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April 24, 2013

Should we deport all Muslims from Canada

Now only you can decide that. We have yet to hear of anything positive that has come from Islam in the last several hundred years.


The crisis, which began as part of the Muslim “Arab Spring” uprisings, disintegrated into a hellish civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands.   


The Muslim issue has shown the moral bankruptcy and cowardice of the international community.  Russia and  the US  are among the few countries that have tried to deal with it. The Kremlin sees progress here moving in its direction, especially in Crimea, Syria and evidently there is a little likelihood that European countries  possess the  serious will to fully deal with it. Canada use mainly an Ostrich approach, denying the negative aspects of Islam. The UK prefers to bash the  Russians;


The “counter-jihad” movement believes western civilization is under attack from Islam. Some elements are more extreme than others but all generally agree that Islam is a supremacist religion, and many see little difference between violent jihadist and ordinary Muslims who live their lives quite peacefully. Support for Trump in line with anti-Muslim attitudes in America. 40% supported a national US policy requiring Muslims “to register with the government and provide their home address”.

The media fails to ask the crucial question is Islam compatible with democracy? Mohammed told his followers to migrate and spread Islam, in order to dominate all the lands of the world … and that’s exactly what they’re doing now.” It is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organization in the United States is actually controlled by the MB [Muslim Brotherhood] or a derivative organization,” a 2011 Center for Security Policy report declares. “ Most of the Muslim American groups of any prominence in America are now known to be, as a matter of fact, hostile to the United States and its Constitution.” Muslim refugees are a Muslim plot to colonize America, Europe. These refugees tend to be a drain on the American , European social safety net and a threat to the western culture. “Islam is not even a religion; it is a political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of global conquest,” it’s really a political movement disguised as a religion. Judaism or Zionism has also been accused of being as much a political program as a religion. Increasingly, there seems to be a disconnect between those who support Islam and democracy. Islam is the scourge of the earth. Where there is Islam there is trouble. Islam is way more than a mere religion. Islam controls fully a member’s total life, social, political, moral, religious, you name it. The Quran falsely allows pedophilia and honor killings. Islam=Quran in one hand+Sword in another hand. The US Democrat Party is a Terrorist Supporter. When Islamist Terrorists scream Allah Akbar before murdering innocent people, the rest of us tend to think, yeah, there’s an evil political agenda here. When people of the religion go to war or commit terrorism to gain converts then it is a political force as well as a religious one and no amount of articles saying otherwise is going to change that one inconvenient fac

France’s interior minister has ordered the closure of four mosques that allegedly espoused a ‘radical ideology,’ Dozens of mosques where radicalism allegedly thrived have been closed and non-citizens, including imams, expelled  “Under cover of religion, these places held meetings that in reality were aimed at promoting a radical ideology”


Islam is more than a private religion, and two facts point to Islam not being compatible with democracy. First, there is no country where Islam is dominant that can be considered a democracy with freedom of speech and equal justice under law..Islam is also a political ideology, a justice system (sharia) and a specific culture that has rules for virtually everything in a person’s life: how to dress; who your friends should be; which foot  should go first when you enter the bathroom. Granted, not all Muslims follow all these rules, but that does not change the fact that Islam aspires to control every aspect of human life — the very definition of a totalitarian ideology. The mainstream media withhold information about most of the violence that goes on in, and around  Islam. People are furious at the wave of rapes that have given Sweden the second-highest rate of rape in the world, after only Lesotho, and that recently forced the Östersund police to issue a warning to women and girls not to go outside alone after dark. People are scared: the number of murders and manslaughters has soared. During the first three months of this year alone, there have been 40 murders and 57 attempted murders, according to statistics compiled by the journalist Elisabeth Höglund. Muslims are 13 times MORE likely to be terrorists. Muslim boat captain accused of murdering six Christian refugees by throwing them overboard


A study in Germany has shown that Islamophobia has risen markedly, with 40% of people surveyed who believe Muslims should be forbidden from coming to Germany. Government and political representatives in eastern European countries, including Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, repeatedly talk of a “Muslim invasion” and refuse to accept Muslim refugees.

“Muslims want to eradicate Christianity’ and conquer Europe” Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn .  Spain was made a part of the Humayyad Caliphate in 711 AD, she was invaded by a very aggressive Islam from North Africa, oh wait a minute Europe is experiencing an invasion by Islam from, well what do you know, North Africa.   Yes many are trying to escape the horror that is ISIS, and the carnage that is Syria, BUT it is claimed that 10% of the “refugees” are ISIS operatives and ISIS has said they are infiltrating their members to attack the west.  In case you doubt the danger look at the history of Islam and Mohammed.   He took a 10 year old for a bride, he insisted that Islam should be spread by fire and sword, those who fought him or were captured had to convert, and then live as slaves or die.   Islam does not belong in Christian Europe. This is the expressed consensus of Eastern European leaders even as tens of thousands more refugees from violence-wracked and conflict-ridden Muslim nations in the Middle East and Africa continue to knock on Europe’s doors. “The idea of multicultural Europe has failed… The migrants cannot be integrated, it’s simply impossible,” “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”. Muslim migrants are quick to claim their customs under “multiculturalism”, they have no intention of reciprocating.The Islamic world is not multicultural.Mass Muslim migration combined with multiculturalism, will lead to an era of “multicultural backwardness”.


Muslims are most disliked group in America, says new study.  The report found that anti-Muslim violence spiked after the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001.Atheists were the second most disapproved group in the US, as they were associated with a “lack of morals”. “Every immigrant group — except for Muslims — believe that they should come to a new country to make their lives better. To come to integrate, and to enjoy the fruits of the new country they have arrived at. Only Muslims,  want to import their values and turn the countries they go to into the hellholes they came from. “30% of American Muslims believe it is legitimate to use violence against those that insult Islam” he stated. “25% of American Muslims said that violence against Americans can be justified as part of global jihad.” “51% of American Muslims want to be allowed to be governed by Sharia Law” continued Milo. “And here’s my personal favorite: 33% said that sharia should take precedence over the constitution if they clashed”.


In his book Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, published in 2005, Dr. Peter Hammond describes what has always happened throughout history when the number of Muslims in a country increases. Admittedly generalities, Hammond outlines the following:

  • As long as the Muslims make up about 1%, they are generally considered a peace-loving minority who do not bother anyone.
  • At 2-3%, some start proselytizing to other minorities and disgruntled groups, especially in prison and among street gangs.
  • At 5%, Muslims have an unreasonably large influence relative to their share of the population. Many demand halal slaughtered meat, and have been pushing the food industry to produce and sell it. They have also started to work toward the government giving them autonomy under sharia law. Hammond writes that the goal of Islam is not to convert the whole world, but rather, to establish sharia law all over the world.
  • When Muslims reach 10%, historically, lawlessness increases. Some start to complain about their situation, start riots and car fires, and threaten people they feel insult Islam.
  • At 20%, violent riots erupt, jihadi militia groups are formed, people are murdered, and churches and synagogues are set ablaze.
  • When the Muslims reach 40% of the population, there are widespread massacres, constant terror attacks and militia warfare.
  • At 60%, there is the possibility of uninhibited persecution of non-Muslims, sporadic ethnic cleansing, possible genocide, implementation of sharia law and jizya (the tax for “protection” that unbelievers must pay).
  • When there are 80% Muslims in the country, they have taken control of the government apparatus and are, as in, for instance, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, committing violence in the name of Islam or political power.
  • When 100% are Muslims, the peace in the house of Islam is supposed to come — hence the claim that Islam is the “religion of peace.”


