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October 11, 2011

Very Wide Regional Health discrepancies

 are unacceptable also

When you and your parents start to get much older you start to have more significant experiences it seems even with Medicare. politicians, civil and public servants too.. You find out sadly how good the services are when you do need them. We have one Medicare system in Canada, but the quality of services differs not only by provinces, cities, but even by local regions.. and why is that?

For example in the city of Montreal I have too often now even been to both realy bad Hospitals and realy good ones.. the bad ones include the Verdun Hospital and the West Island Hospital, McGill Royal Victoria Hospital where the pretentious bad hospitals and even bad doctors provide mostly lip service to health care but they still do not address the persons real medicare problems, while the good ones, the good hospitals such as Hospital Notre Dame, Hospital Hotel Dieu, and I have been seen by good doctors, they do seriously try to help a persons to have all of their health problems resolved. Even in one Hospital such as the Montreal General Hospital you can have a significant variation in the quality of services from one medical department over another. I have often wondered why such a great discrepancies exists, and obviously some local health managers are much better over the others.

Viciously we need a consumer evaluation system, such as the ones in some universities where you graded your own professor annually, even for the doctors and the hospitals.. And we still do need to have much better hospital ombudsman who will incorporate real changes.. so things can change for the better…


Now I have dealt with the CLC clinics in 5 different regions and only 2/5 were acceptable.. the CLC in Montreal,  Rosemount has been excellent, they weekly do effectively visit my mother and check up on her..

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October 8, 2011

Still not one person responsible for the deaths were even prosecuted

ST-HYACINTHE, Quebec — Following a Quebec coroner’s report investigating the deaths between May and November of 2006, where more than 50 victims were affected by a C. difficile outbreak at Honoré-Mercier Hospital five years ago, his report was scathing detailing even – hands insufficiently washed, rooms improperly disinfected, a serious lack of health and safety guidelines prevalent at the hospital according. Next more than 50 victims of a C. difficile outbreak at the Quebec Honoré-Mercier Hospital five years ago – including the families of 16 people who died as a direct result – they all will split a $1 million settlement of a class action law suit. Likley it will be less than $50,000 for each family after the lawyers fees and court costs are included. The out-of-court settlement must still be submitted to a judge for final approval.

Note that while this is the first time in Quebec history the much too many people who contracted C. difficile in a hospital now some, a few were even compensated financially, it is also note mentioning that still not one Government or Hospital administrators, employee, the people directly responsible for the patients deaths were ever rightfully prosecuted for their manslaughter, their unacceptable actions and this is still unacceptable. The citizen undeniably had to take the law in their own hands while the Quebec Government, Federal Government, Health Ministers, departments did not do anything legally about it since they clearly and wrongfully do not value the life of even one citizen.

Quebec is already known to be soft on the crimes involving the abuse of it’s citizens by the civil and public servants, government officials. So is Ontario, BC and Alberta  now..

We go into hospitals to receive treatment to an illness or disease, but those who receive invasive surgery are at risk for several different hospital acquired infections. Many of them preventable too.

Get real!!!! Everyone now must act now to get hospitals reporting C. difficile and deal with the problem too.

Infection-control gaps at hospital highlight report Toronto Star – A confidential report on Ontario’s worst outbreak of C. difficile reveals major gaps in infection control at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington – findings that suggest other hospitals in the province are still vulnerable today.

TORONTO – A deadly outbreak of a highly contagious superbug at an Ontario hospital claimed the lives of one-third of the patients afflicted with the disease, a far greater toll than previously believed. .

AND BY THE END OF THE YEAR THOUSANDS MORE WILL HAVE DIED NEEDLESSLY TOO. unacceptable.. deal WITH IT TODAY!!! We do not live in the dark ages for shit Diseases is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been NOW CLEARLY LEADING their criminal murderous acts OF THE CITIZENS. Do take ALL OF THE HEALTH MINISTERS KNOW BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD AND SHOOT THEM, for THAT WOULD BE A RIGHT START TOO.

