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January 27, 2013

Preventing the spread of diseases, deaths due to Superbugs even

An ounce of prevention is still worth more than a pound of cure.. It is also your life, as bad practices, and bad history repeats itself even in Hospitals.. even amongst the medical staff too.  You may become next one of those terrible, mortal statistics now too..
To prevent spread of infection, Good medical; practices and having good health it is still always  recommended that all of the patients , hospital personnel, even visitors  follow the strict hygiene procedures, such as hand-washing and wearing hospital gowns and gloves and  to enforce this is still very mandatory.
All hospitals need to get on board with serious continual disinfection too  of the hospitals . Now some may hate you for speaking your mind about all of this  so what its your life and you health as stake here too so do speak up. Do not be embarrassed, even do yell at the doctor, medical workers, nurses and  make them also now  wash their  hands  They should know better! It is about your good health now too.
Here’s a great thought unless your sick stay away from hospitals for you may get a Hospital acquired disease!   Many persons have also acquired the shit disease as a result,  C-Diff you can die or it can  reappear  like a bomb that goes off and makes one so weak,   really sick,   take a very long while to get   back to being ok,  and next can be a life-long problem.

Tips for avoiding these serious illnesses caused by bacteria:

1. Wash your hands frequently and with lots of soap and hot water. Wash for 20 seconds before rinsing. Wash whenever you come home from being out in public areas, like stores, churches, school, or public transportation.

2. Teach your children and spouse to do the same.

3. Learn not to touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth with your hands unless you are doing it on purpose with newly washed hands.

4. Wash after using the toilet, at home as well as in public places.

5. Do not pick at sores or any skin breaks. Use antibiotic ointment and do use a bandaid until they are healed over.

6. If you do have to go to the hospital, keep your stay as short as possible; be certain that everyone who comes in to your room washes his or her hands, doctors, nurses, cleaning people, people who bring food, EVERYONE. This is your right as a patient and your responsibility.

Also this world needs to stop having random sex! We are all now next still paying for this risky behavior! And the use of condoms does not eliminate the risk of contracting STDs. Any condoms DO NOT protect you from any STD. The only thing condoms do prevent is pregnancy, and sometimes you can get pregnant while wearing one.
It’s really not okay to have random sex  or continue in smoking, and to dabble in drugs n such.. also included is alcohol and there are much too many more people still now dying because of alcohol over any other drug. They not only kill themselves but other people especially  in auto wrecks. .
Yes all those people bed hopping and having random sex, drugs and acting so foolish are asking for it, the very still serious medical diseases.. … 
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