Anti-Muslim politicians are drawing unprecedented support in Europe, the United States and elsewhere.   Denmark is just one of many European nations grappling with the wave of migrants amid a spate of terrorist attacks across the Continent by Islamic extremists: A recent Pew Research Center survey found that at least half the citizens in eight of 10 countries polled said incoming refugees increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Muslims do not assimilate as easily as Europeans or some Asians. Last year, there were 99 attacks on mosques across Germany, Germany has witnessed growing Islamophobia and anti-refugee sentiments in recent years.


BRUSSELS —Nov. 13  Muslim terrorist Paris attacks   killed 130 people and that authorities believe were plotted from Belgium. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris and Brussels, Immediately after Tuesday’s attacks, security was boosted around the country’s nuclear sites and hundreds of staff were sent home.  Police raided Brussels neighbourhoods . Police had completely sealed off the area in the Schaerbeek district.  Schaerbeek is where police found a bomb factory after the Brussels airport and metro suicide attacks on Tuesday and from where the three airport attackers set off that morning.  A  local official said the raid was linked to both the airport and subway bombings and to the arrest in the Paris suburbs of a man who may have been plotting a new attack in France. During a series of raids in Schaerbeek on Tuesday night police found 15 kilos of high explosive, bomb-making chemicals and an Islamic State group flag.  Belgium’s federal prosecutor confirmed today that Najim Laachraoui was one of the two suicide bombers who struck Brussels airport this week in a series of attacks which left 31 people dead.   A statement from the Belgium prosecutor’s office also linked Laachraoui to November’s Paris carnage in which 130 people died, saying his was found on a suicide vest and a piece of cloth discovered at the Bataclan, the concert hall where 90 people were killed.   Police also found his DNA on a bomb at the Stade de France. The Belgian Police has arrested six people in connection with airport and metro suicide bombings in Brussels, while the authorities in France said they thwarted a militant plot ‘that was at an advanced stage’ there.


  And the Muslim Terrorist continue their violent acts..

0000 ISIS

Europe is facing its biggest wave of immigration since World War II, with millions migrating from the Middle East and North Africa fleeing war and economic deprivation.  Ignorant persons who do not know what Islam really is like they tend to falsely support Muslims. Europe Concerned About Return of Islamic State Militants . European-born militants trained by Islamic State in the Middle East pose a particular threat. The attacks planned and carried out by the terror cells behind the Paris and Brussels attacks over the past year included both militants trained in Syria, as well as radicalized people who had never left Europe.


Britain is one of the worst countries in Europe at integrating asylum seekers into the labour market,  increasing their dependency on the welfare system,  Under British law, asylum seekers must wait for 12 months before applying for a work permit –

Islamic migrants are waging a real jihad on women in Europe  .  Since mid-February, six violent crimes – including rape and attempted rape – have been committed by men of “foreign appearance” against women out alone at night in Östersund. Sweden, with a population of 10 million, welcomed nearly 163,000 migrants and refugees in 2015, more than any other European nation on a per capita basis. Police say they have never seen anything like it. They are advising women to stay at home at night, and walk in groups if they must go out.   The reason is simple, reports Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, a fellow at the Gatestone Institute.Women are faced with a new reality when they show up for a swim at any number of public pools. “Young male asylum seekers have turned Sweden’s public swimming pools into ordeals of rape and sexual assault,” The wave of sexual attacks and sexual harassment at public pools and beaches in Sweden goes against a longstanding history in Sweden of women and men swimming together.  “More and more Swedes are now avoiding the pools all together.” Sweden imposed compulsory border-control ID checks in January to try to curb the influx of migrants. “It should come as surprise to no one that men from the Middle East and North Africa have quite a different view of women than Swedish men do.   Refugee rapists from the Middle East and North Africa first made global headlines after a wave of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve. More than 100 attacks took place across Germany in city’s like Bielefeld, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. “Remember, the Muslim refugees are coming from societies that have no respect for women,”  “They treat women as property. They treat women as a subject to be used and abused. Men abuse their wives, beat their wives, rape their wives.”  “In Islamic countries, there is no such thing as rape because the Quran gives the right to a man to do whatever he wants to his wife because she is his property.” All those attitudes clash severely with Western values. “What we are seeing in Europe is the importation of a culture that is completely opposed to everything we stand for and believe in,”  “It’s a completely different way of thinking. So when these Muslim refugees are looking at German women or Finnish women – or any lady – they see them  as something to be used, especially if they are supposedly infidel women.”
Reports came out of Germany that female volunteers at migrant camps were being routinely threatened and sexually harassed. One woman relayed a story about a Muslim man who said, “I decapitate you,” if she did not help him find better accommodations. Others have complained of death threats if they could not meet demands for high-paying jobs or luxury items. The German government admits it can’t account for 600,000 of its 1.1 million asylum-seekers from the Middle East and Africa, and many are thought to be using multiple identities to travel across Europe.  German drug lords are recruiting refugees as cheap drug dealers and petty thieves, according to a report by the Bild, which is Germany’s largest daily newspape
Almost all of the sex traffickers are Muslims n Belgium; They force young girls into child prostitution.
 Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden have been magnets for refugees and economic migrants due largely to their generous welfare benefits. New arrivals to these countriesare seen as easy prey for crime kingpins because they don’t know how to navigate the system or file complaints with police. They can be easily manipulated and controlled.The most successful couriers are then recruited into the Mafia and used to bring in more new recruits, the Mail reported.
 Today Islamic supremacists are demanding more accommodation of Islamic principles and practices than ever, and daily growing more aggressive in eroding our freedoms – with politically correct public officials only too happy to oblige them  Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury said it is “outrageous” to describe people who are worried about the impact of mass migration as racist. There is “genuine fear” of the impact on housing, jobs and the national health system, said Archbishop Austin Welby

More than 70% of Canadians don’t support taking in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. About two in five respondents (42%) think Canada should stop taking in Syrian refugees immediately. As of Tuesday, more than 21,000 refugees had arrived in Canada, according to the government’s website. The government is working to meet its target of 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.


Immigration Minister John McCallum recently promised the Liberals would exceed their original commitment and accept between 35,000 and 50,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016. The Angus Reid poll suggests this is at odds with what the majority of Canadians want. Support for exceeding the 25,000 benchmark is lowest in the Prairies and Quebec, where less than a quarter of respondents were in favour, and tops out in B.C., where roughly two in five respondents were in favour.


A recent US  survey also found that three-quarters of voters supported a temporary ban on Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the country


The Muslim ISIS  poses ‘an unprecedented threat’ because of its ability to persuade groups from countries like Philippines, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Libya and Nigeria to pledge their allegiance. ISIS is ‘the world’s wealthiest terrorist organisation’


A march by Germany’s anti-Islamic organisation Pegida drew thousands to the eastern city of Dresden on Saturday with rallies in support of the movement also held in a string of other European cities such as  Prague,  Amsterdam, French port of Calais, Dublin, England, Bratislava, Warsaw, the French city of Montpellier, Graz in southern Austria and Brno in eastern Czech Republic with isgns such as  “Refugees Welcome” and “Islamists not Welcome”. The German anti-Islam party PEGIDA has joined forces with a coalition of fellow anti-immigrant parties across Europe . They have agreed to take part in protests in February, while also warning of the “Islamization” of Europe. 


