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February 9, 2015

The biggest factor in crash fatalities, OPP

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In spite of the fact only 21 percent of deaths in car crashes were caused by speeding the police issue the most resources, tickets, fines on “speeding” still.

Driver inattention the biggest factor in crash fatalities, OPP say Drawing on 10 years of data from investigations, the Ontario Provincial Police are concluding the majority of fatal collisions on OPP-patrolled roads and highways are a result of poor driving behaviour or driver error.  There were 287 deaths from 265 fatal crashes in 2014.  According to the OPP, 73 were related to distracted driving, 46 were related to impaired driving, 61 were related to speeding, and 50 were related to not wearing a seat belt or a helmet.  There are other factors in collision fatalities as well, police said, and they include animal-related collisions, a driver being under medical distress, and so on. But those factors are not a part of the majority.


Though for the past seven months Saskatchewan drivers have faced fines for texting or emailing while driving, three Regina driving instructors have seen little decrease. In 2013, there were 5,745 collisions related to distracted driving, according to SGI; 32 people died and nearly 2,000 were injured. In a recent CAA poll, Canadians ranked texting while driving as their top road safety concern, above drinking and driving, running red lights, speeding and other concerns.


Alcohol-related charges up 37% from last January: OPP The number of alcohol-related charges is up in January compared to the same time last year, according to statistics released by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Police laid 118 impaired driving charges in January, versus 86 charges in January of 2014, which is an increase of 37 per cent.

Meanwhile, data from Statistics Canada (1986 to 2011) shows the vast majority of those charged with drinking and driving are male. In 2011, there were 90,277 impaired driving incidents with 82.4 per cent charged being males and 19.6 per cent females. However, there’s been a steady increase in impaired female drivers since the 1980s, while the number of impaired male drivers has decreased slightly.  Statistics Canada numbers from 2011 also show the highest impaired driving rates occurred within the 20 to 24 age group. The rates decrease with increasing age. Also, drivers under 35 years old account for two-thirds of those accused of impaired driving causing death and causing injury in 2011.

Too many people Canada wide do now often complain about still being harassed, bullied by Traffic cops and getting unnecessary traffic tickets, especially it seems in Ontario, Alberta too. Cops are no angels themselves for sure.
It has been my own real witness, experiences the last 50 years that some of the most crooked persons in Canada who firstly do deserve to be jailed, ticketed are the much too many of our bad civil and public servants, bad politicians, bad cops, bad RCMP now as well, and do include here the bad doctors and bad nurses, bad hospital administrators, bad justice ministers, bad health ministers, bad consumer affairs ministers as well….
 about 85 percent of the major, real criminals Canada wide now too are never jailed, incarcerated because the too often buck passing and useless  police themselves firstly are bad, they are too lay and clearly incompetent to do their jobs, so they the police do compensate for this by wrongfully giving out money revenue generating traffic tickets to meet their false quotas now even.. for the cops are too often crooked now.. now their supervisors are not any better.
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January 1, 2015

Theft by perverse Lawmakers, Administrators


The Montreal Police Brotherhood is calling on lawmakers to reduce the quotas of tickets officers are expected to write in an effort to put police back to more important police work. A police department is expected “to give more and more tickets to get more money for the city hall,” The quotas for police do seem steep. According to the Police brotherhood, a biker cop is expected to write 18 tickets a day, and a traffic officer, 16. The union is absolutely right in its claim that the police priority should be the security of the public, not the financial security of the city.


NYPD Citations for traffic violations fell from 10,069 to 587 in the week starting Dec. 22 . The NYPD confirmed a report that arrests have plummeted in the wake of the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn on Dec. 20. and citations for traffic violations fell 94% in the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period a year ago,  Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241,  and what  we’re supposed to see this as a bad thing? Not at all.  Whose safety concerns were the main reason for the drop off in police activity? The NYPD’s new  failure to arrest and cite people will also end up costing the city hall itself  huge amounts of money that it won’t be able to steal, seize from its citizens, acts themselves which are the real perversity.


The same slow down  is going on in Quebec  by the police but for a different reason..

“It’s very sad, now, policing is becoming a business, it’s taking justice and putting it on the business side, the situation shows an abuse of the trust citizens put in their government.  They’re paying for a police service,”  What they’re getting are tickets. ” Are rather being robbed.
Speeding undeniably is not and has never been the main cause of personal vehicular accidents so a theft, by the clearly also still perverse  Lawmakers, Administrators,   wolves in sheep clothing, of  the citizens purse strings is clearly really still perverse and unacceptable. Even so when the Municipalities themselves do face budget cuts..
wolves in sheep clothing
 The reality of a pile-on effect of the too often still  unwarranted fines leading to the robbing of he citizens money by perverse administrators  is  leading to more serious disrespect of the overall justice, political systems while no  one seems to care about this falsely too.  
Yes  the serious degeneration of respect by particularly by the poor, working poor, of petty law enforcement fines related to how they move generally harmlessly through the world will have negative consequences on the overall system itself especially   while the rather too often perverse civic leaders themselves show no mercy, sympathy to the citizens rights.  Citizens too often  discover  the dire Effects of Petty Law Enforcement regarding the usage of their cars, supposedly public safety too now,  while the same political administrators who demand for economically gain the enforcement of the laws, abuse the tax payers money on the jobs with their out of town travels, lavish personal expense accounts, fine dining, bribes as well..
The too common nation wide  phenomenon of the administrators false emphasis  on  misdemeanour crimes comes about not cause the citizens have really done something wrong but is  more strongly linked to administrative economics thefts over  any real  misdemeanour offense and leads furthermore to a false increase of the citizens court costs and their personal insurance on their cars as well and  this is generally a two fold robbery thus.  
Sadly not Just in the US but in Canada now as well the mostly petty bylaw enforcement to falsely reduce the poor citizens of their hard earned money by the  the courts, political administrators has lead to the the rightful serious lack of respect for law enforcement officers and the Justice system now as well . A fact the police themselves are aware when they often in sympathy refuse to enforce the false quota put on traffic,speeding tickers.The reasons for the state to deprive falsely someone of the right to move about by our culture’s most efficient means are multiplying even:  Most  traffic tickets being issued these days still  had nothing to do with any demonstrated inability to drive well.  A large number of tickets are for reasons that have nothing to do with unsafe driving. These reasons include even more unpaid traffic tickets, falling behind on child support,
“ A study in 2013 from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators raised concerns that police and state and local motor vehicle officials find too much of their time and budget tied up going after people with suspensions for minor law breaking that has nothing to do with safe driving.
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January 1, 2010

Fed up? do something good about it.


People are asking what they can do to counter the much too much taxpayer’s money abuses, theft, or the too many bad cops,  injustice in the courts, customer abuses, misleading advertisements by big corporations  . Openly write on the net as well, write letters to editors, and today do write letters to the elected officials. Demand now fully instead that  the government deal with your concerns.. . Vent your outrage at your local  elected officials.  –



 No one really likes bad publicity, especially the political parties and politicians.. so do let them have it. Public exposure and  shame seems to be a common incentive for many of our elected officials to do their paid task, jobs.. Use your right of free spech now, today, fully as well. I do!

Emails elected officials

Note there is likely a 100 email names restrictions at any one time..
Government of Quebec emails legislative members


Government of Ontario emails legislative members
Government of New Brunswick  emails legislative members
Government of Nova scotia emails legislative members


Government of PEI emails legislative members


Government of Labrador Newfoundland  emails legislative members
Government of Saskatchewan emails legislative members


 Government of Manitoba emails legislative members list 
Government of BC emails legislative members list         


Government of Yukon  emails legislative members list


Government of Northwest Territories emails legislative members list
Albertan MLA’s  


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Fed up? do something good about it. III


People are asking what they can do to counter the much too much taxpayer’s money abuses, theft, or the too many bad cops,  injustice in the courts, customer abuses, misleading advertisements by big corporations  . Openly write on the net as well, write letters to editors, and today do write letters to the elected officials. Demand now fully instead that  the government deal with your concerns.. . Vent your outrage at your local  elected officials.  –  

Maritmes Emails

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<>;,,,,,,,,,,;
Newfoundland and Labrador;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Fed up? do something good about it. II


People are asking what they can do to counter the much too much taxpayer’s money abuses, theft, or the too many bad cops,  injustice in the courts, customer abuses, misleading advertisements by big corporations  . Openly write on the net as well, write letters to editors, and today do write letters to the elected officials. Demand now fully instead that  the government deal with your concerns.. . Vent your outrage at your local  elected officials.  –  

Ontario MPP/MP Email

 Ontario MPP email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Ontario Federal MP email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


MP email addresses of All  Federal MPs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


