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February 13, 2015

As if the oil downturn, recession is not enough for Alberta


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed on Friday that it had found a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, in a beef cow in Alberta.  BSE — a progressive, fatal neurological disease — is believed to be spread when cattle eat protein rendered from the brains and spines of infected cattle or sheep. Canada banned that practice in 1997.  Exports of Canadian beef were repeatedly  badly hit in 2003 after the first case of BSE was found on a farm. A fresh discovery of BSE may close borders to Canadian beef and reduce the price of beef for Canadian Consumers again.


The  scenario that’s unfolded in Alberta in the past month is frightening .  The drop in oil prices has hit Alberta like a bomb. Few saw it coming.   A long-term over supply means “the new equilibrium price of oil will likely be much lower than over the past decade.”  So the news out of the oil towers in downtown Calgary, Edmonton gets worse every day. Everything from employment to local real estate markets are starting to  seriuosly suffer. Job losses in the Alberta oil patch have become almost daily events in oil patch and are even mounting  as the oil price collapse is pushing the past-vibrant Alberta economy into a dramatic downward spiral,  meaning more than 60,000 lost jobs . The Alberta  Government is facing $21-billion resource revenue shortfall over three years. Finance Minister, Robin Campbell, announced the upcoming budget will have a 9 per cent cut in program spending. In addition, the province will cut five per cent across the board, which will mean a $2.2-billion reduction in overall spending, year over year.  Likely nothing, including health care and education, is considered  untouchable.  “They’re destroying business confidence by threatening to tax anything that moves — tax on sugar, tax on gas, Alberta health-care premiums, and raising our 10-per-cent flat tax rate.”  Alberta’s premier Jim Prentice has said public-sector unions must do their part in light of low oil prices, as he called the present wages for teachers, nurses and other civil servants unsustainable. The cities of Calgary and Edmonton, both of which  depend on significant cash infusions from the province, will likely have to put their dreams on hold for a long while.The budget cuts trigger outrage in Alberta.  ” The news was reminiscent of the mid-1990s when then-premier Ralph Klein — faced with a crippling, $20-billion debt — gutted parts of the provincial civic service, eliminating thousands of jobs. Grants to schools, hospitals, universities and municipalities were frozen. ”  People in other parts of the country are saying  Albertans have not resided in real world for some time.  Only now are there concerns about the Alberta’s poor as the spending reductions could have severe consequences for family, child and disability agencies that rely on government grants to pay staff and administer social services. The pain felt elsewhere in Canada  now in Alberta is real.


Never mind what the spin doctors will say about Alberta’s future, the  present home of Canada’s prime Mister Stephen Harper  as the present reality is  that Alberta is mainly an  oil and gas, tourists, dependent on its resource sector and  the province has long relied on both the economic activity and the direct revenue from royalties and land sales to underpin government budgets but now this bubble has burst again,  the Oil’s price plunge means a bumpy ride in  all  sales, the economy in Alberta.   ‘Oil Prices are not going to bounce back:’ Prentice gloomy about quick oil recovery. Oil’s price collapse sends shiver across Alberta’s real estate market. Home prices fall also  in Calgary as real estate chill deepens.  Sales are down 7.5 per cent versus a year ago, while the  new listings have   “gushed” 42 per cent higher.  The Bank of Canada’s decision this week to slash its trend-setting interest rate a quarter of a percentage point to 0.75 per cent will not help to pay the high home mortgages many have there. You also cannot borrow more money, or buy more when facing a job cut.  School fees in Alberta triple in five years.   The out-of-pocket cost of sending a child to public schools in Alberta nearly tripled in five years as boards became increasingly dependent on fees to meet their budgets, and the Edmonton police are focusing more energy on   property crimes which  have climbed significantly. There have been 23 break and enters, 28 thefts from vehicles, and 20 thefts of vehicles in the area during the first few weeks of 2015. That is double number of property crimes the neighbourhood experienced at the same time in 2014 .  “The fact that these school fees have increased during a period when this province had record revenues is just not fair to the average Alberta family,”


Alberta’s surprise recessions are not much of a surprise to the wise… for false pride still comes before a great fall.. lay off the too many abusive cops, bad city hall employees as well in Alberta and save the money now too. You have to be rather kind, nice to everyone, even the Albertans now too, cause you do not know to whom you will go begging for help next as well.  In reality History repeats itself.. remember the 1980’s. 2009-10 when in Alberta Jobs were lost, homes went into foreclosures, property values went down due the flood of homes for sale on the market. divorce increased. Sadly they in Alberta do not learn not the first, second or the third time. When they were rich, proud and arrogant the Conservative leaders of Alberta were too proud to heed to others, to take advice… but now that they are facing serious ,drastic economic downturn they merely pretend they are ready to listen.. and how long will that next last? Instead of saving , planning effectively for a rain days the politicians of Alberta were living high on the hog, spending the citizens money, and not really caring about the citizens own good welfare. ” The Alberta government didn’t have a plan unless you consider shovelling money out the back door as fast as it came in the front to be a plan. “Making use of the revenues” meant spending the revenues. When times were good it outspent every other province in the country on a per-capita basis. It may have been a Conservative government in name, but its spending was liberal, in every sense of the word. Many Albertans told them to save more, even the Liberals. It might be hard for many Canadians, particularly in hard-hit Ontario, to feel much sympathy for this western province. After all, there was a distinct cockiness in the way “The New West” asserted its newfound position of fiscal superiority this decade over Central Canada in particular.” They had often rubbed it all proudly in our face, Alberta’s wealth, it’s importance, no taxes, a great future, and what ever before that.. Because too many Albertans were openly bashing the poor people for decades as well, now they too do have to walk in a poor man’s shoes themselves.. I REMEMBER WHEN MANY ARROGANT ALBERTANS, POLITICIANS USED TO FALSELY BOAST ON THE NET ABOUT THEIR PROSPERITY.. and I would reply they need to be really now more considerate of the poor people and the rest of Canada for they too will ONE DAY be on social aid, EVEN asking other Canadians to help them.. it is funny how reality comes to pass with time even in Alberta.


