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November 27, 2010

G20 police misconduct probe partially reopened


The Toronto G20 Summit of June 26-27, 2010, hosted by Stephen Harper, was an incredibly expensive undertaking that resulted in massive human rights violations against members of the public at the hands of the police. Despite this, politicians refuse to call a full public inquiry and hold police—as well as themselves—to account … something to think about,,, Thanks to all the overtime they got from the G20, the number of Toronto police officers earning six figures in 2010 increased by 60% in comparison to 2009. In total, 2,159 police personnel earned $100,000 or more in 2010, including the infamous ‘Officer Bubbles’, who threatened to arrest a peaceful protester for blowing bubbles, and then sued YouTube commenters who ridiculed his actions. He took home $108,197.45.


Premier Dalton McGuinty wrongfully Unapologetic For Civil Rights Violations.

In a very recent Poll 60 percent of the persons now thought that the Top Toronto cop, the  police chief of Toronto should resign. I agree , he has showed himself as an incompetent police manager. There are too many more even like him in all of Canada now too.

Top Toronto cop refuses to resign as G20 criticism grows Toronto G20 biggest was the ‘compromise of civil liberties’ in Canadian history:  they now both should resign or should make quick work  at making all of brutalizing police officers to account for their despicable conduct during the G20 Summit protests.

Police? Perhaps you aren’t aware of our charter right to assemble and protest? Canada’s police forces are known too often to be pretentious, abusive, and incompetently managed. The rising police state and Constitutional dictatorship in Canada includes:

Police not autonomous from the government; heightened armed police presence; rising police abuses; video surveillance and community cameras; control of mainstream media; criminalization of society; arbitrary search and seizure; civilian complaint mechanism against the police deliberately undermined by the state; antiterrorism measures that violate basic human rights; radio frequency identification; surveillance legislation; clandestine internet, cell phone, telephone and mail monitoring; data bases of personal information; firearm confiscation and prohibition; martial law; mass arrests; arbitrary ‘preventative’ detention; carrying and providing identification ‘papers’ when challenged by police or deputized private security agents; degrading distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive; enacting ‘secret’ laws behind closed doors; restrictions on civil mobility; and encroachments on the democratic freedom to express or communicate political or other views.


The so-called secret G20 law slammed next now  by Ontario’s watchdog as being deliberately shrouded in confusion was simply dishonest, immoral, abusive. Premier Dalton McGuinty himself next had said the Ontario government acted with too much haste when it passed the law giving police more powersThe provincial opposition parties next had blasted McGuinty for passing the G20 law in secret. The 1939 Public Works Protection Act was originally passed to protect court houses and public buildings after Canada declared war on Germany. Updating it to give police extra powers during the G20 was probably a mistake, McGuinty admitted. The revamped Ontario’s provincial Liberal regulation led people to wrongly believe police had the power to demand identification and detain anyone coming within five metres of the G20 security fence. That precipitated a mass violation of civil rights, in the opinion of Ontario’s ombudsman. More than 1,000 people were arrested during the summit. Of that group about 300 were charged and, five months later, few are still facing those charges.  The ombudsman rightfully had blasted the Liberal government for giving police wartime powers and for making a “premeditated, conscious decision” to keep the extra powers secret from the public. The bad RCMP were also aware that the Toronto police were going to use the act.   Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews next had said  that he knew nothing about the Ontario government’s decision to give police in Toronto sweeping powers during the summit. But what good did he do about it?

Make it right, Chief Blair.  The officer captured beating Adam Nobody on video is shown at centre taking down photographer Colin O’Connor June 26 at Queen’s Park. In the hands of so accomplished a career professional as Police Chief Bill Blair — former morality cop, former drug cop, former organized crime cop, former major criminal investigations cop and former head of detective operations — this evidence should cue up a slam-dunk piece of detecting. That was an abuse of power and you, chief — not a bunch of anonymous cops with badge numbers removed — orchestrated it. 


Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews denies knowing at the time about Ontario’s decision to pass a law giving police heightened powers during the G20 summer summit in Toronto. It comes after the province’s ombudsman, André Marin, tabled a scathing report this week on security decisions at the G20 that he said lead to the “most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.” Marin’s report also raised questions about the federal role in the security decisions for the G8 and G20 summits in June.But Toews, the minister responsible for the RCMP, insisted the decision to give police special powers at the summit was a provincial matter that had nothing to do with him or his department.”You’re talking about the regulation that the McGuinty government passed? It was sometime after the G8/G20 event,” Toews told reporters Wednesday when asked about when he learned of Ontario’s passing changes to the Public Works Protection Act.” I certainly wasn’t aware of the concerns that were being raised with the bill.”That statement contradicts at least one of the findings of Marin, whose report suggests the RCMP and Toews’s department did know about the Toronto police request to have the controversial regulation passed. he ombudsman said the RCMP and, by extension, Toews’s department, should have known. Marin added that part of the reason why Toronto police turned to the Ontario government was that federal officials were reluctant to use an existing federal law for security. Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland said the federal government is simply refusing to be accountable. “It is absolutely ludicrous they would say they’re not responsible for security when they headed the task force that integrated and co-ordinated all security,” Holland said Wednesday. “On the one hand, they led it all. And on the other hand, they say they have no responsiblity.”  All three opposition parties are now calling for a full public inquiry into summit security, while Holland said attempts by the Commons public safety committee to get to the bottom of the federal role have gone nowhere.


How a man named Nobody became the battered face of G20 protests  Globe and Mail – Adam Nobody was face down, his arms held behind his back, and a police officer’s fist smashing into his face, a now infamous video shows. He had left his house to see what the G20 protests were about. Now he was under arrest. … John Bridge, who shot the video of Mr. Nobody’s arrest swore an affidavit that   Mr. Nobody did not attack any of the police officers, and was not armed. One of the key questions is who arrested Mr. Nobody. The officer listed on the arrest record provided a badge number that doesn’t correspond to anyone on the Toronto force, according to the SIU, or to any officer believed to have worked in G20 policing. At his court appearance last month, the Crown conceded that there was no evidence to support the assault charge. The Crown lawyer said the officers’ notes did not indicate an assault had taken place. The Crown also said Mr. Nobody’s “assaultive behaviour” did not amount to reasonable and probable grounds for arrest. “The Chief of the largest police service in the country has made an allegation of fabricating evidence against Mr. Nobody and Mr. Bridge in circumstances where, apparently, according to the arrest document, the police have falsified a badge number,” Mr. Falconer said. “The police refuse to come forward to acknowledge who beat Mr. Nobody. This is the stuff of totalitarian regimes.”

Now why are any of  the clearly foolish Canadian  justice ministers, cops, now so foolish still  that they do now even think that they can turn the clock backwards and continue again doing the very same bad things now that they all have even been exposed for what they realy are world wide even.. they are bad people who abuse citizens and obstruct justice and do need to be put into prison themselves.
Ontario’s police lapdog is reopening an investigation into alleged police misconduct in the case of a man who suffered a broken nose while being arrested at a G20 protest in Toronto. The Nobody arrest has also dogged Blair, with a video posted on YouTube chronicling the takedown of the 27-year-old man outside the provincial legislature — far from the summit site — and recently published photos showing the faces and name tags of officers involved in the incident. The Special Investigations Unit reopened its probe after Blair made comments, which he later apologized for, that video had been “tampered with” since about five seconds of audio and video were missing. “We’ve identified five of the officers (involved in the Nobody incident) and I’m very confident by the end of the day we will have identified all of them,” Blair said Wednesday. Notice this under public pressure the Police Chief now can identify the bad police officiers, but not before..


If four officers can kill a man at an international airport and avoid prosecution, why do you think the police will punished when they commit lesser crimes? If they can get away with murder, why would they not get away with anything else?If an off-duty officer can commit a hit and run, killing a teenage motorcyclist, and then go home and ‘have a few shots to calm his nerves,’ only to revisit the accident scene drunk, and not be held accountable, then do you think that when a cop smashes your face in because you are advocating for democracy at a protest rally, that he will be charged? If you break the law, the police will arrest you, interrogate you, and charge you if they feel that a successful conviction will be obtained. Then Crown will then use tax dollars to make sure that you are convicted of a crime. When police commit crimes, they are never treated the same way. They are given every possible chance to avoid prosecution. Why is this so?.. all that is required to become a police officer is a high school diploma. To defend capitalism with a stick, you can’t have an enforcer who understands the system and questions his role in it, rather, you need a meat-head who lusts for petty power. Bring in civilian oversight and education standards.

The Special Investigations Unit said in a Tuesday release it will take a fresh look at the case of Adam Nobody, 27, whose nose and cheekbone were broken during a June 26 protest at Queen’s Park.

In the case of Adam Nobody it is crystal clear that his serious injuries came at the hands of police officers (even it it is not possible to identify them). I

The SIU’s initial investigation determined that excessive force was “probably” used, but it couldn’t determine which specific officer was responsible for causing the injuries.

