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January 31, 2009

The crticism of LIBERAL leader Michael Ignatieff, his big mistake





Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff apparently isn’t hungry to be prime minister? He wants to be only an oppossition party leader it seems..  What is he afraid of ? Himself? Clearly Ignatieff has just lost his chance of becoming our next prime minister.
Don’t at all count on my support rightfully if you are a bad Conservative, bad Liberals, bad NDP, bad BQ, too me you are a still an unacceptable crook if you are bad and no matter what party you are from.. I do  support the good guys first, the good  political party next.
(‘Great wind’ will sweep Harper out of Ottawa, Liberal leader now says . The Liberal crowd at the downtown Sheraton hotel gave party leader Michael Ignatieff several standing ovations during a speech in which he declared a great wind is gathering that will sweep Stephen Harper’s government out of office.”It will bring Quebecers back to power in Ottawa. The best possible Canada is a Canada with Quebecers in power.” And just a few months in Office it seems he has learned from his errors and now wants an election? good for him. A good leader does not care what people think, or say about him, or others, he merely anyway does the right thing that are good for the good welfare of all of the citizens)
 Michael Ignatieff had vowed  to hold the Harper government accountable for this current budget. What exactly will he do when Stephen Harper fails to toe the line? he will talk big, after all he is another liberal with all talk but no real actions it seems still too? He Michael Ignatieff was already to afraid to grab the reins of power by means of a coalition  even  for fear Harper may call a reelection, The Liberals are all financially broke, so they now even cannot afford a federal reelection. So they just talk big. Too much hot air.. but still real actions speak louder then mere cheap words to us all.  
“When you have victory in your sights, you don’t give a political opponent time to regroup and get stronger.  You move forward, bring them down, and defeat them in an election.
 Ignatieff’s acceptance of the budget was a poor tactical decision.  It enabled Prime Minister Stephen Harper to receive a pass on his questionable analysis of Canada’s economic stability during the federal election, the “now you see it, now you don’t” proposed elimination of political party subsidies, and the constitutional crisis we recently faced.  The PM needed cover to rebuild his shattered image (which he’s been doing since Parliament was prorogued last December) and implement an economic stimulus package – and now he’s got it.  ”
as far  as Iggy’s inadequcies I had said THE SAME THING BEFORE THE BUDGET WAS ACCEPTED..
By now we  all knew how really bad Harper was, is.. When it suits him only PM Stephen Harper is willing to leak information to the citizens, news media.. Stephen Harper was elected based on his past promises of a new and better form of governing, openness, transparency and accountability.. none of these promises were kept next as well. Canada’s Conservative government’s own cult of secrecy. It now under Stephen Harper is Harder than ever to get information from the federal government  Harper clearly himself has penchant for secrecy. “Not since the advent of the Access to Information Act (ATIA) in 1983, has it been so difficult to get timely information from the Canadian government.  Delays routinely extend seven months past the 30-day requirement to release records; complaints can take over two years for a response. A two-year backlog of complaints to the commissioner “permits several federal institutions to enjoy a two-year amnesty (extension) to release records..  and the long delays in responding “encourages many institutions to claim a range of exemptions, exclusions or exaggerated fees which would not otherwise be permitted under the act, knowing . . . it will take the commissioner no less than two years to adjudicate the complaint.”   In 2007-2008, of 29,000 Freedom of Information requests received, 1,381 investigations were completed, leaving 2,387 to be carried over. The lesson ..”that the mere existence of an access statute does not, in itself, guarantee access to information.”  The Harper government has increased “exclusions, exceptions and prohibitions” in disclosing information, thus “government institutions are still operating under a cult of secrecy.”

“And Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared that the opposition leaders had not accepted the results of the last election and added: “You don’t change government through parliamentary games.” This is a deliberate misinterpretation of the way our system works. Yes, Harper and the Conservatives were re-elected last fall, but with a minority. And minority governments must attract the support of at least one other party in the Parliament in order to avoid defeat. ” So far childish Harper all he can do is play poltical games.. too bad for Him AND US AS WELL…..

(Est 7:10 KJV)  So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.
  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff should immediately rightfully dethrone the Conservative  government and support the coalition.
The new Conservatives wrongfully are cold, ruthless, immoral, ungodly, selfish, self centered, untrustworthy just for a start.
Harper has been invoking a long term war, campaign, and he has systematically hired, placed in the government key Conservative party supporters, organizers paid for by the Canadian taxpayers and RIGHTFULLY they must be all fired, removed, or at least take away all work from them and give them an empty desk, and you can ALSO  rightfully start with Preston Manning now as well.
  No question about it, the hoped for coalition’s collapse, Stéphane Dion’s fall, unexpected  Michael Ignatieff’s rise and Stephen Harper’s realignment have rather all  lead to serious negative effects for all Canadians especially for Harper, Ignatieff.. Not unexpected for the big loser, one step forward, two steps backwards Stephen Harper who now has an  official Liberal chaperon as well so that it will be perilous times from this point forward for the Conservatives and the Liberals
 Mr. Ignatieff has followed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s lead in establishing rigid internal discipline, including slapping down MPs who have spoken out on issues when they were not authorized. “Iggy’s a control freak — he’s worse than Harper,” the MP said.  ”
A negative management style, being a Bully, Dictator, oppressors  is very  typically Canadian management style  for the losers especially.. that is why I have often written about control freaks..,
Actually most of the real opposition to Harper is coming from Alberta itself, Even to the die hard reformers, conservatives  the Harper government now sadly acts and  looks very  much like many of the bad liberal  governments that preceded them.  
Conservative strategist Geoff Norquay said raising the specter of toppling the government may be good strategy, but he believes Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff wants time to whip his party into better shape before he risks going into an election.  ” .. if the Liberal party and the new Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  is  not prepared to govern now he and the Liberals  they next really never will be.. and now as simple as that.  
Michael Ignatieff, a prize-winning novelist, scripted an exit from the coalition designed to make the Liberal Leader look powerful. But in fact, his position is relatively weak. In the end, he had to imitate Stéphane Dion – denounce the Conservatives’ budget but let it pass – and, like Mr. Dion, he may have to do it again and again. Stephen Harper, having gotten his budget through, can be sure of getting an election from the Governor-General if he wants one, so he can afford to attach confidence to important pieces of legislation without worrying that a defeat will put the opposition in power without an election. Mr. Ignatieff can try to look imperious, but he can’t escape the objective weakness of his party. Getting rid of Mr. Dion has brought the Liberals up a bit in the polls, but not to a winning position.

“With Mr. Harper’s right-wing Conservatives, Canada’s international reputation has been tarnished and its financial edge has been wasted. There are more unemployed, more poor children and, as concerns the environment, Canada has become the laughingstock of the world.” The Liberals have been on a roll in Quebec polls since Ignatieff became leader, moving from a distant third in the last election campaign into a virtual tie for the lead in popular support with the Bloc Québécois, while Conservative support has proportionally shrunk. Since this post Iggy has shown us another side, a good side.. and he has rightfully increased the popularity of the Liberal party as a result.. an election is coming.. rightfully get rid of Harper.

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