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June 3, 2013

Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

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Spring is finished, Summer is here Housing Sales is back. Most  People want a home for July 1st Possession too
“The market is starting to hum again—even roar in some areas, with demand outstripping supply.” as the realtor  would lie to you..  A new report  an Association of Realtors shows that sales of existing homes   saw the most growth in years”
When you are buying it is called a Home,. and when you are selling it is called a house deliberately so you will not get attached to it. It is always House selling market?????
According to the Realtor it is always a good time to sell your House or to buy a Home.. especially for them, as they earn a commission hopefully.. so most of them it seems will even lie to get your listing, lie as to what they will do, and lie about the reasons still most houses do not sell within the listing period..
And what you did not know everyone lies, but some tell much bigger lies, more unacceptably too. By the way self regulation of professionals tends not to work, it is just another word for masturbation.. and politicians are reluctant to do much good about this anyway.

But still a stronger Real Estate market still  isn’t a guarantee that you can even sell your house. There will always be reasons Realtors have not sold your home and reasons some people won’t buy what you’re offering.

Having trouble attracting a buyer?
How to overcome some common obstacles to a home sale
If you chose a bad real estate firm and even worse now chose a bad incompetent, lying Realtor you are already facing a great set back.. Hiring the wrong agent. If you’re selling your home you need to choose a real estate agent that not only knows the area and the housing market well, but has the marketing skills to make your home stand out. You just cannot go with any old firm or agent, or with what your friends tell you to do, you have to do some real work, research firstly here too  Looking to chose a Realtor.. call a local firm a, talk to the manager and ask for his best Realtor, ask him how many homes he sold in the last year too..  But wait after you chose the best Realtor, he more she might be selling homes faster cause they are giving them away, lowering  prices to a fire sale.. you do not need a Realtor now to give your home away.. Some Realtor try to lower you selling price so they can buy your home and sell at a large profit… even 30 to 50 percent;

If you’ve really been having bad luck with Realtors and  bad on the market, you may want to visit with your neighbours and take a take a good, long look as to what their homes are like. According to numerous housing experts, the most common reasons your house isn’t selling are the following.


1. You’re pricing it too high or unrealistic for the area, model of home, local amenities . “Without question, the No. 1 reason a home doesn’t sell is price, is it has not been properly valued.. ”   “Sellers want to have as mooch income form their house and tend not to objective about the realistic value.”


2. Your house is kind of run-down and needs to be spruced up.. Repaint the whole hose inside and outside, and throw out a lot of that cluttering junk you collected over the years, empty your garages.. “Most times  it’s as easy as doing some fresh landscaping and a  fresh coat of paint ,”  Most  buyers are busy are lazy, are looking for properties where they can ‘unpack’ without doing a lot in renovations or decorating. Most home owners still families would prefer to spend their weekend relaxing rather than redecorating.

3. Your house isn’t run-down, but it looks like it might be, it shows there is major repair need, . “ The signs of water damage, roof or wall leaks, roof repairs and other areas clearly needing repairs,, busted screen doors, needing repair  will be a huge turn-off to potential buyers. 


4. The realtors says You are inflexible not just in your pricing but you are showing your house off enough?  Great looking homes tend to sell within a week, and not amount of extra Open Houses, homes visits will sell a poor home, rather they offer the Realtor an opportunity to aquire more contacts for themselves only. Unless there’s a good reason, don’t ask your agent to be present for all home tours. It makes scheduling hard and many agents prefer to have privacy with their buyers as they look through a house.


5. The Realtor isn’t  advertising your house properly. It costs money to advertise in the newspapers, the place most people go to buy a home still, and the Realtors’ boss refuses to give him or her money to advertise in the newspapers.. so you lose.. limiting your house’s listing  on websites takes a lot longer to sell ..


6. Your house is poorly located ? No Problem. tell all your neighbors you are selling your house, ask them to see your home, they can tell their friends who may want to move into the area  about your home..

Like I said there is no easy short cut to selling a House quickly.. it takes real work.. Do not trust anyone.. check it out for yourself too.. It is true that most people will not buy a home directly but only from a Realtor as they prefer a professional third party negotiator.



