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December 2, 2012



They may be out of a job, but three disgraced Quebec politicians received tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded golden handshakes since leaving their government jobs.

“The symbol of Quebec’s high-tech know-how, the computer industry, took  a hit from the province’s interim auditor-general, Michel Samson, this week.  He said computer companies, many of which are Montreal based, exercise only  “weak competition” for the half-billion dollars in contracts that the province  lavishes on computerization in a typical year. They also benefit from hefty cost  overruns. Sound familiar?

Although Samson found no evidence of collusion or corruption (that’s not his  job), he recommends that the provincial committees that review bids demonstrate  “more neutrality.”

Finally, the federal agency that oversees one of Montreal’s top  tourist draws, the Old Port, took an even stronger hit. The federal government, the Old Port’s owner, said  Thursday it will abolish the Old Port Corp. and hand management of the site to  Canada Lands Co., an agency with little expertise in running such a site. Public  Works Minister Rona Ambrose said she was considering the change even before last  spring’s headlines about expense-account abuse by the Old Port’s CEO, Claude  Benoît. But Ambrose also said she was making the change in the interest of “good  governance” — something the Old Port Corp. evidently could not provide.

What makes this week’s developments all the more discouraging, of course, is  that they are hardly isolated. Several other prominent Quebec-based global  engineering companies besides SNC-Lavalin have had their integrity strongly  questioned. As well, police are investigating not only the McGill real-estate  transaction but also one involving the Université  de Montréal and Catania. And so far as federal bodies go, the Montreal  office of Canada Revenue Agency has been shown to be riddled with officials in  bed with tax cheaters.

So a grey cloud also hangs over the McGill University Health Centre, a  symbol of the anglophone community’s ongoing place in Quebec. Duhaime’s fraud  charge involves his successful effort to land the contract for the MUHC’s  $1.3-billion hospital.

Authorities have not stated the specifics of the accusation, so the nature of  the MUHC’s involvement is uncertain. However, La  Presse reported on Oct. 1 that police are investigating whether SNC-Lavalin  made an irregular payment of $22.5 million to get the contract in 2010; it  also said police are looking into whether Dr. Arthur Porter, the head of the  MUHC until a year ago, was involved.

In a separate development this week, a document that the Charbonneau inquiry  made public shows that Yanaï  Elbaz, who quit the MUHC last year as its associate director general, has  kept curious company: He met 11 times since 2007 at the exclusive 357c club with  Paolo Catania, the construction honcho who has been charged with fraud in  connection with another major project involving public money, Faubourg  Contrecoeur.



Rinfret made the disclosure after Claudio Bussandri, chairman of the board of directors of the MUHC, announced on Monday that the health network’s audit committee “is taking steps to ensure our policies and procedures related to contracting and procurement reflect best practices.”

 Education does not insure morality Nor are professionals generally  better persons over others as any wise persons knows that there are plenty of immoral cops, realtors, lawyers, nurses, doctors now too.

Promised past Accountability and Transparency were mere election gimmicks now too.. A bad Liberal is just as bad as a bad Conservative always as well. So who is being fooled by all this? The liars do only mostly fool  themselves as to who and what they really are.



THE  FALSE MONEY REVENUE. AS A parking officer single-handedly  COLLECTED  $4 million  FINES 


PS  Quebec court orders former B.C. Mountie extradited to U.S.


November 30, 2012

This type of taxpayers money abuse has been ongoing for decades in many different places too

And many had  thought the Liberals alone had much  soul searching to do but even with the Liberal Party collapses but it  is just as bad with ex MP Gilles Duceppe Federal BQ Party or the Union Montreal Party.

Union Montreal  offers a blanket “no comment”  on any Corruptions  allegations concerning the party’s   response to a now public report that the same  party had charged the  public for the salary and expenses of the  clearly corrupted City of Montreal   Bernard Trépanier, who has been dubbed  “Mr. Three Per Cent” amid allegations of taking a cut of municipal public works  contracts, while he worked as director of financing for the party from 2004 to  2006. The party, which was led by the now resigned, ex former mayor Gérald Tremblay, had now claimed the  salaries, meals, parking, mileage, gasoline and cellular phone bills, plus much more  of a  handful of party workers, including Trépanier, for reimbursement as research and  secretarial expenses from the city Of Montreal  treasury.

Now I have reported this same type of events even  25 years as I like to visits the local politicians directly at their offices, and I had clearly firsthand noted that while they all had support staff, many of our representatives were not working on behalf of the local Citizens directly but too many were doing party work as I heard and saw firsthand, such as the Ex Prime Minister Paul Martin, ex MNA Liberal Monique Forget even the Ex PQ leader Gilles Duceppe  said he now was staying out of active politics to “defend his integrity and rebuild his reputation” after a Montreal newspaper reported he used public funds to pay Bloc employees. Duceppe’s party paid its director general Gilbert Gardner with parliamentary funds for upwards of seven years. This is an apparent violation of House rules, which state that such funds must be used for parliamentary, not partisan, ends. It also seems that  Duceppe’s office paid the spouse of his chief of staff and allowed her to use parliamentary resources as she produced a book commemorating the Bloc’s 20 years in Ottawa.

The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC) had itself said  it will seek legal advice on whether the Bloc broke parliamentary rules, and whether they have to reimburse the funds, acts for which he was found guilty but falsely no punishment was merited, likely cause they all do  the same things..

Gilles Duceppe’s Spending Misused House Resources, Secretive Committee Rules Former Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe was wrong to use parliamentary resources to pay the salary of a partisan political staffer, a secretive Commons committee ruled . But the Board of Internal Economy also determined that it won’t be possible to reimburse taxpayers because the bylaws weren’t clear enough at the time the money was spent. “The board believes that the use Mr. Duceppe made of the House resources that were available to him was inappropriate,” the Commons governing body said in a statement. “However . . . the board finds it impossible to take any disciplinary action. Still, the Conservatives are calling on either Duceppe himself or his party to pay back the money.”

   The past inference of the Bloc’s campaign slogan  —“A clean party in Quebec”—was difficult to miss: everyone else was dirty. Not coincidentally, support for his Federal BQ Party declined this..  Duceppe was thus as a direct result forced to renounce any PQ leadership intentions in the wake of the BQ staffing revelations. Ex PQ leader Gilles Duceppe too here he even  won’t forget me, I sat in his Constituent office and asked him directly how he could use taxpayers money to promote separation from Canada, and I told him face to face also he was the worst MP I had ever encountered, he next asked me to leave..

Now I saw the same type of corruptions firsthand too in Alberta now with the Conservatives.. None of it was, is acceptable still too.. None.. and they all need still to   pay back the taxpayer’s money..


