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March 31, 2011

Cop suspended with pay


Time to change the rules  Toronto Sun – ‎Mar 29, 2011‎“We pointed out that each year, across the province, some 50 officers are suspended with pay, which costs the public around $5 million,” he said. “It cost the Big 12 police boards $17 million in the last 5 years in salaries for suspended police …

Halifax’s deputy police chief suspended with pay – Deputy Chief Chris McNeil, the brother of Liberal leader Stephen McNeil, has been suspended with pay in relation to allegations of perjury under the Nova Scotia Police Act, sources told The Chronicle Herald on Thursday. A second officer has also been …

Deputy Chief Chris McNeil has been suspended with pay from Halifax Regional Police while investigators look into allegations he might have lied under oath.
My own real experiences is that most cops lie when confronted with their own wrong doings..
So now another cop is even suspended with pay which by itself  is bad enough but when their court costs are also being paid by the taxpayers that is now going to far as well..
In the real world in the private sector if you were going to court facing a criminal charge you were unpaid for the days you not only were unpaid for the days you take off from work, and none of your legal fees would be paid by your company, but likley you would be immediately fired without a everance pay as well.. for mostly no one wants a bad reputation person  around the office as it is bad for business, morale, productivity…
And don’t try to give us all  the crap that any  bad police officers can be next still retrained, reformed .. the police themselves tend not to believe that any of the bad guys can be reformed
and we need real, decent,  moral cops and not pretentious ones…

March 23, 2011



We all  can already readily know that the police brass in Canada and Canada wide also tend to be guilty of empire building too  and they are too often beating a dead horse asking for more and more money too since most cops, the RCMP included they do tend to be very ineffective in their jobs still…. still in Ontario A first-class constable starts at a salary of $83,259. this is even an uneducated person. . Cleary the police are also now very much  not cost effective.. In fact most criminals in Canada are never apprehended.. Now also they the police cannot have it both ways.. the Police brass  often do like to point out that the overall crime rates are down indicating  that the police have been doing a good job at the while they same time while they are asking for more money to improve, upgrade the police services.. this distortions fails to admit the high number of criminals never caught, jailed, apprehended and now still when the   police are given a  whole bunch of money, millions of dollars to spend it always  should still be their job still  to spend the money in a responsible, accountable  manner. Recently I ,myself had encountered a, on the job  cop supervisor with a radio shopping in a bicycle store trying to buy a bike outfit for himself, and he was called away  to deal with a an ongoing crime, that also still is not an acceptable use of tax payer’s money.. shopping while on duty!


“Prof. Lee demonstrates how rare it is for criminals to spend any time at all in prison, whether federal prisons or the comparatively less harsh provincial ones. Of the almost 2.5 million crimes reported to police annually in Canada, only about 250000 (10%) result in convictions. Meanwhile, among those convicted, only about 27% will go to prison, roughly 25% to provincial jails and 2% to federal ones. The remaining 73% are let out with time served, sentenced to community service or fined. People have given up reporting crime to police because there are so few convictions any more, and those there are carry with them ridiculously light punishments.People under 30 commit most of society’s crimes, and there is simply a smaller portion of Canadians under 30 than there were two or three decades ago.

It is likely that more than seven million crimes are committed each year in Canada. If that’s the case, then convictions are won in just 3.4% of crimes, and prison terms are handed out in just under 1%. The chance of doing “federal time” is less than one-tenth of 1%, when taken in relation to the number of total crimes committed.

It is ludicrous to imagine that criminals don’t instinctively understand these long odds, and that they aren’t thereby emboldened to commit crimes.

Our incarceration rates are only one-sixth those of the United States — 116 per 100,000 population versus 756 per 100,000 — largely because we don’t lock people away for committing property crimes. Our incarceration rates also are lower than the average for the world’s 34 developed countries, and are substantially lower than in other common-law countries such as England and Wales, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.”

Note – revenue generating traffic tickets offenders is what the cops are only good at catching mostly still too..
If you are non white it is also more likley that you will be arrested and jailed..
.. for decades Canada has had too many bad cops and bad justice ministers.


