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March 25, 2009

295,000 Canadian job losses

While Statistics Canada reported on Tuesday March 24, 2009 that 560,400 Canadians were getting regular employment insurance benefits in January, 104,000 more or 22.8 per cent more than 11 months earlier and 23,700 more than in December. Opposition parties demanded Tuesday that the government improve benefits to the unemployed, saying the current program covers less than half of the unemployed. He noted that of the 1.3 million officially unemployed, only 560,000 are collecting benefits. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, said 80 per cent of individuals who pay into the system qualify for benefits. Many part-time workers and the self-employed do not qualify for EI and of course, there are cases where they do not have sufficient hours,” 295,000 job losses of the past four months are just the beginning and that more Canadians will be thrown out of work this year. Every member of Parliament has been flooded with calls from constituents complaining about delays in receiving their benefits. Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois MPs attacked the government for failing to prepare adequately for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs in the past four months and hundreds of thousands more expected to join the ranks of the unemployed this year. They have called for major changes to the system because many part-time workers and self-employed workers are not eligible for benefits. But while the government expanded unemployment benefits a maximum of five weeks during the Jan. 28 budget, it is clear it did not foresee jobs disappearing as quickly as they have. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said   “Obviously, the unemployment numbers are getting worse.”
ALL THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT  CHANGE FROM HARPER’S ORIGINAL PAST STATEMENT THAT THERE WILL BE NO MAJOR RECESSION IN CANADA MONTHS AGO. Opposition parties say thousands of Canadians are being denied needed employment insurance benefits because the federal government was slow in getting the system ready for the massive demand. Stephen Harper and the  federal Conservatives themselves have been unacceptably  very slow to deal with the negative impact of the recession in Canada in reality.



Flood of EI claims overwhelms staff Toronto Star –  OTTAWA – Employment insurance claims jumped by almost 24000 in January, a spike that has sent the Conservative government scrambling to hire more staff to handle the flood of claims.






Vancouver remains Canada’s wealthiest city

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