October 3, 2009

Insuring adequate Consumer protection


Insuring Canadian Business Profitability By Having Adequate Consumer Protection  do see also
I write Honestly, fairly even to be a free service too all the consumers, citizens of Canada
Since June 1999 all but most serious misleading advertising cases will now be pursued in civil proceedings by the Commissioner in the Competition Tribunal, the Federal Court, or Provincial Superior Courts. “Available remedies will include prohibition orders, corrective notices and administrative monetary penalties (up to &100,000.00 for first time corporate offenders). Criminal prosecution remains an option in serious cases. Recent amendments to the Act have resulted in a fundamental change to the misleading advertising provisions of the Act. Prior to the amendments, misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices were strict liability criminal offences under the Act. With the amendments, a non-criminal regime in respect of deceptive marketing practices has been created which is intended to ensure more effective enforcement and compliance. Accordingly, following passage of these amendments, criminal prosecution is still possible where there is “clear and compelling” evidence that the accused knowingly or recklessly made, or permitted to be made, a false or misleading representation to the public. As a result of these amendments, most of the deceptive marketing practices that were previously subject to criminal prosecution under the Act (e.g., misleading advertising, unsubstantiated claims or warranties, misleading ordinary price claims, bait and switch selling, sales above advertised price) will now be treated as reviewable conduct. The Commissioner’s decision to proceed under either the civil or criminal enforcement regime will preclude him from proceeding under the other regime.”
Hey we have often heard the lying spin doctors telling us that Canada is about to recover  economically.. with distorted facts..  I have often wondered how many of these persons now have had any valid real business experiences firstly ..
Now actually I have done a significant amount of  mostly free business consulting regard to Computers, Sales, Marketing, Employee management structures, styles, programs  to many a problemed small businesses in Alberta too.  Don’t get me started on the owner’s bad personnel management styles which leads next to 40 percent of the employees stealing from their firm and/or sabotaging the overall productivity of the firm too..
– The first thing that often grasped me with any new business that I had now visited  was the owners. managers unrealistic expectation of profitability based on their own  doing very little real work input. They too often think that being an owner, having a place, a product, an accountant and a few employees will guarantee to generate them loads of money.. so 50 percent of all business fail, go bankrupt in  the first two years and many that remain sadly often have resorted to fraud, theft, lying, price gouging too? 
– I have also  often been amazed as to how many of the business owners think that because they have not made as much money as they had expected that they can merely double, or increase the price on their products and recapture their lost profits. Amazing how many stupid business persons actually do believe this and practice this as well now too.. They treat the majority of the customers as ignorant, stupid persons.. Who is being stupid but the business owners, managers now rather. .
– What also amazes me is the gross, immoral price mark ups on the products being sold  by many major retail chains now as well.  Going to the dollar store  rather now tends often to upset me.. I can often find items at 1 or 2 dollars that I have seen at 8 to 20 dollars elsewhere. I bought a baseball cap for 15 dollars only to see next the same cap sold next for 2 dollars at Dollarma. I recently saw a hand bag for sale for 14.50 dollars at the Rossy department store that sells at $1.50 at Dollarama. And I can go on and on here too about this at Wal-Mart, Rona, Reno, Zellers, Canadian Tire, etc.
What too many business Owners fail to realize, GM included,  is that the customers tend to  have only so much allotted money, and so you can fleece, gouge them a few times but next you the business owner  will really have to go elsewhere to find new customers, and that is always  a very costly approach. Most customers are not loyal and will really find better prices elsewhere too.  Sales and advertising, marketing programs are never cheap.. it would have been better, cheaper, more profitable  to have given the customers a fair price originally and encouraged their repeat business.. but the rather too often greedy, stupid managers refuse to do this and to lose their jobs often next as a result too. It seems both the citizens and consumers need to be protected from this bad manager. Greed is a self destructive mechanism that we all do need protection from.
The most common common complaints include:
• Automobile Sales
• Home Improvement
• Automotive Repairs
• Credit
• Advertising/Telemarketing
• Collections/Billing Practices
• Household Goods
• Internet/E-Commerce
• Telecommunications/Cable/Satellite
• Real Estate/Landlord Tenant
• Timeshares
• Vacation/Travel Offers
• Health Club Studios
• Household Moving and Storage
• Home Repair
Weights and Measures laws. 
 Scales and gas pumps are tested annually for accuracy.  These laws protects you from possible monetary loss which may occur while:
 -Pumping gasoline.
 -Purchasing prepackaged or deli meats.
– Purchasing fuel oil.
 -Checking out at a store which scans your order.
 -Drying your clothes in a time measured machine.
 -Purchasing milk or other liquid commodity
Insurance and Consumer Protection: Insurance: Insurance comes in many different forms, but it is essentially a contract between the company and the consumer. In addition to consumer protection laws, many states have extensive statutes to protect consumers when dealing with insurance. These statutes often prohibit insurance companies from acting unfairly, or that require them to pay claims quickly. For example, in 2007, Washington State passed the Insurance Fair Conduct Act. It forbids insurance companies from (1) misrepresentation of policy provisions, (2) failure to acknowledge pertinent communications, (3) failing to promptly investigate claims, and (4) failing to promptly make fair and equitable settlements. If an insurance company violates these provisions, a court may award up to three times the actual damages suffered.
In case of any dispute, complaints, Always Open a file, or notebook, in writing to keep track of all your information. letters, correspondences. Don’t Delay: Find out all possible deadlines in your case and the statute of limitations. Be prepared to negotiate: Do not exaggerate or inflate your claim. If you are caught at it, you may have committed fraud, and at worse could go to jail, and at the least, you have ruined your claim.
7 ways you can protect yourself as a consumer:
1 Keep your personal information quiet. If you didn’t call a company for a specific purpose, don’t give out personal information. Be wary when you do call and the other person asks for your Social Security Number. Usually, there is some other way for account verification. At the very least, ask that you be allowed to provide only the last four digits of your Social Security Number. The same thing is true of bank account numbers. And never, ever put personal financial information in an email — especially in response to a request. 
2 Make sure you understand what you are agreeing to. This means you need to read the fine print. And you need to make sure that you know exactly what the terms of any loan, contract or other agreement are. If you aren’t sure, take the time to hire a professional to look it over. $200 for a lawyer to review the document is worth it — especially if it turns out you could be on the hook for thousands more than you thought.
3 If it’s too good to be true… This is the cardinal law of consumer protection. If something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. If the deal is way too good to pass up, you probably should consider passing it up. 
4 Protect yourself online. You need to make sure that you have protection on your computer. Antivirus software is helpful, as is a firewall. There are other protections available as well. Additionally, make sure that you are careful about secure sites. Make sure that the sites really are secure, and that they are valid. Logout and close the browser window when you are checking account balances or making monetary transactions. Change your passwords regularly, and make sure they are a strong combination of upper and lower case letters, and numbers.
5 Shred documents. If it has an account number, shred it. If it is an offer of credit, shred it. The trash is one of the easiest places for fraudsters to get your personal information.
6 Double check prices. Is it really a bargain? Is it really a sale? Do you really need it now? One of the oldest tricks in the book is to call something a sale when it really isn’t. Double check. And look online. But beware of online prices as well: You might end up with damaged goods. Or nothing at all.
7 Know your rights. Consumers should know their rights. Laws have been passed to protect you with regard to electronic transactions, as well as to protect you from harassment from debt collectors. Know and understand your rights — and don’t be afraid to openly fight for them.


The Consumer protection laws  prohibit unfair commercial practices between traders and consumers through five general prohibitions:-

  • General Prohibition on Unfair Commercial Practices 
  • Prohibition on Misleading Actions (2) A commercial practice is misleading if   (a) if it contains false information and is therefore untruthful in relation to any of the matters   or if it or its overall presentation in any way deceives or is likely to deceive the average consumer in relation to any of the matters in that paragraph, even if the information is factually correct; and(b) it causes or is likely to cause the average consumer to take a transactional decision he would not have taken otherwise.
  • Prohibition on Misleading Omissions 
  • Prohibition on Aggressive Commercial Practices 
  • Prohibition on   Specific Commercial Practices that are in all Circumstances Unfair 
  • One of the  commercial practices which are in all circumstances considered unfair is “falsely claiming that a product is able to cure illnesses, dysfunction or malformations”. The definition of “product”  includes services,  all forms medical products and treatments are covered.

The Consumer protection laws are very powerful in principle, But there are  complications in real practice.

One complication concerns the extent to which the onus has been moved on to the seller to prove the claims are true, rather than the accuser having to prove they are false. The law is a lot more favourable to the accuser than before, but it’s still complicated.  One may agrgue  “He doesn’t have to refute anything! The prosecution have to prove the claims are false”. “or what evidence is required to demonstrate that any  claim  is false “beyond reasonable doubt” in court.”

The other complication concerns real enforcement of the   laws, and at the moment that is often non existent. really bad.  Nevertheless, enforcement is undoubtedly a weak point at the moment. The government is obliged to enforce these laws, but at the moment it is not doing so effectively. Governments are obliged not only to enact it as national legislation but to enforce it. The evidence that the government has provided adequate resources for enforcement, in the form of staff and their proper training, is often not convincing. Either they will need more people and more training,  or responsibility for enforcement of the law should be transferred to some more appropriate agency.  All citizens have the right to complain to all, the news media included,  if their government fails to provide their protection. The media,   are replete with details of inadequate health care, and inadequate consumer protection.

