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June 15, 2015

The clearly immoral, shoddy, low, unprofessional western Journalistic standard


The western  News Media Again  Trash Putin and Russia  leading their descent into hysteria,  inflammatory accusations   and recklessness was, is immoral, as usual, by  their  uncritical  “Reporting” and unsubstantiated   accusations with Russia’s Vladimir Putin almost instantly convicted by the  Western media of being a dangerous terrorist.
These accusations preclude any rational discussion where Putin can strike at any place, at any time, and with virtually any weapon..  And the accusations can’t be challenged.  The evidence can’t be analyzed or dissected because there literally is none: they just make up  the accusation. This is  Western journalism  often at its Worst  and Filled with Falsehoods . That tactic continues to be the staple approach of how major US and British media outlets “report,” especially in the national security area. It’s pure stenography of the worst kind:You know, bad fiction!
Do ponder how as to how dumb someone even really has to be at this point to read  these unsubstantiated accusations, made with zero evidence, and next to even accept it as true even by questioning none of it. What kind of really dumb person would read evidence-free accusations of any  sort from the  government officials – designed to smear someone they hate – and believe them?  Their  “journalism”   is as shoddy and unreliable as it gets. Worse, it’s key accusations depend on retraction-level lies.  Western journalists” often do print  outright fabrication in order to support their key point: that Putin and Russia are bad, is all just “irresponsible” Journalism and  they had added a dose of sensationalism and then baked it with demonstrable lies. Made for the really Dumb people not surprising, and really grotesque, and it shows how  many people (including other journalists) continue to be so plagued by some combination of this stupidity and gullibility, so that no matter how many times a lie is revealed, they still do keep falling for it. If some journalists repeats it  I guess it must be true when it is still not. That’s for a start  is very indicative of the standard of Western “journalism” of multiple other falsehoods, and all sorts of shoddy journalistic practices, and remains thus far unchanged.
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