The OIL PRICE DROPS impacts are spreading across the economy, which the arrogant government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has held up as being a huge beneficiary of energy-sector expansion. Alberta and other provinces reaped major financial rewards as the industry plowed tens of billions of dollars into operations and hired armies of workers as oil boomed. No more!  “The oil downturn is also complicating Ottawa’s finances as the federal government prepares a pre-election budget , the price collapse prompted the government to delay its 2015 budget. The Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s Nov. 12 economic update projected a $1.9-billion (Canadian) surplus for the coming year based on an assumption of $81 (U.S.) oil. Since then, the Bank of Canada has opted to use $55 oil for its forecasts, and earlier economic projections of a significant rebound in prices this year have evaporated in recent weeks.” The country’s largest private mortgage insurer Genworth MI Canada Inc.,  says it expects rising losses on its portfolio of Alberta mortgages this year.  The Alberta mortgages in the last two years,  borrowers tended to have relatively high loan-to-value ratio, with equity averaging just 16 per cent in 2013 and 9 per cent in 2014, due to slow home price appreciation and borrowers paying off less of the principal on their mortgages in those years, the company had  said. Genworth Canada’s own stock has plummeted 25 per cent since November.




(Mat 7:3 KJV)  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4  Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.


Thine habitation is in the midst of deceit;  (Jer 9:6 KJV)  


Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7


In the last 10 years, crime rates have fallen roughly 27 per cent but costs have risen 44 per cent in policing and 33 per cent in corrections. Our prisoner population has managed to stay constant.  Is that a paradox? Or is that because those in the system are smart enough to ensure they all keep working and our prisons remain full, even though there are far fewer crimes. Also the report notes “the most embarrassing lacunae in Canadian data” is the lack of useful information on our courts — “we have no systemic way of assessing whether the courts are getting more or less effective in dealing with the cases that they see, let alone understanding how much as a society we are paying. For a developed nation, this is disappointing to say the least … How bad is it?”  It’s appalling — even mischief cases take more than half a year on average to process.  First Nations represent about four per cent of the population but more and more of them are being imprisoned — from 13 per cent of the offenders in custody in 1998 to 20 per cent a decade later. In Saskatchewan, 80 per cent of inmates are native. In Manitoba it’s 70 per cent, in (Racists) Alberta 40 per cent.In those three provinces, aboriginal people also are least likely to be given probation or conditional sentences. That is a major scandal that demands investigation..

Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.


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March 4, 2009

The unlawful use of taxpayer’s money.

A good election issue for the Opposition. 
 Ex-Alberta MP Jaffer’s drug, Impaired driving  charges dropped..
The main rightful speculation today is that our new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet, colleagues already are doing it, and will continue use taxpayer’s money to promote their own reelection and that of their party members, which brings me to my basic rightful complaint, that our elected representatives they all should stop using the tax payers resources, their staff, their offices to promote themselves, to have a good time for themselves too,  and now really start to offer real, decent governmental helps,  services to all Canadians solely. Really!
Ignatieff won’t bend on $3-billion ‘slush fund’ despite election threat  CP OTTAWA — Michael Ignatieff says he won’t give the government a blank cheque to spend $3 billion to stimulate the flagging economy, even though his refusal could plunge the country into an election.  The Liberal leader says he will not support creation of a special immediate-stimulus fund unless Prime Minister Stephen Harper agrees to provide some accountability for how the money is spent. Harper has warned that the special fund is a matter of confidence and opposition parties will find themselves in an election if they won’t support it. But Ignatieff dismisses such threats as “junk” and says Harper must talk to Liberals and work out some resolution to the matter rather than drive Parliament “off the cliff” as he nearly did last fall. Opposition parties were surprised last week to find provision for the special $3-billion fund in a spending estimates bill.

Last week, Harper warned that opposition refusal to approve creation of the fund would constitute defeat of his minority government. “These are confidence measures. We are not messing around with this,” the prime minister said. “If the opposition doesn’t like it, they will find themselves in an election.”  Ignatieff scoffed at Harper’s threat, calling his sudden return to “aggressive partisanship” in the midst of an economic crisis “ridiculous.”  Ignatieff reminded Harper that his ruthless partisanship nearly “drove this Parliament off the cliff” last December, when the three opposition parties forged an agreement to replace the government with a coalition. The prime minister staved off certain defeat only by suspending Parliament.  “We’re now in an economic crisis in which he’s got to walk back down the hill and talk to me. I am not writing a blank cheque on $3 billion. No Canadian would respect me if I did,” Ignatieff said.


The Canadian Press   OTTAWA – Contrary to earlier claims, the subject of Listeria was broached by federal officials and Maple Leaf Foods prior to a deadly outbreak last summer that was linked to tainted meat products, documents show.  Handwritten notes from a July 24, 2008, meeting indicate officials from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Maple Leaf discussed “food safety in relation to Listeria,” although no details about the substance of the talks were available.  The discussion took place roughly two weeks before tests linked the company’s luncheon meats to the outbreak.  Both sides had previously denied that the subject of Listeria came up at the meeting. On Tuesday, they acknowledged that it did come up, but said earlier denials were made in reference to discussion of the listeriosis outbreak itself.  Initially, they said CFIA executive vice-president Brian Evans and Maple Leaf executive Rory McAlpine discussed only the company’s hog and pork operations and trade issues.  But notes from the July meeting, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, show that while Evans and McAlpine did talk about hog and pork operations, they also discussed “food safety in relation to Listeria.”  Further information is blanked out in the documents released by the CFIA. 



Carney Considers Steps as Depth of Canada Slump Defies Forecast  The Bank of Canada’s decision to cut interest rates to almost zero and consider extraordinary steps to boost credit raises new concerns that the country’s recession won’t be as mild and short as policy makers predicted.  Governor Mark Carney yesterday lowered the rate on overnight loans between commercial banks to 0.5 percent from 1 percent and said he may reduce it again. “Carney and his team admitted that the recession in Canada and elsewhere is worse than they were predicting just a month ago,”


