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December 31, 2009

PM Stephen Harper wastes taxpayer’s money again and again.


 Liberal Party radio and print ads say Prime Minister Stephen Harper has “something to hide” and that’s why he decided to shut down Parliament.  Harper government draws fire for suspending Parliament  and how many times have I rightfully said that the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s managerial skills are one step forward and two steps backwards, and I can always count on him to shoot himself and his party in the foot.  PM Stephen  Harper has to shut down Parliament costing us taxpayers their salary while they are on vacation because he says he needs to think about what to do next, clearly his leadership is  unsatisfactory. Some of the Conservative MPs have given different reasons than “resetting the agenda” – from needing a majority to senate to needing the time off to spend at the Olympics. Their Boss the PM keeps them in the dark too cause he does not trust them now as well to do the right thing so he also gives them time off from work. Everyone needs to go to work tomorrow and tell their boss that they need 2 months vacation time to set your own work schedule for the next year…. and there would be no wonder as to what your boss would say.. he would give you the pink slip.. fire you. FIRE  HARPER  RIGHTFULLY NOW TOO.


Vent outrage at your local MP Toronto Star –  People are asking what they can do to counter Stephen Harper’s decision to suspend Parliament. … Demand instead that he or she vote against the government when Parliament resumes in March and bring Harper down.

Linda Harris is unimpressed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to prorogue Parliament. Harris is one of 64,000 individuals who have joined a group on the Internet social networking site Facebook protesting the move and urging MPs to return to work as scheduled.The page, entitled Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, started Dec. 30 and has gained nation-wide attention with thousands joining each day.

Proroguing is for children (and Stephen Harper) Globe and Mail We elect these men and women to travel to Ottawa and represent us in the House of Commons. Our Parliament has been suspended for no other reason than the Prime Minister simply can’t be bothered with the relentless checks and balances that democracy affords us. He doesn’t want to have to stand in the House of Commons and hear anyone question him on any subject. The problem is, he is the one who appointed cabinet and like it or not, they are supposed to be accountable. A minister’s job is not to hide in his or her riding; it is to be accountable in Ottawa – or at least that was the promise.   This Prime Minister has gone from the promise of an open, accessible and accountable government to a government that is simply closed.

‘They’re not fooling anyone’ Globe and Mail –  If it had been just another Wednesday afternoon, Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament until the beginning of March would … Le Devoir, Manon Cornellier agreed that although “Mr. Harper has not broken any rules, [….] he nevertheless has shown a disregard for our democratic institutions.” Ms. Cornellier called Mr. Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament an attempt to avoid having to submit to the “constraints of democracy.” She accused the Prime Minister of trying to avoid “such disagreeable tasks as being accountable and transparent, and respecting the will of the majority of parliament.” Ms. Cornellier went on to contend that, if Canadians read an article about the leader of another country behaving in a similar manner, “we would conclude that the country was an autocratic state or a banana republic.”


Opposition parties object to postponement of Parliament for 2 months The Gazette (Montreal) Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided to shut down Parliament for two months, a move swiftly condemned by opposition parties as a way to halt investigations into the torture of Afghan detainees. Bloc Quebecois house leader Michel Guimond said Harper had no legitimate reason to suspend Parliament and the decision constitutes an affront to democracy.


 Readers upset with Harper government’s decision to prorogue Parliament Daily Gleaner With Harper proroguing the government for two years in a row, there is little doubt the Canadian taxpayer has paid a whole year of salaries and incidental costs for a Canadian government and a Canadian Senate which has essentially accomplished nothing.Or maybe better said, anything which was accomplished was just wiped out by Stephen Harper with the closing of government.

National Post – Toronto Sun
 Eroding democracy Hamilton Spectator – There is no doubt the Stephen Harper government’s strategic move to prorogue Parliament until after the Olympics is nothing short of self-serving. It is not about what is good for Canada, for democracy, or even for the Olympics. It is only about what Harper has decided is good for his federal Tories. Even sober second thought cannot cast a positive light on his decision to interfere with democracy
“Parliament shutdown wasteful, undemocratic   January 3, 2010   I urge all MPs to return to work on the scheduled date of Jan. 25. If the doors are locked, march right down to Rideau Hall and demand access to Parliament. This is our house. The Harper Conservatives are in defiance of the law. They seek to shut down Parliament to suppress information needed by the parliamentary committee to get to the truth behind the torture of Afghan citizens. They accuse anyone who seeks this information of failure to support the troops. No one has accused the troops of anything. Accused are Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and other political figures. All of the work currently pending in Parliament will be lost. That means we just paid top dollar for the “best and brightest” to accomplish nothing — all so Harper can attend the Olympics and no one can ask questions about the degradation of our democracy, the continued concentration of power in the Prime Minister’s Office, the corruption of the RCMP and the throttling of freedom of information. Kim Poirier Victoria”

“It’s almost despotic,” Tories trying to ‘shut down democracy,’ “Three times in three years and twice within one year, the prime minister takes this extraordinary step to muzzle Parliament. This time it’s a cover-up of what the Conservatives knew, and when they knew it, about torture in Afghanistan. So their solution is not to answer the questions but, rather, to padlock Parliament and shut down democracy.” Liberal MP Goodale says.. What a bunch of manipulative cowards.  Proroguing parliament until March? Unbelievable and certainly not in the interest of the country. But since when did this government do anything in the interest of the country? They only look out for themselves and their friends in high places (i.e. big business). Harper He is over due for a permanent Vacation.  He makes the mere mention of the word Democracy sound dirty.



For the second time in 12 months, Stephen Harper is successfully brushing aside an inconvenient, embarrassing opposition  Parliament. Last year it was suspended to save his government from the almost certain coalition defeat. Now it’s to provide paid view of  the winter games, the  Vancouver Olympics but more  basically   to obstruct the further parliamentary probing of the very politically damaging Afghanistan prisoner abuse. The Prime Minister won’t be facing those very  awkward questions anytime soon.

Harper simply telephoned his own puppet, the person he hired, the pretentious Governor-General Michaëlle Jean with his next granted prorogue request and so our  Parliament will be closed for much of 2010’s first quarter, proving that Harper’s  own standards of parliamentary  accountability and democracy are a big, unacceptable sham too……

Canada’s minority government Prime Minister Stephen Harper is too happy to play games with the taxpayer’s money and Parliament, for while he now shuts down the opposition for a few months again, note this they all still do get paid, for restaurants, their travelling, their too  often phony expenses..

and imagine that  free  all paid vacations 5 months  happening next  in the private sector too? Never you say? Why do you all allow it in Ottawa then?

Grassroots fury greets shuttered Parliament Toronto Star -OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament for the next two months is facing a growing public uprising, which is building on social networks across Canada and is set to spill over in dozens of protest rallies this month.

20000 join anti-prorogation Facebook group

Prorogation won’t halt bill to scrap gun registry

Globe and Mail – The Barrie Examiner – The Gateway Online – Cape Breton Post

Prorogue ‘slap in the face’: Rudd Belleville Intelligencer – The Liberal candidate running in Quinte West in the next federal election has slammed a move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament until March.

NDP slams Parliament suspension Peterborough Examiner

Harper’s way a ‘dark way’ Orillia Packet & Times

Edmonton Sun – Toronto Star – The Canadian Press – Sault Star

Harper prorogues Parliament, Canadians sigh –  Amidst crumpled wrapping paper, Christmas pudding and stocking stuffers, Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulled his very own Christmas cracker on Canadians …


‘Should the PM have the Power of Kings?’ – MP Hyer  Net Newsledger  In what is becoming an annual tradition, Stephen Harper has chosen to unilaterally prorogue (suspend) Parliament until March. …


This prime minister is thoroughly partisan  The Kingston Whig-Standard –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unprecedented action in proroguing Parliament for the second time in a year means that some 35 pieces of pending legislation …


Used, abused and confused: jargon ’09  Edmonton Sun  “Prorogue” was forced into Canadians’ consciousness 12 months ago, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to force Parliament to take a time out for having …


Critics say anger is growing over PM’s ‘imperial’ style Toronto Star –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to once again suspend Parliament is being regarded by critics as a self-serving attempt to sidestep opposition …


Travers: Stephen Harper’s dark democracy creates dangerous legacy  Toronto Star –  Stephen Harper understood that in opposition. As a Reformer he preached the gospel of parliamentary primacy. As a Conservative leader using memories of …


Harper undermining democracy at home Victoria Times Colonist We Canadians have spent billions bringing democracy to Afghanistan. When we asked our elected representatives to make inquiries as to exactly what was going on in Afghanistan, Stephen Harper closed Parliament. What sort of democracy is this? Harper was so contemptuous of Parliament that he stopped his MPs from even attending the committee struck to enquire about the treatment of Afghan citizens after Canadian troops handed them over to Afghan authorities. Now he has closed Parliament to stop the truth emerging. This is our country, not his private club.


Only you can stop the political plunge Victoria Times Colonist –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament for his own partisan convenience — no more nasty questions about Afghan detainees, no more challenges from a “Liberal-dominated Senate” — is shocking, but hardly surprising. It is an expression of this prime minister’s contempt not just for Parliament, but for government. So much for those urgent Tory crime measures that will die on the order paper; so much for an adult debate on the deficit, or pension reform or Afghanistan after 2011.


Will public stand for parliamentary holiday? Burnaby Now –  There’s already a perception that work in Ottawa happens at a snail’s pace, and, after last year’s prorogation to avoid a non-confidence vote, it’s looking more and more like Harper makes decisions about Parliament based on what works best for him, not for Canada. Slipping this decision in over the holiday – when many Canadians are too busy travelling or celebrating to pay much attention to the news – may have avoided some public consternation over the delay. But as the rest of the country gets back to business, the question is now being raised: Why aren’t our MPs back at work, too?


