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August 10, 2009

Interesting reading, comments too, Liberal & Conservative Politicians do lie too


In my books a bad liberal is unacceptably as bad as a bad Conservative or a bad NDP, BQ.. no difference. Conservative Ministers are not the only one who lie, are not available for interviews, do not practice the accountability they preach too… so do Liberal ones.  The Canadian new Conservative party -wolves in sheep clothing and what about the Liberals?  As posted on the net the truth is that Canadians warming to minority rule: poll and everyone in  Politics these days is sadly still a big liar it seems too.. at the federal and at the provincial levels, they lie to get reelected  and THEY LIE WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE HERE TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO LOOK AFTER THE GOOD CITIZENS OF CANADA IS BASICALLY THE REASON WE PREFER MINORITY GOVERNMENTS CAUSE WE DO NOT TRUST ANY MAJORITY PARTY. We need to and want to stop electing all liars into any government job, political office, newspapers, news media as well.   
Worries about the global economic downturn may be keeping Canadians awake at night and affecting their overall health, suggests a new poll done for the Canadian Medical Association. Economic downturn affecting health of Canadians, says medical association poll but  who realy cares in reality in fact of our political leaders?  Main Parties Deemed Arrogant by Canadians   Angus Reid Global Monitor –
McGuinty’s fib has tarnished his halo  The premier’s office said in his regular weekly itinerary that July 31 was set aside for “private” time. In fact, McGuinty flew to Mexico that day to pitch Toronto’s bid for the 2015 Pan American Games. Four days later, he came clean, announcing that “I travelled to Mexico City at the invitation of President Mario Vazquez Rana of the Pan American Sports Organization to discuss Toronto’s bid.” This lie was not, in the great sweep of political history, up there with “I never had sex with that woman.” Still, it was an intentional deceit of considerable significance to the Legislative Press Gallery.
NDP Leader Carole James says as she continues her tour of the province, more and more people are telling her they regret voting Liberal.  “We did a tour of businesses in a food fair in Burnaby and I had business owner call me over to apologize for voting Liberal.  He wanted to tell me he was sorry.”  James’ party says Gordon Campbell’s Liberals lied to the public by announcing the tax plan after they won the election, fact is that people here have good reason to be concerned by the HST. It will add a cost-of-living increase to numerous items that weren’t previously so expensive, and in a region of Canada like Vancouver, that can be devastating to the working class. As Scott Simpson reported in the Vancouver Sun, the HST will directly increase energy costs for customers of Terasen Gas and B.C. Hydro. The average cost for natural gas and electricity will likely jump by a combined total of $12 a month when the HST goes into effect on July 1, 2010.
“It’s been two months since the election in British Columbia delivered the Liberals to their third majority government, but already the backlash against them has been significant. In their short time since May 12, they’ve managed to alienate, irritate, and discombobulate residents in this province with their many frustrating unilateral policy moves. Even rather apolitical friends and coworkers have commented on the HST, and what an absolute disgrace it is to implement after giving no indication whatsoever that it was coming before the election. If anything, the Liberals had said that the HST would hurt the province’s ability to control their revenues, and didn’t want to be tied up in their fiscal maneuvers.
The Vancouver Chinese community sent a clear message to Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government Saturday — they will not stand for HST.  The controversial Harmonized Sales Tax has been the subject of severe criticism since being announced on July 23. Multicultural broadcaster Fairchild Radio is hosting an online poll on the HST, and more than 99 per cent of the thousands polled have shunned the tax. Some even said they had considered leaving Canada.
Drastic health cuts coming in Vancouver: B.C. NDP CBC News   Monday, August 10, 2009 | 3:08 PM PT  Hospitals and other health facilities across the Lower Mainland could be facing major cuts, according to the B.C. NDP.   The B.C. New Democrats say a document leaked to them reveals the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority plans to cut more than 6,000 surgeries and close a number of emergency rooms to slash costs. The authority plans to reduce neurosurgeries, vascular disease treatments, joint replacements and 11 other specialized areas, according to B.C. NDP health critic Adrian Dix. “We’re certainly not talking about nose jobs and tummy tucks; we’re talking about medically necessary elective surgery,” Dix told a Vancouver news conference Monday. “No one is suggesting that if someone comes into emergency, they’re going to allow them to die, because that would be absurd and illegal, but what we are saying is that the core services provided by the health authority are being cut,” said Dix. Under the proposal, Coastal Health would also close nearly a quarter of its operating rooms from September through March 2010 and eliminate 112 full-time jobs, according to Dix. On July 27, Dix made similar claims, saying documents leaked to his party suggested the province was considering major reductions to the Fraser Health Authority, east of Vancouver, because of a $160-million budget shortfall. 
 NDP says health care cuts show BC Liberals lied about protecting health care… The Canadian Press –   VANCOUVER, BC – Former BC health minister George Abbott is lashing back at NDP accusations that the government has broken its election promise to protect health care.  New Democrat health critic Adrian Dix has pointed to cuts proposed or announced by B.C. health authorities as evidence the government was hiding the true state of health care until after last May’s election, which gave the Liberals a third term.  Opposition leader Carole James weighed in Friday, saying Premier Gordon Campbell promised during the election campaign that the Liberals would protect patient services, but the cuts show he did not tell voters the truth. “Now, after the election, British Columbians are faced with dramatically longer wait times and long-term damage to the health care system,” James said. “This is a betrayal of public trust.”see also 

NDP critic and health CEO battle over cuts

” This is so Campbell can say that it is not working so he can privatize it. That is the sole purpose of his policies!!” ”   Coastal Health and Fraser Health could save a lot of money by cutting the overblown salaries of their respective CEOs and their administrations.” ” Another idiotic move by Gordon Campbell . It wasn’t long ago he slashed mental health medical treatment for kids and now he’s going after surgeries and hospital jobs . Why was he voted in again after he has already shown his true colours ?”” As long as there is enough money to pay for the Olympics – that is what really matters.” :And look for the liebrals to decide since they can’t provide the services they should, they will give everyone vouchers to use at their friends’ private clinics.  The beds / operating rooms will be closed and the limited number of doctors that we have will be encouraged to look for work at the private clinics.  As we then will not have enough doctors and nurses the liebrals will declare public health care dead (as we aren’t using it either because there are no doctors, etc.) and say “but we’re saving you all this money because we don’t have hospitals to run any longer.”  

That’s $144 extra in taxes that people in B.C. have to pay, and it’s on a single expense only. When you add up all of the expenses that will increase from the HST, it could result in revolt. But don’t expect the government to see it from that point of view. If anything, they argue, the HST will allow businesses to deliver products and services at a lower cost, which will allow them to lower their prices in tandem. But that may just be wishful thinking. Both Terasen Gas and Hydro warned that any savings would “likely not” be sufficient enough to offset the increases that will show up on utility bills.

The truth is that the residents of B.C. will likely not take this latest outrage lying down, or grimacing through clenched teeth as they did when the carbon tax was shoved down our throats. To take a page from Brian Mulroney’s legacy, nothing will do in a politician better than an ill-timed and ill-conceived tax. Certainly the tax will offer new-found riches to the province, but at a terrible political price. This is a price increase that will be seen and felt by everyone in the province, with 12% in taxes being taken off everything from restaurants to new houses. How many people are going to want to leave a 15% gratuity for their waitress, after they just tipped the government 12%? Worse still, how many people are going to want to eat out at all?

An Ipsos Reid poll shows that 85% of B.C. residents oppose the tax, with 70% being “strongly opposed”. The winners in this scenario are clear: the provincial government will get greater revenues than before, and a one-off $1.6 billion gift from Ottawa for “harmonizing”. Big business will, according to Finance Minister Colin Hansen, pay $1.9 billion less in taxes because they will be able to claim back the tax they pay. But where is the “win” for the people? The working class struggling to make ends meet in a recession? The frightening thing is that British Columbians are already “taxed to the max” as it is, without adding more weight to our backs.

Of course there is one way out of this. And the rage might just be strong enough to make it happen. A recall campaign gaining 40% of the signatures of registered voters to end the Liberals legislative majority may be possible. The downside to this idea, however, is that under B.C. Elections laws, any recall cannot start until 18 months after the election, which would be November 2010, four months after the HST goes into effect. Then again, four months into experiencing the HST first-hand might be just what’s needed to turf Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government out. Until then, the Liberals might want to try not doing anything else to enrage the people of this province, because the load of straw on that camels back is getting mighty heavy indeed.  “

Don’t blame authority, blame Liberal gov’t The Province –  You had to feel sorry Thursday afternoon for the citizens who turned out for a rare public Fraser Health Authority board of directors meeting to express their concerns over the region’s increasingly …

Fraser Health Authority slashes services Globe and Mail


B.C. Liberals down, NDP up in poll, Among the respondents, 38 per cent said they would vote for the B.C. Liberals, down eight per cent from the May 12 election. Support for the B.C. NDP was 46 per cent, up four per cent from the 

=All I can think of to say at this point is that I sure wish the election was coming next week.
=Shame on them and anyone that voted Liberal.
 =We need to recall Gordon Campbell and his “Liberals”.
 =What is it with B.C. that we can’t scare up some decent politicians to run the province? Oh wait. It isn’t just B.C., it’s the whole damn country!
=Thats because all the Lieberals can do is lie lie lie lie to the public.
=And they don’t give a crap about the taxpayer.”

see also

 The clearly dishonest Ontario  Liberal provincial government seems not to be any better than the bad BC Liberal government now as well.  It also seems to be hoping that while many are on summer holidays the issues will slip by unnoticed again too.   The Ontario  Liberal provincial government had quietly cancelled the promised review and next when caught   admitted it had cancelled the review but firstly still it had never told the others, the opposition parties that.  This big Ontario eHealth taxpayer’s money waste scandal overall where the governing Liberals were clearly and wrongfully now supposedly using the funds to support financially their own favorites is embarrassing to them so of course they want to hide it, cover it up or do away with it. Why isn’t Ontario eHealth Sarah Kramer and the others not  being charged with fraud, theft, absue of her position, infleunce peddling etc.? From what I can see she clearly was abusing her position of power to enrich both herself and her liberal friends too, isn’t that crimminal, fraud? ” He lied to get elected. If you read the Globe and Mail story it is clear that he has lied about this appointment. How many times will people in Ontario let this man lie to them?!?”  ” This story makes me so mad, along with McGuinty’s proposed HST this government has totally let us down. He should be thrown in Jail this whole government has just been a total fraud!” ” Whoever appointed McGuinty should be fired too!!  Bind leading the blind!!!”  ”  Are we expected to believe a guy who has continuously lied? This foolish lier has to go next election. ” ” It’s high time that McGuinty and Caplan took full responsibility for this fiasco.  Either you deal with it now or we the voters will deal with it at the next election.  This won’t be allowed to wither and die.   “

see also  


Former eHealth Ontario chief executive officer Sarah Kramer landed the top job at the troubled agency after Premier Dalton McGuinty directly intervened in her appointment, over the objections of some of his own civil servants. Ms. Kramer abruptly resigned from eHealth Ontario in June, amid scandal over lucrative contracts awarded without competitive tenders and nickel-and-dime spending by consultants. It became one of the most politically damaging episodes of the McGuinty government’s 5 1/2 years in power.  Senior officials in the Ministry of Health had opposed the selection of Ms. Kramer because they felt she did not have enough experience to oversee the daunting task of modernizing the province’s medical records, one of the government’s top priorities, according to sources close to the situation.  Any obstacle to Ms. Kramer assuming her new duties disappeared the day she met face to face with Mr. McGuinty in his Queen’s Park office, documents show.  Ms. Kramer did not have to go through the normal channels government agencies use to find a chief executive officer. And Mr. McGuinty was directly involved in her hiring, according to sources close to the situation. The board of directors of a government agency typically appoints the top executive, following a competitive search that identifies a short list of candidates. But Ms. Kramer did not have to compete against others, and she was appointed directly by the premier through an order in council.  Her appointment was requested by Dr. Hudson, a neurosurgeon and former hospital president renowned for fixing problems in health care, and Mr. McGuinty’s hand-picked choice for chairman of eHealth Ontario.  Dr. Hudson told the Premier he would take the job on one condition: if he could hire his protégé as chief executive officer, according to the sources. Dr. Hudson had worked with Ms. Kramer at Cancer Care Ontario, where he was president and she was the chief information officer. He was under enormous pressure to fix the province’s medical records and he wanted someone he could trust to get the job done, the sources said.  “Hudson made it very clear to all kinds of people that it was a two-for-one deal,” said a source close to the situation.   Jane Almeida, a spokeswoman for Mr. McGuinty, declined to discuss the Premier’s involvement in the matter. Ms. Kramer could not be located for comment. 

Opposition wants answers after learning eHealth review never started Toronto Star – Romina Maurino –  The government has some explaining to do amid revelations that a promised, and then cancelled, independent review of scandal-plagued eHealth Ontario never got underway, the opposition parties said Monday. Documents obtained by the New Democrats under Freedom of Information laws show no contract was ever signed for PricewaterhouseCoopers to begin a third-party review of the agency – a fact verified by both eHealth and PricewaterhouseCoopers.    


Premier Dalton McGuinty is denying he intervened in the appointment of Sarah Kramer as the CEO of eHealth Ontario over the objections of some civil servants.  McGuinty’s comments come after a Globe and Mail report that the premier had a hands-on role in appointing eHealth’s leaders and appointed Kramer through an order-in-council despite objections from Ministry of Health officials. New Democrat Peter Kormos says McGuinty has no credibility when it comes to eHealth, and that it’s clear the premier’s office was consulted before Kramer was hired and should be accepting responsibility.


