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January 4, 2011



Now without a shadow of doubt as many seniors do already know our Medicare system undeiably in Montreal Canada falsely is a superficial,  pretentious one  both starting with  the family doctors and the hopspitals, clinics, triages too. The family doctor takes the extra pay for being a family doctor but he or she  is generally still never versed in the patients actual medical history, or when it is too late as well. The same thing happens in Hospitals too often who tend to give you also  a quick heave out of the door.. while they all do get paid for it too. Never acceptable.
Outbreaks are inevitable, secrecy isn’t . January 4, 2011  What we learned the last time that Nanaimo Regional General Hospital had an outbreak of Clostridium difficile is not to be surprised about the outbreak, but how it was handled.  C. diff. has been plaguing hospitals in North America for years now, along with other nasty bugs resistant to antibiotics. Vancouver Island Health Authority  had to learn was this: to put the proper resources into cleaning and infection control rather than public relations. What we know from the last outbreak was that poorly paid and poorly trained cleaning staff were not doing a good enough job.  While that was bad enough, VIHA was trying to hide those facts and that these problems among cleaning staff led in part to the last C. diff. outbreak. Of interest here is that this outbreak is related to a hand washing issue. Translated, that means someone wasn’t washing their hands as required. We recall that about two years ago that VIHA spent a considerable amount on a hand washing campaign.  and the scientific fact that handwashing is the most effective part of infection control — No one is so naive as to think that any hospital can create a cordon sanitaire so effective as to prevent outbreaks.  But we do want NRGH and VIHA to have a response that is effective, accountable and transparent.  Again, with such high stakes the necessity of being transparent and accountable is necessary for the community. Unfortunately VIHA has not done very well in those areas. 
– NOW THE LAXITY IN HAND WASHING IS APPARENT IN TOO MANY HOSPITALS, laxity still by all concerned, the medical, support staff, patients and visitors. Many patients still do now eat without washing their hands firstly.
– Also a useless administrative, hospital policy of a local Quarantining, or babysitting a possibly sick  patient when the medical staff firstly do not know the cause or the name  of the sickness as it also too often done is realy absurd and it also does not help the patient or fully prevent effectively the spread of the disease.
– Rather  the immediate prevention of the spread of the disease would help as well by essentially having a QUICK LABORATORY RESULTS TO DETERMINE IF ANY PATIENT NOW  IS REALLY AFFECTED, AND EVEN AFFECTED BY WHAT.
As in the past MOST Doctors and nurses WHO will still no longer be held accountable, for any of their lies, errors, omissions, incompetence IS STILL NEVER ACCETPABLE
My own Mother was recently admitted for a 3 week stay at the Montreal St Luc hospital without it next being fully confirmed to us as to what her medical problem now actually was.. likley gastritis..
She was next even quarantined 3 separate times in her room, because each time the Nurses had on their own quarantined my mother the gastritis doctor had next  removed the quarantine even because she basically was not contagious.. for gastritis itself  is a symptom and not a specific contagious sickness.
and the clear miscommunications between doctors and nurses is too apparent too often a cause of them all not being able to help the patients now effectively as well. Nurses here still  too often diagnosed medical problems that they are not qualified to do so cause they are not doctors..
And here  just one continual example of bad Medicare as I now had taken my mother to the emergency ward for a simple problem of gastritis and she was admitted of the hospital next.. it clearly appeared that they next had not been effective in dealing with her original medical problem because they were too quickly looking into other possible medical problems she may or may not have as well such as kidney, or  liver failure, Hepatitis,  and cancers… all great diversions??
We both had here clearly noted that it is hard to get admitted to a hospital bed but next just as hard to be discharged as well.
In the process while they at St Luc had  tried to solve one medical problem it clearly was apparent next they had even also caused an other one by a doctor even prescribing inappropriate medications next for her supposedly having now constipation apparently while in reality  mother had loose stools in fact, Next a CLSC Home follow up nurse  had recommend my mother not take the medicine even..
It seems too many medical people here were, are doing too many things and not doing one effectively and as a direct result too many persons have to return to the hospitals for medical treatments that they likley still do not properly get, and you call this proper Medicare?
and it has been my experience  that Nurses too often due to their limited medical knowledge they also tend to exaggerate their own expertise, importance  too, and the seriousness of many items and they do also exaggerate basic medical facts.. for example fsuch as a Nurse now making the statements that ANYONE NOT WASHING ONE’S HANDS WILL LEAD TO ONE’S PERSONAL NEGATIVE HEALTH CONSEQUENCES, for while it is a good general practice to do so but the actual negative consequences they rather all   still depends  on the actual environment, one’s age, one’ health.. but it is also not a gaurantee that if you neglect to wash your hands occasionaly that you will suffer..


Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 5:21 PM
Subject: Medicare for seniors
Attention Government of Canada
The right Honourable Member of Parliament Julian Fantino Minister of state for seniors

It is my privilege to write to you as the right Honourable  Minister for seniors, for you  having the necessary background, experiences you certainly are qualified to put now into  prison now the much too many bad, abusive medical workers who wrongfully too often neglect, abuse  seniors starting even with your own riding too. The abuse and neglect of any medical aid to any senior person  is a criminal act,  Further to my many past detailed writings on the subject already too and send to many now, posted on the internet clearly there  still is a serious need to do so.
So also how many medical workers in Canada  have been rightfully now  incarcerated for abusing seniors in the last year?
Now  my own undeniable, too often very common experiences of bad nurses in Quebec in  the last year with those too often clearly still  pretentious nurses, basically still mainly merely bed pan nurses,  those still self centered nurses too preoccupied with the degree of their own self importance, an over inflated ego, and who were too preoccupied with insignificant basic matters because they clearly  deliberately  had still lacked clearly the more detailed important medical knowledge was very disturbing rightfully to me too..
Yes the same  nurses who too often do shriek at a field mouse while neglecting the raging bull.
Imagine this I had received 5 different,  even conflicting instructions from 5 separate nurses correcting me as to how to properly, simply  give an insulin needle. 
And their often not too well hidden wrong emphasis, agendas of coffee breaks, rest periods and getting more money was, with their bad excuses for not doing a good job was, is still also disgusting.
Many of them were now next unable to answer  my  still simple medical questions related to the patients, my mother and father respectively, that they were serving, ministering to, answers that I had myself had already acquired valid answers for from the internet, others, they the nurses now  had failed to do so because it would have required some degree of work,  effort on their part, a degree of real interest now as well. Rather they seem to  be able still to observe only  the  basic simple data and, such as date, time, temperature, blood pressure,  but do  like to report, maliciously squeal on others in writing.
Most of them had never bothered to read the patient’s actual  history, charts, reports, file even cause they did not even know firstly  their patient’s name. It is no wonder they too often do misdiagnose the patients medical need, medical problems and even give them the wrong medicines.
The clear lack of serious personal responsibility, accountability of all of the doctors and nurses is disgusting. They do mostly get the same pay whether they do a good job or a bad one now too.  It is time all bad nurses, bad doctors  be held legally responsible for their poor work performances especially amongst the seniors, and all others too. Too many hospitals deaths now in fact are wrongfully due to the negligence of doctors and nurses as I have too often witnessed myself even. I often have rightfully wondered even as to how they wrongfully got into their job in the first place. And  the initial training of them was wrongfully too a big unacceptable waste of the taxpayer’s money.
Do please next tell us all what real good you have done about this all too now. Thank you.

 see also

Now we al all do know that our too often well paid civil and public servants, medical professionals mostly do not get any public sympathy for being underpaid but they still do have to be exemplary in nature, behavior, work outputs and showed be severely exemplary held accountable,  punished when they are not.
Secondly by the unacceptable, deliberate, very poor selection, hiring  process our police officers tend to be thugs, villains themselves too often and cops as such are one of the highest percentages of alcoholics, drunks, drunk drivers, car speeders, abusers, wife hitters as well as is too often reported in the news media too.
Now a good friend would not let his friend drive drunk but cops often do still too, even driving home drunk after work from a visit to the police taverns.
So how many cops in the last month now were arrested for drunk driving or speeding in reality still too?

Albertan solicitor general attempts to quash the citizens democratic rights to complain.

PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. — Two members of the Coquitlam RCMP traffic services section have been charged with assault following an investigation into a traffic stop last summer. Const. Marko Duran, 38, and Const. Trevor Doylend, 33, have each been charged with one count of assault over the June 17, 2010 incident, a police statement said Tuesday. The two were conducting radar enforcement in Port Coquitlam at the time. “Const. Duran flagged a vehicle over and issued a violation ticket. During this process, an altercation ensued and the driver was removed from the vehicle and arrested . . . with assistance from Const. Doylend,” the statement said. Police said a review of the tape from the police cruiser’s in-car camera led to a criminal investigation and the charges. The driver never made a complaint.  



It seems that both politicians and cops have much in common, they both are pretentious, lie often, and both are also often alcoholics too.

December 21, 2010

Thousands and thousands of crooks, pretenders still exist in Montreal Quebec


MONTREAL – Eight Quebec companies and five employees were charged Tuesday with bid-rigging amid allegations that they colluded on $8 million worth of contracts to install heating and air-conditioning systems in five new Montreal condominium highrises. The Competition Bureau laid 27 criminal charges after a major five-year investigation that may fuel renewed calls for a public inquiry into the seemingly endless corruption of Quebec’s infamous construction sector. “The companies charged today are accused of inflating the cost of their goods and services, depriving consumers of the benefits of honest competition, including competitive prices.” The bureau said its probe started in 2005 thanks to a tip from a former employee of one of the eight companies charged. A bureau spokeswoman refused to identify the tipster.The heating and air-conditioning companies were charged for secretly co-ordinating bids between 2003 and 2005 to rig or pre-determine winners of the contracts for five major condo highrises, while blocking out honest competitors, according to the bureau.

If guilty, the companies and employees face court fines and up to 14 years in prison.

The bureau said its evidence includes thousands of documents that were seized during 14 different raids and includes interviews with numerous witnesses.

Criminal bid-rigging boosts construction costs on projects by up to 20% , bureau officials said, citing research studies.


The companies and their employees charged include:

1. Garanteed Industries Ltd. & Houmam Nashar, bid estimator (4 counts each)

2. Les Entreprises Promécanic ltée. & Joel Perreault, a bid estimator (3 counts each)

3. Entreprises de Ventilation Climasol Inc. & president Roch Raby (2 counts each)

4. Lys Air Mecanic Inc. & France Sergerie, a vice-president (2 counts each)

5. Groupe SCV Inc. & president François Lemay (1 count each)

6. Kolostat Inc. (1 count)

7. Ventilation G.R. Inc. (1 count)

8. Ventilex Inc. (1 count)

and you did note that it took 5 years before the charges were brought forth too..
 Quebec now is Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in a bucket full of holes even Canada wide .. issues of ethics, integrity and just who is calling the shots at ALL city halls, provinces,  and what about the rest of the iceberg too… Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report 
Any Abuse of any taxpayers finds should be a criminal offence fully prosecutable by law, and should mean the immediate dismissal of all involved too, after all it is stealing the taxpayer’s money. Police, judges, supervisors  don’t tend to enforce it cause they do the same thing? All Unacceptable  still. The government “moving ahead, with more taxes” is not  the most important thing that the province can do to strengthen the economy and create jobs but rather to seriously plug up the leaking  holes in the taxpayer’s pail of money first.
On the way to visit my mother in the Hospital the last week as I leave or enter the Montreal Subway, metro exit  entrances, I continually encounter too many young people standing there all the time, and many homeless people there begging for money.. the sad reality here is that many of them are also here selling drugs. Obviously The Canadian federal and Quebec Justice Ministers, Solicitor Generals, education, health, manpower resources Ministers don’t care to solve this problem cause it is very clear  that had they realy wanted to they would have done so already too. Since all this too has even been going on for a long time.
Until people start getting fired and criminal charges are laid, these type of under the table deals will continue.  And we wonder why services continue to go down as taxes continue to go up. I say amend the criminal code to include a mandatory 5 year minimum jail sentence and a fine not less than 10 times the money involved, for breach of public trust. This amendment would cover all forms of corruption from conflict of interest to false accounting. By the time the first dozen or so of these crooks have been banged up – the rest won’t find public office so attractive once they know they can’t fleece the taxpayer.
Also all of the  governments should now step in given the justified rising anti-competitive, anti monopoly sentiment nation wide, curbing their monopoly sectors from grabbing, gouging  exorbitant profits from the customers,  and preventing these monopoly sectors from taking advantage of their market position to overcharge consumers.  Encouraging real, valid competition, for example, is the ultimate way of breaking up monopolies. But the government some times instead  sticks to price controls or no controls to tackle the monopoly problem. The governments can deal  with monopolized interests only if it gathers adequate political will.  
Face it basically crime, theft, tax evasions, tax payer’s money abuses are rampant for decades too in CANADA and Canada wide  because the too often pretentious police are firstly are not doing their jobs, they are not only incompetent, but their political masters would not let them do it as well.. the RCMP included now..
Thousands and thousands of the crooked persons still exist in Montreal Quebec just for a start..
Ever notice how the old age homes, or the Hospitals in Montreal now tend to get the same amount of money to feed the sick persons and how  next the quality of food actually now served differs greatly?
In a generally bad, pretentious hospital and I have seen, witnessed, experienced  now in 4 Montreal Hospitals too,  they tend to do a superficial cure, they generally deal with the prevalent symptoms, not the main root medical problems, causes and  so next it is likley the patient continues to return too many times to the hospital because of their sickness..a wasteful, cost full  approach now too.