March 11, 2011

bad cops and bad justice ministers – ‘Nobody is above the law’

Date: Tuesday Mar. 15, 2011 2:58 PM ET An Ottawa police officer has been charged with sexual assault in connection with the treatment of a woman taken into custody in 2008 who was seen in surveillance video having her shirt and bra cut off. The charges stem from an investigation launched late last year by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, which probes incidents of death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault involving police. Last November, the SIU began investigating the case of Stacy Bonds, who was arrested for alcohol-related offences, including public intoxication, on Sept. 6, 2008. She was also charged with assaulting a peace officer. The SIU launched its investigation after the video of the police search of Bonds surfaced, showing Special Const. Melanie Morris kneeing her in the back, after which Sgt. Steven Desjourdy cuts off her shirt and bra. Last October, after seeing the video, Ontario Court Justice Richard Lajoie stayed the charges against Bonds, and expressed concern about the conduct of the officers during her time in custody. In December, Bonds filed a $1.2-million lawsuit against the Ottawa police force. In her statement of claim, Bonds says police violated her Charter rights because her treatment while in custody came close to torture. The statement contends that Bonds suffered “two shattering blows” to her side, was subjected to “a highly intrusive, unnecessary and unlawful search,” and suffered “emotional and physical trauma.” Bonds also accuses police of discriminating against her because she is a black woman. 

The people who supposedly enforce the laws themselves are still not above the laws..

‘I’ve learned my rights,’ says victim stripped by Ottawa police Montreal Gazette – Stacy Bonds is the subject of story that due to her mistreatment by a number of Ottawa police officers has prompted a judge to condemn them as “malicious”


Loser abound cause nobody really does anything good about this cause they fear the negative reactions, oppositions too


I was watching another of those typical TV cop shows which show the cops as the unacceptable drunks, adulterers, thieves, murderers, drug addicts and even persons who cover up their fellow partners immoralities, and it was not far from the realities we all do seem to  know,  but why our too often  pretentious justice ministers themselves do continue to excuse, coverup for  their inaction on our much too many bad cops Canada wide  is still also unacceptable.. bad justice ministers seem to be afraid of the cops cause why? for are  they are doing bad things as well?
.. there goes some more bad cops..
Cops reprimanded for not declaring alcohol  CHATHAM, Ont. – Two high-ranking police officers have been demoted and disciplined failing to disclose how much alcohol they were bringing back to Canada from the US Chatham-Kent Police Service staff sergeants Jeff Littlewood Chatham-Kent Police Service staff sergeants Jeff Littlewood and Brian Biskey both pleaded guilty last month to discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act after for bringing the alcohol across Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ont., on Dec. 3,.. they bought 40 bottles of alcohol and two cases of beer and tried to bring them back into Canada.

It is a well known undeniable facts that too many cops now are alcoholics and these now brain damaged alcoholics cannot do a decent job.. they need to be dismissed.. for they rarely can be helped..

.. reality

‘Nobody is above the law’ Cops and the RCMP included now!

Ex-Canadian cop gets 10½ years in teen sex case  Paul Maher, 60, of Richmond, Ont., plans to petition the government in Canada to allow him to serve most of his jail time north of the border, public defender Thomas Livingston said after the sentence was imposed by a federal judge in Pittsburgh.

Former Canada cop sentenced after sex sting Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Ex-cop faces life in prison after teen sex sting Toronto Sun

March 2, 2011

McGill University Montreal


Cleaning one’s own house first is in order even here too..  Too many McGill administrators, doctors are already known to be bad managers, money hungry while the university too readily takes our tax dollars now too and too allow falsely often abuses us too.. McGill is already very unpopular amongst the majority of Quebec French speaking persons.

Medical journals still publishing studies that fail to reveal funding: study The findings signal there are still significant gaps in proper reporting of conflicts of interest in medical research, said Brett Thombs, a professor in the psychiatry department at McGill University and an author of the study.

Major Drug Review Research Fails to Disclose Funding Sources BusinessWeek

Burying potential conflicts of interest Science News Influential research misses financial conflicts Reuters

Pharma Times – The Press Association


MONTREAL – One of the country’s most prestigious universities faces punishment for boosting tuition fees for its MBA program by nearly 900 per cent in an effort to keep it competitive.
McGill University began charging $29,500 annually for its two-year MBA program in September, claiming it was chafing under a provincial tuition freeze capped at roughly $3,400 per year.
Quebec’s education department has been battling the move, saying it undermines the key principle underlying the province’s university system: broad access.
The government finally announced Tuesday that the Montreal-based school would also be fined for its actions.
“It’s an exceptional measure,” Education Minister Line Beauchamp said in Quebec City. “We will have figures on the penalty (amount) soon.”
Beauchamp added that it was unacceptable for a Quebec university to charge such high rates for a regular degree program, arguing that it hurt the integrity of the university system.