Will EVEN THE QUEBEC CORRUPTION inquiry actually change the apparent culture of corruption that seems to exists, in many places, not just  in the awarding of some public contracts? And has any valid  message been sent – and understood – by those who have been stealing our tax money? No, Of course not.. It is an undeniable fact that unless all of the criminals feel real negative consequences like real jail time.. they will not stop trying to get richer ..


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November 10, 2012

Why the ONGOING obsessesion with political CORRUPTIONS, fraud, ETC.?

Jesus himself will not let it go…. he exposes and punishes  still too.. Matthew 10: 27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

Luke 12: 3 Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

“And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it’” (Mark 8: 34-35).

“Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness.  For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace” (Rom. 6:12-14).

“And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires” (Gal. 5:24).

Sharing what God’s Word says about morality and immorality  is a loving act. Also now determining what constitutes a loving act depends on first knowing what is true. The Bible is the sole truth we can rely on still too.. Do we even have to filly “earn the right” by personal expereince to identify porn use, adultery, fornication, incest, drunkenness, homosexuality or gossip as sins?  Of Course Not. The Bible defines them as undeniable sins.  It is, indeed, the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, but it is the job of Christians, particularly Christian leaders, to teach what God’s Word says in its entirety, which includes teaching about what constitutes sinful behavior. Articulating what the Bible teaches about SIN no more constitutes unscriptural judging than does articulating what the Bible teaches about lying, stealing, idolatry, blasphemy, or adultery.
Follow the money trail, the oldest rule of journalism ,these days also  seems to run into loads of crooked politicians, bad civil and public servants, Canada wide and not just in Quebec… why? 1 Timothy 6: 10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred (even) from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Wrongful inactions, Cover ups, False denial of bad politicians, bad cops, bad PROFESSIONALS,   false pastors, false priests, BAD persons, are much too common but nevertheless they do get exposed, revealed to all as to what they are often now like  too, and get what they deserve, and not the first or last time. Lying, thieving, alcoholic, abusive persons,  priests, pastors, Ministers, Leaders, Presidents, premiers, prime Ministers, Police  who cannot even change themselves for the good are of no use to anyone as well. I do not have to accept any of those lying hypocrites

DON’T BE STUPID AND BELIEVE ALL THE LYING SPINS AS TO WHY IT TAKES SO LONG TO INVESTIGATE THE BAD COPS or bad professionals, bad civil and public servants.. I have had many experiences in laying simple complaints against bad cops, bad professionals, bad civil and public servants  that never got anywhere cause the investigators were clearly pretenders.. in Contrast the investigations of all citizens clearly would not take so long..

Canadian Justice is too often an empty one. The establishment cover ups for it’s own but eventually they are still found out as to who they realy are.. liars, crooks, thieves,..

Clearly to me EVEN a preacher. Minister  whose lifestyle does not match his preaching words to others he rightfully cannot be trusted at all.. he is a false preacher himself.. some how NOW EVEN most of them now wrongfully are like that too. 

People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.


Now we all do really have freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, the right to be heard now as well..– Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest. … Starting at the top is always the best way now too …I clearly do believe in the right of everyone to speak, to speak out as well, and to be equally heard by all, so we can all judge what has been said if it is appropriate and we can next corresponding act upon it, even in the church, in the government, on the internet now too. It is a false statement that if one makes any negative statement about anyone, Professionals, Pastors, or even Jews, Muslims, Arabs, white or black, Asian people, natives , etc., that one is  a racist or promoting hatred.. maybe one is merely  exercising one’s appropriate right of free speech,  honestly critiquing  NOW certain individuals for their own unacceptable bad acts which  is not always HATE. .

Clearly some bad people falsely still DO DISALLOW THIS RIGHT… the realy bad persons especially as even I know this for sure as they falsely refuse the whole to be shared even as as to who they are firstly. They respond with a personal attack, inquisition, censorship, lies, slanders, diversions, distortions, instead of facing, dealing with the facts, truths being presented. Confirming to many what they still are really like, immoral, abusive bullies. Now we all do really have freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, the right to be heard now as well.. The Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the unrepentant guilty persons also now serves everyone’s best interest

It is also COMMON fact of life, particularly amongst the young, inexperienced, realy bad persons who realy hate the truth or they cannot handle serious , heavy negative realties that false denial, ostrich approach is a serious part of their make up, and their related defense protection when you cannot discredit the facts, you make a false personal attack on the writer, persons instead. 

The Hallmark of a democratic society is unregulated press and the right of free speech of all persons citizens, without any of them being bullied , lied about, slandered but unfortunately tis is not always the case not even on the Internet, not even especially in the Christian Internet where your post can be twisted, lied about distorted, censored or yourself banned from making posts, likley by the same religious control freaks who would kill Jesus Christ today as well.

They even try to tell us what to write.. How all now absurd. When most aNy person no matter who he says he is too now does tries to enforce any rule upon me I immediate rightfully do next often do ask them who they think they are that they think I now have to respect their man made rules over God’s rules firstly? What makes them now also think I have to be now their false slave too? And as to why do they think I am their false slave and that they are any kind of boss over me in these matters? 

These same bad persons who tend to too readily judge others, and who to often falsely demand, want to enforce their one side rules upon the others, they themselves are now also the lying hypocrites. We all have a right to be heard, to speak, on the net as well.. 30 percent of the people I meet daily in real life are the bad guys that jails exist for still too.. and they should be put in there often too.

The critics as well CAN SPEAK but THEY still cannot call us all the bad names they want or bully us though.

So overall still now  what really is needed  firstly is not more CHEAP, PRETENTIOUS  self regulations,   the supposed discipline of their members , or even their ensuring their education, but real INSPECTIONS, EFFECTIVENESS , competency testing. For it is a fact that anything that will put a self regulating body or a Ministry into a negative light will have a built in  tendency still to be denied,   suppressed, minimized in reality, to be ineffective . 

There in reality is the main one important step that all consumers can take to protect themselves from any unscrupulous persons  and that is enforced, exemplary public exposure and prosecution of the supposedly guilty persons by a recognized judicial public body,  and so now how many such bad persons now have really been exposed, prosecuted in the last few years in reality too by the responsible Ministers as well?  None? and why not?  


November 6, 2012

Finally some real Justice is being dispensed but this is still not enough, Not even close

The price of sin, drugs and theft, is jail… a warning to many others..

Many Halifax drunk driving cases Phoned in as citizens get rightfully more involved ..