In arriving at that conclusion, the SIU interviewed a civilian witness and eight officer witnesses, as well as reviewing a video of the arrest that was posted on YouTube.

The video shows about a half-dozen police officers chasing and then tackling Nobody at Queen’s Park. SIU director Ian Scott said the video appeared to show one of the officers striking Nobody repeatedly while he was on the ground.

Blair claims that the video was “doctored” “fabricated” “false” “tampered”

Blair claimed that a “forensic analysis” was performed on the tape. We know that this is not possible since there was no “tape” it was a digital file.

Blair also states that the police were engaged with an “ARMED person” (Mr. Nobody). If this is the case where is the weapon Mr. Blair?

Blair is making strong accusations against private citizens for which there is no basis. If Blair cannot back up these scurrilous allegations he should be fired.

If Blair cannot back up his claims he himself should be charged with obstruction of justice and criminal breach of trust. A Chief of Police cannot just make up stuff and get away with it.

We cannot have any faith in our Police service as long as Blair is the Chief.

there were many peacful protesters that felt like they were victims of excessive use force and Police Brutality.

And…nothing will happen. The police deny everything, close ranks, demonize the accusers, and get away with crimes no one else could. They’re nothing but lowlife thugs who found a job.

Please tell me where in the law the police are allowed to fracture a man’s skull in the process of arresting him for a non-violent offence?

Given the condition these people were housed in after arrest, the police brutality… I don’t care if the people accused are guilty or innocent, their treatment is unacceptable in either case.

Toronto police Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged Tuesday with assault with a weapon in the takedown of Adam Nobody at the Ontario legislature during the June summit.

Albertan solicitor general attempts to quash the citizens democratic rights to complain.


June 1, 2010

Liberal Ontario Government allowed the mismanagement of money again..


Senior managers living high on the hog on other people’s money is too common practice still.. TORONTO – Executives at Ontario’s scandal-plagued lottery and gaming corporation racked up millions of dollars in expenses for meetings, hotel rooms and meals — often with no explanation and few or no receipts, the province’s auditor revealed Tuesday. The agency furnished expensive foreign-made cars for its senior ranks, bought season’s tickets to sporting events to woo lottery retailers and held company meetings on boat cruises — all at taxpayers’ expense, auditor general Jim McCarter found. Rank-and-file employees at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. themsrlves  mainly followed the rules, McCarter said. Most of the questionable billing was traced back to senior managers who had more discretion with their expenses. They included leasing a fleet of vehicles for 26 senior employees, most of which were foreign made, between $41,519 to $57,512 each, and giving another 16 executives car allowances of up to $24,000 a year.   Questions remain about why it took so long to tackle dodgy spending at OLG. The agency has been under fire for years over insider wins, botched scratch-and-win tickets, even buying foreign cars as casino prizes at a time when thousands of Ontario auto workers were losing their jobs.  Opposition Leader Tim Hudak called it the latest example of “runaway expenses” at provincial agencies under Premier Dalton McGuinty’s watch

and what happened now at Ontario’s  ehealth

People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

BC and the Quebec’s Jean Charest  Liberals too are at a very low in the citizen poll popularity now as well

New poll’s findings signal a wipeout of the governing B.C. Liberals  
Vancouver Sun –  A new Mustel Group poll shows support for the BC Liberals has sunk to a new low of 32 per cent.  
Hypocritical Police and Conservatives want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts  and do note that too. Let the police rightfully start with the rightful better policing of themselves  and next deal  first with  our too often stealing, crooked, lying politicians, civil and public servants who also do steal  and now first also go after all the alcoholics who abuse their spouses, drive impaired … the cops included..  deal first with all all of  of   the persons who abuse any seniors.. and we now do need more cops rather in the hospitals arresting also all of  the bad Health Ministers, bad  doctors and bad nurses who fail to provide adequate medical aid to seniors, others etc

