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April 19, 2008

Bell Lied

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Bell lied      DO SEE ALSO      


First do note that my Bell internet services profile, download speeds  varies, varied from 1 megs, 2 megs, 5 megs, 6 megs, 7 megs, depending on the weather, the day of the week, etc.,  and now all  contrary to Bell’s promises, advertisement of a steady High speed system too, etc., or Bell’s past advertisement that ” Bell delivers reliable Internet access, assuring consumers that they can get on the  Net when they want to and stay there as long as they need”…is also clearly a lie….” Bell’s advertised “Choice of consistent super fast speed” is also a lie for the speed undeniably was slow and varied and too often…  Bell’s advertised “Best price” is also a lie.. and please all do  still deal with Bell’s false capping of my bit torrent too.. on my unlimited download Bell account in Canada.


 Bell’s false distortions, Smokescreens and Mirrors.
Bell for certainty cannot be trusted, it can only be trusted to lie, Bell along with many DSL ISP undeniably lied in their past Internet  ADDS for many years about the advantages of  the internet DSL over Cable too. “The speed advantage of DSL over cable is much higher”, ” DSL-based services results in the ability to guarantee the bandwidth provided by the high-speed DSL connection” ” Cable service providers usually don’t quote absolute performance numbers like the DSL vendors” In real fact Major Canadian DSL vendors like Bell never met their promised speed CONTINOUSLY or reliabily now too anyway and most of the time they were far short of it too. .
Rightfully Separating the fact from the fiction.. Truths your father or mother may not have, did not tell you about Bell or Rogers DSL internet services.
Some of the major differences between DSL and cable modem originate not with the technology itself but rather with the original service provider.
All other things being equal, factors like cost, reliability and quality of customer support for installation and maintenance issues can vary significantly from one provider to the next. There are very bad providers now like Rogers and Bell firstly still too.
In fact, the speed, cost, availability, and many other elements of DSL or cable modem service can vary significantly depending on the provider, their existing, supplied equipment, something most ISP do not tell you beforehand too.
There are clearly now very poor internet Providers still who basically cannot deliver what they had promised for sure such even firms such  as Bell. In reality. Although both DSL and cable do have performance issues that vary from one minute to the next depending on the pattern of use and traffic congestion on the Internet, Cable systems can be upgraded cheaper, a lot easier and faster firstly over the phone lines, DSL systems. . . No such thing as promised Uniformity of availability and download speeds by the DSL still too. Contrary to their advertisement of high speed, unlimited internet, the Bad DSL Providers also make their own false pre estimations of what they do believe that the  specific customer does  actually need in the internet service by firstly even limiting  what the customer can get and all done without the customer’s knowledge, approval firstly, and thus one DSL subscribers would get now even much higher bandwidth levels than others in the same neighborhood.  When the Providers next unexptedly do say that they do want to create a fair-and-equal distribution of bandwidth of customers it firstly means their system was overly advertised, inadequate, cannot deliver the promised services to the paid customers. Explains why when my neighbor turns on his computer my Bell ISP download speed decreases drastically ehh… Facts Bell never seems to disclose especially  prior to most of their internet service customers. Wow!
