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February 4, 2010

Our politicians file “excessive and unreasonable” claims Canada wide now too?

“No one is above the law. No one can spend public money without accountability,”  First major casualty of the NS spending scandal. A member of the Nova Scotia legislature  Richard Hurlburt who became a central figure in a spending allowance scandal has resigned his seat for the riding of Yarmouth on Tuesday.   Richard Hurlburt  served the province,  the people of Yarmouth  over the past 10 years.
 HALIFAX, N.S. – Clearly now Very Likely Guilty of wrong doings themselves the Leaders of Nova Scotia’s opposition parties, including the Conservatives  say it’s not their duty to identify members of their caucus whose expenses were deemed inappropriate or excessive by the province’s auditor general.
Look it is very clear to most Canadians that crooked Politicians  should be forced to resign and face criminal charges, as well as returning the stolen, abused tax payer’s money.. a hypocritical excuse, apology, returning the money is not at all enough, satisfactory. In the private sector they would have been fired at least.
Nova Scotia’s auditor general slammed the province’s expense system Wednesday and said  some politicians had filed “excessive and unreasonable” claims, in part because of inadequate spending controls. Nova Scotia MLAs are entitled to spend $45,000 a year in payments that require no receipts. Some examples of excessive spending include $13,445 for custom-made office furniture, $2,499 for a television and $738 for an espresso coffee machine. Nova Scotia Liberal Premier Darrell Dexter  was among those singled out by Lapointe for his spending practices. The office of Premier Darrell Dexter spent   $2,150   on a digital camera and $5,501 for two laptops also items that Lapointe only now had agreed, said were excessive. Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell,  agreed with the report’s conclusion that spending over $13,000 on custom-made office furniture was excessive. He said he had paid back the money for the furniture.  MacDonell also spent $2,600 on an office printer had purchased the “Cadillac of printers.”  Certainly is guilty of incompetence and mismanagement now too in other areas. And they for sure even would have not admitted, revealed their mismanagement, crimes if the report had not come out.  Nova Scotia’s deputy premier Frank Corbett  speaking out as a legislative member and not on behalf of the government said   he is sorry for inappropriate and excessive spending, wasting the taxpayer’s money, by other politicians flagged in a report by the provincial auditor general  while the rest of Nova Scotia’s public is being asked to do “hard things” as the province struggles with a $525-million deficit.  “It’s one of those things that whenever tax dollars’ money is not used wisely” but absurdly even.  

HALIFAX, N.S. – Richard Hurlburt a Conservative member of the Nova Scotia legislature who apologized last week for spending nearly $8,000 on a generator also charged taxpayers over $3,000 for the purchase and installation of a television.  No such thing as a little bit pregnant here too.

 N.S. deputy premier apology to taxpayers for excessive spending by it’s piggish members  is meaningless and so was the auditor general’s report.. The immoral and stupid auditor general Jacques Lapointe said he  he found no criminal wrongdoing was focusing on the need for better rules and accounting procedures. How stupid does he think all of the people now still are. Abuse of tax payer’s money is still theft, and theft is always  criminal offence!
 And where else has the Premier and the rest of them now  gone overboard with the abuse of the tax payer’s money spending now as well? He clearly needs to be closely watched, better monitored as well.. It seems they all need to be better controlled, serioulsy monitored now!
 And where are the RCMP, too often still, useless  bad cops when you need them here too?
Two tier Justice.  Imagine that NS  MLAs are entitled to spend $45,000 a year,  tax free income too, in payments that require no receipts while the average Joe Blow is late on his phone bill payment,  tax payment, traffic ticket  is financially penalized immediately or even jailed quickly..
Clearly all of this is just part of the unacceptable tip of the iceberg revelations, corruptions.
Do  consider  the odds of the bad, crooked, politicians being exposed or stopped by the others who seem to also do it often now too,  so it very obvious to most people that when you do read or hear about it in the news it is very  likely also only the tip of the iceberg.. 
 NB justice minister resigns over privacy issue  Justice Minsiter Bernard LeBlanc resigned Thursday after being accused of violating the privacy rights of a Fredericton-area woman. There have in the last few months been too many other NB cabinet Minister’s resignations now as well.. LeBlanc is the fourth minister to step down in the last seven months.  Former justice minister Michael Murphy and former environment minister T.J. Burke have also left the Liberal cabinet. 


