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February 3, 2011

Unacceptable ABUSES by the PROFESSIONALS even

Just  cause a person now has an University or a  College degree it does not mean now even that  he or she is a saint, even godly or moral  for that matter. I have already encountered myself now too many crooked lawyers, crooked accountants, bad doctors and bad Nurses, to believe that most of them are saints.
When you get older, over 45 you  do start to appreciate the value  of medicine  for your pains, ailments, sickness and you do thus spend more time at the local pharmacies. Not by any personal choice now as well.  
Now every one can readily know that to get customers these days the big firms tend to lie too often, for they promise, do make claim they care about the good welfare of the customer, they provide a decent, honourable , reliable service  which is too often now nothing like the reality, not  the truth as well. That includes the major telecommunications firms like Telus, Rogers, Bell, Primus or what ever, if you here don’t believe me do try to complain about something, especially about your billings, and see how in fact they do respond.
But a very bad customer services too  often these days come unacceptable from the Big Pharmacy chains now as well , even  firms like Jean Coutu and Pharma-Prix, Shoppers Drug mart  both are know to be amongst the worst, realy bad. Now this bad services comes from both the male and female pharmacists.. for  it seems some of these young college graduates do seem to wrongfully  think that just cause they finished a college now  they themselves do not have to be kind, decent, respectable to others anymore, that they are above us other folks, college education what makes them superior in some way?  
Now I recently went to many a drug store to get a refill for an off the shelf medicine Solu Net that was kept behind the dugs counter, and 2 drugs stores pharmacists next had  refused to even serve me, yes both a Pharma Prix and a Jean Coutu. The fact that I had bought the same medicine 2 weeks ago for $2,99 did not matter to them, they were not interested to sell it to me right now and the Pharmacist at Pharma prix now  told me to come back next week for it.. Dream on.. I loudly asked to speak the   store manager to find out why he the pharmacists was so lazy that he could not give it to me right now, the previous pharmacists had not problems selling it to me… I said out loud that was not going anywhere till I got my medicine too,  and subsequently they quite readily gave it. sold it   to me and the same bad pharmacist now had an embarrassed look on his face. Why could they all not be so nice in the first place.Why? because the  selfish, self center  bullies do too now still do often exist  in the Banks, Civil and public services,  and in the medical fields, including too many cops, receptionists, Nurses and Pharmacists who themselves now wrongfully are used to order other people around, force them into submission, a common negative behavior that I rightfully do not accept and expose it for what it is, unacceptable perversity. Professional Resect has to be rightfully  earned still in my book.
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