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December 27, 2011

The RCMP punishement was absurd again


RCMP officer docked pay after assault on prisoners

National Post  OTTAWA – A Mountie whose blog was shut down by the national police force earlier this year for calling aspiring models “second-class, working whores” and “skanks” has been docked 10 days pay after admitting to assaulting two inmates in a cell block. It’s not the first time Kropielniski lost his cool on an accused in the cellblock.

The punishement was absurd.. he should be fired from his job as well as all of his poor superiors.. a repeat offender

OTTAWA—The RCMP has about 30,000 employees, AND  the problems are related to leadership. The RCMP says it has received more than 1,000 harassment complaints across the force in the past six years and, as of late November, 65 of those complaints remained “under review.”The RCMP is now scrambling to pull together relevant numbers for an independent review that the federal Conservatives requested be led by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.

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December 22, 2011

RCMP management and officers do continue to stink bad

A former RCMP officer who claims to have faced racism and bullying in the police force says she was not the only aboriginal Mountie to have experienced discrimination.Marge Hudson, who was Manitoba’s first female aboriginal RCMP officer when she joined the force in 1979, says she quit in 2009 as a result of years of harassment, bullying and racism in the workplace.But Hudson says she was not alone, as almost every aboriginal RCMP officer she knows has experienced some kind of racial discrimination and harassment on the job. Some of them turned to her for help, she added.

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December 7, 2011

Another female RCMP officer is accusing the force of harassment


BC Mountie files lawsuit, says she worked in atmosphere of “fear and control” Winnipeg Free Press -VANCOUVER – Another female RCMP officer is accusing the force of harassment, saying she was subjected to an “atmosphere of fear and control” while working with a drugs and organized crime unit in British Columbia.



Many bad North American professionals tend to behave unprofessional, abuse their clients, citizens cause
1: They personally do not have enough love for others
2; The love of money motivates them, the love of which is the root of all evil
3: they tend to reflect societies poor moral values
4: they all do need to be still continually supervised in reality


December 3, 2011


“The B.C. Civil Liberties Association has filed a complaint against the RCMP, charging that the force delays revealing its files to the public. The association said in a release yesterday that it has been waiting for information about an investigation about the police-involved death of Clayton Alvin Willey and was informed by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP that RCMP “has been withholding the file from the public . . . for more than a year.” The BCCLA said the commissioner has “no ability to force the RCMP” to make that file or others like it public. The RCMP is concealing some of their most potentially embarrassing investigation results by refusing to return them,” BCCLA spokesman Robert Holmes said. He asked the federal government to intervene. The complaint, to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, alleges 22 complaints have been held up for six months or longer and three have been withheld more than a year. Commission spokeswoman Laura Colella confirmed the commission received a complaint from the BCCLA. The next step is to submit it to the RCMP for an investigation, she said. Colella doesn’t dispute that there have been delays in the returns of interim reports, but said the RCMP isn’t legally mandated to return the files within a time frame. Such deadlines would have to be legislated by Ottawa, she said. .”


Many bad North American professionals tend to behave unprofessional, abuse their clients, citizens cause
1: They personally do not have enough love for others
2; The love of money motivates them, the love of which is the root of all evil
3: they tend to reflect societies poor moral values
4: they all do need to be still continually supervised in reality

November 14, 2011

as usual you can count on the RCMP to do a realy bad job still..

Multiple RCMP errors let Pickton keep killing, inquiry told BCLocalNews – RCMP officers made critical errors in their investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton that likely delayed his arrest until 2002 and let him continue murdering sex trade workers, the Missing Women Inquiry heard Wednesday. Vancouver Police Department Deputy Chief Doug LePard, testifying last week on the findings of his review of the Pickton case for the VPD, said Mounties wanted to interview Pickton in the fall of 1999 about the vanishing women but inexplicably agreed to delay the interrogation when the pig farmer’s brother Dave urged police to wait “until the rainy season.”

Mulgrew: Pickton inquiry highlights ugly police blundering‎ Montreal Gazette
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RCMP refused to share Pickton information with Vancouver cops  Vancouver Sun – Neal HallVANCOUVER — RCMP failed to share information with Vancouver police about the prime suspect in a serial killer

RCMP botched interview with Pickton: inquiry‎
Pickton’s brother shooed RCMP away‎ The Province
Details of Pickton interview never shared, inquiry hears‎ Ottawa Citizen
Montreal GazetteCFJC TV Kamloops
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RCMP are known to be unprofessional as well as  cost ineffective.. even alcoholics and so are many other police forces in Canada now too. I have dealt with the RCMP 6 times and rigthfully have no respect left  for the incompetent,  lying , pretentious RCMP. In fact I  had been abused  by the RCMP in Canmore Alberta  twice and next I saw firsthand how the RCMP  lied, covered up their own..

Say no to an RCMP police State

Demonstrators demand for justice in police shooting death of Alvin  Vancouver Sun – Evan Duggan–  The VPD and the RCMP have now asked the Office of the Police Complaint Hannon has filed a civil suit against the RCMP and the solicitor-general seeking A large group of demonstrators appeared today in front of RCMP headquarters  in Vancouver calling for justice after the police shooting death of 22-year-old  Alvin Wright last year in Langley. Wright’s family and friends say they’re not satisfied with the Vancouver  police investigation into its fellow police force.  Last week the VPD announced there was no basis to charge the Langley officer  who shot 22-year-old Wright after his wife Heather Ashley Hannon called 911 to  report a domestic disturbance at the home in the 5200-block of 203rd Street in  Langley, in August 2010.

Still seeking answers‎ MetroNews Canada
Family wants justice in son’s fatal police shooting‎
Family protests officers cleared in deadly shooting‎ News1130
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November 12, 2011

Say no to an RCMP police State

As Tommy Douglas called for probe of RCMP surveillance, Mounties spied on him The Canadian Press – OTTAWA – “Newly declassified records from the early 1960s show that even as Tommy Douglas called for a probe of RCMP spying, the Mounties were actively investigating the national NDP leader’s political sympathies.

Douglas pointed in April 1963 to the case of a Regina woman who was regularly interrogated by the RCMP, noting the top Mountie had dismissed her story as fiction. He pushed for a special Commons committee to look into the matter.

“The tendency to label innocent people as Communists or bad security risks without any opportunity for them to be heard has gone far enough,” he declared.

That very month, the newly disclosed pages show, RCMP intelligence officials were drafting secret memos casting suspicion on Douglas’s own activities — including the politician’s correspondence with the Communist Party of Canada in Saskatoon.

Just weeks earlier, a Mountie constable quietly investigating the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians in Vernon, B.C., cited Douglas’ recent visit to the city, apparently drawing on details from an informant who drove the NDP leader to an event at a high school auditorium.

Library and Archives Canada, which now holds the Douglas file, fought for six years to keep the pages secret. They were disclosed to The Canadian Press after a federal judge ordered the archives to review the nine-volume intelligence dossier with an eye to releasing more.

The fragmentary pages help flesh out a key chapter of the RCMP security branch’s long-standing interest in the trailblazing Prairie socialist.”

The RCMP managers, many of whom are cost ineffctive, alcoholics, need all to be kicked out now!

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