Germany , “all people who live in Germany, no matter what their ethnic origin, must make an effort, seek work and support themselves and their families as well as they can.” “we will cut benefits to those who signal that they do not want to integrate.” Measured by willingness to abide by German society’s rules and to take language classes.. Refugees must ALL leave Germany once ISIS is defeated . “In the next weeks, the number of repatriations, voluntary returns and deportations will rise significantly.  In addition, deportees who are sick and have previously claimed that they must stay in Germany for medical care will have to leave if health care in their home countries is deemed sufficient. The German goverrnment  Cabinet also designated Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria as safe states, meaning those who have arrived from the three North African countries now face deportation.

The push against allowing citizens of those countries to stay has gained momentum since the New Year’s Eve assaults in Cologne by men largely described as Arab or North African in appearance. The police in Cologne and nearby Duesseldorf have also raided North African communities in the two cities in a crackdown on crime.  Since the assaults, Merkel has promised a “palpable reduction” in the number of migrants arriving.


This past New Year’s Eve, hordes of men from North Africa and the Middle East, mainly Muslim  refugees and migrants, set off as sexual predators on the streets of European cities. A too common European event  now too. In Cologne, Salzburg, Zurich and Helsinki untold numbers of women were sexually assaulted, robbed and even raped. “They felt like they were in power and that they could do anything with the women who were out in the street,”. 


Police and witnesses said gangs of drunken men — including many North Africans and Arabs — groped and assaulted hundreds of women in the crowd. Police are investigating 380 complaints, including rape. “If you have several hundred thousand men, who come to your country as singles and live in sports halls and town halls, what do you expect him to do?” said the mayor. “They have no privacy and they have no contact to women. And how long will that happen without any outbreak of violence?”  The German Cabinet took significant steps toward toughening asylum rules after assaults in Cologne, approving among other measures a two-year ban on family reunifications and excluding three North African countries from its asylum list.


The religious justifications for gender inequality offered by imams in Saudi Arabia and Iran should never be tolerated .  The repression of women is n and nevershould be  a major Islamic problem  highlight a “culture clash” between European populations and Muslim migrants and refugees.


Now all women who transgress the Muslim  perceived “social responsibilities” in this matrix of honour and shame are falsely  targets for rape, humiliation and violence. We cannot ignore the fact that the rapes, sexual assaults, and other crimes committed against women in what is evidently an official, organized, adherent Islamic war on Western women.




Danish lawmakers are taking measures to crack down on the current Muslim Refugee immigration policy. The effects of such, if passed, would mean asylum seekers wouldn’t be able to reunite with family members for years and must hand over their valuables for housing and food expenditures.

So what there no is inconsistency in allowing Muslim prayers in the classroom, work while upholding the banning of a Christian praying?

The war in Syria that is causing the refugee problem is among the pressing issues that the Muslim leaders do have to  discuss but US backed Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates  boycott  the meetings.

“Muslim refugees do “bully, persecute and harass” Christians, who came to German refugee camps from the Middle East in search of a better life . Christian asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea and elsewhere suffer bullying, persecution and harassment at the hands of their Muslim neighbors in refugee camps.  Sometimes, bullying ends in injuries and death threats,”  Muslims, who converted to Christianity, as the group that runs the highest risk of being abused. “They should fear for their life,” he warned, “since Muslim radicals treat ‘apostates’ as if they have no right to live.””

“Too many Muslim clerics  also do  preach violence and terrorism. The local mosques and clerics thus will continue to produce people who will be attracted to the message of radicals. And as long as the governments of Muslim countries do not stand against radical factors and principles prevalent in their own societies, and the clerics who preach it, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey,  etc.,  ISIS  and other Muslim terrorist  groups will continue to find a  breeding ground for their recruits.”

Arab countries should take in the  Muslim migrants but won’t. “And they’re going to try to convince us in the West that they’re peace-loving?”  “And they won’t even take their own people. Are you kidding me?”

Muslim cleric iTarik Chadlioui n Belgium incited Paris jihad murderer to kill unbelievers. Anjem Choudary Charged With Supporting Islamic State and Incitement in UK . Mustafa Kamel Mustafa or simply Abu Hamza, is an Egyptian cleric who was the imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London, England, where he preached Islamic fundamentalism and militant Islamism. .Sheik Terra.with a Koran in one hand and pistol in the other, calls for the murder of non-Muslims, including several world leaders, on a videotape., he preaches Violence in England… Australian Muslim cleric Feiz Muhammad.has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician .. Bakri Sunni hadiths portray prophet Mohammad as as a violent torturer .. Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman allows violence as he tours British universities . Another Islamic Hate Cleric uses UK as base to incite to violence and preach support for jihad savagery – See more at:…/islamic-hate-cleric-uses-uk…/

Poll: Half of British Muslims Support Muslim Clerics Preaching Violence –

Pew Research recently showed that a tiny minority in many of  the  Muslim  majority  countries do now hold a favourable view of ISIS, and all of them turn out to be alarmingly high numbers  that even  provides a breeding ground for Muslim terrorism.  A ban on saying prayers in the street, a practice by French Muslims  has come into effect in the capital, Paris.  Far right protests at the “Islamisation” of the Goutte d’Or district began last year and in December the leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, accused Muslim fundamentalists of using prayers for political ends.

Islam is not primarily a religion but a political control system for economic and territorial domination. It is fascism exactly like Hitler or Stalin that seeks to take over the world. A Muslim proverb says: “First we will wipe out the Saturday people and then we will eliminate the Sunday people. What is the Islamists’ highest goal? It is without doubt to be martyred in a physical battle for Allah in extending his sovereignty or the rule of his law on the Earth. and to have more sex. The highest and greatest reward for Muslim men is to go to heaven where he will have 72 bashful dark eyed virgins (houris) at his sexual disposal and whim.  The description of heaven is exactly what a 7th century Arab male would find appealing in the physical sense only: 80,000 servants, 72 beautiful sex slaves, wine and booze, fruit, shade, fine clothing and jewelry, carpets made of silk, music etc. .The systematic rapes of women  by Muslim men could be yet another consequence of the  mass Muslim migration.

Still Islam is not a religion of peace. We all can see that daily world wide.

The Imam of a Salafist Cologne mosque has said the victims of the New Year’s Eve attacks in that city were themselves responsible for their sex assault, by dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume so it is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire. Absurd defense of Muslim rape.

“A female Islamic professor has claimed that Allah has allowed Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women in order to ‘humiliate’ them,   This degradation of non-Muslims is the essence of Islamic religious practice., When Muslims cry, Allahu Akbar, they proclaim their supremacy to non-Muslims because Allah has allowed them to degrade the non-Muslims. When ISIS fighters shout Allahu Akbar and rape Yazidi women, this is what it means. – Suad Saleh  a professor from  Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.  Islam hasn’t been hijacked. Even in its moderate form, it is a theology of degrading non-Muslims.  Suad Saleh’s statements are disheartening as they come from a professor at a prestigious institute that is over 1,000 years old. Al-Azhar University is a renowned institute in Cairo, Egypt, that is the oldest degree-granting institute in all of Egypt. The university is touted as “Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university.” Therefore, the statements made by the female professor are of great concerns.”