Alcohol is no laughing matter. Imagine how many persons do also drive home drunk as well after a game …

Drug or alcohol impaired vehicular driving by men and women and not the actual driving speed are still the key factor in the majority of the traffic accidents …

Many others in Montreal city hall knew of the crruptions and also like the Mayor did nothing Corruption in city hall is deacdes old.. …

Not enough is being done here in Quebec and much too slow as well still in deal with all the City Hall corruptions …

Ha ha ha Montreal City hall workers demanding respect , Respect has to be earned.. They do not have my respect rightfully.. …

Where were, are the Montreal, Quebec the police in all of this, as Montreal suspends employees following corruption allegations Montreal city Hall staff Themens, Michel Paquette et François Thériault suspended after corruption inquiry is still just the tip of the icberg

Montreal suspends engineer following Gilles Vézina’scorruption allegations, now he needs to be jailed along with many many others

Montreal’s mayor Mayor Gerald Tremblay resigns but so should his party, many subordinates too, and THEY ALL should also face jail time. Mayor Tremblay quits amid corruption scandal and what took him so long to do it too. Montreal mayor steps down amid corruption and many many more THERE should go as well now, even to jail …

Now  when I  too had  had read that the already  Top management heavy, bloated already city of Montreal is launching a hiring and training drive to counter infrastructures  projects municipal corruption by “strengthening” the municipal civil service. The city now will be hiring and training personnel in departments where the city doesn’t have enough skills, personnel expertise to monitor spending, the quality of work by outside firms and hopefully it will prevent collusion in contract bidding. I started to wonder why he wanted to hire more employees to fight corruptions finally  when he the Mayor already was bloated with city hall empoyyes, and so what was the real reason he the  Mayor Gerald Tremblaywanted more money.. well we found out next.. Corruptions, perversity, some of themoney was going to his employees and  political party.. and this happnes elsewhere now too

Protest outside Laval city hall call for Vaillancourt’s resignation. Demands for Laval’s Mayor Vaillancourt’s resignation is not enough, he and his real crimminals must go to jail

Laval’s mayor Mayor Vaillancourt resigns but so should his party, many subordinates too, and THEY ALL should also face jail time..

5 Convicted Toronto police officers deserve jail time, a long long jail time

Employee ends up in car as alleged shoplifter flees, Darryl Stephen Hannaford, 32, of Calgary has now next been charged with robbery, kidnapping, assault with a weapon, four counts of hit and run, and several others.The man accused of holding a Zellers employee hostage as he took police on a chase has now been charged with a litany of Criminal Code offences.

There might yet be an outside inquiry into the denial of a trial for an alleged sexual abuser, says Jay O’Neill, Premier Alison Redford’s communications director.Redford herself had seemed to rule this out Monday, after Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson called the internal probe by a senior justice official a “whitewash.”“There will be a full investigation,” Redford told the legislature.“It has been undertaken and the results will come forth in due time.

Stanley Cup rioter gets 4-month jail sentence Timothy Lau faced four charges more than any other individual rioter is just the tip of a really big iceberg now too

What about the Clearly perverse Budget Rent a Car accused of using customers to make it’s own reepair shop more profitable

The former Disney star —Miley Cyrus has been offered $1 million to star in a porn film. The devil is still alive and well on planet earth..

It is a sad that many many medical employees still care about only their own good welfare …

and all medical employees should have flu shots too, they should be mandatory for all health care workers or they do not have to go to work..

Now Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to show us, Canadians, respect and transparency! We oppose and hate secret Canadian government actions rightfuly too

Stephen Harper’s Indian motorcade includes at least two Canadian-shipped armoured cars shows his disrespect to India and taxpayers..

All you have to do is to read and hear the Canadian new and you will know continually how the incompetent, pretentious the federal, provincial and municipal governments are and how they now do a realy bad job of managing our tax dollars, and our civil and public servants and thus you will thus never be surprised as to why a major significant portion of your hard earned money continues wrongfully to go to taxes even under the new Conservative government. Putting more of your tax dollars to cover the poor , pretentious, inadequate work of our politicians, civil and public savants is a continual waste, an attempt to fill a bucket full of large draining holes.

Look at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s  political and economic management skills, for when we hear for decades of vast political, economic corruptions in many provinces, cities going on for decades like the previous Liberal giving out taxpayers money on infrastructure projects that lacked adequate accountability and they even lack falsely project managements divisions.

Quebec For decades, the Mafia and their friends have been pulling at the teats, taking the cream from rigged government contracts while politicians look the other way and highways crumble. But Quebecers have had enough, and the government of Jean Charest was still next  forced to take on the five per cent men who dip their beaks in every tarpot in the province. The public has taken notice because of the work of Quebec journalists, who have aggressively exposed corruption, putting withering pressure on see-no-evil politicians. Andre Noel and Andre Cedilot have been covering Montreal’s Mafia since the early 1990s.

None of the abuse of the taxpayers money is ever acceptable and any major abuse should not be only grounds for one’s dismisal from one’s job but it should also be a criminal, jailing offence always too….

You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors, from police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers  who say that bad people, bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. The hypocrtical police tend not to believe that bad cons can be helped only bad cops… and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too..



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November 3, 2012

check out the seriously very large amount of alcohol consumption that was, is being carried out at the Montreal city hall

Did you check out the serious very large amount of alcohol consumption that was, is being carried out at the Montreal city hall where there is vast corruptions as well.  Taxpayers paid now as well..   Did you get your share?
By the way my most popular posts include the opposition to   alcohol consumption at taxpayers expense….

The latest testimony of a clearly incompetent, Gilles Vezina, a City of Montreal supervisor,  who admitted he tooks bribes since the 1960’s,  claims now still that he did not know that his employees as they had already admitted  were corrupt, at the Charbonneau Commission, he admitted that  the construction firms  routinely took him a senior manager within Montreal City Hall’s engineering  department out to dinner, and that on occasion entrepreneurs would offer him    wine, about 30 bottles a year which were  delivered to his home or office. Two of Vezina’s employees, engineers Luc Leclerc and Gilles Surprenant, have  already testified that between them they accepted more than one million dollars  in bribes in exchange for inflating contracts.

Yves Themens  a corrupt civil servant during his testimony at  the Charbonneau Commission  admitted that he accepted bottles of wine, hockey ticket, and golf trips from  contractors.  Michel Paquette, also  confirmed the constant gifts of wine and diners. And no matter how often Themens said he didn’t receive any bribes, it was obvious  Judge Charbonneau refused to believe him. As a supervisor, Themens should have  known something was wrong she said.

Just the tip of the icebrg, and how many more bad persons likethem  there now too. Here’s a good, great  idea.

1) Get some external auditors and number-crunchers together in a room to calculate all of the millions of tax dollars that Union Montreal stole from tax payers (probably in the billions).

2) Calculate that amount and spread it over the next couple of years as a percentage deduction that Montreal tax payers do not have to pay to the city.