-Statute of limitations: Put simply, the statute of limitations is a time limit upon for you file a lawsuit. If suit is not filed by that date, then you are forever barred from bring suit.  Also you need to be real careful to know when the statute of limitations begins running. If you are dealing with an insurance company who has promised to pay your damages, make sure that they are not stalling you to let the statute of limitations run on your case.
– Contract law disputes  Most people think a contract is a written document. A legally binding contract is both simpler and more complicated. First of all, for there to be a contract no writing is required. An verbal agreement between two people is a contract. Classic contract law would say that there must be an agreement between two parties for which a specific consideration is exchanged.  A person says said “if you paint my aprtement, I will pay you $1,000.” Now , there would be consideration, and if a person completes job, he or she is entitled to the money. Next when in a court room, it can be difficult, if not impossible to prove, a contract that is not in writing without a witness. Thus, its important to try to get all agreements down to a writing when you can. It is also a good idea, because when a contract is written, the parties are better able to understand what everybody’s obligations are. Further, some contracts required by law to be in writing. They are usually contracts to buy real estate, a contract that would take more that a year to complete, and some contracts over a certain amount of money,
Illegal and Unenforceable contracts: If a contract has an illegal purpose it will be unenforceable in court. Obvious examples would be contracts for to sell illegal drugs or transfer illegal aliens across the border, but there are unenforceable contracts that may not be so obvious. One would be an agreement to work below minimum wage. Such would be a violation. 
Warranties: in some consumer transactions, the law imposes “warranties” by the seller. A warranty is roughly a guaranty that product sold has certain properties. The  law says that when goods are sold, they have three warranties: (1) warranty of merchantability, (2) the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and (3) warranty of title.

Fraud: To have a case for fraud, you usually have to prove that the defendant made a (1) false statement, (2) that they knew it was false, (3) that the fact was material (which is a legal way of saying significant), and (4) you relied upon that fact to your detriment (which is another way of saying you were hurt because you believed it to be true).

Contract Warranties and Ways Out of a Contract

Merchantability: is a warranty that the goods are what they claim to be based upon a “reasonable” buyers expectations. Thus, if you buy a box of ties, it suppose to be a box of ties, and not a box of socks. In some states, the seller can disclaim the warranties by selling the items “as is.”

Fitness for a particular purpose: when you buy goods with a particular purpose, and express that to the seller, it is implied that they are fit for that purpose. Another way to put that is if you order a snow board and tell the shop you want a snow board, and they send you a surf board, they’ve breached the warranty.

Title: This is simply a warranty that the seller has the right to sell the goods to you. If your sold stolen goods or goods that don’t belong to the seller, then he’s broken this warranty.

Ways to Get out of Contract: generally speaking contracts should not be broken. If contract is “breached,” which means one or both parties did not due what they agreed to, then the other party can sue for the “benefit of the bargain” as damages. However, there are some ways to get out of a contract:

1. By agreement: the parties can agree to void the contract, or “tear it up” themselves. They would both have to agree to do so. If one party says its void, or tears it up himself, he is in breach. Sometimes the best solution for both parties is to agree to forego the contract.

Example: buyer buys car from used car lot. The buyer finds some things wrong with the car, the dealer claims the agreement was “as is,” but the buyer says that he was told there was nothing wrong with the car. Buyer says he is going to sue. At this point, before the parties get

into a protracted suit, the seller says just bring it back, and he refunds his buyers money. In this case, they can agree to forego a contract. However, if seller stuck to his contract, the buyer may have to pay all under the contract. The buyer may have a consumer protection case, or some other case, but the seller would have a breach of contract case against him.

2. Misrepresentation: A misrepresentation is a lie made by the seller to the buyer that was relied upon by the buyer in agreeing to the contract. Usually, you have to prove that the misrepresentation was material. Examples might be that “this car has only 10,000 miles on it,” when in reality the odometer flipped once.

3. Mistake: this usually applies when both buyer and seller in a contract are mistaken about what they are selling and buying. Neither one are making misrepresentations, its just that they are “mistaken” about the nature of what they are selling.

4. Duress and Undue Influence: duress is basically the threat of force. Its when the godfather comes to with his armed thugs and says either your signature or your brain will be on this contract. Undue influence is similar, but its when some uses a “special relationship” to get a contract. This may be in guardian context, or parent and child relationship. A court might look at the agreement and allow a party to void it if there was undue influence used in getting an agreement.

5. Incapacity: Contracts made with children are not enforceable against the children. Also, some people might have disability, or under some limited circumstances when the person was drunk when he entered the contract, it may be voided.  

Misleading , false advertising is a very common consumer concern as well as price fixing, unfair and restrictive trade practises..  

Misleading, False advertising is covered under the Competition Act  , the federal Competition Bureau as well the  Provincial  Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. File a complaint with both of them. Taking a complaint to the small claim courts can still also be time consuming, and cost prohibative,

As part of its goal to ensure consumers have competitive prices and product choice, the Competition Act prohibits a number of marketing practices.

  • Misleading advertising occurs when a claim about a product or service is materially false or misleading, in an attempt to persuade the consumer to buy it.
  • Double ticketing occurs when a seller puts two or more prices on a product or service, and the consumer is not charged the lowest price.
  • Pyramid selling is a multilevel marketing plan that uses certain specific deceptive means to obtain money (see “Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Selling Schemes“).
  • Bait and switch occurs when a seller attracts customers by advertising a certain product or service at a bargain price and then persuades the customer to purchase a more expensive item, since the seller does not have reasonable quantities of the advertised item in stock.

Consumers who make a purchase are also protected by laws that prohibit unfair or deceptive trade practices.

Consumers may complain to the Government of Canada about any of these practices even when they have no intention of buying the product. Consumers may contact the Competition Bureau to file a complaint or obtain additional information at 1-800-348-5358 or under the Enquiries and Complaints section. When the matter relates to labeling or advertising of food, contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at 1-800-442-2342. You may also contact your provincial or territorial consumer affairs office.

You may also complain to THE USLESS, PRETENTIOUS  Advertising Standards Canada about misleading advertising. This non-governmental body is made up of advertisers, representatives from advertising agencies and the media, and consumers. It PRETENDS IT  discourages false or misleading advertising by its members through codes of conduct.

Under the civil regime, a complaint must be lodged with the Commissioner of Competition in order to engage the process. A complaint may be lodged by: (a) calling the Competition Bureau at its toll-free telephone number (1-800-348-5358); or (b) registering a complaint over the Internet – by completing a confidential complaint/enquiry form.