November 13, 2009



OTTAWA — Aboriginal inmates in Canada make up too high a percentage of Canada’s prison population and tend to get harsher sentences and less programming, a report from the country’s prison watchdog said Friday. 


 Prison watchdog sounds alarm over state of native prisoners OTTAWA – Canada’s prison watchdog is sounding the alarm over the plight of aboriginal prisoners, warning that without urgent action the situation will soon become a crisis. Howard Sapers, the correctional investigator of Canada, released a progress report Friday on aboriginals in the federal corrections system. It states bluntly that the federal government has failed to live up to many of its commitments on improving the system.  The report says in 2008, 19.6 per cent of federal inmates were aboriginal, although they make up just four per cent of the Canadian adult population. That number grew by nearly 20 per cent over the previous decade.The number of aboriginal women in jail soared an alarming 131 per cent in that decade, and one in three women now in federal prisons in Canada is aboriginal.


For more cartoons do see

Sapers’ office only has jurisdiction for federal prisons. More than 70 per cent of inmates in Manitoba are in provincial facilities. Statistics Canada reports 66 per cent of Manitoba inmates on remand and 69 per cent in sentenced custody are aboriginal.The OCI report also notes aboriginal offenders are less likely than non-aboriginal offenders to be granted parole, more likely to be in segregation, more likely to have been in prison before, are classified as higher risk and are more likely to reoffend after they are released.

The statistics, says the report, are a sign of the corrections’ service failure to ensure aboriginal prisoners are getting the help they need.

“Today my message is clear – given the urgency of the situation, I call upon the service to do the right thing and immediately appoint a deputy commissioner for aboriginal corrections,” Sapers said in a statement

Aboriginals are severely overrepresented in federal jails: they account for 17.3 per cent of inmates but make up only four per cent of the Canadian adult population Predictions are that the numbers will go on as they have over the past decade – 131 per cent in the case of aboriginal women.

“Previous attempts to reduce the gap in outcomes between aboriginal and non-aboriginal offenders have largely failed,” wrote Michelle Mann, the independent researcher who prepared the report.

Given the young and growing aboriginal population, a … failure to be forward thinking and expeditiously mobilize good intentions in aboriginal corrections will reverberate throughout the youth and criminal justice system, aboriginal communities and Canadian society for years to come.”

The report comes at a time when the Conservatives are tightening sentencing and parole laws, acknowledging that incarceration rates will rise.

NDP Public Safety critic Don Davies called the report an indictment of the Conservative approach.

“I’d rather that they get tough on results for a change, instead of bringing in bills that are all for show, when actual concrete measures that are needed to improve recidivism … are not taken,” she said.
The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) developed a five-year strategic plan for aboriginal corrections in 2006

Some of the reports findings on that and other plans include:

-The government has not provided adequate funding to roll out its various initiatives for aboriginals. Only two per cent of the annual budget goes to programming, although new measures continue to be created.
-Programs are not universally available to aboriginals. Prisoners who transfer from one institution to another are not guaranteed the ability to complete their programs, sometimes resulting in delayed parole. “These initiatives are often localized and not rolled out on a consistent national basis and therefore had limited impact on narrowing the gap in correctional outcomes between aboriginal and other offenders.”
-There is not enough accountability within the CSC to determine whether initiatives are working or being implemented properly.
-Aboriginals continue to be overclassified in jails, more often going to maximum security prisons than non-aboriginals.
-There is a shortage of aboriginal resources offered to people upon their release from prison.

Jeannette Corbiere Lavell, president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, urged the government to act on the new report.
We, as a society, are responsible for the future of our children and we must give them opportunities to make good choices for positive life outcomes,” she said.
This starts at the beginning of life, not through punishment in the justice system.”

