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February 15, 2011


We can all readily supervise the expenditure of our tax dollars, and all of our civil and public servants, including the reporting of their inadequacies. There are also the good and bad civil and public servants and there are also good bad bad  news media personnel now as well.
Speaking of inadequacies such as those paid persons who clearly fail to clean the snow of the sidewalks adequately. But we all still do know how to readily city hall also is to give out revenue generating  fines,  tickets to the citizens and not to the bad civil and public servants who do too often deserve it.
What about the undeniable fact that too many of our civil and public servants do their own personal business, travel, entertainment or are guilty of budget misappropriation even at the tax payers expense, or those who go home early and do not do a full day’s paid work too? Or what about those false costs saving measures where the speedy sanitary workers spill the garbage they are collecting onto the streets?
Too many of our bad and civil servants are still being paid, even are being given significant raises for doing a bad job and this is never acceptable for they rightfully should rather be firstly fired, removed from work. There is no doubt about it too that our taxes at the federal, provincial, municipal levels  falsely keep on increasing because too many of our civil and public servants and their expenditures are not being generally fully, properly supervised.
You can now also  easily spot the no good, lying , pretentious news media, for they like to falsely praise what good news reporters they now are but also to put a false positive spins on the negative realities and in the process falsely justify, cover up the acts of the no good, wasteful  civil and public servants.
Of course there are always still  those sensationalized glory hunting desperate news reporters who also like to make mountains out of mole hills even because  they are too lazy , afraid to deal with serious, important issues…so some issues never get reported like when was the last time you heard about a bad nurse being disciplined, punished?

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