60% Germans Think their  Country Can’t Manage the Muslim Refugee Influx, 70% Say Crime Will Go Up. The dramatic change in the numbers is attributed to the Muslim rapes, sexual attacks in Cologne and other German cities on New Years Eve. The total number of complaints filed with Cologne police now stands is 653, with 331 of those involving sexual assault, and several of those assaults reported as rape. Germany’s current leaders, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, stand accused of “betraying their own people to a future of bloodshed and committing national suicide” after they tacitly conspired to hide the rape jihad being waged by Muslim migrants on their women folk. Blaming the Non Muslims, the women for these crimes, rapes is absurdity too..

“In Egypt, victims of sexual harassment have been repeatedly denounced and blamed for the actions of their attackers.. A prominent member of another Salafist party, al-Asala, said something similar, claiming that women “sometimes cause rape upon themselves through putting themselves in a position which makes them subject to rape.” In fact, women around the world face brutal punishment — often sexualized — for having been victims of sexual violence. In Saudi Arabia, victims of gang rape face hundreds of lashes. In India, gang rape has been used to punish women for the crimes of men. All of this fits a pattern, whereby those in power use sexual violence as a political tool to control the movements of those whom they falsely see as the true source of chaos in society: women. Blaming victims of sexual assault sends  false  acceptability around the abusers’ actions by implying that the responsibility lies with the victim rather than the attacker.”

“Mass recent Immigration is bringing Islamic norms, and Islamic attitudes towards women, to the West, and it is making all free women less free, and safe women less safe. ” Now mobs of Arab, African  men descending on a European cathedral to rape Christian women , rape a common Muslim  punishment, was too much now. German police are hunting a group of up to 1,000 men after hundreds of women reported vile sex attacks in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve . The majority of those arrested so far are indeed Muslim refugees, asylum seekers. When these Muslim refugees arrive in Western countries, they bring with them violent and sexist  Muslim cultural attitudes that contributed in part to the mess they fled. Most Muslims tend yo have a deep-seated hatred of all things Western .Thus there is a Rising Anti-Muslim Backlash In  America and Europe today.”


“A great many Muslims around the world are for Sharia law. You know what is in Sharia laws. Cutting off the hands for thievery. Putting women to death for adultery. Putting people to death for leaving their religion. Women are not equal citizens. These are not criminal activities in Muslim society, these are their normal activities. “Under sharia, it’s OK to rape Norwegian and Swedish women because they are considered ‘infidels.'”Sharia law, a law based on Islam, is uniquely terrible to women. Her testimony is worth half of a man’s, she has little to no rights over her children, her husband is permitted to hit her if she is disobedient, and she has no unilateral right to divorce.”

Many see the   ongoing refugee European  influx as “an organized invasion,”  organized by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, which was striving to “gradually control Europe.” Existing Muslim European ghettos and the recent sexual harassment scandals involving Muslim migrants in European cities are evidence the integration of the Muslim community into Europe is next to impossible.  The Muslims makes  sexual assaults  on women are a  violent practice known as “Taharurush,” Taharrush gamea means “collective harassment” in Arabic and is used to describe a phenomenon in which large groups of men surround a woman then sexually assault her.  Taharrush” entails is a group of men encircling a woman, who is almost always alone, as a form of intimidation. They then fondle and grope the woman, sometimes taking it to the point of rape. While the sexual assault is happening, some of the men in the crowd act to distract onlookers from what is happening to the victim. Usually, the victim is in a state of shock and cannot do anything to prevent being assaulted and robbed. “Taharrush” almost always happens in public gatherings, where there is safety in numbers and chaos. Let them have their culture in their own Muslim  countries  Integration is possible with cultures that are similar, and the Islamic culture and the Western, European norms are not compatible. 

“Muslim Terrorists are exploiting Europe’s refugee crisis and the  poorly-policed seas to smuggle drugs, weapons and fighters, refugees  into the continent.  The number of migrants arriving daily  into Europe by boat has trebled in just one year.   Muslim jihadis, people traffickers and drug smugglers  are switching from the land routes which have had borders beefed up in the wake of the migrant crisis. In the last two months, more than 50 ships were identified in European waters with invalid or stolen identities, having entered through Europe’s “back door”. December alone, more than 600 ships entered European waters from the countries where terrorist groups operate – Libya, Syria, Turkey  and Lebanon.” The Muslim immigration is spiralling out of control across Europe’s borders. Turkey is failing to dismantle the operations of its people smugglers.  Last year, more than 1.1million “irregular” migrants arrived in the EU, threatening the stability of countries in their path. There is a the lucrative trade in fake and stolen Syrian passports.. The planned rail service between southern France and Calais was   postponed after the French officials admitted the risk of migrants trying to use it as a shortcut to Britain was too great. France claimed thugs from the No Borders vigilante group teamed up with migrants to attack a police car as the  ongoing violence in the lawless port town continues to escalate.

It also has  emerged that police are investigating the theory that many of the Cologne Muslim attackers may have been Moroccan criminals who entered Germany illegally posing as Syrian refugees. Prosecutors are offering a 10,000 euro reward for any information about these perpetrators .

Everywhere that Islam has gained any influence, the women suffer because of it. The Sharia family law, as practiced in Britain, was declared by the House of Lords (in its legal capacity) as “wholly incompatible” with basic human rights, precisely because of its treatment of women especially.”

“A recent  global survey by the Pew Research Center; when asked if women should have equal rights, only 45 per cent of Egyptian men agreed, compared to 97 per cent of Germans. Similarly, not a single Arab or North African nation makes it into the top 100 counties ranked in the most recent World Economic Forum’s gender-gap report. Those medieval attitudes translate into barbaric actions. Muslim countries are among the world’s most dangerous places for women.  The treatment of women in the Islamic world is not only appalling by Western standards, but by any standards”

“If you’re surprised that some refugee groups in Europe commit crimes at a higher rate than the general population, you’re either not paying attention or you are lying to yourself .  As  it  is perfectly reasonable to criticize a  culture and responsibilities. New arrivals have a responsibility to live up to our social and cultural standards. If they can’t, we have a responsibility to send them away.” The German government claims one out of three migrants are lying about being Syrian.  when they are rather  radical Muslims. Now only a few terrorists would have to make it into the country to carry out a major attack.  There were only a handful of people involved in the 9/11 attacks. Just a handful.”

A large number of the  swift and sudden torrent of the vast  recent  Muslim refugees are young, single men, jobless and unmoored. The idea that they can be integrated  even  easily  into our culture is ludicrous, it never will happen. They are already set in their ways.  And  many Muslims  harbor deep resentment against secularism and Western, Christian  values. They have  an absolute contempt for the  Western, European culture, its norms and its people.. Muslim ‘Migrants’ in Europe are  Rapidly Wearing Out their Welcome. WHY?

It would be madness to ignore the pervasive and persistent trend in the Muslim world of treating women as unequal to men and being physically violent toward them. Until recently, women in Morocco (the most progressive Muslim state) couldn’t travel without permission from their father or a male relative, and courts often forced rape victims to marry their rapist. Women in Morocco (including many of my own personal acquaintances) are habitually chased, harassed, and groped. Groping and sexual assault tend to happen when large crowds gather, like in Tahir Square during the Egyptian Arab Spring—and what happened across Germany on New Year’s Eve.” Many  mid eastern Muslim men consider all Western women “whores”, but associate this most strongly with blonde women. The worst examples of misogyny do come from Muslim societies, and a disproportionate numbers of Muslim men hold misogynist views who  hate and dehumanize women. Rape of “infidel” women has long been part of Islamic law and tradition.