Suspending Parliament ‘deplorable’: Julian  Burnaby Now – “This is the fourth time he has shut down Parliament in four years. He seems to have a casual disregard for the work of Parliament, and the reality is he’s now killing 35 government bills in doing this,”


December 27, 2009

top Subjects read by my readers 2009


Actual  top Subjects read by my readers this year.. in order..
1 Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian  Church 
2 CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed 
3 2009 CANADIAN Political EDITORIAL -Politicians performances
4 l care.. CANADIAN HEALTH CARE issues
5 Canada’s oil sands  – Environmental
6 Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church Lawsuit
7 QUEBEC the second largest PROVINCE in Canada
8 Christian and Missionary Alliance Corporation. PM Church
9 It is getting worse for the RCMP,  RCMP ALCOHOLICS
10 swine flu – influenza A (H1N1) 
11 Speeding is not the major cause of car accidents
12 Basic Contract law related to cell phones, ISP, bad Bell
14 Skype, Magic Jack
15 Drunk driving arrests -Canada wide
16 Canadian  2009 Federal Budget- Recession  
17 Provincial Liberals no better over the Conservative
18  Stephen Harper, Conservative liars
The Canadian News Headlines  Selection of top stories below now differs from my own real site statistics. My statistics are more accurate over mere Canadian Press polls too. I have thousands of readers. And why DOES  THE Canadian Press survey AND THEIR SELECTION  DIFFER SO MUCH FROM MY SITE STATISTICS? THE Canadian Press survey It was, is just a personal survey OF EDITORS and not actual facts, or real statistics   still.. No wonder many people believe many of the big news media in Canada have lost credibility and they do not buy now their newspapers, or watch their TV news..  and why so many news media are facing great finiancial  losses too.
H1N1 flu virus voted top news story of 2009 in Canadian Press survey  was number ten on my site.  The Canadian Press  TORONTO – An influenza virus that scientists believe migrated from pigs to people before touching off a global pandemic was the runaway selection for the top Canadian news story of 2009. The H1N1 virus was chosen by 70 per cent of the newspaper editors and broadcast news directors in the annual year-end survey of newsrooms conducted by The Canadian Press.    “There isn’t a Canadian out there who isn’t affected by or interested in the virus and how it may affect their families,” said Sandy Heimlich-Hall, assistant news director at CFJC-TV in Kamloops, B.C.    “It was a coast-to-coast story that people followed with interest no matter where they lived in Canada,” agreed Lesley Sheppard, managing editor of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, in Moose Jaw, Sask.   H1N1, also known as swine flu, was the runaway pick as the issue that made the most headlines over the last year.
The inquiry into the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski, who died after being Tasered by RCMP officers at Vancouver International Airport, came a distant second with just nine per cent of the vote. But it got a lot of negative emotional reaction against the RCMP and the real, negative Consequences are still going to be felt for a lifetime too

Overall Results of the annual survey of newspaper editors and broadcasters conducted by The Canadian Press to determine Canada’s top news story of the year for 2009:

– H1N1 (swine) flu: 70 per cent

– Dziekanski inquiry: 9 per cent

– Afghanistan mission: 7 per cent

– Economy bounces back: 6 per cent

– Corruption in Montreal: 3 per cent

– Liberal party woes: 2 per cent

– NHL off-ice battles, Obama visits Canada, Olympic fever, Vancouver gang wars: all less than 1 per cent 

There are  other stories that seriously caught the a significant amount of Canadian’s interest though since my own site statistics show it too. Understandably   the mostly upper, middle class news editors tend to be out of touch with a lot of the majority poor Canadian’s concerns..

– The Conservative federal Budget and what it was doing specifically to help the unemployed..

– The CRTC hearing on Bell throttling the internet speeds.. This was the second most popular topic read on my sites.

– Divorce in the Christian Church.. was by far the most popular topic read on my sites.

– The New Entries into the Canadian Cell phone market and cell texting rip offs, related new laws

– Canada wide  Police abuse, Corruptions and the realted too often useless internal reviews

– Health care inadequacies, Shit diseases, Food poisonings, Food recall

– Equal pay for women now too


– the Ontario and BC tax grabs.. condemned by many as the biggest cash grab in the province’s history, the harmonized sales tax

– Quebec buying out New Brunswick hydro..

– The Alberta recession and the electric transmission upgrades too.

– Suspension of freedom of speech in BC during the winter Olympics

-“The Treatment of Canadians Abroad Suaad Hagi Mohamud’s despicable treatment by the Canadian High Commission in Kenya was in the headlines for weeks. When asked what Canada was doing to secure Mohamud’s return, Harper admitted that he had only recently learned about Mohamud’s case.”

“Harper’s Patronage Appointments For a man who has long expressed loathing toward patronage, Harper seems to actually delight in appointing Conservative Party apparatchiks. In 2008, Harper made at least 148 party faithful appointments to federal boards and agencies. In 2009, he continued to reward friends and insiders and even upped the ante. In November 2009, the Liberals revealed that since Harper was re-elected, he appointed 233 “former Tory MPs, cabinet ministers, campaign workers, past candidates and top donors…to the Senate, courts and government boards and agencies…” This year, Harper appointed another nine Conservative Senators (he appointed 18 Conservative Senators last December), including his former campaign chair (Doug Finley, husband of Conservative cabinet minister Diane Finley), a communications assistant (Carolyn Stewart-Olsen) and the president of the Conservative Party of Canada (Don Plett). Since December 2008, Harper has appointed 27 Senators; the most appointments in one year by any Canadian Prime Minister. Impressive for a man who once thundered: “They are ashamed the Prime Minister continues the disgraceful, undemocratic appointment of undemocratic Liberals to the undemocratic Senate to pass all too often undemocratic legislation.” (Stephen Harper, Hansard, March 7, 1996).”

“Torture of Afghan Detainees Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin testified that Canadian soldiers handed over Afghan detainees to be tortured, the Conservatives launched into personal attacks on Colvin. The Harper government next falsey smared  Colvin and denied the charges, plyus it firthermore suspended parliamentary hearings into detainee abuse (worth mentioning: Colvin states that most detainees were innocent) and had ignored a special order of Parliament to release uncensored documents pertaining to the transfer of detainees.  The Opposition MPs and commenta­tors  think Stephen Harper should fire Peter MacKay as de­fence minister for his handling of the Afghan detainee issue, but senior Tories say Mr. MacKay can relax. He’s not going to be fired,” for Stephen Harper does not apply accountability to how own. Harper needs a liar he can trust to do his dirty work


Funny but deliberate spelling mistakes and poor grammar are proven undeniable techniques to get many a readers attention and response now too.. over a politically correct, perfect grammar presentation often too.


I daily have read many news presentations and have tried to present The most accurate accounts of key, critical Canadian issues, events.. As many Canadians do also know what has too often passed on as journalism in Canada in the last year has been too often unacceptably more spins, lies, distortions, contradictory presentations and unsupported  facts, very unprofessional now too,  where different news media  media often do differ significantly in their accounts of the same event.. Just cause someone is being quoted as saying something does not make their statement a  valid truth even. A good example of this was the issue of speeding and car accidents. For a long time the news reporters in Canada were falsely quoting the police in saying that an accident was caused by speeding, when we all can know that in the majority of cases speeding is not the main cause of accidents, but rather impaired, drunken driving is the most significant factor still even Canada wide.
ANOTHER GOOD recent EXAMPLE OF FALSE SENSATIONALIZING NEW Reporting was when some some reporters tried to make a big issue over BlackBerry Users Suffer Two Outages in a Week  neglecting at the same time falsely to also now mention to all that  that in Canada Bell’s iphones, email system was also affected, and Bell’s internet services were greatly reduced..
Then you can clearly note how the various  news media do  differ on the subject of recession, Real estate and also the stock market. One news media says the recession is over and another one at the same time says it is still ongoing.. One must be a Conservative biased news media, and the other one a Liberal one. One news media says it is good time to buy a home, and others say it is dangerous, a wrong time to buy a home.. and similarly one says it is a good time to invest in the stock market and another one says it is a bad time.. of course realtors, stock brokers, loan managers, always say it is a good time to buy for that is how they make their money, even by lying, conning people to buy.
and who can you really believe these days still seems to be the main question, issue here too.
In passing the subjects surrounding   Israel and Arabs clearly still does not generate much Canadian interest..

December 26, 2009

Canadian-editorial-cartoons VI

Give them an inch and the crooks next take a mile, including bad pastors, bad civil and public servants, bad business persons, bad professionals. Now Health care, Justice, Police, Consumers affairs, are the last places I accept any of their wrong doings quietly now as well.

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that generally most people still are not to be trusted, they always do need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well. Here is what I know for sure in Canada that the proper policing, management , supervision human rights commissions are a real fact of life, in our society, in schools, life, in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too, and elsewhere, even on the net, for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws. Self regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians, pastors now as well.