Inside Queen’s Park: ehealth boondoggle is sick theatre  The malodorous issue is that of eHealth and more precisely what’s been spent in untendered contracts and related expenses.  All this first erupted last spring with former eHealth CEO Sarah Kramer’s resignation followed shortly by board chairman Dr. Alan Hudson, after the opposition parties howled about lavish spending and $2,700 per diem payments as part of $5 million in untendered contracts awarded to consultants which has since been revised to about $15 million.   Health Minister David Caplan exacerbated the mess by stepping deeper into it even as he tried to stomp out the fires burning around his bailiwick. First, it was just isolated, then eHealth announced it would have PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP review its spending. Then Caplan called off PWC saying the auditor general would take the lead in the investigation.  The opposition knew from the first whiff they were onto something and at the end of last month the government tried to bury its scent under a tsunami of paperwork, releasing six thick binders with hundreds of pages of receipts, meeting minutes, and other documents.  That’s when it really hit the fan because on a slow summer’s day with nothing else of much importance going on and with the imminent settling of the Toronto city workers strike at hand, everyone could smell a good story fermenting despite the rotting stench of piled up garbage outside the leafy confines of Queen’s Park.  Politics is optics and when it comes to government spending, it doesn’t get much better than this. Between 2007 and 2008 eHealth Ontario spent $82 million. We know now at least $15 million was untendered and went to a company with close political ties to the Liberal Party. That’s probably not a surprise. One of the perks of office is doling out contracts and work to the people who helped get you there and will help keep you in power. It’s the nature of the spending which is starting to look awfully ugly. With a recession killing jobs and shrinking household incomes, the McGuinty government is up to its neck in embarrassing material. Aside from the $400 limousine rides Kramer took from Toronto to London, Ont.; aside from eHealth board member Khalil Barsoum’s $2,400 round-trip flight from Florida, associated car rentals, and road tolls so he could make it to a Toronto board meeting; and aside from paying other board members to fly to Toronto or in some cases, $380 a day to “prepare” for said meetings, the real stench here is that after spending something in the region of $650 million, the agency and its predecessor have almost nothing to show for it. There is no plan in place. There is no privacy legislation model such as British Columbia’s eHealth (Personal Health Information Access and Protection of Privacy) Act to look at. Nada. Zilch. What we have instead is a consultant paid $2,700 a day who then bills an extra $5 for tea and cookies. 

eHealth third-party review was never started  TORONTO — The opposition parties are asking for answers amid revelations that a promised, and then cancelled, independent review of scandal-plagued eHealth Ontario never got underway.  Documents obtained by the New Democrats under Freedom of Information laws show no contract was ever signed for PriceWaterhouseCoopers to begin a third-party review of the agency.The government has said it cancelled the review because it would have duplicated efforts by Ontario’s auditor general, who is also probing the agency. But NDP critic France Gelinas says the newly released documents show that the government never planned to go ahead with the independent report. She says Health Minister David Caplan and Premier Dalton McGuinty have some explaining to do after suggesting in the legislature that the review was underway and that results could be expected by the end of the summer. Progressive Conservative Lisa MacLeod says the lack of any contract shows the whole process was a smokescreen and wants to bring eHealth in for all-party questioning to get some answers. Lying “Their line of defence was always: `We will go to the bottom of this, we have retained the best third-party, PricewaterhouseCoopers,” Gelinas said.  “Then, in the middle of the summer, we learn that basically, it was all empty – they haven’t done anything, they were not going to expect anything out of them, it was all empty rhetoric.” Gelinas said Caplan and McGuinty “needed to defend themselves so they used those lines, but those lines misled us in the house, they misled Ontarians, and they misled all of the taxpayers.”  McGuinty had also fended off questions in the legislature, saying in June: “I think we need to wait for the report coming from PricewaterhouseCoopers. We need to wait for the information and the advice to come from the auditor.” Progressive Conservative Lisa MacLeod, who wants to bring eHealth in front of a sub-committee for all-party questioning, said the lack of any contract showed the whole process was “a smokescreen to save the minister’s job.” The latest details are just the latest of a series facts about the scandal that led to the resignation of former eHealth CEO Sarah Kramer and former board chair Dr. Alan Hudson in June, after the Conservatives and New Democrats complained the agency gave out $5 million in untendered contracts to consulting companies. Documents released by the government since then showed the value of those untendered contracts was closer to $16 million, with the biggest ones going to companies the opposition parties say have ties to the Liberal government.  EHealth was set up last year to create electronic health records after the first provincial agency given that task, Smart Systems for Health, spent $650 million but failed to produce anything of lasting value before it was quietly shut down last September.

 Meanwhile in Liberal Quebec…
Aug. 11 — Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, Canada’s biggest pension-fund manager, had an unrealized first-half loss of C$5.7 billion ($5.2 billion) on real estate, wiping out a 5 percent gain by other investments.  The Caisse’s real estate debt holdings declined to C$8.6 billion on June 30 from C$10.8 billion at the end of 2008. The fund lost a record 25 percent in 2008.   The Caisse had unrealized losses of C$2.2 billion on real estate debt, C$1.8 billion on declining values on properties, C$1.3 billion related to private equity and infrastructure, and C$400 million on asset-backed commercial paper. Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec had C$120.1 billion in assets on Dec. 31.  Last year, the Caisse lost $39.8-billion or 25 per cent of its assets, making it among the worst performing pension funds in the country. The pension fund stubbornly refused to release its financial results, despite numerous reports of its losses, and the Caisse’s performance became a hot-issue  in Quebec political circles and the province’s election campaign.
No wonder the ex Quebec Liberal finance Minister Monique Forget resigned suddenly and unexpectedly and the new Minister of Finance is not any better, clearly an uncompassionate person now as well..

Quebec “Finance Minister Raymond Bachand  suggested clients of disgraced investment adviser Earl Jones should take some of the blame themselves for losing tens of millions of dollars in what police say was a Ponzi scheme”  and he had “scolded the alleged victims of Earl Jones for not having reported their financial adviser to the government’s Autorité des marchés financiers. some of the same elderly people who must turn to food banks after, it is alleged, they’ve been swindled out of their retirement savings. Humility would have been more appropriate on Bachand’s part, considering how badly the government in general and he in particular have handled also the Jones affair. Saturday was the first time since the scandal broke a month earlier that Bachand even acknowledged that he is the minister responsible for the financial sector by saying something about the affair.” The Quebec chief also next did not approve of it too. “It’s such a cruel story,” Quebec Premier Jean Charest said. “They were not very rich people.” Premier Jean Charest has been chosen to preside at a celebration marking the 25th anniversary of the election of the much hated ex Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s first majority. How approriate now as well? Early Jones was charged July 28 with four counts each of fraud and theft. He was freed on $30,000 bail and is living in an undisclosed location following threats. While clearly pervrse Brian Mulroney is still a free man. Jones clients furious following minister’s comments Ottawa Citizen Quebec “mean spirited”: Jones victims The Gazette (Montreal)

McGuinty hammers Ottawa for ignoring stranded woman “Something is fundamentally wrong when we can’t count on the Canadian government to stand up for Canadians – I’m not sure I can put it any more directly than that, “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Now the  People who live in glass houses need to be reminded still not to throw rocks at others, and to practice firstly what they preach unto others, for I would rather see a sermon firstly actually practiced instead of merely lip serviced.  The premier of Ontario himself  does not stand up for all Canadians now for sure too… nor for all of the people of Ontario for that matter.. or he would not let the crooked quota Ontario police, cops now and many others, such as eHealth consultants  also to fleece his flock too.

In reality too many of our politicians still do lie too often as well..  

“Canadian politicians of all stripes lie when they spout such nonsense as: “In Canada, we believe you should get the medical treatment you need with a government health insurance card, not a credit card.”

Really? Try paying for your medical treatment by waving around your health card when you need (a) prescription drugs (b) extra nursing care (c) physiotherapy (d) timely post-operative rehab (e) a nursing home bed or (f) a growing number of medications, tests, treatments and procedures which our governments are delisting almost daily in a bid to cut costs. Wasteful spending in both the public and private sectors plagues both countries.

In fact, 30% of Canadian health care is privately funded while almost half of the U.S. system is publicly funded — for the poor (medicaid), seniors (medicare) and U.S. military. Neither system is purely “public” nor “private.”    In Canada, these are excessive wait times for treatment and the continual delisting of drugs and services from medicare.  ( particularly true as you next get older too, I am waiting months for a knee specialist))

Neither the Canadian  minister  of public safety Peter Van Loan nor Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, who has responsibility for managing all consular cases involving Canadians in need of help abroad, have commented on the case since Mohamud’s identity was confirmed through a DNA test that showed she was a 99.99% match with her son.  Key Canadian minister goes M.I.A. as anger grows, If you are a citizen in trouble in a strange land, you look to Lawrence Cannon.  But actually finding the foreign minister, the man responsible for Canadians abroad, is another matter. Lawrence Cannon, charged with aiding Canadians abroad, is ‘unavailable’ as Kenyan saga drags on.  Canada’s fourth foreign minister since 2006 isn’t on vacation. He’s hard at work. A review of his agenda for the last week, as it became clear that Mohamud had been wrongfully denied the assistance that comes with her citizenship, suggests Cannon’s priorities just lie elsewhere. There was no word from Cannon on the need to get Mohamud home quickly and to right the wrongs done by Canadian officials.” Unfortunately, minister Cannon is not available for an interview,” said spokeswoman Natalie Sarafian.  An interview request sent yesterday to the minister’s office was turned down. Calls to two of his three constituency offices yielded no clues as to his whereabouts.
MINISTRIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. This means, that when somebody screws up in a given department, its the ELECTED MINISTER OF THE CROWN that takes full responsibility. The Minister is accountable to the public, NOT a low level employee. Do we blame the  Assembly Line Workers for GM’s mess? NO. We blame the CEO. Its the samething in Government.”
Liberal Iggy had nothing to do with this as well. Stephen Harper once said he had no plans to stack the Senate with unelected representatives, suggesting it was “a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the prime minister.” Next when he’s actually a prime minister, he’s done exactly what he said he wouldn’t do. And falsely Harper still blames the Liberals for his lies, poor acts, or whatever but clearly he Harper lacks integrity too and thus patronage and croneyism continues to rule the day in Canadian politics and taxpayers are still the big losers. Conservative supporters  go along with Harper’s lies again too.
I wrote before and said that  I once was naïve and believed that the news was honest, professional , objective but now almost daily I encounter contradictory spin doctors lies under the heading of news.. The Conservative and Liberals news media both spin..
for example-
Posted for all to know the reality .. Canada’s news media lies, contradict each other often too..

Conservatives maintain slight poll lead Reuters Canada – David Ljunggren, Rob Wilson –  OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s governing Conservatives are still slightly ahead in public opinion polls over the main opposition Liberals, but would have no


One hour later..


Liberals lead Tories 36% to 33% Vancouverite –  A majority (55%) ‘disagrees’ (28% strongly/27% somewhat) that ‘the Liberal Party is ready again to govern Canada’. However, 45% ‘agree’ (12% strongly/33% …

so what spin do we believe here too?

 Pathetic, awful liars. Recall the liars.

May 21, 2009

Bell throttles internet speeds

 bell-service (5)

WHAT SPIN DOCTOR BELL ALSO DOES NOT TELL ALL OF IT’S CUSTOMERS .  Canadian cell phone carrier, DAVE Wireless, announced  that it had signed a licensing agreement with Bell Mobility, allowing it to attach wireless transmitters to Bell’s existing cell sites. What most citizens do not realize is that wireless phones are digital based too, operating on Bell’s internet services too 



Do always  check your actual ISP speed  check for the blatant theft-corruption on a daily basis and ask them to fix it immediately as well..
We all should be really concerned now whether Internet service providers  such as Bell, Verizon are misleading customers with slower-than-advertised speeds.  Your  Internet provider could be mostly  short-changing  You, consumers by charging them for faster broadband speeds and failing to deliver the speeds being advertised. Now  each company should  provide copies of all the disclosures they have made to customers, as well as copies of any testing they may have done to study their Internet speeds. We deserve the Internet speeds they pay for. But, it turns out, too  many of us may be paying for one thing, and getting another. It seems they all still lie, are guilty of false, misleading advertisements. Most  broadband providers claiming to offer super-fast Internet connections may be rather delivering service that is slower than advertised.  It is immoral  that the broadband speeds that you pay for are so unsubstantiated  in reality.

Small ISPs fight ruling that let Bell throttle internet speeds –    CBC News -Small internet service providers are challenging a ruling that gave Bell Canada Inc. the green light to selectively slow down internet speeds for some of their customers.


Canada’s internet regulator, the Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, didn’t fully understand the technology involved and made errors in the November 2008 judgment, said an application filed with the commission Thursday by Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), along with the Consumers’ Association of Canada and a number of other groups,


“all people such as myself with a Bell telephone line but use a 3rd party ISP for high-speed Internet sue Bell in a class action lawsuit! This is simply based on contract law, I have a Bell home phone line that I pay strictly for local calling  . When I switched from dial-up Internet access many years ago to high-speed, I went with a 3rd party ISP,  and my ISP contacted Bell on my behalf to get my local line connected to Bell’s high-speed line. So then in my next Bell bill under monthly services a new item appeared it said: 1 High Speed-up to 4.0 Mbps and there was no extra charge for this service!” .. Just because Bell connects its residential customers to its high-speed service so that these consumers may use 3rd party ISP resellers of Bell’s capacity; does that give Bell any legal right to sift through this private data, set parameters of access to Internet speed based on the type of data being sent/received and set predetermined time frames in order to restrict the flow of data?”


Therefore I have a contract with Bell and I can sue them for interfering with my phone line. But why do we need a government and pay taxes if we have to fend ourselves? 


