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May 31, 2018

Who is next?

The Cost of substance use in Canada tops $38 billion, with booze and tobacco presently on top.with a staggering toll of 67,515 deaths. The study by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, was based on health, justice, lost productivity and other costs. We do need to think more carefully as we move toward legalizing recreational cannabis.Canadians need to be  aware of the ongoing and escalating human and economic costs.  More than one alcoholic drink a day could take years off your life. According also to  other researchers, roughly 20 per cent of all violent crime would not have occurred if the perpetrator was not under the influence of or seeking alcohol. Alcohol ‘directly causes’ seven forms of cancer. Governments across Canada, all put together, got roughly $10.5 billion in revenue and taxes from the sale of alcohol in 2013-2014, according to Statistics Canada, still much less than the $14.6 billion that the researchers estimate alcohol cost. Reports also do  says alcohol harm on the rise for Canadian women

The rate of women who died from causes linked directly to alcohol has increased by 26 per cent since 2001, compared with a roughly five per cent increase over the same period for men, according to Canadian Institute for Health Information. And more Canadian women are drinking to the point where they end up in hospital, or even die from it. These numbers only include conditions like chronic alcohol use disorder, withdrawal delirium, cirrhosis, acute pancreatitis and extreme intoxication – not conditions that alcohol is a risk factor for. And although they consume less, alcohol affects women negatively more. Each dose of alcohol is more damaging in terms of things like liver damage as well as simple intoxication.  More than 25,000 woman had alcohol-related hospitalizations in 2016-2017, nearly a three per cent increase from prior last year. The figures also show that in 2015 there were more than 3,000 deaths caused by alcohol in Canada, compared to 2,066 deaths caused by motor-vehicle accidents. Girls aged 10 to 19 have already closed the gap with boys. Women are drinking more heavily than in the past sadly.


Drinking alcohol has become a “normalized” part of life for the majority of Canadians, yet many don’t realize the potential health risks of downing wine, beer or spirits .  Mental health and addiction-related conditions were responsible for nearly 75 percent of those alcohol-related Canadian hospital stays. If all drinkers limited themselves to a single drink a day, we probably wouldn’t need as many cardiologists, liver specialists, mental health, medical professionals, and substance abuse counselors. Heavy drinking will take a toll on the body.


Alcohol consumption can lead to liver cirrhosis, dependence, withdrawal, acute pancreatitis, as well as chronic diseases like cancer  and Canada is a heavy-drinking country. Alcohol is the second-biggest risk factor for cancer. “It is one of the top-five risk factors for premature mortality, for life expectancy, for burden of disease and hospitalizations” Making alcohol less-advertised, less affordable and less available would help to cut down on the burden of disease,  but so far, “our political system doesn’t want to do that.” Neither the Liberals. NDP, or the Conservatives who love to tax it. Here is the government hypocrisy, it is the governments who control the sale of liquor, sell it directly to citizens, and they are full aware of the hazards of consuming alcohols, Yet the same governments are building more and more liquor stores, carrying out major marketing programs, adds to encourage buying booze.  It seems we have too many cheats, thieves, liars, alcoholics, adulterers for cops and for politicians still in Canada..for basically there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant.  No taxpayers money should ever  be used to buy alcoholics at any federal, provincial, municipal government functions. Really!


We all also tend to know how too many cops and others do often despise others, mock the skid row persons, native alcoholic, drunks and yet hypocritically they do the same thing, even their peers.. consuming a vast amount of alcohol and they cannot see what negative effect it has on their personal life. You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors, from police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers  who say that bad people, bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. The hypocritical police tend not to believe that bad cons can be helped only bad cops… and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. Being a cop is part of a “professional or police culture” dominated by machismo and camaraderie where police officers spend a lot of time socializing with each other,   and often it involves alcohol.  “Drinking among police officers is often quite extensive and excessive, probably more so than in other professions,”