TORONTO — Ontario’s health bureaucracy is facing yet another scandal in the wake of more revelations of spending and procurement abuses. In a special report released Wednesday morning, Auditor-General Jim McCarter outlines numerous problems at hospitals and local health integration networks (LHINs), regional funding agencies created by the Liberal government. McCarter points to the questionable hiring of pricey consultants, many of which were sole-sourced and often not required to justify the work they did. The report details a litany of questionable consulting gigs at hospitals, including one, worth $700,000, that was so vague it didn’t even list a detailed description of services needed. Another hospital completely failed to account for a $170,000 consultant contract, and was unable to produce the initial request for proposal, the names and number of firms invited to bid, the bidders’ proposals or any evaluation criteria used to reward the contract. The same firm was retained for another, $430,000 contract. Another hospital paid $8.3 million to one consulting firm for IT services over the past three fiscal years, including $180,000 the firm charges for each consultant it provides. The auditor’s report also details questionable expense claims by hospital consultants. They include one temporary executive who, despite his $275,000 annual salary, also billed the hospital nearly $150,000 for other consultants and administrative support, $14,000 for salary bonuses, foreign exchange fees and a Christmas luncheon, and numerous expensive hotels (including one, in Chicago, where he paid $500 for hotel phone charges) and lavish meals around the world. McCarter also questioned the use of lobbyists by half the 16 hospitals he audited.   “We questioned the appropriateness of using government funds to pay lobbyists to help obtain more government funding.”Health minister Deb Matthews reacted swiftly to the report, announcing legislation that will ban the use of lobbyists and open hospitals to freedom of information legislation by January 1, 2012.  The auditor-general also found “significant” problems with consultant contracts signed by LHINs The revelations contained in Wednesday’s report are reminiscent of those unearthed last December, when Mr. McCarter detailed spending abuses at eHealth Ontario. That agency, created by the Liberal government, was found to have given millions in sole-sourced contracts to high-priced consultants with few controls and little oversight.“I’m not afraid to say that I’m really sorry this has gone on,” said Matthews. “I don’t think this is acceptable. I don’t think we’ve been as accountable as we ought to have been. We owe it to taxpayers to ensure that every dollar they spend on taxes gets the best possible value.”
The same bad Liberals never learned to do things right and honestly the first time even.. allow their consultant sins to go on falsely.

January 18, 2010

So much for any promised Consumer protection.. Advertising Standards Canada



 Canada’s telcos such as Bell  are at a clear disadvantage in the battle with the cable companies, for internet speeds as well, cable firms  have modern coaxial cable networks that support greater bandwidth use than the phone companies’ too common mostly copper wire and so in overcoming this Bell resorts to lies, false misleading advertisements for years now too.
Even Bell has been clearly  guilty of false misleading adverting with regard to their network reliability and speed the last decade and what only know it is coming to the surface, and why did it takes so long even?

The Advertising Standards Canada

It clearly now seems the Advertising Standards Canada itself is guilty of false, misleading advertising when it promises to deal adequately, quickly with the complaints presented to them.
 “Re: Decision Bell Canada Advertisement-Canada’s most reliable network
… concerning the above referenced bell Advertisement.. the advertisement or part of the advertisement is presently the subjection of litigation (Or other legal action) undertaken in Canada… because of this the council will not accept or proceed further with this complaint.. Danielle Lefrancois Communications Manager Advertising Standards Canada 2015 peel street suite 915, Montreal Quebec H3A1T8  WWW.ADSTANDARDS.COM

Compared to Europeans speeds Canadian ISP are slow..  we’re still way behind most civilized nations when it comes to connectivity pricing and infrastructure.

 Bell’s misleading spin advertising of their new diet is high in fibre  is still mere scrap bones to the dogs cause it does not apply to the majority of users.. not for even a decade.. they are promising to serve better their new customers while they are seriously bleeding away still their old customers.. Bell is always a misleading advertising  approach. In Ontario, Bell is also feeling pressure from rival Rogers, which has been offering 50-megabit download speeds and  in Quebec   cable provider Videotron began offering download speeds of 50 megabits two years ago. Videotron has 100 Mb/s speed almost everywhere(95-99%) on its network  Since 2006, Vidéotron has added more TV and broadband subscribers in Quebec than Bell; and since it launched residential phone service through its cable connections in 2005, it has gained 30 per cent of that market, Bell has to do a lot of work on its infrastructure. Do you know that there are residents withing 50 km of Ottawa, supposedly our nations capital and Canada’s Silicone Valley, that do not have access to high speed internet service. I can only imagine what it is like in a truly rural setting.