A GOOD START WOULD BE TO GIVE the POLICE MORE TRAINING IN HOW TO SPOT AND FIND WHITE CRIMINALS AS WELL. We all know that they all can start rightfully with their fellow RCMP officers who are already clearly guilty of perjury to the courts, drunk driving, etc.,

Too often racists, indian Haters   “Conservative government’s tough-on-crime agenda with mandatory sentences will only mean even more aboriginals spend more time in jail. “When your only focus is on punishment, you deliberately ignore the social conditions of aboriginal people,”   “More jail cells just means bigger con colleges.

Tories prison legislation will cost billions Global BC  OTTAWA – The Harper government’s prison-sentencing laws will cost Canadians billions of dollars, including an estimated $2 billion for one piece of legislation alone, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews acknowledged Wednesday. Toews, releasing cost estimates for the first time, said the government has a good idea of the overall cost of its aggressive law-and-order agenda, but it does not want to publicly release the numbers. Toews held a media availability to dispute figures contained in a report, to be released next week by the independent parliamentary budget officer, which is expected to peg the cost of one single bill, which came into effect earlier this year, at as much as $10 billion over five years. The controversial piece of legislation would eliminate so-called two-for-one credits, in which offenders are given sentencing reductions to compensate for time they spent in difficult pre-sentencing custody. It is one of several pieces of legislation designed to put more people in prison and keep them there longer. Liberal public safety Mark Holland asked Page to look at the costs of the government’s sentencing bills, but the office focused on the two-for-one credit. Other Conservative promises include imposing mandatory incarceration for drug-related crimes and ending automatic statutory release after serving two-thirds of a sentence. Toews said the government is willing to pay whatever it costs. His $2-billion estimate for the elimination of the two-for-one credit is a five-year prediction, he said. He added that the government has no immediate plans to build new prisons, but will renovate existing ones and rely more on double-bunking prisoners.

November 11, 2009

TOO many liars in Canada, thieves too

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Pleasing  the crowd, thinking positive, spin doctoring,  political correctness is a common writer’s demon that tries the patience of the best of us and  the epitome of the writer’s dishonesty. 
Like all the teachers now have to do it seems I continually do have to remind our politicians  and news media what is acceptable, and unacceptable still.. and even what the truth now  is too!
 This isn’t News article, it’s a false brain washing press release, or a commercial propaganda, which seems to apply to too many of of the daily news stories I encounter.. and the governmental handouts too now.

The journalistic positive spins example..


September new house prices up more than expected Vancouver Sun –  New home prices rose more than expected in September as Canada’s real estate market showed further signs of recovery. OTTAWA — New home prices rose more than expected in September as Canada’s real estate market showed more signs of recovery.


Ottawa-Gatineau builders raise selling prices in September Ottawa Business Journal


Job losses sharper but shorter in this recession


now as to the negative reality…


EnCana third quarter profit plunges 99%  Vancouver Sun –  OTTAWA — Earnings at EnCana, Canada’s largest natural gas producer, plunged 99% to US$25-million, or 3 US cents a share, in the third quarter as a result of lower oil and natural gas prices. 


CANADA STOCKS-TSX falls as soft commodity prices weigh


Sept. new home prices down 2.7% on the year –  New housing prices were 2.7 per cent lower in September 2009 than they were 12 months earlier, Statistics Canada said Thursday. New house prices increased 0.5 per cent in September over August, Statistics Canada said Thursday.



BCE Inc., Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. on Thursday said lower restructuring costs pushed its main Bell unit to report a 26 per cent rise in operating income last quarter, but warned that a slowdown in the business market and a continued Canadian weak economy will keep revenues at the lower end of expectations into the fourth quarter of 2009.  The company was in the process of cutting jobs and streamlining its divisions. Canada’s largest phone company, reported third-quarter profit  as customers spent a third more to send e-mail messages and surf the Internet from their handsets.  Net income rose to C$558 million ($532 million), or 72 cents a share, from C$248 million, or 31 cents, a year earlier. All because the CRTC helps Bell to suppress competition, decent consumer pricing..  BCE began offering Apple Inc.’s iPhone in Canada last week through its Bell Mobility wireless unit, breaking the monopoly held by Rogers Communications Inc. Bell, which introduced Palm Inc.’s Pre phone nationwide in August, is now using both devices to force consumers to spend more on data after the economic slowdown forced cutbacks in long-distance calling. BCE rose 5 cents to C$27.14 at 4:10 p.m. in Toronto Stock Exchange trading.  Third-quarter revenue increased 0.5 percent to C$4.46 billion. The company said Bell’s revenues from operation increased 1.2% in the quarter to $3.79-billion, but the growth was largely fuelled by the acquisition of The Source stores and the remaining 50% of the equity of Virgin Mobile Canada. Bell said it added 135,000 wireless subscribers and that average monthly revenue per user was C$52.13 in the quarter. Bell TV revenues were also up 10.2 per cent, The company also reported growth in video revenues which offset the natural declines in local, long-distance and wireline data revenues. Bell can never make enough money nor adfully please all of the customers..  