The Government of Ontario even is putting more lives at risk by not moving more quickly to require hospitals to report infections like C. difficile in the wake of 62 deaths at a hospital in Burlington, Ont., An estimated 1,200 people will die before the end of the year as a result of such infections, which can be prevented if more dramatic action is taken..” Hospital Union Leaders do now even confirm that “Because of the financial pressure, cleaners and cleaning supervisors are told to prioritize and rotate cleaning schedules. There’s not enough attention being paid to the basic cleaning of the facilities, and as a result, there are huge problems.” Ironically the demand for the workers to work to the slow down rules by the union had often also escalated these Health problems now too. The union is calling on the province to hire more hospital cleaners and require hospitals to review their infection-control practices to prevent the kind of outbreak experienced at Burlington’s Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital and other Ontario hospitals, plus the unions as well all need to allow the hospital workers to work more effectively now too.

“A recent study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine reported a 10 percent spike in teaching hospital deaths during the month of July due to medical errors.” CNN Health Blog

Some things seem to never change, such as cold calloused, pretentious governmental Ministers, Health Ministers and their subordinates especially  included, mostly all  who really do not care if the others live or die, as long as they alone survive  it seems still too.

Hospitals in Canada are mainly still here for the good care, safety, health of the patients. But this is not happening too often.

Read more here about the shit disease here too..


October 3, 2011

Positive Changes need to start at the top

Hospitals in Canada are mainly still here for the good care, safety, health of the patients. But this is not happening too often. For example- All the hospitals must exercise “the greatest control over all aspects of the work over all of the staff, doctors, nurses, technicians included . But undeniably in Quebec too too many nursing employees were, are working for private agencies outside the hospital, so a full accountability, control is clearly lacking. Even in Quebec now there still is a growing reliance by hospitals, old age homes, on using private nursing agencies. Bad nurses and bad doctors rarely face any negative personal consequences. The gravy trains have to be discontinued.

The Quebec government for decades is soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.

Too many Montreal-area hospitals, have been or are relying on the agencies as along term solution to fill their staff shortages even in nursing and other health-care professions. Now even the agency nurses cannot provide a continuity of care to patients since the agencies essentially remain a place of transit for health professionals. persons, nurse who too often work in one hospital one week and in another the next, and they also tend to work on different floors, do change PATIENTS daily as well.

The nurses  clear lack of continual interest in or continual knowledge of the patients needs has even caused undeniably and unacceptably too numerous medication errors, and much too often now as well.. that no one in the governments seems to want to deal with the issue again. This is not surprising as not much good is being done and many another governing areas at the federal and provincial, municipal levels, resulting in a degeneration of many of the existing institutions, functions, care.


Sadly we all can readily know even for decades, as it is now being fully exposed, it is mainly as a result that there is an unacceptable laissez faire, pass the buck attitude, even in Quebec and in Montreal, especially among the governments, politicians, civil and public servant and by many citizens also, a bad attitude still existing by too many persons, and thus as a direct result too many tax payers paid persons do hide behind this unacceptable malaise as a reason for them not doing anything positive, concrete about the growing visible, clear inadequacies.

“Things need to change.”Hani Beitinjaneh, banker. “He listened to the promises made by city and provincial officials, but found them vague and inadequate”. “None of the recommendations have been enacted. “ I started seeing the city the way it actually is.”“The city is crumbling, and nobody is doing anything. Nobody is maintaining it, nobody is taking care of it.” “We assume people are doing their jobs. They are not.” “It’s like things happen and people say. ‘Oh, okay.’ Let’s say you know that this animal bites and it bites you. Oh, well, let him bite another person, another kid. Well no, you can’t. You know that this animal has a problem and you have to fix that problem.” “We expect that in a country like Canada things improve and get better. A mistake is made and then you correct it. “But they are not correcting their mistakes. And then they get busy with other things.” “We pride ourselves on being Montrealers. What is Montreal? Montreal is people, and the infrastructure around them. Then you start to see the decay of the infrastructure. We have to worry about the future of the community we live in.” “It’s not one person, it’s the whole system that needs to be changed. ”

Positive Changes need to start at the top.. and all of the top management bad persons need to be exemplary fired, replaced immediately in Hospitals, government, governmental departments, police, etc.,

The former PQ cabinet minister -François Legault, co-founder of the new Coalition for the Future of Quebec  would sweep the province if an election were held now –

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.. good changes needed immediately,  ASAP


October 1, 2011

Quebec Ombudsman Saint-Germain

MONTREAL, Quebec — While the Quebec Ombudsman Saint-Germain aired out her criticisms of the provincial bureaucracy hypocritically for her own staff even are still a part of the overall problem, the bad staff who do even falsely cover-up for the bad Quebec’s public and civil servants as I have myself detailed, witnessed.