Liberals defend handling of N.B. bridge contract  CBC – Thu Feb 4, 7:05 AM   A Quebec-based consortium a joint venture between Frank Catania Construction and Structal-Bridges told CBC News last week that it was unfairly disqualified in the bidding even though its bid was the lowest and was unconditional.  The Department of Transportation is again defending how it handled a contract for renovations to Fredericton’s Princess Margaret Bridge.  Progressive Conservative MLA Claude Williams demanded why Britt Dysart, the president of the New Brunswick Liberal party, was working as the government’s lawyer in the bidding process. I am concerned, as New Brunswickers should be, because there were no lawyers from the Department of Justice at that meeting. That is strange
B.C. Liberal government accused of secrecy and stonewalling  CBC – Thu Feb 4, 6:29 AM VANCOUVER (CBC) – Critics are airing complaints of provincial government secrecy and stonewalling at hearings this week looking into B.C.’s Freedom of Information Act. “I want to speak to you about a culture of secrecy and a culture of denial,” anti-abortion activist Ted Gerk said at the hearing Wednesday. Despite repeated attempts, he could not get information about the number of abortions performed in B.C. hospitals, Gerk said.
“When the Queen of the North Ferry sunk, the families of the two who went down with the ship couldn’t sue because BC ferries is sponsored by the govt (but keeps all the profit). The two citizens couldn’t afford to sue because they would have to pay for everything (at least until the case was over). They would of had to pay for witnesses, lawyers, etc. Meanwhile BC ferries has all fees paid for by taxpayers (including the two who should have sued).  Funny how a corporation has all the same rights as a human being, but does not have to follow the same moral and ethical obligations the rest of us do. ” If you are in the “right”, the party at “fault” should be responsible for your costs. The way things are now, companies and associations and governments can easily win in court by “outlasting” the other person by delaying and appealing till the person runs out of money… Just goes to show that our “rights” only go so far as our bank accounts can pay for them. Makes sense, deny a man his civil rights and then make him pay to reclaim them. Clearly ‘supreme’ is not making reference to the court’s intelligence.
Canadian Citizens are facing Police fines for using their phones while driving while Bus drivers often drive a bus and talk on the Phone in Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere. I saw one yesterday even doing a crossword puzzle while driving passengers . Montreal west island Bus Route 202

Fire all the expense account abusers. Jesus himself now how said that if a person  cannot manage effectively a small amount of money then how can they even next be really trusted with any large amounts. So when they abuse their expense accounts they show to all they need to be fired, dismissed, removed from the job for they are clearly very incompetent at any money management now still too.



November 20, 2009


SO HERE ARE SOME MORE PICTURES OF CANADA TODAY…  the betrayl of the citizens by our civil and public servants OR

The Harper party loved whistleblowers when in opposition. They even ran a high-profile one as a Conservative candidate. But when the whistle is blown against the Conservatives, no one actually contradicts the whistleblower’s sworn evidence, they just attack and spin.

On Thursday morning, to the apparent surprise of some observers, I argued on this blog that Canadians needed a public inquiry to get to the bottom of the allegations of torture and cover-up that Richard Colvin had made the day before in front of a parliamentary committee. After watching the Conservatives’ performance for the past two days, I’d say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper also needs a public inquiry–only more so.  Legitimate questions can be asked as to why Mr. Colvin did not blow the whistle earlier, which would have saved anywhere from 220 to 600 Afghans from allegedly being tortured. However, to attack his credibility, as Conservative ministers have been doing, is both pathetic and reprehensible. And to demand first-hand evidence, as they’ve also been doing, is precisely the same dodge that bureaucrats used to cover their asses in the Maher Arar affair. The Conservatives can’t allow light to be shed on the despicable lengths to which they have gone to hide previous coverups.   

Cons is a great description of what the Conservatives really are like and many can see that anyway

PS: OTTAWA – Gilles-Andre Gosselin, a key player in the federal sponsorship scandal,  related to fraud totaling $655,276.  was   sentenced by an Ottawa judge to two years, plus a day.  charged last December with 19 counts of fraud for offences allegedly committed between 1997 and 2000.  The scandal undermined the Liberal government of the time, and paved the way for a Conservative government promising accountability and openness.  Now it is the Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government turn to be arrested as well for their clear  failure to keep these related promises.  