“I used to pay for 6 Mb/s on Sympatico HSE, and firstly got  about 350kb/s, and  I could write a book on my dealings with bad lying Bell in this regard”… Bell now Fibe is fiber to your neighbourhood node, then VDSL2 to your house. It offers download speeds of 25Mps maximum, but is more often 5 to 10Mps. Your still paying Bell for what was promised but not being delivered to you mostly. Bell, of the 4 major providers, is typically the slowest of the bunch as it is. So by & large, they’re likely only to be matching the speeds of their other competitors rather than making any significant headway above the crowd.  “Now the only thing moving faster at Bell is rate increases, customer dissatisfaction, and throttling, you know that little thing that has you pay for high speed Internet, and delivers dial up speed, all with the Canadian governments blessing. ABB (Anything But Bell)”
A comparison of Quebec market share between Vidéotron Ltée and Bell (including Aliant)

Quebec TV market: Vidéotron 62 per cent; Bell 21 per cent.

Residential broadband

Internet: Vidéotron 51 per cent; Bell 38 per cent

Residential telephone:

Vidéotron 30 per cent; Bell 62 per cent

Vancouver-based internet provider Novus Entertainment also announced on Thursday it was boosting speeds, up to a whopping 200 megabits.

 I hate Bell almost as much as I hate Rogers and Telus What good is a higher bandwidth when the companies cap the amount you’re allowed to download?  All the “theoretical” speed in the world means squat when they throttle it all to hell anyways. Oh and don’t forget the 60 gig cap … so … you can blow through your monthly limit in an hour or so …   it doesn’t mean squat when you cant even max it out for more than an hour before you hit your unbelievably download limit and have to pay an arm and a leg for what the rest of the world gets for free. If your also not within 300 meters of the remote that offers these speeds than your back to 7 meg (though your paying for 20) I really wish the competition bureau would say something about this illegal advertising   Remember, you can’t spell Bell without bill and you can’t spell hell without Bell ;  And those fake “fibre” services are only in certain areas from Bell right now. If you don’t live in an area over 1 mill your back to world lagging best effort 3 meg service. Now  most Bell internet customers have a theoretical speed of 7 megabits. Actually customer speeds are “up to 7 megabits”, and usually far less than 1 megabit. And, don’t forget about throttling that Bell engages in.I avoid Bell at every opportunity. The questionable business practices and the call centre in New Delhi are two good reasons to avoid these clowns.  I abandoned Bell 3 years ago – they have lost a customer in internet, TV, cell phone and landline service – after horrendous customer service. May they perish!

Bell Sympatico AND Why I Quit Them Posted on January 17, 2010 by Gregory West  Do yourself a favour and switch to Cable Internet RIGHT NOW…I was an original Bell Sympatico High Speed customer from DAY ONE, well in excess of a decade. Two months ago I finally had enough of their TECH HELP employees guessing, lying and hanging up on me. But the most important reason I quit Bell is that they kept lowering my High Speed (throttling down is the term). They said the didn’t do it but when I phoned (several times on the same issue) and complained that my Internet connection was soooooooooooo sloooooooooow…They said they would boost it up and it would take 24 hours…Guess what? As soon as I hung up my Internet speed was back up to the regular speed of Bell. It was my son-in-law (who works for a local cable Internet company) who suggested I test drive cable Internet…Guess what? I found that cable Internet is 3 times faster than Bell and I have yet to have ANY problems with the cable company.

an Abusive Relationship, or, Why I Hate Bell Canada I had a very tiny question to ask Bell Canada last week — I mean really trivial. My phone number had changed because of some harassing calls and I was unclear whether this would affect how I paid my Bell bill over the Internet. Easy question. One that you would think is actually fairly common. So I called Customer Service, which in the land of Bell Canada, means a journey down some dark and twisty roads. First off: put on hold, which is never promising. And then after speaking with five agents, being dropped not once but twice, and wasting 65 minutes of my life, not to mention the emotional trauma of becoming volcanically angry, I got an answer to my friggin’ question. A bit of context. In the decades I have dealt with Bell Canada, I have called Customer Service maybe five times. And every time it has been the same story of ignorance, evasion and nonanswers. I cannot remember a pleasant, easy conservation with any Bell Canada service agent. I’m positive Bell Canada pisses off hundreds of customers daily. For how many is speaking to Customer Service agents the end of the line, so to speak ? For me it was. Bell Canada, I have put up with your condescension, your arrogance and your crap for 27 years. I kept thinking it would get better, but it hasn’t. And then I finally figured it out. We do not have a relationship of mutual respect. Our relationship consists of you abusing me, and me taking it and coming back asking for more. It is the classic relationship of the abuser and abused. And guess what, Bell Canada? You aren’t a monopoly anymore. I don’t have to take it. I quit. I quit you and all your works. I know you don’t care if I go over to the competition. There are plenty more sheep. But I hope other people do in thousands and hundreds of thousands until you get the message: your customers need to be treated with respect. Because we won’t keep coming back.