March 2, 2009






“Mandatory prison sentences are appropriate for those who commit serious drug offences threatening our society,” said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. The proposed legislation would impose one-year mandatory jail time for marijuana dealing, when it is linked to organized crime or a weapon is involved. The sentence would be increased to two years for dealing drugs such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines to young people, or pushing drugs near a school or other places frequented by youths. The bill also calls for a two-year mandatory prison terms for being caught growing at least 500 marijuana plants and increased maximum imprisonment to 14 years, from the current seven, for running grow operations. The government also proposes tougher penalties for trafficking in date-rape drugs.
I have to totally agree with the federal Justice minister here about the truth, fact that serious drug offences do now also require serious jail time, and jail next is a good place for a lot of people to think where they want to go next too.. I have done prison visitations and I know people in jail get a chance to think about their past crimes for sure..   My experience also  is that the police themselves will not and they do not arrest many drug users still..  There is another thing many people seem to forget.. that is how many of the drug users get the funding for their drug habits.. next eventually it means theft from others basically thus also hurting many others..  
U.S. State Department says Canada the top source for ecstasy  Fri Feb 27, 6:27 PM WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department says Canada should do more to curb the production and trade in ecstasy and other illicit drugs. The 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, released Friday, highlights the growth of methamphetamine “super labs” throughout the country, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario. The report says Canada has become the No. 1 source of ecstasy south of the border.  
The report also quoted Canadian officials as saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper wanted to increase penalties for drug production and trafficking, but not for drug use. ( Typical  Harper Hypocrisy, false partiality)
“Police is a public service, not a corporation, and the only PR they are supposed to do is through their work to make sure they earn public support and trust. People don’t want to see police officers doing PR to protect police’s interests a) in the media and b) during a major investigation.” 
More questions than answers in mountain rescue 660 News

RCMP in BC to speak about late search for Montreal ski couple – The Montreal couple was lost in the backcountry near the Kicking Horse Resort for 10 days, according to RCMP. (CBC) The RCMP will hold a press conference Thursday in Golden, BC, to help explain why it took more than a week to begin a search for a …  Husband rescued after 9 days on BC mountain National Post

Many other incidents in the past few years have also raised serious questions about the ethics and competence of RCMP officers. Why was an 82-year-old man tasered while he lay in a Kamloops hospital bed? Why wasn’t a heavily armed tactical team called in to the incident in Mayerthorpe, Alta., which resulted in four Mounties being shot to death by a man known to be dangerous? Just recently, in northern Saskatchewan local residents found the frozen body of a teenager who had escaped from an RCMP car the night before after being arrested for drunkenness. It took them only half an hour to find him and they were left wondering why the Mounties didn’t call on them right away. The bigger scandals, such as the RCMP’s willingness to help the U.S. authorities who shipped Maher Arar to Syria for torture, and their bungling of the Air India investigation, have cast long shadows on our national police force. Relationships between police officers and the public are always fraught with tension. But it seems the RCMP has fallen so far from grace that it’s hard to imagine it will ever recover public confidence.
Full real, active  Vigilance by all persons here is still always required in reality. There are still too few cost, money controls — and too many opportunities for fraud and abuse — associated with the biggest outlay of federal money in our own government’s history. 
President Barack Obama told officials at all levels of government the he would hold them accountable for how they spend federal stimulus money, pledging to “call them out” if the funding is wasted on projects that do not generate jobs for the struggling economy.   He a  warned the nation’s mayors   that he would use the “full power” of the presidency to expose and crack down on them if they misuse the stimulus dollars meant to boost the sagging economy.  If a federal agency or a local government,  Municipality proposes a project that will waste that money, he  will not hesitate to call them out on it  and use the full power of his office and his administration to stop it. “And I want everybody here to be on notice “.  He also said a White House team will track how the funding is spent. A report by his budget director laid out specific guidelines that states and cities must adopt for reporting activities financed with the money. “What I will need from all of you is unprecedented responsibility and accountability on all of our parts,” Obama said. “The American people are watching.”  


Council wants Canadians to express views on health-care system

Many persons they also urged the US president to make sure the money does not get caught up in the kind of bureaucratic delays that often slow the flow of funding from the federal government to cities. “It took 2 1/2 years before any money really hit the city of New Orleans after Katrina,”
Obama’s warning confirms his role too as a guardian of the public purse, which could help inoculate him when inevitable controversies erupt over how the money is being spent by some municipalities.  Too  many persons rightfully also do  worries that too much money will be abused, stolen but spent recklessly on end projects that have no long-term job, economic  benefits. It is the  constituents themselves who are paying for it all now still with their tax money
This is a very sad commentary that such abuses do often still occur in both the US and Canada now too.  There is always the obligations to spend the taxpayer’s money  money wisely, free from politics and free from personal agendas. That now still applies to   anybody that   takes part in any amount of this funding.  On this there is no compromise or  shortcuts. Full, real, active  Vigilance by all persons here is still always required in reality. There are still too few cost, money controls — and too many opportunities for fraud and abuse — associated with the biggest outlay of federal money in our own government’s history.  


” Back in late 1995, the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien was close to panic after the federalist side came within a whisker of losing the Quebec referendum. The Liberals did what governments do when they don’t know what else to do – they threw money at the problem. They took a little-known program created to promote Canadian identity, which in the year before the referendum had spent a relatively minuscule $2 million, and pumped money into it, turning it into a huge patronage slush fund. By the time it was over, the Sponsorship Program, for that’s what it was, had burned through $322 million in taxpayer’s money. Some of the money was wasted, some was stolen, some found its way into the pockets of Liberals operatives in Quebec, some into the coffers of the party, and some simply disappeared. No one knows how much money went astray, but it could have been as much as $100 million. It was an outrage, but it was inevitable. In its wisdom – or desperation – the Liberals took the sponsorship program out of the hands of the public servants who handle government contracts, and turned it over to the political fixers in the Prime Minister’s Office. They shoveled money out the door. There was no oversight, no accountability to Parliament, no competition for contracts, and in some instances no reports of how the money had been spent. Anyone with connections in the Liberal party had a chance to get on the sponsorship teat. Fast forward to 2009. The Conservatives are in office and there is another national crisis.  The Conservatives, like governments everywhere, are desperate to stimulate the economy, get credit flowing again, save failing enterprises and create jobs. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is asking Parliament to authorize his government to spend $3 billion by the end of June in short-term stimulus. He wants to operate without oversight by circumventing the normal approval process that is designed to weed out schemes that can’t pass the smell test. The $3 billion would be in a special Treasury Board fund that the politicians – the cabinet – would disperse among departments. Parliament would not be told where the money was going until after it was spent. Doesn’t this sound like the sponsorship program, magnified 10 times – from $322 million to $3 billion? Once again, we have a government that is so eager to spend money to address a crisis that it is not going to lose any sleep if some of the money is wasted or goes astray. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said as much the other day when he warned that the Tories’ fast-track disbursement was bound to produce some foul-ups in the allocation of funds. He’s right, of course. The Liberals call the stimulus fund a “blank cheque” and the New Democrats label it a “slush fund.” They claim that 70 per cent of the infrastructure grants currently being disbursed under another program, the Building Canada fund, are going to Conservative ridings. Prime Minister Harper is not taking any of this nonsense from mere opposition politicians. He went out to Vancouver the other day to rattle his sabres. The man never seems to learn. “We are not going to mess around with this,” Harper said, “. . . If the opposition doesn’t like it, they will find themselves in an election.” Let’s get real. The Conservatives have dropped in popular support since last October’s election; today they are in a statistical tie with Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals – and Ignatieff is not a man who can be bullied the way Harper bullied his predecessor, Stéphane Dion. If the Conservatives are defeated when their $3 billion package comes to a parliamentary vote on March 26, Harper will have himself and his foolish hardball tactics to blame.”   