The causes of cable modem speed problems are similar to those of DSL or other high-speed Internet services: Cable speed can suddenly drop if the service provider has technical difficulty with their network. Speeds should return to normal after a few minutes or hours. Unfortunately it seems in reality Cable providers so have much less customer complaints, even less frequent delivery  problems and cable can more readily, faster deal with the problem especially over Bell as many have found out firsthand too, especially in the light that the phones lines tend to be often old, inadequate, needing extensive, expensive replacement and repair still too.  In the analysis of DSL-based services, it was well known that there were, are inherent weaknesses in the technology which  must be overcome in order to assure adequate usage. For one example, many of the installed copper loops have been in place for a long time. The line quality of these loops is unknown and they do  still have difficulty carrying the  DSL signals.  The DSL services  offered in the market  required unique equipment for the consumer. This lack of interoperability between existing equipment and even any changes by the service providers is a weakness.  In practice , Cable connections are significantly superior to cable modems in terms of speed and latency. .Cable speed can suddenly drop if the service provider has technical difficulty with their network. Speeds should return to normal after a few minutes or hours. Both technologies have performance that varies minute by minute depending on network connections,   New DSL technologies may someday move the performance bar – but for now it was a turtle race. Today, cable modem retains a high  performance advantage over DSL. Cable technology supports approximately 30 Mbps of bandwidth, whereas most forms of DSL cannot reach 10 Mbps never mind maintain it….  and Bell does not disclose this of course..
Factors affecting DSL speed include:
While “In deploying these broadband services, companies are developing whole new ways to access the Internet. Some of these, such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) use the phone network. Some use wireless devices or satellite services, and there is even talk of deployment through power lines. Cable, however, has all of these beat. Because of the widespread deployment of cable systems (cable passes 97% of residential homes), cable system operators have taken a significant lead in bringing broadband services to residential customers. In addition, cable has certain technological advantages which give it an advantage in deployment over DSL or other competing broadband delivery systems. For the foreseeable future,” “when looking at deployment of broadband to the home, most people should be looking at   cable broadband.”   It’s likely both DSL and cable are “secure enough” for most people’s needs.” To some it is still unclear   whether one technology will dominate in the provision of high-speed services to the masses. “It is clear, however, that the winner in this race will be the consumer” William . Rodey  vice president of sales and marketing for Westell Technologies. In the undeniable reality  next in fact the consumer now has become the loser if they chose a Bell DSL. 
  • The Quality of the phone line to your residence. Neighborhoods with newer, better copper wiring can achieve somewhat faster DSL speeds. Most neighborhoods tend to be older so they can expect plenty of problems with their internet services.
  • Length of the phone line between the residence and the phone company hub (often called “central office”). DSL technology is clearly “distance sensitive” because its performance decreases significantly as you get further away from this hub. Mostly customers do not live near the hub sadly.
  • ISP Service glitches. While normally a constant, DSL speed can suddenly drop if the service provider has much too many technical difficulty with their network. Speeds should return to normal after a few minutes or hours or days  in the case of Bell, and reappear it seems almost weekly as well.