THERE ARE ALWAYS GOOD AND BAD POLITICIANS, CIVIL AND PUBLIC SERVANTS, MANAGERS BUT THE GOOD ONES ARE FEW AND RARE STILL. You and I do still too often encounter the politicians who do criticize the others, bash the other party but they still even hypocritically now do the same thing.

The Quebec Ombudsman HAD RIGHTFULLY now said that “welfare clerks have too much power to make unreasonable demands on recipients of social assistance and as a result, some have been put into extreme poverty”. It is a fact the same persons income next will even almost double if they reach their retirement, at the age of 65. Why is there such a large discrepancy? Quebec Social welfare recipients are clearly now being robbed by the Quebec Government..

The Quebec Ombudsman also HAD RIGHTFULLY noted that the Quebec government “takes too long to offer certain services, notably involving health care”. The Quebec government clearly only provides lip services to the much needed health care improvements. “There was promise of $150 million for the “aging at home” program but it still has not advanced much,” she said. This is a common unacceptable reality.

The Quebec Ombudsman also HAD RIGHTFULLY noted that “waiting times for rehabilitation services that are not under the umbrella of the SAAQ or the CSST, sometimes takes months or years.”

The Quebec Ombudsman Saint-Germain HAD RIGHTFULLY “expressed impatience with the lengthy delays required to inspect and certify private nursing homes. This can lead to instances of gross negligence of patients.” In reality many of the patients are being often abused as I have often witnessed and detailed.

In Quebec it is clear to many that DECADES OLD local political corruptions, realy bad civil and public servants are also falsely responsible for the delays, ineffectiveness still in getting things done, and why the cost to construct or repair roads in Quebec are the main reasons they are 30 percent higher over the province of Ontario.

Yes the actions do speak louder over mere words still here too. APPLIES NOW TO ALL TOO.


This reminds me of the too often hypocritical cops arresting the others while they are abusing their own expense accounts, doing work on their own business while on their paid job too.

So what else is new? It is all still unacceptable.

.. when will we get the much needed changes in reality?



September 27, 2011

Inadequate pain medication in Hospitals, etc.,

One of the hospital drugs in shortage today is even morphine.. Do you think when you are hospitalized with very severe pain that you next will continually get adequate pain killers? if you answered yes you are undeniably now very wrong.. and not even if you are dying of cancer.. and why is that?  In an ISMP survey of some 1,800 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners, 80% said they’d had difficulty obtaining a suitable alternative for a drug that wasn’t available. About 150 drugs are currently in shortage, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, including sedatives, cancer drugs, and pain medications;

Canada itself is a third world, undeniably a backward country when it comes to dealing with severe pain in sick, dying persons even in hospitals cause due to the war on drugs abuse the necessary pain medications like morphine is still unavailable, falsely restricted.. meanwhile Canada has lost the war on drugs decades ago even due to it’s mostly pretentions police forces, RCMP included and the mafia, criminals have still now even become billionaires as a result.. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver are part of Canada’s major bad drug import, export centers too.

Despite several border concerns that need to be addressed, the sheer length of the U.S.-Canadian border, at over 5,500 miles and containing vast zones of virtually nonexistent border demarcation, make it unlikely that any amount of funding can entirely address the border issue.Faced with the likely spread of Asian organized crime groups and given border porosity and immigration laws, for the foreseeable future Canada will continue to serve as an ideal transit point for crime groups to gain a foothold in the United States. Asian criminal groups, especially those from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, as well as terrorist groups, exploit Canada. A report in the Hong Kong Kuang Chiao Ching indicated that Chinese organized crime groups from these regions are increasingly using Canada as a base because of their ability to obtain legal residency in Canada relatively easily and then freely enter the United States. The Canadian Senate committee on national security, identified Canada’s ports as a breeding ground for organized crime and terrorism. In 1996, when the government began to disband the port police service, private security companies began assuming security responsibilities at Canadian ports. The senate committee reported that 36 percent of employees in charge of going over manifest lists for cargo containers at the port of Montreal, 39 percent of the dock workers at Halifax, and 54 percent of the dock workers at the Charlottetown port had criminal records. In addition, several ports do not have adequate identification requirements for employers nor do they have adequate security fencing. Organized crime groups reportedly exercise great control over Canadian ports and have been cited as major conduits for drug smuggling, the export and import of stolen automobiles, and the theft of cargo.The United States-Canada Border Drug Threat Assessment of December 2001 estimates that 95 percent of all heroin entering Canada originates in Southeast Asia. Chinese organized crime groups in Canada almost exclusively traffic heroin produced in Southeast Asia, primarily originating in parts of Burma, Laos, and Thailand, known as the “Golden Triangle” region.

