on the phone without facing negative consequences, SO I LIKE TO FOLLOW UP ALL PHONE CONVERSATIONS, AGREEMENT  IN WRITING TO THEM
Certainly the   Canada immigration system, it’s supervisors too just like the justice system, Medicare, the civil and public servants all do desperately needs a major shakeup and updated with decent, moral, good persons too the last 40 years. Why does it take a half a century to fix the systems that  many of us rightfully already do know needs major repairs.  Major inadequacies, problems here now have been happening for decades. Demand a fix to the Canadian immigration laws too and all the bad related personnel!!
In fact major tax evasions, working under the table is an ongoing reality..

I have had the unfortunate task of too many times of being a personal security guard, a witness, a facilitator with senior patients  while they were in the hospital,or in old age homes or with their doctors.. and what I have seen now is too often pretentious medicine, doctors and nurses now  too doing as little as possible cause not only do they still get paid out of sight next is out of mind.. and cause the pain of others tends not to hurt the doctors.. I can say that the medical services drastically, exponentially improves when I do make I known that I do fully expose, and prosecute all bad medical services I do see. By the way I am realy tired of those pretend, incompetent doctors, the nurses who have such a basic rudimentary medical   knowledge that it even tends to be useless, and they tend to go overboard with it as well…. so they too often have  have become pretenders, imposters, fools.. Manage better now the health care system and all bad doctors and bad nurses need to go to a jail


Still now   do get leaders who care about the citizens welfare firstly  and fire all of the alcoholics,
Once a liar always a liar too.
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest and that includes now firing, terminating our bad ministers, bad managers, all of the bad politicians, civil and public servants, bad police, bad RCMP included.
The often bad Quebec Government also tends to be too soft on crime punishment and tends not to prosecute the bad civil and public servants.

Yes many Quebecers seem to rightfully believe, do  presently feel, that and  Premier Jean Charest and the Quebec Liberals have allowed too often the misappropriation of tax payers money in Quebec, even due to corruptions, bad management , they now do try to  balance the budgets  at the expense of the suffering , citizens, especially the sick , elderly, and do now still have a bad medical care.

The lying spin doctors do not fool everyone as to what they are now too.   ..liars

And do see also

 It is no surprise that the RCMP too often cannot catch the bad guys


If you are a senior do not see a doctor alone

Canada’s medicare

It should be an election issue – the Bad phone companies

……  Let me be clear as to what I think about the too often no good RCMP and bad politicians as well.. they all do need to be fired, replaced, removed permanently ASAP..

… so now where are the good   Ministers???????


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