The Canadian taxpayer pays heavily for the health costs incurred from alcohol  abuse. Alcohol is a poison that is detrimental to one’s health and all persons who take bad drugs and alcohol suffer undeniably irreversible brain damage, death of brain cells, become more and more mentally  retarded . Even light and moderate drinking – up to one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men – could increase the risk of cancer, say researchers. Federal   Senators charge taxpayers for art, gifts, dining out and booze


The devil spreads many, many lies,  myths about beer, wine, drugs, being good and hangover cures.  Alcohol, or ethanol, is a sedative, hypnotic drug, and the intoxicating ingredient present in wine, beer, and spirits.  Depression is more common among substance abusers:   Although it is classified as a sedative, hypnotic drug, it has a stimulant effect in small amounts. Alcohol is known to be harmful to developing brains (from fetus to adolescence). Intoxication impairs judgment and can result in inappropriate and illegal behaviors such as sexual promiscuity, disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated and acts of violence. Roughly 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults results from excessive drinking. The most serious side effect of alcohol consumption is respiratory and central nervous system depression. When the amount of alcohol in the blood exceeds a certain level, or if other depressant-type medications are taken in combination, the respiratory system significantly slows down, resulting in a lack of oxygen to the brain. This can quickly progress to a comatose state and eventual death.


ALCOHOL IS  A  VICE AND NOT A NECESSITY.  These days you also so got to supervise daily even the politicians, even the civil and public servants  now as well, for it seems they will all run back quickly to their old tricks.. to their even bad habits of drunkenness, cheating, lying and stealing, and wrongfully next also they think they can get away with it. Clearly we as citizens have wrongfully elected too many thieves, liars, drunks, alcoholics into political offices… and they all now should still be fired, removed, recalled ASAP. Some persons rightfully maintain that prison,  job termination are still the main and best solution to this problem of alcoholics, drug abuses too. The real, root problem often is not the alcohol, or the drugs themselves, alone but rather one honestly dealing with themselves and their own real shortcomings  still too.The basic secret of all successful substance abuse termination programs are accepting personal responsibility, personal accountability,  the individual first personally has to admit he or a she  has done wrong, also admits he or she now does needs help,  admit that they is willing to take the help.. all three aspects are required still too. An appropriate real self examination on their own part is always needed firstly here  for it is also their  own real bad personal acts,  and related guilt that next contributes, contributed to his or  her own poor self image, fears, additional  problems..  especially more when things did not go the way he or she had planned beforehand .


No man should adduce in favour of drinking wine unless he can prove that the wine Jesus made in the” water-pots” of Cana was just like the wine which he proposes to drink. There are ample Greek literary texts which negate the narrow definition of oinos as denoting only fermented wine as it did not have the taste or the intoxicating effect of ordinary wine, God did not make fermented juice.. New wine would be grape juice (or a grapeade) mode from grape syrup while old wine would be 2 to 3 years old Suffice it to say, the “better” wine of course does not in any way imply or demand a more alcoholic, or even an alcoholic, wine at all, there is not the slightest evidence that the word so used would have conveyed any idea but that of the pure juice of the grape,

John the Baptist did not drink wine or any other form of alcohol because Scripture prophesied that he wouldn’t (Luke 1:15). Most people don’t know where to draw the line between temperance and excess. Such people better abstain totally until they know they can “be temperate in all things.”

John 210 And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.

And the word used twice  for “good” wine is a Greek word which refers to something or someone morally excellent or intrinsically good, rather It was Christ who in the Old Testament gave the warning to Israel, that “Wine is a mocker,” so why would he make fermented grape juice? by creating alcoholic wine, Jesus would have been promoting drunkenness, which the Bible clearly identifies as sinful.

Next you will say Jesus would have also distributed Playboy magazines.

If Jesus made fermented wine, then the fact that the guests had become”well drunk” would have meant that Jesus endorsed excessive drinking. Therefore,either Jesus endorsed excessive drinking of alcohol or the wine was unfermented grape juice! Obviously, then, the wine that Jesus made was unfermented grape juice.