 Which now reminds  me when was the last time actually that a medical administrator,  doctor, nurse, hospital worker was charged with criminal abuse of a sick person too?



Now  a St Luc Hospital nurse too easily this week quarantined my mother as having a contagious disease in the hospital as a merely hunch, prevention medicine, a bad nurse practicing medicine, being a doctor without a license. So when I personally  next asked the nurse what specific disease my mother  had that  she was caring, curing her for, was it a Novavirus? Next the nurses had  replied that she did not know, and she did not read the charts,  and what was she treating my mother then for? Merely going through the pretentious motions of caring for the patient again and again?   So next  I had asked the visiting Gastritis doctor as to what proof he had that my mother was sick with a contagious disease and  what the disease was called and he next replied to me that was a good question, he needed to look into it for he did not know himself.. The doctor next lifted the quarantine. Wow.. What about getting real medical care.
Now a very elderly sick person  who had attended a local Montreal Hospital St Luc,   off and on for the last 5 years,   was told yesterday she was well enough to return to her old age home. The same old lady told me next firsthand that she did not want to go there because she was abused there, served inadequate food. But her nurse told me it was none of her concern, and the next time any Quebec nurse says they are underpaid I will also have to reply this is not any of my concern.
NEXT  THIS ELDERELY PATIENT’S doctor told me she was aware of the issue and so what did she do!!  Nothing
busted medicare (2)
Now in the last year I not by choice have spent about half of my time sitting, waiting, looking, and listening in many of the Major Montreal Hospitals. I have observed how doctors, nurses, head nurses, orderlies, even the housekeeping personal interact, do work as well. I amongst others at St Luc had even specifically witnessed  a doctor  lie about the quality of his actual medical care for a patient. Furthermore   St Luc  was the only hospital  where I noticed that the nurses seem to systematically, too often,  throw their disposable gloves directly onto the floor  missing the waste bins, and this indicated to me their clear lack of respect for others, and the housekeeping  personal now included. Explains  to me why their patient care lacks a lot too.
Now here is some more of  my own undeniable witness this week too.
1: For the second time this week a Montreal Quebec CHUM St Luc Hospital geriatric 3rd floor nurse approaches an elderly English speaking patient and says next to her, I will be your nurse for today, or this evening, I only speaking in French, for she lies when she says she cannot speak English, and I reply that is unacceptable since the elderly person by Quebec law now has a right to be spoken in the language of her choice which is English. Otherwise I will be contacting the news media, ombudsman, the justice ministers as well, and remarkably the nurse next learns to speak English profusely even in five minutes too.
Two days later next the same circus repeats itself when another new nurse approaches the same  elderly English speaking patient and says to her, I will be your nurse for today, or this evening, I only speaking in French, for she says he cannot speak English, and I again reply that is unacceptable since the person by law now has a right to be spoken in the language of her choice which is English. This nurse still  maintains she cannot speak English. So I rightfully suggest she go and find another job, even a present replacement for herself, and I rightfully request a nurse that can speak English. She next goes and speak to her supervisor and the supervisor next  came with her and when I explained to the supervisor the right of an English speaking patient by Quebec, Federal law to an English speaking nurse the supervisor replies she is not sure about that, I point out to the supervisors that it is now much too late to try to teach an 84 years old patient to speak French and she agrees. So she agrees to be a translator.
Now this type of fiasco had repeated itself in my witness four times already  this year even at the Montreal west Island General Hospital and that is always still unacceptable. Now do contact the Hospitals and make sure it never happens again!
busted medicare (1)
2: Now in the same hospital yesterday afternoon  another 84 year old patient who is receiving a narcotic pain Killer regularly is brought to the Hospital, to the same room where I am present all day, and the patients two daughters are there met by a medical examining doctor. The doctor asks the daughters what they exact form the hospital and they replied the uttermost care possible, insuring in the process that their mother does not experience any pain at all. The doctor replies that he does not fully understand the demands since an infinite amount of medical care is possible. But even to a stupid, dumb person like me supposedly the demand is very reasonable. After further discussion the doctor next agrees to the request. The daughter leave and check into a local hotel. That evening no attempt was made to help the patient to eat any food, the next morning as well, and even the whole day, in fact as I saw firsthand, a nurse even does takes the food for herself, which was a cheese sandwich. When the daughters arrive to see their mother they are horrified to see her suddenly in a totally degenerated state not surprisingly since she has not eaten in 2 days, and no more food or water was even given to her since I was there the next three days at all the meals too. The daughters do in my presence next inquire of the nurse as to what was happening to their mother’s pain killer shots that she was to receive  and the nurse said they had to see the head nurse. The head nursed replied that the doctor had prescribed that the pain killers be given as requested but since the mother can  no longer can talk, is mostly sleeping all the time no pain killers was given. The daughters openly express dismay to me as to the bad, degenerated  state of the medical care in Quebec today. Now what Kind of unacceptable crappy medical treatment of  a sick senior was, is this.
Deal fully, rightfully with the head nurse and the doctor now as well.
Still the police spend most of their time and energy on revenue generating traffic tickets, which are not even the major causes of accidents too.
Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the guilty serves every one’s best interest, the guilty persons included now.
Our own  Health authorities are continually reminding all of the people about personal hygiene measures like hand washing during THE GASTRITIS AND  flu season.. THE Montreal ST LUC  HOSPITAL HAS THIS WEEK HAD A MAJOR OUTBREAK OF GASTRITIS AMONGST IT’S PATIENTS RESTRICTING THE NUMBER OF VISITORS.
 Hospitals seriously now need to do a much better job here in helping the sick patients..
Gastritis means inflammation of mucus lining of the stomach.