Chief Executive Officer George Cope is putting the savings from about 5,000 job cuts, or 11 percent of the company’s workforce, since June 2008 into marketing and subsidizing  new smart phones. The company also had eliminated 1,100 jobs in the third quarter.  BCE has thus cut about 6,200 people. Bell   recognizes that the slowdown in the business market and a weak Canadian economy will keep revenues at the lower end of expectations into Q4 2009. Average monthly revenue per customer decreased to about $64, down $3.98, as subscribers switched to lower monthly rate plans, used their phones less and lower roaming revenues, customers on average were spending less than a year ago due to the weaker economy, negative price gougings, also there was no intent  of Bell eliminating 911 or service activation fees,





Telus Communications Inc. (T-T33.500.200.60%) launches legal action against Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B-T33.00-0.14-0.42%) for allegedly misleading ads claiming Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network.”  In documents filed in B.C. supreme court, Telus says that since a Nov. 5 upgrade, a network run by Bell (BCE-T27.640.431.58%) and Telus offers faster and more reliable service than the Rogers network.  Telus says Rogers advertisements introduced in 2007 and continuing after Nov. 5 that claim Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network: two times faster than any other,” are now false and misleading.  Telus also claims similar advertisements that Rogers provides “Canada’s most reliable network,” have also been false since Telus’ upgrade.  Telus is seeking a declaration from Rogers that its advertisements breached Canada’s Competition Act, in addition to injunction from distributing the ads, damages and compensation. Canada’s wireless telecommunications industry, in which Telus, Bell and Rogers control about 90 per cent of the market, is set to become more competitive as Telus and Bell introduce Apple’s coveted iPhone, which Rogers has offered for more than a year.

False misleading advertising has long time been made by Telus, Rogers, Bell and others in Canada whole the Ostrich federal consumer dperantmt, government did nothing.. I even wrote to you about THIS ISSUE  too and what it takes the courts to deal with everything now, AND so why do we need the  government ?

 I remember too recently the spin doctors telling you that in spite of the recession now was a good time to buy a home and for you suckers who next  did get into big debts,  here  is what they say to you now..

Real estate recovery will be weak in Canada due to limp demand, report shows   Canada’s real estate market didn’t fall as hard or fast as in the U.S., but some spots did suffer steep losses and a recovery will be slow as buyers worry about another potential economic dip, a new report suggests. 
Stimulus funds forget high jobless areas   OTTAWA – Canada’s high jobless regions are losing out as billions in federal stimulus money flows into areas that have been spared the worst of the recession, an analysis by The Canadian Press suggests. 
That is what Harper and his gang are realy like too..they are like still.. By their own fruits you tell what they realy are..


(Mark 10:19 KJV)  Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother…(includes do not divorce)  



Quebecers alone in wanting to save gun registry: Poll Wed Nov 11, 12:47 PM  OTTAWA – A new poll suggests Quebecers are alone in wanting to save the long-gun registry.
Cause Quebecers actually are more peace loving persons over those in the rest of Canada. 
Meanwhile   Sarnia, Ont., police officer arrested and charged with sexual assault  SARNIA, Ont. – A member of the Sarnia, Ont., police force faces sexual assault charges.In a brief news release, Chief Phil Nelson says an officer, currently before the court on other criminal matters, has been arrested and charged following an investigation by Chatham-Kent police. The officer, whose name is not being released to protect the identities of the alleged victims, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.  The officer has been remanded in custody pending a bail hearing Thursday in Chatham.