Quebec, McGill’s MBA and too-low tuition fees  The confrontation between McGill University and the government of Quebec over the $29500 in tuition fees McGill is charging for its MBA program is not going to end well. Both sides are rejecting compromise. McGill says that in the real world $29500 is

McGill faces fine for hiking MBA tuition fees nearly 900 per cent Toronto Star

900 percent fee hike by McGill University fuels anger Sify McGill to be penalized over MBA tuition hike

Globe and Mail – Ottawa Business Journal

March 1, 2011

The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog


Me I am rightfully very opinionated about what I rightfully do think about any and all of our and civil and public servants, bad politicians in Canada.. for when you come to actually use their services rather when you need it realy is when do you find out firsthand what crap they do offer.. and you do hear their false excuse for not doing their promised jobs now too. I have had politicians come to my door and there give me a useless, typical lying speech and once in office they figured they can forget about me, tell me to go to hell till the next election day.. no not if I can help it.. I make it my job next to expose the liars I do firsthand encounter, especially all bad church minsters, all bad ministers- bad politicians, all bad doctors, all bad nurses , all bad cops, yes all of the too often bad civil and public servants.. I rightfully always still do expect them to do a good Job on behalf of me and all Canadians , and all of the time or else you can read their inadequacies readily here too. I meet too many pretentious professionals.. bad cops, bad doctors, bad nurses,, there seems to be more bad ones over the good ones,, clearly someone in the governments is not doing a good enough job here,, and too often it seems to start with the bad , no good justice ministers even.. well I do not accept rightfully even their crap now quietly as well.

Have you also not noticed how much time the government ministers do now have to advertise to us all what a good job they are supposedly doing because clearly  it is not very obvious..
 Did you not notice how bad of a job they are doing in keeping the sidewalks safe even now during the winter months even..
Or did you also now notice how much money Bell does need to spend on adverting and continually, I guess it is to offset the many many customers they are often and continually losing due to their poor support and failure to keep their original  promises to the customers now too..
Majority of Canadians they just want all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but.
“Why aren’t things happening?” Opposition MPs accused the FEDERAL government Tuesday of dragging its heels on creating an independent board to oversee the RCMP. Four years ago, a federal task force on the RCMP called for major changes to the structure, independence and oversight of the Mounties. It urged creation of a management board that would oversee financial affairs, resources, services, property, personnel and procurement… explain why the government hasn’t created a management board for the force. 

Elder abuse: A growing dilemma in an aging population The biggest perpetrators of violence against seniors were adult children (15 per 100,000 cases) or a current or former spouse (13 per 100,000). Elder abuse can take several forms. Among them:

  • Neglect: Signs include unkempt appearance, broken glasses, lack of appropriate clothing as well as malnutrition, dehydration and poor personal hygiene.
  • Physical Abuse: Signs include untreated or unexplainable injuries in various stages of healing, limb and skull fractures, bruises, black eyes and welts.
  • Psychological/emotional abuse: Watch for changes in behaviour (emotional upset/agitation resulting in sucking, biting, rocking), withdrawal or non-responsiveness.
  • Economic/financial abuse: Watch for sudden changes in bank accounts or banking activity, and major changes to legal documents such as powers of attorney and wills.

  TAKE the case of the 68-year-old mother who was found unconscious living in her son’s freezing garage. The woman’s son and daughter-in-law appeared in court earlier Tuesday and were denied bail. They have been charged with failing to provide the necessities of life and criminal negligence causing bodily harm. Mr. Fantino ,Stephen Harper’s new seniors minister the former top cop in Toronto and the Ontario Provincial Police commissioner.said that, for now, all he can do is “lend support to the system to ensure that those responsible will face justice under our laws.” 

Seniors lobby group CARP, meanwhile, is calling on Mr. Fantino to make elder abuse a specific criminal offence. CARP would also like to see:

  • The Criminal Code to be modified to include “duty to report” provisions modeled on requirements to report suspected cases of child or spousal abuse.
  • A provision in the Criminal Code for crimes against the elderly that provide increased penalties, similar to tougher penalties that can be imposed for hate crimes.
  • A new criminal office of Elder Abuse Victim.   