 And there is the often poor in quality, cheap, inadequate, mis-configured wired or wireless modems, routers. Modems, Routers sit between your computers and the Internet connection. In many cases, a very slow modem ISP supplied, installed firstly between a computer and the network will not keep pace with the speed of the cable Internet connection. If not functioning properly, or very poorly configured a router can greatly limit the  internet speed achievable on all of the customers computers as it seems to be too often in Bell’s customers case as I know from the last years of dealing with them.   As with DSL services, some cable modem services are symmetric (providing equal bandwidth for both uploading and downloading), but most Providers offer much higher download bandwidth to match   their own estimate of the needs of residential customers. You still always also  do have to verify  with your service provider  the typical bandwidth levels associated with your subscription and see if that is part of the problem your internet is slow and sluggish too.. 



More and more, Internet users are finding Web browsing a lot less fun these days for  it took a little time to load the pages, there is continual internet connectivity problems the ISP provider is totally unreliable, dishonest, inadequate too
Plus on top of all that there is these unacceptable business practices still too.

 80 percent of U.S. businesses are overcharged on their phone bills while telecom companies reap profits from the supposedly “accidental” billing errors “When Alexander Graham Bell placed the first phone call to Thomas Watson, it is doubtful he was considering whether he would be overcharged for the call. Many American businesses have the same attitude, and it’s just easier for them to trust that the phone company is charging the correct amount than scrutinize each item on the bill.. few take the time to have someone look over the bill for errors. The problem comes from the long-standing system phone companies use to track their services and billing. The system is split into two sections: The section that keeps track of what services a customer has, and the section that bills the customers. “It’s quite often the case that there’s faulty entry between the two systems, which results in faulty billing.” “The process itself is inherently faulty,” Billing errors have been occurring since the dawn of telecommunications, and certain phone providers can be almost relied on to make trademark mistakes, because, invariably, those kinds of errors are repetitive; they happen quite often,”  It is in the phone companies’ interest to allow these mistakes to be made..some companies, especially the older, more established ones, can give him some bureaucratic static when he is trying to recover his clients’ money. “You can go for weeks and months just trying to get to the right person that you need to talk to, because one person sends you to another person, who sends you to another person,” he said, but that’s not he only obstacle a customer faces. “It’s quite often the case that a vendor will say, ‘Well, it was on your bill. Why haven’t you ever noticed it before?’ Well, the fact is that it should never have been on my bill to begin with.” A consumer may be paying a bill, and if they suddenly see an extra $5 charge, most assume it’s a surcharge and pay the bill without thinking about it. The reality is that the charge could have come from a feature used by anyone in the customer’s area, or data could have been entered into the billing system incorrectly. These small charges add up over the course of service, so  recommends keep  a close eye on your bill, and not pay  for anything you’re not using. Ignorance and complacency are two big obstacles for companies and phone users to overcome before they can save money. Many do not think to check their bill, and few realize just how much money they are giving away over the course of their service. It is a good idea to take the time to look over your bill for mistakes. Just don’t rely on the phone company to do it for you. The overcharging problem is rampant across all aspects of telecommunications ” This also applies now to Bell Sympatico as well as I have clearly detailed before.. 
Amnesty International calls for governments and companies to protect internet freedom A press release on the Amnesty International web site says that world governments and companies are keeping citizens uninformed by restricting and censoring internet content, so  the group is calling on these governments and companies to reverse this trend. IT and telecommunications companies should publicly commit to honoring and supporting human rights; be transparent about any censorship they undertake and what laws they are following; make every legal effort to avoid complying with any request that would violate a person’s right to privacy or expression; and to take the lead in protecting and promoting human rights with the assistance of governments and society. 
 Bell firstly has also not been transparency about it’s internet capping as well now.. Major Canadian DSL service providers commonly employ bandwidth / speed caps for residential customers. Bandwidth caps place an artificial limit on the maximum speed a customer can achieve by monitoring their individual traffic flow and throttling network packets .Providers concerned about the capacity limits of their network  implement a cap so that they can accommodate more customers, and make more money and undeniably  do not do this for the sole benefit of the consumer but mainly their own.
“Open access”, the ability of any citizen to chose their Internet service provider (ISP), access any content or service, and transmit any information desired, was the hallmark of the existing Internet. Keep the Internet free but regulate the ISPs. As  the global Internet works rather well just the way it is: uncontrolled uploads and downloads, unregulated content, freedom of speech, and freely distributed. But if the CRTC tries to put one group in control of it, Like Bell it will inevitably become just another false  channel for control and profit, in the same way that virtually the entire television media has become.
But I have said much of this before for many months now too already even that Bell will lie, divert the truth and basically try to say that the customers are all still stupid, and the customer’s own computer'(s) are at fault,, they are lacking sufficient processing power or memory, cache and they  cannot keep pace with a high-speed Internet connection. Or the spyware, viruses on the computer when that rarely is the case now too for the slow internet speed,s but rather it is mainly due to Bell’s own faulty, and poorly maintained and poorly serviced equipment…

The Conservatives discredit themselves with such tactics. “

 and this is the same Conservative party that tries to enforce legal circumcisions, reference the Cadman Affair, they try to intimitate, sue people who say the bad negative  things they do not like to hear.. and they clearly are just as bad as Bell Sympatico that I have often witnessed, detailed and who did or/do many of the same bad things, including bullying, lying,  abuses, oppressions false, misleading advertising.. so it is now wonder they wrongfully do not do anything good about bad Bell now too.