3) send the city hall crooks to jial for tax evasion even

Additional Federal controls ( no Provincial ones yet?) were added to the Directive on the Management of Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences, which was introduced in 2011, to ensure the most cost-effective measures are adopted,  In additional to ministerial approval for events that cost more than $25,000, ministers will also be required to approve events that cost less than $25,000 if alcohol is served, entertainment will be provided, hospitality or entertainment will be provided to spouse or a person accompanying an event participant, or for hospitality honouring a distinguished Canadian. Read more:

and what will happen if the Minister is an alcoholic like so many are..

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians, civil and public servants  as well.. Self regulation does not  work too..
Here is what I know for sure in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians now as well..
We need to also stop electing liars and alcoholics too.. be for certain there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant, and that there is a direct correlation between the people who are heavy alcohol users.. that they are the same persons who will also take bad drugs… and they will also be the same persons who also now do cheat , lie, steal, commit tax evasions.. as they have no solid morality
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included are always to be exemplary in behavior, conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary judged, prosecuted for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too. “In the case of police, it is in everyone’s best interest that there is full, effective, independent, transparent and objective oversight. It goes without saying that an absence of effective oversight will inevitably result in the erosion of the community’s confidence .
Always remember that a   good name is worth more than silver and gold, and a tarnished one cannot be accepted.. it is a clear loser and not a winner.
(Gal 5:19 KJV) Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Politicians, civil and Public servants Pigging out, living high on the hog, or getting drunk and patronistic hiring practices, are clearly an unacceptable abuse.
It seems that 70 percent of the adults drink alcohol in Canada too but 100 percent of them claim to be non alcoholics? civil and public servants included, and where do all of the many drunk drivers, alcoholics come from now too? For the civil and public servants all you have to do is look at their expenses accounts, see how much they charged us for booze and that will quickly show us all whether they really are alcoholics or not for a start. Few alcoholics will admit they are alcoholics just as few persons will admit they practice tax evasion as well. Drunk drivers still cause most of the car accidents but the police prefer to go after speeding tickets, it is easier to to get the speeders.. and very profitable, sadly it also ties up our courts with the mostly unnecessary cases too.
If you are an alcoholic  you should be immediately fired from your job, even if you are an MP, Senator, or an MPP, MLA, a cop , civil and public servant.
So rightfully do Fire all the drunks, alcoholics, tax payer money abusers in the government firstly too. Seriously in the selection of the new political candidates for federal and provincial elections, and senator snow it would be nice also if each of the political party does also asks their people how often do they visit the bars and drink? how many martini’s they do have at lunch time? do they eat at very expensive restaurants too? do they entertain their friends on their companies, departmental expense accounts? or have they ever padded, falsified their own expenses accounts” all too just for a start.. and do they lie to others too often too?
Now the Provincial Governments, tend to now want to to reduce gambling or alcohol consumption for it is a great money maker for them, and too many Canadian politicians and cops do like to booze.. The problem with the Police or Politicians consuming too much alcohol, is that alcohol not only makes you a mental retard cause it does now kills your brain cell, alcohol also kills your emotions of compassion, and reasoning ability now as well..
Alcohol is too readily available even in governmental functions, Provincial and Municipal Governments 


The governments double speak, lying engines are at work

1. It’s not Ministers’ or any Civil or the Public Servants servants’ fault.

2. It’s not at all the governments’ fault.

3. It’s all nobodies’ fault.

And a  Liberal  alcoholic politician is now just as bad as a New Conservative alcoholic politician firstly.. and lies just as much..
It seems we have too many cheats, thieves, liars, alcoholics, adulterers for cops and for politicians, civil and public servants  still in Canada.. for basically there is no such thing as a little bit pregnant, it seens you are basically honest or merely another crook…
1 Peter 5 :8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your  adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may  devour:9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions  are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.10 But the God of all  grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye  have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you. 11 To  him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
Our Canadian Christian evangelical Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes an essential stop at the Irish Guinness brewery, he sure has fooled all those fundamental western Christians who voted from him cause they had been lied to that he was an Christian evangelical abstainer

October 29, 2012

It seems undeniable and still very unacceptable that the Mayor of Montreal was dirty.

Many do still think the Montreal mayor and his party were corrupt.. The city of Montreal Citizens have to ride on streets full of potholes cause there was, is no money to repair them, even cause millions and millions of dollars for decades too  was stolen by City hall contractors, city hall, and city hall employees.. and the SQ arrest just 17 people linked to construction industry for tax fraud, gangsterism?  Dream on.. yet loads of persons were involved in stealing the taxpayer’s money .  Much too little and much too late too. and how  many persons now did the Canadian federal government get for tax evasions now  too? and why not


Quebec too has always wrongfuly been soft on what collared abuses, crimes. Tip of the icberg too.. So far former Montreal city engineers have admitted taking $1.2 MILLION in bribes.  For a decade Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay knew it all about the corruptions and did not much good about it… It was obvious also that he the Mayor wrongfully was in no hurry to stop any of it.. fire him. Mayor should resign as well as his whole clearly crooked party now.. and go to Jail. Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay turned a blind eye to illegal campaign financing taking place in his party, due solely to money? Montreal’s embattled mayor cancels events; says nobody’s listening to him anymore. While Montreal contractors and the too often bad politicians, civil and public servants allowed tax payer’s money abuses.  Montrealers next are paying for it all even more with a new mortgage on corruption and it’s scandalous city hall managers. At the Charbonneau Commission a second engineer testifies that kickbacks gifts and money kept adding up. Montreal mayor seems nuts to be deny city hall rot. Montreal’s mayor’s administration comes under heat from many calling for his resignation. Our apologies that all politicians Canada wide that their greed has muzzled the much needed scrutiny of even Quebec’s politicians. Dear news editors do remind us that the RCMP and the federal government too now did nothing about the Quebec’s city halls corruptions.Loto-Québec Pierre Bibeau named at corruption inquiry takes sick leave should be fired Canada Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt also on sick leave amid a series of raids by investigators.  Mme Marois, can you also now investigate the typical corruptions within the STM.


Records obtained by CBC News appear to indicate the campaign of federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue deposited a single cheque from a company in his province, but wrote separate receipts to the board members for the donation   


So what the Federal Conservatives cook the books like the Lieberals. Just the tip of the iceberg, Much more review needed here, Follow the money … follow the contracts, follow the Conservative political appointments. Harper’s  paraded into office in 2006  to be far more honest, transparent and accountable than the Liberals, he lied.. Seems they are all corrupt to the core in Canada,  no honor amongst thieves’ or the Conservative Party with  realy  hard proof that the rules were clearly broken by the Federal Conservative, real  Consequences and accountability needed.  Next excuses, deflection, blame somebody else, conspiracy, unrelated distractions, and sweeping under the rug by Harper?


