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January 19, 2011

The unacceptable realities, lies included..

It is not only the big corporations who lie and tell us that they are serving the public, and the citizens effectively now too.. We all already tend to know that when it comes to serving the good welfare of the citizens themselves as to what big liars, pretenders too many of our civil and public servants, politicians and their representatives are like.. not just the corporations for  they rather still   tend to falsely go their old ways,   one that isself  mainly helping, solely serving themselves.. and that unacceptable behavior, approach also still tends to include all of of our major political parties now as well.. nut next  they now also keep on talking about re-elections.. they falsely are  hoping to get a majority government all while wrongfully neglecting to fully look after us all still too..
Primus Telecommunications Canada Incorporated Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. (“Primus Canada”) offers the widest selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide, including Long Distance & Local Phone Service, TalkBroadband (VoIP), Wireless service, and Internet services (High Speed DSL & Dial-up). Primus Canada now serves over 1 million customers across its suite of services. As a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada, Primus Canada has over 100,000 Internet subscribers accessing 46 national points-of-presence across Canada. Founded in 1997, Primus Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated, has offices across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Oakville, London, Windsor, Montreal, and Edmundston, and has grown to over 850 employees. Controlled service quality … HA HA HA




Wind Mobile calls for better consumer protection  Globe and Mail – Wireless company Wind Mobile wants the federal and provincial governments to provide better consumer protection for cellphone users, including reducing early contract termination fees.

Wind mobile calls for increased consumer protection The Wire Report

Wireless Nightmare: A Wind Mobile Review Digital Home

Toronto Sun – Prince Albert Daily Herald – – (press release)
Recently I had to contact a Primus customer representative, her manager, and also next the vice president of Primus , whose motto now  is “go for more”, more trouble is what they actually do now mean too, because they were threatening to either disconnect my mother’s phone or to take her to court for her supposedly unpaid phone bills of 111 dollars  .. meanwhile they all falsely had even refused to talk to me claiming it was all my mother’s fault when in reality she had even beforehand had paid all of her phone bills for months now too..  The main problem arose because Primus had taken over recently Roger’s landline phone services, and the associated billings got messed up in the process.  Now here in my own undeniable witness, experience  this phone company Primus also lied when it says it is serving the public.. they do not care about the public in reality.. for I had to spend over six hours on the phone talking to them and others and finally next I went to the news media to exposé the unacceptable matter fully as well.. they all did not like that..  I was shocked here  to witness the open lies, false cover-ups, false games played by the various related Rogers, Primus corporate members too.. it ws, is all unacceptable as well. They are both as bad as Bell  When I had also phoned the CRTC to complain about the poor services I was getting from Rogers & Primus, they now had informed me that they were already aware from other customers about problems here too.. but what good did they the CRTC do about it? Nothing good as usual?


    Where is the Consumer  Affairs Minister when you need him? Playing Golf with the bad guys?


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