and I finally did it – we cancelled our satellite subscription. November 18h to be exact. Our 3 year mandatory term was up and with much research we knew we could save a few bucks each month by switching to cable. We also knew that our reception would be so much better – no interference, disruptions and total blackouts whenever a snow storm was about or, in fact, right in our own backyard. Not to mention cleaning off black ice from our receiver in the wee hours of the evening! Our account with Bell Satellite would end on the 4th of December but with 30 days notice we would be disconnected on December 18th. During our research we had also realized that our Bell account (satellite, internet and home phone) had increased $20.00 a month over this past year alone.   Trust me, that telephone call with Bell was like pulling teeth in trying to get them to reduce or delete one of their “theme packages”. We were at least able to reduce our monthly bill by about $13.00 and more than willing to take what we could get.

Telus, Rogers and Bell: Are You Listening?  15 01 2010  From MacRumors: Responding to price cuts from Verizon, AT&T today rolled out new unlimited plans for all devices on its network, including the iPhone. Under the new plans taking effect on Monday, iPhone customers can sign up for unlimited voice and data for $99.99 per month, although texting packages remain separate for an additional fee. The unlimited voice and data plan represents a $30 discount from the previous unlimited plan for the iPhone. All smartphone customers, including iPhone customers, may now buy unlimited voice and data for $99.99. For smartphone customers with Family Talk plans (prices assume 2 smartphones), unlimited voice and data is now available for $179.99. Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals, $30 for Family Talk Plans. Existing customers will be permitted to change to the new plans as of Monday via AT&T’s website, with no monetary penalty or extension to contract terms. It is unclear at this time whether there will be any adjustment to AT&T’s non-unlimited plans to reposition its pricing tiers in relation to the new, lower unlimited price.

It is ironic that the courts were asked by Telus to do it to Rogers and that a few days after the negative decision evidenced above, Rogers undertook a suit against such claims by Bell Canada. Does this mean that the telecom companies in Canada know that they are all second class, like the Berkman report clearly proved!

 Does Bell Canada still pay news reporters and lawyers to lie about how good Bell is?
PRINCE.EDWARD.ISLAND (CBC) – Bell Aliant is squaring off against Rogers Communications Inc. in a New Brunswick court over what it says are misleading advertisements touting the speed and reliability of Rogers internet service.  Bell Aliant filed a claim Monday in the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench in Fredericton alleging that Rogers’s assertion that its internet service is faster and more reliable than that of other providers is false. Bell Aliant, which operates in the Atlantic provinces and parts of Ontario and Quebec, is asking the court for an immediate injunction to stop Rogers from making those claims in its advertisements. Last year, Bell Aliant announced it would spend $60 million to outfit 70,000 homes and businesses in Fredericton and Saint John with fibre optic technology by mid-2010. In 1996, New Brunswick was where Bell Aliant tested its high-speed internet service before rolling it out elsewhere. Regardless of what the ads say, everyone has their own preference when it comes to internet providers. Bell Aliant customer Oliver Dueck said he’s tried both Bell and Rogers. “Previously, I was a Rogers customer for a while, and then when I moved to my new home, I switched to Bell Aliant simply because it was faster,” he said. Matthew Valentini, a computer consultant in Fredericton, said the war of words between Bell and Rogers is just that. “Both companies are currently selling internet connections that are faster than their networks in New Brunswick can support. So, they’re just using that number to entice you into purchasing their services,” Valentini said. “The latest claim is that Rogers no longer has the fastest and most reliable network. In fact, I would think both companies’ reliability is well up to consumer standards, and I would not see that as something to worry about.” Bell Aliant isn’t the first to take on Rogers over advertising claims. Telus sued Rogers in a similar case recently and won.

January 16, 2010

Haitian Earthquake


Good thing I at least really do try to tell the truth.. it seems too many persons lie, especially politicians.. cops.. pastors.. the false spins and the false praise tends to bring little good results next.. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper delivered his praise at Rideau Hall Friday while handing out the prestigious outstanding achievement award to  senior bureaucrats for their work in security, health and justice –   and yeah not surprisingly contradicting  some of my own very favorite topics I write about here.. the too often rather Inadequate Civil and public servants,   Police, Inadequate Justice Ministers, inadequate health care now as well. It seems the Prime Minister and I live in two different worlds in the same country too..