Meanwhile Greedy, much disliked Bell falsely continues to flog a dead horse trying to price gouge all of it’s customers and the rich Conservative supporter Jacobson admits to knowingly laundering money obtained from the illegal sale of controlled substances. Toronto corruptions is done more under the Table for decades, while Quebec Corruption is more in the open, transparent. Second Montreal engineer admits taking cash bribes and Corruptions exists not only in Quebec but in all provinces for decades. Now can you really trust anyone who gives or receives such large political donations.. of course not.. What Rich Alberta now really cannot afford to pay for the University of Calgary Calgary’s McMahon Stadium for improvements costs? Cyber bullying needs more attention, justice ministers say means It needs more real jail prosecutions still. New anti-corruption bill bill will force businesses that seek public contracts to have their integrity checked so the Opposition threatens to take down Marois’ government after inaugural address and replace it with what.. ongoing corruptions? New immigration rules will not ease Alberta labour crunch High cost of Alberta living makes all that impossible still.. Calgary and Edmontom still lead the country in divorces, drug usage too? They still do not have any factories in Alberta and no low cost electricity to run them too? Albertan seniors next do even move out of the province cause the rents are too high.. If you Live in Canada Hidden taxes and corruption are both going up too.. Even Rich Calgary still has loads of hidden taxes.. many people gouged for more too. Find the crooks in Alberta too now just follow the money trail.. Black, a top Alberta Tory fundraiser and the party’s former finance vice-president, also lived high on the hog.. What even Canada’s Senators still live high on the hog? what about real heavy penalties on Conseravtive  politicians who abuse taxpayer’s money still. Note that the liars and crooks will wrongfully blame anyone but themselves.. Too many of our governmental employees sit on everything, send them to the US for real justice No wrongdoing in BC ambulance death, Eastern Health says so but let us face it that is the false norm, deny any guilt. Teen accuses the Montreal police of their much too common racial profiling while an Ontario police officer pleads guilty to exporting steroids only after he was caught but what about the much to many other bad cops Canada wide now too? We are too often now reminded that even Conrad Black was convicted in the US, sadly not in Canada? Why? STM launches internal investigation after Montreal Woman was punched and told ‘Go back to your country’ A Montreal Visitor was Unable to buy a ticket to ride Montreal’s metro system because he didn’t speak French. Quebec’s shame! Leave the PQ politics at home and do your jobs which includes treating all STM clients with courtesy and respect. Printed newspaper Publishers are still going the way of the dinosaurs.. More Money cannot buy a lost good reputation even for the Loser Obama. Even Obama will lose his Re-election SINCE HE NOW ALSO HAS BEEN HATED NOW BY SO MANY


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois guilty of contempt of court  Fire the judge.. crooked  cops, crooked mayors  and crooked politicans get off Scott free but not a student who wanted free education…


“Martin Dumont, a former Union Montréal fundraiser, testified that he never saw enormous amounts of cash at party headquarters – except for one day in 2004 when his boss, Mr. Trépanier, called him into his office for help. He needed a hand closing a safe (60 by 60 by 60 centimetres in volume) with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash spilling out of it, Mr. Dumont said. The bills were no ordinary fives, 10s or 20s according to Mr. Dumont, who often collected such denominations at spaghetti dinners and membership drives. “It was full, but I was particularly struck by the colours of the bills. Red, brown, pink,” he said. “He took out a few stacks and put them in his jacket. … I was shaken. I was nervous, and I made a joke he should change safes. Two weeks later, he got a bigger safe.”

Mr. Dumont moved on to federal politics a short time later, where he went to work for the Conservative government as a policy adviser.

Mr. Dumont, also described a cosy relationship between the mayor and the construction magnates who, the inquiry has heard, colluded on Montreal construction contracts to inflate prices and pocket millions, while kicking back money to the mayor’s party and corrupt officials.  In advance of a referendum to undo part of Montreal’s amalgamation, 14 of those construction and civil engineering bosses donated $10,000 each for a private encounter with the mayor, who they addressed as “Gérald.” They praised the way “jobs were being split up” in the newly amalgamated city under Mr. Tremblay’s watch. Quebec’s strict fundraising laws didn’t apply to the referendum campaign, Mr. Dumont said.

In another revelation damaging to the mayor, Élio Pagliarulo, a former associate of construction boss Paolo Catania, said he assembled $300,000 in cash in 2006 from a loan-sharking business he ran with Mr. Catania to pay off Mr. Zampino, then the head of Mr. Tremblay’s executive committee.”


“The PQ demanded Thursday that the Liberals apologize for their stalling tactics and set up their own internal inquiry to investigate allegations of dubious ties with construction firms and questionable fundraising tactics. “They could have taken the decision to create a commission of inquiry three years ago,” Ms. Marois said. “They didn’t do it. They are partly responsible for what is happening.” ”


“Quebeckers often joke about the fact that Montreal has vastly more elected officials than most any city in North America, but the province’s corruption inquiry has heard that this army of councillors and mayors went most of a decade without once directly questioning the city’s corrupt engineering department. Retired city engineer Gilles Surprenant said on Tuesday that a system he helped build to skim hundreds of millions of dollars off construction contracts using fictitious justifications for spiralling costs was an “open secret” at city hall. “It was never questioned,” said Mr. Surprenant, who walked the inquiry through part of the 91 contracts he helped fix, bringing him more than $600,000 in bribes. While Mr. Surprenant said he took the occasional cash kickback from 1990 to 2000, he testified that a fully integrated system of bribery and collusion took hold in 2000 and persisted until 2008 “


“An engineer on the take who helped construct a well-oiled system of bribes and bid-rigging that operated in plain view in Montreal has revealed at least two factors that allowed it all to happen: Some superiors were taking part, and those who weren’t asked no questions. During his 33 years as a city engineer who designed hundreds of millions of dollars in sewer and water projects, Gilles Surprenant said he met with an auditor exactly once for a 10-minute conversation on a matter he could not recall”


and why did the Police not know about anyof this when they have a police station across the city hall even?

see also


October 25, 2012

A step in the right direction in Quebec now too

 Everyone can and should be held accountable even for their acts and their words now too.. no matter who you are too. We all tend to know by now that the crooks on their own do falsely  deny any guilt or wrong doings now  too. Water unrestrained runs down hill, so do self supervised Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Cops, Mayors, Civil and Public Servants, RCMP,  Business persons  now too..  and self supervision does not work as  it tends to be only masturbation and not the real thing still too. The existing justice system has been the subject of persistent criticism from those who charge  that even the police are biased in favour of their fellow officers, establishment  and there is no  guarantee of impartiality, fairness. Civil liberty groups, student federations and social, human rights  activists have been rightfully calling even for an open,  full public inquiry into what they call excessive force against the Quebec Students by the police last spring and summer. An estimated 3,000 people were arrested or abused  during more than four months of widespread Quebec protests, social unrest.