Too many have assumed that the Hebrew and Greek words translated as “wine” must have the same meaning that themodern usage meaning of the English word “wine” does. In the English language, the word “wine” originally was used to denote the juice of grapes, whether in a fermented or unfermented state. Long ago, of course, that word has taken on the usage meaning of only grape juice in its fermented state. That’s why today we distinguish the two drinks by using the terms “wine” and “grape juice.”

Exodus 12:15 and 13:7 forbid the very presenceof “leaven” anywhere in the homes during Passover. The New Testament–in Matthew 16:12 and I Corinthians 5:7-8–provide the explanation by declaring that leaven is a symbol of evil. Leaven is a yeast, so the leavening process is parallel to the process of fermentation. In the light of these facts,plus Jesus’ statement in the disputed passages that the “fruit of the vine”represented His own saving blood, we must surely conclude that the communion cup did, and should always, contain unfermented (ie., uncorrupted) grape juice. The following Old Testament texts show God’s disapproval of wine, as “yayin:” Genesis 9:21; 19:32; Leviticus10:9-11; Deuteronomy 32:33; Psalm 60:3; Proverbs 4:17; 20:1; 23:20, 29-35;31:4-5; Isaiah 5:11-12; 28:7; Ezekiel 44:21; and Hosea 7:5. Proverbs 23:31-35–Again, the very nature of fermented wine is categorically condemned as a “serpent” and an “adder” that bites and stings.

The Bible condemns the use itself of all alcoholic beverages and highly recommends unfermented grape juice!  The only exception to this consistent rule in Scripture is Proverbs 31: 6-7, which commands that alcoholic beverages be given to those who are dying or cowards.

The assumption made by proponents of the moderate use of alcoholic beverages that the ancient peoples did not know how to preserve the juice of the grape in an unfermented state, and that therefore, virtually every instance of wine mentioned in the Bible must be to fermented wine.This assumption is totally false as the ancient historical records are abundantly clear that there were several major methods of preserving grape juice in its natural, unfermented state.

Scriptures clearly teach that the very nature of alcoholic beverages is that which brings spiritual apostasy and otherwise affects the mind (and body too) of whomever drinks it. In other words, it is not excessive drinking only that the Bible condemns,but the beverage itself and its consumption in any amount. Since most people and Christians do not know or study the Bible today they are easily deceived.

As it is abundantly clear that the Bible condemns the use of alcohol in any amounts, Persons that are simply rationalizing what they want to do regardless of the facts or the consequences to their spiritual, or physical, natures are led to do so by the demons.

January 29, 2010



Hey I often have met people who thought only of their own self importance,  the professionals and politicians, cops now included, and who think that no one can touch them, they cannot be made to face any negative consequences for their immoral acts, lies, tax evasions, abuse of others, and boy they quickly do turn even white with fear, pale pale, are shocked, when one day real negative things happen to them such as public exposures, job dismissals too.


The straw that broke the Camel’s back. The Conservatives have seen a precipitous and sustained drop in their popularity since Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Dec. 30 that he was suspending Parliament to recalibrate the government’s agenda.


ROB NICHOLSON  AND STEPHEN HARPER SAY THAT the Liberals HAD made them do it . Do what? LIE as well..




Isnt it nice that I can still choose who my friends are and I can still choose my friends wisely too.. I do not have to associate with the bad guys still too.

Clearly the prime minister has abandoned election promises of transparency and merit-based public-service and judicial appointments ..