for more see cartoons

October 29, 2009

B.C. solicitor general named in lawsuit

  01 BC
Cloud over Kash Heed embarrassing for Liberals Top cop withdraws from debate over complaints bill  Kash Heed doing things specifically to promote his political desires at the expense of others? No. Say it ain’t so The police profession is like a soap opera: sleaze, boozing, internal bickering, shameful misconduct, greed, corruption, sexism, racism and criminal activity. Shows like ” To Serve & Protect” only glamourize the industry and does little to shed light on their cohesive membership and inability to extricate too many undesirables and often, unsavory members miraculously get ahead in life or are promoted and West Van PD, like so many others, is a joke…….   Let me see if I have this right. Bruce investigated a drunk officer who had been drinking at a detachment with Bruce’s son. A few months later he went on “stress leave” hmmmm. Then, 18 months later, not ever coming off “stress” leave, Bruce retires and the investigation around him is dropped. Now Bruce is suing someone claiming HE was hard done by. And who pays for all of this? None of the people in the story. Isn’t this the same guy that couldn’t come to court to testify b/c of his so called post-traumatic stress disorder? Held up the proceedings for over a year wasn’t it? Getting paid full salary the whole time. Was finally ordered to court and so quit his job rather then testify! Isn’t this the guy? He should be paying the city for court costs etc! He’s a disgraced cop looking to cash in. a bunch of rich people fighting for more money from the tax payers…no better than the gangsters..
The whole Police system is unacceptable, farcical, corrupt from top to bottom..
” I find it laughable but not unexpected that Sgt. Bruce would pursue economic redress from his employers. His actions in my opinion are a sad reflection on this public service, and should be the poster child for Complete Civilian Oversight of internal police investigation given this situation. However to be fair  let us look at the facts that I have been able to find. In 2005 Const. Lisa Alford after spending the afternoon drinking with her West Vancouver Police Buddies including Staff Sgt Bruce’s son Constable Mike Bruce attempted to drive home while drunk and smashed into another vehicle. Alford, 30, blew readings of .21 and .22 — the legal limit is .08 — and pleaded guilty to drunk driving on Jan. 25. 2007; She lost her licence for 14 months and was fined $600. Despite these facts she was placed forward for promotion, an action later reversed when all the facts of this case were made evident. Const. Lisa Alford was drinking with fellow officers” In the West Vancouver Police Station” before she rear-ended a car and blew nearly three times the legal limit for alcohol. Then West Vancouver Police Department Chief Scott Armstrong said that such get-togethers involving drinking at the station were regular occurrences; In fact, he attended a few himself before banning the practice after Alford’s accident and drunk-driving charge. In 2006, Scott Armstrong was fired as chief for that admission.  In a ridiculous case of poor optics, worse judgment and a fundamental reason why greater oversight into police investigating police must be initiated; Sgt. Doug Bruce (Mike Bruce’s father) and Insp. Bob Fontaine were appointed to head up the complaint investigation into the incident. The final report to the B.C. Police Complaints Commissioner however failed to mention that Alford was drinking at the West Vancouver Police Dept. prior to the accident and she was partying with other police officers, including Staff Sgt Bruce’s son Constable Mike Bruce. B.C.’s police complaint commissioner was already investigating Const. Mike Bruce. He was accused of forging a signature on a photo line-up during a robbery investigation. He was also suspended for three days after he failed to attend a noise complaint at a Future Shop and then wrote a false report. The officer then lied when confronted about it. He later confessed when his police cruiser’s Global Positioning System was analyzed The Police Complaints Commissioner asked the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to investigate Bruce and Fontaine. The VPD found the officers allegedly breached the code of conduct. A disciplinary proceeding was ordered in February 2007 and there had been a couple of attempts to have a disciplinary proceeding occur,” said Bruce Brown, Deputy Police Complaints Commissioner. Disciplinary hearings were scheduled, however the officers simply refused to attend the three scheduled hearings, exposing a profound weakness in the police act; saving themselves the need to either; reveal the truth of the investigation or perjure themselves further. The two suddenly retired in late 2008. A public hearing regarding the allegations was called off in February when the police complaint commissioner, Dirk Ryneveld, decided his office’s jurisdiction likely would not extend to retired police officers. Their disciplinary hearings were cancelled after they retired in 2008.  Doug Bruce says he took sick leave due to stress. I guess he was under stress, dodging the truth and remembering that many lies is a tiring business, but I thank him for the mockery he is making of the police and the people of British Columbia. He will now hide in Penticton send his lawyer to negotiate a settlement while the public costs mount, collect his pension and leave the bad taste and public scorn of this incident for other members to live with and deal with every day.  The two members in question not only broke the law, they continued to collect over $150,000.00 each in salary, continued to have access to all police benefits and then then waltzed off into the night, thumbing their noses at the Law, its principles, the People of West Vancouver, and their own sworn oathes; saving their pensions, thank you very much. People may say that police are shown no favouritism but that can not be stated here, with out opening ones self up to ridicule, these facts speak for themselves. Bruce now in his hypocrisy, claims the former Mayor and the former Police Chief made false statements about him,  and requires redress; that the two defendants “recklessly and deliberately” breached “their” duty. The statement is outrageous. Be assure Sir, I have every sympathy for you and hope you get just what you deserve.”
“Why is it that Canadian police forces have so much difficulty dealing with wayward officers? Is it that they are afraid of the backlash from special interest groups … with their adherent politicians … or just afraid to admit to the public that “one of our police persons screwed up royally”? … and resort to ‘Nixonian stonewalling’ until the public forgets about the matter? Or is it that too many police forces have very poor management in place due a politically dominated selection system and an old boys promotion system? I once asked a former Commissioner of the RCMP if the RCMP intended to continue to promote those REPORTED as promotable rather than QUALIFIED to be promoted to a given position. His answer was “yes” … even though the example suggested was someone reported as being good in an administrative position being promoted to a serious investigation (supervisory) position. That, plus numerous other instances have convinced me that when it comes to promotions MANY police forces do not differentiate between choosing supervisors for OPERATIONAL investigative positions and supervisory ADMINISTRATIVE positions. I personally know of a group of RCMP persons who sent a request through channels imploring RCMP management at the higher levels to do something about carrying through with disciplining a number of police persons in the area who were known to have been complained about by the public OR OTHER POLICE PERSONS. The only other significant factor I can think of that could be associated with bad management and political affiliation is that there are simply no enforceable regulations or laws that can  be used to make errant police persons accountable … but after 150 years of having Canadian police I have to think that it is more a matter of interpreting the laws as being ineffective rather than actually having ineffective laws. Can the words “you are fired” not be used in police hearings … or the words “your paycheck has been stopped  until you and your counsel choose to deal with the situation” … or has our present judicial interpretation of the charter nullified police accountability as well as criminal accountability? “
” B.C. Solicitor General Kash Heed is being sued for defamation by a former West Vancouver police officer who says Heed tried to further his political career at the man’s expense.”No comment, its before the courts”……… sounds like wally opal eh?  Somehow this does not surprise me……if you lie down with dogs…you’ll get fleas..(or however that saying goes) and Kash Heed has certainly chosen some curs to lie down with. It never ends with this corrupt government,  If the Police force is corrupt? Then why would you think promoting one of them to Top Cop Help I always thought this guy was a bit too ambitious. We’ve been calling him ‘Hash Weed’ for years.  “
“B.C. premier names new 24-member cabinet. There are nine new faces among the 24 members of the B.C. cabinet named Wednesday afternoon by Premier Gordon Campbell, after his Liberal Party won a third majority in May. Mike de Jong is the new attorney general, as well as government house leader, filling the position vacated by Wally Oppal, who lost to Independent candidate Vicki Huntington in the Delta-South riding after two recounts.  Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed a Newcomer takes on the role of solicitor general and public safety minister. .John van Dongen resigned from the position in April following revelations that his driver’s licence had been suspended for speeding. Van Dongen was re-relected on election night. Colin Hansen remains as finance minister but adds deputy premier to his titles.
and will Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed the new BC solicitor general and public safety minister cover up for his bad Police buddies too? And there are still concerns about Liberal candidate Kash Heed and his former role as West Vancouver police chief and his unexpected retirement from the force less than two years into his contract, “There’s still a lot of anger about a $40,000 severance payout even though he voluntarily quit in February, leaving many unanswered questions about his status on the force,”  to supposedly avoid legal prosecution too. “The cops have a responsibility to follow moral leadership and let me tell you, the cops do not have that here [in Abbotsford] “NDP candidate for Abbotsford South, Bonnie Rai. These are all valid issues, concerns too.

At the risk being blacklisted or visited by the police, I would like to voice my grave concern over RCMP investigations of friends and acquaintances of peaceful opponents to the Vancouver Olympics.  I am particular disturbed by B.C. Attorney General Kash Heed saying the RCMP has a duty to “check out” the information they get. Since when do people who disagree with a government policy automatically need to be investigated?  I fail to see the line of reasoning that starts from dissent and leads through to security threat. And more importantly, should the country’s police forces have the arbitrary right to make that equation?  Will authorities one day place under surveillance anyone opposed to the federal budget or the war in Afghanistan, or the RCMP’s handling of the Dziekanski affair? This already happened in the U.S. when J. Edgar Hoover was FBI chief. Canada is on a very slippery slope here and the public needs to be vigilant. Fred Sengmueller, Toronto

Me too I am striaghforward and say what I believe , If you read my blogs you already know that I do often say and do think the police are generally part of the scum left over in the bottom of the barrel too. I have openly said it before I have not encountered a decent federal or provincial justice ministers generally the last  decades in Canada.. likely cause they generally were lawyers to start of with.. and I also have not encountered decent cops or police chiefs now as well.. Fix it …and rightfully install fair, honest, decent police commissions to protect the citizens and then not so many people will want to assault the police too.. we already know how abusive and crooked the too often lying cops, their sergeants, superiors  and their commissions tend to be.. what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are you all going to do about it as well?  Once again the Conservatives easily show to all what big liars they are when it comes to holding to accountability the bad guys in the civil and public servcies now too or one of their own..
-The first is the  initial employee, managements hiring,  selection process. Police forces tend to have common criteria of personnel selections.
– The second clearly is  promotional mechanisms within  the force.. which seems too often to reward AND promote incompetency.. TO ME THIS EXPLAINS WHY POLICE CHIEFS, MANGERS TEND OFTEN NOW  TO LACK MORALITY, CREDIBILITY, ETHICS TOO.
– The third is the internal self regulating aspects
 Now   as if you all did not know that already that the Local and the national police cannot be respected to do a decent inquiry into the alleged wrong doings of any police officers, cause we can seem all to know that the accused police do not hesitate to lie, to cover-up the reality… now self regulation  of the police force, is just useless self masturbation always it seems, thus we need independent  reviews of all police complaints for all of the police forces too in Canada, with real negative consequences on the guilty persons now too and it is  as simple as that   The truth, real acts, real facts speak louder than the too often, false, cheap words now too still. Police unions, Police Public relationships departments now too  would have us all believe that the police is supposedly now aggressively tackling crime, criminals, injustice in Canada. Even a according to the RCMP Public relationship propaganda department too,  because if they the RCMP now did not write a report about it,  it all now still would not be obvious to most people who wonder what the cops are even doing now most of the time, besides giving out money generating traffic traffic tickets,  the report does not  indicate the number of  bad people actually successfully prosecuted each year for the millions of dollars already spend on the related police man-hours now too? nor  does the same RCMP report indicate the cost of the useless police enforcement per year in comparison now to the actual successful prosecutions?  

It is undeniable that self regulation tends to be merely masturbation and not the real thing.. As far as as the Public Interest being served even when the  Police are investigating themselves, RCMP, Mounties included, especially  when those cases involved serious injury or death there tends to be always a conflict of interest when the Police investigated fellow Police and so the  decent, honest investigations included independent external investigators  such as lawyers not rather fellow police officers. There have been even one too many  recent clearly and UNACCEPTABLE NEGATIVE incidents have highlighted the unacceptable  issue of police investigating police, including the case of Robert Dziekanski, who died at the Vancouver Airport after being hit with an RCMP Taser.