“Fueling the Muslim rape epidemic across Europe is a false  blame-the-victim ,the women, mentality and the widespread media cover-up of the assaults after newspapers and TV stations were pressured to censor their coverage of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants to prevent backlash against the refugees.  Had the alleged perpetrators been white members of a fraternity, the international response would have been completely different but the supposed Islamophobia now outranks the war on women.” Shockingly, it’s more important falsely to some politicians to not offend Muslim refugees than to ensure the safety of native citizens If migrants want a welcome in Europe, try gratitude not groping the women

The right of all women to walk unmolested matters more than that of Muslim immigrants not to be criticized

In the past anti-immigrant backlash has prevented honest talk about sexual misconduct among the Muslim immigrant men; such talk would have falsely been condemned as racist in the past. All  the people who believe that all Middle Eastern and South Asian refugees would conform to their way of life and values their own understanding of the Muslim world was limited and flawed .

“In a Muslim  country,  “If someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,” at least not by the police.  Muslim cultures have a bias against women. Muslim institutions continue to operate on a patriarchal model, in which women are either unwelcomed or merely tolerated, but are always expected to keep the status quo. Those who demand basic rights are labelled as feminist.”

“Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton and President Obama  are unable to say “Islamic terrorism” and why is that when most of us can see, know that this is true?    The rightful concern is about is the religion of the refugees: Islam and whether Islam makes them dangerous. Obama,   continues to have trouble saying the words “Muslim terrorism,” he views  Islam as the same as other religions. But many  even former Muslims disagree.”

“Muslims had the habit of slaughtering “infidel” Muslims for centuries when there was not a country called Syria or any “Islamophobia.” They next try to Blame it on everyone except the Muslim  terrorists, innocent people are attacked repeatedly by Muslims, so they become suspicious of Muslims; this suspicion is then called Islamophobia — but it does not come out of thin air. It is the same Muslim terrorists of this or that sect who bomb each other’s mosques in Muslim countries,  abuse others, women and children too. It is not the “Islamophobes” who kill the Muslims and others.

The Muslim World Has a Violence Against Women Problem . And European women aren’t the only victims. Female asylum-seekers fare much worse. They are routinely subjected to sex trafficking, forced marriage, rape and assault at the hands of smugglers, male asylum-seekers and their own Muslim husbands.  Now he fact of the matter is that these  recent  rape attacks did not take place in Germany prior to now, and also German men were not responsible for them. These were attacks carried out by new immigrants in Germany, and most have come from Muslim-majority countries.”

Rape rates are exploding all over Europe; Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Germany, and especially Sweden. Most of these rapes are not being committed by native men, but my migrants, most of them from the Muslim world.  Sweden is   known as Europe’s “rape capital”due to the record number of violent assaults by Muslim men.

Many persons  are rightfully deeply concerned that future misbehaviour by  Muslims newcomers from Africa, Iraq and Syria . Why the hell should any of us have to hide from those Muslim men who scoff at sex equality and think it’s their right to shove their hand up a woman’s crotch ­whenever they feel like it?  Serious actions also   must be taken to defuse and eradicate the anti-Jewish indoctrination of the many Arab refugees

All Muslim men must treat women as equals and not abuse them as too often is still the case. Muslims in Canada are immigrants who   bring to this country the attitudes and norms shaped by their culture of birth and these will not be transformed by Canadian norms.  All Muslim  men toned to take responsibility for their actions, and treat  all women as equal human beings.

Look as to what is happening in Germany right now. Abhorrent behaviour by Muslim  refugees in Cologne .  The government must make sure this doesn’t happen. again. What happened in Cologne happens regularly in the Muslim worlds, even in Egypt,  Pakistan.

In Norway there have been news reports that  Muslim immigrants also do commit a disproportionate number of rapes.   News has   emerged of similar New Year’s Eve assaults in Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden, as well as other German cities.

Danish women have become the latest to report being groped by migrant men. Security authorities are growing increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of Muslim migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe

A string of recent attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve was blamed largely on foreigners and was “intolerable”  Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said .

More than one-third of Germans said their view of foreigners had worsened following Muslim male  abuses.   There have been more than 500 complaints filed about abuses, theft, alleged sexual assaults committed by males on females , the police have suggested it was done by  a gauntlet of  Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers just  in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.  Local witness and police reports “indicate that it was almost exclusively people with an immigrant background who committed these crimes.”  Authorities say groups of men roamed New Year’s Eve crowds in the city of Cologne and groped women.  The same scene has been repeated in many cities of Germany, Sweden as well.  The wave of crime on New Year’s Eve was mirrored in the northern city of Hamburg, where 108 cases were filed.

Offenses were also recorded in other cities.  In Sweden, where police are also investigating New Year’s Eve assaults in the city of Kalmar, police confirmed reports there had also been widespread sexual assaults at a music festival in Stockholm last summer.

“While it’s perfectly right that Europe gives sanctuary to desperate people, the criminals  must never be allowed to impose the more hideous aspects of their Muslim culture on any of us.. Some Nations  who claimed they  did not have the resources to defend women from attack,   suddenly found troops and water cannons to stamp on the related democratic protest. This is hypocritical..”

“Those  female assaults in Germany have stoked tensions over Germany’s open-door policy to Muslim refugees and prompted politicians to call for tougher laws against migrants who commit crimes.  Britain, Germany and  other countries  try to hide the Muslim rape and degradation of women in case it inflames Muslim religious tensions or it makes politicians who’ve been pushing mass immigration look really bad. The gutless  German government, the police and the country’s public broadcaster were so desperate to hide these Muslim attacks and the ethnicity of the offenders that they had lied and had falsely reported that New Year’s Eve had passed off peacefully.

Consider the Rotherham rape scandal last year in Britain, which revealed that police and social workers had for years been hiding what amounted to 1,400 gang rapes of young women and girls by men of Pakistani descent. Social workers and others claimed they were afraid to come forward for fear some would accuse them of racism and “Islamaphobia.”

Mrs Merkel  actually, she didn’t invite anyone to rape or molest Germany’s women. But you wouldn’t think so by the way German ministers and the police had been acting. Many of the German women assaulted on New Year’s Eve have confirmed the ethnicity of their abusers  and it isn’t racist to say women have the right not to be raped. More young girls and women have revealed the horrifying sexual harassment they have been subjected to at the hands of refugees after being encouraged to come forward by the furore surrounding the mass rapes in Cologne.  Officials in Austria are investigating claims that young asylum seekers were allowed to spend months sexually assaulting girls at their school because teachers did not want to report them to police.

Any minister or police officer anywhere who tries to hide rape because of where the rapist comes from is every bit as guilty as the rapist himself.  Politicians, political parties, news media need  to stop a Muslim appeasement “policy”, as this is “unending” and   hurts  the country.”

A poll also found that 57 percent feared  Middle east refugee arrivals would trigger a rise in crime.  A new German law  would strip refugees of asylum status after committing a single crime. It also include speeding up the deportation process for migrants convicted of crimes, even with a suspended sentence, bypassing old laws that can slow down the process and allow the individual to remain in Germany. Angela Merkel says Germany has lost control of the refugee crisis amid public anger over Cologne sex attacks.

Merkel’s government has come under heavy criticism for her “open door” refugee policy since it emerged in  that many Muslim asylum seekers were among those suspected of the sexual assaults. “Both witness accounts and police reports indicate that people of an almost exclusively Muslim immigrant background were the perpetrators of these crimes..”