Record doesn’t support PM’s claim that Liberal senators have blocked crime bills – Yahoo! Canada News cp OTTAWA – Stephen Harper is appealing to Canadians’ fear of crime to justify the appointment of five new Conservative senators.   “Our government is serious about getting tough on crime. Since we were first elected, we have made it one of our highest priorities,” the prime minister said in a statement Friday announcing his latest Senate picks.  “The Liberals have abused their Senate majority by obstructing and eviscerating law and order measures that are urgently needed and strongly supported by Canadians.”  With Friday’s new additions, the Conservatives finally outnumber the Liberals in the upper chamber, although they are still just short of an absolute majority. That new dominance, the Harper government asserted, will finally enable the Tories to speed their tough-on-crime agenda through the Senate and make Canada a safer place.  Then again, maybe not.  Records compiled by the Liberals suggest the Senate has not actually posed a big obstacle to the Harper government. Indeed, Harper himself has done far more to delay his own crime legislation, by proroguing Parliament and other stalling tactics, than Liberal senators have ever done. FEDERAL CONSERVATIVE LIARS -ROB NICHOLSON  AND STEPHEN HARPER   During the last session of Parliament, the government introduced 19 criminal justice bills, 11 of which were still wending their way through the House of Commons when Harper suspended Parliament on Dec. 30, essentially wiping the legislative slate clean.  Technically, those bills could be reinstated where they left off, but only if the opposition parties consent. They appear to be in no mood to co-operate given the partisan beating inflicted by the Tories.  Of the eight bills that actually made it as far as the Senate, four were passed by the then-Liberal dominated chamber.  Two were still being debated or studied at committee at the time of prorogation. And another – a bill orginating in the Senate to scrap the long-gun registry – was being deliberately held back by the government, which has opted instead to back an MP’s private member’s bill that would accomplish the same goal.  One other bill – C-15, which would impose minimum mandatory sentences on those running marijuana grow-ops – was passed by the Senate but with amendments that would leave some judicial discretion in cases involving fewer than 200 plants. The government claimed the amendments would gut the bill, an impasse that was unresolved at the time of prorogation.  At a celebratory news conference Friday, accompanied by two of the new senators, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was asked repeatedly how he can blame Liberal senators for holding up his law and order agenda when the prime minister is the one who actually wiped out the bulk of it with his decision to prorogue.  Nicholson insisted the record shows “the Liberals are soft on crime.” He accused Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff of making a show of supporting tough legislation in the Commons but then allowing Liberal senators to “obstruct, delay and gut some of our most important measures.”  But he could point to only three specific bills: C-15; C-26, a bill to crack down on auto thefts; and C-25, a bill to end the practice of crediting convicts with two days of time served for each day spent behind bars before trial.   C-25 is not, perhaps, the best example for the government to dredge up. After a mere 19 days in the upper chamber (compared to 36 days in the Commons), the so-called “Truth in Sentencing” act was in fact passed by senators last Oct. 21. It received royal assent the following day.  Yet, after all the badgering of supposedly foot-dragging senators, cabinet decided it could wait four months – until Feb. 22 – to actually bring the law into force.  “They could’ve made it effective the next day,” Liberal Senate leader James Cowan said in an interview.  “If ever there was an example of the facts differing from their rhetoric, that’s a pretty good one.”  On C-26, Nicholson complained the bill has been “stuck” in the Senate for six months.  But the six-month tally doesn’t take into account the fact that the bill was handed over to the Senate just before Parliament broke for the summer. By the Liberals’ count, the bill had actually been before the Senate for 38 working days by the time of prorogation – four days fewer than it took to get through the Commons.  Indeed, the Senate has regularly spent far less time examining and voting on bills than the House of Commons, which has taken as much as 95 days on some crime legislation that never got beyond second reading debate.  Given the government’s own foot-dragging, Cowan questions whether Harper is really serious about passing his criminal justice agenda, or simply wants an excuse to keep reintroducing measures that allow him to bash the Senate and accuse the Liberals of being “soft on crime.”  “It makes you wonder if they’d rather talk about it than actually do it.”


