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May 27, 2008

Who is next?

” Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier was the first firing in the 28-month Canadian Conservative government’s reign under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Another revelation emerged over the weekend about Ms. Couillard’s connections to an airport security company, yet the Conservatives still refused to entertain the notion this might be a cause for concern. But I suspect the kicker clearly came yesterday when Stephen Harper was confronted by his Minister’s troubled romance in the middle of a news conference with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko. Was Ms. Couillard a security risk? What about the latest revelation? While President Yushchenko looked baffled by the reporter’s questions, Mr. Harper’s steely-eyed fury was the sure sign of a Prime Minister on the verge of snapping at the embarrassment of it all. Aware that Ms. Couillard was set to give her first television interview as a woman scorned and clearly in love with publicity, Mr. Harper stormed away from the microphone. That should’ve put Mr. Bernier on notice he was about to lose his status as the greatest francophone hope to become the next Conservative leader. Insiders say it’s highly doubtful Mr. Bernier left of his own accord. That hardly matters. Mr. Bernier’s resignation letter, as is the case with every minister, sits in the Prime Minister’s desk. It can be retrieved at will and used under any pretext. There is no appeal from a prime minister who serves as judge, jury and executioner. Mr. Bernier was found guilty of following his heart more than his head and being more trouble than he’s worth. In Stephen Harper’s government, that’s a crime worthy of capital punishment. (and at least with a Taser as well? but the leader himself had made the wrong choice now)”
And  Jesus never sold one Sermon of his, nor the Apostles… so I rightfully cannot stand those greedy, money lusting charlatans who clearly try to make money by selling Christian literature, tapes, music, or what ever on the subject of Prophecy, healing, etc., .. and no matter what their excuses are now too.. Jesus said as you have freely received so freely give. And that is what I have done the last 4 decades too… and so should we all, trusting in the Faith for God to supply our needs, not begging for money, or wrongfully stealing by pretending to be a non profitable tax exempt corporation, organization basically so not to pay taxes as well.. How greedy can you get and pretend it to be Christian now too is the game many wrongfully play too even pastors….
Now there is another common scam I do not like, groups, churches who often choose a valid cause, since the best way to catch fish, suckers is with live bait, and then do next do ask for related donations, money.. this advertised cause tends to be rather an inefficient  self employment creation, and is not a real public services.. for to get most complaints, issues handled properly all you do generally have to do is to post it firstly on the net, and also write to the News media  with copies to the  elected officals
Public exposure works great.. The question I also still do rightfully have is who is next? All Ministers need to to beware…
 “Keep State & Church separate, or they will intertwine and once they are merged, vice enters and corruption begins” ?  “And I agree, 100% of all Churches too  should be investigated as should all politicians (those who govern/lead through laws) even in regards to what, if any, “crossovers” have occurred that are violations of State law.”
Some people think that  Separation of Church and State politics, is the main issue that  will help to stop the acts of much too many bad guys in politics and religion.. There are bad guys, bad Ministers now too  continually in or out of relgion in fact.
Separation of Church and State politics, and related corruption is just a very small small portion, issue.. Rather all major perversions, corruptions by anyone, politicians, priests, pastors are,  is unacceptable anywhere and at anytime too. For both politicians, Pastors and cops all civil and public servants too are here to help look after the good welfare of the citizens and if they are not doing that JOB NOW properly they all should be helped to become unemployed for sure BY THEIR CORRUPTIONS, ABUSES BEING EXPOSED TO ALL..