BC home inspector ruled ‘negligent,’ must pay nearly $200,000 to buyers  VANCOUVER, B.C. – A home inspector has been ordered to pay nearly $200,000 to a North Vancouver couple who were told the house they wanted to buy only needed basic repairs. A   B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled Imre Toth was “negligent” and provided “woefully inadequate” estimates after his inspection of the house in September 2006. Toth’s report estimated house repairs would only cost about $20,000, when in fact they totalled more than 10 times the amount at $200,000.  The judge found the buyers wouldn’t have purchased the $1 million home had they been made aware of the extensive rotting beams and other structural problems.

QUEBEC – The outgoing leader of the Action democratique du Quebec blames the federal Tories for helping to destroy his party. In a scathing open letter, Gilles Taillon says his decision to sever ties with the federal Conservatives prompted a harsh response. Taillon says he met with Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos, a key player in both federal and provincial politics, and that he told him the tiny ADQ would be cutting ties with the Tories. Taillon suggests that meeting prompted a putsch, in which the Tories and former ADQ leader Mario Dumont orchestrated his ouster. Members of Taillon’s caucus began abandoning the party until, just 23 days into his leadership, he agreed to quit. The embattled ADQ leader writes that his leadership was undermined when he tried to end that “untouchable alliance” with the Tories. He also says he’s found troubling financial irregularities in the party’s books that he plans to report to police.   

 PS Someone should  do us all a favour and shoot the National Post, for it is a very sick horse, whose Conservative party  biased  lies and spins are visibly disgusting… Maybe the CBC now as well.. 


Trading Day: TSX follows crude oil prices down  Vancouver Sun –  november 12, 2009 The main Canadian stock benchmark gave back most of its triple-digit gain from the previous day as an unexpected rise in crude oil stockpiles shook confidence on both sides of the border.



March 17, 2009

Common sales lies – Canadian Real estate market blossoms ( Misleading)

In spite of real estate ethics codes, self regulation, the realtors I had  worked with were some of the biggest liars still.  Typical lying spins- Prices lower than last year- New listings continue to decline –  A buyer’s and seller’s market – Home sales set  record – well-priced listings and lower to mid-range priced properties remain in the highest demand –  