Call for class action against Bell Canada – ‎May 22, 2009‎  p2pnet news view Freedom | P2P:- A group of Canadian companies has come together because its members are seriously concerned about the way Bell Canada, with the tacit approval of the Stephen Harper government, is trampling roughshod, …


Canadian Consumer Groups Slam CRTC – Last year, Bell Canada started throttling wholesale customers without telling them, ensuring that smaller ISPs couldn’t offer an un-throttled connection to consumers that was better than Bell’s throttled Sympatico service.  .


ISPs seek to overturn decision on Bell traffic throttling  Telecompaper – ‎May 22, 2009‎ The Canadian Association of Internet Providers, Consumers’ Association of Canada and other groups have filed an application with the telecommunications regulator CRTC to reconsider a November 2008 decision concerning Bell Canada’s throttling of …


 >>Bell Canada, with the tacit approval of the Stephen Harper government, is trampling roughshod, over its own customers, including smaller ISPs.

TO BE FAIR THE LIBERALS ALSO GO ALONG WITH BAD BELL. I had spoken and asked directly Quebec’s finance minister Monique Forget to deal with bad Bell but she was hesitant to and I wondered why till I had next read  that the new head of the Quebec’s pension fund is Michael Sabia, former head of Bell Canada Enterprises, who took over in March of this year.



Conference Board says 3 reports plagiarized  Toronto Star –    The Conference Board of Canada, which bills itself as “the foremost, independent, not-for-profit applied research organization” in the country, has recalled three reports following allegations some of the material was plagiarized.


Copyright Report Caught Copying Raise the Hammer

all 96 news articles »



   bell-internet isp

The CRTC application alleges multiple errors of fact and law in the decision and points specifically to the CRTC’s lack of a full understanding of the issues raised in the proceeding. CAIP argues that the CRTC specifically launched the larger net neutrality proceeding this summer in order to gain that fuller understanding, but argues that:

A broader proceeding in order to understand the complex issues raised in the CAIP application is a perfectly acceptable and responsible means of developing a thoughtful policy approach and decision on network management. What is entirely unfair and unacceptable, however, is the fact that the Commission rendered Decision 2008-108 without the benefit of a comprehensive understanding of the factual, legal and policy issues at play. In particular, if the Commission did not believe that it had an adequate evidentiary record or did not have a full understanding of the factual and legal issues raised by Bell’s throttling of wholesale GAS services to be able to determine in an unqualified and final manner the issues raised in the CAIP proceeding, then it was procedurally unfair for the Commission to have rendered a decision on CAIP’s application.

Moreover, CAIP highlights a concern raised by many in the net neutrality world – that the CRTC has already decided many of the bigger issues even before the July hearings begin. CAIP notes that:

in effect, the Commission has pre-judged certain factual and legal issues raised in the PN 2008-19 proceeding, thereby narrowing the scope of the Commission’s decision in the PN 2008-19 proceeding even before it is made. As long as Decision 2008-108 stands, the perception that the Commission has pre-judged the outcome of PN 2008-19 on the key issue of the legality of CAP-based throttling pursuant to subsection 27(2) and section 36 of the Act will persist.

The application continues with specific examples of error in fact and law. These include errors in fact on P2P activities and the use of deep packet inspection as well as numerous errors in law, particularly in the way the CRTC interpreted sections 27(2) and 36 of the Telecommunications Act. The CAIP application comes as a surprise given that most of the attention had moved to this summer’s net neutrality hearings and places the CRTC on the defensive just weeks before those hearings are scheduled to take place.


CRTC filing lodged by a coalition of consumer groups and indie telecommunication groups who’ve been adversely hit by the Bell Canada’s DPI and throttling practices.And they’re standing up for your rights, your privacy, and their right to function in a business environment that hasn’t been competitively crippled and hijacked by vested corporate interests.

The coalition comprises

  • The Consumers’ Association of Canada,
  • Canada Without Poverty
  • Council of PIAC
  • Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP),
  • Acanac Inc.,
  • Accelerated Connections Inc.,
  • Cybersurf Corp.,
  • Execulink Telecom Inc.,
  • Managed Network Systems Inc. (MSNi),
  • Skyway West Business Internet Services,
  • Start Communications,
  • TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
  • Vianet Internet Solutions,
  • Yak Communications Inc.

Their filing, which highlights many oversights, errors, rights, privacy issues, and competitive disputes not taken into consideration during the CRTC’s ruling, hasn’t yet been posted on the CRTC website, but it can be found here and here, and followed here.


15. Section 62 of the Act states:
62. The Commission may, on application or on its own motion, review and rescind or vary any decision made by it or re-hear a matter before rendering a decision.

16. In Telecom Public Notice CRTC 98‐6, Guidelines for review and vary applications, 20 March 1998 (“PN 98‐6”), the Commission stated that in order for the Commission to exercise its discretion pursuant to section 62 of the Act, an applicant must demonstrate that there is substantial doubt as to the correctness of the original decision. The Commission then went on to state that substantial doubt as to the correctness of the original decision may arise, for example, due to

(i) An error in law or in fact;
(ii) A fundamental change in circumstances or facts since the decision;
(iii) A failure to consider a basic principle which had been raised in the original proceeding; or
(iv) A new principle which has arisen as a result of the decision.

17. The Applicants submit that there is substantial doubt as to the original correctness of Decision 2008‐108 as a result of the following specific errors of fact and law. The

(a) Erred in fact in deciding that P2P transmissions take up as much bandwidth as possible and are unique, among all other types of transmissions, in doing so;(b) Erred in fact in stating that in order to identify the application or protocol of telecommunications, Bell need only examine the “header information of the packet;”9
(c) In relation to Bell’s GAS tariff and sections 24 and 25 of the Act, erred in fact and in law
(i) in allowing Bell to apply a different standard relating to fair and proportionate use of its network by the end‐customers of ISPs than the standard that it has applied historically to both ILECs and to the cable companies;
(ii) in considering that Bell’s use of DPI to inspect and treat packets in P2P transmissions differently does not violate the GAS tariff, which defines GAS as a PPPoE or Layer 2 service; and
(iii) in concluding that at the time of the Decision, Bell had no other “practical option that is technologically and economically suitable” but to throttle GAS;
(d) In relation to CAIP’s subsection 27(2) grounds for relief,
(i) Erred in law by narrowing the scope of the proceeding without notice to the parties, such that CAIP’s section 27 arguments were only considered in relation to Bell’s treatment of its own retail Internet access customers;
(ii) Erred in law in failing to consider whether Bell was subjecting GAS to different treatment as compared to all other high‐bandwidth services that Bell offers to itself or to others using the same “shared” network referred to by Bell and the Commission;
(iii) Applied the wrong legal test in determining that subsection 27(2) comports an element of subjective intention or bad faith;
(iv) Erred in law and in fact in considering that the breaches of section 27(2) were justified given that
A. there is no evidence that P2P applications represent a threat to the integrity of wireline ILEC networks;
B. Bell’s throttling measure is at once under inclusive in that it only affects P2P applications and not other bandwidth intensive applications and overinclusive in that it affects both heavy and “non‐heavy” users equally; and
C. Bell’s throttling measure is not proportional and minimally intrusive since there were many other options for Bell to achieve its objective, whether it be the objective of relieving congestion or of controlling the usage of heavy users;
(e) In relation to section 36 of the Act, erred in law and in fact by concluding that:
(i) Bell’s traffic shaping measures “does not involve blocking any telecommunications”;
(ii) file‐sharing applications only involve transmissions of downloadable “files” which require “time for the file to be transmitted before an enduser can access it.”;
(iii) Bell is not controlling the content of the telecommunications that it carries for the public;
(iv) Bell is not influencing the meaning of the telecommunications that it carries for the public; and that
(v) Bell is not influencing the purpose of the telecommunications that it carries for the public;
(f) Did not comply with the requirements of the Policy Direction to state which policy objectives were advanced by its decision and did not give sufficient justification for its decision thereunder;
(g) Erred in law in failing to give due consideration to
(i) The freedom of expression of content providers, Canadian Internet users, and independent ISPs;
(ii) The Canadian telecommunications policy objective of protecting the privacy of telecommunications set out at paragraph 7(i) of the Act;10 and
(iii) The Canadian telecommunications policy objective of promoting maximum reliance on market forces and ensuring efficient and effective regulation as set out at paragraph 7(f) of the Act.

18. In addition to the foregoing errors, there is at least one changed circumstance relating to the options available to Bell to relieve congestion in its network that calls into doubt both the original and continuing correctness of Decision 2008‐108. In particular, as described in Section IV below, it would appear that Bell has standardised Ethernet Layer 2 switches throughout its network in order to relieve congestion in certain areas of its network. This development calls into question the continuing necessity of Bell’s network‐wide throttling of P2P applications as well as raising the issue (if only in the alternative) of whether Bell’s throttling of P2P applications should be time‐limited or subject to any other restrictions.

The filing goes into great detail on each of these points.

I haven’t had the time to really get into it yet, but I will — and I noticed all sorts of facts the CRTC didn’t address, as did users on DSLreports.

For example, mlerner ( spotted this gem »»»

44. However, the fact that Bell looks at Layer 7 information in order to determine the application software running on the CPE misses a more fundamental point that relates to GAS specifically. GAS is a PPPoE or Layer 2 (Data Layer) service according to Bell GT Item 5410. As such, anything above Layer 2 (Layers 3‐7) constitutes the PPPoE “payload” under GAS. While Bell must possess PPPoE header information in order to provide GAS, there is no need for Bell to examine even the source and destination IP address information of GAS traffic in order to deliver the tariffed service.

This raises a privacy issue when Bell is looking at point of origin and destination, as well as packet payload on customers that aren’t even theirs.

Makes me wonder if the Privacy Commissioner will be dragged into this, as I believe she should be.

The throttle and DPI fight is not over.

Definitely stay tuned…

The new age- The Internet and the word “free” are so entwined when it comes to getting news and information online from mainstream media outlets that consumers aren’t going to want to give it up, Anyone born in the 1980s the computer age now  doesn’t expect to pay for news. Advertisers have to pay for it.

   About sowing and reaping.. “Recession fallout hits BCE, Telus wireless results BCE ‘NOT IMMUNE’ TO ECONOMY “We’re not immune,” BCE Chief Executive George Cope said of the economy during a conference call with analysts. The company’s shares fell 62 Canadian cents to C$25.45.The company’s quarterly revenue edged lower to C$4.34 billion ($3.7 billion) from C$4.36 billion a year earlier. At Telus, revenue crawled higher to C$2.37 billion from C$2.35 billion.”  Reuters  –  More miss information, lying corporate spin   and what about news editors, news reporters using their own brain, research rather? doing the honest reporting?   –all 96 articles »

Bell has no one but itself to blame for it’s own  downfall,  40 percent of it’s own customers have complained about big bad Bell abusing them, lying to them, not keeping their contract agreement already. I have often told Bell  in writing that would all  happen now too on the net as well..
Bell like Loblow , Royal LePage merely reaps too what it sows.. it next fails to get repeat customers and much needed referrals as a direct result too..
..  why Bell is always a LOSER. It is Always looking for some way to SOCK IT TO  their customers over  and over again and find another excuse to make the customers pay more.
“The present  future development  of iPhone includes multimedia messaging (MMS),  and adding  data tethering to the iPhone, which will turn the device into a wireless modem to connect laptops to 3G networks.
“MMS and Tethering – two features that have been readily available on many smartphones for years – are finally making their way to the iPhone. But if you’re in the United States, you won’t be able to use them for at least a few months. Because AT&T, the network with an exclusive lock on the iPhone in the US, couldn’t get it together in time to support them for the iPhone 3.0 software launch. At launch on June 17th, MMS is going to be supported by 29 carriers, and tethering will be supported by 22 of them. So when can we finally expect these stateside? MMS is apparently coming “later this summer”. And tethering? A much more nebulous (and ominous) “later”.

This is ridiculous, plain and simple. AT&T has almost certainly known about Apple’s plans for many months if not years, and was probably involved in determining when these features would be launching in the first place.


AT&T has made it clear many times that it simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to support the millions of new iPhone users that are using their “unlimited” data plans far more than they would on other phones.


Apparently AT&T won’t support the long-awaited addition of MMS upon the iPhone 3GS’s launch. Boy Genius Report explains the situation thusly, [T]he reason it’s not good to go right away is because AT&T has to manually remove all the “Opt Out MMS codes” on each account. Basically, if we were to summarize this, and we’re going out a little bit of a limb, remove the Opt Out MMS code, and MMS will work with the final OS 3.0 build right away. We’ve also just heard that tethering will be 100% locked out at launch, but AT&T’s in the process of putting together a $70/mo unlimited data and tethering plan. SMS and MMS will not be included in that plan, we’re told.”