“Finnish police have also reported harassment of women by “men with a foreign background” at New Year celebrations in Helsinki, as well as at some public events last autumn. Police files show reported cases of sexual harassment in Finland almost doubled to 147 in the last four months of 2015 from 75 in the same period a year earlier.  Many   Finns blame  these “Islamist intruders” for what they believe is an increase in crime .”

From the start, Berlin’s decision to accept large numbers of Syrian refugees has been followed with great curiosity in the US. But after the Cologne attacks, Americans are more concerned now  just like the Germans.  Chancellor Merkel have been criticized for their open-door refugee policy after a group of some 1,000 men, most of whom were reported to look Arab or North African, gathered in the city’s main square on New Year’s Eve, leading to over 500 reports of  violence. The fact that Berlin’s past open refugee policy still garners this much attention in the US is a sign that it is seen as being significant far beyond Germany

“We Syrians in Germany and everywhere else feel really bad after these criminal sexual harassment and robbery acts that occurred in the NYE at the city of Cologne, Hamburg and many other cities,” read  a Facebook event page called Syrians Against Sexual Assaults, or  سوريين ضد الاعتداءات الجنسية in Arabic. “We ask the German authorities to impose penalties against those criminals. Moreover we ask them to trad (sic) those scum back from where they come.”

Muslim migrants and refugees are not welcome in Slovakia, according to the country’s Prime Minister Robert Fico. He vowed not to allow refugees from the Middle East to establish “a united Muslim community in Slovakia”. “Not only are we refusing mandatory quotas, we will never make a voluntary decision that would lead to the formation of a united Muslim community in Slovakia, This is the only way to eliminate the risks,”

Islam and Christianity “clearly do not worship the same God”, according to leading preacher and evangelist Rev Franklin Graham. Islam denies that God has a Son. They deny that Jesus is God. They do not believe in a Triune God– Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

BERLIN  – Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) said  a day after security forces thwarted a potential IS attack in Berlin.   The terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.  “Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing,”  “We are trying to recognize and identify whether there are still more IS fighters or terrorists from IS that have slipped in,” The BfV had received more than 100 tip-offs that there were Islamic State fighters among the refugees currently staying in Germany.


” In the aftermath of attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and in San Bernardino, Calif., a plurality of the public views the threat of terrorism as the top issue facing the country. “Donald  Trump   has said  “We need a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States while we figure out what the hell is going on. We are out of control.” Yes all Muslims should be banned from entering the US   and he  is actually just the latest manifestation of a more global trend: Data suggests the appeal of anti-immigrant policies to working-class voters is much deeper than most American or Canadian leaders  want to believe.

New poll numbers suggest most Republican supporters are behind the front-runner’s proposal to ban Muslims from America’s borders. Polling data from Europe shows that parties with similar voter profiles to Trump’s consistently do better in both online polls and at the ballot box than in live-interview polling. And currently Trump is far ahead online. Trump’s appeal is large and not going away. Working-class voters all over the world are legitimately upset about the turn their lives have taken in the last decade and a half. They are largely not racists, nor are they “fruitcakes and loonies,”

“Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a gnawing sense of dread that has helped lift Donald J. Trump to a new high among Republican primary voters, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.:” “Republicans expressed confidence in Mr. Trump’s ability to confront terrorism: Seven in 10 voters who said they were likely to vote in a Republican primary said he was well-equipped to respond to the threat,””  Seven in 10 Americans now call the Islamic State extremist group a major threat to the United States’ security,”  As Trump was making   comments, a woman  who it seemed had come there to cause trouble, wearing a hijab stood up in protest, and was promptly ejected from the audience. The image of a Muslim woman being abused and ejected from a political rally sends a chilling message to all American Muslims . Polls have shown that proposed anti-Muslim legal measures enjoy significant popularity in the United States, not only among Republicans but with many Democrats as well.

“By dehumanizing non-Muslims, Islam diminishes the value of human life. And this has consequences even for the Muslim population. Apologists often point out that much of Muslim terrorism is directed at other Muslims. Similarly the license that Mohammed and the Koran provided for the robbery, rape and murder of non-Muslims has practical consequences within Muslim societies. Muslim violence finds the greatest justification when confronted with a non-Muslim population, as the horrifying events in Cologne remind us. But the lack of respect for human life embodied in Islam’s Jihadist ideal causes suffering even for millions of Muslims.   ”


Police in riot gear were called to a so-called refugee camp over the weekend after hundreds of men brawled violently over different interpretations of the Quran, resulting in five hospitalisations. The brawl in the early hours of Sunday morning in the Leimen camp in Baden-Württemberg, Germany was triggered by inter-Islamic friction between different interpretations of the faith. Police in riot gear were called to a so-called refugee camp over the weekend after hundreds of men brawled violently over different interpretations of the Quran, resulting in five hospitalisations.  This is not the first time religious differences between Muslims has led to blows among co-religionists in Germany’s overcrowded migrant camps.

Indonesia province bans Ahmadiyah from spreading minority Islamic sect.    Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims, the majority of whom adhere to moderate Sunni beliefs. But hardline Indonesian Muslims accuse Ahmadiyah and other Muslim minorities of apostasy.  Indonesia, a campaign by local government officials and residents  tries to  compel the island’s Ahmadiyah to convert to Sunni Islam or leave the area. The Ahmadiyah identify themselves as Muslims, but differ with other Muslims as to whether Muhammad was the “final” monotheist prophet; consequently, some Muslims perceive the Ahmadiyah as heretics. Hundreds of hardline Muslims forced the local government to tear down several churches in the conservative province of Aceh last last year too. Human Rights Watch’s deputy Asia director, Phelim Kline, said Indonesia’s constitution guaranteed freedom of religion.

Islam provides a license for murder, robbery and rape in the eternal Jihad against non-Muslims. Is it surprising that some Muslims take this license and run with it?

Polls also indicate that most people do not believe the western lies about Russia. Russia launched its military air campaign in Syria against terrorist groups on September 30 after Damascus officially requested its support  VLADIMIR Putin’s bombers have conducted more than 1,000 airstrikes since the start of the year, hitting 100 terrorist positions every day, as the Kremlin renews it vow to destroy Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq.  Russia’s bombing raids have helped 20 Syrian areas escape brutal control of ISIS jihadis  More than 150 cities and villages had been liberated from terrorists in Syria in recent weeks. Mr Putin  also  wants to work more closely with Europe and the US to defeat Muslim  terrorism.

Former Arkansas gov. Mike Huckabee criticized Obama for taking so long to identify America’s war with radical Islam. The  ISIS as a “malignant tumor.” “If it’s allowed to go unchecked, if you don’t go in and kill it, destroy it — not just contain it, destroy it — it will continue to grow, metastasize, and kill us.”  “This   Obama administration has consistently misread the very obvious signs of radical Islamic Jihadism, and it’s just unfortunate that we continue to see more waves of this,” Huckabee said. “It sounds to me that the President is more interested in protecting the reputation of Islam, than he is in protecting the American people.”

REAL reason Amerucan want the Muslims to be kept out and eliminated is because the Quran ( The muslim holy book.) contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

Here are a few examples.

Quran (2:191-193)

“And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…

but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

Quran (8:12)

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

Quran (47:3-4)

“Those who disbelieve follow falsehood, while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord… So, when you meet (in fight Jihad in Allah’s Cause), those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives)… If it had been Allah’s Will, He Himself could certainly have punished them (without you). But (He lets you fight), in order to test you, some with others. But those who are killed in the Way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost.”

