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January 9, 2010

Conservative PR machines going under Good Riddance


 As predicted and fore known too the CanWest’s newspaper empire is  for sale  Canada’s largest newspaper group is on the auction block amid the biggest upheaval in the country’s media industry in years. CanWest Global Communications Corp., put most of its big-city dailies into bankruptcy protection Friday after sinking under about $3 billion of debt.  CanWest said its newspapers – including the National Post, its only daily not now under protection from creditors – are looking for new owners in hopes of wiping out some of the company’s debt while keeping the newspapers in business. Conservative  PR machines going under Good Riddance.. No tears are being shed here too..


There is too little investigative effort (with the Vancouver Sun being a notable exception) and too little originality. If you want to retain readers, whether they read on their phone, a computer screen, an e-book, or messages projected onto clouds (it could happen!) they need a reason to do so. The company that buys the country’s newspapers can capitalize by being aggressively local in each market, by sharing important stories in all markets, and by making content generation job one. One might say the new media model, and new revenue potential, will come from an old idea – first serve the needs and interests of your audience.

and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too

Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

May 21, 2009


bell-internet isp


We also do all know that most persons  still  tend to take an ostrich denial approach to their own faults, shortcomings still..

MANY BUSINESSES FAIL FIRSTLY BECAUSE  THEY LIE..  NEXT OF COURSE BECAUSE OF THE POOR , NEGATIVE WAY THEY SEE, DO TREAT  THE CUSTOMERS, AND THEIR EMPLOYEES AS WELL. So sooner or later they still tend to fail as a direct result, face cutbacks, downsizing, serious changes .. Karma
I was really, really surprised as to how many persons lie, are being lied to in life, in churches..
A key part of the Canwest Global Communications Corp. media empire has been granted court protection from creditors. Canwest,  a CONTROL FREAK too, controls The National Post newspaper and Global Television AND many of the largest daily papers in Canadian cities, including the Edmonton, Windsor, Ottawa Citizen, the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province, the Victoria Times-Colonist and the Calgary Herald. Ironically these are some of the most unfriendly newspapers that I also have dealt with now .. SO I AM NOT SURPRISED THEY ARE HAVING FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.
CTV Television Inc., Canwest Global Communications and the publicly funded CBC have all blamed the economic downturn, increasing competition and inroads by the Internet for cuts to staff and local programming.  Recent months have seen CTV slash the local news arms of “Canada AM,” gut staff at its A Channel stations and cancel local morning shows in Victoria, London, Ont., Barrie, Ont., and Montreal. Canwest has been grappling with a $4 billion debt and is trying to sell five E! network television stations, while the publicly funded CBC has said a $171-million shortfall is forcing it to eliminate up to 800 jobs.
No one asked me anything about it.. I have not watched these crappy TV stations for a year now, and there is only 2 Canadian TV programs that  I have watched and one was  was “The Listener” and the other was was “The Border”..
I heard firsthand one teenager saying to another teenager  , “I cannot trust you, you lie to me all the time” and this next had made me reflect upon the reality that the average person lies 3 times in every ten minutes of conversation, and it also reminded me with my past years of undeniable dealing with Bell related to my internet download problems, they too had  lied to me all the time, by not admitting the truth first that there was a problem, nor next honestly admitting the cause of the problem. It seems that spin doctoring, misleading, lying to others is a very major part of not just the lawyers, used car salesmen, but a regular part of the sales, advertising, corporate way of doing business with consumers these days Canada wide now as well.  

 “Farmers have been involved with selling local product for decades. What’s happening now is that the consumer side is catching on, “and “one of the big challenges to markets was reaching “mid-level or second-tier” consumers, who, studies showed, stayed away, in large part, because of affordability.” Also “locally grown food, in many cases, is also more costly to produce, because Canadian labour and, often, land is worth more than in Brazil or China. Above all, though, local growing conditions for most foods are less productive than elsewhere.”” the cheapest and best the best way is actually to skip the farmers’ market and eat global”. Price conscious consumers reality..

 Even the Canadian Pork  or Beef famers are also lazy and unrealistic persons ehh?  Spin doctor, lie to others , blame others all you want..  but you still will not change the reality.. the price of pork, beef  was too high in a recession, for the consumers are not stupid but price conscious.. as a good realtor knows now too, it is always better to sell more units at a lower price over selling less units  at a higher price.. but if you tell that to the lazy, unrealistic, greedy persons they will hate you.. fire you…