Attention Prime Minister, Government of Canada, CRTC, Federal Minister of Consumer affairs. May 14, 2008
The simple Questions that I really rightfully now do  still have is how stupid now do those people at the CRTC now think we the citizens now are, and how really stupid is the CRTC too? How is it they the CRTC  falsely cannot see how bad and unacceptably now Bell once again really is?
Now you all do know I am transparently honest, consistent, persistent too, and I have plenty of time and resources on my hand to pursue any subject too.. such as Bell Sympatico..
There was, is a need for regulatory Government intervention of Bell, ISP providers practices, advertisements too. There has been a lot of evidence, allegations about Bell managerial practices,  and it’s motives. It’s mostly been  warranted.
Historical Chronology of my  real dealings with Bell Sympatico, by phone and in WRITING. And you all got email copies of all of my related major BELL CORRESPONDENCES HERE IN THE LAST 10 MONTHS NOW TOO. And many of them are posted on the net now to.
-January too I phone Bell Sympatico stenchy technical  support to find out why my unlimited high speed internet, is  turtle slow. and Bell lies to me for the next 6 months.
-July 2007 I measure the actual downloads speeds supplied to me my Bell and firsthand discover I do not have a High speed internet services. So next
I talk to an expert, an IBM engineer to find out why, and he explains it to me, Bell has no high speed services to my area. Bell has lied, was guilty of false, misleading advertisings too.
– August 2007 I start to talk directly to the President office at Bell Sympatico executive care as to what I have undeniably found.
– August 2007 Bell installs a High fiber optical line to my area
-September 2007 Bell wants more money for the extra high speed supplied and I rightfully refuse it.. so Bell starts to reduce my speeds, even internet capping included..
– November 2007 Bell threatens to cut of both my phone services and internet if I reveal to anyone else what I have discovered about Bell’s DSL services, high speed services. Dictatorial Bell is guilty of obstruction of Justice here, false suppression of free speech.
– December 2007 Things come to a critical head, when I contact the news media, CBC, CJAD, Gazette so Bell , President office Sasha Rollins negotiates with me and offers credit for 6 months of high speed internet. I talk for about 6 hours on the phone with him and we discuss all kind of related things, such as the future of Bell Sympatico internet services, what the competition DSL and Cable offers too. Bell’s false misleading advertising about their DSL high-speed unlimited services too, and their false capping.
– February  2008 Bell decides to make permanent changes to their services offered and Bell starts to discontinue their high speed unlimited internet services, unofficially and also works on preventing Bell customers switching over to the competition.. this means capping the other ISP providers too. Bell gets a mad customer backlash on this. 40 percent of Bell’s customers are dissatisfied with Bell, it services, approach, etc.
Next I rightfully do charge Bell with denial of free speech, privacy invasion in their capping attempts as well, etc.,
– March 2008 Bell refuses to give me signed official statement of my Billing and my new contract as well
– April 2008  Bell falsely  bans me of their customer forums for my revealing to others what bell is really like and was doing, it’s poor services.
– April 2008 I even do reveal in writing that Bell will likely win the CAIP – CRTC hearing * cause Bell has someone inside the CRTC on the take..
– May 2008 Bell does not like the exposure I give them and they threatened to discontinue for the 3rd time my Internet contract with them and do not give me my requested contract, detail signed billings too.
As I had posted on the net too.. ” I was  once naive about Bell Sympatico. I had originally thought that when I had originally subscribed to Bell Sympatico’s High speed unlimited internet   services, that Bell next  could be trusted to keep their contractual obligations, but when time had started to pass, and I started in July 2007 to actually regularly  measure Bell Sympatico’s performances,  I had confirmed that Bell Sympatico undeniably,  clearly was not  keeping it’s promised,  contractual obligations, and next they still also had not done so as well. Next  Bell Sympatico  trough it’s many overall bad reps, support personnel continued to behave immorally in these matters by firstly, falsely not disclosing the full real reasons that  Bell now  had not been delivering their contractual, promises  to me and many others too now,    and Bell Sympatico  falsely continued also in even allowing all of the customers to be abused further by falsely implying the customer themselves were rather the ones now at fault originally now too in the reasons for Bell’s poor services and the  false Bell capping diversions reasons given out. In the last 16 months I too had witnessed and detailed that Bell Sympatico’s whole behavior and service performances   has been totally inacceptable. Cleary even Greedy Bell Sympatico  had wrongfully  gave even me a lot of grief, pain, problems, wasted my time the last 16 months too and Bell  they should now still even pay me more  for it too.
Now beyond a shadow of a doubt I have by my own witness, details I undeniably illustrated to all how dirty the President office of  Bell , Bell Sympatico has even played with me, all customers too
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*Bell wins first round in throttling complaint –   OTTAWA – Bell Canada won a reprieve at the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Wednesday when the regulator ruled against smaller Internet Service Providers seeking to immediately stop the company from the downgrading of web
“While the CRTC today ruled that CAIP did not meet the standard for interim relief it also recognized that Bell’s throttling of internet speeds was a serious issue. Internet law expert Michael Geist was not surprised by the decision but was also encouraged that the regulator is prepared to conduct a more substantive probe into the issue. ” “But Bell is not in the clear, the regulator ruled. The company’s practice of downgrading the Internet services of heavy bandwidth users of its competitors is a “serious question” that must be investigated. “