“Harper’s $3 billion fund needs oversight    Feb 28, 2009 04:30 A M   James  Travers OTTAWA Stephen Harper says he’s ready to fight an election over a Conservative  slush fund. Michael Ignatieff should call the bluff. What the Prime Minister is proposing would create irresistible political  temptations, won’t effectively stimulate the economy and is dangerous to  democracy. Apart from stirring sponsorship scandal memories, the plan for  cabinet to distribute $3 billion behind closed doors is an acid test for  public accountability. If Harper has his way, Parliament’s defining  responsibility to control public spending will be further diminished even as  executive powers again expand. “Trust me” is not a credible proposition from a prime minister who broke his  word and law to force the fall election. Suspending fiscal oversight is not  a reassuring response to a leader who ignored available evidence to campaign  on the assurance that Canada would escape recession and as recently as  November forecast surpluses. It’s no more prudent for taxpayers to leave politicians alone with buckets  of cash than it’s wise for parents to leave children alone with the cookie  jar. One leads as predictably to abuse as the other to sugar fits.  So why run the risk? Urgency is the answer. A government that resisted  boosting the economy three months ago is now so determined to flush money  out the door it’s ready to short-circuit safeguards. Mad-rush spending is suddenly so essential that Harper is threatening the  fifth election in just nine years – if he isn’t given extraordinary freedom.  The logic is bizarre. In this crisis, $3 billion is chump change and won’t provide instant relief  for a $1.5 trillion economy. If the justification is a stretch, the election  bravado is a leap. Another campaign would delay the economic rescue package  by many months and almost certainly for too long to ease the financial pain. At least Harper, unlike Jean Chrétien, is announcing the fund while  confirming the obvious: mistakes will be made. Even if pre-emptive damage  control, that’s a step forward. Still, the national comfort level should be  pegged on skeptical. Conservatives have a shoddy record of spreading infrastructure millions  where they will have most impact on party fortunes. Just as worrying, this  government is quietly kneecapping the independent office it noisily created  to “bring truth to budgeting” and now want off Ottawa’s twisted money trail. Revealing in itself, the ugly fight with budget officer Kevin Page is rich   with implications for accountability and the slush fund. Twice Page has  embarrassed the government in the year since his position was created. First  he revealed the rising costs of the Afghanistan mission at a sensitive  moment in the last campaign. Then he projected deficits just days before  Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wrongly predicted surpluses. No surprise, the  government wants no repeats. It will try to control information about the $3  billion fund, leaving the bad news to some future, post-election auditor  general report. If the Prime Minister has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear. 

“It is an excellent idea for the public to have access to follow the money  trail of Government spending. All levels of Government should have this  accounting practice in place. I believe it was Obama who first mentioned the  idea of a websight.  “
Tories drop the gloves on Ignatieff, prepare attack ads  The Canadian Press –  Stephen Harper speculated last week about a possible election if the opposition blocks Conservative efforts to speed up infrastructure spending. The Conservative research group started poring through Ignatieff’s work – including more than a dozen books and countless academic papers – This means another political WAR!!!   More taxpayer’s money wasted again too


Doctors call for weight loss industry regulation –  Many weight loss products like pills, herbs and some private clinics fail to deliver on their promises and governments should be regulating scientifically unproven therapies, obesity doctors say.
Two pounds a week beats any magic bullet Globe and Mail
Regulate weight-loss clinics that make unproven claims, obesity … The Canadian Press – CityNews – Vancouver Sun – Calgary CTV
all 52 news articles »

Many weight loss products like pills, herbs and some private clinics fail to deliver on their promises and governments should be regulating scientifically unproven therapies, obesity doctors say.  I said the same thing in writing to the federal government, health ministers the last 2 decades too. In reality even Ten Nurses  cannot replace a decent doctor, never mind the health food quacks, liars now as well… nor can the internet if you are serious ill.. I had 4  separate major illness that no one was able to diagnose without a proper medical test. A friend of mine who ran a health food store totally misdiagnosed the ailments as well to prescribe tones of expensive unneeded  products.. nurses ate the emergency clinics were at to diagnose my problems as well.. My problems included gland problems, diabetes, blocked arteries, kidney stones. 

In addition to a doctor the second best thing I discovered was a dietician.. Many Hospital  delays are unessential, they are mere bureaucratic ploys, blackmail  to get more money, raises, funding.. they are still very poorly managed. The Health Council now claims that contrary to popular belief, aging and population growth are not the major causes of increased health care spending. Instead, Canadians are using the system more than ever. PART OF THE REASONS IS THAT THE TOO OFTEN CHARGE CARD HAPPY DOCTORS ARE NOT DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.. when many patients have to have repeat visits even visits to other doctors to get a second opinion this clearly show we can we improve the system without cutbacks or service reductions. Just cause a Doctor has a medicinal degree it still even does not mean all doctors are similarly competent now as well. “We can account for how money is spent, but not, in any precise way, for what it achieves,” We must figure out a way to make our money go further without compromising the quality of care Canadians have come to expect and need. To do that we for sure do need to have better Hospital, medical  supervisors for a start.  About the political Health Council of Canada. It was created by the 2003 First Ministers’ Accord on Health Care Renewal, The Health Council of Canada is mandated to monitor and report on the progress of health care renewal in Canada. The Councillors were appointed by the participating provinces, territories and the Government of Canada which does not honestly disclose it’s full agenda..
 Hospitals play waiting game Toronto Sun –    QUEEN’S PARK BUREAU CHIEF Hospital statistics released by the province yesterday confirm what patients have long claimed: They’re spending far too long in emergency rooms.
City ER patients wait longer London Free Press
ER waits longer than average Peterborough Examiner
Windsor Star – Globe and Mail – Metro Canada – Ottawa –
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  –  A new website is asking Canadians for their input on how to get more bang from the bucks spent on the health-care system. Are services used well when cataract surgery is done on people with little loss of vision?
Can you believe it that the already rich doctors as well complain they are underpaid, demand more money, and yet these very same doctors only  work 9 to 5, have the holidays and weekend off, even though people get sick all the time now too..