 Flaherty says government will undertake no new spending in next year’s budget Fri Nov 20, 6:28 PM TORONTO – Emphasizing that government stimulus spending is a temporary measure, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the Conservative government doesn’t plan to undertake major new spending initiatives in next year’s budget.


November 17, 2009

Both Liberal and Conservatives are facing unpopular issues


 Not just in Churches, amongst the police, politicians, civil and public servants, I have never seem so many lying, mental people in one place like I have amongst the medical workers I have dealt with this year in  in Hospitals, convalescent, old age homes who really do delude themselves too often about their self importance and the positive role they are functioning in.    When a   professional cannot see what they are doing now is simply  so wrong they themselves do now need real professional help too. The People who lie often, the  professionals now included, they   tend to have severe personal,  mental disorders next cause one tends to eventually believe next ones lies as being the truth, and they can no no longer differentiate their own lies from reality, the truth.

Taxpayer group slams Harper government spending –  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation isn’t impressed with the federal government’s fiscal management – even if federation alumni hold senior roles in the government.

Canada’s national debt to hit $500 billion on Sunday

Federal debt to climb back over half-trillion-dollar line on Sunday: taxpayers The Canadian Press

580 CFRA Radio – –


TORONTO, Canada  – Successive scandals, a historic deficit and an unpopular new tax have now also taken a heavy toll on Ontario’s Liberal government, according to a poll McGuinty Liberals also are on downhill slide: poll . The Conservatives fail to realize that these same issues affect the federal Conservative Government now as well. The Conservatives in Alberta are also facing new increased discontent and opposition.  

Liberals in British Columbia are also facing new unexpected Citizen heat.

The  new poll puts Dalton McGuinty Ontario Liberals in a virtual tie with the Conservatives, led by Tim Hudak. Support for the Liberals is at 36.6 per cent, while the Tories garner 35 per cent support.   And the last poll, in May, had the Liberals at 47 per cent support, 16 points ahead of the Tories. Premier Dalton McGuinty’s leadership numbers in free fall, sliding to 26.9 per cent popularity from 42.1 per cent in May.  Undecided voters rose to 28.1 per cent from 20.4 over the same period.

Harper welcomes Canadians back to the half-trillion-dollar debt club created by deficits he promised would never happen.

Leaked report says gov’t overstating the need for new power lines in Alberta Thu Nov 19, 11:30 PM  EDMONTON – A political battle is reaching a peak in Alberta over whether the province needs billions of dollars worth of new power lines that will be paid for by consumers. Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith  says the conclusions in the EDC report strongly suggest that the Tory government is not doing enough to protect consumers.  There’ve been projections that it’s going to be $200 per year for the average residential bill for the next 15 years,” said Smith.Major power utilities will end up benefiting greatly from Bill 50, but consumers and landowners whose property will be affected by the new power corridors will end up as the big losers, said Smith. “My read of this debate so far is that the government is simply and blindly serving the interests of its corporate sponsors, not the interests of consumers,” she said.

A pretentious government is never enough no matter what the excuse.


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November 16, 2009




OTTAWA — Dozens of top-ranking military officers are still on the public payroll after retiring from their jobs with hefty pensions.

Documents released under Access to Information show senior brass in the army, navy and air force can collect both a pension and a salary by switching over to the reserves after retirement — a practice dubbed “double-dipping” by some critics.

Records released by the Department of National Defence list 207 senior officers ranked lieutenant-colonel or above presently serving as Class B service members of the Reserve Force. That group includes several brigadiers-general, navy captains and colonels retired from regular duty and now serving in the reserves.

Brig-Gen. Christian Barabe, whose pending retirement from the regular forces was announced in a news release in January 2009, is among the top-ranked officers on the list.


(Isa 1:23 KJV)  Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.