Canada’s real estate market began cooling off in the second half of 2008 and the statistics coming out in the first few months of 2009 strongly suggested that the trend would continue.
During this year’s recession it is been a very good times to compare the various news media, institutions  and  to see how they lie, spin the truth to get more suckers to buy a home now..
CALGARY – Retail sales in Alberta rebounded in January from December, according to data released Friday by Statistics Canada. The federal agency said sales rose by 1.6 per cent on a monthly basis to nearly $4.8 billion, but remained down by 7.3 per cent compared with January 2008.  Nationally, retail sales rose 1.9 per cent in January to $33.7 billion after declining 5.2 per cent in December, which was the largest monthly decline in more than 15 years.
 It’s becoming easier to carry the costs of home ownership in Canada, but a survey by RBC Economics on housing affordability suggests this may be as good as it’s going to get. ” This is the same guy who failed to predict any downward movement on house prices. RBC was, just 18 months ago, predicting price growth in all markets. Well, prices in some markets went down 30% before starting to come back. Oops…     The thing to remember is that any “bank economist” is just someone hired to put out maximum positive spin on the housing market. Why the media prints the opinions of “bank economists”, when they are usually wrong and so obviously just spinning news for their own gain, is the bigger question.” These bank shysters are only going to say this in order to get more gullible people to bite off more than they can chew. Affordable, my axx. With this unstable job market we now have and the cost of everyday needs, who can ‘afford’ to buy now? Yeah. Try telling this to the hundreds of thousands of people forced into working in McJobs because their REAL jobs went bye-bye. There aren’t enough hours in a day for people to work so they can make their crazy mortgage payments, so they often have to sell at a loss, but by golly, keep spewing this garbage so the prices don’t fall TOO far. Can’t have that in the new era of corporate capitalism, can we? ” ” Unlike past years, in Ontario, only 1 in 6 houses are inspected, and there are little or no real recourse for people who buy bad houses.  It’s a big profit business, with no responsibility, little regulation and numbered Ontario corporations that disappear overnight. Horror stories number in the thousands around the GTA.”
Face it banks, Trusts, money lenders, News media, Realtors  often still exaggerate, spin, lie to get you to buy a home, it is always a good time for them mostly  if you do, for they get a commission, interests etc…  now most people missed the best buy for the present major real estate selling season is over for the year.. now all that is mostly left is all the rejects, over priced listings left to sell.  News media often also spread the  lies cause that is what they are paid for through the newspaper adds.. 
A sharp deterioration in this country’s real-estate market that began last year is showing signs of tapering off?” “New listings, which had been growing at a double-digit pace when the market was strong, have been shrinking”. MAYBE CAUSE HOME OWNERS DO NOT  WANT TO TAKE SUCH A BIG SALES PROFIT LOSS AT THIS TIME?   Nevertheless “This is going to remain a buyers’ market for some months to come,” I get a chuckle when I see the regular lies, or spins that Realtors use to try to get you to buy a home, it is always a good time for you to buy a home, good for them cause they get a commission..  it’s normal for Home/house sales to pick up as spring approaches.  You sell your house, you buy a home is the realtor spin as well. 
“Oh, more lies and imaginary figures put out by an agency that has everything to gain by lying and fudging the numbers. Let’s see those reports and stats all in paperwork. This is nothing but BS trying to trick potential buyers into buying now while the prices are STILL way inflated. People never learn.” 
Real estate market blossoms, Calgary realtors see 1,392 homes sold last month  compared to 928 units sold in January, says data released yesterday by the Canadian Real Estate Association. but what that is not the real news? Spring is in the air in Calgary as the city’s real estate market appears to have stopped temporarily hibernating. Homes tend to sell 3 months of the year only, the spring months before the summer moving, possession dates.  In fact, sales were more brisk across the entire country, as 28,669 homes changed hands in February, an increase of about 9% over January levels but wait that is not the true news as well. The president of the Calgary Real Estate Board said sales tend to pick up after January and to gradually increase until June and the start of the summer holiday season.  And then they are normally mostly dead the rest of the year and   despite the spring realtor’s seasonal sales spins, overall sales are still significantly lower than one year ago, even though mortgage rates are decreasing and homes are cheaper than in 2008.  In Calgary, the number of unit sales was trailing year-ago levels by 36% in February, while the average MLS residential price of $370,198 was 11% lower than one year ago.  This means Calgary is still is among those cities that are continuing to see the most rapid deflation in the real estate market in Canada.  Nationally, unit sales dropped 30% in February compared to one year ago, and average prices were 8% lower at $308,142. Meanwhile the Unit sales in Greater Vancouver plunged 45% in February compared to one year ago, the steepest of any Canadian city, followed closely by Saskatoon, which saw sales fall 43%.  The hardest-hit cities over the past year are in Windsor, where prices are down 16 per cent, along with Vancouver, down 13 per cent, and Calgary, down 11 per cent.Among Canada’s major cities, Montreal, with prices up two per cent from last year and Quebec City, up nine per cent, are among the few to be spared significant drops, although there is evidence that Montreal prices have eased in recent months.
 Is it a  Home buyers’ market conditions that takes THE OSTRICH APPROACH FOR  the absence of all new bad news – when homes may continue to drop or prices remain low for another decade too? I was a ReMax realtor but I did not tell the common real estate lies, false spins, I  don’t sell my soul to the devil to get a commission. I would still wait a few years before I would buy a home to see how the home market trend goes.News media love to put a postive spin, not likley a true one, on negative news still too…  


and the computer evalutions can still be misleading, a realtor can set false parameters in their general evaluations.. so do many Pastors, so why not everyone else? 