I have rightfully no respect for the RCMP commercial crime Division from my own real personal experiences.   Hey we have loads of example of how ruthless, crooked the cops are now in Canada.. their self regulation does not work, and Canada wide now  too. None of this is acceptable. and the overall justice system, Justice Ministers are already known world wide to be really bad too.
Now all of Canada’s police forces that are mostly mismanaged generally, they today mostly have bad police chiefs, bad police sergeants and too many rotten, bad subordinates too. All because we have mostly bad, pretentious  justice ministers  as bad and not rather good managers.  Do see all the many other posts about the bad cops, RCMP, OPP here as well. Now there is a really great gap between how the cops see themselves and how the citizens DO see them.
In most of Canada too the Police Department’s disciplinary system remains “fundamentally ineffective” and should be taken over by an outside agency.  Also   now   as if you all did not know that already   the local and the national police cannot be respected to do a decent inquiry into the alleged wrong doings of most  police officers, cause we can seem all to know that the accused police and their supervisors, examining boards, really  do not hesitate to lie, to cover-up the reality… now self regulation  of the police force, is just useless self masturbation always it seems, thus we need independent  reviews of all police complaints for all of the police forces too in Canada, with real negative consequences on the guilty persons now too and it is  as simple as that.  
Now it is undeniable that Canada’s supposed law and order party that has been in power for a few years, has had time to find money and jobs for thousands of their friends., that has been electing judges to suit their own tastes as well, has been falsely spending taxpayer’s money, using governmental resources to promote their own reelection and also to promote the the new Conservative party, this same party and it’s leader Prime Mister Stephen Harper, it’s justice ministers have absolutely failed to deal adequately with the much too many bad, abusive cops, RCMP we still do now have in Canada and why was that now? Application of governmental Accountability is only an election gimmick?

October 28, 2009

Why the Conservatives too act like, and support the Mafia in Canada?


Reality! What real governing skills does it take for anyone merely to spend the taxpayers monies wastefully .. any fool can spend it and any fool can make budget cuts.. Conservative or Liberal ones too.
 But now also making sure it is properly spend and not stolen firstly still requires valid managerial skills.  The civil and public servants remain remarkably unruffled, even as Ottawa and the provinces rack up close to $100-billion in new debt this year also. For the Public and civil servants in Ottawa but also those   in Ontario remember their   raises profoundly but not rather more the poor work they too often do . For most of them, it was the raise they alone also  do  think still they deserve the raise. If you’re a Stephen  Harper fan or Dalton McGuinty government , yes you’ve seen them given more money to public employees at a time of deflation, fear, market panic and widespread carnage in the private sector  Most of Ottawa’s Ontario’s budget winds up in the hands of municipalities, school boards and hospitals and health authorities, which makes it harder to track who’s getting it too and to know now know much of it was rather abused too.. Anyone reading the news lately has heard not just about the too often useless civil and public servants but also about the mafia connections on porkjects that raises the taxpayers costs up to 40 percent now as well even in Quebec. We all already  could be facing much more taxes, severe service cuts as a direct result while  the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to overcome. All, all of this is unacceptable!!
 Here is what also rightfully bothers me, it is an undeniable fact now  that too many Politicians in Canada, both Members of the provincial legislatures, and members of parliament, do lie, they make false claims that they the servants of the people, they thus are mainly looking after the needs, concerns of the citizens of Canada  but mainly instead wrongfully do now use tax payer’s money, do use governmental resources and personnel  to distribute  unsolicited material to others to promote firstly their own re-ELECTION and TO PROMOTE  their own political party as we clearly all have seen the New Conservative Ministers wrongfully also now doing OFTEN NOW as well. 
Now on top of that some perverse politician would dare write back  to me and ask me not to write my concerns to him any more? Unbelievable and unacceptable.  Who in the hell does he think he is? God?
Canadians believe Tories biased on stimulus funding: poll   OTTAWA – A new poll suggests the Harper government’s multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded ad blitz to promote its stimulus plan doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect.


The Conservative government’s economic stimulus spending spree that is pouring billions of tax dollars into road construction projects may turn out to be an offer the Mafia couldn’t refuse.  Even as Stephen Harper and his ministers are racing around the country showering public funds on just about every project with a cement mixer, Quebec is engulfed in a growing scandal over Mafia control of infrastructure projects.  In some excellent investigative reporting by the CBC, a credible government insider-turned-whistleblower claims Montreal’s Italian Mafia controls 80% of the contracts for road construction in the city, much of which is certain to involve federal stimulus money.  The CBC report included detailed descriptions of bid-rigging of contracts, a practice that dramatically inflates overall project costs borne by taxpayers.  One published expert on the Italian Mafia cautions that the phenomenon is not limited to Quebec, that the tentacles of organized crime are into major construction projects in other provinces across the country.  The fact that organized crime in Quebec is nothing new will likely be cold comfort to the taxpayers from Victoria to Gander who are now at risk of being fleeced by Luigi the Enforcer.  Even the parliamentary budget officer, Kevin Page, complains that the Harper government is fogging its spending on infrastructure and other economic stimulus programs beyond the point of accounting recognition.  Whatever the figure, it is a huge amount of loot that is being poured into roads, bridges and other government construction mega-projects.  The Conservative government’s latest economic update report, for instance, boasts that since the beginning of this year, more than $7.6 billion in funding has been committed as the federal share of provincial and municipal infrastructure projects worth over $21 billion. So far, the Harper government is refusing to get involved in the growing Quebec construction fiasco, claiming it is a provincial issue.  But those whose money is at risk may beg to differ.  The next time some shameless Conservative cabinet minister shows up at an infrastructure announcement with one of those giant novelty cheques signed by the prime minister, taxpayers might be excused for asking how much of the real cash might be going to the Mob.


OTTAWA – A $50-million federal fund set up to build infrastructure for next June’s G8 summit is being spent partly on projects that are far from the summit site and with tenuous links to the high-powered meeting.    Industry Minister Tony Clement announced the low-profile fund last February, explaining that the fund was being “provided for G8 Summit related infrastructure, including a G8 Centre in Huntsville.”    Huntsville, Ont., will host the meeting. The town of 18,000 is in Clement’s riding, about 215 kilometres north of Toronto, and is best known for being at the heart of prime cottage country for Toronto’s wealthier class.    Huntsville has received the largest share of the money, mainly $16.7 million for a new G8 Centre, $9 million for a summit management office and $2.4 million for improvements to the road by the resort where the meeting is to take place.


But a partial list of the fund’s projects, and a series of news releases, shows that many of the towns in Clement’s riding are receiving money from the fund to build band shells, plant gardens and put up signs and lights.    Research on the spending was carried out independently by The Canadian Press alone, but the Liberal party said it would release its own analysis after being contacted for comment on numbers.    One news release announced $1.1 million to upgrade a street and replace trees in Parry Sound, Ont., some 80 kilometres away from the summit site.   Clement also announced $194,000 for a large “welcome granite stone” and new lighting for a concert stage, also in Parry Sound.    The area just south of Parry Sound is receiving $745,000 for signs, fencing and landscaping in the towns of Rosseau, Humphrey and Orrville.    The towns of Port Severn and South River, many kilometres from the summit, are each getting $65,000 for signs and landscaping, too.    “They’re somewhat disconnected (from the summit), for sure, Parry Sound and Port Severn,” said Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty.  Bala Falls Road, a small road about 50 kilometres from the summit via another back road, is getting $400,000 for improvements.  “How is this justified? In what way is this going to improve the G8?” said Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy, who said he has completed a separate analysis of the G8 fund, with similar conclusions.


There are rumblings that, despite the $50 million set aside for in summit infrastructure, the region can’t handle such a large meeting, and that Toronto would be far more convenient.  It’s also uncertain whether the leaders and their delegations will stick with their original plan of getting to Huntsville by flying to North Bay, Ont. The city is about 100 kilometres north of Huntsville.   The airport there is receiving $5 million from the G8 Infrastructure Fund. But there are concerns that, with only one runway, it won’t be big enough to handle so many foreign dignitaries, and that Toronto’s airport is better equipped and more secure, sources said.


Clement’s riding is already the subject of scrutiny for receiving funding for dozens and dozens of projects through the federal government’s array of stimulus packages. According to an analysis released by the Prime Minister’s Office, his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding received $3.2 million for 33 projects under the Recreational Infrastructure program.   A list of other infrastructure funds posted on the Transport Canada website points to at least 42 other building projects worth more than $28 million, sprinkled throughout the riding as a form of stimulus. Those numbers were compiled by The Canadian Press.   And even though the area has a fairly low unemployment rate, it has also received millions from the Community Adjustment Fund, set up to help struggling small towns adapt to the global economic crisis.   The G8 Infrastructure Fund is in addition to that money. There is no central spot on the government’s websites to find a list of projects paid for by the fund, nor is there a list of criteria.


Again, why are taxpayers paying for   Stephen Harper’s campaign sites too? and it  falsely goes on and on the citizen paid PC advertisement ..

The Federal Government, the Quebec Government and the Mayor of Montreal have all rejected calls for a public inquiry even though the citizens demand it.. so what are the big 3 sacred of? hiding? Sin.


We will all pay later for the Conservatives‘ wasterful spending Harper, with the likes of Tony Clement, Stockwell Day, Jim Flaherty, John Baird, and all of his other cabinet ministers campaigned on the point they would not run a deficit. While at the time each and every one of these unscrupulous politicians knew they were running a deficit of $5.8 billion dollars! Everything from there on has been a neo-right political lie. Two hundred photo ops showing the completely unethical use of the Conservative Party logo is by no means a small indication of what lengths and deceit this crew will go to, to advance their extremely flawed political ideology. The waste of this neo-right fiasco will show up down the road and it will be the biggest financial scandal in Canadian history! How do I know this? Simple. Harper is spending more money and running the largest deficit in Canadian history and he is a politician who cannot be trusted!


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October 27, 2009

About the governmental civil liberties threats during the 2010 Olympics

Anti-Olympic signs could mean jail: rights group..  A proposed B.C. law would allow municipal officials to enter homes to seize unauthorized and possibly anti-Olympic signs on short notice, civil libertarians say.  Violators could be fined up to $10,000 a day and jailed up to six months, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association said Friday. The proposed law was introduced Thursday as a bill to amend the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act. The government said in a statement that the changes will “provide the municipalities of Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler with temporary enforcement powers to enable them to swiftly remove illegal signs and graffiti during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.” “Telling people who exercise free speech that local authorities may barge in, rip down signs inside your property, fine you or throw you in jail will underscore the growing impression that our governments care more about their own camera appearances at Olympic events than about people’s rights,”  The B.C. Civil Liberties Association  earlier this week, the association helped two anti-Olympics activists launch a legal challenge of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics bylaw in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming it was an unconstitutional restriction on free speech.  Wow, this is Canada? Welcome to the People’s Republic of Canada. Welcome to Canada: Where our Government doesn’t want us to have free speech either! Does anyone still believe we live in a democracy?  Yet another reason to totally dislike the Olympics. Now it turns any city in infects into a fascist dictatorship. What about democracy and our rights to demonstrate when we do not agree with the government. This law is a total disregard for human rights. What is the government afraid of? Police state is getting closer. I think I finally understand the reason some are anti-Olympics. This is truly disgusting.