More info- Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) – Canadian Consumer Handbook 2008-2009  This handbook offers tips, questions and advice on consumers’ rights, along with contacts for help with common problems.
If your call doesn’t produce satisfactory results, always do write a letter to someone higher up, such as the general manager or owner (see sample letter). Provide all the details of the problem and explain your efforts to resolve it. Ask for action. In the case of products, send a copy of your letter to the manufacturer, and be sure to keep a copy of it yourself.
 In Canada it seems too  many people in big businesses, civil and public services, governments and churches now  too, they still do not act on many consumer complaint matters unbless it is undeniably in wrting with copies to many other persons too.. Many of the verbal, Phone complaints still tend to be filed in waste paper baskets.
If none of these steps work to your satisfaction, look through the directory of this Handbook, for government offices and consumer organizations that apply to your situation. If you don’t know where to start, call the government consumer affairs office where you live (also listed in the directory). Someone there will direct you to the right organization. Or, use the Complaint Courier to file your complaint online
Taking legal action should be your last choice. If you decide to sue, remember that there are often time limitations on filing lawsuits and costs. You may wish to check with a lawyer about the legal process and any limitations that may apply to your case in your province or territory. Strategies for Success.  A lawsuti against a corporation even if you wwin is often non enforceable..  you are better of starting to make it all public, going to the news media, giving them a real bad name that realy hurts their business.
Do not be afraid to complain. Good businesses will be pleased to correct any mistake on their part. They know that customer goodwill is the best form of advertising. 
Always keep a file of important information related to your purchase, include the sales receipts, repair orders, warranties, cancelled cheques, contracts and any letters you have written to or received from the company concerned
Do not procrastinate. When a product is defective or unsatisfactory, it is important that you return it quickly so that you do not lose the right to get your money back or to collect damages in some cases. Always check the return policy before you buy.
The federal, provincial governments, the CRTC, Conservatives, Liberals  unfairly maintaining  archaic, monopolistic telecommunication firms, that are often   bloated, cost ineffective, incompetent, over staffed, un-competitively managed as well is the main reasons consumer costs falsely keep on going up now.
A Sample Complaint Letter
(Your Address)(Your City, Province or Territory, Postal Code)(Your Email Address, if you have an email address where you can be contacted)
(Name of contact person, if available)(Title, if available)(Consumer Complaint Division, when you have no contact person)(Company name)(Street address)(City, province or territory, postal code)
Dear(Contact Person):Re: (account number, if applicable):
Please do note that undeniably, and unfortunately, your product sold to me  has not performed well
To resolve the problem, I would appreciate you deal with the matter immediately . I look forward to your reply and to your resolving my problem, and will wait until (date), I (bought, leased, rented or had repaired) a (name of the product with serial or model number or service performed) at (location). (or the service was inadequate). I am disappointed because (explain the problem: for example, the product does not work properly, the service was not performed correctly, I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly or was misrepresented at the time of sale).state the specific action you would like: money back, charge card credit, repair or exchange, for example). Enclosed are copies (do not send originals) of my records (include receipts, guarantees, warranties, cancelled cheques, contracts, and any other documents associated with the purchase).(set a time limit: usually 10 working days is sufficient) before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address or by telephone at (home and/or office number with area codes)
Sincerely, (your name)
(indicate to whom you are also sending a copy of this letter, e.g., product manufacturer)
More General Information
What to Do When You Have Complained Without Any Results?
If you feel you have given the company enough time and that your problem has not been resolved, send a copy of your complaint letter and copies of supporting documents (not originals) to, or file a consumer complaint with, your provincial or territorial consumer affairs office or Better Business Bureau (see the directory of this Handbook). If you use the Complaint Courier ( it will give you the option to automatically forward your complaint to the appropriate government office.
Small Claims Court
Small claims court can be an informal and relatively inexpensive way to resolve disputes when the amount involved is less than $3,000 or, in some provinces, up to $25,000. However, you will have to pay a fee to file a claim. Once the suit is launched, you may have costs for such things as serving orders, payments to witnesses and travel expenses.
You do not need a lawyer to go to small claims court, although in most provinces and territories the help of a lawyer is allowed. The court staff is experienced in helping consumers prepare the necessary forms, and the judges have the power to settle disputes. This court allows each side to explain its story and does not expect consumers to know legal technicalities.
For information on how to proceed, contact the small claims or provincial or territorial court nearest you (look in the government listings in your phone book). The websites of these courts also often list the procedures to follow and have copies of the forms you will need to complete.
Class Action Suits
The purpose of a class action is to permit a large number of individuals who have suffered similar losses or injuries to band together in an attempt to recover damages.
This means that individuals who might not be able to afford to sue on their own can act with others in the same situation against the same defendant. All the participants in the class action suit share both the costs and the outcome.
With a class action, consumers with legitimate cases can afford what could otherwise be an expensive legal procedure. Currently, class actions are only allowed in some provinces in Canada. There are a number of steps to a class action, including having the suit certified by a court in order for it to proceed. Seeking advice from a lawyer on the process and the costs involved is a good first step. This site is designed for easy navigation and features a powerful search engine capable of quickly finding very specific consumer information and associated contacts. The portal also offers you the Complaint Courier that gives fast and easy access to accurate, relevant and reliable consumer information, developed in the public interest. Information is gathered from partner departments and agencies of federal, provincial and territorial governments, and selected non-governmental organizations., an interactive tool to help consumers complain more effectively, and the Focus On section, which highlights supposedly timely consumer topics. If you believe everything they tell you.. you will likley be suckered again too.
Note this when it comes to the GOVERNMENTS, the civil and public services, organizations, etc., it still seems  they all now have learned to lie a lot, to pass THE BUCK,  TO TAKE THEIR TIME, TO MAKE FALSE PROMISES TOO, yes they encourage you to deal with them, and make promises to help you, but next generally they will do nothing good for you in reality… the number of consumers clients they have actually helped is dismal.. for they fail in dealing with at least half of the complaints just for a start.. so be open, loud and persitent now..
Canadian Consumer Handbook 2008-2009 Being a wise consumer means being informed
General Information How to Complain Effectively

 Consumers are often faced with several challenges when they wish to complain about a product or service. A  resource to help you complain effectively is the Complaint Courier, which is featured at This powerful online tool provides instant access to the resources and expert advice you will need to navigate your way through the complaint process from start to finish, and explains how to make any type of complaint in a clear, organized and effective way. The following guidelines will also help you to complain more effectively.

First Things First
Give the merchant the first chance to solve the problem. About 6 weeks.. First Contact the salesperson, retailer or business when you have a complaint about any goods or services you bought. When there is a complaints department, use it. When there isn’t, talk to someone in authority, such as a manager. A face-to-face discussion is best? Putting it all in wrting with copies to many others is better.. Be firm and businesslike, but polite. Calmly and accurately describe the problem and what you want the company to do to resolve it
If the problem is not resolved that way, ask for the telephone number of the company headquarters and contact the customer service department. Request specifics about how and when something will be done, and get the company representative’s name in case you have to refer to the conversation later. Write down any details of your complaint and keep them in a file. Make sure to date your notes..

I still do always measure actual results, performances by all professionals, the police and doctors included.. Now I have been to many medical clinics, doctors offices, emergency departments that were efficiently organized, they now gave what appeared to be an effective, but only a  superficial service,   next turned out to be mostly a pretentious, useless services.. a great example of this is my getting an x-ray done when you have major heart problems, which  is a waste of time and money firstly.. here too better, more real  diagnostic services here was,  is needed.. and we, I do not have to accept such poor services from any of our medical establishments now too. I clearly do always let them know of that too. Which reminds me I have been already waiting about 9 months for the Montreal General Hospital’s clinic to get back to me for an appointment about my knee problem now too.. this too is unacceptable , poor service.
do see also  


PS When any Collection agencies, or executives phone me or write to me and threaten to sue me for my negative exposes, or me rightfully not paying them for their false breach of contract too, etc., I tell them to go ahead, they have been warned,  any further harassment me by phone or letter will be reported to the police next too rightfully too as a criminal act, an act of harassment, FOR EVEN ME, THE ORDINARY CITIZEN NOW STILL ALSO HAS HUMAN AND LEGAL RIGHTS IN CANADA


September 19, 2009

Police, Others Pretentious, incompetent in real life.



 And the lying no good police Public Relationship spin doctors and their false supporters now  too will next try to deny it.  By the sheer numbers of bad guys who get away with it many of us seem to get the impression the Police have never faced or dealt with criminals before too.. or are they wasting their time elsewhere? Car Speeders are much easier to find, to see and to convict over the real criminals now! So the Police spend much of their resources here instead.  Majority of criminals firstly are never caught, convicted, fully incarcerated even because existing laws are not adequately enforced  still by the too often pretentious, incompetent police, RCMP included now.   
Vincent Lacroix pleads guilty to fraud.. The guilty plea surprised many watchers Monday morning, including hundreds of investors who fell victim to the fraud scam. “If Vincent Lacroix had to answer questions [on the stand] we would have gotten information, and we could have known where the money went,” said Jean-Guy Houle, who lost some of his life savings to Norbourg. Another Corporate CROOK has fallen … thousands to go.  6 months at a minimum security prison…….  Wanna bet? for 100 million… Hahahahahaha!!!!! This will be seen as “justice” by the Crown because Lacroix will have to fly back from his private yacht in the Caribbean and check in with his probation officer every few months. Poor guy! Pre-emptying the conservatives promise to get tough on white collar crime?  , “NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”… all nice and shiny on the outside, but rotten as hell on the inside.

MONTREAL – Vincent Lacroix, the former head of Norbourg Inc., has pleaded guilty to 200 fraud-related charges.  Lacroix entered the pleas in a Montreal courtroom this morning and was immediately ordered incarcerated.  Sentencing arguments will be heard Friday. Lacroix had been accused of defrauding 9,200 investors and illegally appropriating more than $100 million.

Thousands  and thousands of persons get  hurt, victimized now too.  The  maximum sentence for White collar crime fraud is  from 10 years to 14 years, not including parole, time served credit now too,  does not mean much if still most of the criminals do not get caught and convicted by the police in the first place.  Many people also undeniably now  blame the cops for the existence of the much too many crooked white collared crimes, business persons, and bad stockbrokers, bad civil and public servants  in reality  It is not just many  Quebecers but even also Calgary seniors who lost  in alleged Ponzi frauds  

Victims burned while RCMP fiddled for years with Alberta Ponzi scheme Vancouver Sun  Estimates of total losses range from $100 million to $400 million. Brost is out on bail, and Sorenson is believed to be hiding in Honduras.