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Being nice to the con guys, the bad people is a complete waste of time, unless they do first experience real negative personal consequences they will have no valid reasons to change their past, present  bad behaviors, and they too like all the rest do next find out that a good name was,  is worth more than all the silver gold, prestige, power you can acquire.. and don’t you hate it too when you know everyone else is rather mostly talking bad about you, despising you and there is nothing you can do about it too.. nor can you change it.. take it all back.
and how many lying broken and unkept promises is PM Stephen Harper himself now guilty of  and the best he can do is lie, slander, divert it to the bad liberals.. and how much better is he really now.. not at all!

Salary for a senator (non-hockey playing) is $133,000 per annum. The average gross salary for Canada is around $41,000. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just appointed five new Conservative Senators, something he said he’d never do during his campaign. Baloney! When will politicians at every level of government stop lying to us? George Pearson, Richmond


PM Harper’s government record on everything women including equality is very poor



Our prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to help women only as baby-makers while ignoring all the other Millennium Goals to end Poverty by 2015 on the international agenda, including “environmental sustainability.” Harper does not  mention anything about women getting educations or achieving economic parity.   “None of the spectrum of women’s rights and issues is encompassed ”  Stephen Lewis It doesn’t include sexual violence, child marriage, sexual trafficking, female genital mutilation, economic autonomy, political representation, land rights or inheritance rights. It includes none of the panoply of women’s issues which consign women to subordinate positions around the world.” Hardly surprising considering Harper’s government record on everything  women  including equality.–harper-s-plan-helps-women-only-as-baby-makers

“I almost choked on my breakfast when I read Stephen Harper’s pronouncement that Canada would be championing the cause of women and poverty around the world. Aboriginal Canadians have an infant mortality rate three times that of other Canadian babies. They suffer from tuberculosis infections four times more than their fellow Canadians. With women’s rights being systematically eroded under his watch and an unemployment program whose motto runs something akin to “Get a job!” Harper’s statements only serve to underscore his dismissal of women and the poor here at home. ” David Kemker, Janetville,–women-s-causes-ignored-here
And it is true that the Conservatives under Harper have failed over the years to attract a majority of female voters. So it is hardly surprising that the Conservatives want to appear to be championing the cause of women. What a bunch of lying pretenders they still are rather..

Speaking of Women, more and more elderly persons are facing the prospect of living in an old age home alone, men and women, likely though the women will outnumber the men cause the north American women tend to live longer over men. One of the most tragic things I have seen is elderly persons sitting in their rooms, corridors, at the elevators, recreation rooms waiting for a visit from a loved ones.. which mostly never happens these days too.. But thank God for all those Volunteers, who are mostly women who help in Hospitals, convalescent and old age homes, who brighten up the elderly persons lives

And I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons. Now some of these clearly bad persons  who still cannot face the negative reality about themselves, the ongoing especially bad nurses and doctors, lie and try to divert my  truth by saying I hate doctors and nurses, so well let me make it very clear I do rightfully hate all bad, pretentious, lazy, no good doctors and nurses who are not doing their jobs properly and  are causing other people to continue to suffer   as a result.. so should we all..   and they should always be fired ASAP.. Hospital administrators included. Is that clear enough for them now? That includes now also all bad cops, bad politicians, bad church pastors now  too..
Tory MP doesn’t believe he was target of office building fire west of Toronto The Canadian Press –  MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – A Conservative MP says he doesn’t believe a fire outside his office in Mississauga, Ont., is related to him.

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May 20, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Economic Crisis