There are  some people in this country who rightfully are not looking forward to the Olympic Games, many of whom have announced their intention to protest and demonstrate against them when the time arrives. and there are also those who would stifle the opinions of these demonstrators and protesters.   Civil rights should not be traded away for 2010 Olympics. Canada is founded on the constitutional right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. When anyone violate those principles is at expense of us all..  Now in  Canada  freedom of speech and expression is considered a fundamental right. Section 2 of our charter of rights specifically describes our freedom of speech and assembly in unequivocal terms. But  the B.C. Liberal government’s Bill 13,   includes amendments to the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act, that do run counter to these basic principles of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly . Now proposed  BC governmental “Amendments will provide the municipalities of Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler with temporary enforcement powers to enable them to swiftly remove illegal signs and graffiti during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The legislation does not change the existing scope of authority to regulate signs and graffiti. Rather, it provides, on a temporary basis, wrongfully a faster way of removing signs and graffiti that violate municipal bylaws during the short period the Games are underway. ” Not only does the amendment effectively call for the banning of dissenting opinion, it would allow municipal officers to enter private property to remove illegal signs with only 24 hours notice This  idea of creating a law which would encourage the removal of politically dissenting signs, even temporarily, is till rightfully  an affront to all of our basic Canadian liberties a there are no provisions for a “temporary” suspension of inherent rights in our Constitution. Many Canadian persons, Political parties, government instead tend to believe  in two kinds of rights: those which further the interests of their political party into more  power, and those which do not. I do   not support any actions in the name of security that would stifle political free expression”..  I  believe  that our fundamental rights and freedoms are inalienable, and beyond the purview of government—any government—to manipulate, trade away, or infringe upon even for any personal, political purposes. I  rightfully also do reject the infringement of private property rights and the curtailment of free speech, free assembly, and basic civil liberties for political expedience.  All opposition politicians not in power often do  state the same thing. But often next when they get into power, they mysteriously tend to change their minds, fail to keep their promises.. the Conservatives included as we know..


Olympic security follows protester’s friend,  A Langara College student says she was shocked to be approached outside class by Olympic security officers and questioned about her friendship with a high-profile opponent of the 2010 Winter Games. Danika Surm says she has nothing to do with the Olympic resistance movement, and her only connection is a friendship with protester and UBC professor Chris Shaw. Surm said she was on her way to class at the south Vancouver campus last week when she was approached by two plainclothes police officers with the Integrated Security Unit, the force in charge of Olympic security.  Opponents of the Games have been complaining for months that they and their families, friends and employers are being harassed and intimidated by the security unit. We complained about human rights and lack of democracy in China, and seem to trying to perpetuate that condition here in our own country. It is not a crime to oppose the Olympics, and it is not a crime to protest them either. Freedom of speech is a right in this country. Now we have “Olympic security officers” harassing citizens. What is this, the Soviet Union ? People died for opposing the Nazis and other regimes, helping put in place the laws of free speech which are now being trampled! Do not go down this slippery slope! Do not let our rights erode away!
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It is an undeniable historical  fact of life that if you try to tell the bad people what they do not want to hear, or what they do not want others to know they next often will try to suppress your right of free speech, by any means, by your false oppression now as well, and that yes includes crooked persons, bad cops, bad politicians, bad elders, bad pastors.. even in a democracy.


October 24, 2009

Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper

” Everybody?”  With all due respect  , even if it was  true, which we all know it is not , that doesn’t make it right still. The Conservatives often say that “Everybody has done it, everybody is doing it ” is firstly still basically, really not true for  I am not doing it. Many of us are basically cynical now about the  politicians and the political games they play. For example, they always promise not to play games and promise to keep all of their promises too . In reality Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no valid job creation, economic recovery vision and is instead using public funds to secure Tory seats.  Prime Minister now also acts  like a Liberal, talks like a Liberal and spends money like a Liberal, so really what is he ? A non Conservative.. but meanwhile the Conservatives say that  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff,  will raise taxes if he is  elected and so next what is the difference anyway  now under Harper, who in spite of whatever he say will have to cut back on our social programs and raise our taxes sooner or later.. so which federal leader “is on the right track to keep taxes low? reality, none of them..” And based on the present actual economic recovery it  is very unlikely  the economic growth will be enough to pay off the deficits..  As fixated as politicians are on balanced budgets, no Canadian political leader, not even Stephen Harper, is going to be able to keep from raising taxes with a projected $100-billion federal deficit”   It is time the Conservative politicians, all those other Conservative MPs who, at photo-op cheque presentations have repeatedly given the impression Government of Canada economic stimulus money is coming from them personally, and not the government, and   including Prime Minister Stephen Harper  started coming clean and honest with all Canadians. For  to make sure Canadians know about their poor in reality “economic action plan,” the Harper Conservatives have now even wasted  millions of dollars – millions of tax dollars – on a massive advertising campaign, including TV commercials and billboards. ” These ads, of course, do not change the reality that tens of thousands of Canadian workers are running out of employment insurance benefits, their workplaces closed down and their pensions gone up in smoke. ” Despite  the Conservatives Government claiming  to be good fiscal managers, and now still next best qualified to manage the economy. Billions of dollars in past Liberal surpluses evaporated under Harper – even before the real  recession hit Canada. Reality “This government’s stimulus package has failed, “Stimulus funds are not going into areas that need it — the forestry and manufacturing sectors and into places with high unemployment”, for  “what they wanted to do was keep the money up in Ottawa and dole it out to Conservative ridings and their friends, “says Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff   too.
And will the Western Conservatives outrage falsely be   be muted, because this time around,   the Conservatives are the ones mainly benefiting from the false political games being played with public money?

 The alleged mafia has been doing it’s business for decades  under the various governments noses, both under Conservatives and Liberals., so why should it be stopped now? Better late than never!
OTTAWA – The Harper government risks being sucked into a political scandal raging in Quebec with the revelation that a top Conservative organizer and senator had ties to key players.  The Canadian Press has learned that Tory Senator Leo Housakos worked politically with now-disgraced Montreal politician Benoit Labonte from about August 2008 to February 2009.  Labonte has alleged that there was an elaborate kick-back scheme to finance Montreal municipal political parties. He insists he never did anything illegal, but acknowledged he made ethical lapses while in city politics.  There is no suggestion Housakos knew of any wrongdoing, but he has now been linked to Labonte and controversial construction magnate Tony Accurso.
OTTAWA — The Harper government says there was no political interference in a $1.4-million contract that was awarded last month to a consortium that included a firm which employed a Tory fundraiser and senator. But the government was forced to defend itself on Monday as opposition politicians went on the attack over new revelations about the contract, awarded on Sept. 22 for a preliminary study about replacing Montreal’s Champlain Bridge. The Crown corporation that manages federal bridges says the bidding process was strictly done with outside observers, but it will still examine why two of its directors, Paul Kefalas and Serge Martel, attended a cocktail event that preceded a Conservative party fundraiser last May with members of the firm and the consortium.

Stimulus dollars could be lining Mob pockets London Free Press –  Even as Stephen Harper and his ministers are racing around the country showering public funds on just about every project with a cement mixer,

Quebec now is Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in a bucket full of holes even Canada wide .. issues of ethics, integrity and just who is calling the shots at ALL city halls, provinces,  and what about the rest of the iceberg too… Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report ,
No role for Ottawa in Quebec Mafia investigation: Nicholson  OTTAWA – The buck passing Ostrich Justice Minister Rob Nicholson insists the federal government will not get involved in Quebec’s investigation into Mafia corruption in the construction industry. The Prime Minister is still Canada’s chief Justice Minister.
Just a Small Detail.. CBC contacted the office of Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt to ask about the lobbyist who helped organize a fundraiser on her behalf on Sept. 24.  Michael B. McSweeney is vice-president of the Cement Association of Canada.   Both he and the association are registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.  And a search of the registry shows that on Sept. 24, the Cement Association reported having lobbied Raitt directly.   In an email to Raitt’s new communications wrangler Jocelyne Turner, CBC News asked for more information about McSweeney’s involvement in the fundraiser, as well as whether McSweeney was paid for his services.  “Minister Raitt is committed to working with the Ethics Commissioner and is cooperating fully. The Minister will abide by any ruling by the Commissioner.   “The issue is now being examined by the Ethics Commissioner and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
and is this related to the Quebec, Constructions corruptions scandals going on presently as well.. after all some of the biggest cement companies are in Montreal.. Lafarge Cement included.. and is this why the Conservative federal government does not want to get into Quebec’s legal affairs too?
Ignatieff rejects calls for public inquiry into Quebec construction scandal Tue Oct 27, 2:34 PM  MONTREAL – Michael Ignatieff is the latest politician to brush off calls for a public inquiry into an alleged corruption scheme involving politicians, construction companies.. and now what are they all hiding, covering up in reality, kickbacks of course..
Quebec’s auditor general pours fuel on construction-scandal fire  QUEBEC – Quebec’s auditor general lambasted the province’s handling of the construction industry Wednesday, fuelling a scandal that has already prompted numerous demands for a public inquiry  The public watchdog accused the government of several shortcomings – like not properly vetting contracts, not following up on apparent industry collusion, and not doing enough to improve a shoddy tendering process.  Those failures are all part of a system wrought with cost overruns in public-works projects, Renaud Lachance declared in a report tabled in the national assembly on Wednesday.

The federal government preaches accountability, but is being only selectively transparent about its own spending activities.  Compare this cloaking to Stephen Harper’s boasting about his stimulus package. Even here, there is less transparency than meets the eye. Considerable work by opposition parties and the media, including this newspaper, have shown patterns of spending to favour Conservative ridings, and suggest that less money has flowed to actual construction projects than the government would like the public to believe.

The parliamentary ethics commissioner will formally look into opposition complaints about Tory MPs putting their own names and party logo on economic stimulus cheques.

Quebec Justice Minister Kathleen Weil said last month she is also looking at the possibility of initiating civil action against  the ex-Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault who pleaded not guilty to fraud. Thibault had said she spent the money on security and transportation  had a lso said it was natural for taxpayers to foot the bill for her personal trips, meals she had with friends, office parties and the ski and golf lessons.