Gastritis is a common medical problem. Up to 10% of people who come to a hospital emergency department with abdominal pain have gastritis and yet most hospitals still tend to respond very poorly to it. Why?


Gastritis is a very troublesome disease and can give rise to many life threatening problems, if it is not treated in time.
There are several causes of gastritis. The most common causes of gastritis are: Aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, Potassium supplements, Iron tablets, which may explain why many elderly patients have it too. Infections with bacteria, viruses, or fungi can cause gastritis. Worldwide, the most common cause of gastritis is infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Viral or fungal gastritis may develop in people who have had a prolonged illness or an impaired immune system. For some people, a drug allergy or food poisoning can cause gastritis.
Many  of the households who used sodium hydrogen sulphate amogst many other products  could face next  gastritis. Sodium hydrogen sulphate is used In  a variety of food products includes beverages;dressing sauces and fillings. In the processing of meat and poultry, in detergents, swimmin pools too, and  in the metal finishing;cleaning products and also it lowers pH for effective chlorination.
Atrophic gastritis is a form of gastritis found particularly in the elderly, where stomach cells are destroyed, potentially leading to pernicious anemia.The main symptoms of gastritis are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. There is pain and discomfort in the region of the stomach. Other symptoms are a coated tongue, foul breath, bad taste in the mouth, increased flow of saliva, scanty urination, a general feeling of uneasiness, and mental depression. In more chronic cases, the patient complaints of heartburn and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, especially after meals. Generally, treatment for gastritis involves antacids and other medications aimed at reducing stomach acid, relieving symptoms, and promoting the healing of the stomach lining, as acid irritates the inflamed tissue.

Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that infects the stomach. Infection with this bacteria may lead to chronic gastritis. Doctors use several different types of method to treat H. Pylori infection. Most use a combination of two antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor. Sometimes bismuth (Pepto-Bismol) also is added to the mix. The antibiotic helps destroy the bacteria, and the acid blocker or proton pump inhibitor relieves pain and nausea, heals inflammation and may increase the antibiotic’s effectiveness.


1 Although I had seriously suspected my mother had gastritis, EVIDENT due to her major vomiting, LIKELY GIVEN TO HER BY HER CLSC NURSE, so on  December 18,2010  I also had face to face told the head nurse at the Montreal St. Luc hospital that fact. But next it took at least 5 days for the hospital next to confirm it. By that time the disease had spread to the whole Hospital floor. While the doctors were treating one of her symptoms they too easily forgot the others even very apparently because of lack of coordination, communication between the various medical specialists now here involved too which increased her hospital stay period.but EVEN AFTER SHE WAS NO LONGER SICK THEY NOW FALSELY KEPT HER UNDER QUARANTINE FOR DAYS AS WELL.
2 Studies do tend to show that the medical Risks are  higher for weekend, holiday admissions even for gastritis. People get ill 24/7 so hospitals should be adequately staffed 24/7.
“Being admitted to hospital with internal bleeding on a bank holiday pushes up the risk of dying by 41%, researchers have said. Inadequate staff cover and a lack of access to hospital tests means patients are more likely to die than those admitted on normal week days.  Admission on a weekend also increases the risk of death by 13%.

The research, by experts at the University of Swansea, looked at admissions for upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, which can be caused by a range of conditions including ulcers and gastritis.


It confirms other studies which show a higher chance of dying if a person is admitted to hospital on weekends.


In June, a review found that the death rate among NHS emergency admissions across England increased by 7% at weekends in 2005/06.


Experts said one reason was a lack of consultants and fewer specialist services available at the weekend, including diagnostic tests.


And last week, the Royal College of Physicians warned that patients are being left in the hands of junior doctors because of inadequate consultant cover on weekends.


 Dr Stephen Roberts said: “The higher death rates for weekend and public holiday admissions could not be explained by differences in the patients admitted and may be down to reduced staffing levels or delays in investigative procedures such as endoscopy (an internal examination). It is very clear from our research that further studies are needed to understand why death rates are much higher at weekends and on public holidays than during the week.” 


Gastroenteritis (also known as gastro, gastric flu, tummy bug   and stomach flu, (although unrelated to influenza) is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, involving both the stomach and the small intestine (see also gastritis and enteritis) and resulting in acute diarrhea or by severe vomiting.. Infectious gastroenteritis which can often be seasonally common even in Hospitals now too may be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites.
And it is important to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in regard to the treatment as well.. Bacteria, and parasites  can be treated with antibiotics but Viruses do not respond to antibiotics . 
Noroviruses are the leading cause of foodborne disease outbreaks worldwide, and may soon eclipse rotaviruses as the most common cause of severe pediatric gastroenteritis. Norovirus gastroenteritis can cause significant morbidity and mortality among children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised.
Also rotavirus, norovirus, gastritis, gastroenteritis, C-DIFFICILE, ARE ALL VERY QUICKLY SPREAD BUT NOT SO EASILY CURED and what many media fail to report is that both doctors and nurses themselves are too often the biggest carriers.  
More People have to take the responsibility for their own actions and consequences.  That includes all of the doctors, nurses who abuse, neglect their patitents now too.  I have encountered too many pretentious, lazy, no good doctors, nurse too often the last year in fact still in Hospitalss even.

December 19, 2010

The still too often useless, pretentious police

Police managers as well are too often guilty of Empire building. In decades of my asking the police to do their duty on my behalf too now I have yet to see them do anything good.
Montreal police come up short in crime-busting The city has most cops per population but the force ranks 7th in results How sharp is Montreal Island’s police department at solving crimes? And how responsible is it in spending taxpayers’ money? Fresh evidence sheds troubling light on these questions.  A study published by Statistics Canada  compares Canadian cities’ police forces’ “weighted clearance rates” for crimes. A clearance is cop jargon for formally charging a suspect (or being unable to lay a charge because the suspect cannot be found or has died). StatsCan assigns a weight to each crime according to its severity, so that a murder gets a higher weight than a theft. The study shows that Montreal’s rate in 2009 ranks No. 8 among Canada’s 10 largest cities. Only Vancouver and, in last place, Quebec City, fare worse.  What makes this ranking all the more dismal is the study also shows that Montreal police at the end of 2009 had more officers per 100,000 population than did any other major city. We have the dubious distinction of being manpower champs.