women may09

Ottawa (20 May 2009) – The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has released a new leaflet entitled Women, Stephen Harper and the Economic Crisis.  The leaflet examines the issues facing Canadian women during the current economic crisis.     
The lack of an early childhood education and child care program, the inequities that exist for women in the Employment Insurance (EI) program and the pay gap between women and men have left Canadian women struggling long before the economic recession began.  The Conservative government’s Federal Budget 2009 which was to respond to the economic crisis provided no support for women.  The economic stimulus provided billions of dollars into physical infrastructure projects and construction programs which are male dominated industries.  It did not, however, put money into social infrastructures such as child care, health care and community-based social services which are female dominated industries.  It is harder for women to accumulate the number of hours to qualify for EI as they are more likely to work part-time, non-standard hours and have extended periods of time away from the workforce to handle family responsibilities.  The extension of five weeks of EI benefits does not help women who cannot quality for benefits to begin with.  The Federal Budget did not provide or improve access to affordable child care which is essential in order for women to seek employment or retrain.  For female single parents, many of whom are poor and cannot afford child care fees, a universal early education and child care program is imperative. “Child care, EI and pay equity are just a few of the issues confronting Canadian women as the economy tightens. Governments must invest in social infrastructure which puts money into fields with high female employment and at the same time provides services which support our children, our elderly and our sick,” states NUPGE national president James Clancy. “During this economic downturn, rather than continuing to deepen the equality gap, the government must address the issues facing Canadian women and must ensure that women are included in the economic recovery,” stresses Clancy.

“Just the Facts: Stephen Harper misleads Canadians on Employment Insurance

The Facts: liberal_logo_main

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made several misleading statements about EI in the House of Commons yesterday.

“It is simply a proposal… to raise payroll taxes to the roof in perpetuity for workers in small business.”

Fact: There is absolutely no requirement to raise payroll taxes in order to increase EI eligibility. The Liberal plan for EI eligibility does not include any increase in revenue collection. Payroll taxes are frozen and Liberals support leaving them that way.

“The Liberal Leader… is making the proposal that a Canadian could work 45 days and collect employment insurance for a year and that would be the system in every region in perpetuity.”

Fact: You can only receive EI if you’ve paid into the system and been laid off through no choice and no fault of your own. EI is not, in Diane Finley’s words, “lucrative for (laid-off Canadians) to stay home and get paid for it.” The government’s EI policy allows for a variable length of eligibility by region – ranging from 19 to 50 weeks – and the Liberal proposal doesn’t change that. Liberals are making proposals that reflect the reality of the recession while Conservatives remain oblivious to the growing crisis.

“The proposal… would do nothing for the economy, for the recession today.”

Fact: Laid-off workers are those most likely to spend 100 percent of their benefits to provide for their immediate day-to-day needs – things like food, rent and transportation – providing direct economic stimulus to some of the hardest-hit regions in the country. For every $1 spent by laid-off workers, local economies benefit from $1.60 in economic spin-offs.

“Over 80 percent of those who are paying into (Employment Insurance) are receiving benefits.”

Fact: Under the current rules, less than 60 percent of unemployed Canadians who have paid into EI receive benefits. 150,000 more people would be eligible for EI under our proposal – which would provide fairness for nearly half of the over 300,000 people laid off under your watch since last October.

“We have an EI system that responds to market needs. When we have difficulties as we have now, the system responds – benefits increase, eligibility increases as well.”

Fact: EI only adjusts after the unemployment rate has risen dramatically – cold comfort for those who lose their job without EI benefits before the unemployment number skyrockets. EI was not designed to react quickly to the massive, nationwide job losses experienced under this Conservative government.

Five misrepresentations in one Question Period exchange leaves us with one question: why is the Prime Minister trying to divide Canadians on fairness for laid-off workers?  “


Harper Conservatives forget missing and murdered Aboriginal women

Harper forgets about the poor and needy persons now too.
“In a recent Whigstory (” ‘Government needs to grow up,’ ” May 14), Ignatieff is quoted as saying, “On a day when we’ve got record bankruptcies, we’ve got unemployment skyrocketing, all this government can think of doing is running attack ads on me…. This is the old style of politics. We’re in the middle of a serious economic crisis. This government needs to grow up and do its job properly.” Would Harper rather have an election than help Canadians? Is his heart really that cold?

The prime minister should act like a grownup and do the honourable thing. He and his MPs were elected by a minority of Canadians to govern in the best interest of Canadians. To date, he has not done so. He is the country’s prime minister and yet he turns his back on the weakest and most vulnerable people in society. He’d rather criticize and bully others than work together to find solutions to the economic crisis this country is facing.