Specific order from the Quran on the treatment of Christians.

Quran (9:29)

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

This is just some of Muslims religion.

Verses from the koran:

1) Kill anyone who insults Islam or Mohammad. (Koran.33;57-61).

2) Kill all Muslims who leave Islam. (Koran.2;217/4;89/Bukhari.9;84-57).

3) Koran can’t be doubted. (Koran.2;1).

4) Islam is the only acceptable religion. (Koran.3;85).

5) Muslims must fight (jihad) infidels, even if they don’t want to. (Koran 3.151/8,12/2;216).

6) We the non-Muslims are pigs and apes. (Koran. 2;62-65/Koran.5;59-60/Koran.7;166).

7) Muslims cannot be friends with Infidels. (Koran.5;51).

8) We the Infidels are sworn enemies of Muslims and Islam. (Koran.4;101).

9) Infidels can be raped as sex slaves. (Koran.4;3 & 24/5;89/23;5/33;50/58;3/70;30).

10) Infidels the vilest of creatures deserving no mercy. (Koran.98;6).

11) Muslims must terrorize us (Infidels). (Koran.8;12 &59-60/ Bukhari.4;52;220).

12) Muslims must strike terror into non-Muslims hearts. (Koran.8;60).

13) Muslims are allowed to crucify and amputate us (Infidels). Koran.8;12/47;4).

14) Muslims are allowed to behead us (Infidels) (Koran.47;4).

15) Muslims are guaranteed heaven if they kill us (non-Muslims). (Koran.9;111).

16) Marrying and divorcing pre-pubescent children is OK. (Koran.65;4).

17) Wife beating is OK. (Koran.4;34).

18) Raping wives is OK. (Koran.2;223).

19) Proving rape requires 4 (four) male Muslim witnesses. (Koran.24;13).

20) Muslims must lie to us (Infidels) to strengthen and spread Islam. (Koran.3;28?16;106).

Finally, here’s a quote from Wikipedia regarding pedophilia and islam: “Pedophilia is permitted in the Qur’an, was practiced by Prophet Muhammad and his companions, and some Muslims today continue to commit the crime, following their prophet’s example.” +

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

Islam is not a race and Muslim is not an ethnic group. Islam is a set of ideas and Muslims are people who follow those ideas. It is not only appropriate but imperative that the world take a closer look at those ideas and those who follow that set of ideas. The originator of this set of ideas had sex with a 9 year old girl, slit the throats of two poets for writting negative verses about him, enslaved thousands of people, raped hundreds of women, ordered the murder of 800 unarmed people, and led twelve armed military actions. Since that time the people who follow his ideas have carried out more than ten thousand jihads which have resulted in the deaths of eighty million Hindus, sixty million Christians, ten million Buddhists, and over one hundred and twenty million Africans. Muslims are trouble. Muslims don’t assimilate and when they’re numerous in population, they want others to bend to their religious ways and ultimately, they want a Muslim state to implement Sharia law (Allah’s law) to discriminate girls, women, and all non-Muslims; they’d resort to any means (terror, deception, infiltration, immigration, migration, high birth rate, etc.) to achieve this goal. Stop Muslim immigration and kick out all the trouble making Muslims to save our country from relentless Muslim violence and turmoil.  Values and ideas are not equal and do not deserve equal respect. Islamophobia is a nonsense term that tries to conflate criticism of its fantastical claims with generalized bigotry. Islam is a set of ideas that simply cannot hold its own in an argument.


So when did most people stop believing the News  Media?  when the liars lied big.


President Obama himself also had undeniably  failed to address the danger that ISIS presents to the United States.  It is important to note that just hours before the terrorists attacked  Paris ,  President Obama said that ISIS was “contained” and “on the run.” His response showed that he is either delusional to the real threat ISIS presents  or he is simply incapable of providing authentic leadership for the sake of the country and the globe.  And  the absence of the American leadership has now become a defining issue of the 2016 presidential election. President Barack Obama wants to bring more Syrian refugees into the country. but he only means more Muslim immigration not Christian.


Tashfeen Malik and her American-born husband Syed Farook were killed in a shootout with police hours after they opened fire with assault rifles on a gathering of Farook’s colleagues   in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 people, wounding many too. The FBI said that it is investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism inspired by Islamic extremism,   the deadliest   attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001. “This is not a terrorist organization, this is a Muslim terrorist army,”


The majority of Canadians oppose the government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada a new poll shows.


More than half of Canadians (54 per cent) either moderately or strongly oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring 25,000 refugees over by Jan. 1, 2016


Europe remains dogged by the problem of Islamist radicalization, as a deadly terror attacks show, despite extensive efforts to thwart recruiting by extremists in mosques and online.   Last year 2014 saw a total of 774 people arrested in 16 European countries for terrorism-related offenses, the majority of which were religiously inspired, according to Europol, the European Union’s police coordination agency. Islam is still the main problem.

The Imams, mosques, and electronic methods are simply vectors for spread of a sickness we know as Islam. It has all the classic negative associations  including distortions of reality, a collective loss of memory where every mindless revision of history goes unchallenged, delusions of grandeur, and homocidal as well as   suicidal thoughts, support of killings.

As a matter of dire public health danger,  they all do have  to be better monitored as any attendee is a presumptive suspect. If this is disturbing to them, or any others then do let them resettle in the Arab lands where this backwards religion is accepted as a way of life.  This religion and its adherents are not yet ready to enter the regular, functioning societies we have carefully built in the West  over centuries, as they are too immersed in destruction as a lifestyle.  1,400 years of Islamic history has basically been conquest and attempted conquest of others. They’ve been radical for a long time even with prohibited seditious speech and sedition is not protected free speech. More coming soon to many cities in the West.

” Western Europe had virtually no Muslims until after WW2… The Muslims in Western Europe are all uninvited guests from other continents. The only reason there are Mosques in Western Europe today is due to Europeans tolerating these foreign people and their foreign religion,  but the same cannot be said for Middle Easterners, they want everyone to tolerate them and Islam but have zero tolerance for Non-Muslims in their own home countries.” Christian persecution is endemic even now in Egypt, particularly in Upper-Egypt. and Pakistan, Indonesia.  Islam needs a basic and deep reformation to be trusted as peaceful.

Why the increase of Islamic wars today?

About 1,300 years ago after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, a succession crisis divided Muslims; and the widening schism continues to play out today. The dispute over how to replace Muhammad as the leader of the Muslim world after his death in 632 — and increasingly after the deaths of subsequent leaders — led to competing iterations of the Islamic faith, diverting followers into two major branches — the Sunni and the Shia with doctrinal distinctions created the schism. In History we also did have the non violent Catholics and the Orthodox split.


The Islamic split began very early history of Islam. Those pushing for selecting successors as caliph of the Islamic State and as the religious authority only from among the family of Muhammad became known as the Shia, from the Arabic for “the followers of Ali,” a reference to Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib. Those pushing for a selective process based on seeking the most qualified from the wider tribal context became known as the Sunni, from the Arabic for “people of the tradition.” This was really a political dispute, but that political dispute early on over who should continued over centuries and a theological sectarian split. A study in 2009 by the Pew Research Center says there were more than 1.57 billion Muslims around the world, about 23% of the world’s population. Of those, 10 to 13 percent were Shia and 87-90 percent were Sunni. It is largely where those Shia live that has become important. The majority of Shias (between 68 to 80 percent) live in just four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq. In many other countries in the Persian Gulf, Shia remain a minority within Sunni dominated states. That makes theology increasingly also  political.