Sadly AT&T for a start is not the only carrier that doesn’t have presently  adequate  existing bandwidth to support all of their customers, iPhone users  using  an “unlimited” data plan  and that would now include Rogers and Bell? who are clearly already capping their existing customers and others to over come this serious shortcoming,   and in spite of what they do all  promise now they might have in the future I really rightfully do not believe them.

do see also

March 27, 2009

Ontario judge orders website to reveal identity – Hate, Libel, slander on the web

An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered a pair of website owners to turn over identifying information about eight people being accused of defamation after posting anonymous comments. Kershman cited a 2004 case that said privacy cannot be used to protect a person from the application of civil or criminal liability, and that privacy rights must be balanced against the rights of other interests and the public interest. He also cited a 2008 child pornography case, in which a judge ruled that a person’s name, address and the name of their spouse are not information that one would expect to keep private from the state under such circumstances.University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist,   said the court must ensure that a proper balance is struck between the rights of a plaintiff and the privacy and free speech rights of an anonymous poster. In order to do that, it must set a high bar for plaintiffs to meet in order to justify overriding the poster’s rights. Warman is in the process of suing the Fourniers, alleging they “falsely and maliciously published and circulated” information on the site that claimed Warman had posted hateful, racist words. The allegations have not been proven in court.   “In my view, the defendants are under an obligation to disclose all documents in their power and control,” Justice Stanley Kershman said in a ruling delivered Monday to defendants Connie Wilkins-Fournier and Mark Fournier of Kingston, Ont., who run the website Free Dominion.Kershman also ordered the couple to pay $5,000 in costs to the plaintiff in the case, Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman, described by Kershman as an “anti-hate speech advocate.”   Warman had requested, for use in a court action, access to documents that would assist in identifying the anonymous posters and their locations, such as: Email addresses and all personal information. The IP addresses of their computers. Documents concerning the establishment and operation of the website, such as hosting agreements, billing information, and website registrant names.  The Fourniers had argued that people using the message boards do so with the expectation of anonymity and may make statements or provide information that they wouldn’t normally with family, friends or co-workers.
It is still up to the courts or the Human Rights commissions  firstly to confirm, to define what is actually libelous, slanderous, a hate email message..  and someone’s else’s  statement and opinions  on the subject does not count. But to be on the safe side if you want to avoid court costs, ligation, if you are unsure if what you write is libel, slanderous, prosecutable better not post it on the net. Wrongfully accusing someone of posting a hate message or being a racists clearly can  be challenged in courts as a hate message itself and prosecutable.  
Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the unrepentant  guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest
We ALSO do  still need to understand, define what abuse and what hate is, and an abuse is to deny a person’s legal, human rights, and hate is the clear opposite of love, meaning an unloving act.. Hate and  Verbal abuse unrestrained often next do lead to physical abuse in reality too.  And both hate and verbal, physical abuses are  all unacceptable at all times too no matter who you are or who you think you are too. .
but honestly critiquing  NOW certain individuals for their own unacceptable bad act is not always HATE. .
It is a false statement that if one makes any negative statement about Jews, Muslims, Arabs, white people, natives , etc., that one is  a racist or promoting hatred.. one can be  merely exercising one’s appropriate right of free speech, thought..
Now I had witnessed a Person committing immoral, illegal acts many times and when I rightfully reported it next to to the proper authorities, the clearly  guilty  person next  had distorted the truths and lying had said I was promoting hatred towards him and his family, which clearly now was not so. I was a witness of the immoral acts still, unacceptable wrong doings. 
Also I do not believe that everyone sets out to be a deliberate racist, it seems to be often merely a poorly thought out stupid mistake for 70 percent of the persons who do it, and many people once they realize what they have done next do even admit their errors and stop it, unfortunately there are the remaining few hate mongers who still do get carried away with their hatred, sins, who need to be incarcerated for their crimes so they can stop and learn not to do it..
(Rev 2:4 KJV)  Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
(Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
Cops too  seem to have it too easy in Canada, they do what they want, they abuse citizens and tend to get away with it too. Too many COPS, persons distort  the LAW. it’s meaning still too. 
“about the liars, thieves, ABUSERS, bullies, thugs, proud oppressors, war mongers “
First you merely ask the guilty, bad persons personally to repent twice, the first time without a witness, the second time with witnesses THAT you have asked them to repent.. and  detail  proof, substantiation is NOT required.. after you have done that you can next post it openly on the net, tell all the others.
Next God also is now fully free to deal with the unrepentant guilty offenders and believe me he will.. I have now been doing for decades too..

This too is not a hate message – “I would like to recommend an excellent book by Stephen Sizer, entitled ’Christian Zionism, Road Map To Armageddon?, which I believe, will shed a great deal of light on the topic of Christian Zionism. Many millions have been bamboozled and deceived by this cultish movement, and few will ever utter a word against the State of Israel as a result. In the book ’Christian Zionism: Road Map To Armageddon’ Stephen Sizer goes into great detail in exposing the historical roots of Christian Zionism. Mr Sizer talks about things such as the Balfour declaration, CI Scofield and the Scofield Bible, and the influence that it has had in the world. The names of the people who have been associated with this cultish teaching are very well known, people such as John Darby, D.L Moody, Hal Lindsey,  and Pat Robertson, just to name a few. ” JERUSALEM – Israel’s military on Thursday ordered a criminal inquiry into its own soldiers’ reports that some troops killed Palestinian civilians, including children, during the Gaza war by hastily opening fire, confident that relaxed rules of engagement would protect them.Their accounts, published in a military institute’s newsletter, echo Palestinian allegations and feed into human-rights groups’ contention that Israel violated the laws of war. Soldiers also reported the wanton destruction of civilian property.   READ THE FULL MSNBC ARTICLE HERE

Clearly just  because something someone writes offends someone else does not mean firstly that it is even “hate”, immediately prosecutable by law, the courts or the Human Rights Commission. There is still a separation between appropriate speech and inappropriate speech, a separation between freedom of speech, expressing one’s views, opinions and the delivered, deliberate conscious propagation of hatred towards a specific group or person.

OTTAWA — A ruling from a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member says a controversial law banning Internet hate messages is unconstitutional because it violates free speech protections. Athanasios Hadjis ruled Wednesday that section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act violates Charter protections. While this decision doesn’t throw out the law – that’s something for the courts – it did let accused hatemonger Marc Lemire off the hook, because Hadjis refused to penalize him or order him to stop posting his messages on the net. on his site.   Lemire was accused of posting anti-Semitic and anti-gay material on web sites in a complaint brought by Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman. Warman has become an Internet watchdog for such material and the main section 13 complainant before the tribunal. He had asked for a cease-and-desist order against Lemire and a $7,500 fine. Canadian Jewish Congress was quick to call for an appeal of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member   Hadjis ruling. “We strongly disagree with his decision not to impose a cease-and-desist order,” said Joel Richler, an honorary legal counsel to the congress.  The congress said other tribunal members have found the section to be constitutional and the courts should be asked to clarify the matter.

The Ruling from a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member says a controversial law banning Internet hate messages is unconstitutional because it violates free speech protections. Refrence the human rights act section 13.1, which says it is a violation to disseminate material on the Internet that is “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt”  If the example is followed by other tribunal members, it could mean an end to section 13 cases.  In a special report issued in June, the commission asked Parliament to change the law to eliminate the fines and provide a clear, legal definition of what constitutes prohibited hatred. The section has been controversial, with some claiming it spreads too wide a net. The Supreme Court of Canada has said legal action should be reserved only for the most extreme forms of hate.   None of this in any way affects the hate-speech provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code which is completely different legislation, with higher standards of proof and evidence .  Hate accusations can be also  filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If it finds them valid, they are then taken before the tribunal, which can order people to stop posting material on the web or impose fines of up to $10,000. 


February 12, 2009

The Police already tapped my internet, phone..


One thing you learn in Canada is there is no right of free speech here, especially if you exposes the sins of the  cops. The police do too often lie, abuse their positions, authority, misrepresent themselves and try to stop you from posting the truth, the bad things about them..  they get especially upset when they find out you have been sending letters to the elected representatives about how bad the cops really  are and they falsely try to intimidate you, but that does not stop me..


But the Police are not the only one who hate public exposures of their wrong doings, so do some bad mayors, bad politicians, bad guys, crooks, bad corporations.


“At the risk being blacklisted or visited by the police, I would like to voice my grave concern over RCMP investigations of friends and acquaintances of peaceful opponents to the Vancouver Olympics.  I am particular disturbed by B.C. Attorney General Kash Heed saying the RCMP has a duty to “check out” the information they get. Since when do people who disagree with a government policy automatically need to be investigated?  I fail to see the line of reasoning that starts from dissent and leads through to security threat. And more importantly, should the country’s police forces have the arbitrary right to make that equation?  Will authorities one day place under surveillance anyone opposed to the federal budget or the war in Afghanistan, or the RCMP’s handling of the Dziekanski affair? This already happened in the U.S. when J. Edgar Hoover was FBI chief. Canada is on a very slippery slope here and the public needs to be vigilant.” Fred Sengmueller, Toronto

0rcmp13Ironic this bad Premier of Alberta did not last long, and so next also his successor..  

First Nations represent about four per cent of the population but more and more of them are being imprisoned — from 13 per cent of the offenders in custody in 1998 to 20 per cent a decade later. In Saskatchewan, 80 per cent of inmates are native. In Manitoba it’s 70 per cent, in (Racists) Alberta 40 per cent.In those three provinces, aboriginal people also are least likely to be given probation or conditional sentences.
That is a major scandal that demands investigation..


Here in Canada I had attended some political meetings in Alberta  at the request of a neighbor  of mine, a lawyer,  who worked for the Calgary city hall, shortly after that the same neighbor had told me that the local Calgary police had next complied a report on me at the request of the mayor, for apparently it was common practice for the mayor to use the police services to evaluate all of his possible political opponents. No wonder the main jail was across from the mayor’s office too. Next the same lawyer told me that the provincial government also had an Alberta RCMP report on me as well done by police..  and apparently I was classified as a “religious terrorist” because I also do talk about Jesus.  Cops in Canada seem to really hate Christians and Jesus Christ and why is that??. And not just free speech but there really is no no such thing as privacy in Canada.. I understand that the Post office office has a database on the citizens of Canada in PEI as well.  Inappropriate Spying on Canadians by the government is an established fact.
 The same police can’t catch all of the social welfare frauds, drug pushers, drug users, real bad guys, tax evaders, child molesters, citizen abusers, crooked cops, drunk drivers, crooked civil and public servants, bad politicians but they found time to harass me, to unlawfully use their authorities, to visit me in my home six times because they do not like me writing openly about the crooked too often cops and the need of  their rightful prosecutions..

Ont. privacy commissioner probing practice of background checks on –  Ontario’s privacy commissioner is probing whether privacy rights were violated when police launched secret background checks on jurors.

Privacy Commissioner Probes Secret Jury Checks 580 CFRA Radio

National Post – The Canadian Press – Canada NewsWire (press release)
all 51 news articles »


Unlawful use of authority, obstruction of justice, home visits, bullying, false intimidation   by the politician’s watch dogs is nothing new to me…

Privacy advocates concerned about potential internet wiretapping law – Reports that the Conservative government is working on legislation that would grant law enforcement officials the ability to access information from internet service providers has privacy advocates concerned about how such a law might erode the rights
New laws would let police eavesdrop on Internet
Lawful Access — The Return
Globe and Mail – Hamilton Spectator
all 8 news articles »


Elections Canada may be exposing voters to ID theft: privacy –  Canadian voters are at risk of identity theft because of voters lists that go missing and are circulated widely among political parties, says Canada’s privacy commissioner.
Voter data security questioned Toronto Star
Ottawa doing poor job of managing Canadian’s personal info National Post
The Canadian Press – Canada NewsWire (press release) – London Free Press
all 44 news articles »




 (Gal 5:19 KJV)  Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20   Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21   Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  (Col 3:5 KJV)  Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: 6   For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
Police and security chiefs ARE NOW able to scour the contents of every email and internet phone call  sent in Britain. The program, known as Deep Packet Inspection, will also give them the ability to eavesdrop on phone calls made over the internet. The proposals,  revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, come amid increasing evidence that terror groups such as those in the Mumbai attacks are using internet telephones to avoid telephone taps on land line and mobile phones. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, but I do  rightfully object to a police state and the political watchdogs being used by any of by perverse, crooked politicians to watch over any of their rightful opponents, At least they should get a court order from a judge stating the reason for their search now too and next also their actual findings..
And I am not convinced that our too often rather incompetent, racist , cost ineffective  national police, security forces, RCMP included now are capable of dealing with the Muslims terrorists especially  since they clearly cannot speak Russian or Arabic or any other foreign languages  for the most part still.
In the last 10 years, crime rates have fallen roughly 27 per cent but costs have risen 44 per cent in policing and 33 per cent in corrections. Our prisoner population has managed to stay constant.  Is that a paradox? Or is that because those in the system are smart enough to ensure they all keep working and our prisons remain full, even though there are far fewer crimes. Also the report notes “the most embarrassing lacunae in Canadian data” is the lack of useful information on our courts — “we have no systemic way of assessing whether the courts are getting more or less effective in dealing with the cases that they see, let alone understanding how much as a society we are paying. For a developed nation, this is disappointing to say the least … How bad is it?”  It’s appalling — even mischief cases take more than half a year on average to process.
see .

January 23, 2009

THE CRTC flubs it again

Registered with the do-not-call list? Expect more calls, says consumer watchdog

 Friday, January 23, 2009 |   CBC News  Canada’s highly touted do-not-call list is having the opposite effect, leading to more telemarketer calls, says the Consumers’ Association of Canada. “It’s a travesty,” president Bruce Cran said Friday. “Here we have all these people thinking they were getting rid of incoming phone calls. Anyone who is registered should suspect their phone number is being broadcast to the four winds.” The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission launched the registry in September to great fanfare, promising that those who registered would see a drop in unwanted calls soliciting goods and service. Millions of Canadians have registered their names, home phone numbers and in some cases their cellphone numbers. The problem, said Cran, is that the CRTC sells the registry list online. “In Toronto, you can get 600,000 names for $50,” he said. Telemarketers are required to subscribe to the list, paying an annual fee that depends on how often they chose to download updates. Those who violate the list by calling registrants may be fined up to $15,000 per call.  Chilliwack, B.C., real estate consultant Jim Stocco said he suspects the “avalanche of calls” he and his wife have been fielding lately is a result of having registered with the do-not-call list.  Before registering, Stocco had managed to bring unwanted phone solicitations down to about one a week by calling back telemarketers and asking them to take his phone number off their list.  “This do-not-call registry has made things worse. We now get five or six calls a day,” he said. “We both work at home and have clients across North America so we will answer calls. It has been a major irritant.”  Stocco said when he tries to call telemarketers back to ask that his number be taken off their list, he gets a voice mailbox that does not accept messages.  Glenn Thibeault, NDP critic for consumer protection, wrote to the federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart on Jan. 16 urging her to investigate.  “When the service is not only ineffective but assists in worsening the problem, Canadians have a right to be concerned, ” he said.   A spokesperson for the commissioner said Friday that she was aware of the problem before being contacted by Thibeault. “We are concerned as well,” said Heather Ormerod. “We are in contact with the CRTC and trying to gather relevant information to see how to proceed.”