Harper will have a pension when he leaves Parliament. He has food on the table, a roof over his head, a chauffeur to drive him around. Thousands of Canadians, especially in Ontario, don’t even know where their next paycheque is coming from, how they are going to feed their children, whether they still have a pension or whether they can pay the rent. ”

  The federal government outlined changes to unemployment benefits on Monday that stopped short of the sweeping EI reforms demanded by opposition parties, in a move that could bring down the minority Conservative government and trigger another election. The proposed changes, outlined by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley on Monday in Oshawa, Ont., include $500 million program for retraining laid-off long-tenured workers and an extension of EI benefits if applicants participate in longer-term training of up to two years. The $500 million was included in the Conservatives’ January budget.  Finley said the new program will help an estimated 40,000 Canadians learn new skills to find work in a different field.  Another initiative will help between 5,000 and 10,000 people by providing EI benefits sooner to eligible workers who spend all or part of their severance package on training themselves for another job, Finley said. While political analysts have raised doubts about a summer trip to the polls in the midst of a recession, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has threatened to push for an election if Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government doesn’t support his party’s proposals on EI reform.

Poor Tory record speaks for itself, no need for personal attacks: Ignatieff Sun May 24, 6:08 PM   DARTMOUTH, N.S. – Despite a stern warning that he will “mess” with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff insisted Sunday that his party won’t resort to launching personal attack ads.


Ignatieff hits back at Tory attack ads The Gazette (Montreal) –  HALIFAX — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff hit back at Prime Minister Stephen Harper this weekend, in the wake of recent Conservative television ads

Tories outline EI changes amid Liberals’ election threat
You call that an ‘attack ad?’ Winnipeg Sun


February 1, 2009

Canadian Women’s rights

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Men and women are equal before the law. Women have the right to be paid the same as men when they do work of equal value. And when they aren’t paid the same, women have the right to use the courts to get pay equity.   Harper says the present system of using the courts for pay equity is “long and costly” and is based on “complaints” and “confrontation” and he wants to “modernize” it by wiping out the right of women to use the courts to get pay equity.   If Harper gets his way, pay equity will be settled at the bargaining table, not in the courts.  But what about women who don’t have a union?  Too bad! That happens to be a majority of the 41% of Canadian women who work outside the home.
and here is what also really grabs me too..
Now I know already that many evangelicals have a perverted view of the Bible’s women’s rights but I would expected better form from the so called liberals in this matter at least, but it seems that for political expediency the Liberals falsely will let Stephen Harper and the Conservatives  get away with it here too, the pathetic, sad Liberals they will let it wrongfully all happen still too now, as they all even have with so many other bad things now too, such as shortcomings in the health care system,  inadequate consumer protection included, police inadequacies, etc… and the cost of living for a woman is the same as for a man in reality too…
OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says equal pay for work of equal value is a basic human right that should never be put up for grabs at the collective bargaining table.  To that end, he has introduced a private member’s bill aimed at reversing a controversial measure in the 2009 federal budget.  The budget essentially reclassified pay equity as a labour issue to be negotiated in collective agreements, stripping the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its authority to adjudicate pay equity complaints.  Ignatieff’s proposal – his first private member’s bill since becoming an MP in 2006 – would return pay equity to the human rights realm.  It would also create a federal pay-equity commission charged with implementing an equal-pay regime in the federal public service, federally regulated companies and Crown corporations by 2012.  Ignatieff acknowledges his bill would result in some additional, unspecified costs for the government but he thinks the principle is “definitely worth it.”  Ignatieff says pay equity is really about gender equality, noting that women, on average, still earn only 72 cents for every dollar earned by men for the same work.  He says he chose the issue for his first bill because it’s emblematic of the Liberal party’s core belief in equal opportunity for all.
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