Aboriginal leaders demand RCMP to release video footage of dead man’s arrest Mon Nov 16, 11:05 PM VANCOUVER, B.C. – Aiming for greater police oversight and to keep a spotlight on Taser use by officers, aboriginal leaders are demanding RCMP release a video showing the arrest of a man who was shocked with a Taser and died in their custody more than six years ago. A 2004 coroner’s inquest into the man’s death found he died of a cocaine overdose, and noted that his autopsy revealed previous cardiac damage.But after the president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs recently viewed what he alleges to be “deeply disturbing” and “heavily-edited” footage, he and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association are calling for the raw version’s release.In the video, Willey is pulled from an RCMP vehicle, dragged through the station and shocked with a Taser several times while lying on the floor, cuffed and bound, said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip. He and several others were recently given access to the tape by RCMP owing to their status as “concerned stakeholders.””The only way we’re going to bring about change is to pressure all levels of government – and the RCMP, and policing agencies in general – to change their methods, to change their techniques and to ensure there is civilian oversight, so they’re not investigating themselves because, in pretty much every case, they simply circle the wagons and defend their own,” Phillip said in an interview Monday.He believes the treatment of Willey was more egregious than Dziekanski’s because the aboriginal man posed a low threat when he was stunned because he was tied up and on the floor.” … given the public reaction to the Dziekanski videos, I think that would have some influence on what we’re allowed to see,” he said.
 It was a first for Canada: Desiré Munyaneza, scion of a wealthy family in the former Belgian colony of Rwanda, was sentenced in Montreal last month after a lengthy trial for crimes against humanity during the genocide of 1994. He was not the first alleged war criminal to enter Canada, but was the first to be convicted under Canada’s War Crimes Act, which allows Canadian residents to be prosecuted for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In his landmark judgment, Justice André Denis of Quebec Superior Court sentenced Munyaneza 42, was sentenced to life in prison in Canada , after being convicted of seven counts of genocide in Rwanda in 1994 , with no chance of parole for 25 years. Munyaneza not only incited genocide, he led a team of Hutu murderers as part of the systematic killing of at least 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus. He was arrested in Toronto in 2005 under the new Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. The evidence showed that Munyaneza’s family had stockpiled machetes just before the attacks began. The evidence showed he killed dozens himself in a deliberate and premeditated way, justifying the toughest sentence under Canadian law. In his trenchant ruling, the judge wrote that Munyaneza “chose to kill, rape and pillage in the name of the supremacy of his ethnic group,” reminding us that “every time a man claims to belong to a superior race, a chosen people, humanity is in danger.” As for the accused denying guilt, Denis wrote, “Denying genocide is to kill the victims a second time.” “There is no greater crime than genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes,” he continued. “History has shown that what happened there could happen anywhere in the world, that nobody is safe from such a tragedy.” He Desiré Munyaneza, will be 67 when he gets out of prison just in time for a Canada pension .. Now did this very rich person from a wealthy family  even made to pay for the court costs, police costs involved, and his cost of imprisonment as well?
Canadian prosecutors investigated  for  years before arresting him?   And as usual  “The investigation in Rwanda was very difficult, time-consuming and dangerous for the RCMP police officers ,  it was difficult to locate witnesses and then convince them to talk about suspected war crimes.” Especially difficult when you cannot speak their language to start of with.  But firstly by now we all do tend to know the RCMP lies, and cannot be trusted.
One of the main reasons that we cannot get adequate justice still now served in Canada is because the RCMP itself is cost ineffective, extravagant, wasteful and and poorly managed.  Now excluding the lawyers and court costs themselves specially to the above cause do tell us all “How much did it cost in total for the RCMP to investigate the Desiré Munyaneza matter”. How many RCMP officer were actually now involved, supervisors inluded,  and the length of time, the actual number of trips traveled aboard included. All costs included. This is certainly not too much to ask now is it…
Out Conservative law and order Stephen Harper justice department does nothing about the bad cops and I do often wonder why again..


Men and women are equal in the law


This isn’t News article, it’s a false brain washing press release, or a commercial propaganda, which seems to apply to too many of of the daily news stories I encounter.. and the governmental handouts too now.

“In Canada, men and women are equal under the law,” the document says. “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation or other gender-based violence. Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.”