The deeper historical problem facing Haiti with respect to governance, it is  fragile democracy, and it’s endemic corruptions – was the   “powerful parasitic local elite in Haiti that will need to be watched very closely.” and “Let’s not be naïve about that,” 

Canada and the United States pretentiously warned that all Haitian monetary, goods relief should be carefully tracked but no Project management, accounting firm was given any contract to do this, clearly implying that this was no a serious recommendation..

MONTREAL 25th January 2010, 6:06pm — Political leaders left an international conference making no firm financial commitment but a strong pledge for scrutiny of the expected billions that will go to building a new Haiti in the next decade. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said much progress was made in setting the stage for more talks, but called it “premature” to talk money.

Yes the Caribbean Islands also lie on an active fault system. Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are all facts of life in the islands, past and present.  Haiti’s population of over eight million people occupies a territory somewhat smaller than the state of Maryland in the United States. The devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti has been followed by a series of large aftershocks measuring more than 5.0 on the Richter scale. It was also preceded by  smaller quakes (2.9 to 3.4) in Puerto Rico, across the Mona Passage from the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. The present vast deaths in Haiti due to an earthquake are very tragic. What now has happened in Haiti has no precedent. Hundreds of  of thousands of people are thought to have died in this  7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday. This map shows how strong the vibrations were in different areas of the island during the initial quake. Could the many deaths have been reduced beforehand?

Rarely do I write here about non Canadian issues? Is this really a non Canadian issue though? “Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere…”  If you do not know anything about the Haiti culture and their way of life, you will be shocked by their poverty rates. Not only because the Haiti people are so much below poverty, it is estimated that four out of five people in Haiti population are suffering and living in below poverty conditions. They have no electricity, clean water, public services, or anything that is needed for civilized life. While  most are on the edge of dying because of poverty, others there in direct contrast are millionaires.  

 And for the most part  Haiti still has no national building codes. Some international construction companies, a very small minority  do voluntarily follow codes like the French or Canadian standards or the International Building Code.  Sad reality. “Even when developing countries have codes in place to make sure buildings can withstand strong winds or earthquakes, they’re rarely enforced, and construction companies end up cutting corners to save money. (The added cost of earthquake-proofing a building is usually around 4 percent.) After a quake hit Mexico City in 1985, for example, investigators discovered that some of the buildings that were destroyed had too much sand mixed in with the concrete, making them weaker.  Adobe huts, more common in earthquake-prone areas of under developed countries, are especially dangerous, since they not only crush the inhabitants but suffocate them as well.

The last time an earthquake of this present magnitude hit Haiti was about 200 years ago and The same 7.0 tremor hitting San Francisco wouldn’t kill nearly as many people as in Port-au-Prince. “In the more  wealthy country with good seismic building codes that are enforced, you would have some damage, but not very much.” And a poor country like Haiti doesn’t have the equipment, communications infrastructure or emergency service personnel to pull you out of the rubble in time and it will have a significant amount of related deaths And if your neighbors get you out, there’s no ambulance to take you to the hospital–or doctor to treat you once you get there… AND THERE IS EVEN NO HOSPITAL, BECAUSE THE EARTHQUAKES HAD FLATTENED THEM TOO. Ninety-nine percent of the death toll in Haiti is attributable to poverty.

After 1804, Haitians were discriminated against by not only the United States, but all the European powers. And why?   That discrimination meant no availability of resources to educate the Haitian population, no significant trade with any polity outside of Haiti. You still have a population that was 80-90% illiterate – a population that didn’t have any industrial skills, a population that wasn’t allowed to trade its products with the rest of the world in any significant way. Also, the break up of the plantations into individual land parcels meant there’s no longer a coherent cash crop activity going on within Haiti. Today even rough estimates show that Haiti has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS of any country in the region.    
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  • Watchdogs warn of Haiti relief scams  If you suspect you’re the victim of a scam, file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, a partnership of the FBI, the US National White Collar Crime Center and the US Bureau of Justice Assistance designed to track and match related online criminal complaints.

    So the question is still relevant. How did  Haiti still become so poor and remain so poor when it was so close to rich north America?? Have we all been guilty of cold indifference to them before this?   and are the Haitian, Canadian government also now going to pretend they are doing enough to help Haiti and all Haitians now  still too? 
     MONTREAL – Canadians horrified by the images of the horrors in quake-ravaged Haiti that are blanketing their newspapers and TV screens are responding with generosity. Donations have been pouring into aid organizations at an astounding rate, aid agencies said Sunday. The Canadian Red Cross reported it has so far received $22.2 million from Canadians for the Haiti relief effort.