February 23, 2011

The man who was kicked in the face by an RCMP officer


Kelowna politicians support RCMP oversight committee concept

A Kelowna, B.C., man kicked in the face by an RCMP officer had the charge against him stayed Monday and a senior Mountie has apologized to him for the way he was treated. Buddy Tavares was arrested Jan. 7 in Kelowna for firing shots at a golf course where he is employed, he says, to scare away geese using blanks.RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler was suspended from duty over allegations of police brutality in connection to the arrest, which was caught on video and showed what appears to be an unprovoked boot to Tavares’ face. A charge of assault causing bodily harm has been recommended by Abbotsford police and has yet to be approved by the Crown. In court Monday, the Crown stayed the charge of careless use of a firearm against Tavares because there was not enough evidence, said his sister Angela Behiels. As well Monday, Tavares received a house visit by RCMP Assistant Commissioner Peter Hourihan who offered an apology on behalf of the force.  
when it comes to asking the police to investigate any matter, the police do tend to first find false reasons why they cannot handle the matter, or they try to pass the buck to another group as rather them being responsible to deal with the issues, such as Bank investigators, the civil Courts, etc..
The RCMP themselves now are not Angels…  Liars- Mounties ‘misleading everyone’       
Vancouver Sun – Questions are being asked about why a man who was driving near Calgary with an abducted 10-year-old girl was allowed to leave an RCMP traffic stop last week. CALGARY —

Justice shouldn’t be political Ottawa Citizen – … National Parole Board of Canada by the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, raises important questions about the appointment process to administrative boards and tribunals in Canada. Of the eight new appointees, five are former police officers. …



“Why aren’t things happening?” Opposition MPs accused the FEDERAL government Tuesday of dragging its heels on creating an independent board to oversee the RCMP. Four years ago, a federal task force on the RCMP called for major changes to the structure, independence and oversight of the Mounties. It urged creation of a management board that would oversee financial affairs, resources, services, property, personnel and procurement… explain why the government hasn’t created a management board for the force.


and we all can readily know the really bad reputation the police Canada wide do have for decades now too!  THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA   