Vaunted reforms to fast track skilled immigrants and quickly plug gaps in Canada’s labour force have not lived up to advance billing, says Auditor General Sheila Fraser. When the Harper government introduced the controversial reforms in 2008, it argued they were necessary to eliminate the backlog of more than 600,000 skilled-worker applications and reduce wait times of up to seven years.  But in her latest report, Fraser says the changes have done little to cut the number of new applications pouring in or put a dent in the backlog.  Moreover, she says the majority of occupations chosen by the minister for priority treatment are regulated professions. Yet she points out that immigrants admitted to fill professional occupations often find their foreign credentials are not recognized in Canada.  As part of the efforts to streamline the process, the government set up centralized intake office for skilled worker applications in Sydney, N.S. It was to receive and pre-screen initial applications, collect processing fees and forward eligible applications to Canadian missions abroad for more detailed processing.  Fraser questions the relevance of the centralized office given that most applications so far have wound up being forwarded to missions for processing.   Fraser’s annual audit also looked at the temporary foreign worker program and found that it is open to abuse.  There is no systematic assessment to ensure the jobs being offered are genuine or that employers live up to their commitments to provide adequate wages and accommodations, Fraser says. “The issues … pose significant risks to the integrity of the program and could leave many foreign workers in a vulnerable position, particularly those who are physically or linguistically isolated from the general community or are unaware of their rights.” 

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freedom lost is hard to gain back… Say No to a Police State

Police ‘protesters’ called before ethics panel  The Quebec Police Ethics Committee has ordered a review of the conduct of three provincial police officers who posed as protesters at the summit of the three North American leaders in Montebello, Que., in August 2007. Infiltration by police officers to arrest criminal offenders is acceptable, but all acts committed by the officers towards that end are not necessarily legitimate, the committee said. And people barely raised a peep when this police state action was uncovered. It’s about time. I have nothing against cops posing as drug dealers to catch criminals. I have nothing against cops posing as 12 year old girls in chat rooms to catch paedophiles. What I do take exception to is cops entering into a legal and peaceful protest in order to ‘attack’ the police and thereby justify the police attacking the crowd to maintain law and order.  The bad cops do need to be kicked off the force and their superiors need to be shown the door sans golden parachutes as well.
The bigger question isn’t these criminal cops behavior but how widespread these despicable tactics are used? I think we are barely touching the surface with these thugs behavior. Our entire police system needs a thorough cleansing. This just goes to show how vital a Cop watch program is needed to protect what’s left of our democracy  ..Canada used to be a free country with free speech and freedom of movement. I have heard someone say we are moving into an era of ‘post-democracy’   all the new surveillance cameras in Toronto, police infiltrations in Montreal and military patrolling the streets of Vancouver.  is this the Canada you want ?   freedom lost is hard to gain back… or are you now going to just tell your kids stories of when Canada used to be a free country ?  if you are allowed to speak at all.

October 22, 2009

Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in

Quebec now is Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in a bucket full of holes even Canada wide .. issues of ethics, integrity and just who is calling the shots at ALL city halls, provinces,  and what about the rest of the iceberg too… Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report ,
No role for Ottawa in Quebec Mafia investigation: Nicholson  Quebec announces new unit to examine shady dealings in construction industry  The Canadian Press  MONTREAL – The Quebec government has formed an investigations unit to examine allegations of collusion and corruption in the province’s construction industry.  The unit will only oversee “Operation Hammer” and will include members of Quebec provincial police, Crown prosecutors and Mounties, Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis told a news conference Thursday.  “As we’ve already said, the current situation is worrisome and unacceptable,” Dupuis said. “And that’s why we’re taking the necessary steps to make sure this kind of behavior stops.” The move comes amid reports that companies linked to the Italian Mafia have dabbled in political affairs and essentially created a construction cartel that works to drive up the cost of building projects.  Mafia experts say the practice exists elsewhere in Canada and is particularly worrisome now that Ottawa and the provinces are embarking on the most expensive infrastructure program in Canadian history. Quebec has been rocked by reports that Mafia-linked construction companies have colluded to drive up the price of public-works projects by 35 per cent in the Montreal area. But so has the rest of Canada now as well  Earlier in the day, the Quebec government brushed off widespread calls for a public inquiry into the murky world where politics, the Mafia, and the construction But an online poll suggested that a majority of Quebecers wanted a sweeping public inquiry.  Leger Marketing said 76 per cent of respondents indicated support for an inquiry, while only 17 per cent did not. Guy Chevrette, a retired PQ minister who was also part of the Cliche Commission in the 1970s that investigated Quebec’s construction industry of the day, says a public inquiry is necessary.  “There (are a) number of subjects that warrant study by experts,” Chevrette said.  Without answers and recommendations to change the culture, the problem is likely to persist, Chevrette said.  “Police will de-mask the fraudsters,” Chevrette said.  “But (police investigations) don’t offer the dimension of finding solutions and alternatives.”  Those sentiments were also brought up this week by retired judge John Gomery, who headed the famous inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal.  Gomery said large donors wield too much influence in the awarding of municipal contracts and that a public inquiry could serve to explore those ties.
OTTAWA – The clearly buck passing also, Ostrich Justice Minister Rob Nicholson insists the federal government will not get involved in Quebec’s investigation into Mafia corruption in the construction industry. The Prime Minister is still Canada’s chief Justice Minister.
Got caught with chocolate stains on their faces and both hands in the cookie jar again?  Quebec forms squad to investigate construction industry  Opération Marteau to hammer away at allegations involving public works contracts   Goons investigating goons? That’s about 40 years late. Now who will investigate the investigators? Yup…and that “squad” will be paid off by the corrupt system and nothing will be changed…  SLAP ON THE WRIST ONLY.. Corruption is so deeply entrenched in politics that I can only imagine that this squad has been created to calm the public and perhaps ‘arrest’ those who do not play by the mafia rules. Seriously! How many MPs do you think have mafia ties regardless of their political stripe. The day that politicians stop representing organized crime or special interest groups for big business (same thing) is the day that voting might make a real difference. “The government has rejected calls for a public inquiry into allegations of widespread collusion and the alleged involvement of politicians.” Better that there be a permanent investigation squad that examines all contracts and all relationship to organized crime as well as political connections.  Further, this needs to extend to post-contractual phases to ensure that works are performed to specification (in all respects, esp. material and condition) to ensure that there is no collusion with inspectors who sign off on the work. 
 and how we already often know that many of the crooks on Canada often next use the lawyers, courts to deny their guilt.. “Montreal tycoon sues Radio-Canada, denies political’s not like it was a revelation, was it? The truth offends… he is a fine gentleman with a lot of the tax payers he wants more… Sues for privacy invasion by bringing more attention to it? And the reports probably true anyways?  What the $91 million for the cancelled water meter contract wasn’t enough?   Throw this bum in jail already! and Who else was on that yacht? It might also explain the poor quality of many construction projects, like bridges collapsing on motorists and buildings falling apart. Perhaps the civic inspectors were on the take as well. Thieves usually go on the offensive when you catch them doing something wrong in this case he is suing, I hope he loses his shirt and is sent to jail for a long time for his crimes when he is charged and convicted, thieves are extremely arrogant that is why they get away with things so long, people are scared to oppose them. Where there is smoke……” 
 Potatoe, tomatoe can’t tell the difference between crooks anymore, So the political system is rotten and politicians are corrupt. What’s new? Every level of government and public service in Canada is corrupt to the core, federal, provincial, RCMP, the whole works. Nothing shocks me anymore. I have lost faith and respect for the whole system.   it becomes clear that half the taxes paid by Montrealers would best be described as a “corruption tax”.  But we cannot expect the Quebec government to step in. They’re every bit as corrupt, regardless of whether or not it’s the Liberals or the PQ in power.  Maybe the feds can help? Still the same problem, only this time, it’s either the Conservatives or the Liberals doing it….  the main expense that keeps the economy from functioning properly is corruption. Without that cost, we would all have enough cash in our pockets to kick-start unprecedented economic growth.  Why do we keep putting up with this  ?
History will repeat itself. We saw how Quebec dealt with the unexpected loss of money in the Quebec’s pension fund, the useless, pretentious Quebec MLA, Liberal Minister of finance Monique Forget, who seemed to always forget about me, she next resigned, everything was forgotten and business went on as usual.. all just swept under he floor rug again and again.. and next door to her we had also lost Liberal Paul Martin MP and not one noticed too or cared….
 Tory ridings get more stimulus money: Chrétien was known to dish out government money to Liberal-held ridings. But Harper he promised to do things differently.  “Promised to do things differently.”  Is there anything Harper has ever said that is true? Are Harper and his Cons Politically Corrupt? I say Yes! Worth noting is the Cons hold 46% of all ridings. 46% of ridings getting 60% of funds suggests something more then coincidence The depth of the sheer partisanship and dunious ethics of the cons never ceases to amaze me Pretty obvious political maneuvering.
Just a Small Detail.. CBC contacted the office of Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt to ask about the lobbyist who helped organize a fundraiser on her behalf on Sept. 24.  Michael B. McSweeney is vice-president of the Cement Association of Canada.   Both he and the association are registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.  And a search of the registry shows that on Sept. 24, the Cement Association reported having lobbied Raitt directly.   In an email to Raitt’s new communications wrangler Jocelyne Turner, CBC News asked for more information about McSweeney’s involvement in the fundraiser, as well as whether McSweeney was paid for his services.  “Minister Raitt is committed to working with the Ethics Commissioner and is cooperating fully. The Minister will abide by any ruling by the Commissioner.   “The issue is now being examined by the Ethics Commissioner and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
and is this related to the Quebec corruptions scandals going on presently as well.. after all some of  of the biggest cement companies are in Montreal.. Lafarge Cement included?.. and is this why the Conservative federal government does not want to get into Quebec’s legal affairs too? 
Transport Minister Julie Boulet is the third minister in the Charest government subject to a “verification” by the chief electoral officer, after suggesting that companies are financing the Quebec Liberal Party. Boulet, like Education Minister Michelle Courchesne and Norman MacMillan, the junior transport minister, said the Quebec Liberal Party does accept financial contributions from companies. Québécois leader Pauline Marois called for an investigation into how the Liberals raise campaign money when she heard the news about Boulet. “One slip of the tongue is okay, two slips is okay, three slips, it starts to get worrisome,” Marois said. “It’s against the law.” Quebec’s 1977 party financing law established the principle that only Quebec voters may give to a political party, setting the maximum contribution at $3,000. That means companies, unions or people living outside the province may not give to Quebec parties.
 Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the guilty serves every one’s best interest, the guilty persons included now.