“We are committed to setting up an independent mechanism of inquiry that will probe into incidents involving the police,” “I have to examine whether the existing system can respond to the two objectives: that those police officers who performed reprehensible acts be punished, and to re-establish public confidence in our police forces … and restore the image unduly tarnished last spring,”  .Mr. Bergeron said. The Quebec government plans to create an independent body to investigate incidents involving police. Public Security Minister Stéphane Bergeron confirmed Wednesday that “in the following weeks,” the ruling Parti Québécois would follow through on its pledge to assemble a civilian police oversight agency. Currently, investigations into incidents involving police that result in serious injury or death are handled by officers from another force.But having “police investigate police” has been strongly denounced by the Quebec Human Rights Commission and the provincial ombudsman. Several other provinces have independent police oversight bodies, though some of them are staffed by current or former police officers. Ontario has one for serious incidents and another for less-grave cases, while Alberta and British Columbia also have agencies.


Quebec’s cops for the last 50 years too now  have always been as bad as our Quebec Politicians..
Many people also  still do know what their cities and their provinces   are realy like too.. so let’s not just say that Quebec and Montreal are dirtier over  the other major cites, and provinces… or the cops any better..
And do not forget the Federal Conservatives. You know, the people who had  claimed many years ago they were going to clean up Ottawa and end entitlements and misspending and were going to show us all a better way.. and now next  they did the same bad thing as all the others.. they even falsely still refuse to be accountiable for their expense accounts .. they clearly also  now have  much too many unacceptable liars still


do see

October 20, 2012

It is an understatement to say many are disgusted with the corruptions in the Canadian governments

“MONTREAL— Michael Applebaum, the head of the city’s powerful executive  committee, was clear on Friday morning, saying he was “disgusted” by Gilles  Surprenant’s testimony at the Charbonneau Commission. An engineer for the city, Surprenant was responsible for preparing plans and  budget for construction contracts. He admitted to rigging projects for nearly 20  years, netting $600,000 worth of bribes while doing so.”  “Montreal’s political elite ‘disgusted’. I would think that being disgusted at this point is a bit too late! Mr TPS at the Montreal city hall had  been collecting kickbacks, undisturbed, for 20 years.” How stupid do they all think we citizens now realy are? ” This corruption mess goes WAYYYYYYYY beyond Montreal’s Mayor Tremblay and his team, subordinates for sure and for decades now too. But he Tremblay should be made an example of –  JAIL”  “Does Applebaum think the citizens believe that the corruption exists and stops with only  this dummy. What for 20 years no one was suspicious of Gilles  Surprenant’s behaviors, incomes, not even his associates, secretaries? Impossible.  Montreal City hall was too busy prosecuting citizens for parking violations, working hard at revenue more generation and not working at all  to reduce the taxpayer’s costs..  Other mayors and their subordinates clearly have been  corrupted now as well..  “The corruption is not only in construction, it is in the courts too as  People  paying their lawyers large sums of money (cash) to avoid jail sentences?”  The  governments behaviour has clearly been  disgusting even in all of this. Some of the media Falsey trying to Distract the public rather with more stories on evil student protesters and language  laws! Bell’s objection to the CRTC decision will not work.   The PM and the RCMP even here  should be forced to step in and setup a team of investigators, and deal with all the corruptions, criminals now too. The rest of the Bad Guys think they are got away but many already know who they are and have little respect for them too.

Read more:

Quebec’s cops for the last 50 years too now  have always been as bad as our Quebec Politicians..
Many people also  still do know what their cities and their provinces   are realy like too.. so let’s not just say that Quebec and Montreal are dirtier over  the other major cites, and provinces… or the cops any better..
And do not forget the Federal Conservatives. You know, the people who had  claimed many years ago they were going to clean up Ottawa and end entitlements and misspending and were going to show us all a better way.. and now next  they did the same bad thing as all the others.. they even falsely still refuse to be accountiable for their expense accounts .. they clearly also  now have  much too many unacceptable liars still

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January 7, 2010

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “naked self interest.”

Prorogation?or rather more likley provocation! It is widely felt that Stephen Harper is shirking his responsibilities to avoid difficult questions regarding the Afghan detainees. In what a pollster called a “stunning turnaround,” Canada’s ruling Conservatives are now barely ahead of the opposition Liberals three months after having enjoyed a 15-point lead. “The movements in public opinion seem to be driven more by repulsion to Conservative tactics than attraction to Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party,”
“Canadians clearly see the anti-democratic nature of this crass political move to dodge accountability on several fronts: worsening economic news and torture inquiries. They clearly see Harper’s pattern of contempt for parliament and its committees; when the going gets tough [last year, this year], Harper prorogues parliament. This much we can count on. He has reneged on EVERY political principle and promise he promoted as a Reform / Alliance leader. His only goal is power and he is willing to sacrifice everything to get it, including fundamental respect for our democracy”.” “I certainly have no love for the Liberals but the thought of Dictator Harper getting a majority terrifies me.:: I’m no big fan of the Liberals but, I’ll be glad to see the Conservatives gone.”
The CANADIAN conservative federal government itself rarely it seems takes the proper lead, leadership now too. Prime Minister Stephen  Harper has never formed a majority government yet Canada’s prime Minister himself Stephen  Harper,  Harper has been drooling for his majority now for many  years, the leader claims to have a majority government and he now disregards the majority of the Members of Parliament, and the citizens of Canada’s wishes, desires too,  he is still  running his minority Parliament as if he were the leader of a majority, tends to bury religious beliefs to win a hopeful real majority government not surprisingly thus  failed again in an attempt to  win a majority government.  As we are well aware, mo one is are not going to form a majority federal government with the majority support of the citizens of both Quebec and Ontario also now. You next cannot hope to have a majority government as Harper keeps on finding by failing to look after the good welfare of all the citizens of Canada. Beating on minorities really doesn’t make a majority government more   possible. Harper fools only his own supporters as to what he is realy like, a bad Prime Minister who discrimnates, shows false partiality, gives jobs to his friends.