I already rightfully have a very low opinion of the too often Useless CRTC



January 8, 2009

Harper stays silent on Gaza

Waves of anger sweeps across the World. Hundreds of Thousands call for Mid-East peace, call for peace in Israel and Gaza, as well as recognition of the citizen’s view of the conflict there, and they want both Gaza and Israel to be free, calling  called for a sustained ceasefire and an end to all violence in the region.  ” We look upon the increasing loss of life on both sides of the Gaza conflict with horror ” . “We have no doubt that these conflicts by  Israel, and by Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups, are war crimes against the innocent citizens.  “No sovereign state should, or would, tolerate continued attacks and the deliberate targeting of civilians.  We all must demand  an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. WASHINGTON: Several thousand protesters – 10,000 according to organizers – descended on the White House in support of Palestinians in Gaza, on the heels of other protests across major world capitals. The two biggest protests calling for an end to Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip took place in London and Paris, and elsewhere..
As far as I am concerned both sides are really not interested in any real peaceful settlements, negotiations, as History has clearly shown the last 50 years too.. both sides here tend to be really imperfect, have done many wrongs, are often equally guilty thus.. so you cannot really ask me to take one or the other sides .. An Impossible Peace: Israel/Palestine
“When the world community at the UN tried to stop the violence, the call for a ceasefire was blocked by the U.S., and Canada, to its shame, has fully supported the U.S., actually opposing the call for an immediate ceasefire,”  “These actions by Canada and the U.S. amount to a green light for the killing to continue, and they make our governments complicit to the crimes being waged in Gaza.” – David Orchard.   David Orchard who entered the Israeli consulate said people in that the city of Montreal could not support the continued bombing in Gaza. He also called for the federal government to break off relations with Israel until the military action stops. 
Latest update Jan 9, 2009 “.MONTREAL – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is echoing previous assertions that Canada supports an “effective and durable” ceasefire in Gaza. His comments in Montreal today come a day after the UN Security Council approved a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. Harper says the Canadian government has been clear on its position. He says both parties, Israel and Hamas, are responsible for coming to such an agreement. ” BUT Israel and Hamas ignore UN call for cease-fire.
Who will save Israel from herself?  Not the UN,  Canada, US, or  Middle East Quartet, the European Union, the United Nations, or the Arab League. Oxford University professor Avi Shlaim, Sees Israel today as a “rogue” and gangster” state led by “completely unscrupulous leaders”. Neve Gordon, a politics professor at Ben Gurion University, has declared that Israel’s actions in Gaza are like “raising animals for slaughter on a farm” and represent a “bizarre new moral element” in warfare.”The moral voice of restraint has been left behind … Everything is permitted” against Palestinians, writes a disgusted Haaretz columnist, Gideon Levy. Fellow Haaretz columnist and daughter of Holocaust survivors, Amira Haas writes of her late parents disgust at how Israeli leaders justified Israel’s wars with a “language laundromat” aimed at redefining reality and Israel’s moral compass. “Lucky my parents aren’t alive to see this,” she exclaimed. Around the world people are beginning to compare Israel’s attack on Gaza, which after the 2005 withdrawal of Israeli forces and settlers was turned literally into the world’s largest prison, to the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. ”
“One by one the justifications given by Israel for its latest war in Gaza are unravelling.The argument that this is a purely defensive war, launched only after Hamas broke a six-month ceasefire has been challenged, not just by observers in the know such as Jimmy Carter, the former US president who helped facilitate the truce, but by centre-right Israeli intelligence think tanks. The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, whose December 31 report titled “Six Months of the Lull Arrangement Intelligence Report,” confirmed that the June 19 truce was only “sporadically violated, and then not by Hamas but instead by … “rogue terrorist organisations”.Instead, “the escalation and erosion of the lull arrangement” occurred after Israel killed six Hamas members on November 4 without provocation and then placed the entire Strip under an even more intensive siege the next day. According to a joint Tel Aviv University-European University study, this fits a larger pattern in which Israeli violence has been responsible for ending 79 per cent of all lulls in violence since the outbreak of the second intifada, compared with only 8 per cent for Hamas and other Palestinian factions. Indeed, the Israeli foreign ministry seems to realise that this argument is losing credibility…  the claim that the Israeli forces have gone out of their way to diminish civilian casualties – long a centre-piece of Israel’s image as an enlightened and moral democracy – is falling apart. Anyone with an internet connection can Google “Gaza humanitarian catastrophe” and find the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Territories and read the thousands of pages of evidence documenting the reality of the current fighting, and the long term siege on Gaza that preceded it. The Red Cross, normally scrupulous in its unwillingness to single out parties to a conflict for criticism, sharply criticised Israel for preventing medical personnel from reaching wounded Palestinians, some of whom remained trapped for days, slowly starving and dying in the Gazan rubble amidst their dead relatives. Meanwhile, the United Nations has flatly denied Israeli claims that Palestinian fighters were using the UNRWA school compound bombed on January 6, in which 40 civilians were killed, to launch attacks, and has challenged Israel to prove otherwise. Additionally, numerous flippant remarks by senior Israeli politicians and generals, including Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister, refusing to make a distinction between civilian people and institutions and fighters – “Hamas doesn’t … and neither should we” is how Livni puts it – are rightly being seen as admissions of war crimes.As Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur, declared in his most recent statement on Gaza: “It should be pointed out unambiguously that there is no legal (or moral) justification for firing rockets at civilian targets, and that such behavior is a violation of IHR, associated with the right to life, as well as constitutes a war crime.” By the same logic, however, Israel does not have the right to use such attacks as an excuse to launch an all-out assault on the entire population of Gaza.
“Canadian leaders back Israel as Harper stays silent on Gaza By Shadi Elien
In the nearly two weeks since Israel began its latest air strikes in Gaza, humanitarian groups and activists around the world have condemned Israel’s actions and called for a ceasefire. Meanwhile, many Canadian politicians appear to condone the offensive route being taken by Israel.

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has spoken on behalf of the Conservative government in regards to Canada’s position on the conflict. In a statement released on December 27, Cannon said: “Israel has a clear right to defend itself against the continued rocket attacks by Palestinian militant groups which have deliberately targeted civilians.” He urged both sides to create conditions that would allow humanitarian aide to be accessed by those who need it in Gaza but insisted that “first and foremost those rocket attacks must stop”.

Israel’s attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip began on December 26, and escalated into a ground offensive on January 3. The number of Palestinians killed and injured continues to grow each day. According to BBC News, at least 683 have been killed and more than 3,085 injured.

Forty people were killed and 55 were injured yesterday (January 6) when Israeli mortar fire struck the UN-run al-Fakhura school in the Jabaliya refugee camp.

Canada’s junior foreign minister, Peter Kent, commented on the strike in an interview this week with the Globe and Mail, stating that Hamas “bears the full responsibility for the deepening humanitarian tragedy”. Despite the lack of information available from Gaza, due to an Israeli ban on journalists entering the war-torn territory, Kent insisted that Hamas is the root cause of the civilian fatalities.

“We really don’t have complete details yet, other than the fact that we know that Hamas has made a habit of using civilians and civilian infrastructure as shields for their terrorist activities, and that would seem to be the case again today,” he said.

Some members of Parliament have not been as quick to blame Hamas for the deaths. In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper dated yesterday, Vancouver East MP Libby Davies urged the Canadian government to condemn the attacks and demand an immediate ceasefire.

“The lack of leadership from the Canadian government is shameful in the face of such events,” Davies stated.

Davies said she has received many messages from her constituents who were “outraged that Canada has done nothing”.

The Foreign Affairs Department had tried to help 36 Canadians leave the region on January 5, but the Israeli Defence Force, which controls movement in the area, stopped the operation. Speaking after a government caucus meeting, Cannon stated that security measures prevented them from helping those who wanted to return to Canada safely, according to the Canadian Press.

Today, Canada donated $4 million toward the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, giving $3 million to the United Nations relief effort and another $1 million to the Red Cross, according to CP.

The leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff, also released a statement concurring with the view of the Conservatives and the majority of western politicians.

“The Liberal Party of Canada unequivocally condemns the rocket attacks launched by Hamas against Israeli civilians and calls for an immediate end to their attacks,” Ignatieff stated on December 29.

He called for Canada to provide humanitarian aid but held firm on his stance that Israel has the right to defend itself against the attacks.

As of today, no official statements have been made by Harper on the matter, who has remained quiet on the conflict in Gaza.

However, Harper found time to express congratulations to Canada’s World Junior Hockey team in two separate news releases on the Conservative Party of Canada Web site.” 

Many true evangelicals do now support a two-state solution and creation of a new Palestinian state that includes the vast majority of the West Bank.  They support justice for both Israelis and Palestinians.  If all of the  learned men are going to be truly historically honest, surely they must admit that the Jews have every right to inhabit the land of their fathers, the covenant land given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by none other than God himself and admit that right was the same God who took them next away from that land now twice too… THE NEW TESTAMENT DOES NOT talk about the Jews return next to it too. But God still wants the Jews and Palestinians brothers to live in peace together.

“THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE, Update from Dr. Benedict – By Gary M. Benedict – August 16, 2007  I recently joined other evangelical leaders in signing a letter to President Bush concerning peace in the Middle East. The letter represents my personal conviction and does not represent the official position of The Alliance or the Board of Directors of the C&MA. The Christian and Missionary Alliance has been ministering in the Arab lands since 1890. For more than 110 years, we have been working among Israelis and Palestinians. We are seeking to fulfill Jesus’ Commission to take the gospel to people in all nations.  The letter I signed encourages President Bush to continue to pursue a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region. We are instructed in the Bible to “seek peace and pursue it,” yet I understand that the only true and lasting peace will come when the Prince of Peace returns. Please join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem and that many will find the peace that passes all understanding through Jesus.  We share a common concern for peace in the region and the commitment to obey Jesus’ command to spread the gospel to all people. May God be pleased to reach many and bring glory to our Lord.   Living the Call together, Gary M. Benedict  President   U.S. C&MA   ”

The C&MA  is the professing Evangelical Stephen Harper’s own church  The CMA should practice what it preaches to others, and return the churches it stole from the others too.

Also in Reality Conservatives need firstly to practice peaceful coexistence  in Canada! . In my 20 years of posting on the net in Canada the biggest immoral human rights violators, abusers have been the Conservatives of Alberta who clearly do not tolerate free speech, the difference of views, and they next tend to lie about, slander, delete unwanted non conforming posters who do not go along with their too often immoral, redneck views.

>– I have often been wrongfully abused on Alberta’s immoral conservative blogs too.. as I have detailed on the net fully too now.

Like I had posted on the net a long time ago too   “Reality In my 20 years of posting on the net in Canada the biggest immoral human rights violators, abusers have been the Conservatives of Alberta who clearly do not tolerate free speech, the difference of views, and they next tend to lie about, slander, delete unwanted non conforming posters who do not go along with their too often immoral, redneck views. – Here is a great example of what the Democratic Conservatives are really still like in Canada.. They still do immorally, wrongfully delete all my posts at and their clearly hypocritical pretense of freedom of speech is appalling  All the BS about democracy, still next indicates that the Conservatives are the biggest liars and abusers of other’s human rights. Simply just try to post disagreeing messages on the Conservative sites such as or the Western Standard Blog dominated by a minority of self centered, abusive rednecks and you for sure next will be firstly abused, slandered, personally bashed, attacked and next cut off, denied access to it. The self proclaimed Conservatives posters there in Alberta are still some of the biggest liars, human rights abusers even if they lie and claim they are Christians now too. It has been that way for the last 25 years in my real Albertan experiences now too. Even an Ostrich cannot hide from the realties of life forever. When you access the supposed free speech, democratic site of the sysop accesses your own personal computer to find all of the personal information about you, an unlawful invasion of privacy without ones prior permission, and this the federal Conservative government and it’s Justice Minister, the RCMP should look into. The same sysop who himself is not impartial, but another one of these self proclaimed Conservative supporter, a basher and abuser, who makes slanderous personal attacks on the posters rather than deal with the facts presented, he even has admitted to spying now on others in one of his post too. I rightfully would like Alberta’s human rights also to review these matters too as well as the Justice department PS He had deleted my reply to him on this on him being an unlawful voyeur and other messages that were unfavorable to Alberta and it’s hypocritical democracy. I clearly had supported the Western Standard right of printing the cartoons under their right of free speech. But now I personally find out that their Internet site deliberately not only promotes hatred towards Canada, specially easterners but in an unfair and undemocratic process it deletes the unfavorable messages, towards Alberta too, such as this own below. This is both hypocritical and unacceptable on their parts. Please do Deal with it properly now. ” Western Standard’s invasion of other people’s computer is an illegal invasion of one’s personal privacy. – Comcast High-Speed Internet Acceptable Use Policy .. we will “access any other person’s computer or computer system, software, or data without their knowledge and consent; breach the security of another user; or attempt to circumvent the user authentication or security of any host, network, or account. This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data not intended for you, logging into or making use of a server or account you are not expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of other hosts, networks, or accounts; ” Scary scary stuff. Let the Alberta Human rights commissioner, Justice department also know that know this is illegal now for the other parties did not consent to this in writing. ”  Clearly here too the Conservatives are still the big hypocrites who themselves do not keep the laws they preach to the others. ” ” and next July it will be the Conservative Stephen Harper’s turn to lose face and face a reelection, and likely only another minority government.”