In spite of the often mere Public relationship news releases do Face it that basically crime, theft, tax evasions, tax payer’s money abuses are still now rampant for decades too in CANADA and Canada wide  even because the too often pretentious civil and public servants, related  police are firstly are not doing their jobs, they are not only incompetent, but indifferent even mainly cause their political masters would not let them do it as well.. the RCMP included now.. Instead the police spend most of their time and energy on revenue generating traffic tickets, which are not even the major causes of accidents too.


September 26, 2009

Conservative PM Stephen Harper’s false power plays

 SH (01)

Brian Jean the Conservative MP for Fort McMurray-Athabasca made comments critical of the “Just Visiting” ads the Conservatives have been running against Ignatieff off and on since the spring. Speaking with the Edmonton Journal, Jean who has won the seat for the Conservatives in the last three elections told a local newspaper he doesn’t like the ads.
PM Stephen Harper is being predicted as looking for an excuse to call a new federal election, to stay longer in power, by getting a majority next.
He Harper has already found unsuccessful election platforms such as Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity  which he did not deliver upon, or Abolishing or revising the Senate… cutting back on federal Powers..
And so why does he want another term in office when he said originally elect us and we will show you what we can do?
For  we all next saw Harper rather  become another dirty, corrupted, immoral, polluted politician who lied, broke his promises, hired his friends into offices as well and he really was no different!
So why do you want a majority now, to even make things worse? or falsely try to kick Quebec out of Canada?
Mr. Harper now  what about rightfully getting elected by doing good work looking after all the Canadian good welfare and not trying to steal the votes by being another dirty politician? 
Look when the Conservative first got elected I specially wrote that no party will next get a majority until they actually stop playing dirty politics and really started to look after the good welfare of all Canadians Canada wide and so to date we have not seen this, so we are continually in a minority government.   
But we continue to be no often asked the Questions It’s time to pull the plug on the federal government? “It is not  time to pull the plug?”   It is the burning Federal election question of the day spunned by all the political spin doctors of all parties  when they  have backup support for a win from their paid lying  pollsters: Both sides then do want an election when they do think they can win.  But do Canadians need an election?  and can any Party  realy now next win a majority? No.
The first main question is rather Can any party demonstrate that it cares and is now working really for the god welfare of all Canadians and not just themselves mainly?  We all now the answers, NO, for they are all ttend to be selfish, self centered only.
So the  Politicians have been now often told that Canadians don’t want and don’t need another election, Canadians and  are fed up with the constant shenanigans of all of the unproductive and divisive parties, all of them. Conservatives especially.
A majority government next will undeniably to not make any difference, for undeniably too they the main party will just steal more for themselves and their supporters next as well all seem to know now too.  Actions speak louder than their mere words here too.
Three minority governments have confirmed that the Canadian democracy  works. Stop stealing , wasting taxpayers money and go back to work looking after all Canadians in reality and not mainly the selected few. How more simple can it be said now? 
Canadians  have already often exercised their democratic rights over the political process and their parliamentary institutions, and have next elected a minority government cause no party is ample presently to serve the citizens effectively in reality.
The  Republican-lite  Harper Conservative party  while it says it pines for a much reduced role of the state, yet hypocritically has been spending more money over the past Liberal government.
Also the critics would say that supposedly the Harper government is in the process of reconstructing by stealth the nature and scope of the Canadian federal system by decentralizing programs and undermining Ottawa’s future power to tax and spend. Reality the next government will no be able to spend because of the huge undeniable deficit presently being caused .
But  there is the continuing duplicity of our Conservative politicians and their spin doctors who once had claimed they will   operate on sound, moral principles but then quickly  violate them  often, even at the mere smell of a partisan political advantage. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had loudly denounces a hypothetical Liberal/NDP coalition, one backed by the dreaded separatists, and pleaded for a majority to head it off. But when he sees the Liberals may next win win  he next pleads with the NDP and the Bloc to support his government or else the economy and the unemployed will suffer. And he accepts their support. aid.. Who would rightfully even want to give this hypocrite a majority even too?
Yes all the Parties are still looking mainly, firstly, selfishly after themselves and not all Canadians and this will allays be unacceptable. That is why an election is not wanted  now by most Canadians.
CONSERVATIVE SPIN DOCTORS STILL TRYING TO LIE TO US THAT A OC MAJORITY  GOVERNMENT IS POOSIBLE SHOULD DO MORE HONEST POLLS AND TELL US HOW QUEBECERS SEE  HARPER STILL.. no one can get a majority without Ontario, Quebec still – 64 PERCENT ARE NOT VOTING FOR HARPER. A MAJORITY- Conservatives maintaining lead: poll – This poll doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians, and neither does Harper.  Harper will be looking for some excuse to trigger an election so he can get his elusive majority.    
My 89 years old father  says that you all in the governments are mere parasites. Wizen up Ottawa and start looking after all Canadians, for we do not trust any  of you presently to do so, to look after us all  too. We are all not that stupid we can see what is really now happening too.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative minority government proposed to redistribute the federal elections ridings last year as well. But the bill was never passed into law, partly due to complaints from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty who had felt the province wouldn’t receive enough additional parliamentary seats under the proposed changes.  And Quebec and the Bloc Quebecois is expected to oppose redrawing the electoral map. The Bloc has come to hold about two-thirds of Quebec’s 75 ridings in recent elections.  Adding seats elsewhere would erode the Bloc’s political clout. The Conservative Stephen Harper federal government is reportedly still working on legislation to create as many as 32 new electoral ridings across suburban areas of B.C., Alberta and Ontario so hopefully next time they can get a majority government. Changing the electoral map in such a way will play in the Conservatives’ favour because the party thinks it stands a good chance of picking up additional seats in suburban Alberta and B.C., and potentially Ontario as well. ” For Harper  this is the route not only to getting rid of minority governments, and a a route to a Tory majority, creating  a dynasty. The proposed changes  could be presented to Parliament as early as this fall or early 2010, and would increase the number of MPs in the House of Commons to 340 from 308. The new ridings would in all probability go to suburban areas around the major cities of Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, communities. As a result Quebec and BQ would lose some ridings. Which will not go over in Quebec, and will be forcibly opposed, causing another federal election likely.. which is what Harper wants anyway?


For years now, after every election, faced with increasingly dismal turnouts, journalists and pundits ask the same questions: Why are Canadian voters staying home? What is wrong with us?  Maybe it’s time to ask not what is wrong with Canadians, but what is wrong with our leaders. Or better yet, let’s just start placing the blame squarely at their feet.

A picture is worth a 1000 words? so what about a movie?

It has always confounded me as to why the crooks, abuser too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever.
Harper set to give economic update The report is quite predictable. It will be at least 90% self congratulations, and the rest shots at the opposition.  As we have seen in the past a conservative economic update is as accurate as reading a crystal ball at a carnival. Harper will say one thing and the economist HE hired will correct him and Flaherty in about 5 days. This government is a joke. They have been spending a fortune with TV ads to lead us to believe that the very self serving trickle of cash they have dispersed for votes is actually helping our economy. Meanwhile other countries are spending on infrastructure and civil transportation. Bring these circus clowns down and lets get some effective government which is in it for the people and not their own egos. we need a government that wants to help people first, then themselves…  the present government only works for people when their position is in jeopardy… please don’t be fooled
Buried deep in the fiscal update that Jim Flaherty, the Finance Minister, delivered earlier this month is a table of projected budgetary revenues, which suggests that EI premium revenues will rise to $26.1-billion in five years time, from $16.4-billion this year. Since employment growth is forecast to be limited during this period, all the experts who have looked at the numbers — from Toronto-based economic consultant Dale Orr to the Parliamentary Budget Office — have concluded that the increased revenue will probably come from higher premiums that could reach $2.33 of every $100 earned within five years, a 35% rise from the current $1.73.  The irony for a governing party that patted itself on the back in yesterday’s report for bringing tax relief to Canadian businesses is that it is set to oversee a 35% hike in what is known as the “job-killing tax.” It seems the party that racked up $50-billion in EI surpluses under Paul Martin and spent the lot on deficit reduction is as mute as the Conservatives when it comes to coming clean with Canadians. We are being short-changed by our politicians, who neither lie nor tell the truth.   

Interesting my own experience with lying crooks is that they tend to have 2 sets of accounting books.. One set of books is the  public lie and the other one is internal truth.


House to debate confidence motion. The Conservatives only need the support on the Bloc or the NDP to survive a confidence vote in the House of Commons and avoid a potential election campaign. Stop wasting taxpayers money and get on with governing the nation.

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“To date, no party or leader has treated you honestly to an explanation of what a $56 billion deficit or $600 billion debt mean for your family or your finances. Suggesting there’ll be no tax hikes, spending cuts or mortgage increases is akin to Stephen Harper telling us one year ago Canada was immune to recession and our budget would stay balanced. It’s crap.In fact, it’s fair to say my experiences in politics over the past four years have reminded me why 97% of Canadians do not belong to a party”


It has always confounded me as to why the crooks, abusers  too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever.

It is also a  vintage  Conservative PM Stephen Harper style, as a wolf in sheep clothing, that now continually still  falsely evades, evades, evades facing his  own negative truths too, for when it comes to dealing about what he actually does, what he actually stands for, he the Great Evader demonstrates openly to all his own  extraordinary lack of honesty,  forthrightness and any credible intellectual weight.

We all in Canada already  could be facing more taxes, severe service cuts as the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to over come..