Unlike traditional organized crime groups such as the Italian La Cosa Nostra, Asian organized crime groups, including both those groups that were established in Canada and those that originate abroad but have members operating in Canada, lack a set structure at the operational level even if a hierarchy exists at the organizational level.

Even Cancer is diagnosed in over 1 million Americans and Canadians each year, causing death in slightly more than half that number over the same period of time. This corresponds to twenty-three percent of all deaths nationally — close to 1,400 deaths per day. At the same time, it also leaves close to 8 million persons living at any one time to deal with either a previous history of cancer or with known residual disease. Worldwide, cancer incidence is somewhat lower, but it still constitutes approximately 10 percent of all deaths. Most people do not get proper pain medications here too. If someone is terminally ill with even cancer in Canada now and they mostly still will die in a lot of pain  the palliative care doctors and nurses generaly do not give them still the ample dose of morphine to reduce their pain or to make them go quietly.

The past too common abuse of medical pain killers by many persons has led to a restriction of pain killers access in Hospital, the abuse has even supposedly been caused by nurses or hospital staff selling the medication on the black-market, and now every time a nurse has to give a pain killer, which is always now under a lock and key, to a patient she has to first call the Head nurse to verify it, open the cabinet, next a busy head nurse really does not not time for any of this and the request will likley be neglected, and you will be in pain.

I had already witnessed this myself for months in hospitals, and in old age homes too. Don’t expect the mostly buck passing Canadian governments, health ministers to do anything good about this as well. Cause they do not feel any pain themselves.

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.. what about getting now real medicare?

September 7, 2011

The Office of the Prime Minister

The Office of the Prime Minister will likely announce that the Prime Minister himself and his cabinet, government are doing a good job increasing Canada’s defence force and helping the rich, the oil companies get richer while the price of gas always still goes up and the cities infrastructures crumble some more..

Meanwhile many of the new economic immigrants with low moral values, or lack of real skills tend to cheat, lies, steal, abuse social aid, commit tax evasions etc.. and some firms will help them by letting them work under the table such as security firms, flyers distributions and building maintenance services. REVENUE CANADA GENERALLY DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT SEEMS ..

OTTAWA – A new poll commissioned by the taxman suggests half of Canadians are ready to cheat with under-the-table cash payments.The survey conducted for the Canada Revenue Agency found only 49 per cent of people aren’t likely to cheat.The others were open to cutting corners, usually by paying cash for goods and services.However, almost all are reluctant to fudge on their actual tax returns, preferring under-the-table deals to dodge taxes.


Now they too do clearly now do need better managers and better employees.. Canada’s main hiring problems is that too often the general manager tends to hire friends or friends of friends as subordinate managers.. all meaning next that you cannot discipline or manage any of them, or fire them.. so the subordinate employees also tend to be aware of it too.. they also next tend to do the minimum amount of work that they can get away with and not be blamed for.. so the firm’s or department whole productivity is next at an all time low and eventually all of these now bad firms, departments next do pay for it, their reputation goes down, even their stock prices go down, and their profitability as well, etc. Firing now next the general manager does shake up the pecking order and it tends to get an increase of the profitability, productivity

Do see

.. and the wheel goes round and round

August 30, 2011




For example: Recently I visited a local family doctor to present my two medical problems. As usual I had to wait at least 2 wasted hours before he came to examine me. While waiting there I had now noticed some older Canadian Medical Journal magazines and where while I had been examining and reading them now I next even had located descriptions, medical diagnosis, recommended treatment of my own medical problems.

When the family doctor finally came I explained my medical problem to him and he next to me had stated that he was unfamiliar with the problems and thus he was unable to deal with them, and so he would have to refer me to some else. So next there I had showed him the appropriate references I had discovered from his own medical journal, and the doctor now was visibly embarrassed.

Obviously like many other doctors that I have often encountered, about 100 so far, he sadly has not kept up to date with his own PROFESSIONAL medical education and this is really unacceptable.