The guide, released on Thursday and called Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship, (read the full guide) is the first of its kind to explicitly denounce violence in the name of family honour — a crime in the headlines just this week after an Ottawa man was sentenced to a year in jail for threatening violence against his daughter. People who come to Canada must be law-abiding citizens, SO MUST ALL CANADIANS, SADLY THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE STILL TOO.  When in Canada follow Canadian law–if you don’t like it, we don’t need you here OR PAY THE PRICE AND GO TO JAIL.   Discover Canada is also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format 


Men and women are equal in the law In Canada  except when it comes to a pay check, for the women still too often do get paid less for doing the same work a man does.
Jason Kenney, The Minister of Immigration came out with the Conservative government’s new handbook for immigrants last week and this new guide almost completely removes the notion that women made any contributions to our great country. In this new handbook it focuses more on our military and sports professionals and only gives examples of men, not women.

OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says equal pay for work of equal value is a basic human right that should never be put up for grabs at the collective bargaining table.  To that end, he has introduced a private member’s bill aimed at reversing a controversial measure in the 2009 federal budget.  The budget essentially reclassified pay equity as a labour issue to be negotiated in collective agreements, stripping the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its authority to adjudicate pay equity complaints.  Ignatieff’s proposal – his first private member’s bill since becoming an MP in 2006 – would return pay equity to the human rights realm.  It would also create a federal pay-equity commission charged with implementing an equal-pay regime in the federal public service, federally regulated companies and Crown corporations by 2012.  Ignatieff acknowledges his bill would result in some additional, unspecified costs for the government but he thinks the principle is “definitely worth it.”  Ignatieff says pay equity is really about gender equality, noting that women, on average, still earn only 72 cents for every dollar earned by men for the same work.  He says he chose the issue for his first bill because it’s emblematic of the Liberal party’s core belief in equal opportunity for all.


Man charged in Rwandan genocideGlobe and Mail –   – ‎Nov 9, 2009‎  The charge, announced Saturday, comes 5½ months after Canada convicted another Rwandan of genocide, its first ever successful prosecution of someone for crimes against humanity. In the latest case, Jacques Mungwarere, who has been living in Windsor, is the second person to be charged under Canada’s eight-year-old Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

Jacques Mungwarere was arrested two weeks ago by Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the tail-end of an investigation that led authorities from Rwanda – site of the brutal 1994 genocide – to the US and Canada. ‘Mungwarere is suspected of having committed acts of genocide in the region of Kibuye in western Rwanda,’ said Sergeant Marc Menard. The report notes that Mungwarere is the second person to be accused of war crimes in Canada under the ‘universal jurisdiction’ mandate of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, which came into law in 2000..


By the way men and women are equal sinners, Professionals now too, and our jails should reflect their incarcerations equally too