The unacceptable realities

We can all readily supervise the expenditure of our tax dollars, and all of our civil and public servants, including the reporting of their inadequacies. There are also the good and bad civil and public servants and there are also both good and bad ones now that do need to be properly exposed, dealt with as well.
As a normal, decent, honest citizen here is what I have unacceptably found now most of the time in my  dealing with the civil and public servants, the police, ombudsmen included now
1 – when it comes to asking the police to investigate any matter, the police do tend to first find false reasons why they cannot handle the matter, or they try to pass the buck to another group as rather them being responsible to deal with the issues, such as Bank investigators, the civil Courts, etc..
2 – Now in the lest few years  I have dealt with prevalent administrative bodies of 5 separate Hospitals, related CLSC and it is quite apparent to me that the effectiveness of the administrators, personnel is a direct function also of the local political representative and needless to say here too there are both really good ones and really bad ones.
3-Now I have been also surprised to experience that almost all of the related Ombudsmen do not represent ever, at all the good interest of the complainers, the citizens but instead they now are wrongfully, falsely and unacceptably now are still covering up for the inadequacies of the Quebec civil and public servants, the related Quebec governments.
I  do also have a full free speech right to complain about the unacceptable abuses, inadequacies that I have witnessed in Quebec even in the last two years and the further rightful expectation that   all my detailed complaints Quebec Ombudsman, the Hospital Ombudsmen are to be rightfully dealt with in full now as well, and I do rightfully still do await this and proper requested   full review of all of these matters now too.
 Specifially I have spent now about a whole year witnessing and detailing in writing even to you, , the Quebec Ombudsman, most of Canada’s major elected federal and provincial representatives, the Canadian news media too, all of  my own witnesses of  the inadequacies of the Quebec nurses, doctors, ombudsman, administrators now even at 3 hospitals, and specifically the Verdun Hospital, the Pointe Claire Hospital, the Royal Victoria hospital and 2 Montreal convalescent homes as well.
I rightfuly do still expect a  review   of all my complaints   even for all the proper bodies to  honestly review them now too. So where is it?
Now the 3 ombudsmen at these hospitals had all also  failed to deal with my written complaints to them so per my right I had now asked the Quebec Ombudsman to deal and review next thus all of these matters, not just one or two complaints from one hospital only as well, and so far the Quebec Ombudsman could not even do that now properly as well. This is realy unacceptable.
Quebec Ombudsman  also you did not even review the undeniable fact the all 3 separate Hospital ombudsmen had firstly had failed in their duties to fully reply and to deal with all, note all of my complaints to them  and which rather was what you firstly should have done even.
1 Still in regard to your review solely of the Verdun Hospital alone now your own next overly simplified conclusions, distortions of the truth as well now, truths and details  that a:  my father was given adequate pain medications is a gross lie because he and I had continually complained, detailed, undeniably  as to how the nurses had mostly all failed to give to him the adequate doctor prescribed pain medications every 4 hours and for months now too..
2: Next Quebec Ombudman and the Verdun Hospital ombudsman  had deliberately omitted to state the truth that b: the Verdun Transfusion Nurse giving the blood transfusion to my father herself now had admitted to me and my father she had not followed the doctor’s full instruction, for she had not pre heated the blood as requested by the doctor himself because he had never done it before, and she has also falsely refused to turn of the room air conditioner so as a direct negative result my father next got pneumonia..
Now the same nurse for the second liter of blood transfusion now had started to read the instructions manual in our presence as to how to preheat the blood transfusion. Never mind her past training for she had clearly failed to do what the doctor had told her with serious negative consequences on my father. This truth the Quebec Ombudman and the Verdun Hospital  ombudsman clearly had deliberately left out in their reports of the matters. This was all unacceptable as well.
3: And Quebec Ombudman  undeniably had not even addressed my other 6 major complaints against the same Verdun Hospital never mind  also now the other 2 separate  Hospitals, their related bad ombudsmen. This also was very unacceptable still even for them 
And if that is how poorly they  do the rest of the reviews, clearly very unprofessional as well,  they all   do rightfully rather need to be dismissed from  their offices, jobs now .
All rightfully as  simple that too.
I do also still await a full proper reviews of even these my added complaints.
Too many of the hospital ombudsmen, health ministers, medical supervisors, workers are in false denials, are guilty of obstruction of justice, lying, cover up by their denial that very few actual medical errors, omissions, neglects ,inadequacies now exists as well or by them saying that they are being properly looked after. A too common lie we often hear these days is that someone, a professional, minister has done their best, has done all they can is never acceptable as well especially when it comes to the health sector now as well. Now there is no acceptable level, percentage of neglect of insuring adequate medical care. Failure to deal with even one preventable death alone as well is unacceptable shortfall as well..
Not only are there many forms of lying still  but there are much too many lying civil and public servants in the public sector, governments, politicians now too  these days as we all tend to know already and they are always unacceptable and they all should be readily fired. The Canadian federal government itself is still clearly lying by passing the buck when it says that  health care is a provincial responsibility, and that it now has given adequate money to the province are still both big unacceptable lies. . Putting more money into a bucket still full of holes is still an unacceptable abuse of the taxpayers money as well. Money alone is no substitute for the government’s additional responsibility of the successful managing our health care system, of insuring adequate management,   insuring adequate professional and enforced standards and also the real enforced supervision in the medical sector. Doing one’s best is also never enough for they \are all being paid for doing an adequate job for a start.
 Specifically I have spent now about a whole year witnessing and detailing in writing even to you, , the Quebec Ombudsman, most of Canada’s major elected federal and provincial representatives, the Canadian news media too, all of  my own witnesses of  the inadequacies of the Quebec nurses, doctors, ombudsman, administrators now even at 3 hospitals, and specifically the Verdun Hospital, the Pointe Claire Hospital, the Royal Victoria hospital and 2 Montreal convalescent homes as well.
I rightfully do still expect a  review   of all my complaints   even for all the proper bodies to  honestly review them now too. So where is it?



We all now do need to deal not only with the the corruptions in our local governments.

Now there has been real valid concerns about the corruptions in our local governments but that is not the only place unacceptable perversities, corruptions are being carried on now as well.. Sadly significant unacceptable theft has been, is also being carried out in the non profitable agencies, organizations, even those who now claim to be helping the poor and needy persons but they are now rather mostly self serving, or friends, job creation empires evident by the little good that they actual do now and also as to how costly they do it as well now. While they are freely receiving donations, goods next, they tend to distribute them a at high, costly price .Some of the items are sold at an absurd,  ridiculous prices even. That unacceptably includes now organizations like the Salvation Army, Fripe Prix, Rennaissance,  and Value Village all who seem to have lost track as to whom they were supposedly to be helping, and that means not just helping unacceptably mainly themselves of course.