Ever notice how the average person lies once every 5 minutes at least, so imagine what the big liars do, how often the politicians, and some news media, realtors lie.. signifcantly a lot more.. Even “Some people say that the recession is over but try telling that to the unemployed and their families”  Now the jobless are being driven onto the welfare rolls (the responsibility of provinces and municipalities) or   forcing  them to plunder their assets such as homes and retirement savings, maximizing their credit car debts. Neither option is pleasant. The given Canadian  government Unemployment figures always have been big lies cause they are adjusted figures of people receiving UIC cheques, they do not actually sate all of the people unemployed who do not qualify for UIC, have been forced to go onto social welfare or have to get part time jobs with no fringe benefits or have become self employed which is a costly undertaking. Notice how often news media do not agree on the same news story, facts and how they lie about the real estate news, generally encouraging people to buy a new home of course.. get more debts.. In Toronto “New home sales jumped to 3,782 in June 2009 from 3,544 last June, a 7 per cent increase, and total sales hit 10,951 from 8,596 – a 27 per cent hike. But housing starts declined to 1,395 from 2,567 in the same period, a 46 per cent drop, and new listings declined to 13,357 from 16,068, a 17 per cent fall-off.”

I can quickly sum up my political experiences in Canada.. for decades now most people in Canada  seem to elect liars and alcoholics for politicians, and we have had now much too many of them elected as well.. Of course  it seems natural for alcoholics to lie, they seen to often lie that it is is ok to drink alcohol in the first place, and it seems natural for many lawyers who run for political offices, and many want to be politicians to lie to get elected.. Yes most people elect liars who tell them the things they want to hear.. we all know that had Stephen Harper told the truth that Canada was going into a major depression next, he very likely would have never got elected. so he said there was going to be no election or recession, he clearly lied. After he was elected he admits Canada was facing a big recession of course, how could he deny otherwise. I openly express the truth that we should stop electing any liars and alcoholics, even in the police forces, civil and public services now too,  and when it is confirmed that they are thieves, cheats,  liars or alcoholics they should be immediately fired, recalled.. as simple as that too. Some professing ostrich evangelical totally deny that the professing Christians drink alcohol, they have a problem with the alcoholics rather and not me I merely reported the truth, facts, that many professing Christians drink alcohol and falsely try to justify it as well.. Alcohol does a lot of brain damages, negatively affects your ability to work, to live normal, alcohol is a major cause of car accidents, tends to destroy your family life, so of course I have no use for alcohol or alcoholics anywhere. Neither should any of us not just MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. and a  bad immoral Conservatives is not better than a bad immoral Liberal, especially firstly the alcoholic ones.

and consumer protection  is another big government farce now too..

Now face the reality. Do not believe everything you hear. Do not believe one persons, check the facts out with many other persons. Too often the term Professional in Canada means Professional liars.. Lying spin doctors are a common fact of life in Canada.. Politicians and lawyers often lie, pastors lie, RCMP and cops lie, accountants lie, doctors and nurses lie, news reporters, bank managers, loan managers and so do corporations, advertisers, civil and public servants, realtors and their bosses  as well.

Now a home should be generally a good investment, and when you buy a home you should make sure that you have not overpaid for the home, or bought a poor investment, even one that will not appreciate much in value next.

When you are buying a home you need to know what makes it a good value, a good buy

1 The area the home is located in: including the proximity to high schools, public schools, hospitals, churches, shopping centers, metro

2: The specific home model: some homes are more popular over others and have a higher resale values.. the most popular ones are Bungalows, two stories, split levels with at least 3 bedrooms, a two car garage and finished family room, fireplace..

When you are trying to sell a home remember most realtors do not sell, or advertise your home, they hope someone else does, they merely take a listing from you and tend not to do you much good.. it does not costs anything more but always ask a local Real estate manager such as Re/Max to give you the name of his or her  two    best selling Realtors.. and hire the send best one who will work hard now, Insure that in writing he or she guarantees to advertise regularly your home in a local newspaper for that is likely where it will attract the best buyers too.

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