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November 15, 2009


Free water bottles too political: I wouldn’t want a Shelly Glover water bottle either Political partisanship has no place in our schools. A Manitoba school division is turning down an offer of free water bottles for students because the items display a politician’s name and party logo.  Shelly Glover, Conservative member of Parliament for St. Boniface, wanted to donate an unspecified number of bottles to the Louis Riel School Division.  “What we discovered was that there was some personal information on the bottles,” Marilyn Sequire, chairwoman of the school division, told CBC News on Friday. “Because we have a policy that doesn’t allow that, we had to regrettably decline.” Sequire said distributing the bottles would have violated division policy.  “It’s very simple,” Sequire said. “It’s just related to our policy that we have that does not allow us to distribute anything in the schools that is overtly, even slightly, political.”    This is the type of behaviour that the Conservatives have campaigned against in the past. Why do they pull these tricks now?  Also, don’t forget… the money to buy these water bottles likely came out of taxpayers pockets. Why should my tax money go towards promoting a political party to school kids?  Ms. Glover – I suggest if you actually want to help, you would donate bottles without political info on them. How low will the Cons stoop? These cons have no shame. Next thing you know they will want to put their party logo on your kids forehead. Canada has been headed down a shameful road ever since these cons came to power,(minority) I might add!  If she was so worried about these kids and wanting to donate bottles she should have just did it with no advertising. Everyone is only looking for the benefits of giving by advertising themselves, not because they actually care. If the MP really cared about giving the water bottles to the kids first and foremost, then there wouldn’t be a logo. I’m sure she thought this might help the school to a degree, but clearly, the thought of free advertising for the cons was there.  Their defence will be “we were trying to help the kids! why is everyone stopping us from helping children?”   What’s their next defence “why are people stopping us from helping clothe the homeless? All we did was give them a bunch of conservative party shirts.” .ttp://
DOES THE WATER TASTE THE SAME WITH THE CON LABEL? cause so far the Con water leaves a very bad taste in many people’s mouths
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using taxpayers’ money to reward Tory cronies with plum posts, Liberal MPs charged yesterday. The Tories unleashed “unparalleled patronage” by appointing 233 former Conservative MPs, campaign workers, failed candidates and donors in the past year, said Liberal MP Wayne Easter. Liberals say the recent Harper-appointees contributed more than $272,000 to Conservative coffers.  NDP and Tory officials pointed out members of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s office also benefited from appointments, including diplomatic posts. yes but the hypocritical  Con kettle calling the pot black does not change the fact the kettle is immoral, liar, for it was elected on the basis that it would be a lot different over the Lieberals and not rather it’s twin..
 Canada’s Defence Minister denies knowledge of torture, of Canadian complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees who had been turned over to Afghan authorities, makes him NOW EITHER A LIAR OR CLEARLY A VERY POOR MINISTER.   Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismissed the demand for a torture inquiry Thursday while opposition parties hammered Canada’s Minister of Defence.
Mr. Tilson, you owe us an apology
Tuesday November 24 2009
 Open Letter to David Tilson, M.P.
Mr Tilson,
I received your recent “Keeping You Informed” Fall Newsletter and have what I think is an important issue you need to address. When reading it I couldn’t help but notice the grand cheque you were holding for $7 million. A large sum that will surely do some good in our community. It is welcome money! The issue I have when looking closely at the cheque is that it is signed by Stephen Harper and also has your name on it. Now call me crazy, but are we to suppose that Stephen Harper is somehow taking personal credit for this cheque? I don’t see the Government of Canada logo anwhere on it, which would lead a person with the intelligence of a post to see what is going on here. This money is not from Stephen Harper, or you, for that matter. You should be embarrassed by something like this, not smiling with this cheque in hand. It is “our” money and it is being paid for by the Government of Canada. Not you, not Mr. Harper or any political party. This did not come from your bank account or Mr. Harper’s. Now my letter is not about an anti-Conservative slant because lord knows the Liberal party was as guilty of this type of branding at every opportunity as any party in history. The problem here is that you were elected on a platform to clean things up and bring some responsibility/accoutability to government. We expect that from all of our representatives no matter their political stripe. As a tax paying citizen I think an apology is in order. This was not an oversight. The people in this riding expect and deserve a higher standard of conduct from the person that represents them. Your esteemed collegue, Gerald Keddy of South Shore Nova Scotia, at least stood up and apologized in a similar cheque fiasco recenty and noted it will never happen again. His excuse that he didn’t notice his giant signature on it was scary enough on its own, considering he is helping run the country (what else has he not noticed?). But aside from his pathetic attempt at an excuse, he at least apologized. Will you?

Carlos Cascallar,


Anyone who knows PM Stephen Harper knows that this power control freak does not share publicity with others..



November 14, 2009

N.S. premier surprised by Harper’s bad behavior


Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter says he was surprised by the federal government’s recent decision to put its own sign on infrastructure projects without provincial or municipal logos attached. One of the conditions for receiving federal funding is to provide photographic proof that the signs have been erected. Gerald Keddy, Conservative MP for the riding of South Shore-St. Margaret’s, said people will associate the projects with all levels of government, even without their logos.  “Any Canadian or any constituent who sees the Economic Action Plan sign automatically understand that all three levels of government are involved,” he said.  If this is true why do we need any logo from any level of government on the signs ?????? Putting party interest before the public interest is no way to govern in a modern Canada. The US sign company probably couldn’t handle three governmental logos on the same sign. Another prime example of abuse tactics employed by the Conservative Dictatorship Party of Canada. We must rid ourselves of these self-serving goofs. Time for Harper and his puppets to go away for good  it’s not conservative money–it’s funding from municipal, provincial, and the “big checks’ this is unadulterated spin to help the CONS convince people they are spending their own money effectively???No matter what level of government it’s OUR money!!
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Anyone who knows PM Stephen Harper knows that this power control freak does not share publicity with others..

November 5, 2009

Cartoons Canada Political scene

Many of my readers prefer the Catoons to reading..

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