The government’s own bad management,  past false savings by getting rid of middle managers, supervisor has firstly led to the increase of the Health costs.  


I don’t know if it bugs you as it does now bugs me, that when something is defective with my car the auto motive dealer issues a recall and fixes it freely, but now with MICROSOFT  it sadly is the other way around. For when something is defective with one of their computer operating systems, they finally, eventually do  issue the supposed corrections, but they also mainly do call it a new package and even next charge me more for it..  wow, what a rip off, a real high way robbery… and 5 times now at least too. How many times can we get ripped off and be silent about it now too?  Secondly I am really getting tired of all that false really big let downs due to the false, misleading MS  advertising system on how their  newer operating system will be even be much better than the old one.  And what ever happened to all of the past great expectations for MS Dos, OS2, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, all of them now too it seems next gone the way of the dinosaurs.  In reality also I know that millions of computer users still using Windows 98, and and are still happy to continue to use Windows XP as well,  especially when you have had to seriously upgrade firstly your computer system to be able to firstly even use the new Windows Vista. While Windows Vista was improved after SP1 was released, but what still plagues the software–is it’s bloat and resource-intensiveness, to just name a few issues–is present even after Service Pack 1. Many persons thus  would rather use XP than Vista, since it’s more reliable, it doesn’t require a new, powerful computer to run, and forgoes the beauty for usability. Vista clearly too rightfully hasn’t performed nearly as well as Microsoft has advertised to us all and thus many businesses are loath to switch to it, for sure adding to the  strained MS relationships with businesses.  Many people now do need a new computer. Badly  too. But they are seriously willing to wait? and wait for what? More reasonable pricing and a reasonably effective Windows operating system.  They thus now are  unwilling to buy a new computer today. And now for certainty  there’s a single major factor that’s forcing them to to wait: and it is  the advertised Windows 7. Now while Macs, iMac and the  MacBook are trusty companions many persons still do  want to get into the real world of Windows, computer usage.   And some now  they say that Windows 7 isn’t just an outstanding operating system that provides an ideal positive experience, but it’s also a great alternative to Mac OS X. WOW? And  Windows 7, on the other hand, also finally blends beauty with usability and that makes it even supposedly superior over Windows Vista, that is  until they find some new undiscovered bugs and MS again have to issue a new service package  too? Anyway for now why buy something like Windows Vista that really now doesn’t offer both when next its successor Windows 7 will? And it looks like  Windows 7 will be released even in 2009. So  how much sense would it really make for anyone  to buy Vista? Sure, many persons, businesses   they  do need a new faster computer now and it would be nice to have one soon, so  I too don’t see any reason to buy one packed with an operating system that will be made also  obsolete in a matter of months. It doesn’t make any sense. Some persons also do say Windows 7 will be remembered as one of the greatest operating systems Microsoft has ever released. But they said that about many of the previous operating system now as well.. So do not get rid of your XP yet… I too will have no problem holding off from getting Windows 7 .  I’m willing to wait.  As per others  Moving beyond Vista,  Microsoft says it aims to make a much different first impression with Windows 7 than it did with Vista, its oft-maligned predecessor.    And the  Windows 7 buzz may thus severely stall Windows Vista sales for all that now supposedly happy Windows 7 talk has made it harder to convince many, many  businesses to move to Windows Vista.  A tour through the beta of Windows 7 might  makes a favorable impression. But that too isn’t’ good enough.. We need to fully test it as well..   Let’s also now next hope Microsoft does right by its existing Vista customers on pricing something Microsoft botched up on Windows Vista as well. But that is unlikely too.. 

Distasteful drinks, repulsive photos and unfair financial treatment all evoked the same primitive response in their experiments — the unmistakable grimace of disgust. “People feel it very strongly and viscerally,” says Hanah Chapman, lead author of the study published today in the journal Science. It suggests revulsion to unfair financial dealings — be it overpayment of executives or brokers peddling toxic mortgages (or crooked cops, bad doctors, crooked realtors, lying accountants, bad pastors or priests, bad RCMP too, bad politicians , bad civil and public servants, child molesters, lawyers) — taps into powerful and primitive emotions more commonly associated with cockroaches, filth and disease.  The idea that immoral behaviour “leaves a bad taste in your mouth” is more than just a metaphor, say psychologists at the University of Toronto, who have shown that immorality triggers the same primitive reactions that helped early humans avoid poison and infection Http://      

I admit it for years, rather decades  I  have been really rightfully upset at the RCMP because they have not being doing a good job in catching and prosecuting the much too many tax payer’s money abusers that we have, had in the federal , provincial, municipal governments.. Likely they the RCMP did not catch the bad guys cause they often do the same bad things it REALLY seems so. TOO many managers had  admitted to me personally how they robbed the taxpayers, by taking home computers and accessories that had been  charged to the corporate budget and yet now when I told the RCMP about it  the very bad  RCMP did not get one bad guy there to date.. or in another  crown corporation where I know firsthand price fixing, restrictive computer trade practices had been undertaken. Wow.  The RCMP are also not good at catching car thieves or drug users, distributors too as  I also do know..  for only traffic tickets is what they are best suited for it seems..  and for sure they are undeniably too costly for that kind of work in the first place. As we all can agree.

 Microsoft Corp announced that it had wrapped up work on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 but said it could be months before users get their hands on the upgrade to the problem-plagued operating  system.