February 16, 2011

For decades the police have had a file on me and likley you as well


Canada’s still too often abusive, unacceptable, bad  cops.


Four years later, suspended RCMP officer finally off the payroll November’s departure of Const. Trent Richards may have cost taxpayers close to $300,000 during his paid suspension prior to a final decision being reached.


Unpopular by the RCMP William Elliott is quitting as the commissioner of the RCMP , a long-time bureaucrat who became the first civilian RCMP leader in 2007, is leaving behind a police force still in need of reform, including a new oversight system. better accountability and management of the tax payers resources included.

the fourth RCMP-related shooting in less than a month, the second to take place in the Bow Valley. On Jan. 10, a robbery suspect carrying a replica handgun was killed by police on Railway Ave. in Canmore.

Bad cops at it again..  THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA -FIRE THEM ALL NOW  No cop is above the law. Too bad for them they are paid to work still too. Police still fail to catch most of the real criminals including the car thieves, and the Fraud perpetrated over the Internet which still is a growing citizen concern in Canada and throughout the world. The police always claim they lack resources, they will never have enough resources if they reuse to do a decent days work for their pay.

So for decades even the Alberta police forces already have had a file on me and likley you as well if you complain about the bad guys, the police and the bad politicians  included. Canada wide Police brutality, suppression of rights,   or the excessive force against non white males, females is also not new.

 Needless to say police resources are often misused where even the mayors do instruct the police to find out all they can about their opposition members too.  ” and it all is still unacceptable! Free speech is a right for bullies, crooks, abusers only it still seems in Canada now. Police already have arrested me for complaining about the Calgary Police in the Calgary Police chief office even.. the charge was talking out loud in a public place.. Many people are shocked to discover free speech is not being allowed too often in many places in Canada,  on the net, in churches, letters to governments, to the news editors too… the police have visited me or objected now at least 7 times in response to my writings.. still decades later I  am still rightfully openly complaining about the much too many bad police supervisors and the too many bad acts of the so called professionals, the police included. The abuse of the citizens is not acceptable anywhere.

“A new Alberta police database will track citizen’s every interaction with police, and it can be used without a warrant or even a supervisor’s permission”.. they had an old system already do doing this too..



There are still too many dirty, bad  cops in CANADA I oppose rightfully all abusers. …. the corrupt cops, all Governmental corruption, all  civil and public servants, the bad professionals as well.. yes I  too do rightfuly oppose the bad Pastors, all bad Doctors and bad Nurses, not just the  the bad RCMP, bad cops now, but also the bad Corporations like Bell too.. so should we all. All it takes for the bad guys to continue to do bad things is for the others wrongfully  to do nothing about it. 

February 15, 2011

Political corruptions is still a Canada wide event



Look we already can tend to know that many have gone into politics expecting to get rich and are not there to serve the good welfare of others and political corruptions is still a Canada wide event.. and the best solution still is to put the crooks into jail captiously and Canada wide now too.. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest, the tax payers and the crooks included..

Charges against politicians rock Nova Scotia perks system Globe and Mail – Nova Scotia was once known as a province where vote-buying and personal enrichment by politicians was accepted, even expected. Liquor handouts were an easy way to grease election campaigns, and public employees could be fired en masse when the …

 Deeper MLA probe needs more evidence: NS auditor

Former integrity watchdog in Florida Ottawa Citizen – The disgraced and “evasive” former public-sector integrity commissioner is in Florida and has contacted a lawyer, a parliamentary committee heard Tuesday.


Secrecy blinding Parliament on budget, watchdog warns

Toronto Star – OTTAWA—Parliamentarians are losing their ability to assess government measures because of the Harper government’s secrecy, says Canada’s budget watchdog.


