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July 18, 2012

Quebec- the province with the most voter volatility

Quebec is the province with the most voter volatility. And a high degree of dissatisfactions with the existing governments.

 A recent Nanos Research Survey suggests support FOR the NDP has dipped from 41.5 per cent to 38.8 per cent. Support for the Liberals in the province has surged from 17.3 per cent to 25.0 per cent. 

And in a new Angus Reid survey,   the Residents in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver were polled. Respondents were given a list of descriptions that best reflect their city.   The poll indicates that residents of Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal are mostly content with their quality of life, but still have concerns.

By the numbers on the issues:

– Quality of life: Montreal – 75%

– City council doing a good job: Montreal – 22%, two out of every five Montrealers said their municipal  government is going a “very bad job” at the moment.

However, 73 per cent of Montrealers felt their city was doing well at  fostering artistic or cultural activities — the highest percentage of any of  the four cities.

– When asked about their city’s problems, respondents 25% of Montrealers said health care and Hospitals were  a problem.. that is a much too high number

– Infrastructure , the city is on top of its infrastructure needs, only 35 per cent of Montrealers  showed    satisfaction

– The survey also provided respondents with a list of words that could be best used to describe their city as liveable, a place to find a good job, a place to start a business, embracing innovation, and connected and with accessible digital infrastructure. Only 40 per cent of respondents in Montreal.polled said they perceive Montreal; as a city “on the rise,”

When asked about the second biggest problem their cities face,  in Montreal, traffic and transit was the second biggest combined  problem for 15 per cent of those surveyed.

see the Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology (PDF)

And we already know that most Quebecers rigfhtfuly do believe that the Liberal Ministers, governments of  Quebec are falsely lax in dealing with white collar crimes..

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