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October 1, 2010

Prime Minister of Canada announces legacy gift to Michaëlle Jean Foundation

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today recognized the contributions made by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean during her tenure as Canada’s 27th Governor General.  In keeping with the tradition of honouring outgoing Governors General, the Prime Minister announced that the Government of Canada will be supporting the Michaëlle Jean Foundation as its legacy gift to Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean.  “As Canada’s 27th Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean has distinguished herself through her engagement with Canadians and her compassion and leadership in responding to the earthquake in Haiti,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “I am proud to announce support today for the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, which will help more young people become active citizens in their communities.”  The Government of Canada will be providing $3 million in support of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, a non-profit organization that will promote citizen engagement through the arts and creativity, with a special emphasis on youth from underprivileged, rural and northern communities in Canada.  The Government will also match funds raised privately by the foundation, to a maximum of $7 million over a ten-year period. Since the 1960s, the Government of Canada has honoured former Governors General by helping them contribute to Canadian society by supporting the initiatives they pursued while in office.
When I see in comparison TO THESE MERE 3 MILLION DOLLARS NOW  as to how much the government of Canada now still spends on entertainment booze, alcohol I can see where their wrong priorities now still is.. and cops falsely are still mainly going after the car speeders, the money making generating revenues and not the drunk drivers who cause the majority of the accidents too.. EVEN COPS, RCMP DRIVE WHEN DRUNK THESE DAYS IN CANADA

Canada placed 17th among 24 industrialized countries in terms of the material well-being enjoyed by its poorest children, ninth in terms of their health and third in education, according to the report. Read more:

In case you are not aware heavy drinkers, alcoholics too often tend to kill their consciences, compassion and tend not to care about the children’s well being.

Drink Alcohol and Die « The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog   Drink Alcohol and Die or Kill is fast becoming Canada’s preoccupation, main goal, slogan.. Alcohol and alcoholics the unacceptable main cause of vehicular  accidents, domestic violence, and so many other ills… DRUNK DRIVING  KILLS AT LEAST 5 TIMES MORE PERSONS OVER SPEEDING FIRSTLY


 You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,  police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers, bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, the bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad solicitor generals as well should be fired ASAP.


Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, according to a new study.Heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine, or crystal meth, were the most lethal to individuals. When considering their wider social effects, alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine were the deadliest. But overall, alcohol outranked all other substances, followed by heroin and crack cocaine. Experts said alcohol scored so high because it is so widely used and has devastating consequences not only for drinkers but for those around them. When drunk in excess, alcohol damages nearly all organ systems. It is also connected to higher death rates and is involved in a greater percentage of crime than most other drugs, including heroin. All governments should consider more education programs and raising the price of alcohol so it isn’t as widely available.    “What governments decide is illegal is not always based on science,”  for monetary considerations about revenue and taxation, like those garnered from the alcohol and tobacco industries, may influence decisions about which substances to regulate or outlaw. “Drugs that are legal cause at least as much damage, if not more, than drugs that are illicit,”
Provincial Governments, cops too  do not want to reduce gambling or alcohol consumption for it is a great money maker for them, and too many Canadian politicians and cops do like to booze..
Don’t be also absurd and say that one man the RCMP boss alone was, is the problem, even  the last many many decades.. the RCMP officers and all of their bad superiors were, are rather the problems still. I have been rightfully complaining about the too often  bad, drunk, cost ineffective, pretentious  RCMP for over 25 years ever since they had abused me in the Canmore Alberta and othe places too.. even with their revenue generating money pit where they make for decades annualy millions and millions of dollars from tourist  leaving the Banff park, or going to an airport.


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