We can all readily supervise the expenditure of our tax dollars, and all of our civil and public servants, including the reporting of their inadequacies. There are also the good and bad civil and public servants and there are also good bad bad  news media personnel now as well.
Speaking of inadequacies such as those paid persons who clearly fail to clean the snow of the sidewalks adequately. But we all still do know how to readily city hall also is to give out revenue generating  fines,  tickets to the citizens and not to the bad civil and public servants who do too often deserve it.
What about the undeniable fact that too many of our civil and public servants do their own personal business, travel, entertainment or are guilty of budget misappropriation even at the tax payers expense, or those who go home early and do not do a full day’s paid work too? Or what about those false costs saving measures where the speedy sanitary workers spill the garbage they are collecting onto the streets?
Too many of our bad and civil servants are still being paid, even are being given significant raises for doing a bad job and this is never acceptable for they rightfully should rather be firstly fired, removed from work. There is no doubt about it too that our taxes at the federal, provincial, municipal levels  falsely keep on increasing because too many of our civil and public servants and their expenditures are not being generally fully, properly supervised.
You can now also  easily spot the no good, lying , pretentious news media, for they like to falsely praise what good news reporters they now are but also to put a false positive spins on the negative realities and in the process falsely justify, cover up the acts of the no good, wasteful  civil and public servants.
Of course there are always still  those sensationalized glory hunting desperate news reporters who also like to make mountains out of mole hills even because  they are too lazy , afraid to deal with serious, important issues…so some issues never get reported like when was the last time you heard about a bad nurse being disciplined, punished?

January 27, 2011

Media support is essential for reelections




The losers cannot afford the cost of advertising, or the costs of denying a visibly bad, exposed News media  image so they will lose a reelection. We already know that 2/3 of Canadians think that or Prime Minister Harper and his bunch of cons are no good persons, losers, and no matter what they may say otherwise.


On top of that I have often rightfully said that they in reality are self serving and they  for a long time   realy do  not care about serving the citizens public, their needs.


Feds spend more to monitor media, less to poll public Vancouver Sun – Government data show that the Harper government has spent more money on media monitoring than on public opinion research, according to an analysis by the Ottawa Citizen.


Harper can dream on of he thinks he will win a majority.. three strikes and he will be out hopefully too..

January 19, 2011

The unacceptable realities, lies included..

It is not only the big corporations who lie and tell us that they are serving the public, and the citizens effectively now too.. We all already tend to know that when it comes to serving the good welfare of the citizens themselves as to what big liars, pretenders too many of our civil and public servants, politicians and their representatives are like.. not just the corporations for  they rather still   tend to falsely go their old ways,   one that isself  mainly helping, solely serving themselves.. and that unacceptable behavior, approach also still tends to include all of of our major political parties now as well.. nut next  they now also keep on talking about re-elections.. they falsely are  hoping to get a majority government all while wrongfully neglecting to fully look after us all still too..
Primus Telecommunications Canada Incorporated Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. (“Primus Canada”) offers the widest selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide, including Long Distance & Local Phone Service, TalkBroadband (VoIP), Wireless service, and Internet services (High Speed DSL & Dial-up). Primus Canada now serves over 1 million customers across its suite of services. As a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada, Primus Canada has over 100,000 Internet subscribers accessing 46 national points-of-presence across Canada. Founded in 1997, Primus Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated, has offices across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Oakville, London, Windsor, Montreal, and Edmundston, and has grown to over 850 employees. Controlled service quality … HA HA HA




Wind Mobile calls for better consumer protection  Globe and Mail – Wireless company Wind Mobile wants the federal and provincial governments to provide better consumer protection for cellphone users, including reducing early contract termination fees.

Wind mobile calls for increased consumer protection The Wire Report

Wireless Nightmare: A Wind Mobile Review Digital Home

Toronto Sun – Prince Albert Daily Herald – – (press release)
Recently I had to contact a Primus customer representative, her manager, and also next the vice president of Primus , whose motto now  is “go for more”, more trouble is what they actually do now mean too, because they were threatening to either disconnect my mother’s phone or to take her to court for her supposedly unpaid phone bills of 111 dollars  .. meanwhile they all falsely had even refused to talk to me claiming it was all my mother’s fault when in reality she had even beforehand had paid all of her phone bills for months now too..  The main problem arose because Primus had taken over recently Roger’s landline phone services, and the associated billings got messed up in the process.  Now here in my own undeniable witness, experience  this phone company Primus also lied when it says it is serving the public.. they do not care about the public in reality.. for I had to spend over six hours on the phone talking to them and others and finally next I went to the news media to exposé the unacceptable matter fully as well.. they all did not like that..  I was shocked here  to witness the open lies, false cover-ups, false games played by the various related Rogers, Primus corporate members too.. it ws, is all unacceptable as well. They are both as bad as Bell  When I had also phoned the CRTC to complain about the poor services I was getting from Rogers & Primus, they now had informed me that they were already aware from other customers about problems here too.. but what good did they the CRTC do about it? Nothing good as usual?


    Where is the Consumer  Affairs Minister when you need him? Playing Golf with the bad guys?


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