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March 19, 2009

The small tip of a big iceberg



When Harper first came to power, his most vocal critics were groups that were ideologically predisposed to hate the Conservatives on sight or who had irreconcilable policy differences with them. But, since then, the circle has been expanding to include academics, scientists, economists and even business leaders and, increasingly, it is the basic competence of the government that is becoming the top-of-mind issue. Chantal Hébert   

Indeed, Harper these days sounds so casual about the spending of public money that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty mused last week that some stimulus money is bound to be misspent in the rush to get cash out the door.

Flaherty spruces up office  Flaherty leading by example For the past few weeks, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been encouraging Canadians to renovate Transportation Minister Jim Bradley makes announcement on proposed legislation to protect young and novice drivers and get dangerous drivers off roads. For the past few weeks, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been encouraging Canadians to renovate, saying that’s just what is needed to kickstart Canada’s flagging economy. Now, it turns out, Flaherty is leading by example, ordering renovations to his own office on Parliament Hill. While Flaherty vacations with his family during Parliament’s break week, workers are patching and repainting his fourth floor offices. They’re also patching his carpet to repair damaged portions and installing new curtains, said Chisholm Pothier, spokesman for Flaherty. Meanwhile, most of the contents of Flaherty’s office are sitting in the corridor, just a few doors down from the offices of Liberal Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff. House of Commons officials were unable to say yesterday just how much the renovations will cost. But they aren’t likely to boost the deficit or kickstart the economy. The government pays for the paint, the carpeting and the curtains, but the work itself is being done by House of Commons employees already on the payroll. The opposition was quick to paint Flaherty’s renovations in the worst possible light. “For the thousands of Canadians who are waiting for their employment insurance cheques, the first thing that pops into the finance minister’s head is ‘time to redecorate,’ ” said Liberal MP Scott Brison. email

The sad part this is not even the tip of the iceberg of the taxpayer’s money abuse we can expect now again..


Federal NDP leader Jack Layton continued to criticize Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s handling of the economic crisis. The depth of the economic crisis is much deeper than the government acknowledges. “I believe the prime minister is still wearing those rose-coloured glasses and that’s getting in the way of him seeing clearly the impact on people,” he said. “ People are really suffering. People literally can’t afford their housing. We’re hearing literally about the death of a homeless person last night and folks who’ve lost their jobs and can’t afford the medications their families need.” In other countries, governments are investing in the new energy economy, training a new workforce, providing child care and supporting small business, Layton said.  It’s infuriating to see hundreds of millions of dollars of government money go to large American companies that build cars and are losing money when the government could be helping small businesses,  improve drug benefits and fund child care.


third Police vehicle impounded under hypocritical speeding legislation


It is here a gross distortion by the revenue generating  traffic police to say that all the fatalities, accidents were caused by speeding alone, but yes it is true if no one was driving there would be no car accidents too, and no need for the police at all..

Deerfoot blitz catches speeders  Calgary Herald January 27, 2009 Calgary police are warning motorists to slow down on Deerfoot Trail after handing out nearly 200 traffic tickets during a weekend crackdown on the freeway. The fastest speeder was clocked at 158 km/h and several were stopped doing 130-140 km/h. Two 24-hour licence suspensions were handed out, both before 10 a.m. Police say the drivers were likely still intoxicated from the night before. “I expected the numbers to be high, but 195 summonses by four officers is a lot,” said Sgt. Paul Sieracki with the traffic section. Sieracki said he oversaw the blitz with the four traffic officers.They spent about six hours each day enforcing traffic laws on Deerfoot Saturday and Sunday. The point was to highlight dangerous driving habits. “Every year, we lose 50 to 60 people due to motor vehicle collisions (throughout the city),” said Sieracki. “These are need-less deaths that can be prevented.” Traffic officers also saw several instances of aggressive driving and changing lanes without signalling. “It doesn’t surprise me at all police were able to charge that many people,”said Ald. Andre Chabot. “Deerfoot has been referred to as the Deerfoot 500 for a reason, a lot of people tend to speed on it.” A safety audit conducted on Deerfoot by the province with the co-operation of the city came up with a recommendation to dedicate a squad of officers — possibly a combination of city police and Alberta traffic sheriffs–to enforce the traffic laws on the busy highway…

 and you allow  him  to  to drink alcohol, allow him to own  a   fast car,  build  a six lane highway, and then you hypocrticaly give him  also a speeding ticket?

0opprevenueThe Ontario Provincial Police has impounded one of its own cars and suspended an officer under the province’s year-old street racing legislation.  The OPP intelligence officer, driving an unmarked OPP car, was stopped by a fellow officer on Highway 403 near Brantford for travelling 65 km/h above the posted 100 km/h limit, according to the OPP. The subsequent investigation found the officer was not within the lawful execution of her duties at the time.  In accordance with so-called street racing rules under the Highway Traffic Act — defined as driving 50 km/h over the limit — Detective Const. Heidi Fischer had her driver’s licence suspended and the police car was impounded, both for seven days.  This is the third OPP vehicle impounded under the legislation. A fire truck has also been impounded.
This news item substantiates something I have said for decades, police often love to speed, and secondly they also do own some of the hottest, fastest cars as well.. obvioulsy many cops themselves do not believe in drastic speed control..

but here I have to say as well that speeding is only 15 percent of the reasons people have car accidents, whereas drunk drivers cause 3 times as much car accidents, 45 percent of accidents , and yet the police do not go after drunk drivers enough  or all the year rather too.. and why is that too now?  


I’ve already heard of someone who was pulled over because his car “looked like it was in bad condition.” With poor  Department of Motor Vehicles to inspect the cars, no kind of real governmental  or police accountability or even a fully honest, decent functioning system of justice, our police officers seem to have the landed the most lucrative job  in town: as government thugs.

10 Pleas To British Traffic Police

Dear British Traffic Police Officers and Managers

(1) Please avoid treating motorists as cash cows;

(2) If you cannot do (1), please make mobile speed control devices quite visible;

(3) If you cannot do (2), please hang the device outside a clean, unsuspiciously-looking car;

(4) If you cannot do (3), please use a car with no blackened-out windows;

(5) If you cannot do (4), please stop your car away from a bus stop;

(6) If you cannot do (5), please move away immediately when a passenger gets off the bus;

(7) If you cannot do (6), please behave as normal in the car instead of sliding down on the seat in the vain attempt at not being seen;

(8) If you cannot do (7), please drive away or stay where you are, rather than move just a few houses down the road;

(9) And if you cannot do (8), please make it so that whoever answers the phone at the Police Station, can immediately confirm it is officers on duty that are in the car, rather than who knows what kind of nasty people.

(10) And mostly, if you really cannot do any of the points above, please make the most you can in order not to scare law-abiding citizens in their own homes

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