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September 7, 2009

Taiwanization or Borking


“The Obama administration cannot demand accountability for serious violations in places like Sudan and Congo but let allies like Israel go free ” Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch  

UN Finds Signs of War Crimes on Both Sides in Gaza New York Times –   A United Nations fact-finding mission investigating the three-week war in Gaza issued a lengthy, scathing report on Tuesday that concluded that both the Israeli military and Palestinian armed groups “committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity.” …


**Jews, Israel for a start falsely, to try to get the support of others, even like to use the term anti Semite often, as a false diversion  even for a start,  as  they here supposedly want to say that they alone are not the objects of the hate, racial  attack but so are the others..  Although the term anti-Semitism has wide currency, it is regarded  as a misnomer, falsely now  implying discrimination against all Semites, including all Arabs and other peoples, who now firstly are not the clear targets of anti-Semitism today as it is usually the fact. It is not the past Jewish culture being attacked now too, but rather their presently specific now bad  personal acts, poor values associated with Israel, especially when they the Jews too often and  falsely, undeniably too now, the chosen ones,   tend to think they are now really superior to all other nations too and they can do what they want, for they can do no wrong. Rather this is not so in reality, they the Jews too can be held accountable for their too often now bad acts as well… even against the Palestinians.
I do believe some persons are wrongfully deliberate racists and they should be punished for it. Many persons are unintentionally racists and often they see the false racist act of others and become accomplices rather in the matter by not speaking out against it. Some persecution in life is unavailable it seems. But nevertheless it is also true that if a person wants to have friend, they must work at it, they must show themselves friendly, and personal friendship costs some sacrifices too, friendship and respect are generally not automatic, they have to be earned it seems as well. But we must all have enforced human rights, the right to education, to live, to work, freedom to speak and to be heard, freedom of religion as well.
“The Taiwanization of Israel continues. A current contre temps at the Toronto International Film Festival (appropriately abbreviated TIFF) involves a filmmaker withdrawing his entry to protest festival organizers having invited filmmakers from “an apartheid regime” to exhibit theirs. The flick being pulled isn’t likely to set the world of cinema on fire, so in this sense the affair is a tempest in a teapot. However, the issue is tempestuous enough.”
and why would I have now even had expected anything different from this invalid distortion of the reality, truth from  the right winged National Post again?
Look who is coming to this year’s event anyway
Toronto film festival accused of pushing Israeli propaganda. TORONTO — The filmmaker-led protest over the Toronto International Film Festival’s Tel Aviv spotlight is to include a press conference Sept. 10, on the festival’s opening day. A spokesman for about 50 filmmakers, academics and activists, including Jane Fonda and Danny Glover, who last week signed an open letter criticizing Toronto for selecting Tel Aviv for its inaugural city-to-city sidebar said details on the presser are being worked out. “Looking at modern, sophisticated Tel Aviv without also considering the city’s past and the realities of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip, would be like rhapsodizing about the beauty and elegant lifestyles in white-only Cape Town or Johannesburg during apartheid without acknowledging the corresponding black townships of Khayelitsha and Soweto.” The controversy started last week when Canadian filmmaker John Greyson withdrew his film from the festival in protest.
The far Right, Jews, even Arabs, fundamentalists, others itself often still coerces  others who do not go along with them by “Borking” them.   “Taiwanizing”  means calumniating, ostracizing, excluding and hopefully ultimately de-legitimizing a country. Doing the same thing to a person is called “Borking”. Borking  is “to attack a person’s reputation and views unfairly,” includes the concerted attack on the challenger’s  character, background and philosophy.. Example to fire an honest government official in an attempt to prevent embarrassment to and exposure of a dishonest government officeholder who has conspired to commit high crimes, the 1973 unacceptable firing, massacre of Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox by Solicitor General Robert Bork, orchestrated by both  Bork and President Richard Nixon .  Conservative activists have been making the same action over and over again in regard to the so called liberals, leftists, news media  reporters: The borked opponents aren’t debated but merely  shut  down, censored,  their free speech denied, and often next immediately they are forcibly removed, kicked out, never allowed to be discussed again too by anyone,  and hopefully insuring their person and his views being totally excluded from the rest of the local group, community. The fact this is too often practiced in too many evangelical churches of all places is astounding. The real Irony and hypocrisy is the right wing often claim they rather now are being Borked even while they are Borking the others.
As a professional, University graduate I now  was always solely responsible for my work output, no one told me how to do it too, I had always worked on my own with minimum supervision. I step into a church, in many or most churches I am treated as if I am now in pre school generally, I am immediately given a whole bunch of rules, even as to where I can sit, what I can wear, how much money I should give to the church, what I can do and cannot do etc.. mostly a totally demonic, controlling, dominating environment, so much so that  I rightfully often think that  the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ themselves are not allowed to express themselves, not given freedom to manifest themselves too. If I dare to openly question anything I  am threatened with police action and immediate church dismissal too. Forget about being showed mutual respect in this caged circus rather. This is all just perversity and not freedom in Christ.  Thank God that not all churches now are like this.
More right winged Borking. Only Men can still wear offensive clothing. More hypocrisy, double standards too. While a Sudan woman is spared a flogging for wearing trousers.. Allah is great, and obviously hates trousers.  But it wasn’t that long ago women here in Canada had to deal with such nonsense too. Good thing they don’t impose these strict rules in WalMarts around the world for the people now wearing clearly offensive clothing. There would have to be a  really wide  ‘flogging aisle”. 

Sudanese ‘trousers woman’ jailed    A Sudanese woman has been jailed for a month after refusing to pay a fine for “dressing indecently” by wearing trousers, her lawyers say. 


Sudanese woman jailed in trouser case freed Reuters –   KHARTOUM, Sept 8 (Reuters) – A Sudanese woman jailed for wearing trousers deemed indecent in a landmark court case was freed on Tuesday after the country’s journalists’ union paid a $200 fine on her behalf, the head of the media body … 

What Robert Bork the same person who Borked others himself next got Borked? Why should anyone next be surprised? Supposedly the Democrats savaged Ronald Reagan’s nominee, the Appeals Court judge Robert H. Bork,  

Meanwhile in JERUSALEM — Israel officially approved the construction of hundreds of new homes in the West Bank, the Defense Ministry said Monday, deepening an already unprecedented rift with the U.S. over Israeli settlement expansion.  The construction is the first approved by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is under heavy U.S. pressure to freeze all settlement activity on captured lands claimed by the Palestinians for a future state. Israel also plans to complete an additional 2,500 homes already under way. The bad way Israel treats Palestinians, kills others today is for  me in reality not much different over  the way the Jews  were treated by the Nazis. This is not loving your neighbour as yourself for sure.
All across Canada and in the United States, there is an organized campaign to suppress criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

September 11, 2008

The Bible Prohibits Affirmative Action? supposedly…
How some people even professing Christains falsely, deliberately do still  overlook that Jesus came to help the poor and needy persons is way beyond me!
Hey we seem all to be able read into the Bible anything you want but the reality, for all of the people who collect the tithe, the poor and priests now they  were all on Biblical social welfare, and they were not allowed to own property just as much as  anyone on social aid today too.. 1/7 of the tithe was to be given to the poor, and the role of deacons was to help poor people with social aid..
Just wait till many of you guys get to be over 45 and get cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and cannot work and how gladly you will go on social aid..
So do not bash poor people for you will walk in their footsteps next to learn compassion.. I personally in my life now have seen many Christians in churches go that route next .Once  Proud Bullies, bashers, abusers included..

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