So why is it some people still do think they can get away with any of it when clearly they cannot.

Do see also
– the dispensationalist reality

October 29, 2008

MURDEROUS COPS coverup is ongoing



The Vancouver Sun    RCMP’s reputation takes a beating at Braidwood inquiry   March 5, 2009     You’ll remember that shortly after Robert Dziekanski was Tasered and died in Vancouver International Airport, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said it would not be returning a videotape of the incident to its rightful owner for one or two years, because it might taint witness testimony. Well, the tape has certainly had a negative effect, but what it has tainted is the reputation of the RCMP. And it, along with other evidence from the Braidwood inquiry into Dziekanski’s death, reveals that the RCMP and police forces across the country have a lot of work to do to regain the public’s trust. In fact, the tape reveals what could be construed as a practice of using Tasers first and asking questions later, and worse, it reveals that the attending officers couldn’t even trust the notes they made shortly after the incident. This week, Const. Kwesi Millington, the officer who fired the Taser, testified before the inquiry, stating that he feared for the officers’ safety after Dziekanski picked up a stapler. His comments prompted snickers from spectators who watched the tape, and who obviously questioned how four officers, clad in Kevlar vests, carrying guns and pepper spray and trained in self-defence, could fear a lone man with a stapler. Clearly, if the officers’ actions were in keeping with RCMP policy at the time, then the policy permitted the Tasering of suspects upon even the slightest provocation. Worse, Millington Tasered Dziekanski a total of five times, even after Dziekanski had fallen to the ground and after the officers had applied pressure to his back. Now it’s awfully hard to understand how the officers could still have been frightened of Dziekanski, but that’s still not the worst of it. No, the worst thing is that if the videotape didn’t exist, one would have to rely on Millington’s notes about the incident, notes that Millington was forced to repeatedly admit were wrong. In fact, confronted by videotape evidence about the number of times Dziekanski was Tasered, Millington had to confess that one would get a “distorted view” of the incident by reading his notes. This is a devastating admission because, in most cases of Tasering, the officer’s testimony is all we have to rely on. And police forces have repeatedly defended their use of Tasers, and have even taken shots at critics — witness the recent press conference held by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Police Association, where representatives questioned the fitness of those who criticize Taser use. Given that the police must have the trust and respect of the public if they are to function adequately, this is an attitude that must change, particularly in light of the evidence from the Braidwood inquiry. That means that police forces across the country must be open to reconsidering their Taser policies in the face of honest concern — the RCMP’s recent modest changes to its policy are good first steps, but only first steps — and must be willing to admit that they made mistakes. And not just when they’re called before a commission of inquiry.
B.C. police complaint commissioner ‘frustrated’ by lack of Police Act changes Sun Nov 9, 5:39 PM  VANCOUVER, B.C. – B.C.’s police complaint commissioner says he’s frustrated changes haven’t been made to provincial legislation to allow for harsher discipline against officers found guilty of misconduct.
 Tiny number of police officers part of large drinking and driving problem Sun Nov 9, 12:03 PM VANCOUVER, B.C. – The numbers are staggering.
 according to the bad RCMP spin doctors, there are only 3 alcoholic RCMP officers in all of Canada? for the rest they do not drink alchol   or beer  but only milk, even when off duty?
Off-duty RCMP officer faces drunk driving charge
Winnipeg Sun –  By Terri Theodore, THE CANADIAN PRESS VANCOUVER – In a bizarre twist to a tragic story, a BC RCMP officer accused in a fatal drunk driving accident was involved in the death of a man who died after he was shocked by RCMP Tasers at Vancouver’s airport.
Fallout from Dziekanski’s death claims two more victims Vancouver Sun
RCMP officer faces impaired driving charge in fatal BC crash Globe and Mail – The Canadian Press – CTV British Columbia – Richmond News
all 45 news articles »
Let me talk about the fact so many cops too now are alcoholics or drug users, ( likley about 50 percent) and all alcoholics do now need to be fired.. dismissed from their jobs immediately too. Alcoholism is not a disease, it is a sin, that often leads to job incompetence, serious crimminal acts, murder, killings..

see also

  Noboody has to help them.. they all rightfully should be fired.. so they can next learn to help themselves.. for firstly you cannot help a person , a clear sinner too, who refuses to admit he or she needs help or even has a problem, helping him it is a waste of time and resources ..
AND I do not need anyone’s permission to talk about it all openly too.
The  continuation  from Dziekanski’s RCMP Murder claims One  more dead Victim..,  Vancouver Sun October 28, 2008 a motorcyclist who was killed in Delta on Saturday night and the off-duty RCMP officer whose vehicle collided with him. Orion Hutchinson, of Tsawwassen, was riding his bike westbound along Sixth Avenue on Saturday night when he was struck at the Gilchrist intersection by an eastbound Jeep. The 21-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer faces charges for blowing over .08 in a breathalyzer test and impaired driving causing death. He was released on a promise to appear Jan. 15. Next the RCMP revealed the Mountie was also involved in the Oct. 14, 2007 fracas at the airport in which the 40-year-old Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski  was Tasered at least twice and died being subdued by the RCMP officers. Since Dziekanski’s death, this Mountie became a member of an integrated team involved in organizing security for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. He now is suspended with pay.

“Unlike you or I in a similar situation, though, this alleged drunken killer isn’t having his name splashed all over the papers. The Mounties and Delta Police, who are investigating the weekend fatality, claim the cop hasn’t actually been “charged” yet, so they’re protecting his privacy until he appears in court. What a thoughtful thing to do. I can’t believe these two police agencies have the audacity to pull a stunt like this – especially the RCMP. Doesn’t the force realize the country has lost faith in it and that transparency, not secrecy is needed to rebuild the trust we once had in this national institution? Most people I talk to remain absolutely livid about what happened to Dziekanski, and they’re astounded the RCMP seems to be thumbing their nose at the public’s concerns.  The force has been dithering for more than a year over providing Crown counsel with enough relevant information to make a decision about whether or not to charge the four Mounties involved in Dziekanski’s death. As a result, his family has been denied closure and the public denied important answers to pressing questions about what happened at YVR  and why. At the same time, the four officers involved have had a horrible cloud over their heads and their careers, and the force has done them no favour by procrastinating. ”

It’s time to  to address the concerns, disgust  of the public  and to prosecute any and all OF the bad RCMP officers, even for MURDER, drunk driving.. never mind the double standards, no cop is above the law, above justice.

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 The way I see it..
The federal and provincial conservatives are also all still mostly immoral persons, do  see my blog on why Stephen Harper hides his religion.. so also are many of  the Federal, provincial Liberals, and also the cops, RCMP, CRTC, it seems they are all corrupted,   crooked? for they all support mainly the Businessmen, corporations  who they hope can support them with bribes.. and sadly this is an undeniable reality.. 
Web Search Results

 Results 110 of about 432,000 for how many cops arrested for drunk driving.

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    6 Oct 2006 Traffic cop fired after being arrested over drunk driving “I was going to take a taxi, but there were too many people lining up.” – 50k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this
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    We have DUI cops of the year looking at charges for driving DUI and agg …. How many times have you heard of people getting pulled over for failing to…/heather-squires-was-arrested-for-dui-without-drinking-a-drop-of-alcohol/ – 106k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this
  9. South Bend police officer arrested for drunk driving | WSBT South

    Many cops drink and eat at small town bars/pubs that I know.What place served him this …… Imagine that – a South Bend cop driving drunk and speeding! – 151k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this
  10. (Milwaukee County Sherrif) Deputy gets arrested (during DUI Crackdown)

    19 Mar 2008 (Milwaukee County Sherrif) Deputy gets arrested (during DUI Crackdown) “You know how many cops I have stopped and let go? – 25k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this

the  NDP and the   CBC for the present do try to support consumers, and their complaints but they have no real power too.
Complainers and whistle Blowers seem not be be liked anywhere.. Get used to it.

“Tiny number of police officers part of large drinking and driving problem   Sun Nov 9, 12:03 PM   VANCOUVER, B.C. – The numbers are staggering.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving says 75,000 people are arrested annually in Canada for drinking and driving.  There are an additional 100,000 to 150,000 24-hour suspensions handed out each year by police, said MADD chief executive officer Andy Murie.  Sometimes the people who make those arrests, the front-line police officers who try to get the drunks off the road become – albeit rarely – part of the statistics.  “You might find 10 to 15 incidents a year involving police officers,” said Murie in a recent interview from his Oakville, Ont., office.  “The thing is that with the 10 to 15, because they are police officers and they get charged with a crime, it’s news.”  Often front-page news, most recently in British Columbia.  In recent weeks, the public learned that three B.C. police officers are facing drunk-driving charges – two members of the RCMP and a third from the New Westminster police department.  One of the off-duty RCMP members was arrested for drunk driving after a Jeep collided with a motorcycle, killing a 21-year-old man in Delta, B.C.  Other high-profile cases this year across the country include an Edmonton police officer facing one count of driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit and five counts each of impaired driving causing bodily harm and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.  In Saskatoon, a judge will decide the fate later this month of a senior member of the Saskatoon police service charged with impaired driving.  At his trial, two arresting officers testified that Insp. Al Stickney got behind the wheel after they observed him drunkenly staggering across the street.  “This year there’s been about 10 (arrests),” said Murie. “That’s pretty normal for a year.”  ..  the number of police officers caught drinking and driving is a tiny percentage of the total  ..   Benedikt Fischer, a criminologist at the faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, said police officers are recruited “from the human race and despite the fact we expect so, human behaviour doesn’t stop on-or off-duty.”  Fischer also believes the number of police officers who drive drunk is probably higher than the arrest statistics indicate.  Being a cop is part of a “professional or police culture” dominated by machismo and camaraderie where police officers spend a lot of time socializing with each other, said Fischer, and often it involves alcohol.  “Drinking among police officers is often quite extensive and excessive, probably more so than in other professions,” he said.  When an RCMP member in B.C. is identified as having a drinking problem, he or she gets to know Dr. Ian MacDonald, the regional health services officer for RCMP in B.C.  After an assessment, they might be referred outside the force to an independent addiction specialist.  Whether it’s determined they have a drinking problem or not, all RCMP members arrested for drinking and driving come to MacDonald’s attention and must have an assessment.  MacDonald also thinks that MADD’s numbers are low and that the number of police officers arrested for drunk driving is higher than 10 to 15.  “That strikes me as low. If you look at B.C., we might have two or three charges a year. And if B.C. is 10 per cent of the population, that would be 20 to 30 across Canada.”  Mark Berber, a lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Toronto and an assistant professor at Queen’s University, is also skeptical of the MADD figures.  “It’s surprisingly low considering the stress these guys and gals are under.”  Studies, he said, have suggested that police officers have one of the most stressful jobs and “unfortunately a small number may seek to reduce their anxiety and stress by having a drink.”  He has counselled police officers in his private practice.  “They have spoken about seeking relief from stress and through medication and also drinking,” Berber said.  RCMP members who get caught drinking and driving, in addition to the court process, must endure an internal code of conduct investigation, said RCMP spokeswoman Const. Annie Linteau.  Members appear before an adjudication board and the result could be dismissal, she said. ”
”  We only read/see about the few due to the police buddy system which will leave all but the most blatant of the cops drunk (ie involved in an accident) either being escorted home, or not even bothering to perform the breathe analysis. Do you really think the public is so stupid to believe that the police are held accountable to their partners? I have seen this first hand and know it for truth. So MADD get off your horse and see the facts for what they really are, police covering up for police” 
” I get the uncomfortable impression that there is a level of spin coming from MADD over this matter! If anything, I would have expected MADD to have taken a highly reproachful attitude toward anyone in this profession(as they do to anyone in any other profession) who CHOOSE to drink and drive. Yes, it makes the news if it’s a cop and so does any other citizen who kills someone while drunk at the wheel. “
” There is absolutely no excuse for anyone driving drunk,be they officers or not.We are all aware of the fact that it is illegal and should all be held to the same standard. As to lighter sentencing,police generally get booted off the force after conviction.  “
 All alcoholics should be fired anywhere..