Dictatorial Recalibration Prorogation reduces  PM Stephen Haper’s  support in Canada. Taxpayers are really upset that they pay good money for the expenses of the rather pretentious, useless, unemployed members of parliament.. “Why should the MPs get a holiday for the Olympics while the rest of us Canadians continue to work our butts off? Shame on you, Harper!” “I’m not an Ignatieff fan, but Harper has got to go. We have to stand up for democracy if nothing else. ” I don’t understand the tit for tat come back “O but chretien did this” Yes he did, but he also had something that Harper will never have, a Majority!
Majority condemn Harper move, poll finds Toronto Star Prime Minister Stephen Harper has put the brakes on Parliament for the second time in 12 months. OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper was wrong to suspend Parliament for what many Canadians believe were selfish reasons, according to poll done for the …  
“ Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to have Parliament suspended “a real disrespect for democracy”,” simply wrong” and said it stops the “good work” Ottawa was doing.
Voter anger over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to have Parliament prorogued is costing the government heavily in public support. The Conservatives, who were flirting with majority-government popularity in the fall, are suddenly tied with the Liberals, or headed in that direction, according to two polls released .  A poll by The Strategic Counsel shows the Conservatives with 31-per-cent support, a full 10 points down from October, when the firm last polled voters
“Let Prime Minister Stephen Harper reflect on this protest, and on the fate of Charles I, who also tried to do without Parliament”. Robert Tittler Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus Concordia University Montreal
Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper  has clearly stepped into the manure with his latest fiasco too..  OTTAWA – The Economist, the influential British magazine that once deemed Canada “rather cool” and later dubbed former prime minister Paul Martin as Mister Dithers, is not amused by Stephen Harper’s recent parliamentary tactics.  The magazine’s print edition has published both a critical story about the suspension of Parliament and a scathing editorial denouncing what it calls Harper’s “naked self interest.”  The editorial likens Canadian ministers to hapless former U.S. president Gerald Ford “who could not walk and chew gum at the same time.”  Harper’s government, says the magazine, “cannot apparently cope with Parliament’s deliberations while dealing with the country’s economic troubles and the challenge of hosting the Winter Olympic games.”  It suggests, tongue in cheek, that Harper should simply shut down Parliament altogether until the economy is running at full throttle.  The editorial opines that Harper may in fact be correct that “Canadians care more about the luge than the legislature, but that is surely true only while their decent system of government is in good hands” – and Canadians “may soon conclude that it isn’t.”
Harper government draws fire for suspending Parliament  and how many times have I rightfully said that the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s managerial skills are one step forward and two steps backwards, and I can always count on him to shoot himself and his party in the foot.
Canadians Against the Proroguing of Parliament:  

The” Eh! Oh! Canada Go!” chant is a national embarrassmentDon’t listen to any of the detractors, participating in protest through social media can and does make a difference. Each of these groups are dedicated to expressing resentment for an elitist oligarchy thinking they can subvert the will of Canadians. Prime Minister Harper and the Pepsi Corporation are both banking on your apathy. Social Media can help the truth cut through the Conservative spin. The anti-prorogation facebook groups, twitter and blogs are helping keep the story of Prime Minister Harper’s erosion of Canadian Democracy front and centre in the mainstream media.

PM Harper was hoping that people wouldn’t care because of the holidays, hockey and the Vancouver Olympics. Stephen Harper has now been criticized in the Economist and the Guardian. The Prime Minister doesn’t want people to realize that he is cowering behind obscure parliamentary procedure, thankfully social media has drawn national and international attention to his scurrilous actions.

If you have facebook I strongly recommend joining both of these groups and reading as many articles as possible on the Harper Holiday. Kady O’Malley has a great article where she catalogues which bills will be killed by Prime Minister Harper’s suspension of parliament. This is a very important fact that all Canadians should be made aware of. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly accused Liberal Senators of “stalling” his regressive and harmful “crime” billa (or “Doing their job by providing oversight” as a truthful person would say.) The PM still has gall to make this assertion even though his unilateral decision to suspend parliament killed 57% of the legislation passed during the last parliamentary session. The Liberals will be going back to work in Ottawa on January 25th. My hope is that this wont be a stunt but a sincere attempt by Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party to lay out their plan for Canada to the Canadian people.

Send the “Do Nothing Conservative Government” and Prime Minister Harper a message by joining the Anti-Prorogation Facebook Group!

Empty House makes for angry Canadians Interlake Spectator – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March has been met with about as much hostility as it can take, and about as much as
Why 2010 might not be a lucky year for Tories Globe and Mail (blog)

Using courts to enforce ideology Toronto Star Greens see red over prorogued Parliament Northumberland Today


Montreal Gazette – Sault Star
We now  know all can tell that Parliament is closed for a holiday because the New federal Conservative Canadian  Government even their local constituent offices do not bother to acknowledge emails, letters send to them including ; ; ; ; all while they all still do even get paid for it too.. or what they too do need PM Stephen Harper’s permission to do so as well?

How the Olympic flame could burn Stephen Harper  Globe and Mail (blog)   ‎Jan 15, 2010‎Three leading national opinion polls – EKOS yesterday, Strategic Counsel a day before and now Harris-Decima – show Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Mr.

Prorogation tightens gap between Tories, Liberals Adam Dodek: A tale of two prorogations National Post (blog)

Sudbury Star – PEJ News

Shhhh! Stephen Harper is ‘recalibrating’ Globe and Mail – ‎Jan 8, 2010‎Twice during his interview with Peter Mansbridge, Stephen Harper used the word “recalibrate” to describe what the Prime Minister planned to do now that he’s



Travers: Why quiet is good for Stephen Harper Toronto Star


Harper has one thing going for him: Ignatieff Montreal Gazette


Globe and Mail – Globe and Mail



Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 4:31 PM
 Subject: Stephen Harper shuts down Parliament

On behalf of Michael Ignatieff, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament.

The Conservatives have forced the shutdown of Parliament to avoid accountability for their handling and cover-up of the Afghan detainee torture controversy.  This is just the latest example in a consistent pattern of cynical behaviour by Mr. Harper – whenever he gets into political trouble, his first impulse is to steamroll over democratic institutions that get in the way.

Now, the Conservatives are trying to hide behind the Vancouver Olympics as an excuse for stifling dissent, even though other democratic host nations continued to have functioning Parliaments right up to or during their Games – including Canada in 1988.

The fact is Canadians care about the health of their democracy, their Parliament and how they are governed.

The sooner the House comes back, the better.  In the meantime, while the Conservatives are taking an extended vacation, Liberals are working. 

Next week, Michael Ignatieff will go on a cross-Canada tour to college and university campuses in order to engage our next generation of leaders in an exchange of ideas for building a more prosperous and fair Canada.

On January 25, when Parliament should have resumed, Liberal MPs will be back at work in Ottawa – hosting working sessions on the issues Canadians care about.

Please find a link to a copy of an op-ed that Michael has written regarding the shut down of Parliament:

Thank you for taking the time to write to the Leader of the Opposition.