“The commission is satisfied that CAIP has demonstrated that there is a serious issue to be determined regarding whether Bell Canada’s practice of throttling Internet traffic carried by CAIP’s members subscribing to the Gateway Access Service tariff is in according with the requirements of the Telecommunications Act.” Thursday, the regulator will set out the process to be followed to determine whether Bell can continue to throttle Internet. CAIP alleges Bell has fabricated a bogus argument about a congestion problem to eliminate an incentive for its customers to switch to smaller ISPs, which continue to offer unlimited usage plans for customers. Bell this year uses a billing system based on usage instead of speed. And as of June 30, Bell next is lifting its $30 monthly cap on over-usage charges.


do see also
..  why Bell is always a LOSER. It is Always looking for some way to SOCK IT TO  their customers over  and over again and find another excuse to make the customers pay more.
The present  future development  of iPhone includes multimedia messaging (MMS),  and adding  data tethering to the iPhone, which will turn the device into a wireless modem to connect laptops to 3G networks.
“MMS and Tethering – two features that have been readily available on many smartphones for years – are finally making their way to the iPhone. But if you’re in the United States, you won’t be able to use them for at least a few months. Because AT&T, the network with an exclusive lock on the iPhone in the US, couldn’t get it together in time to support them for the iPhone 3.0 software launch. At launch on June 17th, MMS is going to be supported by 29 carriers, and tethering will be supported by 22 of them. So when can we finally expect these stateside? MMS is apparently coming “later this summer”. And tethering? A much more nebulous (and ominous) “later”.

This is ridiculous, plain and simple. AT&T has almost certainly known about Apple’s plans for many months if not years, and was probably involved in determining when these features would be launching in the first place.

AT&T has made it clear many times that it simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to support the millions of new iPhone users that are using their “unlimited” data plans far more than they would on other phones.

Apparently AT&T won’t support the long-awaited addition of MMS upon the iPhone 3GS’s launch. Boy Genius Report explains the situation thusly, [T]he reason it’s not good to go right away is because AT&T has to manually remove all the “Opt Out MMS codes” on each account. Basically, if we were to summarize this, and we’re going out a little bit of a limb, remove the Opt Out MMS code, and MMS will work with the final OS 3.0 build right away. We’ve also just heard that tethering will be 100% locked out at launch, but AT&T’s in the process of putting together a $70/mo unlimited data and tethering plan. SMS and MMS will not be included in that plan, we’re told.”

Sadly AT&T for a start is not the only carrier that doesn’t have presently  adequate  existing bandwidth to support all of their customers, iPhone users  using  an “unlimited” data plan  and that would now include Rogers and Bell? who are clearly already capping their existing customers and others to over come this serious shortcoming,   and in spite of what they do all  promise now they might have in the future I really rightfully do not believe them.


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