The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows a distinctive variety of thirir own Islam whose beliefs do differ from the regional Sunni-Shiite tensions They literally want to overthrowthe world and replace it with thei own Islamic view of the future.  In 2014, after taking control of territory in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, ISIL proclaimed itself a caliphate, calling other states illegitimate and placing itself as the exclusive authority over the Islamic world, as if the world was the same as it was 1,300 years ago. SIL targets Shia Muslims as well as the West as it imposes its strict interpretations within territory it controls. ISIL wants to convince everyone the struggle is one epic clash of civilizations between the false Western religions and the Islamic World — with themselves as the true  representative of the world’s Muslims and as their religious authority — their caliph, the scholars said.

The ISIL also carves its bloody notion of a new Islamic State world wide  lashing out at targets both within the Muslim world and in the West. They claim they do  have restored the Islamic empire called the caliphate as they believe that the caliphate is required in order to properly implement Islamic law and Islamic governance. They consider other systems of governance, even if there’s a Muslim sitting at the top, as illegitimate as long as the caliphate is absent. Members of the two branches if Islam, Sunni and the Shia had originally lived together peacefully and intermarried, but this highly politicized, the divide also becomes next “very heated” and now lead to calls for excommunication from the Islamic faith. In the current context of the self-declared Islamic State, that means death to all, even the.Sunni and the Shia Islamists

The notion of Shia now  being the dangerous iteration shifted through fundamentalist Sunni groups such as the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also referred to as ISIS). For a while, exploiting the Sunni-Shia split served the interests of nations controlled by either branch. Saudi Arabia, is also guilty of forcefully exportating it’s Suuni Islamist ideology. The ISIL, Shia-Sunni split is terribaly important when the major backers of each branch are dominating influences in the same, sensitive region: Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The ISIL, Iran and Saudi Arabia has aquired loads of money and are  now also able to acquire, and to finance many  Their recruits, many ISIL recruits too..

The source of Islamic extremism that promotes the sort of ugly brutality that is carried out by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) lies with the fanatical Wahhabi strain of Islam, which is rooted in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the only countries in the world where Wahhabi Salafism is the state religion. However, this agenda does not stay in these states because it is actively propagated throughout the Muslim world. Over the last few decades, billions of dollars have been pumped into a huge campaign aimed at eroding the more moderate strains of Islam and replace them with the more extremist variety.

If the West really wants to crack down on ISIS and make inroads into reducing the funding for the promotion of such violent extremism, then this means confronting Saudi Arabia, rather than continuing to bury heads in the sand.  The policy of Saudi Arabia is in total contradiction to the interests of the West”.   Saudi Arabia & Turkey are greatest dangers to world peace,  Republican Virginia state Senator Dick Black said. “It is Saudi Arabia, through the Wahhabist doctrine, that is spreading terrorism across the globe. It’s not Iran, it’s not Syria or any other country.” “Erdogan has a dream of becoming a new Ottoman Empire,” Black said. “He’s a very calculating, very vicious individual  and, I think, a great danger.”

The Western allies have increased their military campaigns against the terrorist group, those in neighbouring Arab nations, seemingly better-placed to weed them out,  have been mostly indifferent and why?   it basically comes down to Iran. “Iran and Saudi Arabia underpin everything going on,”  “The reality is that Islamic State is seen in the region as less of a problem than the prospect of an ascendant Iran,” The prospect of any meaningful military activity on the strength of 34 co-operating Islamic nations against the IS   here is thus still null.  “And there are certain countries that would like to see IS thrive as long as they don’t come and take their territory. Some are  even funding IS so it’s a real   can of worms.”   “Their concern about IS, while a real concern, will continue to take a back seat until such time they have reduced the threat of Iran by removing it as a principle player in the region, and by removing the Assad regime in Syria, providing that Islamic State forces do not overthrow the government in Baghdad.. ”

America’s Syrian aerial campaign “for (over) a whole year (failed to notice) convoys of fuel tanker trucks with smuggled oil that feeds the terrorists’ forces . The ISIS is a toy used by the US, the West, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel for their oil agenda and plans to reshuffle the map of the Middle East.
Israel has been re-exporting the smuggled oil that Turkey has been exporting from Syria and Iraq.
Thirty thousand barrels of oil a day. $19 million a month. That’s apparently the revenues that are flowing to the Islamic State. Its oil exports flowing through Turkey. And now Israel is one of the principal middlemen for the sale of Islamic State oil.
Israel has imported as much as three-quarters of its oil from Iraqi Kurdistan (nearly 1 billion dollars’ worth of oil) in recent months. ISIS oil is allegedly transported to Israel via the Turkish-Azeri company of billionaire Mubariz Gurbanoğlu. Now Israel has decreased the volumes of oil it buys from Azerbaijan. In the past Israel’s oil supply also came from Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan
” Israel has indeed been laundering illegal oil from northern Iraq. They seem to not care. They are agnostic, it seems to me, whether that oil is being sold to them by the Kurdish regional government, which is pro-American, or by ISIS, which apparently America is against. In either case, the Israelis seem quite happy to launder that oil and provide, therefore, the group, whether it’s ISIS or the Kurdish government, finances. So yes, it is absolutely true that the relationship between Malta and Israel is of the essence here. Malta and Israel are joint partners in exploring for oil fields”
And Tel Aviv has tried to legitimize its appropriation of the Palestinian natural gas reserves off the cost of the Gaza Strip.
Former Iraqi national security advisor Mowaffak Al-Rubaie said Turkey is heavily involved in smuggling and selling stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil. A Norwegian daily Klassekampen report prepared at the request of Norway’s Foreign Ministry with Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting firm, revealed large amounts of oil smuggled from ISIS-controlled Syrian and Iraqi areas into Turkey – for black market resale at low prices. ISIS’ strength and ability to flourish depends on foreign support – from Washington, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and other complicit nations. The whole world knows what’s going on despite Western officials and complicit media turning a blind eye to this war crime.


The Crusades were Christian terrorist  too? ha ha ha it is still  all speculations as there are no exiting detailed records, but  the call to crusade was the direct result of at least four hundred years of Islamic conquest and aggression. The first conflict was started by the Muslims in 600 AD I believe when they overran the Christian communities in Palestine, Egypt, and Turkey and slaughtered the Christians. It was after this that the “Christian” pope went to help the Emperor Alexius in Constantinople with protecting his lands. People who do try to equate Muslim Violence with Christianity or the crusades are likely Muslims, or really ignorant ones . There was no end of the past, present aggression of Muslims and their intention to take control over the whole Christian kingdom and forcefully convert them to their religion. All of us know that there is a lot violence and killing among Muslim and even they do not hesitate in killing their brothers and family members Jews and Muslims are headed to hell undeniably still.. much of what went on in the Crusades was not even morally wrong. as the very first Crusades were still a response to Turkish Muslim attacks as well as a response to persecution of Christians who made pilgrimages to the Holy Land… Do most Muslims today apologise for their bad actions? Muslims should be offering the FIRST apology, but I doubt one would be forthcoming. Muslims and Christians were and are never in the same boat Christians who clearly follow Christ would never support the killing of innocent lives and condemn any atrocities done in the name of God. The other People who use the Bible to do evil are not told to do so by the Bible to do evil; they’re already evil with a sick mind, and only use the Bible as a means to continue their wickedness.



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