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 What now a merely short period of time it has made a big, visible behavior difference in our leader now as well. In reality now he continues to go downhill morally. One step forward and one step backwards Prime Minister Stephen Harper had now in the past once pledged to usher in a new era of transparency, accountability and honest brokerage, the same Stephen Harper had been one of the loudest most effective voices decrying mouldy cheque book politics is lying, hypocritically doing the same thing even.  Consider the Conservative’s pathetic excuse for breaking Canada’s ethics laws – the Liberals did it before us. Whatever happened to providing a more transparent and ethical government than your predecessor? 
The abuses of power by the Conservatives is growing rapidly, making unimaginable gains. Unimaginable because these same Tories watched the Grits fall from power largely because of corruption-related activities and promised the cleanup. The Conservatives now even  uses millions of taxpayer dollars promote themselves and the prime minister on flyers delivered to constituents homes, as well as on advertisements and websites used to promote the federal government’s stimulus-funding efforts.  The party-comes-first philosophy shown by the Conservatives is not what Stephen Harper promised when he was in opposition. Harper,   promised the party corruption and lack of accountability would be a thing of the past if his party took power. But history has a way of repeating itself, especially these slimy patronage political games that seem wrongfully irresistible to Conservative political strategists as well .  The Conservatives began to abuse power before they even came to power. It was discovered that during the 2006 campaign — while Stephen Harper was pledging a new era of accountability — his political machine was operating a sly in-and-out scheme that camouflaged expenditures so as to allow his party to spend more than entitled under election regulations. Many examples of the Conservative abuse of power followed   PM Stephen Harper’s own false government’s definition of acceptable behavior is the one set by past Liberals. Many are now Conservative Ottawa-cynical. The changing of the federal government clearly has been nothing more than new dogs learning to improve the old bad tricks where now milking maximum recovery credit from the still lingering recession misery has become a Conservative  government preoccupation and  now also a Conservative fiasco, publicity nightmare, the latest game played with  our tax dollars by a hypocritical, lying Conservative government that promised to do things better and differently. 
Government of Canada Logo – Conservative corruptions   
Knobscam. Mr. Harper. I’m one Canadian who puts your abuse of my tax dollars before your ability to play the piano. Harper figures he can buy all of us. Sorry honey, not enough to get my vote. Please Canada wake up & get these idiots out of Ottawa, please!  



Tories trumpet doorknob repair as stimulus: Liberals    Opposition parties called out the Harper government for including what they say is routine maintenance to federal buildings in P.E.I. in its economic stimulus plan. Liberal MP Wayne Easter said a huge “propaganda” sign has been posted outside an RCMP building in Charlottetown advertising the stimulus plan and informing people of the installation of “internal door hardware” inside. The “hardware” in question is doorknobs, Easter said. “Do you think this is stimulus, putting a doorknob in an RCMP building in this country? [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper calls this stimulus?” he said, Easter said federal officials have said $800,000 has been allocated for repair and restoration of federal buildings and facilities in Prince Edward Island and that each of the buildings features a large sign advertising the action plan.  He said the repairs include moving an iron fence, installing a boiler room door, putting in an air-exchange system and upgrading elevators.    The sad thing is that many Canadians are falling for this. DON’T BE MISLEAD BY THE CONSERVATIVES. This Conservative government is obviously using smoke and mirrors but Canadians are not that stupid.
 Conservatives next stating their present overall Marketing strategy is no different than the past Liberal sponsorship program, only  undeniably admit they too have entered the cesspools of immorality now are blindly failing to see that was the main reason why the Liberals were kicked out too.. and now it is rightfully also the  Conservative’s Party’s turn to be removed. Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative cronies should learn from their Liberal colleagues that Canada voters have a low tolerance for political parties who lack ethics and good judgment. History stunningly repeats itself. Some say that It isn’t as bad in that the Harper  has nothing as serious as a sponsorship scandal on his hands. But it’s just as bad, if not worse, in that this is the lying new Conservative  prime minister who promised a new way was still  hypocritically giving us the old.
Nor does the increasingly visible, undeniable  fact  that Conservative ridings across Canada received more than their fair share of big-money stimulus projects paid for by taxpayers bolster opposition allegations of pork barrelling in the multi-billion-dollar stimulus package. Wild Rose, a   Tory seat west of Calgary, landed 24 million-dollar-plus projects, more than any other riding in the country too. Of the 20 ridings across the country with the most big-dollar projects, 13 are held by Conservative MPs. Yes many of the disbursed funds have been concentrated on Conservative government-held ridings how does this square with Harper’s own past loud, righteous pre-election rhetoric.  The difference between government and opposition ridings is particularly pronounced in Quebec, where the Conservative ridings received 22 per cent of large projects, although the party holds only 13 per cent of the ridings, which means they received 62 per cent more per riding than if the money were divided evenly.  And although Quebec has 23 per cent of the population of Canada, it has also now so far received only seven per cent of projects listed on the Economic Action Plan map. Ontario,   taking 54 per cent of all Canadian projects — although the province accounts for 39 per cent of the population.
Many of us once had understood simply that some Liberal party members misused their positions of trust with public funds–and that fuelled cynicism throughout Canada that the Liberals had grown immoral,  fat and complacent. Now it can also be equally applied to the new Conservatives too.  NDP MP Pat Martin said he wants auditor general Sheila Fraser to investigate the way the Conservatives are handling government-funded communications and advertising.  “They are clearly trying to blur the lines between where the government of Canada ends and the Conservative Party of Canada begins. I think it’s not only unethical and misleading — it’s probably illegal.”  It is immoral, illegal for it is also  the same type of unacceptable lying distortion   that says that Stephen  Harper has an elected majority government, when he still has only an elected   minority government. The sad reality is that too many Conservative, Albertans,  supporters spin doctors, are also unacceptable now  guilty of supporting this immoral, hypocritical behavior too Albertans, who of all Canadians, merely accepted the latest undeniable, unacceptable revelations of inadequacies –never mind Harper’s stacking Senate appointments, his favouring Conservative lobbyists or enforcing ideological purity in judicial appointments –with a falsely  indifferent attitude . After they were once one of the loudest voices to call for fundamental reform, to end the old-style politics of patronage and entitlements, to insist now instead upon clean, open governance and straight talk and look at what has happened to the voice, it is wrongfully silent now.
Once in power they all tend to behave the same way, to become corrupted, the Conservative  it seems too.  Those same past sensible Conservative moral demands must be applied to all governments in Ottawa, including any Conservatives ones now too.  




 It is not the rapists, drunk drivers, tax money abusers  that mostly  fill the courts calendars, docks rather it is mostly the revenue generating traffic tickets..

A picTure is worth a 1000 words? so what about a movie?

Ottawa vows tougher white-collar sentencing

 OTTAWA – The Conservative government says legislation to be tabled Wednesday will set a two-year mandatory minimum federal jail sentence for fraud over $1 million. What a joke.. Steal  one million dollars, go to jail for 2 years only, and when you come out you can likley spend the money you have hidden as well..


June 6, 2009

Canadian-editorial-cartoons V

Cartoons Canada’s political scene continued

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Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that generally most people still are not to be trusted, they always do need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well.  
Here is what I know for sure in Canada that the nred for a proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, in our society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws.
Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians, pastors now as well.
You can fool most of the people most of the time, some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time.. nevertheless a good name is worth more than any silver or gold you acquire, and a bad name is disrespected even after the person’s death.
One of the most surprising things to me in real life was to witness, experience. and many times now too,  that  the real bad, immoral con men, liars, thieves, fakers, imposters, pretenders do often like to be associated with a Christian Church .. and can  hold positions as Pastors, elders now too.. rather still wolves in sheep clothing
One of many real life examples, from my  childhood days in my local  Church I had now encountered a fellow evangelical church attendee, who next years later was eventually arrested for possession of stolen property and for a time went to prison for it.  It now next was of course a shock to hear next that this same person years later when he left prison had became an ordained evangelical Pastor. A shock cause there was no real evidence in fact that he had even changed.. Now decades later the same person now claimed to be a chaplain, visiting sailors on ships, and was supposedly conducting church services. The same person had become the owner of various store buildings and apartments, and he also owned and ran an antique shop as well. I next happened to rent one of the apartments from him as well. Upon which I clearly had discovered, often had witnessed that he still was a fake, for he now also was involved in tax evasions, welfare fraud as well. He used his position as a Montreal Church chaplain to buy medals, uniform, war souvenirs  from visiting port sailors and next to resell them in his antique store for cash even. He in fact had not changed at all, he was still a crook.. As a chaplain he sold his van to a sailor on a Russian ship, who took it to Russia, next the chaplain reported it stolen  and made money twice on the van . So excuse me when now someone claims to me that such and such a person is now a really good person. In reality I rightfully next  tend to first check it out firsthand, for rightfully I no longer believe what most people tell  me.  .
One evangelical says the PM Stephen Harper is a good evangelical Christian, and another one says he is not? so who are we really to believe now too? Real Evangelicals do not drink alcohol but Harper does.
Attack on Harper out of line – Winnipeg Free Press –  Apart from knowing he was raised a Presbyterian and now attends a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church with his family, we, the public, know nothing about what he personally believes. author: Email:  “David Haskell”
 Still now why anyone would now absurdly try to deny that PM STEPHEN  HARPER IS A fundamental evangelical  .  But since I too  have attended his Christian and Missionary Alliance Church ( actually a Corporation) I am not surprised they also are far from perfect, they also do do have a lot of non Christian  practices like Harper does too, such as they do also lie, despise poor people, also natives, immigrants, discriminate  and are racists, bigots, show false partiality, like to give good jobs to their friends as well.. They too are a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde now.   Transparency, accountability, openness are more of Stephen Harper ONGOING  LIES NOW TOO.
 THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE a Church  that despises the poor  and needy persons, also racists, also despises natives not just  new immigrants.. and this is no ordinary fundamental Christian church, for it is not accepted by the majority of Christians, who in fact do not tend to know that this so called church even exists or what they basically believes, so the majority of Christians, fundamental evangelical Christians too, they   do not really believe  the Alliance Church  as having their similar Christian values now as well even..  The Alliance Church, Jesus as Savior, Sanctifier, Deliverer,  Healer, Coming King, really does not have a main doctrinal statement now of helping the poor people (Gal 2:10 KJV)  Only they would that we should remember the poor; the same which I also was forward to do.   Never the less also  he Harper is a Liberal when it comes to alcohol, lying, abusing others,   money matters, or dealing with his own wrong doings or that of his supporter  ..
NOW EVANGELICAL PRIME MINISTER  Stephen Harper of  Canada, you the Prime Minister are also now  reputed to have a keen knowledge of rock music, do  Love  rye (or beer).    George W. Bush  is on record as Harper saying if you don’t drink Canadian beer you’re a pansy . 
” Everybody?” Many of us are basically cynical now about the  politicians and the political games they play. For example, they always promise not to play games and promise to keep all of their promises too . They all tend to be liars.  
(Mat 5:13 KJV)  Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
(Luke 6:43 KJV)  For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 44   For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. 45  A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.
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