The Office of Michael Ignatieff, MP
Leader of the Official Opposition

Websites of Interest:

QUEBEC, ONTARIO AND Nova Scotia premier says provinces must be consulted on Senate reformThe Canadian Press –  The NDP premier says he’s worried that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s renewed focus on revamping the upper chamber will be unilateral.

A bad Liberal is the same as a bad Conservative now still too,,

 OTTAWA — Parliament’s ethics commissioner has dropped an investigation into allegations by a Liberal MP that the federal government used taxpayer dollars for advertising programs that were thinly disguised attempts to promote the Conservative party.  Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson concluded in a “discontinuance report” released Wednesday that federal conflict-of-interest legislation did not apply in the context of a complaint made by Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay.  “This decision flies in the face of the very purpose of the Conflict of Interest Act,” Hall Findlay responded Wednesday.  “We are concerned that the ethics commissioner is constrained by the current atmosphere of intimidation by the Prime Minister’s Office. The commissioner declined to pursue this matter based entirely on a technicality. She has not addressed any of the substance of the allegation.”
The biggest hoax and cruelty of the last decade in Canada was played upon us all by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the new Conservatives themselves who had initially promised to be fiscal responsible, open, transparent and who rather quickly degenerated to lieberal themselves .and almost all of us know can, see. It sill becomes too apparently clear with anyone who encounters, deals with the governments, civil and public servants, functionaries, at the federal, provincial, municipal levels, Medicare included now, that the related wastes, losses unnecessary are amounting up to 60 percent of the tax payers money too often. Better management can easily recover most of this waste and allow a much needed 30 percent increase of support to the poor and needy persons, seniors  who wrongfully are being robbed, deprived of their much needed aid, assistance,  help because of the pretentious, incompetent governments. This unnecessary cruel, despotic waste can be recovered by better management of all the resources, since “management” is clearly a mostly non existent  act in the governments of Canada today, the only thing  mostly our wasteful, incompetent, immoral politicians seem able to do is to raise more taxes falsely now too. Unacceptable as well.

January 6, 2010

Amen to that! A Politician jailed


Ex-N.L. cabinet minister Jim Walsh gets 22 months in jail in spending scandal The Canadian Press –  ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Bankrupt and with his reputation in ruins, a once prominent Newfoundland and Labrador politician was led from court in handcuffs to start a 22-month jail term for fraud. Former Liberal cabinet minister Jim Walsh was sentenced Wednesday and ordered to repay $144,000 for his role in the province’s constituency allowance spending scandal.  The sentence of 22 months for fraud over $5,000 and one year for breach of trust, to be served concurrently, didn’t play the middle ground. The prosecution had requested at least 18 months in jail, while the defence argued for six to nine months.  Walsh “abused his position” as a privileged politician and used it for his own benefit rather than the public good, provincial court Judge David Orr said.  “He has never taken responsibility for his actions.”  Walsh was convicted last month of overspending his constituency allowance by $159,317 between 1999 and 2004. He was acquitted on a charge of influence peddling after Orr cited a lack of credible evidence.  Defrauding the government, the judge said, is equivalent to stealing from citizens.  Walsh is among four former politicians from all parties to be ensnared in a scheme that shook political foundations in the province.  In 2006, the provincial auditor general raised alarms about spending by the four men from their taxpayer-funded constituency allowances. The claims in question totalled about $1 million. Such funds are meant for expenses such as office rentals, supplies and miscellaneous costs

It took Newfoundland And Labrador to set forth an accountability standard even over the FEDERAL Conservative PM Stephen Harper now too

Now there are many other Canadian politicians at the federal, provincial municipal levels who should also join him ASAP, and quite a few crooked corporate executives, even bad Hospital administrators, bad cops, bad RCMP  and bad civil and bad public servants now too

October 11, 2009

in BC also demand resignations, terminations

Dr. Jonathan Burns, head of Pixalere Health Care,  in RCMP probe gets $320,000 annually. The RCMP alleges that Burns bribed two provincial health-care bureaucrats in the process of getting the Pixalere adopted for use. The RCMP also allege former Fraser Health Authority manager James Roy Taylor allowed Burns to fraudulently submit more than $500,000 in invoices while the Pixalere was being tested, in return for a $70,000-a-year job for Taylor’s wife and free use of the Kelowna condo. There is nothing lower than a corrupt public official. Insider information, Unfair and restrictive trade practices, double billing and much more…There is corruption at every level of government where money is involved. The citizens get told their health care must be cut and meanwhile the executives are busy lining their pockets. He and his insider chums should be sued, if necesssary, to recover all the monies they have skimmed from this province over the years. I don’t believe that any senior B.C. government bureaucrat necessarily knows even the meaning of the word “ethics”, Dr. Burns certainly should. .
 It’s time to pry off the greedy fingers off what is left in BC and demand some resignations! The fact that this creep was hired after already being found guilty of fraud is disgusting!  It only shows how corrupt those in control really are.  And that would include the Campbell government.   “two years’ night-time house arrest for fraudulently pocketing more than $40,000 while president of the White Rock Sea Festival” …so this thief steals $40,000 and then is “punished” by having to sleep in his own bed at night… these health boards are nothing but high paying jobs for the liberals friends. we don’t need them.
All of this is just the tip of the icebergs, it seems when it comes to computer vendors, computer consultants the mostly immoral persons surface, and get the jobs Canada wide as well, Ontario included now,  and for decades in the federal, provincial, municipal  levels now too.. 0CANADA.MEDICARE (6)

By the way the government of British Columbia, Canada   is already well known for not caring about the poor people, the citizens good welfare or legal, human rights.. they seem to be self centered, selfish  and crappy.
No one in BC for sure voted for now the poorer health care or health care cuts.. destructive  measures that hurt patients, increase long-term costs and ignore the important real health issues. including now fewer surgeries and diagnostic tests, cuts to care for seniors and the addicted, reduced community programs — it’s a list of measures that reduce the level of care in the region. The people now had voted in May without knowing next the negative effects of Liberal policies.,  by the Campbell government to limit health-care funding; for these the consequences were never made mentioned at all in the recent pas  election campaign. On the the contrary. Premier Gordon Campbell promised that despite financial pressures, core services like health would be protected. These  cuts to services. That’s another  Liberal promise — an important one — broken. The health authority is also cutting grants to community organizations that deliver front-line services.  It was  dishonest for the government have promised to protect services during the election campaign.

We read continually in the news how pretentious government ministers do a bad job of managing the health care system, as well as the pretentious Hospital managers now as well. For a few years I was not getting enough looking after from the local Quebec medical establishment, while they were busy charging with their services with my health card. So I next had merely informed my main doctor that I was writing a report to the federal and provincial health minister of how I was being treated by him, and well next the doctor started to take his work seriously and to give me adequate care..

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