Ponzi Accusations: The Trail Of Riches Calgary Herald – Gary Sorenson, accused of being one of the masterminds of an alleged $100-million Ponzi scheme, is believed to be living at his palatial mansion in the


Home of alleged Ponzi scheme mastermind Calgary Sun



Stiffer sentences for Ponzi scammers only a good first step The Canadian Press – ‎Sep 18, 2009‎ TORONTO — Stiffer sentences for white-collar criminals promised by the federal government are only a first step in the battle against Ponzi and other  


Coquitlam RCMP officer charged for drunk driving. A B.C. RCMP officer has been charged with impaired driving after being stopped by members of his own detachment on his way from the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam early Friday morning. The officer was released from custody on a promise to appear in a Port Coquitlam court on Jan. 10, 2010. The name of the officer has not been released, but police did say he has been moved to administrative duties pending the completion of the criminal investigation and a parallel internal investigation. Drunk driving is beyond stupid… *Especially* when it’s a cop.  I just can’t understand why anyone would drive drunk. Especially a police officer.  What the hell is wrong with these people? Not good. Way too much of this going on. The RCMP and police forces in general are really losing respect and credibility. This stuff sure doesn’t help. at least they didn’t try cover it up…yet.

Being Pretentious and incompetent that is nothing now new BUT STILL  the sadly reality of many of our public and civil servants, cops, RCMP, political, regulating societies now included… and youoften  find out generally the hard way that truth when you are mow necessitated to try to use their services.. and not before. 



Diane Urquhart, a prominent investor advocate in Canada, said Thursday that Alberta and Quebec are the hot spots in the country for investor fraud. She said provincial securities commissions are ill-equipped to monitor and enforce illegal activity. “The securities commissions are not qualified to deter these Ponzi schemes,” said Urquhart, who was in Ottawa earlier this week urging the federal government to crack down on white-collar criminals.    “None of the security commissions in the country are effective,” she said. “Enforcement of securities laws and of the federal Criminal Code for securities is grossly deficient and has been for years.” Urquhart calling on the Alberta government to spend an additional $6 million to hire 20 new fraud police officers and help form an expert securities crime unit. “If we’re again going to have investor confidence in the regulatory process, it’s up to the government to ensure our rules are rigorously enforced,”   “If we’re willing to rigorously enforce our rules, the shady characters will move on.” Liberal finance critic Hugh MacDonald
Since clearly 2/3 of us do not respect cops, or the RCMP, governments, civil and public servants  in the first place.. they are all  so right too.
 The rich and middle class are (OFTEN) greedy, self serving, whining, and cheap. They want bargains, they want it free or they want someone to gift it to them. The lions share of them resent paying taxes, and god forbid they should pay their employees a living wage. ” Forget about your money ..Canada is very easy on the scammers especially those working in financial sectors. Just look at the banks, insurance companies, their fees are just like legalized loan sharks. Have U seen  if our Government does anything??” 

N.L. spending scandal nets another guilty plea .  Wally Andersen has pleaded guilty in Newfoundland and Labrador’s spending scandal,  Andersen pleaded guilty in a St. John’s court   to uttering forged documents and breach of trust by a public officer. The former Liberal MHA resigned his Torngat Mountains seat.  Reports filed by N.L. Auditor General John Noseworthy said Andersen received $344,465 more than he was entitled to through his constituency allowances. Former Tory cabinet minister Ed Byrne was sentenced to a jail term of two years less a day in April after he admitted to forging documents and faking signatures while stealing more than $117,000 through his tax-free constituency allowances.  Former New Democrat MHA Randy Collins also pleaded guilty to two fraud charges when he appeared in court last week. He’ll be sentenced in December.  There doesn’t seen to be any ethical requirement to become an elected representative. Politicians – right up there with used car salesmen.  Just another corrupt Politician , federal or provincial they are all the same. Amazing…all three parties found guilty of fraud. Makes you wonder who exactly you are supposed to vote for. When caught being corrupt—do we get to take their pensions away? And if not ,why not? As the courts will, as usual, hand out a slap on the wrist punishment–taking the pension would at least hurt a bit. As well as send a message. 
 Mayor cancels Montreal’s $355M water meter contract. Tremblay said Tuesday two of the city’s top bureaucrats — city manager Claude Léger and the city’s director of corporate affairs, Robert Cassius de Linval — have been fired. The move comes after the city’s auditor general recommended the city review — and consider cancelling — its contract with private consortium GÉNIeau because of irregularities with the tendering process  What about the $11 million that was paid to these guys for city repairs? Let’s just agree the whole system is bloody corrupt, eh? It seems Newfoundland politicians are pleading guilty to fast and loose spending, Ontario’s e-health looked outrageous, Ottawa’s mayer did a backroom deal… The repairs were never done, but the money was still paid. Maybe that explains the yacht in the Caribbean…  Criminals – the whole lot of them.  These type of stories always make me wonder – how many other dubious contracts are signed wasting our tax dollars?  Until people start getting fired and criminal charges are laid, these type of under the table deals will continue.  And we wonder why services continue to go down as taxes continue to go up. I say amend the criminal code to include a mandatory 5 year minimum jail sentence and a fine not less than 10 times the money involved, for breach of public trust. This amendment would cover all forms of corruption from conflict of interest to false accounting. By the time the first dozen or so of these crooks have been banged up – the rest won’t find public office so attractive once they know they can’t fleece the taxpayer. Calgary isn’t exactly squeaky clean as well nor Toronto.. “Zampino admitted he vacationed on Accurso’s yacht in the Caribbean during the tender process for the contract.” You’re not allowed to even speak to respondents to a bid outside of the allotted presentation/Q&A time never mind have a romance on the guys yacht in the Caribbean. This is no different than E-health. Bring this clown out of retirement and fire him and then send him to jail. Crooked politicians are crooked politicians not matter which province they come from.

According to a new Nanos Research poll, which as stated before I do not trust, The poll was conducted by Nanos Research. Results are based on a national random telephone survey of 1,003 adult Canadians, between August 28 and September 2, 2009 Please tell me how you would rate the honesty and ethics of people in the following professions. Would you rate their honesty and ethics as  Total Very high High Average Low Very low Unsure
– Canadians rate physicians and pharmacists highest among 18 professions, when it comes to honesty and ethics.
Seventy-seven per cent of respondents call medical doctors’ standards of honesty and ethics “high” or “very high”, while the figure was 73 per cent for community pharmacists. While I trust them I always still get a SECOND OPINION TO BE ON THE RIGHT, SAFE SIDE. My Canadian Experience has taught me that gray haired doctors are more component firstly, built even gray haired doctors can be charge car happy and prescribe useless medical test too now.  And Pharmacists are here to make as much  money as they can  and some wrongfully push the more profitable, higher money making drugs.. in fact one product recommend to me by a Pharmacist at 9.99 $ sold for  1$ elsewhere.– Also among the   professions whose honesty and ethics were rated as “high” or “very high”, were high school teachers at 66 per cent, and police officers at 58 per cent.  40 percent of persons do not trust cops? My opinion of cops went much lower when I myself had actually tried to use their services in reality. Many people also undeniably now  blame the cops for the existence of the much too many crooked white collared crimes, business persons, and bad stockbrokers, bad civil and public servants  in reality

– and clergy at the   50 per cent. What 50 percent of persons do not trust the clergy? OR  Funeral directors or accountants


 – Majority of persons do not trust : Journalists,  Labour union leaders ,  Provincial government officials,   Building contractors ,  Lawyers ,  Bankers ,  Real estate agents,   MPP’s/MLA’s ,  Car salespeople ,  Business executives , Stockbrokers.  Politicians known to be as bad as the used car  salesmen


And with all the latest recession, Ponzi scandals it is not surprising that the Business executives and  Stockbrokers are not trustworthy .

And most PEOPLE STILL DO THINK THAT ALL CEOs ARE SIGNIFICANTLY OVERPAID.. and even the University administrators

Now we should note how many Canadians hate the big three, Bell Corporations , Rogers, Telus for a start as well.



Highway Thanksgiving crackdown nets 2,271 chargesThe Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol was busy over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend making arrests that resulted in 2,271 charges against unsafe drivers across the province. Between Friday and Monday, sheriffs helped remove 22 suspected impaired drivers from the road and arrested 13 people on outstanding warrants.They also gave out tickets for:

  • 1,163 speeding violations.
  • 406 seatbelt infractions.
  • 62 child restraint infractions.
  • 42 Gaming and Liquor Act violations.
  • 44 failing to stop at a stop sign infractions.