The department’s spending in 2011, according to the agglomeration budget approved yesterday, will be 5.1 per cent higher than last year’s spending. That’s well above the 3.2 per cent rise in inflation that the Conference Board of Canada predicts for the Montreal area in the new year.

And this large increase is part of a trend. Since 2006, the department’s spending has increased by 28 per cent -triple the inflation rate. Spending increase have thus averaged 6.9 per cent a year during this stretch.



Mountie faces 15 criminal charges Vancouver Sun –  A Surrey Mountie has been charged with breach of trust for trafficking marijuana, possession of property obtained by crime and more than a dozen weapons offences.

Mountie faces gun, drug charges The Province

Mountie faces 15 charges Metro Canada – Vancouver

Toronto Sun – – Montreal Gazette –

BC cop charged with assault Toronto Sun


Nanaimo Mountie charged over on-duty assault complaint Nanaimo Daily News

Mountie charged with assault over party call Vancouver Sun – ‎Dec 18, 2010‎A public complaint sparked both Criminal Code and RCMP code of conduct investigations. Crown counsel approved the charge against Veillette, a 39-year-old


Mounties docked pay for sex misconduct Ottawa Citizen. Two Mounties have admitted to disgraceful conduct after it was revealed one was having sex while on duty with an aspiring female recruit and another officer was sending sexually explicit e-mails to a female intern.


After nearly six months, several videos and a showdown between Toronto’s police chief and a provincial watchdog that played out in front of the national media, an officer has been charged with beating a man during the G20 demonstrations. And ultimately, it was a lone policeman who identified Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani as one of the officers alleged to have injured Adam Nobody during his arrest last June, the Special Investigations Unit said. Critics said that Mr. Nobody’s case – one of the most closely-watched probes in the SIU’s 20-year history – showed that the police force is unable to compel its officers to help SIU investigate fellow officers. Now out of 16 officers identified as possibly being in the area during Mr. Nobody’s arrest at Queen’s Park, only one provided the agency with the information it required to lay a charge, prompting fresh questions from the injured man.“What I still don’t understand is how 12 police officers who were around me when I was arrested aren’t able to identify anyone,” Mr. Nobody said. “I hope that something can still be done about this.”


G20 protests: Don’t let charge be end of story..  There is a lesson in the laying of charges Tuesday against only one  police officer in connection with the beating of a G20 protester: we don’t have to acquiesce when the authorities circle the wagons. Many allegations of police misconduct were made following the G20 summit in Toronto last June, where more than 1,000 people were arrested, most of them without charge. But in the immediate aftermath of the summit, officialdom excused and even lauded the police overreaction. Toronto City Council passed a motion commending “the outstanding work” of the police. Then councilor — now mayor — Rob Ford went further and said “our police were too nice.” The Toronto Police Services Board, which is supposed to exercise civilian oversight over the force, issued a press release thanking the police for “the manner in which they conducted themselves.” What happened on the weekend of June 26-27 in our city was not the fault of one police officer — or, for that matter, of one police chief. Plenty of others were involved, including the RCMP (who were in charge of security at the summit), the provincial government (which promulgated the so-called secret law expanding police powers), and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (who reportedly gave marching orders to senior bureaucrats to crack down hard on any protesters who got out of line). Various other small inquiries into the G20 summit are under way. But only a full public inquiry will get the answers we need on how things went so wrong that weekend.–g20-protests-don-t-let-charge-be-end-of-story 


20 armed bandits rob a bank. Later one person is arrested and charged with the offence.  That’s good enough then? If the cops believe that nailing one sinner to the cross will restore public confidence and respect they are indeed as arrogant and stupid as everyone thinks they are. How about firing Police chief Blair? As well as the Ontario Justice Ministers. Now charging police officers and holding them to account when they commit crimes is long overdue. This is only a first step in restoring the public’s faith in our judicial system.  Canada’s international standing has been given a black eye by our police officers.   Read more:


December 7, 2010

Even under the Liberals, Conservatives the big crooks tend to get merely a slap on the wrist


“All of my life I have heard parents, preachers and others say: “Crime does not pay.” They must not have known about the public officials who have stolen from their constituents and then have retired with generous checks from the government. It is extremely difficult to try to convince our children and young people that crime does not pay when many criminals rake in millions of dollars and are then given only a slap on the wrist. No convicted public official should be allowed to receive one penny from the government. In addition, he ought to reimburse the government for every dime he has taken illegally. In fact, he ought to have to repay at least $10 for every dollar he has taken. That might deter some public criminals, that is, if our court system would enforce the law.”