It seems all family doctors as well should be made to attend mandatory medical updating courses with a written exam for at least one month every 2 to 4 years. I had been seen by 8 doctors and the skin problem was not rare, it is rather common but it seems 3/4 the doctors did not recognize it. Unacceptable


Now they too do clearly now do need better managers and better employees.. Canada’s main hiring problemis is that too often rhe general manager tends to hire friends or friends of friends as subordinate  managers.. all meaning next that you cannot disipline or manage any of  them, or fire them.. so the subordinate employees also tend to be aware of it too..they also next tend to do the minimum amount of work that they can get away with and not be blamed for.. so the firm’s or department whole productivity is next at an all time low and eventually all of\these now bad firms, departments  next do pay for it, their repuation goes down,  even their stock prices go down, and their profitability as well, etc Firing now next\ the general manager  does shake up the pecking order and ir tends to get an increase of the profitability, productivity

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August 24, 2011

The reality about Canada’s Medicare “The Untouchables”.

The undeniable root, major problem with Medicare in Canada now is not firstly the lack of more citizens, public, taxpayer’s money money and/or the supposed need for more money for the medical professionals but rather it is certainly the past, present poor quality of medical services provided even by the mostly unregulated and unsupervised medical doctors themselves, and the nurses too now,  firstly, in reality.. bad management is no  still still excuse.

“Unfortunately, the relatively nonexistent oversight/ monitoring in the medical community means that doctors are almost entirely self-monitoring. This is a completely untenable system to maintain since it puts the safety of the public in the hands of some that may be irresponsibly trying to cut corners and save money on washing equipment by hiring fewer staff. Shouldn’t the public demand more? Why isn’t there a general demand by the public for the College of Physicians to increase their monitoring of doctors (at the collective cost of doctors) especially when it comes to equipment cleaning and other areas where doctors trying to increase their bottom line may threaten the public’s safety. This is just common sense. If you are disconcerted with this story, assert yourself and implore the College of Physicians and your local MP/ MPP and city council to mandate/legislate the public’s safety into law by making accountability and scrutiny of the medical establishment the norm rather than once every 10 years and 7,000 patients!”  

In reality it still does even take even years for me in Canada to get my own major, serious medical problems eventually and properly addressed even. That was true about my heart problems and that was next even true about my skin problem. It took about a year and half of visiting many different doctors to finally get serious attention and solution to my skin problem, but I now had gone through 4 doctors and 2 dermatologists even.. and I am still not sure the skin problem is resolved or what it is.. different dermatologists even give medical diagnosis and different options, opinions here too and when can I still get the real medical help I need, asked for, rightfully deserve now too. I have now also tried at least a half a dozen of ineffective prescribed different medicines for the same skin problem all the while the skin problem worsened now too..

Now most of the doctors I have in the last 2 years encountered they did not admit they were incompetent, but they did not know what my skin problem was, as anyone ignorant just looking at my skin infection knows it could be one of at least 200 different things.. so they all next even mostly tried a trial and error approach , by saying TO ME “try this sample amount off medicine for a couple of months.. and let us see next what happens”, and nothing good happened too, and who pays for this trial and error medical program and drugs? the patient and the taxpayer OF COURSE.. also next many of my doctors gave false excuses too why their trial and error approach it did not work, and why they did not bother to have a skin biopsy done on me firstly. their medical approach failed and they next said to me that it was not their fault but my fault.. . it was due to my body… while the others next had said doctors are not gods.. but all of the still bad the doctors all still got paid for their failures and even the pharmacies now too.. Unacceptable.

By the way I had even worst quality of medical services many times when I took my senior mother and my senior father to many, different medicaL doctors and I HAD  told them what my parents medical problem but too many doctors firstly even refused to deal with ALL OF them or had refused do anything at all but said falsely that the problem should be looked after by some else, and they did not even send them to that medical person.  This unacceptable medical or family Doctor’s pick and choose approach towards what he or she will do and will not do in helping any patients is also a very unacceptable approach.. they these bad  doctyors now are all now  were certainly guilty of neglecting a sick patient and violating their own medical code of ethics, standards.

Now what about getting real positive actions on all of these matters and not rather still more buck passing, excuses, lies or are the Conservatives not any better over the Liberals, but rather continue to do the same bad things or do nothing good about it now?