February 20, 2009


Once really falsely proud Alberta is a state of sufferings now.. …
Booze, gambling revenues was  worth more than gas royalties even to the Stelmach government   PM Stephen Harper’s province…
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shut down the House of Commons repeatedly, jammed dozens of pieces of legislation into a few massive take-it-or-leave-it omnibus bills, fired public watchdogs, refused to allow parliamentarians to scrutinize government spending, withheld public information, gagged federal scientists and replaced Canada’s detailed census with an unreliable household survey. Under Harper, Ottawa has become increasingly opaque, inaccessible and unaccountable.  With the Oil price bottom dropping out the supposed  masterful economic manager, with  his skewed self-image and his unwillingness to adjust to events stifle any one  feeling sympathy for Harper outside Alberta.  Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s  harsh leadership style  the price of oil has  dropped by 57 per cent since last June,  hydraulic fracking has  become commercially viable in the U.S undercutting the demand for Canadian oil and gas, and  nine years after Prime Minister Stephen Harper took power Alberta’s liquid gold, Tar Sands is  landlocked. Pipeline building  in Canada has become  a major problem . Harper falsely showed overt favouritism toward Alberta. His government subsidized the oilsands while dismissing Ontario’s efforts to develop green energy. He treated central Canada’s manufacturing woes as an unfortunate, but unpreventable, byproduct of globalization. His ministers hunted down employment insurance recipients in the job-scarce Maritimes to ensure they were actively looking for work. He changed Canada’s equalization formula when Ontario became a have-not province. he chose his style of leadership. He picked his tactics. He assumed the goodwill of the people was expendable
” Alberta’s oilsands produce more greenhouse gas emissions than some European countries right now and will produce more than all of the world’s volcanoes in just 11 years if the pace of development continues, a new report says.  People will post 1001 excuses justifying this disaster.  until it is too late to do anything about it.. Remember Chernobyl” 

SADLY ECONOMICS DO CONTROL THE VIABILITY OF CANADA’S OIL SANDS PROJECTS.  Economics alone   SHOULD NOT now  control the direct oil sand extraction  process, engineering as well and also now not all firms are equally environmentally conscious, concerned so they all do now need to be better managed here, something that has falsely not been adequately done for sure so far.. and yes neither by the provincial or the federal governments HAVE DONE A GOOD JOB HERE. GREED AND PROFIT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO OVER RULE SAFETY,  THE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, etc., 

Do see

  In their false pride they have done many stupid things in Alberta, the leaders now as well.. they despised the poor people, they abuse the ordinary citizens too.. they lied, slandered others… so it should come as no surprise they too are now reaping what they sow.. facing an unexpected big recession.. many still lie as to how long this recesion will last too..
Anyone who thinks he has a free will, a free choice even to do wrong is stupid if he also believes he or she will not reap what they sow.
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7 
logo1 –  Alberta has been particularly hard-hit by recession-fed job losses, with young people and unemployed men claiming federal Employment Insurance benefits in near record numbers, Statistics Canada said Tuesday.
Alberta EI claims triple; growth leads Canada Calgary Herald

EI benefits soar to record level in May Ottawa Citizen

The Canadian Press – Edmonton Journal –
Avoidable, manageable Globe and Mail, Canada – Alberta’s expected budget deficit could have been avoided. Iris Evans, the province’s Minister of Finance, initially estimated it at more than $1-billion
Alberta slips into recession Financial Times, UK –  By Bernard Simon in Toronto Alberta, Canada’s once-booming, oil-rich province, acknowledged on Thursday that it has slipped into recession and will record
Alberta expects first deficit in 15 years Reuters UK, UK –  CALGARY, Alberta, Feb 19 (Reuters) – Canada’s energy-rich province of Alberta is expected to report its first budget deficit in 15 years this fiscal year,
Alberta sees jobs lost, economy shrinking in 2009 Reuters UK, UK –  CALGARY, Alberta, Feb 19 (Reuters) – The province of Alberta expects its economy to shrink by 2 percent in 2009, provincial Finance Minister Iris Evans said
Alberta to lose 15000 jobs this year, minister says Calgary Herald,  Canada –  The province’s economy has slowed rapidly in recent months and will be in a recession this year due to the fallout from weak commodity prices and the global
Alberta set to report a $1-billion deficit The Gazette (Montreal), Canada –  By Gary Lamphier, Edmonton JournalFebruary 19, 2009 8:05 AM After racking up fat budget surpluses for 15 straight years, the Alberta government is poised to
Alberta forecasts a recession Edmonton Sun,  Canada –  By Jim Macdonald, THE CANADIAN PRESS EDMONTON — Energy-rich Alberta has slipped into a recession and the province is projecting 15000 lost jobs this year.
Alberta heads into ‘sharp’ recession  Globe and Mail, Canada –  EDMONTON, CALGARY — Alberta, long the envy of the nation with its vast energy resources and overflowing treasury, is about to post a stunning financial
EDMONTON – Once the golden goose of the Canadian economy, Alberta is now shedding jobs like feathers, Albertans were hit last week with new Statistics Canada numbers that revealed the province lost 5,700 jobs in January and another 23,700 in February, most of them in the resource sector. THE HIGH COST OF LIVING STILL MAKES ALBERT AN UNDESIRABLE PLACE TO GO TO.
The saddest thing with all those continual lies and spins of thus a mostly crooked past leaders in  in Alberta the last 50 years is that Alberta still is and always will be a one horse town.. mainly centered on oil.. and the very same incompetents have never ever been able to effectively diversify to other industries, products even cause the population base is still too small, and the cost of electricity is too high.. that all makes Alberta just a nice place to visit.
I REMEMBER WHEN MANY ARROGANT ALBERTANS, POLITICIANS  USED TO FALSELY BOAST ON THE NET ABOUT THEIR PROSPERITY.. and I would reply they need to be really now more considerate of the poor people and the rest of Canada for they too will ONE DAY  be on social aid, EVEN asking other Canadians to help them.. it is funny how reality  comes to pass with time even in Alberta.
THE ALBERTA NEWS MEDIA AND THE GOVERNMENTS OF ALBERTA DO NOT LIKE TO DISCLOSE THE REALITY OF THE MANY HIDDEN TAXES, HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS  IN ALBERTA. Yes you do not pay any provincial taxes there.. but that is where the economic benefit of living there stops.. the costs of land, homes, apartments, food, ELECTRICTY, maintenace, services, education etc., are much higher than in Quebec for a start but the  average salaries in Alberta generally are not any signifcantly higher,  OR ADEQUATE TO PAY THE EXTRA COSTS..
38 years, and running, in power (with barely ever having to worry about so much as a bad dream of losing power to another party to force them to moderate their “vision” and be pragmatic) and the PCs still haven’t managed to develop enough economic durability to weather a recession better than the “have-not” provinces. Have enough of the blind voters yet realized that this gang of inept twits needs to be thrown out of office with their insane pandering to big business in favour of a government that actually believes in, and delivers, some leadership and governance in favour of the actual people of the province, and provides effective public services for them as well?
Cash cow Alberta Traffic Fine Payment System Welcome to Alberta’s Online Traffic Payment service, which is a joint effort of the Government of   pay a traffic ticket online.. make the Alberta government, it cities, and police richer in this  very much cash strapped province
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Subject: Speed-on-green cameras in Calgary, Edmonton today – all getting to be really ludicrous, absurd..
It’s all very simple: obey the laws.  You broke the law, accept the consequences, and if that hypocritical, absurd, extreme statement was the reality, the truth, everyone would next be in jail, all of the politicians, civil and public servants, cops firstly..“We’re all for anything that can reduce the amount and severity of car crashes,”  and next will increase the amount of revenue to the insurance companies, after all each traffic  ticket helps to raise their insurance costs..  to make the insurance companies richer and their shareholders, but we may get a severe backlash when the citizens car  insurance rates rise dramatically next though.This is also still simply not acceptable. There is a direct link between DRIVING and collisions. The MORE you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in a collision and the more likely you are to get seriously hurt . So the police will now give tickets to all drivers .The police TRAFFIC program brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars but the police, city runs the program as revenue neutral. Profits are put back into more supposedly good  traffic safety initiatives,  but mainly into the police  empire building, so it really IS NOT THE CITIZENS GOOD WELFARE THEY FIRSTLY DO ALL CARE ABOUT.