When a business’s profitability is severely reducing, dropping, the top  management often fails to admit the truth, the real reasons as to why,  and they also tend to falsely among many other things
– lie some more
– raise their prices to try to try to increase their profitability, making themselves more uncompetitive
– cut back on customer services, clearly making matters even worse
– resort to costly, false, misleading advertisements again
– blame their employees , and have a high employee turnover, making matters worse
– blame other facts for their own management failures,
– really do not provide a positive, competitive  service
– generally fail to replace all of the bad top executive, middle managers with good personnel
That includes Loblaw, BeLL, GM, RCMP, Metro, pastors, governments, Real Estate firms, Car dealerships, Newspapers, TV stations, HOSPITALS, Grocery Chains stores, etc.,
bad apple

Reality- When the employees tend to blame the top management solely for all the problems, generally it is too late to do so, one rotten apple has already tended next to make the whole basket rotten.. and that is often why bankruptcy, or being bought out is the only effective solution too.. that includes not only Corporations, but civil and public services, Hospitals too..
About sowing and reaping.. “Recession fallout hits BCE, Telus wireless results BCE ‘NOT IMMUNE’ TO ECONOMY “We’re not immune,” BCE Chief Executive George Cope said of the economy during a conference call with analysts. The company’s shares fell 62 Canadian cents to C$25.45.The company’s quarterly revenue edged lower to C$4.34 billion ($3.7 billion) from C$4.36 billion a year earlier. At Telus, revenue crawled higher to C$2.37 billion from C$2.35 billion.”  Reuters  –  More miss information, lying corporate spin   and what about news editors, news reporters using their own brain, research rather? doing the honest reporting?   –all 96 articles »
Bell has no one but itself to blame for it’s own  downfall,  about 40 percent of it’s own internet customers have complained about big bad Bell abusing them, lying to them, not keeping their contract agreement already. I have often told Bell  in writing that would all  happen now too on the net as well..
Bell like Loblow , Royal LePage merely reaps too what it sows.. it next fails to get repeat customers and much needed referrals as a direct result too..


May 5, 2009

In contrast the Customers are spending more more during each trip and getting less

Loblaw spin doctors say that Consumers in cash-strapped southern Ontario are “trading down” to discount food stores and cheaper store brands more aggressively than shoppers in other regions of the country, Canada’s largest supermarket operator says. Despite the tough economic climate, food price inflation helped drive higher sales and profit at Loblaw Cos. Ltd., the company said also.
In reality Price gouging Canada’s biggest grocer Loblaw food, general prices and profits soar soars even as Canada’s recession increases it negative effects . While their higher prices helped the firm at the beginning of the year, lower prices expected later this year could temper its final profitability results. The higher inflation has also helped improve profit by allowing the retailer to continue to take the same percentage margin on an item when its price rises The company’s sales of bottled water – seen by consumers as a discretionary purchase – have seen “significant volume declines,” as have some higher-priced dairy and fresh produce items. Bait and sucker in advertisement approach helps to increase profitability, Advertise some low prices but raise the prices on other times in the store. Maxi sells 2 litter of no name brand soft drink at $1.29 while it sells for 99 cents at Super C. Customers are spending more during each trip to a Loblaw store, while buying fewer items each time. . Loblaw’s bogus environmental approach by charging now for the groceries plastic bags is clearly only a money grab for  most people had used their plastic bags for their home garbage and now have to buy these bags.

Meanwhile Nannies, live-in  foreign caregivers  claim they were forced to work long hours for cash and perform non-caregiver duties such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning  and if true, it would constitute serious violations of labour, minimum wage and tax laws.  The foreign workers routinely face exploitation, intimidation and rip-offs because their of their recent status in Canada is unacceptable  .The pretentious provincial   attorney generals  and all of the other federal bodies need to to launch full investigations into any of these  breaches of the law.

Now I wonder why all this fuss is really  being made today when in the undeniable reality the practice of hiring  new immigrants as  well for cash, the underground economy, has been ongoing since World war II in Canada, I lived it, witnessed it, personally had detailed it in writing many times as well to the federal and provincial governments,. And the older established Canadians  next hired the latest new immigrants to work for them for cash too, to now paint their houses, cut the grass, and all under the table.. Such practices  are undeniably even regularly going on still  in my  neighborhood today too.  And nothing basically is being done about this unacceptable underground tax evasion still too.. while the rest of the folks have to pay taxes.


All pharmacists do note –  Why do we pay so much for drugs? Those price gouging, pretentious pharmacies crying wolf, crying that they are not getting enough profit.. and what a ridiculous approach. When you are a senior like me who has learned that if you take your medicine you will next live longer, and who has also learned that in real life we cannot hope to live adequately without medicine and doctors, I also have had plenty of time to shop in too many drug stores too. I thus  have undeniably have noticed the serious, big price differences for the same items in tpp many stores. And I know that my local pharmacy has often a 700 percent price mark up on many of  their goods .. yes kinda of  greedy..  I heard the owner recently  of a pharmacy bragging that he was buying medical accessories for 7 dollars and selling them from 70 dollars in his store.


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