Religious or not is not the issue.. but the second law of engineering thermodynamics is, energy goes from a higher level to a lower level, it degenerates, meaning even water unrestrained flows downhill, or 30 percent of all people need to be put into a real jail it seems before they will stop their wrong doings and start to do good.. reality.. for self supervision or self regulation does not work, crudely it is just masturbation.. In reality too many people left on their own will continue to cheat, lies, steal, abuse others, the pastors and cops, politicians included now. They all need to be regulated, supervised by the governments and some now rightfully even arrested too. A man’s enemies, bullies and thieves will be those persons even from his own family are still a reality too.
The really bad persons unless they are exposed, punished will likely never change for the good on their own in fact? Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty works best for everyone. Now I have been writing letters to news editors, governments. for that is part of their job now too, and I have helped in exposing the bad guys and the bad corporations for decades too and thus rightfully helping to get rightfully deal with some of the really unacceptable bad guys and so should we all..
Us Senator John McCain  had fallen under condemnation by the news media for accepting the endorsement of Rev John Hagee . Wikipedia describes “John C. Hagee [as] the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic church with more than 19,000 active members.”
Rev John Hagee clearly states that he is not anti catholic or antigay but he is Anti Semitism and he is working on behalf of Israel and this highlights his belief.. but his dispensational theology support of Israel are not substantiated by the New Testament still. God loves both Jew and Arab as well as all of the Gentiles.
The Bad Unacceptable theology – Christian Dispensationalism – Dispensationalism is basically false and it is the method of interpreting the scriptures that sees two distinct peoples of God, with two distinct destinies – Israel and the Church. It is not a coincident that too many Dispensationalists do also oppose the work of the THE HOLY SPIRIT today as well, HIS Charismatic GIFTS NOW TOO. Toni, at FilesfromToni blog has posted a very good link to vital information for those wondering where the money which is given to different Christian Zionist organizations is really going and how its NOT being used.
The criticism of Rev Hagee, right or wrong is just the tip of the iceberg of discontentment against too many so called Christian pastors in America.  I know I pastored a church for a few years, and in the last 50 years I have encountered too many many mostly bad pastors, and 70 percent of evangelical pastors have admitted they had committed adultery and they even do counsel divorce for a start. The false misappropriation of funds in many churches in north America is so common so I had rightfully asked even the US government to investigate all of the churches- Pentecostal, Catholic, Baptist for their possible misappropriation of funds equally, annually in fact months ago too. 
For a start most churches ask you to the, give ten percent of your income to the church, but tithing is also an old testament concept and not enforceable in the new testament. In the old testament the tithers, and those who received the tithers had to insure that 1/7 of the donations were given to the local poor people. So I asked any church that advocated tithe that they prove as well they have kept this Biblical requirements, for almost none do it for it start. On top of that any clergy receiving tithing in the old testament was not allowed to own any real estate , tangible property too. If you are going to preach the law here on tithing too, then you yourself should observe all of it, not just mostly steal the tithe.
It seems these days Pastors, cops, politicians, Ministers tend to be still next equally all bad if left on their own, unsupervised?