A good name is worth more than silver and gold, and a tarnished one cannot be accepted.. it is a clear loser and not a winner.
I learned long time ago important people do not like me, you embarrassing them in writing, posting their sins on the nets, for they send the police to my home 6 times now, a prime minister, a mayor, and a premier now too, and I next tell the police I want to contact the news media now about this and the police take off..
and they also threaten to sue me.. I tell them to go ahead I need the publicity..
they try to contact my employer but I am retired..
I like to write an email  letter of complaint  directly to a person, and also next send a copy to the news editors, politicians, but note  also to post the letter on the net and tell them all it is on the net.. even the last 2 decades, and from my experience that is the only thing that works effectively still.
Complaint #1
Servicing computers, providing technical support is not an easy business, even the so called experts often get it wrong.. 2 years problem with a brand new computer remained unsolved and why? the experts looked for complex problems.. and it next finally turned out to be a defective 15 dollars hard drive cable.By law the internet is unregulated.. and these supposedly consumer protection agencies now still all they can do is a useless pretentious mediation approach and next it is useless because Bell plays dirty, hardball still.. court actions cannot be enforced. And any experienced lawyer will tell you, you need to first in writing personally to ask the specific bad people to repent first, to first give them a chance to do so, before you can next go public, and try to shame them into action, and still that is the sole approach than works.. for in reality the pretentious CRTC, Cops, consumer agencies do not really care about helping the small fries.. they only care about themselves. So I practice what I preach to you as well.. I put it in writing on the net too, it is an embarrassing approach but still the only one that works..
Complaint #2
About Politics- Political, corruptions, inducements, Christians, Alcoholics
The supposed big news over the past decade by the liberals was  that several high profile Christian advocates are winning Conservative nominations across the country. The Globe &  Mail had a rational analysis of the situation in an editorial. so what!
so too often even a professing Christian Canadian Prime Minister buys alcohol for others to elicit support. Will they also give out playboy too now?
Here is something I recently read in the newspapers news that was hilarious, even  on the net, an RCMP spin doctor, as quoted by  news reporter said  that the RCMP has only 3  court cases this year against alcoholic RCMP officers, and the rest of the RCMP officers are non alcoholic it seems, so they do not get tickets for drunk driving, for the RCMP officers they  sober all the time too?? That was really funny. In the real world 40 percent of the persons often take drugs and alcohol, but not in the cops world? Ha ha ha.. that is a funny joke. Rightfully unbelievable.
It is difficult to understand the media fuss about Christian activists helping to secure the nominations of at least eight Canadian federal Conservative candidates in the next election. It is  no less  difficult not to understand why no one opposes the election of Alcoholics, or the use of Alcohol to try to secure votes.. but they will oppose the election of Christian persons, It is not difficult to understand why some newspapers would splash a headline on the topic across their front page, thereby starting the entire insanity in the first place.
First off, let’s look at the problem with the current system. By signing up a group of people to pack a nomination meeting, the chances of nominating a candidate who the party and constituents do not want is dramatically increased.
With the current political nominating system it’s very easy to trade votes for money, booze, or favours, and it becomes about stacking meetings rather than being the “best” candidate. And  during the leadership race, we saw blatant restrictions of membership forms. If you didn’t support a certain candidate  ,it was impossible to get a membership form from the party, and when you were granted one, it would often take months to get it, or it would be mailed to the wrong address. Since it’s all about being on the membership list and it’s pretty easy to keep people off the membership list, abuse is practically encouraged. So why not switch to the primary system? Every Canadian could register with a party or as a non-partisan on their income tax by checking a box.  Sure, you could still truck in your church members to vote so long as they’re registered to the party in question but with many more eligible voters, it would become a lot harder to take over a riding or win a nomination. With a wider range of people voting, it would presumably allow for candidates the general population prefers to be nominated. It would also become impossible to restrict membership forms, leaving leadership races more wide open and democratic… considering the bad press all parties get through nasty nomination battles and leadership races, it would be a solution everyone would benefit from. Don’t forget a recall system too.
Now, here  the other laws On political abuse:
119. (1) Every one who(a) being the holder of a judicial office, or being a
member of Parliament or of the legislature of a province, corruptly
(i) accepts or obtains,
(ii) agrees to accept, or
(iii) attempts to obtain,
any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment for himself or
another person in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted
by him in his official capacity, or
(b) gives or offers, corruptly, to a person mentioned in paragraph (a) any
money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of
anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by him in his official
capacity for himself or another person,
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not
exceeding fourteen years.
A charismatic leader is someone who really cares about the good welfare of all the people in Canada equally, French or English, easterner or westerner, or whatever, and not another pretender, Christian imposter, Alcoholic, liars, self centered, greedy persons that we seem to too often have instead..
so don’t be stupid NOW again,
and don’t select a Liberal leader who
– is a pretender Christian,
– a liar,
– an alcoholic,
– or one who cannot speak english, never mind read it.
but note above all it has to be one only from Quebec..
for without the support of the Quebec voters, without a PM from Quebec, you next cannot hope to have a majority government as Harper keeps on finding out.. again and again!
Now about another important issue too
Recently I had problems with my internet connection for a whole week, and I get different advice from the so called experts to last a life time too.. Trouble shooting problems with computers can be a complex undertaking caused by a very small unresolved problem even. A Bell technician finally after 2 years  showed up today at my home at 1:30 PM at Acanac’s suggestion and he reduced my internet, modem speed from 10 megs to 5 megs.. because he thinks the Acanac modem is the problem, it does not want to accept the 10 meg causing the recent past internet connectivity problem.. Somehow I doubted it .. there also had to be other factors elsewhere? Everything works great so far, web page connectivity and Utorrent download, so how can I complain, and let’s hope it lasts that way..
But I also suspect the peak line demands, capping, and line balance is part of the problem. The problem occassionally comes back. When it gets worse I will write even again to all.

Problems! These days 40 percent of Canadian Internet Customers are rightfully dissatisfied with the poor lies, support services from their internet suppliers, especially the biggest ones, such as Bell, Videotron, Rogers, . Why?



The internet itself is the most powerful weapon, for the pen is mightier than the sword..   free sites such as   which is tied to the effective Google search engine.. and


September 6, 2008

Restrictive Trade practises

US Supreme Court OKs Cellphone Unlocking Suit. The cell phone unlocking exemption covers cases where cell phone software locks are circumvented “for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communication network.” This could force AT&T to unlock the coveted iphone. AT&T is Apple’s exclusive phone provider. “They may be more unwilling than otherwise because the iphone is such a big seller. Unlocking your iphone is perfectly legal under a 2006 exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. AT&T, the bundled phone provider for the new iphone, threatened legal action over the weekend against a Belfast-based company that claims it has developed software to circumvent the locks that prevent the iphone from being used on networks other than AT&T’s. As the Cellphone users of America know they can  unlock their phones and they have nothing to lose but their roaming charges? The new copyright ruling that lets Americans unlock their phones without legal liability should be a significant benefit for cell addicts around the country. Basically, the exemption will make it possible for consumers to take cellphones with them when switching carriers. In the past, providers forced customers to turn in or throw out old phonees when switching to a new carrier.
 Misleading Corporate advertising and even  Restrictive Trade practices such as even locking the phones  should have been banned before they were implemented. what any person does with his product, iphone included,  after he bought is basically no one’s business..
do see also

August 12, 2008

Apple Mr Jobs has admitted privacy invasion, iphone

Apple has said it has the capability of erasing every copy of an app that has been downloaded to its devices. “Hope we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull,” Mr Jobs said.

the fact that Mr Jobs has admitted Apple can remotely remove applications from one’s iPhone which may have paid for.
is still now Apples’ iphone owners privacy invasion, and is unacceptable.. illegal too,  especially without a court order.
 Tell them all I had said so too. 

Believe it or not, face it or not Bad and abusive  Corporations,   churches,   pastors,   cops, in fact all bad persons are often the number one concerns of many people, on the net, many citizens,  in every province, Canada wide too,  and yet this is an area where the too often pretentious government, poor ministers, that have wrongfully also  hired too often their pretentious friends into key  and secondary jobs now too, are clearly wrongfully not doing enough now here  too… but they still steal, take a big   salary, with perks, expenses accounts  wrongfully for it too..

June 14, 2008

Class action suit against Bell Sympatico



Bell Sympatico had  falsely suspended my Internet contract recently to likley avoid a lawful  lawsuit from me. Instead now I find it ironic that Bell is being sued, is facing a class action suit,  about the same time they Bell had falsely cut of my internet services,  with a Bell false excuse as well, Bell is being sued  by the others and they are asking for the same amount of money, damages that I  am personally asking them rightfully for too, about 2500 dollars specifcally for Bell Sympatico’s  unacceptable breaches of my ISP contract obligations the last many years.. See my post, notes on Contract law.


 “Corporations like Bell Sympatico neglects its customers in order to attain better profit for itself and the shareholder and they should be held liable for making false claims about their services and breaking the law!! Why should they be allowed to get away with this;” Many  Consumers are realy not happy about Bell and it’s capping too. 
I have lived with Bell Sympatico DSL throttling for the past year. EVERY day from between 5pm and 2am these bastards throttled all P2P traffic ( including valid VPN apps, and other legit P2P, not just downloading random bit torrents etc. ) to 20 KBps max. Yes, that’s right, 20 to 30 KBps max for 9 hours every single day without fail. I could time when 2:02 am hit, then it would jump right back up to 500 KBps max downloading on my torrents.   Why didnt I switch ISP’s before this? Cuz my landlords paid a full year in advance for Sympatico DSL service to get “no monthly download caps”. So now the year is up, we have switched to, not only is it cheaper, it is truly unlimited with no monthly download caps. Now that Sympatico/Bell has been FORCED to stop throttling P2P/encrypted traffic with this class action lawsuit, all 3rd party ISP’s that buy off Bell’s DSL backbone no longer have problems with their damn throttling either!! $35/month including DSL modem rental, monthly fee ( you dont have to sign up for 1 , 2, or 3 year contract like you do with Sympatico ), so $10 cheaper and no over usage download fees..    I friggin HATE Sympatico, and to a lesser extent Rogers.. although Rogers learned their lesson and doesnt throttle torrents anymore.. my buddy gets 800 KBps P2P download speed all the time lately… good…”
L’Union des Consommateurs and a Quebec consumer have launched a class action lawsuit against Bell Canada over its throttling practices.  The suit, which is seeking certification on behalf of all provincial subscribers, argues that the practices deliberately slowed consumer services and raises privacy issues.  It seeks a refund of 80 percent of the monthly subscription price, in line with the reduction in advertised speeds.  It further seeks $600 per subscriber to compensate for false advertising and $1500 for privacy rights violations. A Quebec group called L’Union des consommateurs, along with Bell customer Myrna Raphael, are accusing Bell of false advertising, as a result of its practice of throttling traffic at peak hours. Raphael is said to have signed a three-year ADSL contract in 2006, partly on the basis of Bell’s claim of “constant speed” at all times; by enabling throttling last fall, says Raphael, Bell broke its agreement.  Bell is further accused of violating users’ privacy, by using a technology called deep packet inspection (DPI) as part of the throttling process. Although DPI may be used for beneficial purposes, such as the control of spam, viruses and hacking, it has also been implicated in more sinister uses such as censorship, net neutrality violations, and government spying in countries like China and the  US 
Consumers have come together in Canada in a class action lawsuit against Bell Canada for the company’s practice of throttling traffic. There are two charges involved in the lawsuit. The first is for false advertising; the company had advertised the offer of a constant speed at all times which isn’t true if throttling is going on. And the second is for violating users’ privacy through the use of deep packet inspection. Those filing the suit say that the ISP throttles about eighty percent of the time and they are therefore seeking a return of eighty percent of the customers’ monthly subscriptions along with additional fees for each of the two violations. It’s only in Quebec, because it’s a Civil case, which is not possible outside of Quebec in Canada.  Quebec has a completely different legal system than the rest of Canada and the US. Only for civil cases, not criminal cases. Criminal code is uniform throughout Canada   The rest of Canada and the United States is derived from English Common Law. Quebec is derived from Code Napoleon. This is the same province who’s judges just re-wrote the interpretation of law (in the opinion of the majority of legal opinions) with the court of appeal’s overturning of a lower court ruling about BCE bondholders and the pending takeover of the company by OTPP. We’ll see how the Supreme Court goes on that one, but never underestimate the Quebec court system’s ability to interpret the law in new and interesting ways –About Class Action Lawsuits in Canada  A class action allows one person, called a representative plaintiff, to start a lawsuit on behalf of himself/herself as well as all others who fit into the defined class, subject to the rights of class members to withdraw or opt-out. This means that a single person can commence a class action on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people. Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are the only five provinces in Canada with Class Action Legislation in effect. The Supreme Court of Canada has recently ruled that court procedures allowing representative actions can be interpreted so as to allow for class actions.   Class action legislation in Canada allows greater access to justice by permitting groups of people who are similarly affected to join together in commencing legal action.  »
I am not the only one asking Bell Sympatico to pay me back for my breach of their internet services.
Bell is not the only internet service provider to throttle customers speeds, as Toronto-based Rogers Communications Inc. has acknowledged doing so. A spokesman for Bell’s main competitor in Quebec, Montreal-based cable provider Vidéotron Ltée, said it does not throttle its customers. The union, however, also launched a class-action lawsuit against Vidéotron last year for forcing download limits on internet customers in the middle of their contracts. The company said it was not violating the terms of those contracts as it gave customers two months warning. The CRTC has given interested parties until June 12 to make their submissions on the throttling issue. Bell will then have until June 19 to reply to those submissions, while CAIP will have until June 26. The CRTC said it will then make a ruling by September. Aside from the Quebec consumers’ lawsuit and the CRTC probe, Bell also has to deal with a complaint filed with the federal privacy commissioner by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, a University of Ottawa legal clinic specializing in internet and other technology-related law. In its complaint filed in May, the clinic said Bell’s DPI was invading users’ privacy by reading what sort of data – known as packets – they were transmitting.
 “If you were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying, maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .

 The future is wireless, some would say  and the  past way they have mismanaged their past land line, ISP services too,  clearly indicates they will do it also next with the wireless services too at the users, customers expenses…


Recent discussions by both Bell and Rogers on their Corporate need  to get more and more money, with even any excuse, still out of consumers, and to throttle the downloads,  only all clearly confirms the reality as to how poorly managed these same companies in reality are still.. They too now have been wrongfully over subsidized by the CRTC, the Canadian  federal governments now too… now it is rather time the citizens got the break, protection.


Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico …the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Paul Kambulow
Not acceptable, and Comments are not  needed  FOR THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE THE TRUTH..




Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico

Bell Sympatico wrongfully had cut of my internet services last month cause they had wrongfully objected to my rightful complaints and me also going public about it world wide.. I next got a cheaper service at 1/5 the cost from Bell from another firm, that ironically still gives me the same service even from Bell that I had before.. so they Bell  had meant it for evil but it next had caused me to save loads of money instead.
From: Paul kambulow
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  1. It has also been decades of my own experiences in rightfully complain about unacceptable negatives that still a written letter sent to the right party works best, a letter sent to the the people who have the power to make changes, and that includes all of the news editors and the elected representatives too, for that public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest. I am a prolific writer who has now for decades written a wide range of social, moral, political issues but I too was surprised as to how much attention comparatively the the Bell posts are getting now. But for some reasons Bell still is not getting enough attention by the government..