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do I have to write many more letters to them all still..


August 16, 2011

The dishonest, pretentious Quebec Hospital Ombudsmen, Health Ministers

Canadians overwhelmingly want better value for their health-care dollars, within the
publicly funded system. 

Good, properly managed Medical doctors, GOOD Hospitals ESPECIALLY are all now needed for a good reasons for they are an absolute essential part of all treatments of major diseases, sickness. Going even first to a pharmacy and self medicating oneself, trying solely to treat the symptoms is also an absurdity for the mostly money hungry pharmacies are here to sell you any possible thing that may help you, without knowing the exact personal medical root problem and you mostly not only have wasted loads of money, have become falsely addicted to pharmacies too, but you still need to go to a good doctor.

A Hospital triage nurse even cannot replace the doctor even in the emergency room diagnosis. A Montreal Hospital triage nurse discharged me as perfectly healthy and yet the next day I shortly I had to return and I had required an emergency quintuplet heart by pass surgery. When you have a serious illness, not only is a nurse useless to help you diagnose and/or deal with the problem but now so too often is your family doctor useless as well, thus you do need to go to the specialists found mostly at a hospital clinic. And there you too will next find out what the quality of the medical services is really like, and not always all good. Such as the much too many pretentious medical doctors at the Verdun Hospital and the Montreal West Island Hospital who discharge too readily sick patients even without adequate medical follow up.

If I personally do make the time and effort to detail a written complaint about my own witness of the poor quality of medical services from the medical professionals in the hospitals now next the Quebec Hospital Ombudsman is obligated first to acknowledge my complaint and to honestly investigate the matters and next to finally reply to it’s detail but in reality now I have never seen it so now in the last 2 decades and not even in 6 different Montreal Island Hospitals, and especially never next even also from the offices of Quebec Health minister now as well, and all of that is always unacceptable.

We recently had received continual good medical services in 5 out of 6 departments of the Montreal St Luc hospital”s departments. Imagine this now if I do instead of a letter of complaint now do write a letter of appreciation I will now get a quick thank, response in writing though.. I have yet to get over many years now too even a valid acknowledgement of my detailed written complaints from the federal or provincial health Ministers or their offices even.

1 Now the first thing the too often the dishonest, crooked Quebec Hospital Ombudsmen generally does is firstly she refuses to hand me a complaint form, she tries to dissuade me from writing the compliant, by her promising falsely to deal with the matter anyway.. dream on.. she firstly and wrongfully wants no record of my detail complaint on file.
2: The second thing they do if I do anyway file a written complaint is they may acknowledge some of the complaints, but they generally next never do act upon them, nor review them in full.
3: The third thing they may do is now acknowledge my complaint in writing and even next lie and said they have dealt with the matters of my complaints fully when it is very obvious they did not do so at all. They mostly even have lied and have distorted the matters of my complaints.

They should not  be rather be helping, covering up for the already rich professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, but they  should be rather helping the sick, the poor and needy persons more… Having such lying and immoral ombudsmen firstly is never acceptable to start of with. Now what about replacing them all with decent, honest, moral persons in reality and ASAP. The bad Health Ministers included now.

We deserve better services then what we all are getting for what we have already paid for now as well..

Medicare shouldn’t mean monopoly Globe and Mail  – ‎Aug 14, 2011‎A major problem in Canada’s $192-billion health-care system is accessibility: many patients face long queues and live in doctor-starved areas. Despite talk about patient-centred care, the system revolves around those who provide, not receive,

Only 5% of general respondents in a recent poll gave the Canadian health-care system an A grade. A new survey on consumer attitudes about the health-care system confirms that Canadians have widespread misgivings about the system. The major health care users themselves will now have the most realistic complaints. These Respondents don’t tend to believe that more money is needed, but that the existing system can be fixed so that it is more efficient, and it will offer more value for taxpayer dollars by even better management of the resources. The system can and must also now start being more responsive to the needs of an aging population. Canadians also do not want a two-tiered system, where the money hungry doctors can work in both the private and public systems such as in Quebec where the doctors do need to comply with their own code of ethics. No one can permit the doctors to straddle both sides of the fence (public and private), thereby exposing themselves also to patient neglect and to serious conflicts of interest especially when it is the tax payers, citizens who pay for most of the doctors, nurses, educational costs..


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