April 28, 2008

The news media, press

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I have been working with the News media, press the last 25 years, and for a decade now too I daily write my views to all the major Newspapers, mostly in Canada, and they do next often act upon it as well. I also post my own comments on politics now too.
The news media plays a vital role in our society, it tends to be the voice, the conscience of the majority of the people, citizens..
Yes I also do even complain about news reporters lies, spins, distortions but fortunately they have their free speech and so do many others too now, me included.. at least most of the time.. I have had the police wrongfully come to my home 6 times in my life time in Canada cause some politician did not like that I had sent him a letter with a copy to the news editors, including a prime minister, premier, mayor now too.. and I am still writing, and most of the bad guys I wrote about are out of office  sooner or later. For the news media tends not to support the losers once exposed even by me.. and no politician can win without the news media support, for advertising is very costly as even Mrs. Clinton or the  PM Stephen Harper knows.

“There’s irony in the notion that the Harper government finds itself under the gun over its election advertising . Political advertising has played a pivotal role in the Conservative party’s rising fortunes, and persists as the party’s preferred means of communicating with the public. But advertising lately has become a headache for the party, being forced to account for its spending on national ads during the 2006 election… the Conservatives won the last election in large part by being paragons of propriety, making accountability legislation a cornerstone of their election platform. The squeaky clean image was designed to contrast with the tarnish on the Liberal brand following the Quebec sponsorship scandal… Stephen Harper has embraced the mantra “playing by the rules.” His party, he asserts, is the one that represents Canadians who play by the rules. Yet here the Conservatives are accused of grabbing unfair advantage through a secretive scheme involving cash transfers between national and local Conservative campaigns… “

“Advertising is important to the Conservatives because they’ve experienced difficulty communicating by other means. The PM has alienated the Ottawa press corps and shied away from both formal news conferences and impromptu scrums. He appears before media mostly in photo ops, with no questions permitted. In addition, journalists, following the 2006 vote, were restricted in their access to the Centre Block area where the cabinet meets and Harper’s ministers often appear muzzled. With advertising, Conservatives have found that they can tightly control scripting and visuals to achieve their communications goals. And, having perfected the art of fundraising under tighter political financing rules, the party has been flush with money to spend on the favoured communications tool.  Conservatives raised four times more money than Liberals in 2007 –about $12 million — which helped them finance a prominent series of ads  Unfortunately for the Conservatives, ensuring such advertising supremacy over the Liberals required the circuitous financial machinations that now threaten the party’s reputation.”

The Tories spins are too late, the damage has been done, again and again.. and fighting with the news media who tend to represent the Citizens firstly is a stupid mistake for any politician, party.

WWJD? Vote for Obama, more and more young evangelicals say Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA – 18 Apr 2008 They are turning what should be a recipe for conservative confusion into an opportunity for evangelical evaluation.
This is a joke, no one should take this serious, I saw on the CTV news today a video of Obama in a bar drinking Beer.. and unlike Catholics, the True professing evangelicals do not consumer alcohol..  so to me he Obama is just another Christian Pretender like the prime Minister of Stephen Harper now too who also consumes, distributes  alcohol and he what still professes to be an evangelical Christian. He cleartly too is not.
Known Boozer, ex Prime Minister Paul Martin a professing Catholic also consumes alcohol in abundance  and he too professes to be a Christian now too..
Republican White House hopeful John McCain lashed  was pressed on his own endorsement by the Reverend John Hagee, an evangelical pastor who has made outspoken remarks attacking the Roman Catholic Church and who has a definite unbiblical view towards Israel right to the promise land today, Israel’s personal salvation now too. Hagee has a perverted view of the John 3:16 eternal Salvation standards, with One for Christians, Unbelievers  and a different one for the Jews.  McCain said it was “probably” a mistake to solicit Hagee’s endorsement, which might help him with evangelical voters, but said he was “glad” to have it nonetheless.
“Just 1.8 percent of evangelicals believe that Jesus Christ would vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. “
Also Trying to seal the significant loss of public, media  support Canada’s  federal conservatives resorted even lately  to damage control secrecy, spin control instead of being fully honest in the matter.
“In a scene out of a second-rate bedroom farce, government operatives skulked around, moving a “secret” briefing for select media outlets from one hotel to another.Most reporters were barred, while a few others, of varying political stripes, were admitted to a closed session. Certainly the topic at hand — allegations that the Tory party outspent its election limit by $1 million — deserves further explanation. The pertinent documents were scheduled to be released Monday anyway. Why would the Harper government go out of its way to further alienate the press corps, in this case including those friendly to Conservatives?”
Of course lately this isn’t the first time Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has shown a preference for control, spin doctoring, dictatorship, secrecy and false partiality, RACIAL, ETHNIC and GENDER  BIas too, and next even media favoritism and I have said that was rightfully unacceptable still a long time ago too. Unacceptably the Calgary Christian Missionary Alliance church, a false Christian church as I have detailed why before too, , the preferential Christian denomination  of the professing Christian evangelical  Prime Minister Stephen Harper  wrongfully  does all  that too as I have witnessed first hand many times too is never acceptable, so it is clear why Harper does the same things.

“MP Gilles Duceppe said the Conservatives, Harper  shouldn’t complain about being held to a higher standard” for they had claimed they were going to be more  honest too.



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