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March 25, 2009

Judges cop out..



Judges reject role in child-custody bill  The  Ontario government over a scheme aimed at preventing a repeat of the shocking death of a Toronto child last year  would require judges to play the  role of “investigators” in child-custody applications launched by non-parents.  The judges who do not hesiate to aks for a raise too condemned the   provisions as imporper, “an unwieldy and intrusive scheme” that will force judges to assemble a welter of evidence involving prior child protection proceedings, family law proceedings and criminal record checks. “It is improper for judges to assume this role,” they said. “A court is not equipped to administer a scheme of this nature, nor are judges equipped to conduct the kind of investigations contemplated, assumed, promised, etc., The Judges only pretend they work it seems.



Canada admits war criminal Straight Goods –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Attorney General Rob Nicholson and other responsible ministers were notified on March 11 of specific evidence clearly


Police probe cyber attack on Liberals Toronto Star –  Toronto police are investigating an alleged attempt by a Progressive Conservative to hack into the Ontario Liberal party’s website. 
Life after John Tory Globe and Mail

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