September 17, 2009

Remembering Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative party


So Remembering Brian Mulroney’s 1984 landslide election victory, his legacy, 25 years later
And it was the ongoing  Canadian opposition to the unacceptably bad  Mulroney Progressive Conservative government, both in the east and in the west too, that next spawned two major political parties that were to dominate next the political landscape for decades: the Reform Party and the Bloc Quebecois, both basically still a real  force to be reckoned with on the federal scene and all helped to kill the federal PC party too. The Liberal party was able to capitalize on the clearly evident  Mulroney dissatifactions for 13 years and the much hated GST introduced by him, the General Sales Tax, until also next the PCs and Canadian Alliance (the old Reform party) managed to unite to form the New Conservatives under Stephen Harper with lead to only a minority Harper government still.. all that  happened, ironically, with the help of Brian Mulroney poor management.. poor legacy, so what is there now for Brian Mulroney to celebrate in reality? Nothing! and who can deny the legacy of his that because of the loser Brian Mulroney and his party’s arrogance arrogance, stupidity, indifference,  uncaring attitudes as well this same federal Conservative political party ceased to exist even in name after that… and Brian Mulroney in reality NEXT  became one of the most disliked Prime Minister of Canada, even in his own province of Quebec.. yeah what glory day’s they now where.. A ONCE SOLID political party all dissolved into non existence… and who would want this part of history repeated, in reality many Canadians still today, 2/3, to have the federal Conservative Party wiped off the pages of History again and again.. It was one of the biggest DISAPPEARING ACT  in Canadian history.
It was, is Brian Muloney’s oppostion that next propped up the Stephen Harper new bad Conservative government still today ironically. Now we also do need the new Conservative party of Stephen Harper’s wiped of the face of the earth rightfully as well.
(Eccl 7:8 KJV)  Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.
And who can forget that recently a federal parliamentary committee asked  Karlheinz Schreiber, a German-Canadian businessman to testify in an ethics probe of his dealings with Mulroney.  Where the same Mulroney has told the public inquiry he secretly took $225,000 cash to lobby internationally on behalf of a Schreiber-promoted plan to build light-armoured vehicles in Canada. Schreiber says he paid Mulroney $300,000 to lobby domestically on behalf of the German-sponsored project.. Mulroney next had  told the federal inquiry there was nothing “sinister” about him secretly accepting the cash-stuffed envelopes from Schreiber at dufferent  hotels in the 16 months after he stepped down as prime minister in the summer of 1993 and next also failing to report this income to the income tax deparment as needed too. What else did he Mulroney also do in secret we do not fully know?
Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had responded  to the many allegations that he was a bad PM , he always fought the serious accusations that have been made against him, was  innocent, confident of full exoneration,  he strived to clear his name but not every one believed him.
BRIAN’S LEGACY ALSO TEND TO REMIND US HOW PRETENTIOUS, INCOMPETENT THE RCMP and the government too  WAS, IS IN DEALING WITH REAL CRIMES NOW TOO.. RCMP’s false favourite excuses for their much too many incompetencies are: they are under paid, over worked, short staffed, poorly managed or someone else  are just more big coverups..

 To Dominique La Salle Director General Seniors and Pensions Policy Secretariat Income Security and Social Development Branch 
You are a clearly still a very pretentious person and also a fool  when you suggest me now to do now  things that I have already done  and everyone knows  it too!
Now my father    a senior was undeniably abused now.. and what did you, the police, the justice ministers, the PM do about it? nothing really still..

Now what about me rather being able to get a real justice, and an adequate response still here firstly too?

Or do I first have to give a bribe to the Conservative Party? and also post it all on the internet first for all to read?
and how do you expect most of the police officers now to act firstly when police management still Canada wide, RCMP included now, tend to prefer to clearly  hire the bad guys, bullies, ignoramuses  for cops and tend not to hire   the more decent, moral, intelligent persons. The RCMP itself has become Canada’s biggest choke.    

Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 10:35 PM
Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
> In addition, I would encourage you to consult with the Ministry of the Attorney General for Quebec at:  and advise them about your concerns.  The Ministry may be able to review the case in more detail. 
 Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Subject: The Shotgun: For the last time, Harper is not a social conservative
Prime Minister Stephen Harper basically still is just another lieberal opportunist who often still lets his power hungry  ethics slide down and  also the Harper Conservatives hate women by not paying them equal salary to the men still too.
 When Stephen Harper’s Conservatives came to power in 2006, they took to calling themselves Canada’s better New Government, claiming  to signal  a break from the discredited Liberal way of running the country. Now accountability, openness and ethics would prevail in government. HA HA HA, and  that did not last long.
Now Harper Conservatives government has been stone walling  the  security documents from the eyes of Parliament, and citizens, stone walling the auditor general’s request to audit MP’s expenses and falsely refusing to allow ministers’ aides to testify before committees. We even have Tony Clement, the Industry Minister, flogging products to China on behalf of a private company over needs of the citizens who elected him? Looked at the phone, internet, gas price gouging prices lately?  Mr. Clement  he dos not have a clear political interest in being seen to help any constituent or the citizens? 
Under Harper  the RCMP is just as bad as under the Lieberals too
“The longer they remain in power, the more the Conservatives have let their moral standards slide. Favoured treatment for friends of the party. Seats in the Senate for big donors. An easy ride for cabinet members who are favoured by the Prime Minister” for they are not  any different from the Liberals they replaced! Read more:
Harper’s staff, civil and public servants do not reply to the citizens letters any better over the lieberals too



Now what about me rather being able to get a real competent doctor, and valid medicine that works still here firstly too? Or do I first have to give a bribe to the Liberal party? and also post it all on the internet first for all to read?

Hospital deaths account for half of deaths annually

Canadian Mortality rate – Death -Health – Heart disease – Cancer

Cure for stress, high blood pressure, heart attack

Quebec Doctors want a legal pardon for their murders of citizens, patients

From: <>
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 10:37 AM

> On behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, I am pleased to respond to your correspondence relating to the issue of elder abuse and I would like to share the following information with you.
> I would first like to offer my sincere apologies for this late reply.  Our department is reviewing its procedures to ensure that Canadians receive a timely response to their concerns.
> The Government of Canada takes the matter of elder abuse very seriously.  In 2008, the federal government launched a $13 million Federal Elder Abuse Initiative (FEAI) to help seniors and others recognize the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and to provide information about support that is available.
> The Government of Canada also works closely with all provinces and territories to help seniors and organizations that work with seniors and those that care for seniors find the information they need on elder abuse prevention.  The elder abuse section of the website provides important information along with links to resources on elder abuse prevention in all provinces and territories across Canada. 
> With regards to the concerns you have raised on the various forms of abuse, including neglect, I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your correspondence to my colleague the Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada for his review and consideration.
> In addition, I would encourage you to consult with the Ministry of the Attorney General for Quebec at:  and advise them about your concerns.  The Ministry may be able to review the case in more detail. 
> I would also recommend that you review the following website:, which provides you the telephone number of Les Centres de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS) in your area.  Les Centres de santé et de services sociaux provides assistance to victims of abuse or neglect.
> In your latest correspondence you refer to physical threats made against you.  Your local police authorities would be in the best position to assist you with these accusations.
> I hope this information will be helpful for you, and thank you for taking the time to write.
> Yours sincerely,
> Dominique La Salle
> Director General
> Seniors and Pensions Policy Secretariat
> Income Security and Social Development Branch
> c.c. The Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P.
> Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada


September 16, 2009

One of Harper’s boys in trouble


jaffer001Stop the Press

Former Edmonton-Strathcona MP Rahim Jaffer responded now to allegations he was driving drunk and carrying cocaine when Ontario police arrested him last weekend. “I intend to fight the serious accusations that have been made against me”, “I am innocent and am confident of full exoneration… I strive to clear my name.” 

Tory MP who led anti-drug campaign charged with cocaine possession  OTTAWA – The former chairman of the Conservative caucus who was featured in anti-drug campaign ads is facing charges of cocaine possession and drunk driving. Prime Minister Stephen Harper named Jaffer chairman of the Conservative caucus shortly after the 2006 general election. Jaffer, 37, was MP for the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona from 1997 until a surprise defeat in last year’s election to the NDP’s Linda Duncan. Jaffer recently worked for Green Power Generation Corporation, which helps bring alternative energy technologies to market.“The Conservative party supports drug-free schools and getting tough on drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children. Don’t let our schools go up in smoke.” Perverse Rahim Jaffer, OTTAWA — Former Edmonton Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer is facing charges of drunk driving and cocaine possession. Jaffer, husband of Tory MP Helena Geurgis, was arrested just after midnight last Thursday night by Ontario Provincial Police in Palgrave, north of Toronto. He has been charged with driving while over the legal blood-alcohol limit, and with possession of cocaine. His licence has been suspended for 90 days and he is to appear in court in Orangeville, Ont., on Oct. 19.