Justice decisions seem to be falsely clouded with political influences at both the federal and provincial levels now too. The above firms  to date wrongfully  face no criminal charges for their wrong doings. and why is that?  Their executives  should also get a jail term of up to 5 years for each charge.
We all can readily know that Double standard justice systems exist wrongfully still in Canada where the rich, powerful, influential or professionals do get now special treatment over the ordinary citizens and this is now always still unacceptable.  
The law and order Conservatives have failed to live up to their own promises here too while they themselves act immorally even by lying…


TI’s Global Corruption Barometer included poll results suggesting that 62 per cent of Canadians believed corruption has increased over the past three years, and almost three-quarters (74 per cent) didn’t think governments were doing enough to crack down.

CP MONTREAL – Two companies linked to Quebec’s construction scandals have pleaded guilty to tax evasion. The Canada Revenue Agency had filed charges against two companies for which Tony Accurso is listed as an administrator: Constructions Louisbourg Ltd. and Simard-Beaudry Construction Inc. Both firms avoided trial today by pleading guilty in a Laval, Que., courtroom. They admitted to improperly claiming $19 million in business expenses between 2003 and 2008, as a result failing to pay $4 million in taxes. But the two companies now owe a total of $8.26 million in fines and back taxes. They are accused of using shady accounting practices, including falsified records and using fake bills.

OTTAWA – The clearly buck passing also, Ostrich Justice Minister Rob Nicholson insists the federal government will not get involved in Quebec’s investigation into Mafia corruption in the construction industry.
Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews denies knowing at the time about Ontario’s decision to pass a law giving police heightened powers during the G20 summer summit in Toronto. It comes after the province’s ombudsman, André Marin, tabled a scathing report this week on security decisions at the G20 that he said lead to the “most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.” Marin’s report also raised questions about the federal role in the security decisions for the G8 and G20 summits in June.But Toews, the minister responsible for the RCMP, insisted the decision to give police special powers at the summit was a provincial matter that had nothing to do with him or his department.”You’re talking about the regulation that the McGuinty government passed? It was sometime after the G8/G20 event,” Toews told reporters Wednesday when asked about when he learned of Ontario’s passing changes to the Public Works Protection Act.” I certainly wasn’t aware of the concerns that were being raised with the bill.”That statement contradicts at least one of the findings of Marin, whose report suggests the RCMP and Toews’s department did know about the Toronto police request to have the controversial regulation passed. he ombudsman said the RCMP and, by extension, Toews’s department, should have known. Marin added that part of the reason why Toronto police turned to the Ontario government was that federal officials were reluctant to use an existing federal law for security. Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland said the federal government is simply refusing to be accountable. “It is absolutely ludicrous they would say they’re not responsible for security when they headed the task force that integrated and co-ordinated all security,” Holland said Wednesday. “On the one hand, they led it all. And on the other hand, they say they have no responsiblity.”  All three opposition parties are now calling for a full public inquiry into summit security, while Holland said attempts by the Commons public safety committee to get to the bottom of the federal role have gone nowhere. 
The Prime Minister is still Canada’s chief Justice Minister.
In spite of the often mere Public relationship news releases do Face it that basically crime, theft, tax evasions, tax payer’s money abuses are still now rampant for decades too in CANADA and Canada wide  even because the too often pretentious civil and public servants, related  police are firstly are not doing their jobs, they are not only incompetent, but indifferent even mainly cause their political masters would not let them do it as well.. the RCMP included now.. Instead the police spend most of their time and energy on revenue generating traffic tickets, which are not even the major causes of accidents too.
 Now what about us ALL  having decent, honest governments rather?

Albertan solicitor general attempts to quash the citizens democratic rights to complain.


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