    ABOUT 80 YEARS TOO LATE TOO…. OTTAWA – Representatives of about a dozen countries are expected to attend a key meeting in Montreal next week on longer-term help for Haiti. The conference is expected to set the stage for a later meeting of donor nations which will look at a long-term development plan to put the troubled Caribbean nation back on its feet.

    OTTAWA – Canada’s swift response to the tragedy in Haiti hasn’t boosted the federal government’s popularity among voters, a new poll suggests. Voters apparently remain unhappy about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unpopular decision to prorogue Parliament and aren’t swayed by the popular effort to help Haiti, said pollster Allan Gregg. The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey suggests the Conservatives and Liberals are in a statistical dead heat, with 32 per cent supporting the Tories and 31 per cent for the Liberals. The gap is well within the poll’s margin of error.

    Afghan whistleblower to have legal fees paid: Foreign Affairs The Canadian Press –  OTTAWA – The federal government has relented and will pay the legal fees of diplomat Richard Colvin, who blew the whistle on possible Afghan prisoner abuse.

    Federal government agrees to pay Richard Colvin’s legal fees Ottawa Citizen

    January 14, 2010

    Ontario Premier McGuinty supports the bad establishement



    McGuinty is too loyal to Fantino, NDP says Toronto Star –  Premier Dalton McGuinty is rejecting NDP pressure to ask Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino to step down over allegations the veteran cop tried to influence municipal officials regarding the aboriginal occupation of Caledonia.

    Activist outmatched in fight with top cop Globe and Mail   I don’t doubt that the Ontario government is embarrassed by the private criminal charge against OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, and just want it to go away. It is, shall we say, a tad awkward when your top law-enforcement official is facing a charge

    McGuinty rejects calls for Fantino to step aside –   TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is rejecting suggestions he was trying to play down the significance of the criminal allegations against Ontario’s top police officer. Provincial police Commissioner Julian Fantino is facing one count of influencing or

    Ontario to appoint Crown to prosecute OPP chief National Post – ‎Jan 12, 2010‎ OPP Chief Julian Fantino is facing a criminal charge of attempting to influence municipal officials as a result of an email he sent in 2007 to a councillor in Haldimand County in Southern Ontario, … The Ontario government is going ahead with plans to

    No need for OPP’s Fantino to step aside amid legal tangle, McGuinty says The Canadian Press – ‎Jan 12, 2010‎ CHATHAM, Ont. — There’s no reason why Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino should step aside while the courts probe allegations that he threatened municipal officials, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.

    • Proceed with Fantino chargeHamilton Spectator – It would be a huge and potentially dangerous mistake if a privately laid charge against OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino does not proceed past a court date tomorrow in Cayuga. That’s not based on any assumption that Fantino is guilty of influencing or

    Fantino case before Cayuga court on Friday Hamilton Spectator – ‎Jan 13, 2010‎ A criminal charge laid against Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino will be before a Cayuga court on Friday, but the province’s top cop is not expected to make an appearance. Activist Gary McHale brought the privately laid charge,

    Ontario appointing Crown in Fantino prosecution Hamilton Spectator – ‎Jan 12, 2010‎ Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino had not yet received formal notice by end of business yesterday after a summons was issued alleging he illegally influenced elected officials in Haldimand County over the ongoing native dispute in

    Ontario’s top cop Fantino facing charges Global Toronto – ‎Jan 11, 2010‎ Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Julian Fantino is facing a charge of attempting to influence municipal officials, an indictable offence, after a justice of the peace yesterday signed a summons requiring the former Toronto police chief to appear

    Fantino allegations put over until Feb. 3 – activist says province unwilling to act  The Canadian Press –   A criminal allegation against Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino was put over Friday until next month, a move the activist behind the charge said shows the provincial government is unwilling to act on the accusations.


    This also offers a Canadian window into the state’s overwrought preoccupation with making money at all costs, disregarding the citizens concerns too. Sadly Like too many political parties it seems the citizens mainly do not count, their views or needs, desires. they only count on election days. I was once talking to deputy Minister Ken Kowalski of Alberta about this as to why and he replied cause in Alberta they do not pay the taxes. But rather the real reason is the too often lack of respect for the all of citizens still by our leaders, civil and public servants most political parties Canada wide.. Police, RCMP’s unacceptable, poor attitudes towards most of the citizens now as well

    OPP’s false, bad, Unacceptable two tier Justice System is ongoing

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