A fine representative of the conservatives.. conservative = hypocrite, Rahim Jaffer = LOSER.. Good thing he no longer representing his riding anymore!   I’ve often believed that my fellow Albertans would vote for almost anyone, regardless of all factors, as long as they were running as a conservative. Tough on Crime…… except when we do it. The Conservative Party of Harper.. Now we know what type of people can be involved with certain parties…… When Conservatives say “Tough on Crime” they mean “For Other People. Par for the course: exemplary Conservative morals. It’s the hypocricy that grates on me. A former member and cabinet minister, now employee, of a government that wants to make criminals of many of us, and spend our money building jails — even as they break their own laws … Yeah, and you can gaurantee this behavior only occured AFTER his time on parliament hill…  What about mandatory random drug tests for MPs? Truckers are subjected to them. Or better yet, let the truckers run the country, at least we know they aren’t high… this event is yet another illustration of the moral hypocrisy of the Reformatories, of which Mr. Jaffer was once considered a leading light. In the morning he will be assigned to the senate! The Conservatives want to get tough on crime. I advocate mandatory drug testing for every so-called “public servant.” I am not surprised, there was someone on here the other day that posted a list of offences that members of Parliament had been convicted of, or had gone through (bankruptcies, wife beating, etc.),  Here’s there chance.  Drinking and drivng and speeding and found with cocaine by police sounds pretty solid to me. “Something is strange. He was pulled over last Thursday night/Friday morning. This incident has been made public today. What was happening in the meantime. His wife who is a conservative MP was negotiating with the police through Harper? And it didn’t work?  Harper’s favourite attack dog in previous parliaments accused of two serious crimes–are riveting. How will the Harper hypocrites slither out of this one? (Lotsa spin and a passive press corps, I’m guessing.) does he get a mandatory prison time as the cons like to talk about all the time. I think not.  Will Stephen Harper backtrack on his “tough on crime” policies now, then?He was one of Harper’s finest. No special privileges for Rahim. He broke the law, now he must take responsibility for his actions. Sort of brings a smile to my face to read about this pompous …. Is this not the same person that embellished his educational background a few years back? I hope that they throw the book at you! How dumb can you get? I hope they throw the book at this hypocrite!  typical conservative hypocrite crook…. no surprise…. So can we expect the “Law and Order” crowd who are always demanding to get tough on crime to be out front demanding a stiff sentance for Rahim IF he is convicted?   Conservatives are tough on crime. They demand criminals to do time! Please show us the justice by your example!
Hey I have already many times written that Alcohol is also a big part of many a Conservative politicians life, and I  wanted to know how many of them now were alcoholics too..
Meanwhile in  VANCOUVER — A $5 million legal bill for defending a religious order against charges of sexual abuse has landed a B.C. senator in hot water. Sen. Mobina Jaffer, a Liberal appointment to Canada’s upper chamber, must undergo a conduct review, the Law Society of B.C. announced Tuesday. The Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate sued Jaffer, her son Azool Jaffer-Jeraj and their firm, accusing them of overbilling the order for legal work done from 2000 to 2004. The lawsuit was settled before it went to trial.  Now the case will proceed to a conduct review. “Undergoing a conduct review is a serious matter for any lawyer,” said Stuart Cameron, the society’s director of discipline.  
Ms. Mobina Jaffer was appointed as a Senator to represent British Columbia in June of 2001.  Having been born in Uganda, and trained in law in Britain she had a  career as a lawyer and was active on many legal and charitable foundations, as well as being involved in local politics.  She was the first Muslim ever appointed to the Senate and the first African-born as well. Ms. Jaffer is the deputy chair of the Senate Committee for Human Rights and also sits on the Committees for Official Languages, Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration and the joint committee for the Library of Parliament.
Anyone checked her Senate expense accounts yet too? You all also already know I  have very little respect for the lawyers too…
Feds Under Stephen Harper’s conservatives had spent thousands on golf balls, candy, toys  OTTAWA – They spent thousands of dollars last year on golf balls, candy, flowers, tickets to gala events and coupons for Tim Hortons. And you paid for it. Documents tabled in the House of Commons this week reveal that while Canadians were tightening their belt and bracing for the recession, many civil servants were continuing to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers money on frills and small perks of the job. Moreover, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 
and I rightfully oppose the fact there are too many crooked public and civil servants still in Canada as well..
I can see why even the Liberal Iggy does not want to discuss it, it puts all the MPs, Senators  in a bad light.. but the citizens readily talk about it..
I too do  find it rightfully interesting that m any a bad civil and public servants, including cops , RCMP too, politicians, lawyers now too,  their  sins, or hypocritical acts are often  been revealed, exposed to all in Canada, and  Canada wide as well.. My dad calls them all parasites.
“When I raise the subject of politics with my grandfather, it usually comes down to the statement, “They’re all crooks!” I used to have faith in our politicians to put the interests of Canadians first, but I’ve become less idealistic. It seems to me the time for greatness in Canadian politics has come and gone.”

Abolish the Senate and get rid of the Conservatives, crooks.. 



September 14, 2009

Transport Canada, others stealing taxpayer’s money

Former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault will face six criminal charges in connection with her expense accounts. Not surprised at all… they should audit every single expense claim by people in such positions. Most civil and public servants do it but some do it on a larger scale.
The Federal public servants at Transport Canada are routinely filing millions of dollars in expenses – including overtime, salaries and computers – toward a construction project that doesn’t exist. The Mackenzie Valley pipeline remains a mega-project that is perpetually on the horizon –The project seemed closer at hand when a fund was set up at Transport Canada six years ago so that the department could oversee the expected increase in air traffic and other transportation needs. Though the pipeline remains in limbo, the department has kept the fund alive year after year, using it to cover millions in expenses that have nothing to do with the pipeline. Documents released through access-to-information requests list the expenses, which total $10.7-million since 2004. Expenses continued to be billed to the pipeline project this year. ” So, when you consider that Chuck Guite (Sr. Public servant) and Paul Coffin (ad exec) started running their fake ad invoice scam during the Mulroney administration, it appears that the Liberals inherited AdScam from the Conservatives, does it not?  ”  “This is why our taxes are so high. Take this and the Gold that vanished at the Mint and the tab is through the roof. Anyone want to bet the Mint millions gets swept under the carpet?” ”   Too much time spent electioneering and not enough time spent runnin’ things. ” 
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.
There’s something deeply ironic about all of this, and previous federal governments; they know that the cities, provinces that suppossedly drive the economy  they know they also do steal a lot of the money too..   Premier’s Letter To The Ontario Public Service
No such thing as a little bit pregnant, what other wrongs, thefts  are the civil and public servants doing and falsely covering up now? And now still all this being done while most Canadians now do live from paycheque to paycheque.  Majority of Canadian employees living paycheque to paycheque, survey shows
Is this how the rest of the federal economic stimulation  money will be now abused as well? Right under the federal Conservative Minister’s noses now as well?
The Conservative federal government is an unacceptably very poor manager of the taxpayer’s money now as well. The Federal Transfer payments make up a very large part of federal expenditures. The federal government is a  tax collector,  money expediter and an useless money administrator too, while the federal government’s own regular operating expenses for fiscal 2009-2010 will be only about a quarter of its total spending all the taxpayer’s money expenditures still needs to be supervised, yes held accountable for now as well.
Flaherty had said the government would clean up its books by restraining the growth in federal program spending over several years. That spending, now $241 billion a year, has been growing on average at a rapid 7 per cent annual rate since Harper took office. We can see why too.. the liars also all keep on allowing the taxpayer’s money to be stolen..
The Conservative federal Government expenditures since Harper came into office, his government expenditures have ballooned by over 30 per cent. They rather had increased spending by three times the rate of inflation in the three budgets before the recession hit, and now spend $40 billion more annually than the last Liberal government.   Consultants. Harper government spent nearly a billion dollars on consultants in its first two years in office: a 42-per-cent increase over the amount the previous Liberal government spent between 2004 and 2006 on consultants (Toronto Star, December 8, 2008). Ministerial expenses. Despite promising to tighten their belts, a Toronto Star analysis found that Conservative ministers are spending more than Liberals ever did in government (The Toronto Star, November 22, 2008), while Harper’s expansion of the federal cabinet last fall will cost taxpayers an additional $3.9 million in salaries alone for the extra ministers and their staff.  Polling. In 2007, the Harper government commissioned more than two polls per business day which totalled $31 million in the government’s first year of government.  Prime Minister’s Office. Last week it was revealed that spending in Prime Minister Harper’s own office soared by 14 per cent in a single year – the tune of a whopping $20 million. (Canwest News Service, September 4, 2009).
Where is PM Stephen Harper’s promised restraint, accountability now as well?
Conservative Ministers merely  like to do all the talking but seem to bring no real, viable acts, actions  on the issues still too. Unacceptable.  
And why is it that their only solution to any problem in Canada seems to involve a tax increase? Because sadly that even the Conservatives undeniably too  really are not better economic managers over the past Liberals..
The essential needed way to save our taxpayer’s money is still to look at how all of these public services are delivered – and no one  can  tell me that there are no cost-cutting savings to be achieved. Compare  say a city like Montreal or Toronto where exorbitant rates too now are also paid  for useless civil and public servants with their rather unskilled services – sadly this same phenomena can be seen in many federal ministries. 
For a start all Ministers supervising better all of their expenditures, and bringing all of the subordinates  salaries and wages in line with the private sector would enable us firstly  to continue delivering public services at the same level, or more! It is the still the too often abusive civil and public servants spending that now also determines the still abusive personal taxes.
The sad unacceptable fact is that this type of taxpayer’s money abuse, practice is not an isolated case, but rather repeats itself often,  Canada wide at the federal, provincial, municipal levels undeniably too.. Money allotted is not used where it was originally supposed to be but often is transferred to some other department, account.. and how is it the auditor generals did  not pick it up for 10 years too? or refuse too?
Any Abuse of any taxpayers finds should be a criminal offence fully prosecutable by law, and should mean the immediate dismissal of all involved too, after all it is stealing the taxpayer’s money. Police, judges, supervisors  don’t tend to enforce it cause they do the same thing? All Unacceptable  still
We need better Policing and “Tougher penalties for sure!” You will get a longer jail sentence for robbing a convenience store of $50 than fleecing investors for millions (billions) or stealing any of the tax payer’s money.   “Also, put an end to double credit for pre-sentence incarceration!!” Put all of the criminals in jail, and their bad supervisors now too,  where they belong, and always do  take way from them all that they have stolen now as well.. and do start with the bad  civil and public servants now as well.

