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April 20, 2009

Bell Internet

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April   2009  
The once invincible Nortel offended the wrong parties and it’s stocks was last seen headed towards the garbage heap and many persons wonder if Bell is going that way next too.
My real continual problem is  that once I noticed that my Bell ISP is not working properly it next tends to even degenerate, get a lot worse and not better, if not addressed by me and Bell..  Now a month ago my peak download speed was 450 kps, and these days it still fluctuates between 60 to 250 only.. and my downloads definitely seriously slowed down on weekends.. especially on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday..  
Periodically now every few months, for years my Bell internet system stops functioning adequately. I have often told Bell seriously that if things are working well to leave it that way and to stop monkey around with the system, making supposed improvements, and it seems every 3 to 4 months I have to complain to Bell that their system is again not working properly and after making a lot of nose it seems they next will rectify the problem at least for a few more months
Please also do note that when the server drops my connection it next took a long time to reconnect.. I even do reconnect to different server sites from Montreal, Toronto, London- Ontario, Laval- Quebec, Regina, and even one in Africa yesterday..
A belle BeLL  technician showed up finally next and said there was nothing wrong with the net system,  so I showed him firsthand that at the same time the DSL was not working.. he got embarrssed.. and went to check the line again..
so he rechecked my internet system and next had said it was likely a faulty ACANAC modem, and bad Bell does not service Acanac’s modem.. the speed test shows it is Bell at fault…. they Bell were  giving me a low speed system..
Speed Test   done april 19, at
Download Speed: 1352 kbps (169 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 640 kbps (80 KB/sec transfer rate)
  and this is really unacceptable.. this is not a high speeds system.. the low download speed is consistent with what I have been having the last 2 weeks too..
 Bell now always lying for years has always told me it is someone else’s fault for the internet problem and not Bell’s
My ACANAC modem seems to be now next working adequately contrary to what the Bell technician yesterday told me again too.. 
Sadly Bell telephone is still the most dishonest pretentious corporation that I have encountered in Canada. I have dealt with them for many years, they replaced my modem 8 times, I had about 12 technicians in my home already  lying to me as well.. Bell’s typical lie next now since even when I have been with ACANAC was that all the problem’s I have been having are Acanac’s fault, or a faulty ACANAC modem.. and the last 2 Bell technicians told me that specially.. and yet after Bell leaves my home the ACANAC modem surprising works well on it’s own too…
Finally the  Latest acceptable Result:  
Download Speed: 4752 kbps (594 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 630 kbps (78.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Speed Test   done April 19, at 10:27 pm
Now let us see if Bell can keep it that way..
 > Hello, Please accept our apology for your inconvenience, as we checked your DSL line is in good functional condition as it shows on Bell help desk. Please let us know if you face any problem. Best Regards, Acanac Inc.

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