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  2. Paul Kambulow Says: May 16th, 2008 at 2:39 am >>the latest customer service mail out today from Bell: “Download movies at warp speed. Nothing is more important than speed when it comes to downloading movies and music. Don’t let viruses, Trojans and worms slow down your computer. We have tips to put your PC in overdrive.” as if it were viruses, Trojans and worms who were slowing down music and movie downloads…not only is this a typical Bell misdirection, another false Bell diversion but it is a misleading Bell ploy merely to earn more money by selling more of Bell services, for Bell they really do care about the customer’s best interest firstly but only their own… as we Bell customers all seem to know firsthand too.
  3. Paul Kambulow Says:  June 11th, 2008 at 5:00 pm I have openly rightfully shared with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper’s office that Bell Sympatico undeniably is one of the most dirty, immoral, abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. One that even falsely suppressed my complaints against it, my right of free speech as well.Because Bell Sympatico has UNACCEPTABLY TOO often HAD breached my ISP contractual agreement and NEXT Bell Sympatico had forcibly falsely disconnected my ISP service with them too thus next I have been forced to switch over to the Canadian -Residential High Speed ADSL without any Limits and No Blocked Ports or Traffic Shapping, plus Unlimited Downloading 100 GB of Online Storage Up to 5 Mbps Download and 800 Kbps Upload $18.95 per month This offer is available on a 1 year term and the first year of service. Call Tel: 1-866-281-3538 , 1-416-849-8520 On top of that I repeatedly do ask why Bell is now so expensive in comparisons to it’s competitor that uses the same TROUBLED EVEN Bell internet lines..I also find it really hypocritical, how basically unfair, totally unacceptable, one sided too it still is that that Bell Sympatico very loudly still demands full payments for their supposed services from all of their customers, when they Bell Sympatico clearly too often and unacceptably Bell Sympatico did not meet it contractual obligations to many of it’s customers, even when Bell Sympatico have not only provided a very poor, inadequate, incomplete services to many of their net customers, but in the process Bell Sympatico had also lied to, and had abused their customers.It is undeniably also that rather than initially honestly admitting the truth in Canada that Bell Sympatico lacked their advertised capabilities to provide adequate ISP, actually high speed internet services. Bell Sympatico when confronted with their failure to deliver the speeds as promsied to it’s cusomers had instead resorted to misleading statements, and lying to too many of the customers. Bell Sympatico had abused them further by falsely and lying in Canada diverting the blame on the customers own equipment, local connections, and the customer’s operating software as well. And finally when confronted by technical knowledgeable, competent persons with the undeniable proof that Bell Sympatico had been guilty of false, misleading business practices, Bell Sympatico next tries to screw the customers some more by Bell Sympatico trying next to charge them extra monies for the services they Bell Sympatico had promised long time ago to start of with too and had not delivered, their high speed downloads sites and adequate support services now too.. You can readily check your actual downloads speeds at or many other similar sites too. Such witnessed by even me immoral acts, behaviors by Bell Sympatico has never been denied back to me and is never acceptable now still too and Bell needs to be fully regulated by the federal Consumer Affairs Ministers, even confronted, punished appropriately by the justice ministers as well for it’s much too many unacceptable bad, immoral acts too.Bell Sympatico now even wants an extra payment of 75 dollars if I do not return ASAP their high speed modem as soon as possible, conveniently forgetting that they themselves had wrongfully had breached my ISP contract, and also that they had falsely refused to refund me for an overcharge of an extra 55 dollars, to me for this high speed modem that I had never even requested from Bell Sympatico in the first place, and they too easily seem to forget that fact they Bell Sympatico had falsely also now tried 4 times to withdraw, steal my money from my bank account even during the time I as supposed to have free 6 months high speed unlimited internet as well. An agreement they too had falsely breached now.Now Bell Sympatico’s executive care Sasha Rollins had complained to me in writing 3 times back that in the last 18 months I have written 280 letters of rightful complaints to Bell about their inadequate, pretentious, services, even their false breach of their contract obligations. Me I am even next still even rightfully complaining to Bell Sympatico now that I had even firstly to to write any of these 280 letters of complaints to Bell Sympatico, and I as a direct result do even rightfully still do demand full payment of 2500 dollars from Bell Sympatico NOW for all my wasted time in even having now to do so now as well, plus further payment for the many years I had paid for a high speed internet services but never got one from Bell Sympatico as well. And I rightfully still expect this rightful 2500 dollars payment to me now from Bell Sympatico ASAP AS WELL , and so also NEXT I too will demand an extra 250 dollars in payment if they do not pay me my 2500 dollars COMPENSATION as soon as possible.And so the Circus with Bell Sympatico continues..
  4. Reader’s Write Says:Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 11th, 2008 at 6:43 pm For the record, most of what Paul Kambulow has to say is bullsh*t.In addition after spamming bell, and members of parliament, he was warned that his service would be terminated due to harrassment.It got to the point that Paul Kambulow had the cops visit his place no less than 4 times for what he had to say to members of parliament (threats?).Paul, go away and take your bullsh*t with you.
  5. Paul Kambulow Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 14th, 2008 at 12:50 pm Reference my rightful Bell Sympatico complaintsThe above reader’s write as I can see by his posts now clearly works for the devil, and Bell likely.. Dirty slander and personal attacks clearly is the another bad Bell way of operation, he firstly needs to get all his facts straight.. No cop ever had ever visited my home because of any threats to any MPs any politician for that matter ever.. My public exposure in writing so effective alone.. thus the above write is a slanderer and a liar. He likely does work for Bell executive services, and his name likely is Sasha Rollins too again. Cause Bell Sympatico has before this already slandered me and I had objected to this rightfully too to all, on the net too before, as I have rightfully complained to all about this as to how dirty Bell they really are when you make a valid complaint to them. Real dirty, Big liars too, incompetent too. . The reader should prove to all now the fact I had threatened any politician for the record, for the pen is mightier than the sword, ,do tell him give us all a copy of specific police reports he lying refers to firstly or to shut up this still Big liar.. But yes Sasha Rollins from Bell he did not want to talk to me on the phone now we will let the whole world read about it still in full.. and who will hire him after he gets does next laid off for failing to deal adequately. dealing poorly with a Bell Sympatico customer clearly now too. The CBC market place confirms how bad bell is and not appreciated by many customers now too.. 2 million past Bell customers have left them even.. more more are leaving Bell too.A Prime Minister, a Ontario Premier and a Mayor had sent the police to my home in reply to my emails to them 6 times, because I wrote to them and also with a copy to the news editors, other MPs , and they really did not like it.. too bad for them.. and too bad for Bell too.. the ex premier of Ontario Ernie Ewes lost the election immediately next, so gone are are the bad liberal PMs Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and the bad Alberta mayor too.. even the other alcoholic Premier, Progressive Conservative politician Ralph Klein, the laughed at clown by the rest Canada, but hey I am still writing my email, internet posts for decades too eh.. My most popular recent posts read by thousands world wide too are about Bell, the Pentecostals, and evangelical pastors, the bad Christian Missionary alliance church, even about the bad cops, the bad RCMP and the unacceptable alcoholics now too..But this Bell Sympatico corruption, abuses are not a simple matter .. Sure Bell does wants me to go away, but do dream on.. I and many others do have hundreds of posted rightfully undeniable complaints about the bad Bell from out witness, experiences and about the the bad Conservatives who work on behalf of the crooked corporations that everyone can read, and many already have now too. Some persons had even phoned me at home about them. I told Bell Sympatico and Bell’s Sasha Rollins long time ago when he had threatened to take me to court to go ahead, I need the good publicity, andnext I will enter all my 280 past complaint letters to Bell into the court’s permanent records too. I also do have a anckldgement reply from Jim Prentice minister of Consumer affairs to my letters, and two replies from the Prime Minister’s office on these Sympatico matters and they are also posted on the net.Immoral, lying Bell Sympatico does not deny it did not honour it’s contract agreement with me but looked for some false excuse to try to shut me up, and did it work, of course not.. once my emails letters are sent they cannot be taken back by anyone, the damage to bell is rightfully done too as a result now..Hey Paul was supposedly warned by Bell about harassment???? but firstly that is totally an inside Bell privacy matter.. a violation of the customer’s privacy firstly and the CRTC should look into this in full now as well. How will others feel when they read how Bell wrongfully violates their customers privacy now too? AS per my right of free speech I can write to anyone worldwide and I do even about bell now.. The 3 Bell letters and they are posted on the net too had said a warning that I could not sent any more letters of complaints to Bell, or post any complaints on the net, or talk to any Bell employee, or to the RCMP as well even about how bad Bell was, or Sasha Rollins of bell executive care was, Sasha Rollins had my filed transferred to him alone and he would would not return any of my phone calls, and did not deny my my charges of his wrong doings posted also on the web and now it is too late to do so as well.. and he Sasha Rollins or his Bell subordinates would not send me any official signed ISP payment invoices for the last 6 months, he or his subordinates added extra charges to my unlimited 6 meg download account this year too, he or his subordinates charged me extra for a new modem I never requested, he and his subordinate falsified the fact I had renewed my bell Sympatico contract in 2008, and he would not send me a copy of this new 2008 contract as well.. Bell had lied they were proving me high speed system for years but when I did a speed test I found this was big lie.. and I proved it as well to all. All THIS I WRITE AGAIN IS ALL UNDENIABLE TOO.. AND all the major news editors got copies of these charges, so did they key Mps, others, and they are posted on the web for all to read still to date. BELL UNACCEPTABLY PLAYS A DIRTY GAME FOR A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE NOW.

Recent discussions by both Bell and Rogers on their Corporate need  to get more and more money, with even any excuse, still out of consumers, and to throttle the downloads,  only all clearly confirms the reality as to how poorly managed these same companies in realty are still.. They too now have been wrongfully over subsidized by the CRTC, the Canadian  federal governments now too… now it is rather time the citizens got the break, protection.

Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico …the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Paul Kambulow
 Not acceptable,  and  there is no way to disprove the truth.

Paul Kambulow Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Concordia University 1968 Montreal, Quebec








May 1, 2008

Is your ISP still even watching you? or the cops?

First of all… it is not the ISP’s job to become the Big Brother police of the internet and world wide web, and it   such is a serious breach of freedom of speech, invasion of one’s personal privacy still too,  they the ISPs are there to provide a good, decent, reliable high speed service thus the term Internet Service Provider, some thing that Bell Sympatico in Canada clearly and wrongfully  has not be able to do for me often too.,, as you can read on this site often too. This Unauthorized bell watchdog needs to firstly look at itself and deal rightfully even firstly with it’s much too many customer contract violations, abuses and ASAP even in reality.
Practically all ISPs and there employees do read your e-mails and look at the sites you visit, without a wiretap order.
“The network is asserting almost complete control of the users’ ability to use their network as a gateway to the Internet,” said Marvin Ammori, general counsel of Free Press, a Washington-based consumer advocacy group. “They become gatekeepers rather than gateways.”
The ISP wrongfully sees itself as the sole judge of disputes in their contract obligations too.
This sort of contract, where the subscriber is considered to agree by signing up for service rather than by active negotiation, is given extra scrutiny by the courts. Any wiggle room or ambiguity is usually resolved in favor of the consumer rather than the company.
The falsehood, misdirection that the Bells AT&T , Verizon, Sympatico aren’t as concerned about bandwidth hogs, because phone lines aren’t shared among households… is not true as well
I too would rightfully like to see the provisions that made DPI (deep packet inspection) by ISPs to be made illegal not just by the CRTC but also by the federal government now too, including by Bell , the Big Brother’s false invasion of our home, personal privacy. Since we can readily know that the reasons given for the internet downloading inspections, capping are unjustifiable, what are the actual reasons now for these online now inspections too?
Spending more money to overcome a bad a image is a really bad approach, a waste of time, for you still cannot undo all of the damage done already firstly..
Hey I have shared it before, I know even too often firsthand that even the Police, RCMP, at the instruction of their political watchdogs, local politicians now too do collect a whole pile of data, information on the opposition, us ordinary citizens,  even from the net as well in their feeds.. but so does the post office, and  when you now do ask them to do some real work they all seem to be useless, pretentious. and do also have all their many false excuses just like too many of the politicians, civil and public services, etc..   “I would note that the issues raised , you are referring to in your email do not fall within the purview of the.”.  so how is the RCMP coming on the much too many complaints in Canada  that Bell Sympatico itself had this year falsified many of the customer’s renewal contracts without the customer’s prior approval, knowledge even, and mine included as I had rightfully asked them in writing too to do so too? Well? Or are they too still using their budgets to have a good time? Just like the bad others..
or are the police falsely going to harass  , investigate the whistle blowers rather or Taser and kill them and the others defenseless persons? THE RCMP falsely still did not get, convict  those murders who killed, Tasered to death,  the polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport even, too..  nor now most of  the big spenders who steal tax payer’s monies. And why? Don’t tell me they need a bigger budget again too?
Here in Canada I had attended some political meetings   at the request of a neighbor  of mine, a lawyer,  who worked for city hall, shortly after that the same neighbor had told me that the local police had next complied a report on me at the request of the mayor, for apparently it was common practice for the mayor to use the police services to evaluate all of his possible political opponents. No wonder the main jail was across from the mayor’s office too. Next the same lawyer told me that the provincial government also had a RCMP report on me as well done by police..  and apparently I was classified as a religious terrorist because I also do talk about Jesus.  .. there really is no no such thing as privacy in Canada.. I understand that the Post office office has a database on the citizens of Canada in PEI as well.

So what is the government doing about protecting us and our privacy and stopping the invasion of our personal privacy in reality? Nothing again?

MPs call for expanded privacy law The Canadian Press – ‎7 OTTAWA — A House of Commons committee says the federal privacy law should be expanded to cover new technologies such as live surveillance-camera feeds and

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