Now in 2008, according to police statistics, there were 3,019 injury accidents in Calgary and 38 traffic fatalities.

And why is it also no one will answer the question? How many people are now are actually injured due to speeding over how many persons now are injured due to drunk drivers? 15 percent are injured due to speeding? and 45 percent due to drunk drivers? so how much resources are proportional giving by the police overall  to catching drunk drivers over the car speeders? proportionally?

The intersection cameras are being applauded by Alberta Health Services because “there is no doubt that collisions impact our health services,” said Nancy Staniland, manager of Injury Prevention & Control Services for Alberta Health.

“This is not only an obvious cash grab but they are putting our safety at risk to increase their revenues. For it is a known fact that the City of Calgary had  shortened the amount of time lights stay at yellow when they brought in red light cameras. In many cases you have no choice but to floor it to beat a red light. But now your choice will be between speeding up to avoid going through a red light or getting rear ended. If you get rear ended there’s a good chance you get end up with whiplash. Really makes you wonder just how far those in power will go to rob us.”

“As Alberta grows, drivers are causing more problems, he said: “A lot of people are impatient, there’s road rage like never before, an increase of vehicles on our roadways, With booming populations, there’s an increase in collisions.” wow those are smart observations, such as traffic tickets are good cash cows too,

and what all the people who speed are guilty of road rage? or is there a separate ticket being issued to road ragers? just as there is to drunk drivers?

“This is simply not acceptable. There is a direct link between speed and collisions. The faster you drive, the more likely you are to be involved in a collision and the more likely you are to get seriously hurt,” said Staff Sgt. Brett Marklund of the traffic section.

“In my perfect world, we are out of work. We’re not going to 80 or 90 injury collisions a year. We’re not investigating 30 or 40 fatalities a year, I’m not seeing thousands of (cases of) impaired driving a year. What we’re seeing is people driving safely and my guys writing zero tickets,”said Marklund.

A lot of our intersection crashes are related to speed. There’s in-deed a problem here at some locations, and now we can address both,” said acting Sgt. Aubrey Zalaski of Edmonton’s specialized traffic unit. The police can get promoted for getting more cash, giving out more tickets too.. self serving or really serving the public interest?


So why are Calgary drivers such chronic lead-foots? or is the question why is it the Calgary city fathers are so money hungry? The  police services are  implementing the   speed cameras as a way of adding to their coffers..

In busy Toronto, police say  Drunk driving and careless turning are the main culprits for serious accidents in intersections and red light cameras are not used because of the fear of public backlash..

‘Speed on green’ cameras linked to rear-end crashes.  Arizona cities, one of the first cities to bring in such technology says the cameras decrease speeding and dangerous collisions, but can increase the number of rear-end crashes. But of course the money hungry police of Calgary had denied this.

ANOTHER CASH GRAB.. The Calgary Parking Authority is expanding its hold on the inner city by starting to charge for parking on more than 20 blocks of the Beltline.


Anyone who thinks the cops here are being honest, serving the public is a fool..

Here is what I found amazing and worth while examining now  in much more detail.. insurance companies in Canada do not mind gouging Canadian consumers in their greed to make more profits..  and we all know that accumulating speeding , traffic infractions, will cause your car insurance costs to go up significantly…   and yet here is what I find surprising, neither the insurance companies, the provincial government, nor the federal government, the police have real, valid detailed statistics on the causes of traffic accidents: such as how many were caused my alcoholic drivers, how many were caused by speeding, how many were caused by poor road conditions, lousy snow clearing as well, etc not even in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, BC as well.. …. so what do the insurance companies do with all the extra money they collect, certainly they of all persons should have firstly the best statistics on traffic accidents now in the first place, or how do they determine their rates??? Even Canada’s police chiefs have to rely on accident statistics from other countries, such as Australia, Great Britain, the US..

No  matter how that dirty RCMP weasel spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the RCMP was clearly wrong on many counts in the Taser death of a polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.. they were uncompassionate, inconsiderate, used more restraining force than was necessary, and they next also clearly lied to cover-up their own immoral acts, and many times as well, They slander a good man in the process as well.. and so none of this was, is acceptable or forgivable.. none  of it.

The Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the unrepentant  guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest

So still now  what really is needed  firstly is not more CHEAP, PRETENTIOUS  self regulations,   the supposed discipline of their members , or even their ensuring their education, but real INSPECTIONS, EFFECTIVENESS , competency testing. 

 For it is a fact that anything that will put a self regulating body or a Ministry into a negative light will have a built in  tendency still to be denied,   suppressed, minimized in reality, to be ineffective .  

There in reality is the main  one important step that all consumers can take to protect themselves from any unscrupulous persons  and that is enforced, exemplary public exposure and prosecution of the supposedly guilty persons by a recognized judicial public body,  and so now how many such bad persons now have really been exposed, prosecuted in the last few years in reality too by the responsible Ministers as well?  None? and why not?   
Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.

Still   “about the DRUNKS, LIARS, THIEVES, ABUSERS, bullies, thugs, proud oppressors, war mongers “ 

First you merely ask the guilty, bad persons personally to repent twice, the first time without a witness, the second time with witnesses THAT you have asked them to repent.. and   proof, substantiation is NOT required.. after you have done that you can next post it openly on the net, tell all the others.
Next God is fully free to deal with the unrepentant guilty offenders and believe me he will.. I have now been doing for decades too..I SIMPLY SEND AN EMAIL, I PUT IT INTO CLEARLY WRITING, SO THE GUILTY PARTY CANNOT SAY I DID NOT ASK HIM OR HER TO REPENT.


We ALSO do  still need to understand, define what UNACCEPTABLE abuse and what UNACCEPTABLE hate is, and unacceptable abuse is to  deny a person’s legal, human rights, and hate is the clear opposite of love, meaning an unloving act.. Hate and  Verbal abuse unrestrained often next do lead to physical abuse in reality too.  And both hate and verbal, physical abuses are  all unacceptable at all times too no matter who you are or who you think you are too. .
but honestly critiquing  NOW certain individuals for their own unacceptable bad act is not always HATE. .
It is a false statement that if one makes any negative statement about anyone, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, white or black, Asian people, natives , etc., that one is  a racist or promoting hatred.. maybe one is merely exercising one’s appropriate right of free speech, thought..
Now I had witnessed a Person committing immoral, illegal acts many times and when I rightfully reported it next to to the proper authorities, the clearly  guilty  person next  had distorted the truths and lying had said I was promoting hatred towards him and his family, which clearly now was not so. I was a witness of the immoral acts still, unacceptable wrong doings. 
Also I do not believe that everyone sets out to be a deliberate racist, it seems to be often merely a poorly thought out stupid mistake for 70 percent of the persons who do it, and many people once they realize what they have done next do even admit their errors and stop it, unfortunately there are the remaining few hate mongers who still do get carried away with their hatred, sins, who need to be incarcerated for their crimes so they can stop and learn not to do it..
(Rev 2:4 KJV)  Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
(Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
and  thou shall  love thy nieghbour as thyself always..

Calgary has the highest rate of hate-motivated crime in the country, according to a new study released by Statistics Canada

In 2006, 92 hate crimes were reported in Calgary — about nine incidents for every 100,000 people in the city, or three times higher than the national average of three per 100,000, said the agency Monday.

Hate crimes per 100,000 population
Calgary 9.1
Kingston, Ont. 8.5
Ottawa 6.6
London, Ont. 5.9
Toronto 5.5
Source: Statistics Canada
Calgary was one of five cities that reported data higher than the national average. The other four cities were all in Ontario.  I m not surprised. People in Calgary treat colored people like a 2nd class citizen. I don’t know about Ontario, but the conditions here are atrocious.Canadians have this misconcept that they are tolarant people I can tell you about Calgarians, majority are racist. Everyone saying “I’ve been here for a million years and have seen no sign of any sort of hate crime!” must walk around with their eyes closed. I never thought so much racism, homophobia and just plain ANGER could exist. It’s really sad “I liked the comment about attributing the high number of hate crimes in Calgary to new arrivals from the East. I believe this is what psychologists refer to as “deflecting” or projecting one’s own character failings onto others.   If newly arrived Easterners are truly responsible for all the hate crime, then what attracted them to Calgary in the first place?”

Food bank usage up 40% after economy went from boom to bust

Edmonton Sun -The poor economy is behind a 40% increase in one year in the number of people using the Edmonton Food Bank, say officials. “With the economy and the way things have been, that’s what’s going to happen,” said the food bank’s Debbie

Downturn boosts Edmonton food bank use Edmonton Journal

Edmonton’s slow slide into poverty Metro Canada – Edmonton –

In spite of a growing, deepening Albertan  recession the most recent  growth makes Calgary , 1/3 the size of Montreal, is the third-largest municipality in Canada ?  Now according to the latest statistics   Toronto (2,631,725 people in 2007) and Montreal (1,620,693 in 2006) had more people. Ottawa (898,150 in 2008) and Edmonton (782,439 in 2009) rounded out the top five.  However, if one uses census estimates from 2008 for metropolitan areas — which rightfully do include the immediate  surrounding suburbs — then the Calgary Region falls to fifth, behind Toronto (5,531,263), Montreal (3,750,540), Vancouver (2,271,224) and Ottawa (1,198,668).  Calgary (1,182,446) is unique  for having the vast majority of its population live in the actual municipality, and not in surrounding suburbs. It has no suburbs because it is a mostly new city basically. That is why it is also costly as the roads, sewers, are mostly new too. Calgary only has 60,000 more residents than Edmonton (1,124,163) and it makes a lot of false noise in that fact too cause it wants to attract much needed capital investors for non existing industrial, commercial aspects.. There basically are only 2 large cities in Alberta, Calgary and Alberta, and a handful of smaller towns.. Alberta has some of the biggest liars, spin doctors in Canada for the main cities are desperately seeking more  revenues, and capital investors and anyway they can get them now too even by lies, distortions. There is not much industrial, Manufacturing business in Alberta due to the shortage of labor and skilled persons, and high operating costs. People in Calgary and Alberta do often dream of becoming rich ,  but it is a far away dream when you consider the high costs of living there and the uncertainty of holding onto a job too. And they wonder why they cannot get low coast workers to Alberta these days too.. when the average price of a Calgary home in 1980 was $93,977 and that has jumped to $380,489 this year, an increase of 304.9 per cent.

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