Feds promise mandatory jail time for major fraud. Judges could consider restitution for victims as part of white-collar crime bill

I’ve always found it funny that someone could steal a $2000 car and be sentenced to 20 years in jail. But steal 30 Million and you only do 18 months…. at Club Med. Excellent. There’s plenty of crime on Parliament Hill. Start your crackdown there. Are the politicians going to turn on their masters in Corporate Canada? How long will it take Harper to IGNORE this Law?.. Start with Mulroney. That would be a fine example to lead the charge with. There’s not a word in the legislation about obscene bonuses. Those will remain legal. Lock up all the CEOs! (Start with Bell…) Start with the telecommunication providers, and the banks. That’s great,  as long as the crackdown starts on parliament hill. Rob a thousand people of $100,000 each, that’s a crime. Rob a million people of $100 each by credit card interest rates that’s OK, that’s business. We should have election threats every months, it seems it’s the only way anything happens on the hill. Threaten an election and suddenly the legislative agenda is crammed with draft laws that should have been there months ago.  Harper – just another Calgarian running another Ponzi scheme… promising big returns but producing nothing of value.

   The government “moving ahead, with more taxes” is not  the most important thing that the province can do to strengthen the economy and create jobs but rather to seriously plug up the leaking  holes in the taxpayer’s pail of money first.



Ontario has announced new measures aimed at putting an end to recent controversies over government expense claims “The move is one of “four additional steps to protect taxpayer dollars and improve accountability,” Starting immediately, Ontario Public Service employees will be issued new, simplified guidelines for travel, meals and hospitality expenses. The province said it is also planning to increase the number of random audits it carries out on the province’s agencies, boards and commissions.  and  about time now too!
Quebec says it is intensifying police efforts to tackle corruption and financial fraud in the province amid a growing public furor over white-collar crime. The Charest government says a squad of about 20 provincial police investigators will be assigned to probe potential corruption – including the infiltration of organized crime – in the construction industry and municipal affairs. It will also bolster its police presence to track fraud with Quebec’s securities regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers.  Meanwhile, with Montrealers going to the polls this fall, city hall is under a cloud for allegations of fraud, kickbacks and the inappropriate awarding of contracts. Multiple police investigations have been launched. Last week, a senior civil servant and a computer consultant were charged with defrauding the city of millions in a bogus billing scheme in the city’s computer division. While Quebec rejigs its police manpower, some have called for a public commission into the province’s construction industry and possible ties to organized crime.
Quebec “coming after” white collar criminals.. I hope they catch Chretien and Martin…   I hope the measures will also include effective tools to get the embezzled money back….  People like Vincent Lacroix and Earl Jones should also spend the rest of their lives making restitution to the people they stole from.
and  why did it take so long to deal with white collared  crimes that have been clearly ongoing even in Quebec too now for decades, not just in all of Canada. Why? The Police  Commercial Crime divisions cops, RCMP included applauded the criminals.. cause they do the same thing?
  Meanwhile Thousands of shipping containers enter Canada by rail each year without proper checks for illegal drugs and other contraband, says a new report. I don’t think that drugs is the only thing we have to worry about. Also What ought to be of far greater concern for all Canadians is the entry of illegal weapons into Canada. Perhaps the money wasted on arming our border guards could have been better spent trying to prevent these weapons from getting onto the streets of our cities..  it amazes me as to how much attention is given to taxpayers in arrears,and almost none given to canadian security.why are we paying these elected bufoons so much money,and allowing them huge pensions after so little time in office?expense accounts,vehicles,perks,and they cant even manage a railyard?theres better security at a rock concert! i wish they would work as hard for those of us who voted them in,as they do trying to get re-elected,,it makes ya wonder who the idiots are us or the politicians we voted form,what a mess. Regular citizens are getting worked over like never before and always without a smile! “Never worry, never fear” etc etc.  Not to mention the really top-notch work done by all Harper’s tough-on-crime policies and accountability… [this was a sarcastic comment for those who missed it]
Ontario Premier McGuinty announced that expenses for cabinet ministers, political aides, top mandarins, and all senior executives at Ontario’s 22 largest agencies will be posted on the Internet as of next April 1. “We’re going to shine a light on all expenses so Ontarians will know who, exactly, is spending what, exactly,” the premier told reporters. The premier is girding for an onslaught of opposition attacks stemming from controversy over expenses and perks at the OLG and eHealth Ontario. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said voters are tired of an “arrogant” government that seems to make things harder on taxpayers and easier for insiders. The waste of precious tax dollars on these scandals is unacceptable .. people are telling me they are fed up with a government not able to focus on putting the dollars where they belong,” “the Liberals’ “culture of entitlement.”

TORONTO — Ontario’s health bureaucracy is facing yet another scandal in the wake of more revelations of spending and procurement abuses. In a special report released Wednesday morning, Auditor-General Jim McCarter outlines numerous problems at hospitals and local health integration networks (LHINs), regional funding agencies created by the Liberal government. McCarter points to the questionable hiring of pricey consultants, many of which were sole-sourced and often not required to justify the work they did. The report details a litany of questionable consulting gigs at hospitals, including one, worth $700,000, that was so vague it didn’t even list a detailed description of services needed. Another hospital completely failed to account for a $170,000 consultant contract, and was unable to produce the initial request for proposal, the names and number of firms invited to bid, the bidders’ proposals or any evaluation criteria used to reward the contract. The same firm was retained for another, $430,000 contract. Another hospital paid $8.3 million to one consulting firm for IT services over the past three fiscal years, including $180,000 the firm charges for each consultant it provides. The auditor’s report also details questionable expense claims by hospital consultants. They include one temporary executive who, despite his $275,000 annual salary, also billed the hospital nearly $150,000 for other consultants and administrative support, $14,000 for salary bonuses, foreign exchange fees and a Christmas luncheon, and numerous expensive hotels (including one, in Chicago, where he paid $500 for hotel phone charges) and lavish meals around the world. McCarter also questioned the use of lobbyists by half the 16 hospitals he audited.   “We questioned the appropriateness of using government funds to pay lobbyists to help obtain more government funding.”Health minister Deb Matthews reacted swiftly to the report, announcing legislation that will ban the use of lobbyists and open hospitals to freedom of information legislation by January 1, 2012.  The auditor-general also found “significant” problems with consultant contracts signed by LHINs The revelations contained in Wednesday’s report are reminiscent of those unearthed last December, when Mr. McCarter detailed spending abuses at eHealth Ontario. That agency, created by the Liberal government, was found to have given millions in sole-sourced contracts to high-priced consultants with few controls and little oversight.“I’m not afraid to say that I’m really sorry this has gone on,” said Matthews. “I don’t think this is acceptable. I don’t think we’ve been as accountable as we ought to have been. We owe it to taxpayers to ensure that every dollar they spend on taxes gets the best possible value.”

The same bad Liberals never learned to do things right and honestly the first time even.. allow their consultant sins to go on falsely.

September 13, 2009




 Feds Under Stephen Harper’s conservatives had spent thousands on golf balls, candy, toys  OTTAWA – They spent thousands of dollars last year on golf balls, candy, flowers, tickets to gala events and coupons for Tim Hortons. And you paid for it. Documents tabled in the House of Commons this week reveal that while Canadians were tightening their belt and bracing for the recession, many civil servants were continuing to spend thousands of dollars of taxpayers money on frills and small perks of the job. Moreover, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  


Former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault will face six criminal charges in connection with her expense accounts. Not surprised at all… they should audit every single expense claim by people in such positions. Most civil and public servants do it but some do it on a larger scale. TYPICAL!! Politicians all think they have a right to the taxpayers money!!! Criminals is what they are.!!! Throw the book at this BI@#$!!! and put her in jail.The law should provide for double criminal penalties for anyone in elected office and quadruple criminal penalties for anyone in appointed office. To that, of course, seizure of assets to compensate not only the malfeasance, but offset the cost of prosecution and incarceration.

Heads roll as scandal hits Montreal city hall Toronto Star  MONTREAL–With a municipal election looming, Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay has cancelled the biggest contract awarded in the city’s history after a scathing auditor general’s report and months of damaging questions about the ethical conduct of city

Scandal in Montreal mayor’s election bid Globe and Mail

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