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January 27, 2011

Media support is essential for reelections




The losers cannot afford the cost of advertising, or the costs of denying a visibly bad, exposed News media  image so they will lose a reelection. We already know that 2/3 of Canadians think that or Prime Minister Harper and his bunch of cons are no good persons, losers, and no matter what they may say otherwise.


On top of that I have often rightfully said that they in reality are self serving and they  for a long time   realy do  not care about serving the citizens public, their needs.


Feds spend more to monitor media, less to poll public Vancouver Sun – Government data show that the Harper government has spent more money on media monitoring than on public opinion research, according to an analysis by the Ottawa Citizen.


Harper can dream on of he thinks he will win a majority.. three strikes and he will be out hopefully too..

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